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Theft of Swords, Vol. 1(Riyria Revelations)…

Theft of Swords, Vol. 1(Riyria Revelations) (edição: 2011)

de Michael J. Sullivan (Autor)

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"Two thieves in the wrong place at the wrong time are on the run in this fact-paced adventure fantasy"--Provided by publisher.
Título:Theft of Swords, Vol. 1(Riyria Revelations)
Autores:Michael J. Sullivan (Autor)
Informação:Orbit (2011), Edition: 1, 704 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

Detalhes da Obra

Theft of Swords de Michael J. Sullivan


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This was another one of my series-sampling audio listens, to see if I might want to pursue it in print someday.

Audio Narration
The narrator is Tim Gerard Reynolds. I had some minor complaints, but he was a pretty good narrator. He didn’t seem to have quite as wide a range of voices as some narrators do, so some characters were difficult for me to distinguish, but the main ones were recognizable enough after I’d been listening a while.

I felt like his narration over-emphasized the traditional character archetypes that the book is populated with. I’m not sure how much of that impression came from the text and how much from the narration, but I think the two combined together to make it feel like a really old-school fantasy. This was especially noticeable with the antagonist characters, for whom you could practically hear all the moustaches twirling. As with other audiobooks, the effect faded after several hours of listening and I didn’t notice it as much, but there were quite a few eye rolls in the early hours.

Theft of Swords is an omnibus of what was originally two separate but related books: The Crown Conspiracy and Avempartha. The main characters are Royce, an exceptionally skilled thief, and Hadrian, an exceptionally skilled fighter. Together they take on difficult jobs for whoever will pay them. The jobs they take on in this omnibus, both of which involve two different swords, get them into an exceptional amount of trouble.

For me, the character banter was the best part. Royce and Hadrian are especially great fun and grew on me quite a lot throughout the audiobook. Some of the secondary characters were fun too, but more so in the first book than the second. The characters were pretty generic though, and the story didn’t feel very unique. The first book was originally published in 2008, but it felt more like something from the 80’s or 90’s by its tone and in the way it pulled together a lot of classic epic fantasy elements and archetypes.

Some aspects of the story and some of the character backgrounds were a bit difficult to believe, even within the context of a fantasy world. The main characters seemed remarkably ignorant about their world in order to allow other characters to explain things to them for the benefit of the reader. There were also some things that were over-telegraphed. I mean, obviously the author really, really, really wanted us to know that Royce has Elvish blood. I got the hint bright and early in the first book, so I didn’t need all 500+ subsequent hints. (500 may be an exaggeration. Then again, it may not be!) The Hadrian hints got a bit blatant in the second book too. When hints are more subtle, then either I can feel smart when the official revelation proves my suspicions correct, or I can enjoy being surprised. When the hints are too blatant, especially if they come up frequently, it just gets a little exasperating. The first book wraps up pretty nicely, but the second book left more plot threads dangling than I would have preferred.

So, will I come back to this series someday? Probably. The main characters’ dialogue made me smile a lot, and I would hope the author’s writing has improved with subsequent books. I suspect I would have enjoyed this more in print where I could have put my own spin on how I read it. If nothing else, I probably would have managed to read the villains’ parts with less of a moustache-twirling tone. I’m rating this at 3.5 stars. I had trouble deciding whether to round up or down, but I decided to round down. I did enjoy it quite a lot, but the writing also has a lot of room for improvement and I wasn’t as immersed in the story as I wanted to be because of some of the issues I described above. ( )
1 vote YouKneeK | May 18, 2021 |
...I find that my favorite books are the most difficult to review. It is easy to critique a work, but it is so very hard to express how much certain stories or characters affect you.
...Theft of Swords and its sequels have quickly become not only one of my favorite series but also some of my all time favorite books. The characters are approachable and easy to love. There are characters that will stick with you for the rest of your life, and for me, Hadrian and Royce will do just that. Sullivan doesn't hit you over the head with an abundance of information about his characters right at the get go. For some, this might make them seem shallow at first, but I promise that if you stick with them you won't regret it. It is actually one of the best parts of the book because it truly makes you feel as if you are getting to know these people. Even while reading the third book, you'll still be learning new things about them.
...I know there are some reviewers who do not share my love and definitely not my sentimentality for this story and these characters, but when it comes to fantasy, I am not a demanding consumer. I only need enjoyable characters and an interesting plot. Does it matter if a story similar to this was told before? No, because this particular story was never told before and these particular characters were never before introduced. If you're coming to the fantasy genre looking for completely new concepts and things that have never been done before, buddy you're knocking on the wrong door. Mystical creatures, wizards, rogues, and sword fights are why we're all here, right?
...If you enjoy fantasy, love a good underdog story, and are looking for one hell of an adventure then I highly recommend that you grab yourself a copy of Theft of Swords. Actually, while you're getting Theft of Swords go ahead and grab the other two because once you start reading you won't want to stop. ( )
  Nicole_13 | May 12, 2021 |
Theft of Swords is an omnibus of the first two books of the Riyria Revelations series by Michael J. Sullivan. They chronicle the adventures of Hadrian and Royce, a pair of thieves known for pulling off impossible jobs. This volume is well titled as both stories revolve around stealing swords.

