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mstrust-Books & Tiki #2

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Hi, I'm Jennifer in Phoenix. I'm sharing my love for tiki. Tiki cocktails, tiki mugs, tiki bars, tiki music and tiki decor. I don't know if this theme will continue all year, but for now, let's have fun with it. I collect mugs, visit tiki bars and attend a yearly tiki convention. The above pic is of our regular Vegas spot, Frankie's Tiki Room.

March marked my 16th Thingaversary. Wow, it's actually gone by fast!
I spend most of my time writing and researching my Substack, Autumn Lives Here. It's free every other Tuesday, and only for paid members the other Tuesdays. I have short stories, true crime, book reviews, scary movie discussions, cocktail recipes and Autumn baking year round. I'm happy to say that I have over 30 LTers among my weekly readers, and a few LTers among my paid creeps. You're welcome to drop by for a scare.
I've hosted a few months at ScaredyKit and MysteryKit. I'm hosting Contemporary Horror in October at ScaredyKit.
I do read a lot of horror and true crime, so things might be heavy on that end, but I also read cookbooks, travel, gardening and fiction in general.
I hope you'll come by often and say hi.

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You know, I actually forgot about my 16th Thingaversary last week, but I bought books anyway. Whoopeee!

Abr 2, 12:05 pm

Happy new thread Jennifer!

Abr 2, 12:05 pm

Happy new thread, Jennifer! Happy Thingaversary as well :)

Abr 2, 12:10 pm

>4 Owltherian: Thank you!

>5 alcottacre: Thanks and thanks! How could I have forgotten? My new books are a happy accident.

Abr 2, 12:11 pm

>6 mstrust: You're very welcome, its always a fun time with new threads.

Abr 2, 12:32 pm

Happy new thread, Jennifer.

Abr 2, 1:00 pm

Happy new thread, and happy belated Thingaversary!

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Happy New Thread!!

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>7 Owltherian: It is.
>8 BLBera: Thanks, Beth.
>9 foggidawn: Thank you, thank you!
>10 hredwards: Thanks, Harold!

To anyone interested, Substack has started a new thing where free subscribers can read one of the locked posts, like this week's Autumn Lives Here. I don't know if it let's you read just the one or if you get to have a field day for a single day or what, but if you're curious, you definitely get at least one.

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Happy new thread Jennifer!

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Happy new thread!

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Happy new thread!

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>12 quondame: Thanks, Susan!
>13 cbl_tn: Good to see you, Carrie!
>14 figsfromthistle: Thanks, Figs!
I know you all live far, far away, so help yourself to the pina colada cookies.

Tiki Oasis put out a list of the performers that will be at our Oasis and The Martini Kings are playing!
Here they are at the recent opening of the artist Shag's gallery:

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You said it!

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25. Little, Crazy Children by James Renner

In 1990, sixteen year old Lisa Pruitt was found murdered in her affluent neighborhood of Shaker Heights, a suburb of Cleveland. She had snuck out of her house after midnight and was stabbed just a few yards from her boyfriend's home, a boy who had invited her. He had been released from a psychiatric hospital just that day and they had been apart for several weeks.

The police investigation focused on a schoolmate who had long been known as am angry weirdo, and the police may have seen him as their only suspect due to a group of high-achieving school mates who pointed the finger at him. He was put on trial, his life ruined, but was he the murderer?
Renner's account of the murder, the trial, and the lives of this group of wealthy, nerdy kids is fascinating. The problems I had with the book are when the author injects his own opinions, swearing to let us know he believes something was unfair, or contriving to tell a backstory of one of the players in order to inject his own politics. Even stranger, he includes a text he received from another reporter telling him that his previous work has been irresponsible. When he sticks to reporting the facts of the case, he does so in a riveting style, but sometimes he goes off on a tangent about himself. 4

Weird little trivia: Molly Shannon had been a babysitter to the young man who stood trial for the murders.

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Happy new one, Jennifer.

Abr 4, 2:26 am

Happy new thread and Happy Thingaversary, Jennifer!
It's still early in the morning here, but the pina colada cookies are whetting my appetite...

Abr 4, 4:30 am

Happy new thread, Jennifer, and belated happy Thingaversary!
We joined LT in the same month.

