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Bite Club

de Rachel Caine

Séries: Morganville Vampires (10)

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7313222,973 (3.93)7
College student Claire Danvers discovers that an extreme sport pitting vampire against vampire--and sometimes vampire against human--is being broadcast on the internet from Morganville, Texas.

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Back to Morganville once more...ten books in and I still never get tired of the ride.

Everything is ramped up in Bite Club, from the action to the emotions, and most of all the limits to which the author is willing to push her characters. But no one goes out of character...if anything each grows even more, reminding me once again why and how much I adore these characters, for their quirks, fun, realism, nuances, and toughness.

At first glance, the four Glass House residents can't see anything wrong with a new martial arts studio opening in town, even if it is run by a vampire. But nothing in Morganville is ever as innocent as it seems. And of course, it isn't long before Shane is spending an inordinate amount of time at the new dojo and growing angrier ever day, Claire's crazy boss Myrnin is delivering unsettling news, and several suspicious vampires are seen around town. And if she doesn't have enough to deal with, a huge offer is extended to Claire...one that may finally give her the reason she needs to leave Morganville forever. But with everything falling apart...can she?

I really liked seeing some Shane narration in this novel, not only because it developed his character but because a glimpse inside his head was needed to level with his behavior throughout. Claire is one of my favorite heroines ever, retaining her weaknesses and stubbornness while matching wits, words, and bravery with friend and foe alike in moments of pure awesome. I also rejoiced at the return of one of my favorite vampire characters ever, Myrnin, to a more prominent role. His interactions with pretty much everyone are guaranteed to be great (and he makes a heck of a trio with Claire and Eve, that's all I'm saying). The last three chapters just charge along, with scenes of emotion and breath-holding action on every page.

The author herself has mentioned that we'll be getting more POV's in the next book, including Michael and Eve's, which I can't wait for, especially as it concerns a very important plot twist in Bite Club. Wish Last Breath would get here faster! ( )
  booksong | Mar 18, 2020 |
This was an awesome book, I was beginning to think that Claire and Shane had this goody tooshoo relationship, but this book gave me what I needed some serious conflict into the relationship. And it was so nice to see a different point of view other than Claire's and I love how much Shane loves Claire it was totally superb. And yeah these books are awesome and I hope she continues past 12 books, at least for a little while longer. ( )
  hixxup79 | Feb 23, 2020 |
I've had some people tell me that this series got boring after awhile, predictable even...I'm so happy to say that hasn't been the case for me. Each book I start, I feel a little nervous wondering if this will be the one that doesn't grab my attention and keep me interested. With this one, I found myself making excuses not to do my housework so I could finish it! I started hating Shane a little bit in this book, and Shane and I have had an up and down relationship since the series began. I'm not as forgiving as Claire and there were times I was willing her to just walk away from him. Opportunities arise for Claire in this book and she has some decisions to make...she also has to try to save the town...Again! Because who else could save it but an 18 year old human girl, right? And once again, we've got a cliffhanger that's going to have you itching to get your hands on book 11. Well done Ms. Caine, I love your writing immensely! ( )
  MynTop | Apr 8, 2016 |
Just when you thought the town had gotten back in order. Shane goes to the darkside, he is angry, violent and filled with hate. Claire distraught over Shane, endangers herself. She also faces and life changing decision. Eve and Michael are in love and more. Bishop, is not where he's supposed to be. Myrnin gets to play the crazy hero.The town is endangered again, and it all starts with a health club. Just another moment in this messed up little town.
Lots of action, heart break and pure adrenaline. ( )
  TheYodamom | Jan 29, 2016 |
3 1/2 stars for this one. I love this series but this book really showed me some points I liked more than previous books and some I liked less. The drama within the Glass house reaches all new heights in this book. Everyone has secrets from one another and not all of them are good!

In this book a new gym has opened up where a vampire is training humans and vampires alike. One thing I must say is that it must be HUGE. We get all the standard gym setups for weights, cardio, etc. We have boxing areas, ratchet ball, karate mats and even a fencing room and more! I would love to have a gym like how this appears in my city (less the vampires). Shane is one of the first to check it out and gets really into the fighting there but when one fights under vampires, bad things can follow.

Claire is told some startling information but is heavily threatened to keep quite about it. Frank Collins is still being kept a secret, Shane is drifting away and even Eve and Micheal have a secret! All this adds up to lots of drama and home intrigue as a I wonder how it is all going to come out.

While this book is mostly focused on Claire (as all past books have been), we get something new that I loved. We get a first perspective look into Shane's thoughts! While they are very warped in this book due to other factors I won't give away, it was an interesting new aspect to the series I highly enjoyed and hope to see again in future books of the series.

One thing that is really being to annoy me are the idioms and text speak being used on a regular basis. I loved how the earlier books had a more mature aspect to how they spoke but now its getting annoying with the slang used. I used to love Eve but with how she was talking in this book, she is now the type of person I would avoid hanging out with. She is not 14-16 years old yet acting like one. It is annoying when a character changes like that and this in one change I do not like at all and cost a fair bit of enjoyment for reading this.

With all the tension from the secrets I was expecting some interesting scenarios later in the book but i felt a bit let down in the end. The grand show was lackluster, Claire didn't seem to learn anything and no one asked questions about things that did not add up, they all just went along with whatever was going on! Grr!

So overall, good story with fun potential. Some interesting character comebacks. Drama-filled but the last 20% of the book could have been better. Here's hoping the next book is better and Eve goes back to her old kick-but, goth self! ( )
  jljaina | May 16, 2015 |
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College student Claire Danvers discovers that an extreme sport pitting vampire against vampire--and sometimes vampire against human--is being broadcast on the internet from Morganville, Texas.

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