2024 TinyCat Birthday Treasure Hunt

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2024 TinyCat Birthday Treasure Hunt

Abr 19, 4:14 pm

April 8th was TinyCat's eighth birthday, and we're celebrating with a special catcentric treasure hunt!

The object of the game is to solve our clues (in verse!) and go to the LibraryThing page each clue is talking about.

Go HERE for the hunt.

You have a little less than two weeks—until Tuesday April 30th at 11:59pm EST—to find all the TinyCats hidden around the site and add them to your clowder.

Use this thread to brag, ask for and give hints, etc.

We'll be awarding profile badges to anyone who finds at least two TinyCats, and anyone who finds all 15 will be entered into a drawing for some LibraryThing / TinyCat swag.

Helpful tips

Please, use the spoiler tag when posting hints or suggestions. Here's how:

To use the spoiler tag, type the following before whatever you'd like to hide:


And this, at the end of what's hidden:


Abr 19, 4:22 pm

Books, cats and a treasure hunt! Yea!!

Abr 19, 6:07 pm

I am not sure where to answer these?

Abr 19, 6:11 pm

>3 ABlueBunny: as stated above "visit the corresponding LibraryThing pages to find a TinyCat. Each clue points to a specific page right here on LibraryThing"

All you have to do is navigate to the correct page and you will see a banner at the top of the page saying you have found a cat. Good Luck.

Abr 19, 6:14 pm

Is it me, or does it look like the bird has bled after encountering a cat?

Abr 19, 6:59 pm

I found all the TinyCats except for 13. Can anyone provide a hint or two? TIA

Abr 19, 7:05 pm

>6 historywhiz: I'm having an issue with #13. I think there are 2 series that fit the profile, but nothing connected to the series will trigger the tiny cat to appear.

Abr 19, 7:11 pm

>6 historywhiz: looking for the CAT co-author of a 32 book mystery series (clue says "almost" 33) a google search with that info should get you what you need

Abr 19, 7:12 pm

Geez, I was losing it, I was sure I'd gotten 9 and 11 but it never said I found anything so I was just like... how much harder is this treasure hunt??

But I guess it just decided to give me the cat without telling me I'd found them because they're crossed off NOW.

Abr 19, 7:16 pm

I now have a complete clowder (great word) of cats. The purring is deafening.

Abr 19, 7:24 pm

>9 momelimberham: Yes, that happened to me several times - no banner, but crossed off.

Abr 19, 7:34 pm

The first time I’ve found them all without using any hints from the Talk thread! Must be because I was highly motivated by the adorable little TinyCats. Talpa Search came in handy for several of them.

Abr 19, 7:34 pm

I tell you what, I am generally on the fence, leaning No, when it comes to AI, but the Talpa Search functionality is certainly helping things here.

Abr 19, 7:38 pm

>8 CaiReads: Thanks, I finally got it. I had looked at the series and found one of the authors but not the one the clue was asking for.

Abr 19, 7:40 pm

I'm stuck on #15 (got all the rest), and I feel like it should be a James Heriott book (Oscar, the Cat About Town), but that doesn't turn up anything. Does anyone have any hints for that one? Thanks!

Abr 19, 7:49 pm

Stuck on 3, 4 and 7. Any help is appreciated!

Abr 19, 7:51 pm

Stuck on 1, 3, 7 and 12...

Any help would be appreciated!

1 looks like it should be obvious - but it's not to me.

Editado: Abr 20, 2:02 pm

Again and I keep complaint about this, there is no banner announcing the Treasure Hunt. I only find out about it from Facebook. Then I have to go to recent news and click from there. Please put the banner back on. Thanks.

And p s , at least one of my finds did not show on the page but was crossed off on the clue page. Others have noted this as well.

Update 4/20 - The banner is back!!!

Abr 19, 8:07 pm

If you're struggling and sure that you'd found the solution but found no banner at the top of the page, try reloading the clue page. It just knocked a bunch off my list that didn't register as found.

Abr 19, 8:09 pm

Re: 15
It's not as well known an author as James Herriot, but both Cat About Town and Tom Jones should help you get the title in a Google search.

