karenmarie's 17th year in the 75ers - part III

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karenmarie's 17th year in the 75ers - part III

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Welcome to my third thread of 2024

Six ways to describe me and books: bibliolater, bibliomaniac, bibliophile, lectiophiliac, bookworm (still a bookworm, because Jenna and Bill got me this bookworm for Christmas one year), and thanks to Janet, Book Dragon!


The Good: Family, friends, kitties, books, in constantly-rotating order. Jenna being home is wonderful although I know living at home chaffs her and she’d rather NOT be living home and have a kitty or two. She’s settled into her job as a vet clinic receptionist/customer service rep and has a strong relationship with her girlfriend.

The Bad and the Sad: Trump is not going gentle into that good night. Words fail me regarding that man. We’re heading back to the 1950s and heading towards becoming a third-world country. And even though I’m a true-blue Democrat, I honestly wonder about Biden.

Covid reared its ugly head in February and my right knee replacement surgery replacement had to be postponed. I’m working hard at getting completely healthy so it can be rescheduled.

The Ugly: The Gang of Psychos is the ugliest thing going on in this country right now. Vicious, evil people in power with a pseudo-Christian agenda that does not come close to following the Christianity they profane.

Like everybody else who gets to almost 71, I think “How did I get to be old?”

I read and am a charter member of the Redbud and Beyond Book Club, started in 1997. Here’s the 2024 portion of the 2023-2024:
Jan 24 - The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters – started and abandoned
Feb 24 - Solito by Javier Zamora – ugh. Either not the right time or never the right time, haven’t decided yet
Mar 24 - The Scapegoat by Daphne DuMaurier
Apr 24 - The Last Ballad by Wiley Cash
May 24 - Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver
I happily turned over the reins of the Presidency of the Friends last summer and am Immediate Past President. I’ll stay on the Board for however long the next President serves, then completely leave the Board and just stay on the Book Sale Team. I currently volunteer for small duties to help various members of the Board. I’m a member of the Book Sale Team, which meets on Tuesdays to sort donations for spring and fall book sales, and I volunteer at the book sales in addition to acquiring many books.

I have been married to Bill for almost 33 years and am mother to Jenna, who turned 30 last August. The three of us live on 8 acres in central North Carolina USA.

We have three kitties. Inara – 16 3/4. She’s deaf as a post and needy. However, she does all the things kitties do – eat/drink/use the kitty box/groom/go outside/be affectionate. Can’t ask much more from a kitty who’s 82 in human years. Zoe – 5. She rules the roost and once she’s sleeping it takes a lot to wake her up. Wash – 4. Our derp boy. He startles easily, spooks easily, and frequently sees bugs in places where there are no bugs in this dimension.

This was posted on familysearch.org last week and I snipped and saved it. One of my maternal Great-great-grandfathers, George Chadima, is on the far left. I’ve also got Vavras and Cuhels in my family.
My goal last year was 75 books, based on what I thought would be a tough reading year because of my health. Ha. I read 393 books, mostly on my Kindle, mostly using Kindle Unlimited. They were, as my daughter calls them, smut, and my friend Karen in Montana calls them, porn. *shrugs* I still really, really enjoy reading this subgenre of contemporary fiction/romance and will continue until it no longer interests me. It’s getting more challenging to find books as I’ve refined my targeted trope(s), but I’ve become a great detective. This coming year’s goal is 150 based on still reading smut. I haven’t made the goal higher because of my knee replacement surgery, and as I recall from last year, the first month following surgery was not much reading. However, I’ve already read 95 books.

New Year’s Resolutions – 2024
Lose 10 pounds.
Work out for cardio health 3 times a week when appropriate given right knee surgery.
Get right knee replacement surgery and assiduously follow through with all PT and other requirements.
Reduce red meat consumption and increase salmon and other healthy fish consumption. We did increase our salmon consumption last year, and will make sure to continue doing so this year. Reducing red meat is difficult, frankly, but we might start eating “the other white meat”.
Continue low-sodium lifestyle and gradually work to reduce sugared items to 2-3 times a week.
Read 5% nonfiction this year.
Finish The Federalist Papers, and read all my RL book club books, even including Demon Copperhead. Sigh.

Express gratitude for what I have - family, friends, intangibles and tangibles - every day.
2024. I have high hopes for familial stability with Jenna continuing to live at home, although I think there’s writing on the wall with her girlfriend. The new normal for Covid will, I hope, be continued vigilance and an eventual regimen of yearly vaccines as we do with flu. With politics, who knows, but I hope the Democrats continue to keep the Gang of Psychos in check as much as possible and the world does not implode. I’m assiduously avoiding the news.

