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Owltherian (owl)'s thread #2

Mar 31, 10:19 am

Hello everyone! I'm Owl, I have been enjoying books for a while now, probably since I was 4-5 years old! My great-grandpa and Grandpa were both in the Air Force, now retired. I hope I become great friends with everyone here!

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Currently reading:

Lake of Secrets by Lael Littke
Description: Strange, fragmented memories have been haunting Carlene since she and her mother came to Lake Isadora. The vivid recollections don't seem to relate to anything in Carlene's own past. Until now, she hadn't even seen the place where Keith, the brother she never knew, disappeared during a storm fifteen years ago. Some think he drowned, but his mother thinks he was kidnapped and is still alive somewhere. She is sure the little boy's clothes that have just been found near the lake belonged to her son.

Carlene knows that her bizarre memories have something to do with Keith. They might even help her discover the truth about what happened the day he disappeared. But she can't possibly be remembering things that happened before she was born unless the memories are from a past life.

The Ghosts we keep

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March Books:

Mar 31, 10:22 am

My thread is now open!

Mar 31, 10:50 am

Congratulations on your new thread, Lily. Glad to be first to visit your new place!

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>6 PaulCranswick: Thanks Paul! Your crown:

Mar 31, 12:14 pm

Hey Owl! Happy New Thread!

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Happy New Thread, Owl!

Mar 31, 2:17 pm

>8 elorin: Thanks!

>9 SirThomas: Thank you Thomas!

Mar 31, 4:51 pm

Happy new one, Owl!

Mar 31, 4:56 pm

>11 drneutron: Thanks Jim!

Mar 31, 6:16 pm

Happy new thread, love Paul's crown.

Mar 31, 6:43 pm

Happy New Thread!

Mar 31, 9:54 pm

Happy New Thread, Lily! I like owls.

Mar 31, 10:51 pm

Happy New Thread, Lily !

Mar 31, 11:02 pm

happy new thread!

Abr 1, 12:53 am

Happy new thread, Lily!

Abr 1, 7:37 am

Happy newthread, Lily!

Love the owl at the top. Such majestic birds, even when bothered by a flying insect ;-)

Abr 1, 7:40 am

Happy New Thread, Lily. Love the owl topper. Good luck at school this week.

Abr 1, 9:11 am

Thank you, everyone, for the 'happy new threads', I never thought I would actually have enough messages to make one.

Abr 1, 9:19 am

Still reading Scythe but honestly, i keep being forced to read it, which is not fun due to the fact I already read and I do it when i want, and now i don't want to read it whenever I'm forced.

Abr 1, 1:57 pm

My day yesterday was okay, ended on my mom yelling at me, but today is going way better, although i have a lot of reading to catch up on in Scythe but that's okay!

Abr 1, 2:07 pm

Books i want to read:
Cujo by Stephen King
The Mist by Stephen King (i have watched the movie already)

Abr 1, 4:37 pm

>22 Owltherian: Most people feel that way. I hated both Ethan Frome and Anna Karenina because I was pressured (or forced) to read them and was told that "these are books mature people read, and if you don't like them, you're not mature." And that's supposed to encourage me to like them? I think not.

Abr 1, 5:08 pm

>25 The_Hibernator: Yeah, i had the whole weekend to read the 10+ chapters of it & i didn't finish it bc i was SUPER busy + i was told to read it in the span of like 20 minutes & i didn't want to read it anymore.