Abr 19, 8:14 pm

Any hints for #7?

Abr 19, 8:32 pm

>17 Maddz: Spoilers for 3 & 12 I can't help with 7 because I'm stuck on that too, but 3 and 12 are both children's book characters (and definitely pay attention to that last line for 3).
Spoiler for 1 For 1, you're looking for the group named after the birthday kitty!

Abr 19, 8:32 pm

>17 Maddz: For #1, try searching on the Groups page.

Abr 19, 8:34 pm

>16 bostonbibliophile: Spoiler for 4 Try taking a look on the groups page for number four!

Abr 19, 8:37 pm

>16 bostonbibliophile: >17 Maddz: For #3, you can buy various articles of men’s clothing at a haberdashery, including hats.

Abr 19, 8:41 pm

>20 bell7: Thank you, that worked, and added another book to my TBR pile! *grin*

Abr 19, 8:44 pm

For #7, one possible series of numbers for finding books is the Dewey Decimal System. Try searching the Classification page, specifically the Melvil Decimals.

Abr 19, 8:50 pm

Alternatively, for #7, go to a topical book, go to the Work details page, expand the DDC/MDS listings, and check out the listings that seem also topical. If that makes any sense.

Abr 19, 8:51 pm

Is #3 not The Cat in the Hat ? I can't get the TinyCat. Help!

Abr 19, 8:53 pm

>29 perennialreader: look for character not book (but that book is correct to get your answer from)

Abr 19, 8:53 pm

>29 perennialreader: Which page did you go to? The book page or the character page?

Abr 19, 9:01 pm

>30 CaiReads: Found it! Thanks!

Abr 19, 9:16 pm

Done! A quick and fun hunt.

Abr 19, 9:20 pm

>27 Charon07: This is all true for #7 - but cats appear several times in the Melvil Decimals system and the answer required isn't the normal Natural sciences and mathematics/ZoologyMammalsCarnivora/Felines/Cats category that you might expect. Instead they've chosen the cats in the animal husbandry category (found under Technology/Agriculture & related technologies/).

Abr 19, 9:30 pm

>34 newcrossbooks: Got it! Thanks!

Abr 19, 9:34 pm

>29 perennialreader: FYI, I never got the banner for that one, but it was marked as found on my tracking page, so double-check (and refresh the page) after you think you should have found it.

Abr 19, 9:47 pm

I'm feeling really stupid about this one, but I can't find #6 to save my life.

Abr 19, 9:51 pm

I think I've gone through ever newberry book, but I can't find #10?

Abr 19, 9:57 pm

>38 Beammey:

It's there (on the award page), and the title makes it pretty obvious from the clue.

Abr 19, 10:03 pm

Nevermind - found #6. I just had to stop looking so hard and *bam* there it was.

Abr 19, 10:11 pm

Hi, I don't even know where to start with #6... Any hints, please?

Abr 19, 10:27 pm

I’m stuck on 6, too.

Editado: Abr 19, 10:57 pm

>41 alexyskwan:, >42 DKnight0918: You want a gathering that has to do with the general focus of LTand the critterreferred to by this hunt.

Abr 19, 10:52 pm

My first time finishing without any hints in my favorite subject cats.

Editado: Abr 20, 10:49 pm

>43 Taphophile13: Are you sure that you are referring to Question 6 here? Your response is a great description for how I found #4!

While I think I figured out the general topic of #6 , I can't find exactly which page to navigate to for the hunt.
The last line that it "'reads' each tome" is also a bit baffling. Any more tips?

Abr 19, 11:14 pm

>24 RosetheReader: got it- thanks!

Abr 20, 12:30 am

Found #6. It's not an online tool but a physical one. The word "read" is a big clue.

Thanks all!

Abr 20, 12:37 am

>47 alexyskwan: Got it! Thank you so much. That was my last one.

Abr 20, 12:54 am

Hints for this treasure hunt have been consolidated up to this point in the LT Treasure Hunts group

Abr 20, 1:02 am

Still can't find 13. I know the author, I found the series, but I can't find the exact right page. Very frustrating.

