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Naked Lunch LE

Abr 1, 9:44 am

FS has leaked a post on Instagram that a limited edition of William S. Burroughs' seminal novel Naked Lunch is in the works. Details are scant, but it looks from the photos that this edition will be printed using white text on black paper. Illustrated by Dave McKean, Introduced by Neil Gaiman, Afterword by avant garde musician and Burroughs collaborator Laurie Anderson. Apparently the slipcase will look like one of the typewriter-beetle hybrids as seen in Cronenberg's film adaptation of the novel.

Abr 1, 9:51 am

Today being April Fools' Day should be kept in mind ;)

Abr 1, 9:58 am

>2 A.Nobody: Aye, normally I detest pranks, but I couldn't resist a gentle dig at FS on this day. ^_^

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This is something I would actually want (even with Neil Gaiman who is grossly over used by Folio) so I'll bet they are April Fools pranking.

Abr 1, 1:04 pm

>5 LeBacon: Definitely something I'd like, though preferably sans the Gaiman/McKean duo.

Abr 1, 1:45 pm

>6 Shadekeep: I put this title as one of my three suggestions in that last Folio survey.

It seems more realistic as a Suntup, though, and I would trust Suntup to come up with more appropriate illustrations and more interesting and tasteful binding.

Abr 1, 2:10 pm

>7 LeBacon: Agreed, it seems a good fit for the Suntup lineup.

Abr 1, 3:23 pm

>1 Shadekeep: even though it's a prank, it honestly sounds more interesting than quite a few LEs as of late :)

Abr 1, 5:45 pm

I was in with Laurie Anderson. 4/1 sigh.