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Cecilturtle's Short Stories

Abr 23, 2:17 pm

Hi Everyone!
I've noticed that I'm reading more short stories this year, more by chance than deliberate choice. It's a form that I really enjoy (always have), so I thought I'd be more deliberate about it. Looking forward to checking out your choices too for reading ideas!

Editado: Maio 27, 10:03 am

Editado: Abr 23, 2:30 pm

I'm currently reading Histoires jamais entendues sur une page au Brésil by Caulo Poelho (not a typo - lol)

The "Histoires jamais entendues" series are a cute introduction to a variety of countries. It's basically meant as stories overheard by travellers about local customs and lore. Most are rather well done and you really get a feel for the country (I've travelled to some so it resonates). I'm partial to them because I bought the series on a bookstore barge on the Seine in Paris, so good memories are associated with it!
What I puzzle over is that all the author names are pen-names for French authors passing as locals. I find that culturally ambiguous and misleading...
So far my favourite has been the Venice stories (I have 6 books overall).

Maio 27, 10:03 am

I finished Rue Deschambault by Gabrielle Roy, a unified collection featuring Christine, a young girl growing up in the Canadian Prairies, very influenced by Roy's own life experience. It's delightful with some very emotional moments. The dark spot: the racism of the day and it's casualness. I learned that Canada had had a department of Colonization where federal servants would implement immigrant communities in various parts of the country. Fascinating if not devastating for local Indigenous people.