April 2666: what are you reading?

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April 2666: what are you reading?

Abr 1, 8:58 am

^^Just kidding. Although, hundreds of years into the future, we all may still be reading lists books.... What 1001 books are you fooling yourself into reading this month?

Abr 1, 9:01 am

I've just finished 2666 and will start my second quarter big book, Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship, this week. I've also started Sometimes a Great Notion for my subway book.

Abr 1, 9:23 am

On audio I am listening to my big book, Gone With the Wind. And on paper a non-1001 but still great book, China Court. Unfortunately both are about beloved country houses. I keep doing that! After CC I will turn to our group read which is not about a country house.

Abr 2, 10:09 am

Abr 3, 3:57 pm

I've picked up A Tree in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.

Abr 4, 10:03 am

Also, I'm going to make this a Kurt Vonnegut month and read Slaughterhouse Five and Cat's Cradle. It's possible I read these both a loooong time ago, but I haven't taken credit for them yet. I guess I'll know soon enough!

Abr 5, 9:26 am

I just started The Melancholy of Resistance for two reasons:
1. There is a total solar eclipse that is part of the story. I live near the path of totality for Monday's solar eclipse and it's a big deal around here.
2. There is a film adaptation of the book called Werckmeister Harmonies. I also use lists to find good movies to watch and this is on several lists. It has been hard to find until this year. The Criterion Collection is about to release it, and its already streaming on their channel.
Once I finish the book I will watch the movie.

Abr 5, 1:30 pm

>7 BentleyMay: I'm in the path of totality here in central NY and I've taken to calling it apoc-eclipse. Schools are closed, public offices are closed, states of emergency have already been called in some areas... it's bananas.

Thanks for the suggestion!