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The Knitting Diaries: The Twenty-First…

The Knitting Diaries: The Twenty-First Wish/Coming Unraveled/Return to… (edição: 1800)

de Debbie Macomber (Contribuinte), Susan Mallery, Christina Skye

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A collection of three stories about love and knitting includes Susan Mallery's "Coming Unraveled," in which Robyn Mulligan returns home to run her grandmother's knitting store and meets handsome T.J. Passman.
Título:The Knitting Diaries: The Twenty-First Wish/Coming Unraveled/Return to Summer Island (A Blossom Street Novel) by Debbie Macomber (2011-03-29)
Autores:Debbie Macomber
Outros autores:Susan Mallery, Christina Skye
Informação:Mira; 0 edition (2011-03-29) (1800)

Detalhes da Obra

The Knitting Diaries (The Twenty-First Wish / Coming Unraveled / Return to Summer Island) de Debbie Macomber (Contributor)



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I have recently discovered the love of yarn so this was a fun, informative read. Plus you get some knitting patterns!

These short stories were delightful and well written:
The Twenty-First Wish - Debbie Macomber
Coming Unraveled - Susan Mallery
Return to Summer Island - Christina Skye ( )
  MissRabbit | Jan 31, 2020 |
I enjoyed each heart warming story. I especially enjoyed the first story as I had recalled reading the book it was in reference too. I think the story endings were predictable, but each story brought smiles to my face. ( )
  gma2lana | May 9, 2016 |
I have learned I am not as big of a fan of 3 short stories in one book vs one story per books. As these smaller ones there isn't as much time for details but as always I loved the 21st wish by Debbie.
The others were ok but are not as 'clean' and not what I would like to read. ( )
  jnut1 | Mar 4, 2014 |
Knitting Diaries by Debbie Macomber, Susan Mallery, and Chritina Skye
Knitting is a comfort to all and you can always strike up a conversation with one who knits.
Love that this book is actually 3 different stories from 3 different authors, who also happen to knit.
The Twenty First Wish by Debbie Macomber
After the book 'Twenty Wishes' this follows along the same lines, like a bucket list of sorts.
Helen has her own 20 wishes book and shares it with her mother: Ann Marie knows Tim is still recovering from his addiction.
Tim is the real father of Helen who Ann Marie has adopted.
Helen has started to knit and wants to make her mother Ann Marie a purse to hold when she marries her father. She has a knitting diary.
Ann Marie also added her 21st wish to her list...
Comes with a knitting pattern of wedding purse.
Coming Unravelled by Susan Mallery
Knitting Hand Puppet included
Robin was back and brought gifts to the others who ran the shop. Adeline and Marion and Eleanor were the recipients.
The knitters were in the corner working on their projects. TJ was the new man sitting there knitting his project.
Her dream was to be on Broadway as a dancer. Her mother had died before the same dream had come through.
TJ thinks she is there to get money out of the woman and finance her dancing career. He's gonna stick around to make
sure she doesn't get any of the older womans money.
Robin is there to help her grandmother recuperate after her surgery.
TJ leads a class with men who need help in concentration.
She has a confesstion to tell them that she knows won't be easy.
She has found her diary where she wrote of her dreams of dancing and knitting.
They spend a lot of time together with her grandmother after her surgery and she finds out who he was in his previous life.
Return to Summer Island by Christina Skye
Caro's wristlet pattern.
Her knitting diary reads that she's leaving Summer Island forever.
Her parents had died and her grandmother raised her on the island where the whole community was her family.
She is now old enough and had to move on. Has a new apartment, new job and there is a yarn store nearby.
She is a senior advocate. The accident left her in the hospital for a week. She was most concerned about her knitting bag.
She overheard that she might never knit again.
She goes back to the island to recuperate Morgan her grandmother has set up Peter the vet to come visit with an animal in hopes Caro will get her spark back.
Gage is there to pick up a painting from her grandmother and she's just broken the family heirloom teapot. He's a marine and on his way back to the war, just there to see his sister through some cancer treatments.
They lose contact with one another on his travels back to Afghanistan. ( )
  jbarr5 | Jul 25, 2013 |
The Knitting Diaries is an anthology of three stories with a knitting theme. And, of course, there are knitting patterns included with each story. The Twenty-First Wish, by Debbie Macomber, is a short story in the Blossom Street series, and centres around Blossom Street Books proprietor Anne Marie Roche and her adopted daughter Ellen. The title refers to an earlier book in the series, Twenty Wishes; Ellen has added a secret twenty-first wish to her list: that her adopted mother will fall in love with her father Tim. But Anne Marie caught Tim in a lie, and is now going out with Mel. Does Ellen’s wish have a chance? Another sweet Macomber romance.Coming Unravelled, by Susan Mallery is a short story set in the small town of Georgetown, Texas. Robyn Mulligan has come back to Georgetown to help out her grandmother, Eleanor, with her yarn shop, Only Ewe, when Eleanor needs to have knee surgery. Robyn’s acting career in New York has stalled, and she wants to make a fresh start in Texas. But T.J. Passman, handsome and hot-tempered, doesn’t trust her to not take advantage of Eleanor. T.J. has a tragic past to overcome and has found succour with Eleanor and her friends. Will Robyn and T.J. eventually stop being enemies? A passionate romance from Susan MalleryReturn to Summer Island by Christina Skye is a short story set in Summer Island, Oregon. Caro McNeal returns to her childhood home on Summer Island when she has a devastating car accident in Chicago which causes her to lose the use of her right hand and arm. As well as being unable to do her victim advocate work, she cannot knit, and find this the most heart-breaking of all. At the home of her grandmother, Morgan, she encounters a handsome Marine, Lieutenant Gage Grayson, about to return to duty in Afghanistan. Somehow, she finds herself looking after his pets, drawing them and sending him emails, all of which seems to help her rehabilitate. But when the pets seem to sense something is amiss, she begins to worry if Gage will make it home. A heart-warming tale. ( )
  CloggieDownunder | Mar 16, 2012 |
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Anthology contains:
The Twenty-First Wish by Debbie Macomber
Coming Unraveled by Susan Mallery
Return to Summer Island by Christina Skye
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A collection of three stories about love and knitting includes Susan Mallery's "Coming Unraveled," in which Robyn Mulligan returns home to run her grandmother's knitting store and meets handsome T.J. Passman.

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