A Few Library Thing Questions

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A Few Library Thing Questions

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Ago 20, 2010, 10:27am

What does The Top of The Pile Books mean? Are they your favorite books or are they books you are about to read?

When rating a book-what makes you give it one star? Please tell me a little about your rating system.

Also, do I only list books that I am reading for this class or do I add and review books that I have recently read?

I am sorry for all the questions.


Ago 21, 2010, 6:32pm

Top of the Pile for me means the ones that I'm about the read.

I give a book a 1 star if I feel it lacks quality. That could be because of poor writing style, weak plot, or unbelievable or unlikable characters. Here is my personal rating system:
5 stars
Best Book Ever
4 stars
Really Liked It
3 stars
2 stars
If You Don't Have Anything Else to Read
1 star
Clean Your Room Instead

You can put any books you want on here, but with this free account you are only allowed 200 so make sure you leave enough room on your list for your required 70 books for this class. What I would suggest would be to create a "shelf" or category called ECU or something. Then I can just go to that list and see the books specifically read for this class.

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