Abr 20, 1:36 am

>50 cmbohn: For 13: Read the clue carefully, who/what is it specifically describing?

The series? A book? An author? Is there more than one author? If yes, did you try each of them?

Abr 20, 1:45 am

>22 RosetheReader: Well, got now got them all with help from the thread.

Not having dealings with children, and not being American means I didn't have a clue where to start for most; even Google wasn't helping.

Abr 20, 1:51 am

>25 Charon07: Not in the UK, you don't!

Here, a haberdashery is where you buy craft items like knitting wool, fabrics, sewing needles and the like. Men's clothing is found in a gentleman's outfitters (or the menswear department in a department store); hats are sold by milliners (for ladies) or hatters (for gentlemen).

Abr 20, 4:37 am

Thanks all, found the last three with the help from this thread :-)

Abr 20, 6:58 am

>20 bell7: Thank you! Your hint for #15 helped me close out this Treasure Hunt.

Abr 20, 7:02 am

>22 RosetheReader: and >23 Charon07: Thanks. I thought I was checking in the right place but I was not.

Editado: Abr 20, 12:11 pm

Mensagem removida pelo autor.

Abr 20, 12:34 pm


Still don't get it. I thought I tried that. Feeling very dumb.

Abr 20, 12:44 pm

>50 cmbohn: For #13 it's the co-author's author page.

Abr 20, 12:46 pm

Hey is anyone not getting the notification at the top of their screen saying they have found a cat? All but two things I found did not give me a notification.

Abr 20, 12:58 pm

>53 Maddz: Oh, I see! I was thinking of tailoring items but I wouldn't have thought of hats at a haberdasher's.

Abr 20, 1:13 pm

>18 Micheller7: I have the banner today. I don't remember seeing it yesterday.

Abr 20, 1:27 pm

Got 'em! #7 threw me for a loop. Would never have gotten it except for the hints. Thanks to the clue-makers and hint-givers!

Abr 20, 1:31 pm

>59 amanda4242: Are you sure? I spent the last two hours trying every imaginable option.

Abr 20, 1:40 pm

>64 Phlegethon99: there are 2 series with around 32/33 books written by a 3 name author only one has a cat co-author

Abr 20, 1:43 pm

Abr 20, 1:45 pm

>58 cmbohn: I feel dumber! I still don't get how to find these elusive cats!

Editado: Abr 20, 2:10 pm

I'm sure I know the right book for #10 but no tinycat icon. Help please?

ETA found # 12. One left!

Abr 20, 2:07 pm

This is too complicated to follow for my little brain...back to reading. Good luck everyone! :)

Abr 20, 2:17 pm

Yay, a new hunt! I found them all. ✅💪 Thanks for organising the hunt!

Abr 20, 2:18 pm

Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble this time? I'm positive I have the correct answers to at least a couple of these but I'm not getting any icon at the top and they're not crossing off the clue page.

Abr 20, 2:19 pm

>65 raidergirl3: That may be the case, but I checked them all and still do not find it. Not being an American, this quiz is frustrating enough, but with all this Library Thing redundancy and every user being able to fiddle around with database entries it is quite easy to lose one´s way.

Abr 20, 2:27 pm

>71 Kozo89: Make sure you reread the clues. I was sure I had one, checked books, series, and character but when I read the clue they wanted the author page. And there it was!

Abr 20, 2:41 pm

Abr 20, 2:58 pm

I am having the hardest time with #4. Does anyone have any clues for me?

Abr 20, 3:17 pm

>75 SOlson096: # 4 The clue mentions two subjects search Library thing groups for one with both

Abr 20, 4:23 pm

I got them all! And although I could have used some help on a few there were no tips here. With some persistence and head-scratching, I found them.

Thank you to LT staff for another fun treasure hunt! And thanks to ConceptDawg for the gorgeous illustration.

Editado: Abr 20, 9:53 pm

Need help with 6;7;13 and 15. Please.