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read - 393 last year

1. Just a Bit Wrecked by Alessandra Hazard 12/31/23 1/1/24 205 pages Kindle Logan and Andrew Straight Guys 11 2020
2. Just a Bit Captivated by Alessandra Hazard 1/1/24 1/1/24 239 pages Kindle Aiden and Zain Straight Guys 14 2023
3. Tell No One by Barbara Elsborg 1/1/24 1/2/24 280 pages Kindle Tag and Delaney 2022
4. The Making of Jonty Bloom by Barbara Elsborg 1/2/24 1/3/24 383 pages Kindle Jonty and Devan Unfinished Business 1 2020
5. Reinventing Cato by Barbara Elsborg 1/3/24 1/4/24 327 pages Kindle Cato and Vigge Unfinished Business 3 2021
6. Waiting for Ru by Barbara Elsborg 1/4/24 1/5/24 352 pages Kindle Ru and Jasim Unfinished Business 4 2021
**abandoned Brave for You by Crystal Lacy** 166 pages
7. Fairy Tales for Angry Little Girls by Lela Lee 1/5/24 1/6/24 168 pages Hardcover
8. Falling by Barbara Elsborg 1/5/24 1/6/24 333 pages Kindle Malachi and Harper Fall and Break 1 2017
9. Breaking by Barbara Elsborg 1/6/24 1/7/24 333 pages Kindle Archer and Conrad Fall and Break 2 2017
10. He's the One by Barbara Elsborg 1/7/24 1/8/24 377 pages Kindle Col and Theo Fate We Make 1 2023
11. Hold On by Barbara Elsborg 1/8/24 1/9/24 322 pages Kindle Dominic and Ren Fate We Make 2 2023
12. This is Real by Barbara Elsborg 1/9/24 1/9/24 262 pages Kindle Murdo and Lukas 2022
13. Edge of Forever by Barbara Elsborg 1/10/24 1/11/24 348 pages Kindle Pasha and Levi 2018
14. Zeke's Wood by Barbara Elsborg 1/11/24 1/11/24 68 pages Kindle Zeke and Gideon 2017
15. With Or Without Him by Barbara Elsborg 1/11/24 1/12/24 306 pages Kindle Haris and Tyler 2017
16. Drawn In by Barbara Elsborg 1/12/24 1/13/24 335 pages Kindle Kell and Gethin 2016
17. Cowboys Down by Barbara Elsborg 1/13/24 1/14/24 287 pages Kindle Jasper and Calum 2017
18. Give Yourself Away by Barbara Elsborg 1/14/24 1/15/24 353 pages Kindle March and Caleb 2017
19. Every Move He Makes by Barbara Elsborg 1/15/24 1/16/24 277 pages Kindle Logan and Zak 2017
20. Dirty Games by Barbara Elsborg 1/16/24 1/17/24 346 pages Kindle Linton and Thorne 2017
21. Where Forever Started by Barbara Elsborg 1/17/24 1/18/24 Kindle Barney and Raf 2017
22. The Bastard and the Heir by Eden Finley and Saxon James 1/19/24 /1/19/24 337 pages Kindle Darcy and Wren 2024
**abandoned The Fake Boyfriends Debacle by Hayden Hall** 79 pages
**abandoned In The Gray by Christina Lee** 140 pages
23. A Wedding in a Week by Con Riley 1/19/24 1/20/24 292 pages Kindle Marc and Stef 2023
24. Assassins Are People Too by S. C. Wynne 1/20/24 1/21/24 133 pages Kindle Marc and Dillon Assassins in Love Series 1 2019
25. Assassins Love People Too by S. C. Wynne 1/21/24 1/21/24 131 pages Kindle Marc and Dillon Assassins in Love Series 2 2019
26. Assassins Save People Too by S. C. Wynne 1/21/24 1/21/24 122 pages Kindle Marc and Dillon Assassins in Love Series 3 2019
**abandoned Love Me Again by Max Walker** 70 pages
27. Crashing Upwards by S.C. Wynne 1/21/24 1/22/24 314 pages Kindle Harper and Sam 2018
28. His Death Bringer by Courtney W. Dixon 1/22/24 1/23/24 316 pages Kindle Luca and Dante The District 1 2023
29. Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen read by Arte Johnson 12/31/23 1/23/24 11.5 hours audiobook
30. Keeping It Casual by Jax Calder 1/23/24 1/23/24 140 pages Kindle Dustin and Jeremy 2023
31. The Anonymous Hookup 1/23/24 1/24/24 121 pages Kindle Lane and Sam 2022
**abandoned Love is Blind by S.C. Wynne** 30 pages
**abandoned Head Over Feels by Bix Barrow** 284 pages
32. The Mission by Barbara Elsborg 1/24/24 1/25/24 146 pages Kindle Conrad and Arlo 2023
33. A Spaceman Came Traveling by Barbara Elsborg 1/25/24 1/25/24 62 pages Kindle Seven and Cooper 2023
34. Trapped for the Holidays by Courtney W. Dixon 1/25/24 1/25/24 98 pages Kindle Rhett and Patrick 2023
**abandoned Return by Fire by Tracey Jerald** 34 pages
**abandoned Stix & Stones by Courtney W. Dixon** 191 pages
35. Anticipating Disaster by Silvia Violet 1/26/24 1/26/24 248 pages Kindle David and Oliver Anticipation 1 2019
36. His To Own by Leo Rivers 1/26/24 1/27/24 151 pages Kindle Rowan and Zane Heart of Thornes 1 2023
37. Mine to Claim by E.V. Olsen 1/27/24 1/27/24 Kindle Rex and Devon Wasteland Temptations 1 2023
38. Mine to Protect by E.V. Olsen 1/27/24 1/28/24 62 pages Kindle Rex and Devon Wasteland Temptations 2 2023
39. His to Break by E.V. Olsen 1/28/24 1/28/24 51 pages Kindle Mac and Cal Wasteland Temptations 3 2024
40. Nixon by Laura John 1/28/24 1/28/24 238 pages Kindle Dante and Nixon Hunter Security 1 2023
41. Kissing in the Snow by Laura John 1/29/24 1/29/24 101 pages Kindle Dane and Ryan related to Sentinel Protection Duology 1 2021
42. Damaged Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 1/29/24 1/29/24 399 pages Kindle Maximoff and Farrow Like Us 1 2017
43. The Plus-One Entanglement by Paulina Ian-Kane 1/29/24 1/30/24 127 pages Kindle Asher and Jordan Love After Forty 1 2023
**abandoned One by Paulina Ian-Kane** 197 pages
44. His Mafia Prince by Leo Rivers 1/30/24 1/31/24 133 pages Kindle Angelo and Sebastian Toscano Doms 1 2023
45. The Billionaire's Rival by Silvia Violet 1/31/24 1/31/24 276 pages Kindle Ford and Jay Bad Boy Billionaires 2 2023
46. True North by C.E. Kilgore 1/31/24 1/31/24 57 pages Kindle Chris and Joshua Hearts Compass 1 2015
47. Down South by C.E. Kilgore 1/31/24 1/31/24 61 pages Kindle Gabe and Liam Hearts Compass 3 2015
48. Back East by C.E. Kilgore 1/31/24 2/1/24 57 pages Kindle Eli and David Hearts Compass 2 2015
49. Out West by C.E. Kilgore 2/1/24 2/1/24 62 pages Kindle Alex and Mateo Hearts Compass 4 2015
50. Objectified by C.E. Kilgore 2/1/24 2/1/24 48 pages Kindle Zane and Tyler 2015
51. Shades by Jaime Reese 2/1/24 2/3/24 340 pages Kindle Killian and Nick 2018
52. Grayson Ryder: A Thief's Thrill by M.L. Giles 2/3/24 2/3/24 244 pages Kindle Grayson and Colson Grayson Ryder 1 2018
53. Just Friends by Tina Kove 2/4/24 2/4/24 159 pages Kindle Ben and Tarjei 2020
54. Love and Moonlight by Killian Ford 2/4/24 2/24 177 pages Kindle Jax and Victor 2023
55. The Escape: Soren's Saga by Nicky James 2/4/24 2/25/24 291 pages Kindle Soren and Remy Healing Hearts 3 2017
56. A Day Makes by Mary Calmes 2/5/24 2/6/24 236 pages Kindle Ceaton and Brin The Vault 1 2021
57. Not What It Seems by Nicky James 2/6/24 2/7/24 442 pages Kindle Cyrus and River 2021
58. Cravings of the Heart by Nicky James 2/7/24 2/7/24 298 pages Kindle Arden and Iggy Trials of Fear 6 2019
59. Accidentally August by E.M. Denning 2/7/24 2/7/24 191 pages Kindle August and Crispin Walking Disaster 1 2023
60. As Much As I Try by Erica Montrose 2/8/24 2/9/24 208 pages Kindle Edwin and Liam 2022
61. Oliver by E.M. Denning 2/9/24 2/10/24 195 pages Kindle Oliver and Jordan Walking Disaster 2 2023
62. Last First Kiss by E.M. Denning 2/10/24 2/10/24 201 pages pages Kindle Logan and Ezra 2021
**abandoned Murder Husbands by E.M. Denning** 96 pages
**abandoned Dario: Wicked Legacies by Victoria Sue** 146 pages
63. Mafia Target by Mila Finelli 2/12/24 2/13/24 301 pages Kindle Giulio and Alessio Kings of Italy 4 2023
64. Afogato by E.M. Lindsey 2/13/24 2/13/24 262 pages Kindle Caleb and Bodhi Brew Biz 1 2023
65. Most Of You by E.M. Lindsey 2/13/24 2/16/24 280 pages Kindle Emil and Renzo The Beginning of Always 2 2023
**The Kidnapping of Roan Sinclair by Ashlyn Drewek** 131 pages
66. The Dotted Line by Claire Cullen 2/16/24/ 2/16/24 121 pages Kindle Benn and Leo Tangled Gentry 1 2017
67. Branded by Roelle Denning 2/16/24 2/16/24 277 pages Kindle Declan and Remi Allies 1 2023
68. Stepbrother Dearest by Willow Dixon 2/17/24 2/17/24 314 pages Kindle Caleb and Gray Crimson Club 1 2023
69. Fakers With Benefits by Willow Dixon 2/17/24 2/18/24 330 pages Kindle Caleb and Gray Crimson Club 2 2023
70. Surviving the Break by C.P. Harris 2/18/24 2/19/24 289 pages Kindle Max and Ash Chadwick 2 2020
**abandoned Staking His Claim by Ki Brightly and M.D. Gregory** 135 pages
**abandoned The Former Assassin's Guide to Snagging a Reluctant Boyfriend by Alice Winters** 96 pages
71. Reindeer Games by N.R. Walker 2/20/23 2/20/23 157 pages Kindle Leif and Russ Ace's Wild 6 2019
72. Nuts by S.E. Jakes and Stephanie Tyler 2/20/24 2/20/24 90 pages Kindle Preston and Jagger Ace's Wild 2 2019
73. Reunion by Neve Wilder 2/20/24 2/20/24 132 pages Kindle Cole and Dane Ace's Wild 7 2019
74. The Good Liar by C.P. Harris 2/20/24 2/21/24 346 pages Kindle Cole and Jasper Infidelity 1 2023
75. The Boss's Boy by Aja Foxx 2/22/24 2/22/24 379 pages Kindle Dmitri and Eiji Mafia Mayhem 2 2023
76. Love Language by Jax Calder 2/22/24 2/22/24 59 pages Kindle Ash and Dominic 2024
77. The Fishermen by C.P. Harris 2/23/24 2/24/22 474 pages Kindle Leland and Franklin Infidelity 2 2023
78. Want You Still by C.E. Ricci and Marley Valentine 2/24/24 2/25/24 366 pages Kindle Kindle Will and Pierce 2024
**abandoned The Way We Hate by Myka Loren** 196 pages
79. The Truth of Loving You by Heather Leighson 2/25/24 2/26/24 383 pages Kindle Cole and Shane Unframed Art MM Romance 1 2023
80. You Have Arrived At Your Destination by Amor Towles 2/27/24 2/27/24 50 pages Kindle 2019
81. Crankshaft by K.M. Neuhold 2/26/24 2/27/24 245 pages Kindle Porter and Steele Big Bull Mechanics 1 2022
**Fool's Gold by J.V. Speyer** 99 pages
82. Rhythmic Bliss by Leigh Jarrett 2/27/24 2/27/24 140 pages Kindle Lucas and Nick LJ M/M/ romance 7 2023
83. From the Ground Up by Harper Robson 2/27/24 2/27/24 263 pages Kindle Mason and Jackson Hot Dam Homes 1 2022
84. Falling for Raine by Lane Hayes 2/27/24 2/28/24 208 pages Kindle Raine and Graham 2024
**abandoned Dearly & Deviant Daniel by L.A. Kaye** 159 pages
85. Lovers Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 2/28/24 2/29/24 467 pages Kindle Maximoff and Farrow Like Us 2 2017
**abandoned Dearly Deviant Daniel by L.A. Kaye** 159 pages
86. Alphas Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 2/29/24 3/1/24 488 pages Kindle Maximoff and Farrow Like Us 3 2018
87. Tangled Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/1/24 3/1/24 483 pages Kindle Jane and Thatcher Like Us 4 2019
88. Sinful Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/1/24 3/2/24 501 pages Kindle Jane and Thatcher Like Us 5 2019
89. Headstrong Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/2/24 3/3/24 468 pages Kindle Maximoff and Farrow Like Us 6 2019
90. Charming Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/3/24 3/4/24 499 pages Kindle Oscar and Jack Like Us 7 2020
91. Wild Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/5/24 3/5/24 498 pages Kindle Akara, Banks, and Sulli Like Us 8 2020
92. Fearless Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/5/24 3/6/24 587 pages Kindle Akara, Banks, and Sulli Like Us 9 2021
93. Infamous Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/6/24 3/7/24 587 pages Kindle Akara, Banks, and Sulli Like Us 10 2021
94. Misfits Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/7/24 3/8/24 464 pages Kindle Luna and Donnelly Like Us 11 2022
95. Unlucky Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/8/24 3/9/24 588 pages Kindle Luna and Donnelly Like Us 12 2023
96. Nobody Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/9/24 3/10/24 812 pages Kindle Luna and Donnelly Like Us 13 2024
97. Damaged Like Us 3/11/24 3/11/24 399 pages Kindle **reread** Maximoff and Farrow Like Us 1 2017
98. A Bit of Rough by Laura Baumbach 3/13/24 3/13/24 217 pages Kindle Rough Series Book 1 2007
99. Lovers Like Us 3/11/24 3/14/24 466 pages Kindle **reread** Maximoff and Farrow Like Us 2 2017
100. Fire and Sand by Louise Collins 3/14/24 3/14/24 108 pages Kindle Jake & Maddox Adrenaline Jake 3 2018
101. Guns and Shadows by Louise Collins 3/14/24 3/14/24 130 pages Kindle Jake & Maddox Adrenaline Jake 4 2018
102. Diamond in the Rough by Louise Collins 3/14/24 3/14/24 207 pages Kindle Jake & Maddox Adrenaline Jake 5 2019
103. #20DaystoLA by Tanya Chris 3/14/24 3/15/24 252 pages Braxton and Craig 2020
**abandoned Kept in the Dark by Charlie Cochet** 137 pages
104. Stealing the Silver Fox by Daniel May 3/15/24 3/16/24 170 pages Kindle Ezra and Tony Obsessed With Him 3 2023
105. No Angel by Daniel May 3/16/24 3/16/24 194 pages Kindle Enzo and Hill Obsessed With Him 4 2024
106. Christmas With The Billionaire by Amber Ridge 3/16/24 3/16/24 58 pages Kindle Wyatt and Drake Boy Next Door 5 2015
**abandoned My Chaos, His Calm by Romeo Alexander** 65 pages
107. My Brother's Best Friend by Aiden Bates and Ali Lyda 3/16/24 3/17/24 258 pages Kindle Jamie and Nico Caldwell Brothers 1 2020
**abandoned Touch and Go by Aiden Bates** 177 pages
**abandoned Alphas Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 73 pages
108. The Flirty Vet by Casey Cox 3/17/24 3/18/24 401 pages Kindle Col and Wilby Vet Shop Boys Down Under 1 2024
109. Runaway by Casey Cox 3/18/24 3/19/24 260 pages Kindle Conrad and Jedfire Escape 2 2021
110. Conversation Hearts by Avon Gale 3/19/24 3/19/24 28 page short story Kindle Sinjin and Levi 2019
111. Learning to Feel by N.R. Walker 3/19/24 3/19/24 252 pages Kindle Nathan and Trent 2015
112. Old Acquaintance by Avon Gale 3/19/24 3/19/24 31 pages Kindle Andrew and Elias 2019
113. The Revenge Agenda by Saxon James 3/19/24 3/20/24 276 pages Kindle Rush and Hunter Accidental Love 3 2024
114. Alaskan Thunder by Nando Gray 3/20/24 3/21/24 104 pages Calvin and Zayne 2024
115. Without You by Marley Valentine 3/21/24 3/21/24 290 pages Kindle Deacon and Julian 2020
116. In the Eye of the Beholder by Dianna Roman 3/21/24 3/22/24 387 pages Kindle Daniel and Eric 2023
117. The Gentleman by Dianna Roman 3/22/24 3/23/24 257 pages Kindle Cameron and Pete 2024
118. You Again by Dianna Roman 3/23/24 3/24/25 262 pages Kindle Johnny and Aiden Men of Olympus 1 2022
119. A Minute More by Cora Rose 3/25/24 3/25/24 210 pages Kindle Wesley and Simon Timeless 1 2023
**abandoned Say I Do by Brea Alepoú and Skyler Snow** 170 pages
**abandoned Blu, My Protector by RS McKenzie** 156 pages
120. The Geographer's Library by Jon Fasman 1/26/24 3/27/24 15.5 hours audio book 2005
121. Hot Mess by Misha Horne 3/26/24 3/27/24 309 pages Kindle London and Erik 2020
122. Little Demon in the Details by Nordika Night 3/27/24 3/29/24 376 pages Kindle Blake and Mercer 2023
123. The Caretaker by C.P. Harris 3/29/24 3/29/24 265 pages Kindle Noon and Solace Infidelity 3 2024
124. Bad Boy by Emma Alcott 3/29/24 3/30/24 398 pages Kindle Colton and Russ Masters of Romance 1 2021
**abandoned Sweet Thing by Emma Alcott** 121 pages
**abandoned Picture Love by A.F. Zoelle** 149 pages
125. Wedding Bells by Peter Styles and J.P. Oliver 3/31/24 4/2/24 Kindle Sebastian and Matt Finding Shore 3 2018
126. Endless Stretch of Blue by Riley Hart 4/2/24 4/3/24 253 pages Kindle Enzo and Damon 2019
**abandoned Boss of Attraction by Kimberly Knight and Rachel Lyn Adams ** 51 pages
**Losing Control by Riley Hart Ben and Dante Broken Pieces 3 2015**48 pages
127. Monopolize Me by Evie Noir 4/4/24 4/5/24 468 pages Kindle Dakota and Lirio The New York Series 1 2020
128. Monopolize You by Evie Noir 4/5/24 4/6/24 479 pages Kindle Dakota and Lirio The New York Series 2 2021
129. The Secret Lives of CEOs by Joey Mayble 4/6/24 4/6/24 197 pages Kindle Max and Cameron Gay Awakenings 2
130. Monopolize Us by Evie Noir 4/7/24 4/9/24 499 pages Kindle Dakota and Lirio The New York Series 3 2022
131. Unforgettable by Marley Valentine 4/8/24 Kindle Oz and Reeve Vino and Veritas 18 2021
132. Secret Desires by Amber Ridge 4/10/24 4/10/24 34 pages Kindle Nicholas and Daniel Boy Next Door 4 2014
**abandoned White Noise by Lark Taylor ** 168 pages
133. To Have and to Hold: Taken by Abigail Kade 4/10/24 4/11/24 170 pages Kindle Worthy and Crow Criminal Delights 12 2019
134. Brazen Affairs by Ashley James 4/11/24 4/12/24 295 pages Kindle Vaughn and Camden Hidden Affairs 1 2023
135. Eden by Avon Gale and Emily Rossman 4/12/24 4/12/24 224 pages Kindle Rayne and Brandon 2022
136. RPF - When Fiction Gets A Little Too Real by M. Grano and C. Azzo 4/12/24 4/16/24 458 pages Kindle Sam and Levi 2024
**abandoned Drawn In By You by R.M. Neill** 106 pages way too precocious daughter, too angsty Travis, too much
137. Storm Clouds and Devastation by Ashley James 4/16/24 4/17/24 286 pages Kindle Bodhi and Jules Hidden Affairs 2 2023
**abandoned Embracing His Shame by Brigham Vaughn** 212 pages Kink okay, but Forrest's fear of relationships irrational and Jarod starts being interested.
138. Say My Name by Ashley James 4/18/24 4/19/24 308 pages Kindle Travis and Mateo 2023
139. Insatiable Hunger by Ashley James 4/17/24 4/18/24 340 pages Kindle Elias and Zeke Hidden Affairs 3 2023
140. Aftercare by Tanya Chris 4/18/24 4/19/24 211 pages Kindle Garrett and Aayan Ever After 1 2017
141. Aftershock by Tanya Chris 4/19/24 4/20/24 218 pages Kindle Garrett and Aayan Ever After 2 2017
142. Aftermath by Tanya Chris 4/19/24 4/20/24 236 pages Kindle Casey and Brooks Ever After 3 2019
143. Red Flags and Tuesdays by Nordika Night 4/20/24 4/21/24 251 pages Kindle Reid and Atticus Weekday Weirdos 1 2024
144. Professor Platonic by Lucy Lennox 4/21/24 4/21/24 42 pages Kindle Jack and River 2023
**abandoned Hired Hadley by Nora Phoenix** 211 pages To use a phrase seen most recently on Richard's thread: Couldn't be arsed.
**abandoned various and sundry** 50 pages
**abandoned An Immense World by Ed Yong** 144 pages I do not have the mental bandwidth for this and it's been 6 months

Currently Reading:
The House of Being by Natasha Trethewey 4/12/24 hardcover 77 pages 2024
The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin by Gordon S. Wood 4/1/24 audio book 10 1/2 hours
North Woods by Daniel Mason 1/6/24 Hardcover 372 pages 2023
Out of the Office Romance by Twoony 4/22/24 Kindle Kade and Nolen AND Louis and Mason 2023
The Federalist edited by Jacob E. Cooke 5/28/22 656 pages hardcover 1961

