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The Big Empty de J.B. Stephens

The Big Empty (edição: 2004)

de J.B. Stephens (Autor)

Séries: The Big Empty (1)

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1466146,147 (3.15)2
After half of the world's population is killed by a plague, seven teenagers seek a better life in a nightmarish future by deciphering coded messages and trying to avoid the Slashers.
Título:The Big Empty
Autores:J.B. Stephens (Autor)
Informação:Razorbill (2004), Edition: 1st, 204 pages
Coleções:Sua biblioteca

Detalhes da Obra

The Big Empty de J.B. Stephens


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I found this book on the back shelf of my library one day, expecting an easy read until I could pick up another "good" book. The series totally hooked me.

When a deadly virus called Strain 7 wipes out over 50% of life on Earth, people are left scattered, struggling to survive in urban cities. Rogue gangs run the open land in between, and the government is at a loss.

Then a sixteen-year-old girl named Keely starts corresponding with a mysterious penpal...someone who assures her that there is a place out there; a place called Novo Mundum where survivors are keeping civilization and culture alive. Keely, desperate to escape from the constant fear in her city, latches onto the promise, and begins a journey.

And across the U.S., so do others. Irene, a gentle girl with a knack for nursing. Diego, a wilderness buff with nothing left to protect him from the government troops encroaching on his land. Michael, a CEO's son whose flaky girlfriend Maggie gets him in the worst possible situation. Amber, a pregnant girl searching for the boyfriend who left her. Jonah, whose caretakers were abducted by a gang.

All of them heading into the now unoccupied wild space called The Big Empty, searching for the one last paradise in a ravaged world.

There's action. There's fear. There's fights. There's romance. All of the characters have realistic personalities, strengths, and flaws. It's an amazing apocalyptic story, but one that's more down-to-earth than others I've read. It just makes it all the easier to immerse yourself in the world. ( )
  booksong | Mar 18, 2020 |
This is a re-read originally read in 2008

Going thru my to read pile I noticed a bunch of series that I had started and had yet to finish this was one of those. I had read the 1st two but not the last two. As it had been so long I decided to re-read the first two.

Much of it came back to me and as then I really enjoyed this first book. Very easy to read and could be enjoyed by both boys and girls. Middle school ages would probably enjoy it the most as it is pretty simplistic. Easy to get caught up in and lose track of time and since its not a long read before you know it your ready for the next book. ( )
  justablondemoment | Oct 4, 2014 |
The first book in the series, The Big Empty is mostly intended just to introduce the characters and their world. The chapters alternate between viewpoints, and so the overall plot is a little slow in developing before, towards the end, everyone meets up and the voices solidify into fewer groups. The novel's structure - many voices but limited book length - also means that the dialogue is occasionally a little stilted and melodramatic, with details made a bit rushed and underdeveloped as the overall progression of the plot is, at times, slow.

Still, the book is an interesting take on the aftermath of a common sci-fi element, the fast-killing, nearly invincible virus. The U.S. has descended into a somewhat chaotic dystopia, and the Midwest is supposed to be devoid of human life after having been evacuated (which makes me wonder how agriculture is faring). And as the seven characters make their way into the "Big Empty" for various reasons, readers know that, once the story gets started, the series should prove to be interesting and exciting. ( )
  SusieBookworm | Oct 21, 2012 |
It was a little confusing at times, but it was interesting how the book kept changing to different characters in each chapter, and how they all come together towards the end. It was also interesting to see all the different relationships all the characters have with one another, and how they change throughout the book. ( )
  MonicaM7 | Oct 21, 2010 |
Too bad this series went out of print. It's a perfect recommendation for those who are looking for something to read after finishing the Hunger Games trilogy and while waiting for the next Maze Runner book!

Highly recommended! ( )
  Kewpie83 | Sep 11, 2010 |
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After half of the world's population is killed by a plague, seven teenagers seek a better life in a nightmarish future by deciphering coded messages and trying to avoid the Slashers.

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