Update - I got them all, although 13 was the hardest. But many helpful clues and Google. There are certainly a lot of cat books out there!🙀

Abr 20, 5:00 pm

I need help with 2. I had assumed it was something to do with the NYPL lions Patience and Fortitude but nothing is clicking.

Abr 20, 5:17 pm

Thanks for all the help, hint givers!!! I couldn't do it without your nudges in the right direction!!

Abr 20, 5:21 pm

>79 varielle: For #2, it is the title of a book, google the main characters and location mentioned in the clue and you should get it!

Abr 20, 5:40 pm

>65 raidergirl3: Thank you! I was stuck on the wrong series! Your hint helped me finish!

Abr 20, 6:26 pm

>82 GenevieveAOK: lol, I spoke from experience. I spent time n the wrong one too.

Editado: Abr 20, 9:00 pm

I cannot wait for the TinyCat Badge!! It will be my favorite one. TY!

Abr 20, 9:16 pm

Well, it's the first time I've completed one of these treasure hunts without having to come for hints. Like others, I found the Talpa search quite helpful for some of the last ones. Thanks for a fun hunt.

Editado: Abr 20, 9:55 pm

>65 raidergirl3: I am pretty sure I have found the correct author, but cannot find a co-author. Can you give another hint?

Update. I had the wrong three named author.

Abr 20, 9:38 pm

I got the last one using Talpa search. 15 pretty kitties!

Editado: Abr 20, 11:58 pm

>65 raidergirl3: #13 drove me crazy. I was fixated on The Cat Who.... series, which I used to read all the time years ago. So frustrating when neither Qwill nor Koko – and not even Yum Yum – gave me the answer. I'd entirely forgotten about Sneaky Pie, whom I know of by name but I've never read any of the books.

Editado: Abr 21, 12:06 am

Anyone got any hints for #9 - I think I've found the right author and series, but can't find the badge.

Nope, got it... didn't click on the correct link.

Editado: Abr 21, 1:27 am

>39 paradoxosalpha: Rude, and not helpful. For #10, Google only coughed up one book - ignore that. Check the LT page for the award, and don't just concentrate on medal winners; I did a control-f for "cat".

Abr 21, 4:42 am

>90 Stewartry: Thanks for your help with the clues to #10 .I was finally able to find my last cat, thanks to your help .

Abr 21, 5:14 am

>53 Maddz: I'm in the UK too so struggle with some of the clues x

Abr 21, 5:42 am

Nearly there. Stuck on 6 and 7 x have looked at hints but still no luck x

Abr 21, 7:03 am

>93 tina1969: For #6 You might have to nip to the LT store and look for something to help there.

Abr 21, 8:41 am

This was unexpectedly difficult. Thanks to all the hints! And of course to the team at LT for organising the hunt.

Abr 21, 9:05 am

>94 AHS-Wolfy: thanks x would never had got that one x this hunt has been hard x just need help with 7 now x

Abr 21, 9:32 am

Now got all 15. No idea how I got no 7 x

Abr 21, 9:52 am

Bit off-topic - has anyone received their badge for the Valentines Hunt?

Editado: Abr 21, 12:57 pm

I’m still struggling with #2, even though I know I am close… When I search two big cats names and the place, I get two book titles, but both are failing my expectations. Am I googling the correct things?

Abr 21, 10:05 am

>99 Yamanekotei: I think I see where you're going with that, but (if I suppose correctly) you're on the wrong track.

Abr 21, 10:43 am

>88 CurrerBell: Thank you! I also got fixated on the wrong series, and had never even heard of the correct one!

This has been one of the easier hunts for me, but I kept thinking of cats that hadn't been included, such as Orlando, Mog, Simpkin ...

Abr 21, 10:54 am

>100 humouress:

Thank you! I guess I watched too many episodes of “Between the Lions”😂

Abr 21, 11:02 am

Abr 21, 12:51 pm

Thanks for another fun treasure hunt and congrats on the TinyCat birthday milestone. Fab painting by conceptDawg as always :)

Abr 21, 2:09 pm

Finally got #7 and I have all of them. Another wonderful drawing. Thanks to LT and all who had hints.

