Squeaky is puzzling in 2024 - 2nd Quarter

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Squeaky is puzzling in 2024 - 2nd Quarter

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(Continued from here.)

This year I've been dedicating my threads to a fun pastime that I started doing more often during the pandemic...jigsaw puzzles! I'm posting on this thread pictures of puzzles that I've completed with my family and friends.

When I'm not puzzling, I'm either trying out new recipes, reading, playing Pokemon GO, exercising to fight my newly diagnosed osteoporosis, working on my TIOLI challenges, or watching free streamed movies on Kanopy. I have been posting my Kanopy film reviews on this thread. Come join me there!

Here are my 2024 stats so far:

Pages Read YTD: 958
Pages Read per Day: decreased to 20
Books in my To Read list: stable at 393
Bookcrossing books in my home (to eventually be released elsewhere): decreased to 2,059

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1,000 pieces “Japanese Maple Tree” by Peter Pauper Press

1. Kensington International Day of the book Street Festival in Kensington, Maryland, USA

5. Await Your Reply - Dan Chaon - TIOLI #1: Read a book by an author whose first and last name end in the same letter (N) - 17/324 pages = 5%
6. The Whole-Body Approach to Osteoporosis - R. Keith McCormick. - TIOLI #2: - 51/220 pages = 23%

7. Anxious People - Fredrik Backman - 42/341pages = 12%
8. 21 Lessons for the 21st Century - Yuval Noah Harari - 34/278 pages = 9%
9. Four Fish - Paul Greenberg - 5/256 pages = 2%
10. In Praise of Shadows - 51/73 pages = 70%

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1,000 pieces “The Home of Famously Low Prices” by Fred

1. Gaithersburg Book Festival in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA


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1,000 pieces “Legend of the Jaguar Shaman” by Art and Fable

1. BookCrossing Meetup in Alexandria, Virginia


Abr 2, 11:31 pm

Happy new thread, Madeline! I love the puzzle pictures.

Abr 3, 12:40 am

Happy new thread Madeline!

Abr 3, 2:56 am

Happy new thread, Madeline.
Love the puzzles.

Abr 3, 6:35 am

Happy new thread, Madeline! And I love the puzzles too!

Abr 3, 12:14 pm

>5 atozgrl: >6 quondame: >7 Helenliz: >8 Kristelh: Thanks, all!

Now that I’ve started watching films on Kanopy, I can’t seem to get my old reading rhythm back. I feel as if I’m catching up with all the movies I haven’t seen for all the years I’ve been wearing hearing aids. Modern technology of captioning is so precious to me!

I’ve recently been starting books, putting them down and starting other books. I can’t seem to read one long enough to finish it. I think my anxiety is starting to surface again, but I’m trying hard to keep it under control. World news doesn’t help although I try to limit what I read.

Abr 3, 12:15 pm

Happy new thread!

Abr 3, 12:19 pm

Thanks, Lily!

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>9 SqueakyChu: - Happy new thread, Madeline. I hear you on the reading/putting down/ picking up something else. I feel like I've been doing that for months, if not longer!

I actually bought 2 puzzles in the last 2 weeks. I must be going crazy because I haven't done a puzzle since the boys arrived and I honestly don't know when I'll begin. Plus, I have at least 5 on my shelf, unopened. I will have to crack open the new puzzle mat and see if that might work! Your >2 SqueakyChu: is stunning!

Abr 3, 12:28 pm

>11 SqueakyChu: Your Welcome!!

Abr 3, 12:40 pm

>12 jessibud2: Thanks, Shelley.

I’m so sorry about the loss of your mom, but I’m glad your life will hopefully be less stressful going forward. And that “High Tea”! I’m guessing you’ll be doing that with Madeleine? :).

I found other puzzlers in my BookCrossing group so now we swap puzzles as well as books at our meetups. I swap with 6of8, bluemozaic, and KateKintail. We just don’t register them. However, we do our “puzzle journal” right on the box (date completed, how many days, where & by whom). So much fun!

We still rent puzzles from Completing the Puzzle. All of the puzzles on the thread are from that puzzle rental company. The Japanese Maple Tree was the hardest puzzle we’ve ever done.

Abr 3, 2:05 pm

Happy new thread, Madeline!

Abr 3, 6:32 pm

>15 drneutron: Thanks, Jim!

Abr 3, 6:34 pm

Happy new thread, Madeline!

>9 SqueakyChu: I’ve recently been starting books, putting them down and starting other books. I can’t seem to read one long enough to finish it. I think my anxiety is starting to surface again, but I’m trying hard to keep it under control. World news doesn’t help although I try to limit what I read. I understand that and hope that the anxiety stays at bay.

I join in the puzzle love!

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>17 alcottacre: I think my anxiety might lessen a bit once the weather warms up, and I can garden. I never suffered from anxiety ever in my life before pandemic/Trump. Now it seems to come and go but never goes entirely away. Too many things to worry about as I age and read the news! I long for the those olden days that nothing seemed to bother me!

