Anita (FAMeulstee) goes on wherever the books take her in 2024 (4)

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Anita (FAMeulstee) goes on wherever the books take her in 2024 (4)

Abr 1, 2:37 am

Welcome to my fourth thread in 2024!

I am Anita Meulstee (61), married with Frank (62) since 1984. We live in Lelystad, the Netherlands. We both love modern art, books and walking.


I have been hanging around in this group a few months after finding LibraryThing in March 2008.
I read (almost) everything, from childrens and YA books to more serious literature, mysteries, historical fiction, fantasy, and I try not to forget to throw some non-fiction into the mix.

Editado: Abr 19, 7:35 am

total books read in 2024: 45
11 own / 34 library

total pages read in 2024: 12,840

currently reading:
e-book: Ideen : vierde bundel by Mutatuli, 469 pages
e-book: We moeten je iets vertellen by Marlies Slegers, 268 pages, TIOLI #1
Zij die dromen doden slapen nooit by Jan Guillou, 367 pages

books read in April 2024: 5 books, 2,127 pages, 0 own / 5 library)
book 41: De zwaluw, de kat, de roos en de dood (The Strangler's Honeymoon) by Håkan Nesser, 564 pages, TIOLI #9 (msg 68)
book 42: Het glazen huis (House of Glass) by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, 461 pages, TIOLI #9 (msg 69)
book 43: Gesprekken met opa by Raoul de Jong, 88 pages, TIOLI #13 (msg 106)
book 44: Revolte is leven : biografie van Theun de Vries by Jos Perry, 416 pages, TIOLI #2 (msg 107)
book 45: De allergrootste by Davide Morosinotto, 598 pages, TIOLI #2 (msg 108)

Editado: Abr 16, 4:30 am

April 2024 reading plans
I think I'll skip TIOLI this month. Might change my mind ;-) Changed my mind.

TIOLI April 2024
#1: Read a book by an author whose first name and last name ends in the same letter
- We moeten je iets vertellen - Marlies Slegers, 268 pages (GV100, e-library 26/4)
#2: Read a book for the Zodiac challenge (Aries - has a word on the first page from the ram-related list)
- De allergrootste - Davide Morosinotto, 598 pages (GV100, library)
- Revolte is leven : biografie van Theun de Vries - Jos Perry, 416 pages (e-library)
- Het zondagsbed - Theun de Vries, 153 pages (e-library 28/4)
#3: Read a book in honour of my dad
#4: Read a book with a title that makes you think of the spring season
#5: Titles that have only 1 syllable words in them, but must have more than 1 word
#6: Read a book in honor of Mom and Dad's 65th wedding anniversary in April
#7: Read a book about a war that divides a nation, name the war
#8: Read a book with the word 'family' or 'families' on the cover
#9: Read a book where there are at least two of the letter “s” in the title
- Het glazen huis (House of Glass) - Pramoedya Ananta Toer, 461 pages (library)
- De zwaluw, de kat, de roos en de dood (The Strangler's Honeymoon) - Håkan Nesser, 564 pages (e-library)
#10: Read a book whose title includes one, and only one, adjective
#11: Read a book by an author whose first name is a nickname
#12: Read a book with something suggesting music on the cover
#13: Read a book with 150 pages or less
- Asterix en het 1ste legioen (Asterix the Legionary) - Goscinny & Uderzo, 48 pages
- Gesprekken met opa - Raoul de Jong, 88 pages (e-library)
#14: April Fooler: Read a book with magical realism, fantasy, alternate history or humor as a tag
- Een tamme gazelle (Some Tame Gazelle) Barbara Pym, 273 pages (library)
#15: Read a book you've owned for more than 10 years or that's been on your TBR list for more than 10 years

and maybe
Zij die dromen doden slapen nooit - Jan Guillou, 367 pages (library 2/5)
Waar ik liever niet aan denk (What I'd Rather Not Think About) - Jente Posthuma, 239 pages (Int. Booker, e-library 3/5)
Valstrik (The Falls; John Rebus 12) - Ian Rankin, 448 pages (e-library 5/5)

Abr 1, 2:37 am

Reserved for May 2024 reading plans, if any.

Abr 1, 2:38 am

books read in January 2024
book 1: De wereldwandelaars by Wim Willems
book 2: In het vervloekte hart by Rima Orie
book 3: De mierenmaatschappij (Empire of Ants) by Susanne Foitzik
book 4: Nicolas en de verdwijning van de wereld by Anne Eekhout
book 5: Zolang de citroenbomen bloeien (As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow) by Zoulfa Katouh
book 6: Biljarten om half tien (Billiards at Half Past Nine) by Heinrich Böll
book 7: Wen er maar aan by Maike Meijer
book 8: Het verhaal van een leven (The Story of a Life) by Aharon Appelfeld
book 9: Iets ter grootte van het universum (About the Size of the Universe) by Jón Kalman Stefánsson
book 10: Echte Amerikaanse jeans by Jan Guillou
book 11: Opwaaiende zomerjurken by Oek de Jong
book 12: De kunst van het veldspel (The Art of Fielding) by Chad Harbach
book 13: Madame le Commissaire en de dode non by Pierre Martin
book 14: Lily by Tom De Cock, 396 pages
book 15: In het duister (Set in Darkness; John Rebus 11) by Ian Rankin
book 16: Zeg maar Agaath by Margôt Ros

books read in February 2024
book 17: North woods (North Woods) by Daniel Mason
book 18: Een dramatische liefde (Correspondence: Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan) by Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan
book 19: Spitsroeden (For kicks) by Dick Francis
book 20: De geschiedenis van de liefde (The History of Love) by Nicole Krauss
book 21: De verloren zoon (Brother Cadfael's Penance) by Ellis Peters
book 22: Een soort Engeland by Robert Anker, 280 pages
book 23: Carambole (Hour of the Wolf) by Håkan Nesser
book 24: Voetsporen (Footsteps) by Pramoedya Ananta Toer
book 25: De leesclub by Renate Dorrestein
book 26: Ik ben de sterkste by Christian Frascella

books read in March 2024
book 27: 1968 by Jan Guillou
book 28: Asterix en de Gothen (Asterix and the Goths) by Goscinny & Uderzo
book 29: Asterix en de gladiatoren (Asterix the Gladiator) by Goscinny & Uderzo
book 30: Asterix en de ronde van Gallia (Asterix and the Banquet) by Goscinny & Uderzo
book 31: Wildwest in Siberië by Karl May
book 32: Asterix en Cleopatra (Asterix and Cleopatra) by Goscinny & Uderzo
book 33: Asterix en de kampioen (Asterix and the Big Fight) by Goscinny & Uderzo
book 34: De dode op het strand (The Weeping Girl) by Håkan Nesser
book 35: Asterix en de Britten (Asterix in Britain) by Goscinny & Uderzo
book 36: Dodo by Mohana van den Kroonenberg
book 37: Asterix en de Noormannen (Asterix and the Normans) by Goscinny & Uderzo
book 38: De elandparadox (The Moose Paradox) by Antti Tuomainen
book 39: Pieterpad deel II: Vorden-Maastricht by Toos Goorhuis and Bertje Jens
book 40: Mus & kapitein Kwaadbaard en de 5 slangen by Kevin Hassing

