Hannah's reads in 2024

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Hannah's reads in 2024

Abr 2, 1:18 pm

Hi, I am new to this site and wanted a place to keep track of what I am reading. I have set a very ambitious goal of reading every book I own by the end of March next year!

The books I own now are pretty evenly split between fiction and non-fiction despite me hardly ever reading non-fiction so this should be an interesting challenge. Non-fiction books cover various topics such as linguistics, sports and geography. Fiction wise, I have a lot of YA series leftover from when I was the actual target audience of YA books and several others of varying genres. At the start of April I had 148 books to read, 72 NF and 76 fiction.

Abr 2, 7:19 pm


Abr 2, 7:54 pm

>3 drneutron: Thank you!

Abr 3, 7:00 am


Abr 3, 1:00 pm

>5 Owltherian: Thanks Lily!

Abr 3, 1:01 pm

>6 hannah7097: Your very welcome :)

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2024 purchases

I will list all the books I have purchased/acquired this year and where I got them in an effort to stop buying so many books that I don't read.

1. The Reverend Guppy's Aquarium - CS (charity shop)
2. Living With the Enemy - second hand
3. Death and the Penguin - WHSmith (on offer)
4. The Man in the High Castle - WHSmith (on offer)
5. The Heart of a Dog - Waterstones
6. The Case of the General's Thumb - Waterstones
7. Penguin Lost - Waterstones
8. Lone Wolf - Waterstones
9. The Blonde Identity - Asda
10. Icebreaker - Asda
11. Falling Hard for the Royal Guard - Works
12. Mister Hockey - Works
13. The Problem with Perfect - Works
14. Dark Sun - CS
15. Master and Man and Other Stories - CS
16. Blackout - CS
17. Eagle Day - CS
18. Grey Wolves - CS
19. The Prisoner - CS
20. Scorched Earth - CS
21. Gone Wild - CS
22. The First Circle - second hand
23. Stormbreaker - second hand
24. The Master and Margarita - HMV (on offer)
25. Find Me - HMV (on offer)
26. Wildfire - CS
27. Forever and a Day - CS
28. Silverfin - CS
29. Point Blanc - CS
30. Skeleton Key - CS
31. Eagle Strike - CS
32. Scorpia - CS
33. Ark Angel - CS
34. Snakehead - CS
35. Crocodile Tears - CS
36. Scorpia Rising - CS
37. Russian Roulette - CS
38. Cemetery Boys - Works
39. Bloodstream - Works
40. First Down - Works
41. Mile High - Works
42. 1632 - Forbidden Planet
43. Flawless - Waterstones
44. Game On - Waterstones
45. The Prospects - Waterstones
46. The Deal - Waterstones
47. A Matter of Death and Life - Waterstones
48. Beartown - Waterstones
49. Missing - Southbank Book Market
50. Tamar - Hatchards
51. The President's Last Love - Hatchards
52. The Passing Playbook - Hatchards

Abr 3, 1:10 pm

1. People's Republic and 2. Guardian Angel by Robert Muchamore

I only planned to read the first of these at the moment but the ending of the first book left me wanting to read the next one so I did. This is a great YA (I think) series that I loved as a kid but these two books are the first in what is almost a new series as it features new main characters but in the same setting and the old characters are still hanging around. There seems to be much more of an ongoing plot in these books unlike the first twelve. I am not good at reviews but the basic plot is there are children and they are spies. I really enjoyed them both and do have the last three books in the series so will hopefully get to them at some point!

Abr 3, 6:10 pm

3. A Season of Loss, A Lifetime of Forgiveness by John Manasso

This book is about the aftermath of the car crash involving NHL players Dan Snyder and Dany Heatley. It was written by a reported but with a lot of input from many people involved including Snyder's family, although not from Heatley himself. I think that being able to actually hear from the family and friends involved made the book feel more reliable and more interesting. At times it felt like it jumped around a bit but there was mostly a strong "story" going through. It was also at times heart-wrenching, as the Ottawa Sun said on the back of the book but which I chose to disbelieve before reading. I learnt a lot from this book even if it took me six years to read it and thoroughly enjoyed it (although this may not be the correct word given how sad it was sometimes).

Abr 4, 6:48 pm

I made the dangerous mistake of going through a pile of ready-to-discard books and may now have to up my number of books left to read...