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adds - 337 last year

1. Thrift Shop - How to Give Up Plastic by Will McCallum
2. Thrift Shop - Worth Dying For by Lee Child - hardcover upgrade for mass market paperback
3. Thrift Shop - Hieroglyphics by Jill McCorcle
4. Thrift Shop - The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell by Robert Dugoni
5. Thrift Shop - Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty
6. my catalog - readded so net 0 with cull, below: Foreigner by C.J. Cherryh
7. brought back into my catalog - The Complete Vampire Chronicles: The Tale of the Body Thief, the Queen of the Damned, the Vampire Lestat, Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice
8. Kindle - Where Forever Started by Barbara Elsborg
9. Amazon - Breath, Eyes, Memory by Edwidge Danticat because I had to have a book by someone with that name
10. Kindle - Assassins Are People Too by S.C. Wynne
11. Kindle - Assassins Love People Too by S.C. Wynne
12. Kindle - Assassins Save People Too by S.C. Wynne
13. Amazon - The Complete Tutankhamun by Nicholas Reeves
14. Kindle - Trapped for the Holidays by Courtney W. Dixon
15. McIntyre's - Sacred Altars by Anne Strand
16. McIntyre's - On Digital Advocacy by Katie Boue
17. McIntyre's - A Line in the Sand by Kevin Powers
18. McIntyre's - Son of the Old West by Nathan Ward
19. McIntyre's - Boundaries and Protection by Pixie Lighthorse
20. McIntyre's - The Plague by Albert Camus
21. McIntyre's - Transient and Strange by Nell Greenfieldboyce
22. McIntyre's - Building a Better Boomer by Neil Offen
23. McIntyre's - Please Unsubscribe, Thanks! by Julio Vincent Bambuto
24. McIntyre's - The Apple in the Dark by Clarice Lispector
25. McIntyre's - Nuts & Bolts by Roma Agrawal
26. McIntyre's - Longstreet by Elizabeth Varon
27. Kindle - Crashing Upwards by S.C. Wynne
28. Kindle - If I Met You First by A.B. Julian
29. Amazon - The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of the Whole World by Matt Kracht
30. Amazon - The Mysterious Bookshop Presents the Best Mystery Stories of the Year 2023 edited by Amor Towles
31. Amazon - Random in Death by J.D. Robb
32. Amazon - The Secret by Lee Child and Andrew Child
33. Kindle - A Case of Conscience by James Blish
34. Kindle - A Lesson in Thorns by Sierra Simone - rec by elorin/Robyn
35. Louise - Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs by Lang Elliott with Donald and Louise Stokes - audio book
36. FoCCL - The New York Times Complete Civil War edited by Harold Holzer & Craig L. Symonds
37. FoCCL - The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee
38. U of Chicago Press - Giza and the Pyramids: The Definitive History by Mrk Lehner and Zahi Hawass
39. Amazon - Monsters: A Fan's Dilemma by Claire Dederer
40. Kindle - Losing Control by Riley Hart
41. Kindle - Monopolize Me by Evie Noir The New York Series Book 2
42. FoCCL - S24 The Essential Kabbalah by Daniel C. Matt
43. FoCCL - S24 Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography by John Dominic Crossan
44. FoCCL - S24 Just Because They've Left Doesn't Mean They're Gone by Stephen A. Bly
45. Kindle - Monopolize Us by Evie Noir The New York Series book 3
46. Kindle - Monopolize You by Evie Noir The New York Series 2
47. FoCCL - Tenth of December by George Saunders
48. FoCCL - The Holy Bible Containing the Old Testament in The Confraternity - Douay Texts and the Entire New Testament in the Confraternity Translation 1959
49. Amazon - The House of Being by Natasha Trethewey
50. FoCCL - Roman Britain by H.H. Scullard
51. FoCCL - What's a Christian to do with Harry Pottery by Connie Neal
52. FoCCL - Androgynous Judaism by Jacob Neusner
52. FoCCL - Citizens of London by Lynne Olson
53. FoCCL - The United States, a Modern History, 2 volumes. U.S. History To 1865 and U.S. History Since 1865 by Michael Kraus and Foster Rhea Dulles
54. FoCCL - Unlucky for Some by Jill McGown
55. FoCCL - Acid Row by Minette Walters
56. FoCCL - Sanctuary by William Faulkner
57. FoCCL - Light in August by William Faulkner
58 - 100. FoCCL - Great Books of the Western 43 of 54 books, 1952 edition
101. Kindle - The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and Other Poems by T.S. Eliot

Editado: Abr 20, 2:17 pm

culls - 64 last year

1. Grant by Ron Chernow - CDs
2. How to Read and Understand Shakespeare by Professor Marc C. Conner - DVDs
3. The History of the Supreme Court by Professor Peter Irons - DVDs
4. Shakespeare's Tragedies by Professor Clare R. Kinney - DVDs
5. Terror of History by Professor Teofilo F. Ruiz - audio CDs
6. Great Artists of the Italian Renaissance by Professor William Kloss - DVDs
7. The History of Ancient Egypt by Professor Bob Brier DVDs
8. Dreams of My Father by Barack Obama - CDs
9. Fairy Tales for Angry Little Girls by Lela Lee
10. The God Dog Connection by Marti Healy dogs - ugh
11. Nothin' But Good Times Ahead by Molly Ivins - duplicate
12. The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters

***mass market paperbacks - small print, tanned, not interested in any more, etc.***
13. The Age of Innocence by Wharton, Edith
14. False Impression by Archer, Jeffrey
15. Deep Storm by Child, Lincoln
16. Cat O'Nine Tales: And Other Stories by Archer, Jeffrey
17. Atonement by Mcewan, Ian
18. Faithless by Slaughter, Karin
19. Fatal Burn by Jackson, Lisa
20. At The Stroke Of Madness by Kava, Alex
21. Eden Burning by Lowell, Elizabeth
22. Don't Scream by Staub, Wendy Corsi
23. The Rebel Angels by Davies, Robertson
24. Sphere by Crichton, Michael
25. The Making of the President 1960 by White, Theodore H.
26. Beauty and the Beast by Howell, Hannah
27. The Program by White, Stephen
28. Travels by Crichton, Michael
29. Foreigner by Cherryh, C. J.
30. World of Wonders by Davies, Robertson
31. I Know This Much Is True by Lamb, Wally
32. The Four Feathers by Mason, A.E.W.
33. The Next Accident by Gardner, Lisa
34. The Third Victim by Gardner, Lisa
35. The Survivors Club by Gardner, Lisa
36. The Key to Rebecca by Follett, Ken
37. Perdido Street Station by Mieville, China
38. The Broom of the System by Wallace, David Foster
39. Death's Door by Sawyer, Meryl
40. Why Aren't They Screaming? by Smith, Joan
41. Malice Domestic by Hardwick, Mollie
42. The Sculptress by Walters, Minette
43. Cold Allies by Anthony, Patricia
44. The Divide by Evans, Nicholas
45. A Knife to Remember by Churchill, Jill
46. Sullivan's Evidence by Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor
47. The Times We Had : Life with William Randolph Hearst by Davies, Marion
48. Beneath the Skin by French, Nicci
49. The Winter of Our Discontent by Steinbeck, John
50. Travels with Charley by Steinbeck, John
51. Blind Justice by Alexander, Bruce
52. The Daily Jane Austen: A Year of Quotes by Austen, Jane
53. A Regency Christmas 6 by Balogh, Mary
54. Someone Perfect by Balogh, Mary
55. The End of the Road by Barth, John
56. A Seer Out of Season: The Life Of Edgar Cayce by Bro, Harmon H.
57. After the Storm by Castillo, Linda
58. Among the Wicked by Castillo, Linda
59. Down a Dark Road by Castillo, Linda
60. Her Last Breath by Castillo, Linda
61. Shamed by Castillo, Linda
62. Victory by Conrad, Joseph
63. The Last Plantagenets by Costain, Thomas Bertram
64. The Manticore by Davies, Robertson
65. May We Borrow Your Husband?: And Other Comedies of the Sexual Life by Greene, Graham
66. Fever Season by Hambly, Barbara
67. Traveling with the Dead by Hambly, Barbara
68. To Die For by Howard, Linda
69. Mortal Fear by Iles, Greg
70. A Dangerous Man:: A Novel of William Wild Bill Longley by Johnstone, William W.
71. The Ritual Bath by Kellerman, Faye
72. A Grave Talent by King, Laurie R.
73. Night Work by King, Laurie R.
74. O Jerusalem by King, Laurie R.
75. The Miernik Dossier by McCarry, Charles
76. Tularosa by McGarrity, Michael
77. The President's Shadow by Meltzer, Brad
78. Ice Hunt by Rollins, James
79. Bury the Lead by Rosenfelt, David
80. First Degree by Rosenfelt, David
81. Open and Shut by Rosenfelt, David
82. Angle of Repose by Stegner, Wallace
83. Last Breath by Stewart, Mariah
84. The Hellfire Club by Straub, Peter
85. An Autobiography by Trollope, Anthony
86. He Knew He Was Right by Trollope, Anthony
87. Rachel Ray by Trollope, Anthony
88. Why Frau Frohmann Raised Her Prices and Other Stories by Trollope, Anthony
89. Kristin Lavransdatter I: The Bridal Wreath by Undset, Sigrid
90. Kristin Lavransdatter II: The Mistress of Husaby by Undset, Sigrid
91. Kristin Lavransdatter III: The Cross by Undset, Sigrid
92. The Ringer by Wallace, Edgar
93. Back Home by Mauldin, Bill

While looking for a book on shelf L46 to read for the tribute to Julia, I found Proust and Trollope and decided that I'm going to deaccession almost everything I have by each author. None of them are of the quality I want, and if I decide to read these authors, I'll acquire paper copoies or Kindle versions that are easier to read.

94. Barchester Towers & the Last Warden
95. The Last Chronicle of Barset by Anthony Trollope
96. The Vicar of Bullhampton
97. The American Senator
98. The Claverings

99. The Captive
100. Cities of the Plain
101. Within a Budding Grove
102. The Sweet Cheat Gone
103. The Past Recaptured
104. The Guermantes Way

105. The book of Unusual Knowledge by Publications International, LTD.
106. The Whistling Season by Ivan Doig
107. Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris
108. More Letters from Pemberley by Jane Dawkins
109. Five Victorian Ghost Novels edited by E.F. Bleiler
110. The Preacher by Camilla Lackberg
111. What's Bred in the Bone by Robertson Davies
112. Counterparts by Gonzalo Lira
113. Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden
114. These Three Remain by Pamela Aidan
115. The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant
116. Parting the Curtains Interviews by Dannye Romine Powell
117. Into Africa by Martin Dugard
118. Luka and the Fire of Life by Salman Rushdie
119. Back to Blood by Tom Wolfe
120. The Source by James Michener - copy bought, then decided to give to Irene. I have 2 or three others on my shelves

while looking for two by Alice Hoffman to deccession, I found these I don't want any more:

121. The Moor by Laurie R. King
122. Victorians at Home by Susan Lasdun
123. Here on Earth by Alice Hoffman
124. Thomas Jefferson: A Biography in His Own Words
125. Mr. Jefferson's Lost Cause by Roger G. Kennedy
126. The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman

and back to our regular programming, although with heightened awareness of what I want to not keep on my shelves
127. Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen - audio book
128. Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
129. Norwegian Night by Derek B. Miller
130. Fields for President by W.C. Fields
131. The Longevity Plan by Dr. John D. Day and Jane Ann Day
132. The Love-Girl and the Innocent: Victory Celebrations: Prisoners by Alexander Solzhenitsyn
133. Midnight Rising by Tony Horwitz - yellowed trade paperback - would read better condition copy
134. The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh - will never read
135. The Janissary Tree by Jason Goodwin - will never read
136. Julie & Julia by Julie Powell - will never read although I loved the movie
137. Are You Somebody by Nuala O'Faolain - will never read, don't know why i bought it
138. Blood, Tears, and Folly by Len Deighton - WWII history that I will never read
139. The Darkest Hour by Tony Scumacher - WWII fiction, not my cuppa
140. The Domino Men by Jonathan Barnes
141. Personal History by Katharine Graham
142. Everyman by Philip Roth
143. The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint by Brady Udall
144. No More Words : A Journal of My Mother, Anne Morrow Lindbergh by Reeve Lindbergh
145. A Room With A View and Howards End by E.M. Forster - mass market paperback, yellowed

2024 Inventory
146. S01 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse by JJ Smith
147. S02 The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy
148. S02 The Time of Terror by Seth Hunter
149. S02 The American Spectator's Enemies List by P.J. O'Rourke
150. S02 The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry
151. S02 Confessions of an Actor: An Autobiography by Laurence Olivier
152. S03 Musical Stages: An Autobiography by Richard Rodgers
153. S03 The Cunning Man by Robertson Davies
154. S03 Colony Girl by Thomas Rayfiel
155. S04 It's Always the Husband by Michele Campbell
156. S04 Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA by Ellen Meister
157. S04 The God of the Hive by Laurie R. King
158. S04 The Darcy Connection by Elizabeth Aston
159. S04 Mr. Darcy's Daughters by Elizabeth Aston
160. S04 The Second Mrs. Darcy by Elizabeth Aston
161. S04 The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy by Elizabeth Aston
162. S04 The True Darcy Spirit by Elizabeth Aston
163. S04 The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen by Syrie James

Not Inventory, read, culled
164. The Geographer's Library by Jon Fasman

2024 Inventory
165. S17 Nice Guys Finish Last by Leo Durocher
166. S17 The Lyre of Orpheus
167. S24 The Marx Sisters by Barry Maitland - duplicate
00 Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow - given to Stasia last year (?)
168. S26 No Angel by Penny Vincenzi

Just because
169. L80 The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller
170. L86 Killer View by Ridley Pearson

171. The Turn of the Screw by Henry James
172. The Racketeer by John Grisham
173. Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham
174. Angel Rogue by Mary Jo Putney

175. L24 Third Degree by Greg Iles
176. L33 Writing And Fighting the Civil War: Soldier Correspondence to the New York Sunday Mercury by William B. Styple

Editado: Mar 10, 9:44 am

YTD Statistics through February

84 books read
2 of them on my shelves before 1/1/23 and not rereads
17 books abandoned, 2249 pages abandoned, 1 audiobook, .45 hours abandoned

11.5 audiobook hours

Avg pages read per day, YTD = 355
Avg pages read per book, YTD = 253

Book of the Month: Lovers Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie

Books by Month
January - 46 e-books, 1 audio book, 1 Graphic Novel, and 9 books abandoned for 1711 pages
February - 37 e-books

Male 4%
Female 84%
Undeclared * 8%
Non-Binary 4%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Living 100%
Dead 0%

US Born 31%
Foreign Born 24%
Undeclared * 45%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Hardcover 1%
Trade Pback 0%
Mass Market 0%
Audiobook 1%
e-Book 98%

My Library 7%
Library 0%
Kindle Unlimited 93%
Borrowed 0%

Re-read 0%
Series 85%

Fiction 100%
NonFiction 0%

Author Birth Country
Australia 5%
Canada 13%
New Zealand 4%
Norway 1%
UK 2%
Undeclared * 45%
US 30%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Original Decade Published

2010-2019 42%
2020-2029 58%

Contemporary Fiction 99%
Crime Fiction 1%
Informational Nonfiction 0%

Acquisition/Source Date
Kindle Unlimited 77
2013 1
2014 1
2018 1
2019 3
2023 1

Average Rating
1.5 - Very Bad 0
2.0 - Bad 0
2.5 - Average 2
3.0 - Good 6
3.5 - Very Good 14
4.0 - Excellent 48
4.5 - Outstanding 14
5 - Masterpiece 0

Average Rating 3.89
Books acquired YTD 31
Books culled YTD 143

Editado: Mar 10, 9:45 am

February Lightning Round

Those in bold are NOT MM romances, few and far between as they are.

Back East by C.E. Kilgore 1/31/24 2/1/24 Kindle
Third of four in the Hearts Compass series has the world shut down after a series of devastating solar flares take out all electronics in the world. Eli is a reporter and David is a member of a gay hockey team in a bus when the solar flares occur, taking out the electronics of all the cars, buses, and tractor trailers. The bus the team is on is cut in thirds, with only a few players and Eli alive, along with a few others from other cars. The group left alive sets off to the town where Harry, one of the survivors from another car lives, 10 miles or so up the road. Eli and David rescue a baby although the mother dies. There’s sparkage between David and Eli, and they bond over the baby, who they name Stella. Eli desperately wants a family, as does David, and as the group settles into a new normal, they get their HEA. Short and sweet at 57 pages. Caveat emptor re sex.