Abr 1, 2:38 am

Reading plans in 2024
Reading books from the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die lists
Read some big tomes (1000+ pages)
Read books by Nobel Prize for Literature winners

I join the TIOLI (Take It Or Leave It) challenges each month.

Editado: Abr 1, 6:48 am

Trying to read an author from every country in the world

Afghanistan: Khaled Hosseini
Albania: Ismail Kadare
Algeria: Kamel Daoud
Angola: José Eduardo Agualusa
Argentina: Alberto Manguel
Armenia: Nairi Zaryan
Aruba: Denis Henriquez
Australia: John Marsden
Austria: Marlen Haushofer
Azerbaijan: Kurban Said
Belarus: Svetlana Alexievich
Belgium: Els Beerten
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Saša Stanišic
Brazil: Malba Tahan
Bulgaria: Elias Canetti
Cameroon: Ferdinand Oyono
Canada: Naomi Klein
Chile: Isabel Allende
China: Cao Xueqin
Colombia: Gabriel García Márquez
Croatia: Slobodan Šnajder
Curaçao: Frank Martinus Arion
Czechia: Pavel Kohout
Danmark: Tove Ditlevsen
Dominican Republic: Junot Díaz
Egypt: Nagieb Mahfoez
Finland: Väinö Linna
France: Annie Ernaux
Georgia: Nino Haratischwili
Germany: Uwe Johnson
Ghana: Yaa Gyasi
Greece: Yanis Varoufakis
Hungary: Miklós Bánffy
Iceland: Hallgrimur Helgason
India: Vikram Seth
Indonesia: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
Iran: Hushang Moradi Kermani
Iraq: Rodaan Al Galidi
Ireland: Paul Murray
Israel: David Grossman
Italy: Elena Ferrante
Japan: Junpei Gomikawa
Lebanon: Hoda Barakat
Lithuania: Romain Gary
Malaysia: Tan Twan Eng
Mexico: Mariano Azuela
Morocco: Fayza Oum'Hamed
Netherlands: Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer
New Zealand: Margaret Mahy
Nigeria: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Norway: Marta Breen
Palestine: Sayed Kashua
Peru: Mario Vargas Llosa
Poland: Olga Tokarczuk
Portugal: António Lobo Antunes
Romania: Herta Müller
Russia: Konstantin Paustovski
Senegal: Mohamed Mbougar Sarr
Slovakia: Sándor Márai
South Africa: Trevor Noah
South Korea: An Na
Spain: Almudena Grandes
Suriname: Anton de Kom
Sweden: Henning Mankell
Switzerland: Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz
Syria: Khālid Khalīfah
Tanzania: Abdulrazak Gurnah
Tibet: Tenzin Gyatso
Trinidad and Tobago: V.S. Naipaul
Turkey: Orhan Pamuk
Ukraine: Isaac Babel
Venezuela: Miguel Bonnefoy
United Kingdom: Robert Macfarlane
United States: John Steinbeck
Vietnam: Viet Thanh Nguyen

New map of countries:

Create Your Own Visited Countries Map

74 countries done.

Abr 1, 2:39 am


Totals since 2008:

Abr 1, 2:39 am

My reading in previous years
2008: 130 books -   35,224 pages   (96.2 ppd)
2009:   78 books -   21,470 pages   (58.8 ppd)
2010: 121 books -   38,209 pages (104.7 ppd)
2011:   84 books -   30,256 pages   (82.9 ppd)
2012:   53 books -   18,779 pages   (51.3 ppd)
2013:   13 books -     3,692 pages   (10.1 ppd)
2014:   17 books -     3,700 pages   (10.1 ppd)
2015:   29 books -   10,080 pages   (27.6 ppd)
2016: 253 books -   72,547 pages (198.2 ppd)
2017: 453 books - 110,222 pages (302.0 ppd)
2018: 534 books - 111,906 pages (306.6 ppd)
2019: 413 books - 110,873 pages (303.8 ppd)
2020: 226 books -   79,216 pages (216.4 ppd)
2021: 288 books -   94,339 pages (258.5 ppd)
2022: 323 books - 102,275 pages (280.2 ppd)
2023: 278 books -   92,617 pages (253.8 ppd)

Previous threads in 2024
book 1 - 16: thread 1
book 17 - 26: thread 2
book 27 -40: thread 3

Monthly statistics
January: 16 books / 5,378 pages
February: 10 books / 3,060 pages
March: 14 books / 2,275 pages

Editado: Abr 6, 5:44 pm

Series I read, a list to keep track

Alan Banks by Peter Robinson (re-read 4/20)
1 Stille blik; 2 Nachtlicht; 3 Tegenstroom; 4 Zondeval; 5 Schijnbeeld; 6 Woensdagkind; 7 Zwanenzang; 8 Innocent Graves (not translated); 9 Dead Right (not translated); 10 Verdronken verleden; 11 Kil als het graf; 12 Nasleep; 13 Onvoltooide zomer; 14 Vuurspel; 15 Drijfzand; 16 Hartzeer; 17 Duivelsgebroed; 18 Overmacht; 19 Uitschot; 20 Dwaalspoor; 21 Dankbare dood; 22 Slachthuisblues

Ari Thór Arason (Dark Iceland) by Ragnar Jónasson 4/4
1 Sneeuwblind; 2 Inktzwart; 3 Poolnacht; 4 Ademloos