I am in the middle of two books right now which I hope to get finished before my busy weekend!

Abr 4, 6:49 pm

Ah, i sometimes do that, and then i have more books than i know what to do with.

Abr 4, 7:12 pm

>12 Owltherian: My books are already double stacked on shelves and piled on the floor. There's no hope at this point!

Abr 4, 8:37 pm

>13 hannah7097: Oh wow- im not to that point yet, but i have a bit too many to the point some are just on my floor.

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4. Penguin Lost by Andrey Kurkov

I loved this book. As the sequel to the book that got me back into reading I had high hopes and it did not disappoint. I love how realistic the book was and getting to see Viktor's life while he's hunting for his penguin but at the same time it's exciting and there's mysteries. I definitely will be reading more by this author.

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5. Mister Hockey by Lia Riley

I was disappointed by this book. What claimed to be a hockey romance was very much not. Whilst the male character was a hockey player, he might as well not have been. He could have played any sport and the plot would still work because there was pretty no much of any hockey in the book. I believe they go ice skating once but it's only a brief scene. As a romance however, it was a good enjoyable book with a fun plot that sadly just didn't fill the hole that I thought it would from the title and the blurb. I don't know if I would read the sequel. I wouldn't be against it but it's not high on my list.

Abr 6, 12:15 am

>15 hannah7097: This author's on my radar, but the title I want to read is Grey Bees. My library system has it. I just have to get to it at some point before they cull the book...

Abr 6, 8:49 am

>17 ReneeMarie: This one is definitely on my list too. I'm just trying to read his older works first in an attempt to stop myself buying every single one of his books in one go and never reading them! It's amazing to think I only picked up his first book with no idea who he was or what it was about only because it was on a buy one get one half price offer with a book I wanted and yet have not read still.

Abr 6, 10:10 am

>15 hannah7097: Welcome, Hannah! I have the first book in the series on my shelf and look forward to reading it!

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>19 Tess_W: Thank you! The first book is so good. I only read it because I was bored and stuck in a hotel in Scotland and I'm glad I did. In the last two years I'd only finished one book I think and now I've read so many thanks to this book.

Abr 6, 9:10 pm

Welcome to the group Hannah.

You seem to have a very interesting mix of reading tastes.

Abr 7, 8:42 am

>21 PaulCranswick: Thanks Paul. Unfortunately it just means there are even more books that I think sound interesting and want to read!

Editado: Abr 11, 6:17 pm

6. The Reverend Guppy's Aquarium by Philip Dodd

This is a book about etymology with each chapter mostly dedicated to just one person who has a thing named after them. I liked the book although I did find that an entire chapter dedicated to just talking about one person e.g. Adolphe Sax was just slightly too long and if each chapter had been maybe 5 pages shorter I would have found it much more enjoyable. I did learn a lot of interesting facts including that the Jacuzzi is both named after its inventor and that Mr Roy Jacuzzi is still alive!

Abr 10, 12:45 pm

If anyone has advice on how to not buy new books whilst also buying new books please send it to me. I desperately need it. 4 new books this week and 1 in the amazon cart.

Abr 11, 6:19 pm

7. The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore

A decent book. The third book in the Lorien Legacies series (of I Am Number Four fame). The different POVs help make the book seem more fast paced. I'm interested to see what happens since there's still four books left!

Abr 16, 10:22 am

8. The Escape by Robert Muchamore

This is the first book in the Henderson's Boys series, a historical spin-off of the CHERUB series about child spies. This book is set during 1940's France as the Germans are invading. The main child characters are not quite spies in this, I believe that happens in the next book, but it is still a very enjoyable read. I'm very excited to read the rest of the series.

Abr 16, 11:31 am

9. The Montgomery Murder by Cora Harrison

This is a children's murder mystery book set in Victorian London. I vaguely remembered reading this book as a child so bought it again to reread but it appears I may have merged two different books together in my memory. This was still a good book. If I was still a kid, I'd probably be very excited to go and read the sequels.

Abr 16, 8:59 pm

>24 hannah7097: I would probably be the worst person in the world to advise on that, Hannah. My apartment in Kuala Lumpur has 14,000 books in it and 5,500 plus of them unread as yet. I am adding to that total well in excess of the number I am reading still.

Abr 17, 2:37 pm

>28 PaulCranswick: Seems like you would be perfect to advise on the alternative solution of how to get more room for books!