Out West by C.E. Kilgore 2/1/24 2/1/24 Kindle
The last in the Hearts Compass series has Alex kicking out his boyfriend just before things change for the worse. The people in the apartment complex isolate and try to survive for 3 weeks until Alex is beaten up for food by some marauders. The group heads off to Piru, up the coast. Alex and Mateo walk together and talk and start bonding. Two young boys stray into the group, and after Mateo realizes Alex doesn’t speak Spanish and misunderstood what he said and when they get on the same wavelength, they get their HEA. Caveat emptor re sex. This series was well done. Apocalypse explained, reactions and motivations seemed reasonable and well-written. The four plots had enough variety to make it interesting yet were united in HEAs in the new world.

Objectified by C.E. Kilgore 2/1/24 2/1/24 Kindle
Tyler is a lighting technician for a gay movie/photo studio. Zane is a gay MLB player who Tyler’s crushed on for years. Zane comes for a photo shoot for his new line of underwear (*eye roll*), and the studio and Zane set Tyler up as a spur-of-the-moment model for the underwear to prank him on his birthday. There’s serious sparkage on the set, but Tyler is humiliated and storms off after the cake and etc. He sends in his resignation by email, and isolates in his apartment. Three weeks later Zane shows up, misundertandings are cleared up, and Zane’s crush and Tyler’s crush are mutual and long-standing. Very cute and sweet, with strong and vivid characters and a nice plot for a very short story. Caveat emptor re sex.

Shades by Jaime Reese 2/1/24 2/3/24 Kindle
Ian’s a contract killer who is intrigued by a waiter. Nick’s good at his job and is intrigued with Killian, but for the longest time they keep things just waiter-customer until one day when Ian comes in with just a bit of blood on his cuff. Nick notices and takes him into the restroom to patch him up. It’s just more than the blood on his cuff. It turns out they both have secrets and bad backstories, and then of course there are the bad guys after Nick. Sparkage, resistance, lust, love. I really liked this one although it could have been shorter by perhaps 50-75 pages, not 340. Caveat emptor re sex and violence.

Grayson Ryder: A Thief's Thrill by M.L. Giles 2/3/24 2/3/24 Kindle
First in the Grayson Ryder series has Grayson surviving an apocalypse that has him losing his sister and most of the people in the world. He and two other people spend the next year surviving, then they rescue a man being attacked by a mob. The man is part of a group of people hiding out and surviving in a hotel. The group is run by Colton, former military. Grayson’s particular talents as a sneak and a thief are put to use immediately, when Colton asks him to get some papers from a hospital, where the mob is living. It goes from there, always fascinating. Colton and Grayson hit it off, have serious sparkage. I’m reminded of Lord of the Flies in that people respond differently to disaster. Grayson and Colton get their HEA, although not without sadness and tragedy. Caveat emptor re sex.

Just Friends by Tina Kove 2/4/24 2/4/24 Kindle
Set in Norway, this has Ben in a serious depression. He’s always been depressed, used to cut himself but has stopped. He self-medicates with alcohol and it’s not good with the anti-depressants he’s taking. He lives with his Uncle and other family members. He’s been in a physical relationship with Tarjei for 4 years but has only seen it as sexual. Tarjei wants more, and this is the story of Ben’s growing up and seeing what’s right in front of his eyes. I don’t usually like stories about 20-year olds, but this one was about so much more. Caveat emptor re sex.

Love and Moonlight by Killian Ford 2/4/24 2/24 Kindle
Jax is stuck in Boston after a heavy snowstorm and spend the night on Victor’s couch after a mutual friend puts Jax in touch with Victor. Jax is outgoing, Victor is an extreme introvert with mild agoraphobia. A year later Jax and his cat Cricket are stuck in Boston again when his car breaks down, also in a heavy snowstorm. This time his car needs two weeks to fix and they lose power. They huddle in Victor’s bed to keep warm, and there’s serious sparkage. Jax, however, has been driving through Boston to get to the Pacific Northwest for a chance to find a marketing job. They part after two weeks, but both feel that it was a mistake to leave without saying what they felt. Jax is given an award and on the spur of the moment invites Victor. Victor overcomes his phobias and gets there, having rented a log cabin away from town and showing up after the ceremony. But he’s there, and they get their HEA. Fun antics with Cricket the cat, and interesting to see how an introvert and an extrovert can make it work. Caveat emptor re sex.

The Escape: Soren's Saga by Nicky James 2/4/24 2/25/24 Kindle
Remy is with his brother Alessio when his brother and other cops help a mentally ill man who lives in Soren and Ash’s building and is interested in Soren. Nothing happens, Soren thinks Remy is a cop like Alessio. Huge coincidence later when Remy forces himself to leave his apartment so he won’t get back together with his old boyfriend Cole. Soren is the bartender. He turns Remy down cold. Soren comes back another night and the bartender tells him where Soren works on the weekend. Remy goes there, and after flirting over several weeks and Remy getting treatment he’s suspicious of by the owner, he gets Soren into a private room and finds out that Soren and the other young men are basically forced to be there and service men. Remy treats Soren like a spitting kitten, caring for him gently and not getting into his space, letting Soren come to him. Remy also has his demons – he’s OCD about germs and controlling his environment. Soren’s anything but controlled and there are some humorous scenes where Soren jerks Remy’s chain. Romance, busting the owner of the club, and a HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

A Day Makes by Mary Calmes 2/5/24 2/6/24 Kindle
Ceaton was a Marine unfairly drummed out of the corps, who becomes a mob enforcer. This life works fine for him, until he’s betrayed and the boss is after him. At the same time, he meets Brin, who he’s supposed to protect for same boss. Sparkage, snarky dialog, true love on both sides. Silly but fun. Caveat emptor re sex.

Not What It Seems by Nicky James 2/6/24 2/7/24 Kindle
Cyrus and River have a 3-day hookup. Cyrus thinks it’s more, River ghosts him. Fast forward 3 months, and Cyrus, who’s a psychiatrist, has been hired to give a second opinion on a man who may be mentally ill and not accountable for the three murders he’s accused of committing. It’s River of course, and Cyrus almost has a mental breakdown when he sees who he’s evaluating. River insists he’s innocent and is being set up. Cyrus does some independent checking of 2 similar murders, committed while River’s been locked up, concludes they’re the victims of the same killer, and helps River break out. They play detective, have renewed sparkage and of course find out who the killer is and get their HEA. The killer’s a surprise, it’s deus ex machina all the way, yet I loved it. Caveat emptor re sex and a bit of kink.

Cravings of the Heart by Nicky James 2/7/24 2/7/24 Kindle
Every once in a while a book is more than sparkage and gay sex – where a problem that I’ve never even heard of is highlighted. In this case Arden is suffering from cibophobia – fear of food – because of getting botulism along with his twin sister and literally watching her die. Six years later, he’s become more and more fearful of food and will only eat apples, saltines, toast with margarine, and peanut butter. He has an incident and his brother’s friend Ignacio is called in as an EMT to take Arden to the hospital. Arden finds out Ignacio is gay. Arden’s family are rabid Catholics and Arden is allowed to live at home even though he’s out, but almost completely shunned in addition to the family thinking he’s attention seeking with anorexia. Ignacio and Arden hit it off, Ignacio sees it’s not anorexia but is puzzled. They start dating, another more serious incident lands Arden in the hospital. Ignacio is steadfast in being there for Arden, helping him admit to his fear of food, helping the family to back off and let doctors treat him, not their priest. *eye roll* I really liked this one a lot, although there were a couple of sub plots that detracted from the purity of the story. No harm no foul, though, and we get the HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

Accidentally August by E.M. Denning 2/7/24 2/7/24 Kindle
August was told by his older brother in a fit of teenage anger that he was an accident and August has taken it to heart. He’s secretly been in love with is brother’s best friend Crispin since he was 16, came on to Crispin at his brother’s wedding, and correctly got shut down by Crispin because - 16 and drunk. Six years later, things change when his brother/wife are expecting and August and Crispin are both there to help the new parents-to-be and eventually new parents. They keep their relationship secret for a while to savor it, then when they announce it everybody basically says “It’s about time you guys figured this out!” I particularly liked this one because of it takes them so long to figure it out. August is promiscuous and Crispin has been married and divorced before they realize they’re meant for each other. Caveat emptor re sex.

As Much As I Try by Erica Montrose 2/8/24 2/9/24 Kindle
Liam is stood up by his BFF at a busy café one Saturday morning and is attracted to Edwin, who he invites to join him. They immediately hit it off, but over the course of the novel each of them flees, fearing emotional commitment. Each feels insecure and unworthy of the other. Edwin’s father is over the top, which dropped the rating by half a star. Edwin and Liam get their HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

Oliver by E.M. Denning 2/9/24 2/10/24 Kindle
Oliver has come home a failure in his eyes after a failed romantic relationship. He hooks up under his middle name, Scott, with an older man under part of his first name, Dan, and they have several good nights. Dan, who is really Jordan, immediately wants to take care of Oliver and erase the sadness in his eyes. Oliver resists, not wanting to get in another relationship. Oliver is actually Jordan’s father’s best friend, which they find out when the father and his boyfriend, Jordan’s assistant, have them over to announce that they’re getting married. Convoluted much? However, I enjoyed it immensely. Jordan is a caregiver. Oliver is depressed and between his friend Benji and Jordan, finally overcomes his guilt over his failed relationship. HEA and caveat emptor re sex.

Last First Kiss by E.M. Denning 2/10/24 2/10/24 Kindle
Age-gap romance. Logan was in a relationship with a closeted movie star in LA, who blindsided Logan when he married his ‘beard’ girlfriend. Logan flees home and is taken in by Ezra, his father’s best friend and given work helping Ezra with construction projects. Sparkage, guilt, dealing with Logan’s father, who is best friends with Ezra. A bit creepy since there is a 25-year age gap between 25-year old and 50-year old Ezra, but whatever. I can’t help thinking about 10 years down the road when Ezra is feeling his age and Logan’s only 35. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Murder Husbands by E.M. Denning**
This book started out okay, with Pierce rescuing Henry when he goes after James, who’s skimming from the business. It moved into kink too quickly for me. Don’t get me wrong – I like certain kink, but not collar and leash and Master kink. *shudder* Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Dario: Wicked Legacies by Victoria Sue**
Alessandro is the Cinderella of his half-sister’s house, illegitimate, but who fulfills the Mafia condition of being part of a particular family so the Boss can marry by his 30th birthday. Too many characters described with enough shortcuts to make my head spin, too much strange behavior and too many subplots to continue with. Caveat emptor re sex if you wish to read this one.

Mafia Target by Mila Finelli 2/12/24 2/13/24 Kindle
This is an assassin-target romance, with Alessio hired to kill Giulio but strangely reluctant to do so. He’d seen him when he’d been hired to kill Giulio’s father and failed and been stunned by and attracted to him. Fast forward, Mafia power plays and violence, enemies to lovers for Giulio and Alessio. The characters are well-fleshed out, the subplots enough to make it interesting but not overwhelming like the above-abandoned book. Alessio has issues, Giulio has issues, but I appreciated their tension and romance. Caveat emptor re sex and fully-described violence.

Afogato by E.M. Lindsey 2/13/24 2/13/24 Kindle
Caleb owns a Starbucks-like coffee shop. All employees are either deaf or hearing compromised. I appreciated the info the author clearly understands and communicated. Bodhi is also autistic. Initially Caleb is not a good employer to Bodhi, but then things change for both of them and between Caleb’s understanding and caring for Bodhi and Bodhi’s attraction to Caleb we get our HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

Most Of You by E.M. Lindsey 2/13/24 2/16/24 Kindle
Emil is rich and unmoored, traumatized as a child by his mother and father and back to close his abusive mother’s house and return to the West Coast. He sees Renzo chopping wood on the property next door and is smitten, but both have baggage and after a hookup neither wants to have a relationship. Emil was a victim of Munchausen by Proxy, more properly known now as Factious disorder imposed on another. Renzo has had to cope with a younger brother with Williams Syndrome, which I was already familiar with. Lots of medical and emotional and trauma stuff, which I personally found very interesting. The feelings Emil and Renzo have for each other are strong and they eventually get their HEA. A tad schmaltzy, actually, but I was happy to read it. Caveat emptor re sex.

**The Kidnapping of Roan Sinclair by Ashlyn Drewek**
Gaack. Russian mobster, kidnapped son of a man who won’t ransom him. I can’t begin to tell you how disturbing this one was on oh so many levels. Best to avoid it.

The Dotted Line by Claire Cullen 2/16/24/ 2/16/24 Kindle
Story of Benn, who’s forced into marriage with Leo, in order to save his sister from a forced marriage. The marriage occurs, Benn is forced to live on Leo’s family’s estate, and Leo returns to his life, completely oblivious to Benn’s imprisonment. Leo has to return home to recover from an incident that left his leg temporarily paralyzed Once he finds out that Benn’s been kept a prisoner, he and his father do everything to help Benn. Eventual sparkage and romance. PG rated.

Branded by Roelle Denning 2/16/24 2/16/24 Kindle
Declan’s out of the Army, out of the private security firm he worked for, and has returned to his hometown. Victor, the man who stole his birthright, has requested a meeting, and Declan learns that Victor has a son, who he wants Declan to marry. Declan flat out refuses until he is offered the family estate that was stolen from him. Remi is half in love with Declan just from what he’s read. Declan’s out front with the fact that he will protect Remi but is aromantic and will never feel love for him. Remi accepts the terms. Estate returned, life together is good, in and out of bed. Declan is fiercely protective. Declan and his friend Magnus are offered jobs with the local crime boss – somehow this works – which adds a level of protection and ‘family’ for both Declan and Remi. A reprobate family member of Remi’s is left out of Victor’s will and is desperate to get hold of assets in the family home. Danger, protection, violence, etc. Declan and Remi come out of it stronger than ever. Interestingly, Declan never falls in love with Remi, in keeping with his out-front statement of being aromantic, and Remi accepts and still loves Declan. I actually liked this consistency of character, which did not detract from their relationship. Definitely a good one from a strong alpha male and introverted submissive husband POV. Caveat emptor re sex and violence.

Stepbrother Dearest by Willow Dixon 2/17/24 2/17/24 Kindle
First in the Crimson Club series. Gray is a stripper/dancer at the club, and one night after he’s done for the night there’s an altercation out front and he is attacked by some drunks while trying to help the woman they’re hurting. He’s badly hurt, and his friends take him to Urgent Care, where both he and his stepbrother Caleb, the triage nurse, are horrified to see each other after a decade. They never lived in the same house, Gray’s father is married to Caleb’s mother, and the sort-of stepbrothers hate each other. His nursing instinct to the fore, Caleb takes Gray home after his shift and takes care of him for 3 days. Enemies to lovers, eventually, but in the meantime, sparkage and confusion. I thought this well-written, with both of them strong alpha males. I always love a story where one man’s father is called the sperm donor. *smile* I also really liked the Epilogue in this one, because Gray is able to pursue more than homelessness/strip club work. Caveat emptor re sex.

