Review Request: New Order (GLBT Short Stories)

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Review Request: New Order (GLBT Short Stories)

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Set 28, 2010, 8:43 pm

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Hi all!

I'm currently seeking a few reviews for a short story collection I recently published. I will provide a PDF (or epub) copy to anyone who'd like to review the book.

* * *

TITLE: New Order (GLBT short stories)

SUMMARY: A choice selection of stylishly wild and wicked GLBT stories, from Jess C Scott's bestseller 4:PLAY. The following stories include: a suave concert pianist...a bisexual succubus...two young ladies reliving and exploring their school friendship...m/m gay street sex...a gender-bender...and a hot, epic blog.

REVIEW: "This is erotica with a story...which I would much rather read, than one of the many so-called erotic romances that serve as vehicles for written pornography."
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Oh my God.

I drop my program, and I quickly bend over to pick it up.

I want to sneak out with him to the parking lot, under the moonlight, rip his boxers off, have them between my teeth.

He is immaculate, dressed in a white suit, holy-white, of all colors. The lights on stage throw a halo around his chestnut-brown hair, random, sexilicious strands resting upon his eyebrows.

He’s standing directly beneath the center spotlight, like he is the star of the show—he knows he is. He knows, and I know.

But he knows not that I know.

Lean meat and a polished body, bones hardly showing, hardly a drop of fat on him. Cheekbones and a jaw line like they’d been chiseled by a master artisan’s hands. He moves so lightly across the stage, and I think of the Greek messenger god, Hermes, with the swift wings on his heels.

* * *


Black Velvet (erotic short story)

Tongue-Tied (succubus short story, lesbian/bisexual, paranormal)

4:Play (GLBT short story)

4:Play: erotic short stories (erotica) (full collection)

* * *

Just send me an email, and I'll send over the PDF :)

Have a good weekend,


Set 28, 2010, 8:56 pm

The appropriate place for this would be Member Giveaways; you may also try Hobnob With Authors, though as the name suggests that's intended for authors, and it's unclear to me from this post whether you wrote the stories or just selected them for the anthology. Multiply posting this offer, no matter how seemingly-relevant the groups, is not appropriate -- self-promotion isn't welcome here outside of the Hobnob group.

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