Bernie Gunther by Philip Kerr 8/14
1 Een Berlijnse kwestie; 2 Het handwerk van de beul; 3 Een Duits requiem; 4 De een van de ander; 5 Een stille vlam; 6 Als de doden niet herrijzen; 7 Grijs verleden; 8 Praag fataal; 9 De man zonder adem; 10 De vrouw van Zagreb; 11 De schaduw van de stilte; 12 Pruisisch blauw; 13 Vergeven en vergeten; 14 Metropolis

Broeder Cadfael by Ellis Peters 20/20
1 Het heilige vuur; 2 Het laatste lijk; 3 Het gemene gewas; 4 De kwade knecht; 5 De eenzame bruid; 6 De kille maagd; 7 Het vege lijf; 8 De duivelse droom; 9 De gouden speld; 10 Een wisse dood; 11 Een hard gelag; 12 De ware aard; 13 Een witte roos; 14 Het stille woud; 15 De laatste eer; 16 Het rechte pad; 17 Een zijden haar; 18 Een lieve lust; 19 De heilige dief; 20 De verloren zoon

De Cock by A.C. Baantjer 59/70

Cormoran Strike by Robert Galbraith 6/6
1 Koekoeksjong; 2 Zijderups; 3 Het slechte pad; 4 Witte dood; 5 Kwaad bloed; 6 Inktzwart hart; 7 Stromend graf

George Smiley by John Le Carré 6/9
1 Telefoon voor de dode; 2 Voetsporen in de sneeuw; 3 Spion aan de muur; 4 Spion verspeeld; 5 Edelman, bedelman, schutter, spion; 6 Spion van nobel bloed; 7 Smiley's prooi; 8 De laatste spion; 9 Een erfenis van spionnen

De grote eeuw by Jan Guillou 7/10
1 Bruggenbouwers; 2 Dandy uit het noorden; 3 Tussen rood en zwart; 4 De kop in het zand; 5 Blauwe Ster; 6 Echte Amerikaanse jeans; 7 1968; 8 Zij die dromen doden slapen nooit; 9 De tweede hoofdzonde; 10 Het einde van het verhaal

Guido Brunetti by Donna Leon 30/31
1 Dood van een maestro; 2 Dood in den vreemde; 3 De dood draagt rode schoenen; 4 Salto mortale; 5 Acqua alta; 6 Een stille dood; 7 Nobiltà; 8 Fatalità; 9 Vriendendienst; 10 Onrustig tij; 11 Bedrieglijke zaken; 12 De stille elite; 13 Verborgen bewijs; 14 Vertrouwelijke zaken; 15 Duister glas; 16 Kinderspel; 17 Droommeisje; 18 Gezichtsverlies; 19 Een kwestie van vertrouwen; 20 Dodelijke conclusies; 21 Beestachtige zaken; 22 Het onbekende kind; 23 Tussen de regels; 24 Ik aanbid je; 25 Eeuwige jeugd; 26 Wat niet verdwijnt; 27 Vergiffenis; 28 De troonopvolger; 29 Duister water; 30 Vluchtig verlangen; 31 Liefdadigheid; 32 So Shall You Reap (not translated)

Gunnar Barbarotti by Håkan Nesser 0/7
1 De man zonder hond; 2 Een heel ander verhaal; 3 Het tweede leven van meneer Roos; 4 De eenzamen; 5 De slager van Klein Birma; 6 Herfst op Gotland; 7 Wie schrijft, verdwijnt

Isabelle Bonnet by Pierre Martin 5/6
1 Madame le Commissaire en de verdwenen Engelsman; 2 Madame le Commissaire en de uitgestelde wraak; 3 Madame le Commissaire en de dood van de politiechef; 4 Madame le Commissaire en het mysterieuze schilderij; 5 Madame le Commissaire en de dode non; 6 Madame le Commissaire en de dode minnaar; 7 Madame le Commissaire und die Frau ohne Gedächtnis (not translated); 8 Madame le Commissaire und die panische Diva (not translated); 9 Madame le Commissaire und die Villa der Frauen (not translated); 10 Madame le Commissaire und die Mauer des Schweigens (not translated)

John Rebus by Ian Rankin 11/20
1 Kat & muis; 2 Blindeman; 3 Hand & Tand; 4 Ontmaskering; 5 Zwartboek; 6 Vuurwerk; 7 Laat maar bloeden; 8 Gerechtigheid; 9 Door het lint; 10 Dode zielen; 11 In het duister; 12 Valstrik; 13 Lazarus; 14 Een kwestie van bloed; 15 De rechtelozen; 16 Gedenk de doden; 17 Laatste ronde; 18 Cold case; 19 Saints of the Shadow Bible (not translated); 20 Even Dogs in the Wild (not translated); 21 Rather Be the Devil (not translated); 22 Een web van leugens; 23 Een lied voor duistere tijden

Konráð by Arnaldur Indridason 4/5
1 Smeltend ijs; 2 Boven water; 3 Smeulend vuur; 4 Vallende stenen; 5 Razende storm

Konrad Sejer by Karin Fossum 6/14
1 Eva's oog; 2 Kijk niet achterom; 3 Wie de wolf vreest; 4 De duivel draagt het licht; 5 De Indiase bruid; 6 Zwarte seconden; 7 De moord op Harriet Krohn; 8 Een andere voorkeur; 9 Kwade wil; 10 De waarschuwer; 11 Veenbrand; 12 De fluisteraar; 13 De verduistering; 14 Zwanenzang

Martin Servaz by Bernard Minier 5/7
1 Een kille rilling; 2 Huivering; 3 Verduistering; 4 Schemering; 5 Weerzin; 6 Afdaling; 7 Afrekening

Oliver von Bodenstein & Pia Kirchhoff by Nele Neuhaus 10/10
1 Een onbeminde vrouw; 2 Moordvrienden; 3 Diepe wonden; 4 Sneeuwwitje moet sterven; 5 Wie wind zaait; 6 Boze wolf; 7 De levenden en de doden; 8 Het woud; 9 Moederdag; 10 Eeuwige vriendschap