Fakers With Benefits by Willow Dixon 2/17/24 2/18/24 Kindle
Second in the Crimson Club series has Nicky, another stripper/dancer, offered the lucrative job of posing as a very rich man’s boyfriend for 3 months. Clothes, expenses, and a fee included. I really loved the interaction between Nicky, who’s like a flitting butterfly, and Evan, who is more serious than he should be. Even’s amused with Nicky and eventually includes him in the small list of people he fiercely protects. Sparkage, sex outside the official contract/NDA limits, eventual HEA. There’s a mystery in this one, with Evan being sent threatening letters. After Nicky’s in his life, Nicky becomes a target, too. Caveat emptor re sex.

Surviving the Break by C.P. Harris 2/18/24 2/19/24 Kindle
Second in the Chadwick series. I probably should have read the first one, but books with main characters who have DID (dissociative identity disorder – multiple personality disorder) are disturbing to me, ever since I read Sybil, decades ago. Anyway. In this book Max has fled Kentucky after a traumatic breakup and is closed off emotionally. He hooks up with Ash and the sparkage is off the charts, then months later they meet at the Community Center where Max volunteers with children. Ash is looking for a relationship, Max is stuck on the trauma of his breakup. Ash tries to woo Max, and eventually Max comes around, but only for hookups at first. They eventually become close, Ash learns about the breakup, and after confronting his former lover/father of their child, realizes that Hayden was always going to disappoint him and their love wasn’t real. Convenient, but I appreciated how it was done. Ash and Max get their HEA, along with a wonderful Epilogue for the readers. Caveat emptor re explosive and raunchy sex.

**abandoned Staking His Claim by Ki Brightly and M.D. Gregory**
Ugh. Power imbalance and politics are okay, the kink in this one was just eeeeewwwww. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned The Former Assassin's Guide to Snagging a Reluctant Boyfriend by Alice Winters**
I liked the first two of the Hitman’s Guide series about Leland and Jackson, but this spinoff about Cassel and Jeremy falls flat as it’s more of the same but although Cassel is clear, Jeremy’s blurry and poorly defined beyond being the object of Cassel’s desire.

Reindeer Games by N.R. Walker 2/20/23 2/20/23 Kindle
Sixth in the Ace’s Wild series, wherein different couples in standalone novellas/short novels go into Ace’s Wild adult store to buy a sex toy, the common denominator. In this entry, Leif’s best friend Jamie wins two tickets to an exclusive event at a fancy club. Leif designs both masks and they go to Ace’s Wild to get the correct sex toy to go with Jamie’s outfit. The ‘toy’ is PG-rated in this one, actually. Russ, a very wealthy man and owner of the club, is always sad at Christmas and usually avoids the party. However, his PA talks him into going and he is anonymous in an Assassin’s Creed costume. Leif is anonymous in skinny jeans, biker boots, and the reindeer antler mask he made himself. Leif doesn’t recognize Russ even after he takes his mask off, which is almost more attractive to Russ than the serious sparkage. They escape to Russ’s house where they have some talking times and sexy times, then backstory for both and a very satisfying HEA. This was definitely a feel good, but without being twee. Caveat emptor re sex.

Nuts by S.E. Jakes and Stephanie Tyler 2/20/24 2/20/24 Kindle
Second in the Ace’s Wild series. Preston and Jagger were best friends, Jagger part of a crime family, Preston part of a wealthy family. Preston chose Jagger over his bio family, joined the Army, and is now out of the Army and back where Jagger has moved to NC. Jagger owns a club. They parted on uncertain/scary terms a year earlier when Preston kissed Jagger, although Preston’s nominally straight. Another fine novella, where characters are crisply and quickly defined, the tension between the two makes sense, and the story works well. The Ace’s Wild link is when Jagger wins Preston in a poker hand and tells him to go to Ace’s Wild and acquire several sex toys. HEA, danger eliminated. Caveat emptor re sex.

Reunion by Neve Wilder 2/20/24 2/20/24 Kindle
Seventh in the Ace’s Wild series has Cole and Dane showing up to Cole’s sister and Dane’s best friend’s wedding as best men, having not seen each other in a decade. Their back story comes out eventually, but the immediate plot is when Ace’s Wild comes into play when they are sent on an errand by the bride-to-be to pick up bridal party gifts. *smile* Dane sees Cole’s interest in some of the toys and makes an offer that Cole doesn’t want to refuse, and they spend the night together. Two genuinely nice characters, vividly portrayed, whose HEA is very satisfying. Caveat emptor re sex.

The Good Liar by C.P. Harris 2/20/24 2/21/24 Kindle
First in the Infidelity Series by C.P. Harris, who knows how to write a complicated plot. It works, alternating POVs among Cole and Jasper, with occasional chapters from Jasper’s husband Daniel. I initially didn’t want to read this one because Jasper’s married and Cole wants that marriage to end, but once started, I couldn’t stop reading. Jasper and Cole are made stepbrothers at ages 8 and 10 respectively when Jasper’s mother marries Cole’s father. They then become more to each other in high school and college. A tragic event has Jasper fleeing Cole and eventually marrying Daniel. Cole is devastated, but moves his business to NYC six years later, willing to just be Jasper’s friend if that’s all Jasper wants. Jasper doesn’t just want a friendship but feels like he doesn’t deserve Cole. Lots of plot twists, lots of seriously kinky and dirty sex, so be warned. The emotions and feelings and motivations are well-written, and although it could have been shorter, not the 346 pages it is, it doesn’t need to be shorter. I was fully invested, and pleased with how things turned out. HEA. Cole is a dominant alpha male, Jasper is a strong and intelligent man who is happy to be submissive to Cole. And, of course, caveat emptor re the sex.

The Boss's Boy by Aja Foxx 2/22/24 2/22/24 Kindle
Sometimes I get tired of looking for new smut, am not up for good stuff already downloaded onto the Kindle, so try an author I should know better about. I read one by her and was not happy enough with it to continue any by her until now. Dimitri is the Russian Mafia boss in New York, Eiji is being kept prisoner by his stepmother and stepbrothers for the financial gain. He sneaks out once a month, and Dmitri is smitten with him. However, when he asks for Eiji to brought over to meet Dmitri, Eiji’s gone and CCTV shows him being beaten by 3 men, who turn out to be his stepbrothers, and stuffed into a car. Dmitri finds out about him and his family and his stepmother’s needing his trust fund and mansion. Eiji’s mute – trauma induced at age 15, ten years previously. Dmitri finds the only way to get Eiji away from his stepmother is to marry him and so does. In the meantime, the Irish Mob’s trying to infringe on Dmitri’s territory. Mayhem, sparkage, fear, protection, lust, kidnapping. The thing that most bothered me about this one was that every time Eiji was in danger, mostly because he was married to Dmitri, Dmitri would say “I won’t let anything happen to you”, and things always did. However, HEA and comeuppance to stepmother and stepbrothers, and I am always a lover of schadenfreude. Caveat emptor re sex.

Love Language by Jax Calder 2/22/24 2/22/24 Kindle
Sweet and acerbic novella. Ash and Dominic work together, Dominic as a coder and Ash in Marketing. They share an office, which was supposed to be temporary, but 3.5 years later it’s still reality. They know each other well, pretend to dislike each other. At an office party, a person who shouldn’t tries breakdancing does, and many videos are taken of the effort. Ash sees it. As background, he and Dominic are chatting, and Dominic uses NZ Sign Language. Ash doesn’t understand, but a friend of a roommate’s translate, and Ash is blown away. He starts thinking about his own feelings and Dominic’s tells, and at a conference when he’s Dominic’s ‘minder’, he gets bold and signs something back. Vivid characters, snarky conversations, and lots of subtle hints from both about their feelings. Sweet, wonderful HEA, and caveat emptor re sex.

The Fishermen by C.P. Harris 2/23/24 2/24/22 Kindle
Second in the Infidelity Series by C.P. Harris, who is consistent in her ability to write a complicated plot. Franklin is Cole’s biological father and Jasper’s adoptive father from The Good Liar above. While Franklin’s separated from his wife, he meets Leland and initially hires him to paint a mural in a beach house he owns. After several weeks the sparkage turns into conflagration, and they are consumed with each other. Franklin wants to leave his wife, but she becomes ill. Franklin abandons Leland, who has abandonment issue,s and returns to Selene. Two years later she’s died of a heart condition and Franklin doesn’t feel he can return to Leland. The timeline is intertwined with The Good Liar. Cole sees a cocktail napkin from the bar Leland works at in his father’s car and goes to the bar. They become friends and when Cole takes over the family business Leland becomes his PA. Four more years pass and Franklin is so conflicted about hurting his children with his relationship with Leland that he stays away. Leland is out of control personally, but works and doesn’t completely fall apart. They eventually get back together, strong and finally able to be public with their relationship. Cole and Jasper finally come around, too. Caveat emptor re sex.

Want You Still by C.E. Ricci and Marley Valentine 2/24/24 2/25/24 Kindle
Well written, steamy, and nicely paced, with an interesting plot that kept me riveted. Will is coming home to Seattle for leave with the Army, Pierce will be moving to Seattle to take a new job and change his life. They meet at a bar in a small town south of Seattle and hook up in Pierce’s rental for a week. It’s only a hookup, right? But they write when Will returns to his duty post as a medic and Pierce starts his new life. The letters taper off, but Will wants more. He’s ghosted, but returns when his sister is getting married. Lots of plot twists, lots of angst. There’s a HEA but it takes a while to get there, every word worth it. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned The Way We Hate by Myka Loren**
Brody and Evren are stepbrothers and nominally hate each other. However, Evren fell in love with Brody the first day they met as teenagers. Both have baggage. It was going along nicely until I felt that Brody’s character was inconsistent with the backstory. Not worth reading the rest because there are too many plot inconsistencies and telegraphing.

The Truth of Loving You by Heather Leighson 2/25/24 2/26/24 Kindle
Shane is hired to be CFO of Cole’s father’s company five years after Cole’s husband tragically died. Cole and his father were never close. Cole comes into the building, drunk, and is sitting at Shane’s chair and calls him Pretty Boy. Shane gets him safely back to the penthouse he shared with his husband, but he doesn’t live there any more, he lives in the loft above his tattoo shop. Shane comes in for a tattoo to overwrite a burn scar he got on the most tragic day of his life. There attraction, sparkage, yet both are hiding major parts of their lives from each other. On top of that, there’s hanky panky at the company. I liked the backstories, and they were both hinted at and shared with the right amount of doling out of details. It could have been shorter, however, perhaps 50-75 pages. Eventual HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

You Have Arrived At Your Destination by Amor Towles 2/27/24 2/27/24 Kindle
The story of an infertile couple who start working with the best IVF clinic in the country. The wife’s gone to them first, giving her info and DNA, and the husband comes in separately, and gives his DNA. Later, we find out that this company is more than an IVF clinic. They can create more than a designer baby, they can allow a couple to choose from 3 paths this child can take. The husband gets totally freaked out after he leaves. Well written, vivid, very scary, with a few tidbits from locals at a bar that hint at so much more than just the designer aspect of babies. This is the fifth thing by Towles that I have read, and each either masters a different time period or genre. Or, in the case of an introduction, is intelligent and snarky.

Crankshaft by K.M. Neuhold 2/26/24 2/27/24 Kindle
Sweet story of Steele, a bear of a man, who owns Big Bull Mechanics and wants a permanent relationship but is busy running a business, taking care of his hapless brother, and being owned by a Husky puppy named Denali. Porter has moved back to town after getting his vet degree and has bought out one of three local vet clinics. They are both stretched to the limit but are immediately attracted to one another. This is one of those books with lots of side characters – all the guys who work for Steele, other guys who jointly own a construction company, and Porter’s office staff. It’s low angst, sweet, and has the inevitable HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

Rhythmic Bliss by Leigh Jarrett 2/27/24 2/27/24 Kindle
Set in Victoria, BC, this is the story of Lucas, who is grumpy, unfulfilled in his romantic life and only able to have his love – music – on the side. He thinks he might be asexual because every relationship he’s ever had with a woman has been awful. Nick has just moved to town, is a busker, sound mixer, and composer. Lucas is immediately attracted to Nick but can’t believe that he’s attracted to a man. I was happy for their HEA and interested in all the bits about composing, performing, and etc. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Fool’s Gold by V.J. Speyer**
Matt has taken on the unenviable and dangerous job as interim CEO taking a big pharma company past a scandal. When a bomb goes off at his building, in addition to the FBI, Georgia SBI, and local police, a private security firm is hired to protect him. Of course, it has to be as a fake boyfriend. Not a bad trope at all, but for all the hate that Jack initially has for Matt, it’s surprising how quickly his character turns around. Too many shortcuts, which always irritate me, and so I felt disinclined to continue reading. In addition, Matt’s 94-year old sharecropper granny is just a big much, even for this newly-minted Southern girl.

From the Ground Up by Harper Robson 2/27/24 2/27/24 Kindle
Movie star Jackson hires a construction company to gut and re-build a property that will be his retirement/dream home, and Mason’s the project leader for his brother’s construction company. Instant sparkage, but Mason comes with a lot of baggage and Jackson is in the closet. Romance, feelings, sexy times, and then Mason’s hurt on the job. This book was rather shallow, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. It shallowly touched upon ADHD and autism, romantic abuse and obsession, and suicide, so didn’t engage my feelings too much. Caveat emptor re sex.

Falling for Raine by Lane Hayes 2/27/24 2/28/24 208 pages Kindle
This book ticked lots of boxes for me – hapless American Raine in England, taking a job he’s clearly not qualified for. Graham, powerful owner of the company Raine’s working for, a hookup in Las Vegas before each knew the other was related to Raine’s new job. Raine is bright sunshine and optimism, Graham’s working on the deal of his life to ruin the man who abused his trust early in his working career. Graham becomes, in a good way, obsessed with Raine. Lots of great conversation, snark, humor, and a HEA. Caveat emptor re sex. This book just came out on February 27th. Oh, and I think Hayes nailed Graham’s childhood accent from Sunderland, which comes out when he’s tired or emotional.