>15 mstrust: The pina colado cookies look delicious.

Abr 4, 12:12 pm

>19 PaulCranswick: Thanks, Paul!
>20 SirThomas: Thanks, Thomas, glad you're here!
There's a reason why pina coladas remain a cocktail staple, they're just so good.
>21 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita!
We must have both gotten some booky shakes during March and wanted to talk about it. I know that I was searching for book sites when I came upon LT way back when.

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😂 - Welcome to the club!

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;-D I think the lack of proper punctuation just adds something to it.

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Happy new one!! And LOL to >23 mstrust:. : )

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Thanks, Kim, glad you're here!

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It's a free week at Autumn Lives Here! I've got Netflix scares, a pear cocktail, and the story of Madalynne Obenchain, a lady with too many boyfriends.

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26. Nightbitch by Rachel Yoder

Told from the pov of 'The Mother', this is the story of a woman who hates motherhood, most likely due to severe post-partum depression. She has a son who is around two years old, and a husband who travels for business, making him a visitor who arrives for 48 hours, barely interacting, and dismissing her need for help. The mother tells him she thinks she is turning into a dog, growing fur and sharp teeth, but no one else sees it. Her progression, or her belief that she's becoming a feral canine, leads to some disturbing and brutal behavior.
The story is part surrealism that addresses a woman who feels she has lost her own self in motherhood. While she loves her child, she deeply resents that she is the primary caregiver, and the book is told from the perspective of a wildly angry woman who does some incredibly violent things. I can't say that I liked this book, it's too one-note, all rage. If you love cats, you might want to avoid it. 3

Abr 10, 1:25 pm

>29 mstrust: Mmmmmm. I think I'm gonna pass on this one, but I'll take a pear cocktail please!

Abr 10, 1:43 pm

That cocktail recipe is drool-worthy. I made myself a Transfusion last night, the cocktail from last week's ALH.

Abr 10, 4:08 pm

>29 mstrust: I can sympathize, but no.

Abr 10, 4:21 pm

Pretty much my feeling. About a third of the way in I began thinking, "I don't like this." But I kept going out of worry about the boy.

Abr 12, 1:28 pm

27. Cut & Thirst by Margaret Atwood

A short story about three older women who have been harboring anger for years on behalf of a fourth friend. They finally decide it's time to exact revenge on the group of men responsible for ruining Fern's career.
A humorous story about friendship and dialing down your fantasies. 3

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For your listening pleasure, Martin Denny's "Quiet Village":

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Autumn Lives Here is covering the best true crime on regular ol' cable this week. Plus, the ancient backstory of The Wicker Man, and a mapley breakfast.

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I also got to write a guest post for the popular booky Substack called SoNovelicious. My essay, "The Darkest Corners of the Library", posted today. i dig into how I started reading horror and true crime as a kid. Drop by:

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>37 mstrust: I bought the boxed set of those not long ago in a sales bin at the local Walmart. As a folklore collector, I can’t pass up good lore with suitably creepy illustrations….

Abr 18, 9:07 am

It's true, the illustrations are surprisingly scary!

Abr 19, 11:02 am

So many parents complained about this series back in the day. Then it was Goosebumps and Fear Street. I’m sure there are now other young peoples’ horror series that are being targeted today—if they’re not too busy targeting books on racial and LGBTQ+ issues.

Abr 19, 11:44 am

Sure, there have always been books that make one group of people uncomfortable. It changes every few years.

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28. Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

The second in the Dexter series, this time the Miami PD and Dexter, our charming psychopath serial killer, are trying to find "Dr. Danco", a nickname that refers to his method of turning ex-Special Ops into vegetables. Sergeant Doakes, the man who hates Dexter the most but can't figure out why, has a history with Dr. Danco and may be on the list of men being hunted. That leaves him with no choice but to work with Dexter.
It seems implausible to say these are fun reads, but Dexter is such a witty guy that they are fun. 4.5

Abr 19, 3:03 pm

>42 mstrust: You’ve enticed me with with your review of the second Dexter book, to go read the first one. Thanks (I think)!

Karen O

Abr 19, 7:22 pm

You're very welcome, maybe! The books do feature highly creative and gruesome deaths, but Dexter himself is a hoot.