First up is The Crown Conspiracy. Hadrian Blackwater and Royce Melborn are a pair of thieves known for pulling off the impossible. Always on the look out for their next job, the duo is hired to retrieve a sword only to find themselves framed for the murder of the king. Thrown in jail and sentenced to death, Royce and Hadrian are out of options when an unlikely opportunity to escape presents itself.

The book isn't amazingly deep but it doesn't need to be. At just over 300 pages, Sullivan gives us enough descriptions to get a feel for the world with hints that there is more history. Since I read Legends last year it's interesting to see how things have changed drastically over the 5000 or so years since the Age of Myth. I wonder what other major differences I'll notice over the course of this series.

Hadrian and Royce are a lot of fun and compliment each other well. Hadrian is the muscle, a mercenary and darn good fighter, while Royce is the rogue, great at planning and has almost unnatural stealth abilities. My suspicion is he has elven heritage. Again, we don't get a lot of background information on the characters yet. It's something that will be great to explore in future books. The duo meet some unlikely characters along the way. It's hard to get into without spoilers though I will say how much I loved Myron. Such childlike innocence!

If I had one complaint it is that the bad guys have a tendency to monologue to reveal their evil plans. If they had mustaches, they'd be twirling them.

The Crown Conspiracy was the perfect light, fast read I was looking for. I had great fun on my first adventure with Hadrian and Royce. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

Rating: 4 Stars

Royce and Hadrian's adventures continue in Avempartha. A desperate young woman hires Royce and Hadrian to save her village from a monster that kills villagers every night. The catch? No one has actually seen the creature, only the destruction it leaves behind, and the beast can only be slain by a sword that is locked in a tower - a tower has no obvious way to get inside.

I admit I'm a little sad I didn't enjoy this as much as the first book. The first half of the story lays a lot of groundwork that involves the thing I disliked most in the first book: villains monologuing. It was necessary set up for what ends up happening and I have no idea how if I was a writer I'd change it. It's just not my favorite way to tell a story.

Once the story gets back to Hadrian, Royce and their current problem to solve, it is a lot more enjoyable. It also goes on a more serious tone as Hadrian stays in the village to help them organize better defense against the nightly raids while Royce works on the problem of getting into the tower. In this case having read Legends made things fairly easy to guess as I already had the background information the characters lacked and some of the historical information was a repeat. That repetition wasn't all bad though I can see how the long time between stories has changed things. Such an interesting concept. There is plenty of action and I didn't see the resolution to the monster working out in the way it ended up. I truly feel bad for Thrace as she's going to have to live with the repercussions of that. It was also great to have my suspicions about Royce confirmed.

Spoilers for Legends! I'm starting to suspect that Esrahaddon is Malcolm though I'm still on the fence. He sells only being 900 years old quite well. I also haven't figured out why he let his hands be cut off since I'm pretty sure Malcom could've prevented it if he didn't want it which is also making me doubt. Hopefully this will be revealed by the end of the series. I love how the author is keeping me guessing.

Those quibbles aside, this was an enjoyable read. We will see where the plots the Church of Nyphron Novron has set in progress goes next as I'm sure it's going to interfere with Royce and Hadrian's future adventures.

Rating: 3.5 stars

Overall rating I'm rounding up. ( )
  Narilka | Mar 20, 2021 |
Such a disappointment after reading the Riyria Chronicles! The strong female characters that filled that series are completely absent. In fact, the princess is actually rescued from a tower.

Other than that Sullivan offers a rollicking good story set in a well-thought-out world full of intrigue and adventure.

I remain hopeful that as this was his very first book, and the Chronicles series was so well done, that this series will improve.

ETA: Yes indeed, the series does get better and even the rescued princess finally develops some chutzpah. ( )
  ColourfulThreads | Feb 18, 2021 |
Review to come ( )
  Andorion | Feb 6, 2021 |
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To my wife, Robin, my partner in life and in the adventure of making this series, whose hard work and dedication made it all possible.

To my daughter Sarah, who would not read the story until it was published.

To Steve Gilllick for his feedback, and Pete DeBrule, who started this whole thing

And to the members of Dragonchow, my original fan club
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Hadrian could see little in the darkness, but he could hear them -- the sanpping of twigs, the crush of leaves, and the brush of grass.
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Includes The Crown Conspiracy (first published Oct. 1, 2008) and Avempartha (first published Mar 31, 2009).
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"Two thieves in the wrong place at the wrong time are on the run in this fact-paced adventure fantasy"--Provided by publisher.

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