** abandoned Dearly and Deviant Daniel by L.A. Kaye**
Great premise, good beginning, but for some reason it just went off the rails for me at page 159. I found I couldn’t care for either Dash or Keir. Keir can hear the dead when their bodies come to his mortuary. Dash’s brother is murdered and Dash is being set up for it. *shrug*

Lovers Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 2/28/24 2/29/24 Kindle
Oh my. Second in the Like Us series. Here’s the beginning of I wrote about the first, Damaged Like Us:
Vivid, eccentric, totally loveable characters. Maximoff is part of a billionaire family of 3 sisters, their husbands, and all the kids. The world is ensorcelled by them and stalk them all the time, so everybody has a bodyguard. Maximoff’s bodyguard Declan retires, and his mother’s bodyguard, Farrow, is assigned to him. Maximoff has had a secret crush on Farrow for 6 years, Farrow ditto, but of course bodyguards aren’t allowed to mess with their clients. Maximoff and Farrow break the rule.
In this book, some of the children and their bodyguards go on a good-will/charity fundraising tour that is supposed to last 4 months. There is danger, a stalker, more info about various members of the family, and Maximoff and Farrow’s love grows stronger and deeper. HFN. These books make me feel good – yes, there’s money and excess. There’s also love, commitment, well-written emotions and plot twists. I’m immediately starting the third about Maximoff and Farrow: Alphas Like Us. There are thirteen books, and we’ll see how I do with MF romances, starting with book 4. Caveat emptor re sex.

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393 books read

1 Masterpiece
51 Stunning
181 Excellent
48 Very Good
30 Good
9 Average
4 Bad

Best Fiction
Show Me Wonders by Riley Hart Review
The Ink Black Heart by Robert Galbraith Review
Honeytrap by Aster Glenn Ray Review
The Boy in the Field by Margot Livesey Review
Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus Review
*runner up The Last Remains by Elly Griffiths Review

Best (only) Nonfiction
1066: The Year That Changed Everything by Professsor Jennifer Paxton Review
Lost Christianities by Bart D. Ehrman Review
Introduction to Judaism by Professor (Rabbi) Shai Cherry Review

Top five overall for the LT Top Five Books of 2023 List
Show Me Wonders by Riley Hart Review
The Ink Black Heart by Robert Galbraith Review
Honeytrap by Aster Glenn Ray Review
Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus Review
Introduction to Judaism by Professor (Rabbi) Shai Cherry Review

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And, new in 2024, courtesy of Jackie_K, my husband, and Richard:

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Welcome! The next message is yours.

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Happy new thread, Karen!

I almost missed it: in February you reached 75!

>8 karenmarie: Still love them all!

Mar 10, 10:00 am

Happy new thread wishes, Horrible me lurve.

Mar 10, 10:12 am

Wow! You have been busy!!!! Really, Karen. Do you sleep at all???????
Happy New Thread! I look forward to it, especially as a time when you will have that surgery and get through the recovery in splendid fashion as you know how to do. (((((Karen)))))

Take care and enjoy this lovely day. That blue sky has been washed clean!

Mar 10, 11:48 am

Happy new thread, Karen.

Mar 10, 12:02 pm

Happy new thread, Karen. I love your introduction. And of course, seeing the 3 kitties is always a treat.

Mar 10, 12:27 pm

Happy New Thread! Do you read all adult romances or just MM? I'm a member of a "smut book club" and have enjoyed some of the selections the past few months since I joined.

Mar 10, 3:48 pm

Hi, Karen, and happy new 🧵!

I missed the last part of your last thread when I was recovering from hip replacement surgery; are you still on track for your knee replacement?

Mar 10, 6:23 pm

Happy new thread, Karen! I hope you hear something from the surgeon's office tomorrow.

Mar 10, 7:37 pm

>1 karenmarie: Happy new thread Karen!

>8 karenmarie: Oh yes. And not just a labyrinth of books, multiples! And of miniatures, and of dolls, and of fabric, and of sewing supplies and yarns and of patterns..... And there is still some corners I haven't filled yet.

Thank goodness for Kindles.

Mar 10, 8:02 pm

Happy new thread, Karen! It's about time that you heard from your surgeon's office. Hopefully news comes in the next few days.

Mar 10, 8:32 pm

Happy new one, Karen.

96 books already is simply extraordinary!

Mar 10, 8:46 pm

Happy new thread!

Mar 11, 12:23 am

Happy New Thread!

I disagree with your characterization of yourself. You are not a bookworm. You are a book dragon!

Mar 11, 7:40 am

Morning, Karen. Happy New Thread. 17 years? Wowza! It still astounds me, how long that we have been at this. I have the "Kids" today and then Trail Watch. We will get back into the 60s today after a chilly weekend. Doves, finches and a red-bellied woodpecker at the feeders yesterday.

Mar 11, 9:57 am

>22 streamsong: LOVE it!!!!

I am tapping my toes impatiently to hear what the surgeon's office has to say for itself.
BTW, I see the only audiologist in town today to start the hearing aid process. I've delayed too long, what with my reluctance and the pandemic.

I expect your starting word will be a winner for you today!

Mar 11, 10:23 am

>10 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita, and thank you. I’m reading more than anything except sleeping, and reading my obsession genre almost exclusively – MM romance. Thanks re the things that make me smile.

>11 richardderus: Thank ‘ee kindly, RD. *smooch*

>12 LizzieD: ‘Morning, Peggy. Thanks to NyQuil Severe Cold & Flu liquicaps, I’m getting lots of good sleep. Thanks re my thread and the encouraging and positive words re my surgery.

>13 katiekrug: Hi Katie, and thank you.

>14 EBT1002: Hello Ellen. Thanks re my intro and the pics of the kitties. I honestly think 50% of the reason to have a smart phone if one has animals is to take their pictures… there’s never a shortage of kitty pics here but I like to try to make a theme if possible. This theme was closeups.

>15 elorin: Hi Robyn, nice to see you here. Thanks re my new thread. Is your smut book club RL or on a website?

I had to look in my Smut spreadsheet (*smile*), now at 758 entries in date read order, to see that I started out in April of 2022 after watching Bridgerton by reading all the Bridgerton novels, which are, of course sexy times MF. Then, in June of 2022 I read Love, Hate & Clickbait as a BB from Richard. Then it was back to MF and MMF, with a bit of MM thrown in until August of 2022 when it was MM and MMM exclusively until the most recent series I’ve read, the Like Us series by Krista Ritchie and her twin sister Becca Ritchie, when I actually read some MF again. I actually prefer MM or even occasionally MMM, so think I was a gay man in a previous incarnation.

>16 Storeetllr: Hi Mary and thank you. My knee replacement surgery was scheduled for Feb 29th, but my daughter brought home Covid from her new workplace and it has been delayed, with no news of when I’m back on the surgery schedule. I’ve tried to be a big girl about the delay, but admit to more mood swings because of the delay. It’s not so much pain in my knee as it is pain in my lower back/right SI. I haven’t been visiting too many threads recently, and am happy to hear that you’ve recovered from hip replacement surgery.

>17 atozgrl: Thanks, Irene. I’m hoping, too.

>18 quondame: Thanks, Susan. I know that I’m a rookie when it comes to Things collected. I only collect books in any kind of serious way, and I bow to the variety of your collecting passions. Thank goodness for Kindles and Kindle Unlimited. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to indulge my MM romance obsession nearly as much.

>19 Familyhistorian: Hi Meg, and thank you. I hope so, too. I’m trying to be patient – they’re busy, they had to either juggle someone in or lose the surgery slot and find a place for me. Patience is a virtue, but not very often mine.

>20 PaulCranswick: Hi Paul, and thanks. It’s lightweight reading, but definitely pages swiped in my Kindle and even a paper book or two and audio books. I have actually figured out that quite a few of the MM romances I’m reading have serious themes and plots in addition to the sexy times.

>21 figsfromthistle: Thank you, Anita.

>22 streamsong: Janet, thank you, and I love your characterization of me. Onto >1 karenmarie: it goes!

>23 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark! The years have been enriched by LT, from the first day I clicked the link from Joe Hill’s website through today. It’s such a bit part of my life. I hope the kids time goes well and Trail Watch gets you outdoors and enjoying the outdoorsy things you love. Let’s see, some of the usual suspects this morning, but it’s pretty quiet out there right now.

>23 msf59: Hi Peggy, and yes! I love it, too. I’m trying to be a patient bean re the surgeon’s office, but honestly, I’m an impatient person and it takes almost than I have to NOT bombard them with calls.

I hope the visits with the audiologist go well – it’s always hard to realize something isn’t the way it used to be but am happy that you’re taking the first step. Heh – Wordle in 3 for me today, but I needed serious help from the spreadsheets.

Wordle 996 3/6* trope, speck, pesky - with spreadsheet help.


Yesterday was super quiet. Read, did some more with the utility room under-the-sink reorganization, watched the first half of the Liverpool - Man City soccer match. It came out perfectly for Arsenal - they tied, putting Arsenal in first place. They're tied with Liverpool for points, but have a 7 point lead in goal differential over Liverpool and a one point lead/11 point goal differential lead over Man City.

Bill just left to take the tax info for us and Jenna to our accountant in Sanford - 45 minutes drive each way - so with Jenna at work, I actually have Time Alone In The House. *blinks* Amazing, and not expected today. He even turned the TV down so I don't have to hear it.

Time for brekkie and reading. I might place a small grocery store order. Reminder to self: Patience is a Virtue.

Mar 11, 11:30 am

I got an email this morning from my surgeon's office, telling me to work with the scheduler to reschedule. I've left her a voice mail. Her name is Jenna - when we named Jenna 30 years ago, I'd NEVER heard of a single Jenna. Now they're all over the place.

*happy dance* re reply from surgeon's office

Mar 11, 2:04 pm

All the YAY, Horrible! This is super news!

Mar 11, 2:08 pm

I am doing terribly at keeping up with threads this year, Karen, so I am checking in before I get lost in the weeds again :)

I have not read Towles' You Have Arrived At Your Destination yet so I will have to see if I can locate a copy. I have enjoyed all of the books of his I have read to this point.

>26 karenmarie: Yay!

Mar 11, 3:43 pm

Happy new thread, and glad the surgery news is good!

Mar 11, 5:03 pm

>27 richardderus: Thanks RD.

>28 alcottacre: Hi Stasia! You're probably doing better than I am with threads, but it's certainly not a contest, or even homework.

>29 drneutron: Hi Jim. Thanks.

Well, alas, they are scheduling 8 weeks out, so my surgery's scheduled for May 2nd. If they get a cancellation, I'm on the cancellation schedule. Can't do anything about it.

At least it's scheduled, and although I might cautiously go out, masked, for an errand or two, will self-quarantine otherwise.

Mar 11, 5:40 pm

>30 karenmarie: Having it DONE is great...the delay is not. Sorry, smoochling, heres hoping there's a cancellation!

Editado: Mar 11, 11:41 pm

>25 karenmarie: Oh yes. I think MM is appealing, to me at least, because there is, in the romance books at least, a lot less of assumed inequalities and not knowing what pleases the partner. Also, while those set in "our reality" or close parallels probably include guilt and feelings of otherness or inferiority, worries about pregnancy and non-virginity and being slut shamed are less often in the forefront, or is that just my brought-up-in-the-50s set of expectations?

I'd be surprised if MM romances are any more realistic than MF HEA's. I'd guess less.

>30 karenmarie: That's a bummer. There are probably so many things you wanted to be able to start doing mid May.

No where near the same level of aggravation, but while I was prepared to drag myself to my physical the day after my fever broke, my Dr.s office canceled because she was out ill. So it'll be May 22. Well, at least I don't seem to be dealing with anything acute just now.

Mar 11, 10:35 pm

>30 karenmarie: I am very glad that you finally heard back from the surgeon's office, but I'm sorry that it's going to be so long until you can have it done. Maybe they'll have a cancellation that will let you get in sooner. Two months is a long time to quarantine yourself.

Tomorrow is a week since my DH had his knee replacement, and we're managing so far. I miss having his help around the house, but he's doing as much as he can for himself.

Hang in there!

Mar 12, 12:07 am

Happy New Thread, Karen! I'm so sorry your surgery was cancelled , but happy that is has been rescheduled.

Mar 12, 5:55 am

Hi Karen ... I'm sorry you have to wait so long for your surgery. If we all cross our fingers for you, maybe that will help? I agree with Irene, 2 mos is a long time to quarantine.

Mar 12, 6:17 am

Glad you heard from the surgeon's office, Karen. Sorry it is now sceduled in May.

Mar 12, 7:40 am

>31 richardderus: Hiya, RDear. Thanks for your words of sympathy. *smooch*

>32 quondame: Hi Susan. Interesting thoughts about MM. I agree. I’ve read less books with power inequalities but there are still some tropes out there with them. Millionaire/Billionaire/CEO and person of no wealth/PA/assistant or Rock Star/Celebrity and bodyguard immediately come to mind in addition to rich family/cut off or left-out-of-will or cut-off financially son. There are also the assassin/target books. Pregnancy is definitely not an issue except in the omegaverse (fantasy/SF, where men can get pregnant, called Mpreg). Most contemporary MMs recognize HIV/AIDS and safe sex is practiced (condoms, test results, and/or PreP) until the couple is exclusive. Very few books use virginity one way or the other although there is the occasional one where virginity is prized. And, knowing what pleases the partner can include lots of things, but a man’s basic pleasure is clear where a woman can fake an orgasm. The only slut-shaming/heart of gold trope is an escort or prostitute – frequently called a rent boy in MM - which is the same as with MF. Many books include bio families cutting off their gay/bi/pan sons = found families. Coming out and/or being in the closet are not in MF, of course. I do not read FF – has never appealed to me at all. I haven’t read nearly as many MF books as MM books.

Thanks re the delay in surgery – I’m trying to think of it as Meant To Be for whatever reason, which may or may not become clear later this year or perhaps even further in the future. And I’m very sorry that your physical has been delayed for 2+ months. Nothing acute is good.

>33 atozgrl: Hi Irene, thanks. I’m glad your DH is doing well. Don’t let yourself get too worn down.

>34 vancouverdeb: Hi Deborah, and thank you.

>35 lauralkeet: Hello Laura. Yes – everybody cross fingers and I appreciate those who put positive thoughts out into the universe.

Wordle 997 3/6* trope, chase, heave


Online grocery order/pickup, finishing the utility room cabinet cleanout/reorganization, reading. I might nap. I had to get up early and Jenna was still here so we chatted. I tried to go back to sleep but it didn't work.

I’m not sure quarantine is the right word – reduced exposure by not going anyplace with too many people/confined spaces. Masked, obviously, possibly a meal out here or there with Rita or Virlie’s. Not sure about that yet. I need to review the CDC’s guidelines and ask my PCP’s opinion. I’ll send a message to my PCP today on mychart.