De Rougons-Macquarts (The Rougon-Macquarts) by Émile Zola 4/20
1 Het fortuin der Rougons; 2 De buit; 3 De buik van Parijs; 4 De verovering van Plassans; 5 De misstap van pastoor Mouret; 6 Zijne excellentie Eugène Rougon; 7 De nekslag; 8 Liefde; 9 Nana; 10 In troebel water; 11 In het paradijs voor de vrouw; 12 Levensvreugde; 13 De mijn; 14 Het werk; 15 Het land; 16 De droom; 17 Het beest in de mens; 18 Het geld; 19 De ondergang; 20 Dokter Pascal

Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle 4/8
1 Een studie in rood; 2 De vallei der verschrikking; 3 De hond van de Baskervilles; 4 Het teken van de vier; 5 Het laatste probleem; 6 Het avontuur van de duivelsklauw; 7 Zijn laatste buiging; 8 De onbekende avonturen van Sherlock Holmes

De tandeloze tijd by A.F.Th. van der Heijden 1/11
0 De slag om de Blauwbrug; 1 Vallende ouders; 2 De gevarendriehoek; 2.1 Weerborstels; 3.1 Het hof van barmhartigheid; 3.2 Onder het plaveisel het moeras; 3.4 Doodverf; 4 Advocaat van de hanen; 5 De helleveeg; 6 Kwaadschiks; 8 Stemvorken

Van Veeteren by Håkan Nesser 9/11
1 Het grofmazige net; 2 Het vierde offer; 3 De terugkeer; 4 De vrouw met de moedervlek; 5 De commissaris en het zwijgen; 6 De zaak van Münster; 7 Carambole; 8 De dode op het strand; 9 De zwaluw, de kat, de roos en de dood; 10 Van Veeteren en de zaak-G; 11 De vereniging van linkshandigen

Abr 1, 2:40 am

Books acquired in 2024: 13

February (6)
De zwarte heer Bazetub - Albert Vigoleis Thelen (e-book)
Notities van een theoreticus - Shi Tiesheng
Alkibiades - Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer
Persoonsgegevens - Elfriede Jelinek
Pieterpad : Deel 1: Pieterburen-Vorden - Kees Volkers*
Pieterpad : Deel 2: Vorden-Maastricht - Kees Volkers*

* A new edition was published while we were walking

March (7)
Pierre Bourdieu : weerspannigheid als erfenis - Édouard Louis
Om een zin - Carel ter Linden
Eigen meester, niemands knecht - Cees Fasseur
Vanzelfsprekend maar niet normaal - Winfred and Annelies Haasse
Gezinsverpakking- De Chabotten (Bookweek gift)
Ooievaarsblues - Bart Chabot (Bookweek poetry)
Vissenschild - Liesbeth Lagemaat

Abr 1, 2:46 am

Our last days on the Pieterpad

We stayed in a lovely cottage at the Cauberg in Valkenburg (photo #7),

The first day, March 23rd, we walked 8 km (85 meters up and 103 meters down) from Sittard to Schinnen. A lot of rain, so we were happy with our rain suits.
One hill looked way to muddy and steep, we took an alternative way around the hill over a paved road.
Because of the rain I took only one photo (#8), when we were waiting for Guido to pick us up.

The second day, March 24th, we walked 8.2 km (97 meters up and 55 meters down) from Schinnen to Aabeek. Still raining, a lot of mud, no pictures, as my camera doesn't like rain. We walked uphill at a path full of pebbles, half of the path had been washed away by the rain of the last days, a real challenge!

On the third day, March 25th, the weather cleared. We walked 8.7 km (114 meters up and 105 meters down) from Aalbeek to Terblijt. Some paths were still very muddy, like at photo #1.
We walked along the watertower of Schimmert (#9, build in 1927), and saw the top of the churchtower behind a hill (#4). In Groot Haasdal (Big Haredale) a dead tree was turned into a giant hare (#5). And we walked along this old farm/manor (#6).
We paused near small stream (#3). After crossing the river Geul (#2 and #10), we had a long road uphill to get to our destination.

Still dry on the fourth day, March 26th. We walked 7.8 km mainly downhill (9 meters up and 82 meters down) from Terblijt to Maastricht. Again a church behind a hill (#5), walking over a sandroad through the fields (#6). And still going through a lot of mud (#7). The cherry trees blossom early (#1), and we see some entrances to old limestone mines (#8).
The first sign of the city Maastricht, the church towers of the Sint Petrus' Banden-church (#2). We follow the road straight to Maastricht train station, where we take the train back to Valkenburg.

Weather is still good when we go for the last part, 5.8 km (111 meters up and 79 meters down), from Maastricht station to the Sint-Pietersberg.
A short walk through the center of Maastricht, where we saw this plaque with an elephant from 1652 (#4), and a statue of a character from a book with his dog (#3).
Going up towards the finish we pass a sheepflock with shepherd and his Border Collies (#9).

Almost there (#10), the finish is at the end of a walkaround, so after the finish you have to walk back to the parking place (#5).
Anita and Frank at the end of the Pieterpad (#1, #3, #4, #6, and #9).
Some impression of the way back: and old farm (#8), a small pig in a cherry orchard (#2), and view at the city (#7).

That evening we went out for diner in Valkenburg to celebrate!

Editado: Abr 1, 3:38 am

As we finished in 5 days, we could spend our last day in Valkenburg. This old city is popular among tourists for over a century.

First we visited the remains of Valkenburg Castle, with two lions at the entrance (#1, #6, #9), and Saint George and the Dragon at the top (#2).
The castle was many times destroyed and build again.
Limestone is soft, through the years many visitors left their mark, I took a photo of this one, a large 1984 (#3), as we got married in that year.

In the city was an exhibition of 'Alltagsmenschen' (Everydaypeople), all over the city concrete, lifelike statues of common people, created by the German artists Christel en Laura Lechner.
It was fun to spot a next one, some at unexpected places, like #1 at a rooftop.

And finally some impressions of old city of Valkenburg, where old town-ports are preserved.

As we stayed at the Cauberg, we walked down to Valkenburg, and had to go up again to get back. This hill is famous in the Amstel Gold race, a yearly bicycle event. It wasn't easy to walk up, and admire the bicyclists going up!

Abr 1, 2:51 am


Abr 1, 3:14 am

Happy new thread Anita!

I'll have to spend some time tomorrow looking at all the pictures!

Abr 1, 3:39 am

>16 quondame: Thank you, Susan!
You are always welcome to come back for the pictures ;-)

Abr 1, 4:13 am

Happy New Thread, Anita and many thanks for the wonderful pictures!
Congratulations you on making it and all the best to you and your thyroid troubles.
"Alltagsmenschen" we also found in March in Wenningstedt - we liked them very much.

