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Found: Fiction autistic woman cooking

Abr 23, 2:07 pm

I read this book 5-10 years ago. It's a novel about a young woman (20-something) who's heavily coded as autistic although it might not be actually stated that the character is autistic. Her parents have died recently and she relies heavily on her older sister. She loves to cook using what I believe were her mother's recipe cards. Cooking is a central theme to the story and there may be a reference to cooking or recipes in the title. In one scene the woman hides in a closet because she's overwhelmed by the presence of other people in the house. I have a vague notion the cover of the book might be red. I hope this is enough to ring a bell with someone. Thanks!

Abr 24, 12:56 am

Most likely The Kitchen Daughter, McHenry. I read a sample on Amazon and it hits all the points in you remember.

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