Abr 1, 6:56 pm

Podcasts im listening to currently:
Cabinet of Curiosities by Aaron Mahnke (Episode 2)
Lore by Aaron Mahnke (Episode
The NoSleep Podcast (Episode 5, season 1)
The White Vault (Episode 1 of Season 2)
The Sleepy Bookshelf
48 Hours
I Survived
Scary Story Podcast (Story: The Creature from the hills)
Chuckle Sandwich
Freaky Folklore
Everything Is Creepy
Morning Cup of Murder
Baking A Murder
Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories
Unsolved Mysteries
Medical Mysteries
Ear Biscuits
The Struggles of an LGBTQ teen
MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories
Murder, Mystery & Makeup
The Cryptid Sisters
Dateline NBC
Murder In America
Behind You
True Crime with Cam
Rotten Mango Video
Serial Killers
Stories with Saphire
Crime Junkie
Solved Murders: True Crime Mysteries
Anatomy of Murder
Female Criminals
Scary Horror Stories by Dr. NoSleep
Just Creepy: Scary Stories
Haunted Places: Ghost Stories
Something Scary
Deathbed Confessions
Internet Urban Legends
Unexplained Encounters
The Lets Read Podcasts
Lights Out
The Midnight Library
Forensic Files II
Cookies & Crime with Karen Thi
Lets Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast
MrBallens Medical Mysteries
Are You Scared
Haunted American History
History is Gay
Unwell, a Midwestern Gothic Mystery
Pod Watcher

Abr 1, 7:06 pm

Hi, Owl! Happy new 🧵!

Wow, you’re listening to a lot of podcasts! I’ve only followed two (Serial and one on ancient British history, I don’t remember the name), and I haven’t listened to them in awhile. What are your favorites? I don’t have the patience to listen to a lot, but I’d like to give one or 2 a listen.

Abr 1, 7:09 pm

Honestly my favories have to be: History is Gay & The NoSleep Podcast

Abr 2, 6:48 am

Lore has way too many episodes- and I'm relistening to it due to listening to it with my father, but out of like 200+ episodes I'm only on episode 14 or 15 i think-

Also Lord Byron's name is VERY close to my brothers name

Abr 2, 11:52 am

Currently doing: Watching anime on my school computer

Abr 2, 11:56 am

>4 Owltherian: I found a copy of the graphic novel for Long Way Down and really enjoyed it.

Abr 2, 11:57 am

>32 ocgreg34: I have only read the book, although i would love to see the graphic novel for it.

Abr 2, 11:59 am

Happy new thread, Lily!

Not a big podcast fan myself, but I love audiobooks! I am glad to see that you have so many podcasts in which you are interested.

Abr 2, 11:59 am

>29 Owltherian: Thanks! I’ll give them a listen!

Abr 2, 12:02 pm

>35 Storeetllr: You're welcome! The NoSleep Podcast is packed with spooky tales, while the History Is Gay podcast explores the possibility that some people in the past may not have been straight. For example: Pirates. It's a fun listen!

I would listen to audiobooks if i didn't have to pay for them on my spotify.

Editado: Abr 2, 12:10 pm

My Spotify playlists: (My spotify acc is: LilyWonka)
Fav songs I actually like
Fav song
My feelings most of the time
Marina and Panic! at the Disco
LGBTQ+ songs
Therian stuff
Gamer Episodes
Songs from books!
Random show songs
Meme Songs ig
Choir songs
My mix on YouTube

Abr 2, 12:13 pm

>36 Owltherian: All I do is listen to audiobooks. (My old tired eyes don’t do well reading books; I struggle with screens too.)

Libby is the library app I use to get most of my audio reads. If you have a library card, you can get audios free. I highly recommend it! I’d be broke if I had to pay for my audio reads.

Abr 2, 12:14 pm

>38 Storeetllr: My book club uses that, but i don't have any library cards sadly.

Abr 2, 2:01 pm

A belated Happy New One!!! And I'm not really into podcasts but love some of the titles of your list...may have to look into some of those. ; )

Abr 2, 2:03 pm

>40 Berly: Thanks! I hope you enjoy them, if you decide to start listening to them of course.

Abr 3, 7:21 am

*sigh* I'm stuck in a loop with Scythe and the whole damn series, I have to have TWO of the parts now done by next Thursday!

Abr 3, 9:32 am

Currently doing: Crying during Algebra class

Abr 3, 11:38 am

*sigh* my teacher is making me stressed....and i already cried today

Abr 3, 11:41 am

Maybe i can listen to The Alchemist.....maybe

Abr 3, 11:58 am


Abr 3, 11:59 am

Well never freaking mind! It wont even let me get a card!