In the meantime, Zoe is trying to get into my lap, so I'll finish visiting a few threads then read/be a lap/drink coffee.

Mar 12, 7:42 am

>30 karenmarie: it's certainly not a contest, or even homework. Good thing too!

Yay for surgery being scheduled! I do hope it comes about early if they can squeeze you in.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Mar 12, 8:24 am

Morning, Karen. Another lovely day in the Midwest. It may hit 70F. I play pickleball this AM. Sue is planning on bringing Jack over here this afternoon.

We saw 3 bald eagles on Trail Watch yesterday. One on a nest.

Mar 13, 8:56 am

'Next day 'morning, Mark. Happy Wednesday to you. We had a lovely day, too, I hope your busy Jack and pickleball day went well.

Wordle 998 6/6* Aaack. Alphabet soup. Almost bit the big one. trope, moldy, login, lousy, lobby, local.


The major excitement yesterday, after ordering and bring groceries home 🙄, was Arsenal playing Porto for the Champions League. I'm slowly learning about the Champions League. At this stage, two teams play a game at home and a game away and the aggregate score determines who moves on to the Quarterfinals. Arsenal lost to Porto in Portugal, so the game was at Emirates Stadium yesterday. They won the game 1-0, but the aggregate was 1-1. 30 minutes of added time, no score. Penalty shootout, Raya saved two shots, Arsenal made all four, and so Arsenal won.

Well, I miss my mind. I kept getting notifications for an appointment at my surgeon's office and I thought they were followup to my RIGHT knee surgery. That didn't happen, of course, so I finally called yesterday and realized/remembered that this appointment is for the 1-year followup to my LEFT knee surgery. So I'll head out in 45 minutes.

Mar 13, 9:02 am

>40 karenmarie: *chuckle* The missing-mind problem is a universal constant, like the cosmological one only bigger.

Appoint well, Horrible! *smooch*

Mar 13, 9:59 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Wednesday. I had a good time playing pickleball yesterday. I think I am hooked. Also enjoyed my Jackson time. It was a beautiful afternoon, so we played out front. Our aunt is having health issues, so Sue has been picking up her slack with Jack. Glad she is not working.

Mar 13, 10:05 am

>36 FAMeulstee: As often happens, I came by yesterday when you were answering the previous posts ;-)

>40 karenmarie: Thought of you when I noticed Arsenal's win, Karen.
I can relate to missing mind, happens way to much lately. I hope al goes well at the 1-year follow up for your left knee.

Mar 13, 1:07 pm

Boo hiss to the delay in getting surgery, but there is a tiny bit of silver lining: the weather will be warmer, which seems to me will be better than cold weather for recovering. I know the cold wet weather has kept me inside more than I’d like. Anyway, glad you have a date now!

Mar 13, 6:11 pm

Hi Karen my dear, Happy New Thread dear friend. I am so glad to be posting on your thread my dear, things have been hectic since the start of the year. I seem to have so little time to come on here and post apart from my own thread.

I hope all is well with you, Bill and Jenna and hope that Inara, Zoe and Wash are doing OK. I hadn't realised that Inara was approaching her 17th birthday, bless her. We are doing OK generally but we do have bad days. I am sadly in a lot of pain and will be having an MRI scan on the 25th of this month and hope it shows something that can be done. My reading picked up in February and i hope this continues but it is not on a par with your reading dear friend.

Sending love and hugs from both of us and Felix sends Kitty skritches.

Mar 13, 6:28 pm

>40 karenmarie: Hurray for Arsenal! I hope the 1-year followup went well, as I am sure that it must.

>44 Storeetllr: It hasn't been cold here in NC for the past month, so that wouldn't have been a problem this year. The weather is totally out of whack.

Mar 13, 6:51 pm

>25 karenmarie: The smut book club is primarily online, although not a website - we use the Telegram app.

That's a lot of books!

Mar 13, 11:37 pm

Your mind isn't lost it just got buried under a landslide of medical mischance. Give it a cool fruit drink and a nice pat and let it rest a bit in the shade with a soft blanky and a dog and all will be well.

Mar 14, 12:02 am

>48 quondame: Good advice!!!! Just substitute a cat for a dog, and you're on your way!

Mar 14, 9:16 am

Morning, Karen. Sweet Thursday. Everything okay? Storms have been moving through all night and rain will continue through the AM. We could use it. I am doing Jackson duties today for a few hours. No outdoor activities for us.

Mar 14, 10:26 am

>41 richardderus: Hi RD. I occasionally amaze myself at being absent-minded. I did appoint well, see below. *smooch*

>42 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and sweet Thursday to you. I’m glad for the good time at pickleball and with Jack. I’m sorry your aunt is having health issues. It’s good that Sue can pick up the time with the grandson.

>43 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita, and sorry about the bad timing on my part. Thank you. And I was so happy with Arsenal’s win and am glad you thought of me! I have new proof about missing my mind – see below.

>44 Storeetllr: Hi Mary, and yes, boo hiss. However, I’m surprisingly sanguine with it, in the second definition – it’s just what it is and I’m trying so hard to NOT stress things. Yes, the weather is getting better, and it’s supposed to get to 81F.
sanguine /săng′gwĭn/
1. Cheerfully confident; optimistic. "sanguine about the prospects for an improved economy."
2. At ease; accepting.
3. Having blood as the dominant humor in terms of medieval physiology.
>45 johnsimpson: Hi John and thank you. I’m sorry things have been hectic and that you’re in a lot of pain. I hope the MRI yields a promising path to less pain. I’m glad your reading’s picked up, and hope it’s not because of the pain and probable reduction in activities. Yes, senior kitty will be 17 in June. Sending love and hugs to you and Karen and kitty skritches back to Felix.

>46 atozgrl: Yes, we were so happy Arsenal won. It just took forever, what with added time and a penalty shoot out. Raya’s the man of the moment, and won MVP of the match. Trossard scored the goal that tied the aggregate, so he's who got them to the shoot out.

I’m seriously peeved that we didn’t truly have a winter, Irene. We didn’t have a single snow flake, single piece of sleet, single raindrop that froze upon impact. I hope we have more of a winter next one, with frozen precipitation.

>47 elorin: Ah, thanks Robyn. I’ve never heard of the Telegram app, but just checked it out. It’s not something that I want or need, but it seems like it fills a niche. Yes, lots of books. I finally figured out that Kindle Unlimited is my friend, and borrow like crazy. I rarely buy a Kindle book any more unless it’s free.

>48 quondame: Thank you for the kind words, Susan. Cool fruit drink will be pineapple juice, nice pats – check, and we can rest in the shade on the porch in the hammock. Soft blanky – check, kitty instead of dog – check, and I’m sure I’ll get it back. Here are two of the five things mentioned:

This was quite a while back, before Inara got so skinny and could get up on the hammock by herself.

>49 LizzieD: Yup, kitty for me, Peggy.

>50 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and second Sweet Thursday to you. Yes, things are okay. I was just frazzled from a GOOD but unplanned visit with the surgeon yesterday and got busy after I got back. Storms will do that, and glad you can use the rain. Yay for Jackson duties, hope you and he can find something fun to do inside.

Wordle 999 3/6* trope, slime, since


I got to listen to more of The Geographer's Library by Jon Fasman, started in the SUV on January 26th going to and coming back from the trek to the surgeon's office. Nice day, got to burn some of the gunk out of the SUV, and had a small adventure. I even stopped at Taco Bell and had 2 crunchy tacos and an unsweet tea in the parking lot while reading. Ah, the simple things.

The surgeon's visit went well. They took x-rays. He showed me what he was looking for - the location of my kneecap, the cement(?) between various points, and the placement of the artificial knee. He said things look excellent. I asked him about my scar - which is is reddish rather than silver-white. He said some people never get to the silver-white scar level, and that there's nothing medically wrong. A friend of mine had said that its being red means it's inflamed, but my surgeon pooh-poohed that. Next visit for my left knee, unless I'm having problems, will be 2-3 years when they'll want another x-ray.

Yesterday afternoon was various and sundry, although the missing my mind portion came when I did some catbox maintenance and didn't notice until this morning that I put the clean pad in the tray and didn't put the tray back - that means that I have to clean the rubber mat that fortunately captured the cat pee. Sheesh.

Wash goes to the vet today for his vaccinations and well-kitty visit. Jenna's working. This is a reason for not getting surgery on the 29th, although I'd rather have had the surgery and cancelled the kitty visit or have Bill take him instead. Wash got a dose of gabapentin - kitty valium - last night, and I'm supposed to wrangle another down his throat at 2 p.m. for his 4 p.m. visit. I'll take him in, although I might ask one of them to come out and actually take the carrier inside and bring it back out after the visit. I don't want to leave him alone in there without his human mom. I'll mask up, of course.

Other than that rubber mat cleaning, bird feeder filling, and calling the appliance place to schedule them.

Mar 14, 10:37 am

Appliances on a schedule sound fine to me! Not replacing the tray pad sounds like me. Don't be like me!

I'm happy that your surgeon was pleased with the knee!

I hope that Wash has an equally good appointment.


Mar 14, 11:22 am

Good on ya for recovering a few pieces of that dratted walkabout mind of yours. Mine still wanders away and does not bother to tell me where he plans to go. Great knee news! Interesting about the scar redness NOT meaning inflammation, did not realize that was a thing.

A bunch of excellent-appliance-delivery *whammy*s

Mar 14, 1:08 pm

>51 karenmarie: I don't read enough to make Kindle Unlimited make sense, but especially for romances I think it is great for those who do. Telegram is good for groups and because the conversations are active on phone and computer. It took the place of other instant messengers that became obsolete.

Mar 14, 9:59 pm

Happy New Thread!

Mar 14, 9:59 pm

Here's the next readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/359262

Mar 15, 5:53 am

>30 karenmarie: Glad you were able to get a reschedule date. May will be here before you know it.

Mar 15, 7:44 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Friday. I had a good time with Jack, at his gymnastics class. He seems to love it. Funny, it stopped raining right after class, the sun came out and we headed to the park. Tending to the "kids" today but getting some pickleball in as well.

Mar 15, 9:21 am

>Hi Peggy. I got the pad cleaned and dried and back under the Tidy Cat Breeze System box with the new pad in the tray in the box. Yay me. 🙄 Thanks re the surgeon. Wash appointment below.

>53 richardderus: Hiya, RDear, and thank you in general and for the excellent-appliance-delivery *whammy*s *smooch*

>54 elorin: Hi Robyn. Let’s just say that by the time I’d figured out that Kindle Unlimited made sense, I’d spent hundreds of dollars on romances. I am a captive audience of FB’s Messenger simply because I’m still on FB although I’ve only ever posted a I-started-It-post one time ever since Bill set me up on it. In my innocence, I used to reply to posts and take quizzes. Stupid me. I don’t do anything on it at all now, but occasionally respond to a Messenger post because it’s right to reply to mail.

>55 SilverWolf28: Hi Silver, and thank you.

>56 SilverWolf28: One of these days…

>57 figsfromthistle: Thanks, Anita. You’re right, it will be.

>58 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and happy Friday to you, too. Yay for your time with Jack and glad you were able to go to the park. Kids and pickleball sound like a good busy day for you.

Wordle 1000 2/6* trope, erupt. Have I mentioned how much I love my new starting word?


I forgot to mention that after getting the cabinet under the Utility Room sink reorganized and all the stuff NOT going back in either thrown away or properly put away the other day, I tackled the cabinet under the island in the Kitchen. Teapots, strainers, cheese graters, etc., and a place to put two huge pans that I didn't want back in the Utility Room but didn't want to get rid of, all sorted. There are a few things I need to do something with, but I found 3 cast iron skillets that I think I inherited from Bill's Mama. They need to be re-seasoned.

Yesterday was a successful Wash to the vet visit. I burrito-d him with a blanket and got the gabapentin in him at 2 and made it successfully to the vet by 4. I carried him in myself. Dr. Cindy made the visit on him easy - no invasive pee or stool efforts and she brought the weighing scale in the room - and he is 100% perfect in every way. His weight is still 11.4 lbs after his last visit 2 years ago. He was groggy the rest of the afternoon and evening and is on the back of the love seat in the living room right now.

I'm supposed to visit with Louise today on her front porch so I can drop off books and chat but may not. We'll see. Other than that, reading, puttering.

Mar 15, 9:38 am

Happy weekend-ahead's reads, Horrible. I look out on grey skies, and mid-April weather, and sigh heavily. Hunkering down with a mystery series I want to get done this weekend...I have had all three books for a few years and would like not to have them glowering at me from the Kindle. Wishes for good reading would be gratefully accepted. *smooch*

Mar 15, 9:55 am

'Morning, RD! Just posted on your thread. Thanks re my weekend's reads. I finished a series I started a while ago, Jake & Maddox by Louise Collins, and forget why I didn't finish it before because I liked it a lot.

Other than that, I've abandoned a book or two and have gone back to re-reading the start of the Like Us series by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie. Sigh.

We've got overcast with blue peaking through skies. It's supposed to get to 81F today again, so I just might actually do the hammock thing this afternoon.


Mar 15, 12:39 pm

The Hammock Thing. I could do that too!

But I should be doing all that stuff the house elf won't deign to do. Dirty-hands stuff. But still, I could lie back and plan how to do those onerous tasks.

I keep getting books for myself. I'm out of control. The Amazon guy was just here, delivering a book I saw mentioned and immediately ordered. Kafka, a graphic bio by Robert Crumb and David Zane Mairowitz.

Mar 16, 8:57 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Saturday. I am trying out a new chiropractor today. I would feel very uncomfortable returning to Sue's work and there is no reason to do so but I NEED my treatments. The only difference is I have to make the co-pay each time but it is worth it. Not much else planned for the weekend.

Mar 16, 10:07 am

>62 weird_O: Hi Bill. Well, I knew a front was coming through but it came through early, so my hammock-ing was only 10 minutes. Too cold. Darn. I hope you can find time to do The Hammock Thing soon. Ugh to adulting, but planning the adulting in the hammock is a good idea.

According to my sneak peak into your catalog, sorting by descending order on entry date, you've put in 23 books. I've added 31, but 7 of them are Kindle and one of them I brought back after deaccessioning it a long time ago. So we're even except for the ones you haven't added! So if you're out of control, then I'm out of control. Out of control together...

>63 msf59: 'Morning, Mark! happy Saturday. Ugh, yes I wouldn't return to an office where my spouse got let go. Sorry you're on the hunt for a new chiropractor. I hope your copay is small, but it's worth it regardless. Enjoy your not much else planned weekend.