Abr 1, 6:00 am

Happy new thread, Anita. Many thanks for the great photos. It looks great.

Abr 1, 6:56 am

>18 SirThomas: Thank you, Thomas, it is always nice to share some pictures here.
We were proud to make it to the end of the Pieterpad. I hope for some more progress with the thyroid meds next month, after my appointment with the endocrinologist.
So nice you also saw some "Alltagsmenschen"! This exposition in Valkenburg lasts until June.

>19 Ameise1: Thank you, Barbara!
We had a good time in the south of Limburg, the only part of our country with some hills. So different from our very flat land here.

Abr 1, 7:21 am

>14 FAMeulstee: Happy new thread! What wonderful pictures. Looks like you had a lot to see and take in on your walks.

Abr 1, 7:22 am

Happy New Thread, Anita. Love all the pics. I hope you had a good weekend.

Abr 1, 8:53 am

Happy new thread, Anita. I love the photos! The statues of the *Everyday People* reminds me in some way of the statues in Oslo's Froggner Park, different but reminiscent. Is that a permanent exhibition in that city where you were? What a wonderful and joyful exhibit!

Abr 1, 10:31 am

Happy new thread, and congratulations on completing the Pieterpad!

Abr 1, 11:12 am

Happy new thread, Anita.

Abr 1, 12:20 pm

Happy New Thread!!
What wonderful adventures!! And lovely pictures!!

Abr 1, 12:23 pm

Wonderful pictures, thank you for sharing them! Happy new thread Anita!

Abr 1, 1:13 pm

Happy new thread, Anita! Thanks for sharing so many wonderful pictures from your trip. You weren't kidding about the mud, it looks quite wet.

Abr 1, 1:26 pm

More good wishes from me Anita.
The sculptures reminded me of this one I saw a few years ago by the artist Sean Henry.

Abr 1, 2:31 pm

>28 atozgrl: I also meant to add that I'm impressed with your reading so far this year, even though you say it is slow for you. You finished in January the same number of books it has taken me 3 months to read. And that's including three children's books that I read in one night.

Abr 1, 2:50 pm

>17 FAMeulstee: I like your little numbered charts! The tree -> rabbit caught my eye and it was fun to have a caption.

Abr 1, 2:54 pm

Happy new thread, Anita!

Abr 1, 3:03 pm

>21 figsfromthistle: Thank you, Anita, it was a nice week away.
There was a lot to see, the landscape is so different from where we live.
The muscles in my legs are happy to be back in the flat land :-)

>22 msf59: Thank you, Mark.
All the laundry was done this weekend, all muddy pants are clean again. And I spend a lot of time processing the pictures :-)

Abr 1, 3:07 pm

>23 jessibud2: Thank you, Shelley!
The 'Everyday People' are in Valkenburg from March until June, and will go on to an other place. It was fun to discover them all through the city. A very nice way to bring art close.

>24 foggidawn: Thank you, Foggi, it felt good to finish the Pieterpad. It took us from the north to the south of our country. And going by foot is a whole different way of exploring.

Abr 1, 3:20 pm

>25 PaulCranswick: Thank you, Paul, always good to see you here.
I am slowly catching up with the threads, will come by at yours soon.

>26 hredwards: Thank you, Harold!
We had a good time at the last part of the Pieterpad, glad you liked the pictures.

Abr 1, 3:28 pm

>27 mdoris: You are very welcome, Mary, and thanks!
The daily distance was a bit less than previous times, still better than I expected.

>28 atozgrl: Thank you, Irene!
Glad to share the pictures here, and indeed we went through a lot of mud this time.

Abr 1, 3:37 pm

>29 charl08: Thank you, Charlotte.
Thanks for the link, the same way of portraying ordinary people. Sean Henry gets even closer to lifelike.

>30 atozgrl: Thanks, Irene. The last years I got used to reading way more.
My average went down from over 250 pages a day to less than 75 last month. The number of books is kept high by reading the Asterix comics again ;-)

Abr 1, 3:40 pm

Happy new thread, Anita! Hopefully I will keep better track of you than I did on the last thread.

Abr 1, 3:40 pm

>31 quondame: Thanks for coming back, Susan.
Glad you noticed the small charts with the numbers. Using this template to show the pictures, I needed a simple way to refer to them.

>32 drneutron: Thank you, Jim!

Abr 1, 3:43 pm

>38 alcottacre: Thank you, Stasia!
I try for a new thread each month, and a new chance for you to keep track ;-)

Editado: Abr 1, 3:58 pm

>1 FAMeulstee: Lovely photos of you both.

>13 FAMeulstee: Clapping. I imagine both satisfying to finish, and maybe a little melancholy too Anita. Do you have an inkling of your next challenge yet?

>14 FAMeulstee: Love the statues and photos here too.

Abr 1, 3:58 pm

New 🧵 orisons, Anita! *smooch*

Abr 1, 4:19 pm

Happy new thread Anita!

I like the way you've diagrammed your photos. Is that using an app? Like Susan, I will have to come back and have a proper look at them.

Abr 1, 5:29 pm

>41 Caroline_McElwee: Thank you, Caroline. My photo was taken just before we went out to diner.
You are right, I felt both at the finish.
We will start the Drenthepad in November. This trail is 340 km through the province Drenthe, in the North-East of our country. We had some other options, and let Guido choose between them. He liked our stay in Drenthe best, so there we will go. We booked a cottage at the same park where we stayed in September 2020.

Abr 1, 5:37 pm

>42 richardderus: Thank you, Richard dear!
*smooch* right back at you :-)

>43 humouress: Thank you, Nina!
First I edit the photos, and make them all the same size, with my good old photo editor Ulead Photo Express. Got it for free with my first scanner, back in 1999, and it still works fine.
After that I use to create the collages.
Depending on the number of photos there are different templates you can use.

Abr 1, 6:10 pm

Happy new thread, and congratulations on completing your walk! Thanks for sharing the photos with us. I enjoyed looking at them!

Abr 1, 6:32 pm

Happy new thread, Anita!

Abr 1, 6:40 pm

>46 cbl_tn: Thank you, Carrie!
It was nice to cross our country by foot, and we were very happy to make it to the end.
Glad you liked my photos.