Abr 21, 2:34 pm

12 was my last one (but I finally got it), with only one hint given here (but that's not what helped... I eventually found the right combination of words from the clue to google to come up with it).

Abr 21, 3:06 pm

>92 tina1969: Yeah, my bugbear is American children's books, most of which I've never heard of (I doubt my sister's kids have either). I grew up in Egypt followed by the UK in the 1950s-1960s, US books didn't come my way until I went to uni and discovered the local SFF bookshop... Forever People didn't exactly specialise in children's books unless they were SFF-related.

Abr 21, 5:26 pm

Got them all! What a fun hunt, thanks LibraryThing, I love you!

Abr 21, 5:33 pm

I have found the answer to #9 and the banner keeps saying I have found a tiny cat but must sign in. When I sign in again, I can't get the tiny cat!

Abr 21, 5:43 pm

Got all but #3; it has really got me stumped. I've tried everything I can think of and have followed the hints, but still come up blank. Maybe it will come to me before the end of the treasure hunt. It was fun still the same.

Abr 21, 5:54 pm

I've found 7 of the 15 but my banner says I still have zero and none of the ones I have found show up as crossed off. Can someone help?

Abr 21, 6:12 pm

>110 kathieintheburg: #3 is a Dr. Seuss character's page.

Abr 21, 6:37 pm

>6 historywhiz: Rita Mae Brown

Abr 21, 6:38 pm

A fun hunt! Thank you!

Abr 21, 7:41 pm

>112 amanda4242: Finally, thank you so much for your help. I kept coming back to them, but wasn't getting to the right place. I appreciate your hint and your help.

Abr 21, 7:48 pm

YAY! I did it, thank you to everyone. A special thank you to the artist.

Abr 21, 8:10 pm

>15 Ribby47:
Search this: cat Tom Jones author and you should find the answer you seek.

Abr 21, 8:26 pm

>17 Maddz: For #12 search "blue cat who never loses his cool" in a search engine--it should give you the name of the character/series.

Abr 21, 8:46 pm

>38 Beammey: and others: For #10 --took me longer to find it than it probably should have. Had to try a number of keywords in searches until I finally found the right one. it's a 1929 Newbery Honor.

Editado: Abr 21, 10:35 pm

>109 ddlambert: Are you on one of the international LT sites? I remember on a previous hunt that the folks on the Dutch LT site had to sign in to the US site to get the penguin (or whatever it was for that hunt).

>111 tdashoff: Did you try refreshing the hunt page? Logging out and logging back in? See >9 momelimberham:, >11 2wonderY: and >19 twacorbies:.

>113 JenniferHed: Please use spoiler tags :0) (see >1 AbigailAdams26: for how to create them).

Abr 21, 10:44 pm

Hints for this treasure hunt have been consolidated up to this point in the LT Treasure Hunts group

Abr 22, 12:20 am

Woo Hoo!!!

Done after only discovering this hunt late last night when finally getting around to cataloguing two new acquisitions from last week. (lots to do over the weekend and I didn't open up my computer until the late evening).

I knocked over about four on my own knowledge then killed most of the rest this morning thanks to the hints on this page, with the last four done using Hail Mary style google searches.


Abr 22, 3:16 am

Some of yall are life savers i was stuck on 2 of em but i got to add some new books to the pile so thank you XD

Abr 22, 3:47 am

Thanks to everyone who posted hints! I finally found all fifteen with your help.

Abr 22, 4:05 am

This hunt was a little tricky, but I made it thanks to hints and Google. It was a Great TinyCat Birthday hunt. I look forward to these hunts.

Abr 22, 12:03 pm

Thanks for another fun Hunt.
Got them all in an hour as I drank my morning coffee.
Didn't need any hints and only a couple of googles.
Will now read through the above to see if there's anything I can help with.

Happy Earth Day!!
(working on this helped calm me down while listening to my neighborhood "celebrating Earth Day" by running dozens of gas-fueled blowers and mowers . . . . uggg!)

Abr 22, 12:24 pm

I always struggle when there's a lot of US children's books, so thanks everyone for hints. And LT for another hunt :D

Abr 22, 2:25 pm

phew: finished. #2 was not at all what i thought it was. thank you google!

