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1vanillajohn Primeira Mensagem
Mar 5, 2007, 6:52 pm

LT often tells me I have a duplicate entry. Is there any way to see all duplicates. I've looked all over.


Mar 5, 2007, 7:03 pm

Click on "Your Profile"
on the right side is "fun Statistics"
Under "Library Statistics"
it give How many books you have
how many different works
and an Obscurity rating
After the Obscurity rating is a link to view duplicat works

Mar 13, 2007, 6:03 pm

Also - in List view, there's a little round icon above the booklist with a pe on it. That's Power Edit. Click it - it turns yellow and a bunch of small tabs appears. The last one is Miscellaneous Powers - in fact, the only thing on it is Display Duplicates. Click the link and all your duplicate books will show up - all versions. It claims it selects the second and subsequent copies of a book, but I don't see that - but it's easy enough to select them yourself, then choose the Delete Books tab and clear out duplicates (assuming that's what you want to do). Power Edit also lets you add or remove tags from a group of books, alphabetize your tags (so War, Science Fiction becomes Science Fiction, War), and a couple other things.
Oh, and to get back to normal view after looking at duplicates, either click the little link at the top that says something like Show full view, or click the pe icon again - it goes white and the group of tabs disappear.

Jan 19, 7:28 pm

In 2022 this still shows up in search results for "librarything find duplicates" so...

Click Home in the top row, then Graphs & Charts in the row right below the top row, then Odds & Ends in the left sidebar and then Work Duplicates shows up in that section.

If there's a better way to find duplicates, and especially one that would let me edit them, then please let me know. The Power Edit option doesn't seem to be there any more.

Jan 30, 11:56 pm

Phooey, you're right. Now it only has From Where under Miscellaneous.

There's nothing on the Work Duplicates page that lets you delete/edit directly - but you can click on a title, which takes you to the main page for that work, and click the x in the top right of the Your Book Information box to delete it or the pencil to edit. I suspect the point is to make sure you go and look at the editions and make sure which one(s) you want to delete/change.

Also - at the bottom of the Your Book Information box, it shows any other editions you have (duplicates). Same thing, you have to click through to do anything to a book. But at least you don't have to go all the way back to the Work Duplicates page to compare each version.

If you know you have a duplicate book or a duplicate entry, you can use that Other Editions section without going to Work Duplicates first (I use it a lot when adding books, when a duplicate shows up - check if it's a Wishlist book or what). But Work Duplicates will show you all the books that (LT thinks) are duplicates in your catalog.