Wordle 1001 3/6* trope, toast, toxin


Well, yesterday Louise told me that she's bought a house in the same retirement community in North Port, FL as her daughter and will be there as soon as possible. The house is turnkey - snowbirds have sold it completely furnished, all the way down to dishes and small appliances.

Not much planned for today besides reading, spreadsheet updating, and a bit of puttering.

Mar 16, 10:16 am

Oh my, Karen. You and Louise will miss each other, but we all understand her desire to be near her daughter in a community where help is immediate. I wish her well.

We are OK, and I devoutly hope that you are feeling better and better. We are Three Sisters today, so that's a good thing even though I'm surprised by my route.

I wish you a fine Saturday, (((((Karen))))).

Editado: Mar 16, 10:21 am

Hello Peggy! I just literally came back here after posting on your thread. Her reasons are valid. She will be 90 in October and Cathy is her only living close relative, barring a couple of great-nieces/families.

I'm glad you're okay. As I just wrote on your thread, I still have a low-grade fever, avg 99.2F. Yay for three sisters. Yes, your route was unusual. I honestly don't know how you got to toxin from quoth, but I do the same seemingly-strange thing. So, we're (il)logical sisters, too!

I wish you a fine Saturday, too, with many virtual hugs from me.

Mar 16, 11:43 am

>64 karenmarie: That is sad news for you, Horrible. Louise needs to be sensible about her future, but it will not hurt less to know she is correct because final farewells are never fun things to say.

Mar 16, 12:48 pm

I'm sorry to hear Louise is moving away, Karen. It sounds like a very sensible decision for her, but it's always sad to say good-bye to a dear friend.

I hope you have a nice quiet day today, with a satisfying amount of puttering.

Mar 16, 12:52 pm

>64 karenmarie: I am sorry to hear that Louise is moving. I know you treasure that friendship.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mar 16, 5:08 pm

>67 richardderus: Sad for me, comforting if not joyous for Louise. She and Cathy have a frequently contentious relationship, but will be living in separate houses even if close by each other. And you’re probably right about final farewells, because I can’t imagine anything in this world that would cause me to want to go to Florida.

>68 lauralkeet: Hi Laura, and thank you. Today’s been quiet, with a small amount of puttering and a large amount of reading and spreadsheet updating.

>69 alcottacre: Thank you, Stasia. I do treasure our friendship. Thanks re my weekend.

Well, exciting news. I test negative for Covid just now, so there’s that.

Mar 16, 8:43 pm

>51 karenmarie: I'm not a big fan of winter or the cold, but I nevertheless find it extremely disturbing to have winters that are mostly not very cold, except for a few very cold days in December. I don't really want any sleet or ice, but several inches of snow with no threat of power outages when I can curl up at home with a nice book is appealing. I would prefer to have a real winter, even if I'm not a fan of the cold.

I'm glad that you had a good visit with the surgeon about your left knee. But I hate to hear you are still having fevers. >70 karenmarie: At least you're testing negative for COVID.

>64 karenmarie: I'm sad for you that your friend Louise is moving. I'm sure it's best for her, but it's tough to see a good friend move away. >70 karenmarie: And I'm with you about Florida.

Editado: Mar 16, 8:47 pm

>62 weird_O: Funny! My husband is always saying that our house elves are falling down on the job. I didn't realize anyone else had indolent house elves.

Mar 16, 9:31 pm

>59 karenmarie: No "stupid me". There's nothing wrong with using social media in a way you enjoy. FB Messenger isn't a bad instant messenger as those things go. I still use FB and the messenger to stay in touch with friends I don't see often, and family that lives on the west coast.

Mar 17, 8:42 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Sunday. I really liked my new chiropractor. I had a very good treatment but it can get expensive, even twice a month so I am weighing other options.

Looks like plenty of sunshine today but it will cool off for the next 2 days. We have got spoiled.

Editado: Mar 17, 9:27 am

>71 atozgrl: Hi Irene! I hope your husband is doing well after his knee replacement surgery and you’re hanging in there. Your snow scenario is appealing to me, too. I don’t particularly mind sleet or ice now that I’m not working, and with our new generator am more confident about being very comfortable if we lose power. Thanks re my left knee and testing negative for Covid. I’ll take my temp later on, after I’m completely sure the NyQuil gel caps have worn off from last night.

Thanks re Louise. I’m sad for me, guardedly happy for her. Her daughter can be cruel and Louise can be stabbety and unfiltered (but not with me). I know that many daughter-mom relationships are unhappy. My mother and her sister each had contentious relationships with their mother. Mine was never contentious with my mother, but her alcoholism played havoc with our relationship for a while. She became a dry alcoholic and that stopped being an issue. I’ve been to Florida twice in my life and was not impressed either time.

>72 atozgrl: Our local thrift shops, 3 in the county, all donate all profit to the public schools, and when Jenna was in the school system, I became a volunteer supervisor for the nightly ‘elfing’ that students performed to earn money for their schools.

>73 elorin: Hi Robyn. I know – we shouldn’t denigrate ourselves. Thanks for the support. I have family on the west coast, too – in SoCal and in Aptos/San Jose. Where’s your family?

>74 msf59: 'Morning, Mark, and happy Sunday to you. Yay for the new chiropractor. Getting one that works for you can be a crap shoot, so I'm glad you won. It's a sin that chiropractic and other 'alternative medicine' has been kept out of mainstream insurance coverage by the AMA and other vested interests. Enjoy your good-weather day.

Wordle 1002 3/6* trope, short, snort


Negative Covid test, reading, not much puttering.

Reading, working with Jenna to get things back into the garage closet so that the third garage bay can be available for our old refrigerator, which is good, just not stainless steel. 🙄 I know, I know... unnecessary expense but I wanted all my appliances to match. I've also decided to move back upstairs to sleep and will have Jenna move the bulky stuff back up to the bed and I'll make it before hitting the sheets tonight. I will appreciate NOT hearing the TV.

Hopeful Loaf Kitty to Happy Lap Kitty.

Mar 17, 10:22 am

Good morning, (((((Karen))))) and Zoe, now in the place she purrfurs.

We call "Loaf Kitty" being "knuckled" or sitting "puck-a-duck. " I thought you should know.

I very much hope you find your temperature back at normal, that your day is as good as its beginning, and that you sleep well in your own bed!

Editado: Mar 17, 11:16 am

Hi Karen!! Sorry Louise is moving away, but glad your kitty did well at the vets. Also sorry you are still running a low temp, but glad you finally tested negative for COVID. And bummer about delaying the knee surgery, but glad to know the first knee is doing stellar and warm weather will be nicer for the recovery of knee #2. (See how I am trying to pair negatives with positives?) : )

I spent a bit of yesterday de-cluttering bathroom drawers, so I share your sense of satisfaction. I used to move around so much growing up, we just always had to clear out every year or two and now that I have lived in this house for over 15 years there is so much stuff!! Oh well. I am fortunate to have stuff, so I shouldn't complain too much. Just a little. ; ) Happy St. Patty's Day!

Mar 17, 11:32 am

>75 karenmarie: I have family in San Mateo and I think some in San Diego, but mostly in Washington. My parents are up north by the Canadian border and I have cousins and a brother and sister in Seattle and further south.

Mar 17, 11:41 am

Ditto what Kim said in message >77 Berly: I also am doing some re-organization today. I bought sturdy containers from Michael's Craft store. I'm moving all my Easter decorations, of which there are quite a few plastic containers into the new containers recently purchased.

I already did this for all Christmas decorations, and saved a lot of space, plus the area in the basement looks so good!

I hope you can reschedule your surgery for a date sooner than later.

Mar 17, 9:21 pm

>75 karenmarie: My DH is doing well, getting better every day. He's grumpy on days when he didn't sleep well the night before, but he's mostly fine and keeping up with his PT exercises. We've got his first post-op doctor's visit tomorrow morning, and that will be the first time he goes out of the house since the surgery.

I hope Louise and her daughter can get on. Mother/daughter relationships can be difficult sometimes.

I think I forgot to say that maybe it's going to be for the best that your surgery was delayed, what with the appliances coming and other things going on. And you should not feel bad for getting a new refrigerator even if you didn't need one. I would love to have space in our garage for a spare fridge or freezer.

Mar 18, 7:39 am

Morning, Karen. We are back to chilly weather. Winter is not behind us yet. Only in the mid-20s at the moment. My Trail Watch partner canceled so I won't be tromping around in the cold today. Hey, more book time.

Mar 18, 9:42 am

>76 LizzieD: ‘Morning the next morning, Peggy! Happy Monday to you. Yes, Zoe has become very needy in the last month or so. It’s mostly good, but sometimes she parades in front of the keyboard, making it hard to work on the computer. Hmm. Knuckled or sitting ‘puck-a-duck’. I’ve never heard of either, but they’re both excellent. I’ll have to tell Bill and Jenna.

Temp was good yesterday, haven’t taken it yet today. I did sleep well upstairs in my own bed, thank’ee kindly.

>77 Berly: Kim, nice to see you here. Your negative/positive pairings are impressive. Yay for decluttering. Fifteen years is time to accumulate tons of stuff, of course. We’ll be celebrating 26 years at this house in July. Every nook and cranny still has stuff in it, but some have less stuff, and the garage is really coming along. Good luck with your continued decluttering efforts. Happy St. Patrick’s Day a day late to you, too. 💚☘💚☘

>78 elorin: Wow, family everywhere, Robyn. My sister lives in Rialto, my niece/family in Long Beach, and nephew/family in Crestline – all SoCal. My aunt/uncle live in Aptos, near Santa Cruz, and I still have cousins in San Jose. Other family is in Iowa and Hawaii.

>79 Whisper1: Hi Linda, and thank you. Yay for re-organization. New containers for Easter stuff sounds wonderful. We have some Easter stuff around… somewhere… but haven’t put it out since Jenna was little. Easter isn’t a religious holiday for us, and now it’s a Candy Holiday. Glad you’ve got Christmas and Easter decorations squared away.

My surgery’s rescheduled for May 2nd, with the new set of pre-op appointments, which have to be within 30 days of surgery, scheduled for April 22nd.

>80 atozgrl: So glad your DH is coming along, Irene. Not sleeping well seems to be par for the course – getting comfortable, pain, and etc. Good luck with his first foray out of the house. My PT is at the PT’s office, so I was out of the house on the 4th day after surgery and will be out of the house on the 4th day after surgery this time, too.

I think that a 90-year old and 66-year old are going to get back to the place they were here, when Cathy and John (who died last year of pancreatic cancer) lived 2 miles away. Back and forth, sometimes more than others, as they lived separate lives. Louise will need more care, of course, so that will be something for them to figure out together.

I couldn’t schedule the appliances while I had Covid, of course, and once surgery got rescheduled, it opened up a big window of opportunity. I’ll be calling the appliance store when I return from visiting Louise this morning.

Decadence – we already have a full-sized freezer in the garage, so will now have two full-sized food storage appliances in the garage. I’m skint, and just don’t want to get rid of the fridge when it’s perfectly good except for being the wrong color. 🙄

‘Morning, Mark. Brrrr. It’s chilly here, but our chilly is 50F now going to 57F later, not mid-20s. Sorry your TW partner cancelled. Enjoy the books.

Wordle 1003 3/6* trope, petal, spelt


Jenna and I spent half an hour putting things that were out in the garage into the HVAC closet in the closet. Things still out are thrift shop-bound or dump-bound, so that that part of the garage will be available for when we get appliances delivered and the house fridge becomes the garage fridge. Bill and I had a discussion yesterday about the generator not working on the outlet the fridge will be on, but we'll be able to snake an extension cord across the garage floor to the outlet that the freezer's on, which IS on generator power. Little things...

This morning is the Louise visit and possibly a grocery store online order or run, depending on my mood. Most likely, out of an abundance of caution, an online order. Possibly getting thrift-store bound items into the SUV.

Mar 19, 6:43 am

Wordle 1004 3/6* trope, blade, abide


I visited with Louise for 2 hours yesterday and had a wonderful time with her. I made air fryer chicken and baked potatoes for dinner and watched the replay of Tottenham vs. Fulham, maskless, in the living room with Bill. It was a good game. Jenna's spending the week with her girlfriend.

Today will be getting some UHaul book boxes and picking up an online grocery store order, which I still have to place. It's early, though. Otherwise, reading, puttering. My cleaning ladies will come on Friday instead of today.

Editado: Mar 19, 8:40 am

Morning, Karen. I have been scheduling Mon, Wed and Fri for Kidz Kab. Freeing me up for pickleball on Tuesdays.

I have been seeing a partially "leucistic" robin visiting my backyard. He has been hanging around for several days. I finally got a few decent pics, which I will share later. This is what it looks like:

Mar 19, 11:08 pm

>82 karenmarie: It's amazing how families spread out over time isn't it? I'm working on a genealogy project and it's neat seeing how far apart people were even just a generation ago, and how they came together in one family and then spread out again.

Mar 20, 1:36 am

Thanks for the good wishes regarding Dave's retirement. It's sort of hard to believe after all this time, but he is 67 and 3 months and is so looking forward to his last day. Bill is still working, I think ? I'm glad your surgery has been re-scheduled, but very sorry it had to be cancelled. We will have lived for 24 years in our townhouse this June, I think it is. We did a huge amount of de-cluttering and donating things when we moved from our house to our townhouse, but as you might imagine, things have a way of building up again over time.

Mar 20, 8:55 am

>84 msf59: ‘Morning the next day, Mark! Happy Wednesday to you. I’m glad you’re getting a stable schedule that allows for pickleball and that you’re really liking it. I’ve never heard of leucistic robins or any other leucistic birds. I usually scurry to the internet for things on Richard’s thread, and this is a fun alternative. I now know about leucistic robins. Wow. That bird looks beautiful and bizarre once I realized it was a robin.

>85 elorin: It really is amazing, Robyn, and in my family, I had folks start coming to the east coast of North America in the 1630s. Vermont, New York, Penna, Michigan, and then further out and down. Genealogy projects are fun. I did a lot on my family over the years pre-internet, started using the internet, then got stuck, then made the link on my paternal g-g-grandfather a couple of years ago that took me back to Eltweed Pomeroy (1585-1673), who came here from Beammister, Dorset, England and died in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts. Good luck!

>86 vancouverdeb: Hi Deborah. You’re very welcome – I’m happy that he’s able to get away from the demanding physical nature of his job. Bill is not working – forced retirement last November. Thanks re my surgery. At this point, I see that it was meant to be and am de-cluttering and reorganizing and just enjoying early spring. 24 years is a long time to live somewhere, and I can imagine how much more careful you have to be in a town home. Plus, isn’t one of your sons living with you? