Publishing history of a book?

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Publishing history of a book?

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Mar 27, 2007, 11:41 pm

Would anyone happen to know of a web site, or some repository, where one could query a book by the title (and optionally, if necessary, by author) of any given book, and the data returned would name the Publishers and publishing dates?

I'll use A Connecticut Yankee as an example. Over the years, I've run across easily a dozen copies of this book, printed by a dozen different publishing houses, and most of them claim to be First Editions. Now, I ~know~ that it was first published in 1889, and I certainly haven't found that one, and I also understand that if a book is a new title for a given Publisher, they'll claim that this is the first edition for them.

Another example: I found 2 copies of a book by Carl Sagan, published by 2 different houses, maybe 15 years apart, the newer one was the FE. I had not known of this book, and if I hadn't examined both of them (or the older copy not been there), I would have probably picked up the newer one thinking it was a true First Edition. As it is, I didn't get either -- I've bought about 2 yards of books this month already, I figure I can be a bit picky.

So, I'm interested in finding someone, or some site, that has the publishing chronology of a Title. Ideally, it would tell me who published it, and how many (just 'cos), and when, and by printing sequence. If it's a matter of going to each individual publisher's web site and doing a separate search, I can live with that. Eventually someone might write an engine to broadcast the query and compile the results, I hope, I hope.

Mar 28, 2007, 6:13 am

Unfortunately you have to enter the world of specialized bibliographys. Even then sometimes don't list everything. Could be an interesting wicky idea.