Art and Fable has become my favorite puzzle company.

Abr 4, 12:17 am

Happy new thread and a very happy new Quarter, Madeline. xx

Abr 4, 12:44 am

>19 PaulCranswick: Thank you so much, Paul.

Abr 4, 4:36 am

Happy new thread, Madeline!
Thanks for featuring such lovely jigsaw puzzles.

>9 SqueakyChu: >18 SqueakyChu: So sorry you feel this way, anxiety is hard to live with.

Abr 4, 6:01 am

Happy new thread!

>4 SqueakyChu: Wow! that is striking. You can't even tell it's a puzzle.

Editado: Abr 4, 7:12 am

>21 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita.

Some of the jigsaw puzzles are amazing!

>22 figsfromthistle: Art and Fable puzzles have a matte rather than shiny finish and feature stunning works of art. That’s why I love this puzzle brand so much. They’re pretty challenging to do as well.

Abr 8, 5:57 pm

Found you! Happy new thread! Wishing you more puzzles and less anxiety.

Abr 8, 8:18 pm

>24 Berly: Thanks, Kim.

Abr 8, 8:51 pm

>18 SqueakyChu: Anxiety about the world situation I can fully comprehend. The news media these days seems totally bereft of balance and seems intent on setting agendas.
I am extremely distressed by the obvious and quite virulent anti-semitism that seems to be back in vogue at the moment and we are in a dangerous place.

I suppose we must be fatalistic Madeline and realize that it is beyond our power to affect monumental change and just do our own little bit to do good on the micro level in the meanwhile. I genuinely believe that people have more goodness than they have badness in their souls and platforms such as this do raise my spirits about the joy, peace, stimulation and comfort inherent in small communities such as ours here. If only we could bottle it and pass it on!

Keep your chin up dear lady.

Editado: Abr 8, 9:50 pm

>26 PaulCranswick: Thanks, Paul. I try to find happiness in family, friends and small things, but I am always worried in a way that I never was before.

The worldwide antisemitism is deeply painful to me, especially since October 7th did not even need to happen. Now the world has turned upside-down for those of my religion, and I won't even go into the sad situation for my family and friends in Israel or the devastating situation for everyone in Gaza. An especially upsetting incident happened recently to a cousin-in-law of mine. She is an Israeli, away from her family in Israel, living alone near me and teaching in a private Jewish school for one year. I make it a point to get together with her, usually having her here with our family for Friday night meals. She told of an incident in which she recently met another Israeli she knew in a retail store and they were both happily conversing in Hebrew (which she rarely does here in the U.S.). The owner of the store heard them speaking Hebrew and threw them both out of the store. This was in the heart of Montgomery County, Maryland. Our population is 10% Jewish. We feel fearful so much now.

On a better note, two of my kids went west today to view the total solar eclipse. My son said it was the coolest thing EVER. My husband and I got to watch the eclipse here in Maryland where it was not total. We had 87.9% coverage of the sun. It was fun to watch on this beautiful day today plus I got to do a little garden work.

Abr 8, 10:02 pm

>27 SqueakyChu: Oh Madeline! How extremely distressing. And so startlingly blatant! I feel for your cousin and you as well.

Abr 8, 10:05 pm

>27 SqueakyChu: That's horrible!! I am sorry for your cousin, and you, and all people who feel threatened because of their religion (or any other reason).

Abr 8, 11:01 pm

>28 quondame: >29 Berly: Susan and Kim, I felt so sad when she told me what happened.

Abr 9, 5:18 am

>30 SqueakyChu: Sad and a little disgusted. Isn't this supposed to be the 21st Century? Haven't we learned nothing from the lessons imprinted so tragically upon our forbears?

Abr 9, 9:19 am

>27 SqueakyChu: Was Montgomery county in the Confederate part of Maryland?

Editado: Abr 9, 9:28 am

>31 PaulCranswick: Some people do not learn a thing from history. Sadly, history eventually always seems to repeat itself.

>32 m.belljackson: Yes, because it was south of the Mason-Dixon Line. All of Maryland was south of the Mason-Dixon Line. However, Montgomery County is now a very liberal, diverse place to live. I usually feel more comfortable here than in some other parts of Maryland.

Abr 9, 9:52 am

>33 SqueakyChu: The scenes in Michigan with protestors screaming for "Death to America" and obviously Israel too are frankly as disgusting as they are disturbing. Why on earth are those people enjoying American freedoms if they hate you all so vehemently.

I know you have free speech and that that free speech is protected by the constitution but surely that is either treason or seditious. The authorities must do something about this nonsense.

Editado: Abr 9, 12:51 pm

>34 PaulCranswick: My husband, who is a native Salvadoran, always thinks that people in the U.S. (he's now an American citizen) have too many rights. I'm more worried now about our right wing Supreme Court than I am about the wording of our Constitution.