Editado: Abr 22, 3:29 pm

Thanks for all the hints and help. I finally got them all, but it was a tougher hunt than I thought it might be. I got to use my reference desk skills.

Abr 22, 3:00 pm

I can't find #14. Help!

Editado: Abr 22, 5:16 pm

Mensagem removida pelo autor.

Abr 22, 5:16 pm

On the book series page, look on the right for related people/characters.

Abr 22, 5:17 pm

Last one, #9. I found the biggest series of books about Cat Warrior Clans, but nothing kicks in.

Abr 22, 5:42 pm

>133 Cariola: For #9 maybe you need to be more of a Hunter to find the right series page.

Editado: Abr 25, 6:43 pm

Mensagem removida pelo autor.

Abr 22, 6:49 pm

>134 AHS-Wolfy: Finally got it, but it wasn't easy!

Abr 23, 1:16 am

>15 Ribby47: Do a Google search with clues and you should find the author.

Abr 23, 3:30 am

>130 hollysbookmusings: if you use the name, and the list in the last few lines of the clue in a google search, it should come up.

Abr 23, 5:38 am

I have them all, but #11. I wa thinking of Aristocats or Top Cat but those not to be correct.

O well, too much going on right now in outside books, one which is being racing up and down to hospital for sick parent

Abr 23, 8:58 am

Ugh, I have tried all the hints and still can't find #15 any help?

Abr 23, 10:01 am

>139 EdwinKort: For #11 This author had a movie made about his creation this year as well as a couple back in the 00's

Abr 23, 11:25 am

Fun search; however even with all the hints still stuck on #6. 🤦‍♀️

Editado: Abr 23, 11:48 am

>142 thereseg: #6: The operative word is "tool". Where in LT can you find one of these shaped like a cat?

Editado: Abr 23, 1:02 pm

>94 AHS-Wolfy: Thank you SO much!! I was in the correct place but hadn't clicked! :)

Abr 23, 1:03 pm

I am still completely confused on # 7 and all the hints have just led to my clicking and clicking. Could anyone else help out this confused cat?

Abr 23, 2:46 pm

Editado: Abr 23, 2:54 pm

Finally found the last one ... # 8 should've been the easiest, but I was derailed by a negative word at the beginning of the third line. Duh!

Oh ... and many thanks to the many clues here. I used them for # 6, 7, 9, 11, and 12!

Abr 23, 4:17 pm

>28 karenb: Thank you!! This worked for # 7! I was at a loss until I tried it your suggested way! :)

Abr 23, 5:13 pm

>141 AHS-Wolfy: Ah. Yes. Another feline creature.

Now I have them all

Abr 23, 6:13 pm

>143 AnnieMod: yessssx thank you!

Abr 24, 3:30 am

Finally all done. Fun was had. Thank you for a pleasant hunt

Abr 24, 10:27 am

Am I the only one having trouble with #5?

I thought the answer is that famous author with that whale story but opening that book or the author doesn't work. Even talpa search returned the same book.

Can't find any other author with name like melvil.

Am I looking in wrong direction?

Abr 24, 10:33 am

>152 aqeeliz: In this case Melvil is not an author. Also, note the spelling

Abr 24, 10:38 am

>152 aqeeliz: You are not the only one... I am promising myself I will keep looking.

Abr 24, 11:03 am

>153 norabelle414: Thanks. I was stuck in that line of thought, and even when trying other things, kept going around that circle.

Found the answer. And learned something interesting.

Editado: Abr 24, 12:27 pm

I've solved all but #15 and have seen all of the hints up to now. The poem appears to describe a character created by the original author of #8, but I can't find the solution on the Author's page nor the Works page for the original anthology in which the character appears. Message 20 (bell7) seems to suggest a less well known author, though. I've checked other works/series entitled 'Cat About Town' and the 'cat' related books by author Tom Jones, with no success. Very frustrated!