>47 The_Hibernator: Thank you, Rachel!

Abr 1, 7:19 pm

Happy new thread Anita. Enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Abr 2, 1:17 am

Happy New Thread, Anita. Lovely pictures of your walking holiday. I'm glad you and Frank are enjoying retirement so much as well!

Abr 2, 4:28 am

>49 Kristelh: Thank you, Kristel. Always nice to take you all to where we have been by pictures.

>50 vancouverdeb: Thank you, Deborah.
Frank is almost retired, the official date of the end of his contract is May 16th. Because of all vacation days and extra hours he could quit working immediately. Of course this feels like he is retired :-)
There will probably be a farewell gathering in April or May, to say goodbye to his collegues and clients.

Abr 2, 12:23 pm

Happy new thread!

Abr 2, 3:07 pm

Happy new thread, Anita! Love all the photos!

Abr 2, 7:56 pm

Happy new thread, Anita. Nice to see all those pictures.
I’ve been to Valkenburg, but the exhibition wasn’t there then of course. Seems like fun.

Abr 3, 10:51 am

>52 Storeetllr: Thank you, Mary!

>53 curioussquared: Thank you, Natalie.
Sorting them out was a lot of work, I took many photos this time :-)

>54 EllaTim: Thank you, Ella.
It was our first visit to Valkenburg, it is a lovely old city. We only have been in Maastricht before.

Abr 3, 1:15 pm

Got to admit Anita I am a little bit jealous of your trip. Great pictures. I particularly like the hare tree and the stone lions - especially the one on the right with his itty-bitty smile!

Abr 3, 4:58 pm

Hi Anita my dear, Happy New Thread my dear friend.

Abr 4, 1:49 am

>45 FAMeulstee: Thanks. I took a look at it, and might use it sometime. I use the free version of the pic collage app when I need to do a collage but it does leave a watermark on the image.

>51 FAMeulstee: Ah, so if you get fed up with him underfoot you still have a chance to send him back to work until then ;0)

Abr 4, 4:25 am

>56 Fourpawz2: Thank you, Charlotte. Despite the rain and mud, we had a good time.
I also liked that lion best, he has a nicer face.

>57 johnsimpson: Thank you, John.
Give my regards to Karen.

>58 humouress: You are welcome, Nina. I like this one, I don't think this one leaves a watermark, at least not visible.
Don't think I will, as I am glad to have Frank home! :-)

Abr 6, 8:35 pm

Congratulations to you both for completing your walk of the Pieterpad, Anita! Great to see the photo travelogue. Nice that Frank is retired and home now and you can take care of each other.

Abr 7, 8:19 am

>60 Familyhistorian: Thank you, Meg, we were glad we managed to finish it. Andit has been fun sharing our long walk with all of you.
Thanks, retirement for Frank came unexpected, we are doing well together at home.

Abr 8, 11:30 pm

Hurray on the finished walk!! And that Frank's retirement is going well for both of you. And happy new thread. : )

Abr 9, 7:28 am

>62 Berly: Thank you, Kim, glad we made it. Now on to our next long distance walk, we will start walking the Drenthepad in November.
We have been fulltime home together before, between 1995 and 2007. Back then our marriage survived, and so it will again ;-)

Abr 9, 7:36 am

Hi Anita, and happy new thread!

From your last thread, I love the photo of you and Frank at the end of the Pieterpad. Late congratulations.

3333 books read since 2008. Stunning.

>1 FAMeulstee: Wow, your hair is long! And not blue! I’ve been away too long… you both look great.

>3 FAMeulstee: I love it that you thought about skipping TIOLI then didn’t.

>13 FAMeulstee: and >14 FAMeulstee: Thanks for sharing narrative and photos.

Good luck with Frank back home again full time. I’m so glad he gets to retire now.

Abr 9, 8:43 am

>63 FAMeulstee: Your survival comment made me laugh, thanks for that.
I came across a specific term that comes (according to the author) from the experience of walking on the flat in the Netherlands in A Flat Place, made me think of you and Frank.

Abr 9, 5:24 pm

>64 karenmarie: Thank you, Karen, we were happy to reach the end of the Pieterpad.
We had a good week, as the photos show.

I knew you would love 3333 too :-)

Yes, I skipped my hairdresser in March, didn't feel well enough to go. But I did go today, and my hair is about 1.5 inches shorter now.
Blue hair was almost 5 years ago, when we were married for 35 years. Later this year we will get to 40, and I'll want some color in my hair again. Not sure about what color I want yet.

We are both happy Frank was able to retire. I do manage when he is away for short times, like doing the groceries. We haven't tried longer stretches yet.

Abr 9, 5:28 pm

>65 charl08: You are very welcome, Charlotte. We all need a laugh.
Indeed, walking on flat land is a different experience. With clear weather you can see miles around, gives a very different feel of the landscape.

Abr 10, 5:42 am

book 41: De zwaluw, de kat, de roos en de dood by Håkan Nesser
library, e-book, translated from Swdish, English translation The Strangler's Honeymoon, 564 pages
TIOLI Challenge #9: Read a book where there are at least two of the letter “s” in the title

Van Veeteren book 9
We start inside the killers thoughts. His first murder was long ago, now a next is about to happen.
The Maardam police team has no clue, when a female body is found. Turns out her daughter is also missing. They fear the worst. More murders in the past may be connected.

Dutch title translated: The swallow, the cat, the rose, and the death

Abr 10, 5:54 am

book 42: Het glazen huis by Pramoedya Ananta Toer
library, translated from Indonesian, English translation House of Glass, 461 pages
TIOLI Challenge #9: Read a book where there are at least two of the letter “s” in the title

Buru Quartet book 4
I expected the story of Minke continued. We followed him in the first three books of the quartet.
Instead Jacques Pangemanann takes over, a policeman who advises the Dutch government about nationalistic movements and individuals. On his advice Minke was banned. He does admire Minke's courage, but faithfully fulfills his duties.

So at first I was a bit disappointed, but soon I got drawn into the story, and liked it as much as the previous books.

Dutch title translated: The glass house

Abr 11, 5:08 am

The initial positive effects of upping my Thyrax in February/March are fading. Sliding slowly back into more anxiety with a touch of sadness, and energy levels declining. My appointment with the endocrinologist is three weeks away tomorrow, so I'll have to endure.

Frank is happy to be home, but his gout is flaring up. This often happens in spring, when his pollen allergy is at its worst. Spring came early this year, and so did the pollen.

So we both are not at our best, still managing being nice to eachother ;-)

Abr 11, 7:16 am

>70 FAMeulstee:, sorry to hear this Anita. You and Frank lay low and take care of yourselves.

Abr 12, 3:55 am

>71 Kristelh: Thank you, Kristel, we both do our best.

Abr 12, 4:01 am

I hope the three weeks will fly by for you, Anita.
Best wishes for you and Frank!

Abr 12, 7:02 pm

>70 FAMeulstee: Sorry to hear it, Anita! {{hugs}}
And for Frank as well. I didn’t know pollen allergy and gout have a relationship.
Best wishes.

Abr 12, 8:06 pm

>70 FAMeulstee: My sad sympathy for you both. I hope you're going to find the time has zipped by not dragged like chains on a English castle floor.

Abr 12, 9:30 pm

The walk(s) and the pics are very interesting. I hope you and hubby maintain and improve health-wise. I have been having pain in my big toe (I'm 70) and the Dr. said it's probably gout, although the test shows nothing.

Abr 12, 10:57 pm

>70 FAMeulstee: So we both are not at our best, still managing being nice to eachother ;-)

Anita, that is the epitome of a successful marriage/relationship. Comfortable coexistence.

Abr 13, 3:41 am

>73 SirThomas: Thank you, Thomas, from both of us.
At least my reading is better than the last two months. So I can get lost in a book for some of the time again.

>74 EllaTim: Thank you, Ella!
Probably no direct relation, but having trouble with his pollen allergy lessens his tolerace for the gout pain.

Abr 13, 3:58 am

>75 richardderus: Thank you, Richard dear.
The image of chains dragged on a castle floor made me smile :-)
My reading is picking up a bit, that helps to make time fly.

>76 Tess_W: Thank you, Tess, we hopeso too.
With my husband it started the same back in 2012, in his big toes. Now it is mainly troubling his hands.

Abr 13, 4:02 am

>77 PaulCranswick: Indeed, Paul, but it took a long time to get there ;-)
Like my father, I have no talent to be nice when I don't feel well. So I had to work hard to get there.
Frank is way more stable, even if he doesn't feel good.

Abr 13, 4:03 am

Sending good wishes Anita. Being nice when you are ill should be an Olympic sport.

Abr 13, 4:05 am

Finished two more books in the last days:
#43: Gesprekken met opa by Raoul de Jong
#44: Revolte is leven : biografie van Theun de Vries by Jos Perry

Abr 13, 4:11 am

>81 charl08: Thank you, Charlotte.
Frank might qualify for that, I would not. Although I do way better now ;-)

Abr 13, 9:30 am

>70 FAMeulstee: I'm hoping things improve for both of you.

>78 FAMeulstee: I'm glad your reading is picking up. I can empathise; when I'm under the weather, I'm more grumpy and irritable.

Abr 13, 2:01 pm

>70 FAMeulstee: I'm sorry to hear that things are worse for you now. I hope that the time will fly by and your appointment will be here before you know it. I also hope the pollen is letting up and Frank feels better. Glad that you can still be nice to each other. I know it's not easy--as others have said, I also get grumpy and irritable when I don't feel well.

Best wishes to you both!

Abr 14, 6:14 am

>84 humouress: Thank you, Nina. I hope things will improve for me after my visit to the endocrinoligst.
Frank has to wait until the worst of pollen season is over.
Reading goes up and down now, instead of only down, so that is improvement ;-)
It seems most of us are that way, when under the weater. I am lucky Frank is way more balanced, even when he is not feeling well.

>85 atozgrl: Thank you, Irene.
I did expect it would get a bit worse again. Now I have to wait with increasing my thyroid meds, until my appointment at the hospital. Time goes faster with getting older ;-)
Spring started early this year, and so did pollen season.
As I said above, it seems most of us are grumpy and irritable in those times. I am lucky Frank is not!

Abr 14, 6:38 am

>78 FAMeulstee: Oh yes, I can get that. The bucket is full.

Abr 14, 8:29 pm

I hope that the time before your appointment goes quickly for you and that Frank gets relief from gout and allergies soon, Anita!

Abr 16, 3:14 am

>87 EllaTim: Indeed, Ella.

>88 bell7: Thank you, Mary. My reading has picked up, so that helps for me. We had a lot of rain in the last days, that helps to reduce the pollen in the air.

Abr 16, 3:18 am

Read, not yet reviewed:
#43: Gesprekken met opa by Raoul de Jong
#44: Revolte is leven : biografie van Theun de Vries by Jos Perry
#45: De allergrootste by Davide Morosinotto

Reading now:
We moeten je iets vertellen by Marlies Slegers
Zij die dromen doden slapen nooit by Jan Guillou

Abr 17, 6:44 am

Yesterday Frank went to his workplace for the last time, a farewell gathering. First an hour with his collegues, folllowed by an hour with the clients. With drinks, cake and pizza's, a short speech by his manager, and some gifts.

He got an apron with handprints of some of the clients, a giant card with loveley messages of clients and collegues, and a book gift card. We shared the remains of the cake with our neighbours, it was way to much for the two of us.

Abr 17, 7:19 am

Congratulations to Frank!

And that's a decent haul. Are you going to snaffle the book gift card? ;0)

Abr 17, 7:23 am

13 What beutiful images. Thanks for sharing them.

Congratulations to Frank on his well-deserved retirement. Now, will you have more time for walking together?

All good wishes to both of you!

Abr 17, 9:48 am

>91 FAMeulstee: - How lovely! Congrats again to Frank! (and you! ;-)

Abr 17, 10:54 am

>70 FAMeulstee: Oh no! Sorry to hear that you both are not feeling well. Glad you are able to help each other without the crustiness.

>91 FAMeulstee: What a wonderful retirement send off. Hope the cake was good :)

Abr 17, 5:54 pm

>91 FAMeulstee: That sounds like a wonderful celebration. I'm glad Frank's workplace did that for him.

Abr 18, 4:19 am

>92 humouress: Thank you, Nina!
I forgot the sunglasses Frank got. The book gift card is going to be used by us both, as each of us has an eye on a book we want.

>93 Whisper1: Thank you, Linda.
We walk together each day, but since my thyroid meds were lowered to much, I can't keep up with Frank. So we do a 3km walk together, and then he goes on alone to do one more. I hope I can build up my mileage again, when my meds get back at the right dosage.

Abr 18, 4:35 am

>94 jessibud2: Thank you, Shelley.
Although Frank is glad to retire early, it was a rather emotional gathering to him. He has worked there for over 16 years, and deeply cared about the clients.

>95 figsfromthistle: Thank you, Anita.
Sorry for only lurking at your thread. Reading threads isn't like usual at the moment. I hope to get back to my usual routine later this year.
It was a good closure, now all he needs to do is to give back his work phone. But that will be at the headquarter, so no emotional connections there. The gathering was a good closere. The cake was very good, a cream cake with a picture of Frank on it, like this one:

Abr 18, 4:40 am

>96 atozgrl: Thank you, Irene.
Frank was glad to see everyone one more time, and say goodbye.

I thought my reading went better. And it did for two days, as I was really into a story and wanted to finish De allergrootste (nearly 600 pages). And then I read next to nothing for the next two days, as my brain seems occupied processsing what I have read...

Abr 18, 7:52 am

Sweet Thursday, Anita. Glad to hear the retirement party went so well. Nice cake. Glad you are both enjoying your time together.

Abr 18, 9:09 am

>99 FAMeulstee: That sounds a lot better than the previous problems with just getting something read! Brain-processing of a 600pp book is often the best use of your story muscles.

>91 FAMeulstee: Lovely that they showed Frank how much he was appreciated and how much they will miss him. I hope it left Frank feeling valued. So, what have you decided to buy with the gift card?


Editado: Abr 18, 3:35 pm

>100 msf59: Thank you, Mark, it was the last time Frank went to where he worked, and a good closure of his working life.
Retired life is good!

>101 richardderus: Normally my brain works way faster, Richard dear, and I want my story muscles back to normal ;-)
Yes, he was much appriciated, especially by the clients.
Not decided yet, I might want my own copy of Schuilplaats voor andere tijden (Time Shelter) by Georgi Gospodinov and Frank might want the latest by Tommy Wieringa Nirwana.

Abr 18, 7:58 pm

Congratulations on Frank's retirement, Anita and Frank!I know you must both be delighted. The cake looks to be lovely! We have another retirement celebration tomorrow evening with dinner out with our sons and our grandchildren, my mom, and sister and a niece of mine, as well as Dave's sister and her husband. I am looking forward to it. We had another dinner get together with family right after his retirement, so this is like a bonus . We both are also doing really well with the retirement thing.

Abr 19, 1:23 am

Congratulations on Frank's retirement.
I hope you enjoy this time and wish you all the best for this new chapter in your lives!

Abr 19, 4:10 am

>103 vancouverdeb: Thank you, Deborah, it is good all at Frank's work is done now. Next month is his official final work day, we might celebrate it together. June 1st is his first official retirement day. So we have some memorable days to go ;-)
Enjoy the retirement celebration diner with your family!
So glad you both are doing well after Dave's retirement.

>104 SirThomas: Thank you, Thomas, this was the last visit to his workplace.
Frank resigned per May 16th, so he is still employed until then. From May 17th to May 31st he is unemployed, and June 1st his early retirement officially starts.
A lot of significant dates, although his last actual working night was in February!

Abr 19, 6:24 am

book 43: Gesprekken met opa by Raoul de Jong
library, e-book, Dutch, no translations, 88 pages
TIOLI Challenge #13: Read a book with 150 pages or less

After exploring his ancestors from Suriname in Jaguarman, Raoul de Jong now writes about his visits to his 90 year old Dutch grandfather. Their experiences in life are miles apart, but they do find common ground. It turned out to be his grandfathers last year.

Title translated: Talks with grandfather

Abr 19, 7:05 am

book 44: Revolte is leven : biografie van Theun de Vries by Jos Perry
library, e-book,non-fiction, Dutch, no translations, 416 pages
TIOLI Challenge #2: Read a book for the Zodiac challenge (Aries - has a word on the first page from the ram-related list)

Biography of Theun de Vries (1907-2005) writer and communist since the 1930s.
He went in hiding in WWII, was arrested by the Germans and was kept in Kamp Amersfort for 10 months. He was freed by the communist resistance. He was a loyal member of the Dutch Communist Party until 1971.
He mainly wrote historical novels, I have read a fair number of them, and will continue to try to read all his works.

Title translated: Revolt is life : biography of Theun de Vries.

Abr 19, 7:33 am

book 45: De allergrootste by Davide Morosinotto
library, YA, translated from Italian, no English translation, 598 pages
TIOLI Challenge #2: Read a book for the Zodiac challenge (Aries - has a word on the first page from the ram-related list)

The story of Yu, a Chinese girl, who lived at the end of the 18th, early 19th century. She became the commander of the largest Chinese pirate fleet ever.
The story is based on the life of Shi Yang ( )

A well written adventurous story that I enjoyed very much. Davide Morosinotto is a new author to me, I found this book on last years list of best Dutch children's and YA books. More books are available in Dutch translation, I look forward to read them!

Title translated: The utmost greatest

Abr 19, 11:19 am

>106 FAMeulstee: That sounds like a very good read indeed. Too bad it's not translated...I need to get back to studying Dutch.

Happy weekend-ahead's reads.

Abr 19, 11:59 am

>98 FAMeulstee: Congrats to Frank on his retirement! And yummy looking cake!

Abr 19, 4:12 pm

>109 richardderus: I was very pleased with my latest reads, Richard dear. I have a few more on the go without English translations avaiable. Don't know how I managed to read so many in a row.
Happy weekend!

>110 Storeetllr: Thank you, Mary.
Frank took the leftover cake home, and as it was to much for just the two of us, we enjoyed it with our neighbors.

Ontem, 5:59 am

And the next hunt is done, the 2024 TinyCat Birthday Hunt.
I had fun finding them all, only needed three hints ;-)

Ontem, 12:48 pm

>112 FAMeulstee: Good job on the hunt! I am flummoxed on #7.

Ontem, 2:23 pm

>113 banjo123: If you haven't found #7, Rhonda, the hints in msg 27 & 28 in the talk thread were helpful to me.

If that fails this is a direct link to the answer Melvil Decimal System; Technology > Agriculture & related technologies > Animal husbandry > Cats