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Web Resources on Christian Worship

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What web resources do you find most helpful?

I'll nominate two:

* Calvin Institute for Christian Worship -- These folks are sponsoring the ecumenical worship renewal grant our church is participating in, and their site is a treasure trove of great resources, as well as links to some excellent books.

* Ship of Fools - The Magazine of Christian Unrest -- If you've not set sail on the Ship, do so immediately. Their "Mystery Worshipper" reviews are a pleasure, and the discussion boards are of remarkably high quality, particularly for those of the Anglican/Anglo-Catholic persuasion.

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Dez 11, 2006, 10:10am

For a Daily/hourly Liturgy, I have found the following a great resource.

-the divine hours: "A form of prayer at specified times to be used by individuals or groups. The Divine Hours includes morning, midday, vespers (evening) and compline (before retiring) offices, having roots in the biblical tradition. By default The Divine Hours is displayed (print only version) based on Eastern Standard Time, U.S. however, you can now localize
The Divine Hours... "


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I'll suggest three

REL 235 – CHRISTIAN WORSHIP from Indiana Wesleyan University - Student and class writing covering worship history, philosophy of worship, and general worship help. http://courses.indwes.edu/REL435/

Christian Classics Ethereal Library – Biggest collection of Christian writing on the web, useful for research, reading and fun. http://ccel.org

Text Week - a site based on lectionaries, lots of links for sermon help and other worship materials and suggestions. http://www.textweek.com/

Dez 11, 2006, 3:39pm

The Daily Office from the Mission of St. Clare--morning and evening prayer using Book of Common prayer, Rite I and Rite II. Site also includes iSilo files for the month that can be used in handheld devices.


Editado: Dez 12, 2006, 2:06pm

A few more from my collection:

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada maintains an impressive web presence, with resources for many traditions here: http://www.worship.ca/.

Oremus has quite a bit of Anglican bits collected in one place as well as a very useful bible/psalter gateway. http://www.oremus.org.

For those of you who are into tagging, I have a collection posted on del.icio.us (start at, say, http://del.icio.us/andersoj/liturgy, and explore from there...) and quite a bit can be found by exploring similar tags in others' collections.


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Dez 12, 2006, 9:34pm

I have been reading this site on the Anglican Breviary, though with little success due to the lack of any communal daily prayer services in my area.

Does anyone have recommendations about paper versions of the breviary? I know there are several different forms, and I'd like to have one set up for the most straight-forward personal, devotional use.


Dez 12, 2006, 10:47pm

I've used Phyllis Tickle's three Divine Hours books for several years. She organized those for more ease in use, according to her introductions. I have added to them by reading complete Psalms, other Scripture. The Psalms included in these are short and from the New Jerusalem Bible. jdgough's message #2 lists the online version.

I am also interested in different versions. Are there any other suggestions of places where they can be purchased? (Aside from the web sites we have now--and thank you for those links)

Dez 13, 2006, 12:36am

notelinks: I have also used Tickle's stuff, and I appreciate that there are paperbacks of the Christmastide : Prayers for Advent through Epiphany and Eastertide: prayers for Lent through Easter which are very convenient.

I've been trawling this rather old thread over at SoF to try to get some ideas ... frankly, the discussion is daunting to a person unfamiliar with the resources, and coming from a tradition which looks askance (at best) at such things...

SoF Thread in Ecclesiantics


Dez 14, 2006, 10:34pm

If there is anyone else, like me, who has overlooked it...The discussion at the Catholic Tradition group on Catholic Breviary is relevant here too.

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I find the Church of England website useful.


Common Worship and BCP liturgies, psalters and lectionaries. Also feeds for daily offices in both modern and traditional formats.

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I am finding this site useful.


A prayer and education site of the De La Salle Brothers in Great Britain.

Their Prayer Links contain links to 100 additional prayers, art & icon, prayer, collective worship, assemblies and religious education websites and resources.

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