Abr 24, 12:54 pm

>156 schase56: I was similarly stuck until I reread the clue and made a one word change to my search terms. I used Gentleman cat around town and found it really fast

Abr 24, 2:43 pm

Thanks for the hints! That was fun!! Got them all! Now to enjoy my cat chowder!!

Abr 24, 7:06 pm

>28 karenb: Thank you, this helped me get #7! It was not in the classification section I expected.

Abr 25, 10:02 am

Finally found all 15. Took me two days!!!! The hardest one for me to find turned out to be the easiest, I was just going around in circles about it. Oops!

This was a lot of fun though!

Abr 25, 3:42 pm

I finally got #15, to complete the hunt! However, nothing I had previously tried, including the hints (not even 157 from scraps) let me anywhere near the solution. I ended up asking Microsoft Copilot by entering the text of the clue; it immediately gave me the answer (a book and author I had never heard of)!

Abr 25, 4:45 pm

Totally stuck on 4 and 7. Can someone please post a very obvious clue or even the answer? They have me absolutely flummoxed. Thanks.

Editado: Abr 25, 4:51 pm

>162 hepzibah59: #4 Find an LT group that is about books and cats. Search for the words that is less likely to have a lot of results (LT being books site and all) and you will see it.

Editado: Abr 25, 7:19 pm

Still stuck on #1 and #14. Thank you for any additional clues.

ETA: OK found both of these after looking back through some older hints! Good luck everyone! And thank you to ConceptDawg for the beautiful illustration.


Abr 26, 10:40 am

Walkthrough for #8... The 1st hit for an LT search of OLD POSSUM --> Scroll down to Related movies and do an LT search for GREAT PERFORMANCES: CATS --> 2 hits, pick 1

Many thanks to the creators for another enjoyable Hunt that I cheated and stumbled my way through!

Abr 26, 12:46 pm

>163 AnnieMod: Got 4, thank you. Still looking for 7.

Editado: Abr 27, 11:21 am

>167 hepzibah59: I finally got #7 by looking at the clues in >34 newcrossbooks:. I don't think I can say it any better.
Good luck!!

Editado: Abr 26, 11:41 pm

>140 wolf5300: I used Google for #15.

Abr 26, 11:57 pm

Thank you for your help with numbers 1, 3, 4, & 6! I finally have all the cats! Mwa hahahaha!

Abr 27, 7:51 am

>24 RosetheReader: Thank you!

Abr 27, 7:55 am

Abr 27, 8:03 am

>88 CurrerBell: Thank you, I had no idea about this one!

Abr 27, 8:12 am

Thanks for the fun hunt and for the hints, I needed the help for the last few clues.

Abr 28, 10:14 am

>47 alexyskwan: Thank you!! That finally helped me to find my last one.

Abr 28, 7:57 pm

>168 krazy4katz: Finally got it.

Abr 28, 10:00 pm

Done, with a little help from my kids. Thanks for the hunt, the clues and the hints!

Hints are consolidated by clue number in the LT Treasure Hunts group.

Abr 28, 10:28 pm

Abr 29, 9:19 am

Yay! I finished! I did use some hints. Love these hunts!

Abr 30, 3:41 am

Love the hunts, love the wonderful conceptdawg art. Many thanks for the breadcrumbs (hints) left here by the generous fellow searchers that enabled me to find my way home when I got lost.

Abr 30, 5:30 pm

I'm so glad I got all 15 TinyCats! #7 was tough, ha ha! Love the hunts!!

Maio 2, 4:00 pm

Hello All! Our 2024 TinyCat Birthday Treasure Hunt has now ended. Thank you to all who participated!

We had 1,838 players for this hunt, and 1,075 players finding at least five clues. The average number of clues found was eight.

Our randomly selected winners for the hunt are:


Winners: I will be messaging you about your mailing addresses, so we can get your prizes sent out to you!

Participants who found at least two TinyCats: Please be aware that badges are awarded manually, and may not appear in your badges for some time.

Regarding the banner: the developers are still aware of the ongoing problems with the banner's appearance, and the fact that dismissing it once sometimes seems to dismiss it forever, despite the member's wishes/preferences. The issue is on the list of things to be looked at, although I have no timeline to give on a resolution.