Abr 3, 12:20 pm

Message me and I’ll try to help with the card problem.

Abr 3, 1:14 pm

Sadly im not close to finishing any books, but I'm sure going to read a very small book like The Black Cat once i get home

Abr 3, 8:33 pm

*sigh* I have a quiz on The Alchemist soon....I'm going to fail due to not even starting it....its just so boring....

Abr 3, 8:36 pm

I know what books im going to read: The Black Cat, Horseradish, and maybe a few other books by the lovely Lemony Snicket

Editado: Abr 3, 8:43 pm

Book #15 now: The Hound Dog Whitman Tiny-Tot Tales by Nancy Hoag

Lovely little children's book, i believe my dad used to own it when he was a child, and its a great tiny read for very small children learning to read!

Editado: Abr 3, 8:46 pm

Book #16 now Lily and Ted by Lucinda Jacob

Lovely small read again, and its also translated into Irish! So even more children can read it! It also seems that it is not on LT yet.

Abr 3, 8:55 pm

Currently doing: Listening to a 'depressing suicidal playlist' on Spotify while reading The Monkey's Paw

Abr 3, 9:01 pm

>50 Owltherian: When I was in high school, a friend recommended me this book so I rushed to reserve it from the library. I was so excited when it arrived only to be let down. I don't think I made it past the first chapter. The shepherd went to sleep in a church or something and the book made me want to go to sleep so I just returned it. Glad I didn't have to read it for school!

Abr 3, 9:02 pm

>55 hannah7097: I have to, and have a quiz and have only read the first part of it, but oh boy is it one of the more boring books i have read

Abr 3, 9:09 pm

Wow! I liked the suspense in the end of The Monkey's Paw although i feel bad for the old couple. This books makes #17!

Editado: Abr 3, 9:11 pm

If you count stories from textbooks i guess the first book i read was The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell

Abr 4, 6:37 am

Went to bed at 2 something in the morning, I'm feeling very tired, and time to hear more yelling about me not having a book finished....

Editado: Abr 4, 7:06 am

The Monkey Paw is a great horror short story. I have not read The Alchemist and have no desire. I am not a fan of Paulo Coelho.

Abr 4, 7:11 am

>60 Kristelh: I am not a fan either, and i have to read that exact book by next Tuesday i think- and i haven't even touched it-

Abr 4, 7:13 am

Still reading Midnight Bayou sadly, its a great book i can just never find the time to read anymore

Abr 4, 7:15 am

This maybe isn't the thing to do, I don't know, but I've been told that when reading a book you hate, just skim. Read the first paragraph's sentence and the last sentence. I also use u-tube to find people's reviews to help me understand what is going on when I have difficulty engaging with a work. Thankfully The Alchemist is short and skimming might work.

Abr 4, 7:18 am

Yeah, we have Socratic Circles for the book as well which suck

Abr 4, 7:19 am

i also have a gatto on me and i think i started my period today- AND THAT REMINDS ME i need to go grab my pad bag!

Abr 4, 8:52 am

*sigh* i for sure did, and good lord does it hurt

Abr 4, 10:19 am

>36 Owltherian: Do you have access to a library that might have digital offerings? I am currently listening to an audiobook that I am able to access through Hoopla. Just a thought.

>66 Owltherian: I am sorry, Lily. I hope that you can take some Midol or something to help with the pain.

Abr 4, 10:21 am

>67 alcottacre: Sadly i had left my house, but i do have some pamprin somewhere, and that usually helps.

Yeah, my local library has digital offerings I'm pretty sure.

Abr 4, 10:22 am

>22 Owltherian: I have reserved Scythe in the lending library, maybe it will help you if others read it voluntarily, then the fun outweighs the duty.
Unfortunately it's not available until the end of April.

Abr 4, 10:23 am

>68 Owltherian: I am glad you have the Pamprin at least.

I have found audiobooks sometimes work for me when the print book does not. Maybe they will prove helpful to you as well.

Abr 4, 10:24 am

>69 SirThomas: Maybe it will, and im kind of glad other people are reading it now, although its sad I'm not interested in it anymore really, but then again i have club so i have to read said book again today.

Abr 4, 10:24 am

>70 alcottacre: Yeah, i feel like listening to The Alchemist is better than actually physically reading it.

Abr 4, 11:38 am

Oh help meee- i want to go home...my teacher just started singing-

Abr 4, 11:40 am

I have to think of song lyrics.....welp i might as well fail bc i cant think of anything

Abr 4, 11:42 am


Abr 4, 11:44 am

That would be a misery as I can’t sing.

Abr 4, 11:45 am

Ive been in choir, but i dont like singing or talking in front of a large group

Editado: Abr 4, 11:57 am

Listening to: CODE MISTAKE by CORPSE

Currently doing: Reading

Abr 4, 12:01 pm

This bish sitting near me just yelled at my friend for 'touching her stuff' when i was the one who moved it BECAUSE I DONT WANT HER NEAR ME

Abr 4, 12:18 pm

I’m SO glad I’m not in high school anymore! Just reading what you’re dealing with brings back the anxiety. (The book I had to read in high school thatI hated most was An American Tragedy by Dreiser. It put me off reading for years. I still can’t bear to think of it.)

Abr 4, 12:22 pm

The Alchemist is about to put me out of reading for sure- its so boring

Abr 4, 12:49 pm

i had to do an assignment with a bunch of horrible pictures! There was just a pile of human bones...

Abr 4, 1:05 pm

Do people take my kindness for granted? I don't know....maybe they do- or they scream....

Abr 4, 6:27 pm

Well i think i am sadly sick

Abr 4, 8:42 pm

It hurts to swallow a little, and i feel like I'm going to throw up, and i really don't want to.

Abr 4, 10:13 pm

Heading to bed, see you in the morning!

Abr 4, 10:17 pm

Hope you feel better!

Abr 4, 10:18 pm

I hope so as well since i have school in the morning.

Abr 5, 12:37 am

Hey, found your thread! Hope you're feeling better.

Abr 5, 6:16 am

*sigh* Ends up i feel a lot worse- and it hurts a lot to swallow

Abr 5, 8:51 am

Oh welp- Its gotten a lot lot worse- if i talk it feels like i may throw up today so no talking for me

Abr 5, 10:32 am

I either have a cold or a fever- not sure which.

Abr 5, 12:52 pm

I hope whatever you have is just a cold or similar, and you recover quickly. Meanwhile, as the ads used to say "rest in bed, get plenty of fluids, ... "

Abr 5, 1:14 pm

i will try my best to rest, although i was forced to talk which made my throat hurt worse.

Abr 5, 1:29 pm

Hah- gagged so i may actually puke- thats......great

Abr 5, 3:56 pm

Looks like im close to having a fever- 99.4 was my temperature & i hope it goes by quick

Abr 5, 4:15 pm

>96 Owltherian: Hope you get well soon!

Abr 5, 4:18 pm

Thanks! I'll try my best!

Abr 5, 7:28 pm

Wow- i slept for a while

Abr 5, 11:37 pm

>99 Owltherian: Hope the sleep helps. A fever generally means not a cold. Not just fluids, but electrolytes. This is where Emergen-C and the like come in handy. I hope you recover over the weekend. Take care.

Abr 5, 11:56 pm

>80 Storeetllr: I feel your pain.

Abr 6, 8:38 am

>100 justchris: Ive slept for quite a while, and last time i checked my temperature was 101.0, which means i definitely have a fever & i have to stay in my room all day, which i don't care as much its just i need to get food somehow.

Abr 6, 9:00 am

Horray!!!! My temperature is 98.1!!!! i sound like a robot though :/

Abr 6, 9:13 am

>103 Owltherian: Glad to hear that the temp has come down! I hope you feel much better soon, Lily.

Abr 6, 9:16 am

>104 alcottacre: I hope so, although my throat & head still hurt

Editado: Abr 6, 11:34 am

We have no jello or pudding sadly, but i am going to at least try to eat biscuits & gravy. But I'm happy to say the fever is gone! I still have to isolate myself just in case it comes back though. Im wrapped in a blanket, although I'm freezing.

Abr 6, 12:50 pm

Even more updates:

Ate without pain and am again close to having a fever sadly.

Editado: Abr 6, 3:20 pm


Temp: 100.1
Eaten: Nothing
Currently doing: taking meds
Drank: Water & only water
Pain scale out of 10: 6 and a half when i cough

Abr 6, 6:09 pm

Hi Owl, I am sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you are able to take care of yourself and your symptoms and feel better soon.

Abr 6, 6:10 pm

I hope so, im eating some chips and guac right now, and my father gave me 24 cold stuff- i think and i hope it helps (which it is) and my temperature has gone down

Abr 6, 6:47 pm

>110 Owltherian: Glad you are feeling slightly better. Hope you may a full recovery soon. Shame you are sick on a weekend and can't skip school!

Abr 6, 6:47 pm

>111 hannah7097: Heh, yeah. Skipping High school is hell though, i would have a bunch of missing stuff.

Abr 6, 6:58 pm

Get plenty of rest and liquids, and I hope you feel better soon!

>101 ReneeMarie: Right?!?

Abr 6, 7:00 pm

>113 Storeetllr: I already feel better, although i hope it is quick

Editado: Abr 6, 11:53 pm

Happy to say my temperature is normal although i still feel a bit stuffy and i think i have a sinus headache.

Abr 7, 12:07 am

Glad you are feeling much better, Lily. Have a great rest of your weekend.

Abr 7, 12:08 am

I hope so, although today is the last day i can have a 'weekend' since school is tomorow (its about 12:08 EST for me)

Abr 7, 3:54 pm

How are you feeling today?

Abr 7, 7:44 pm

A lot better, still coughing, but not as bad! I also don't have a headache, and my nose isn't that stuffy anymore

Abr 8, 5:39 am

I am happy for you and hope that you will soon be well again!

Abr 8, 6:29 am

All i have is a cough now, still got a tiny bit of a stuffy nose- but that's gone now

Editado: Abr 8, 10:07 am

*sigh* I completely forgot i started The Lightning Thief

Abr 8, 5:55 pm

> 122 Hope you are all well soon. Do you get to see the eclipse? Ours was partial with clouds, so not much really.

Abr 8, 5:57 pm

>123 Berly: I got to see the whole thing, it was my first one too! It was really cool, and I'm better, my throat just still hurts a little.

Abr 8, 6:00 pm

Yay and Yay!! : )

I saw the last eclipse because it came right over Portland and we had perfect weather. Glad you got to see this one.

Abr 8, 6:07 pm

Yeah, its sooo cool!

Abr 8, 10:01 pm

Dinner: Italian Spaghetti w/ ground beef

Abr 9, 7:00 am

*sigh* i have a test today...about the alchemist and i didn't read any of it

Abr 9, 8:35 am

Good luck with that test. I hope that somehow you absorbed something.

Abr 9, 8:37 am

i hope i do well

Abr 9, 10:14 am

Este utilizador foi removido como sendo spam.

Abr 10, 6:36 am

Im utterly exited!!! IM GETTING A CHEST BINDER TOMORROW MORNING (Its at my mums gf's and I'll get it when my mum picks me up on Thursday)

Abr 10, 7:06 am

Happy Wednesday, Lily. I hope the week is going well in school. Good luck with the chest binder.

Abr 10, 7:56 am

I hope so, although im failing (F's) all of my honors classes

Abr 11, 12:13 am

>132 Owltherian: Hope it's a good fit and comfortable to wear! I can tell you are excited. : )

Abr 11, 6:20 am

>135 Berly: i hope so as well because i have wanted one for the longest time

Abr 11, 1:24 pm

*sigh* I remembered a dog my grandma used to have....and she passed away over 3 weeks ago

Abr 11, 1:28 pm

Miss her lots although she was 15

Abr 11, 11:42 pm

How's the binder working out?

Abr 11, 11:44 pm

its too big sadly

Abr 12, 12:40 am

Dang. Can you get it altered or get your measurements and order it online somewhere?

Abr 12, 12:48 am

Hope all is well, Lily.

Abr 12, 6:36 am

Possibly, but that specific brand has a no-return policy which is quite annoying, and the sizes go off body type.

Abr 12, 9:14 am

*sigh* I failed a quiz extremely badly

Abr 13, 5:30 am

>144 Owltherian: Mathematics?

Abr 13, 11:04 am

>145 PaulCranswick: Yep, it was and i failed it extremely bad

Abr 13, 11:24 am

Wait a minute- I READ Heartstopper, Heartstopper: Volume 2, AND Heartstopper: Volume 3 THIS YEAR sooo my count would beee- 20!

Abr 13, 8:37 pm

I read them maybe in January, I completely forgot i read them! How could i have forgotten the first book my bookclub gave us!n

Abr 14, 4:00 pm

Im being forced to eat Lasagna, which i happen to not like at all

Abr 14, 4:07 pm

>149 Owltherian: Please send it to me. I love lasagna!

Abr 14, 4:15 pm

I will try!

Abr 15, 7:54 am

Ahhh, we will do the dinner thing another night! Horray! I get to skip lasagna

Abr 15, 8:53 am

Im crying rn- great

Abr 15, 11:52 am

LT sadly doesnt have Lily and Ted as well as The Hound Dog

Abr 15, 1:19 pm

Im doing a blog over Therianthropy!!

Abr 15, 1:39 pm

22 is probably going to be Wishtree or possibly Scythe if i speed read

Abr 15, 2:13 pm

21 books! I've got 18, but most of them are for second graders. 🤣😂 You're fast!

Abr 15, 2:16 pm

heh, i try

Abr 15, 9:07 pm

>155 Owltherian: That makes you the ideal candidate to add them!

Abr 16, 7:07 am

>160 elorin: Thats very true, but i dont know how to add books that aren't on here already

Abr 16, 10:16 am

There is a button "Add books" right of "Home" and "Your books".
There you can enter title and author and chose where you wnt to search.
After you pressed the search button there is a list of results on the right site.
Click on the fitting link and the book is in your library.
I hope this helps...

Abr 16, 10:29 am

Ahhhh, thank you!

Abr 17, 8:11 pm

Ooh- i may reread Dirt Creek

Abr 17, 8:12 pm

you know what- im gonna readddd- In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories

Editado: Abr 18, 4:46 pm

hah....i was just told to do the Sayori challenge....or whatever that is

Abr 18, 7:30 pm

*sigh* I'll read to get my mind off it

Abr 18, 7:34 pm

Almost done with book #23!

Abr 19, 7:11 pm

I cant figure out how to post pictures out of my gallery T^T i posted the link

Abr 19, 7:18 pm

>171 Owltherian: Nice picture. The little kittens are cute.

Abr 19, 8:32 pm

Yeah, i have pictures of the other two somewhere on my phone

Ontem, 9:06 am

Thanks for sharing the picture.

Ontem, 9:15 am

Lily, I noticed that you have some art work on display. I would really enjoy seeing some pictures of your art work, it you could upload them.

Ontem, 11:11 am

Sure i can do that!

Ontem, 11:19 am

Updates with podcasts:
The NoSleep Podcast (Episode 8, season 1)
The White Vault (Episode 7 of Season 2)

Editado: Ontem, 11:26 am

Pronouns that you can use for me:
ki/kin & more

Please don't use:

Ontem, 11:47 am

Editado: Ontem, 12:13 pm

Book #25 Blackout: Katherine Wynter by Katherine Wynter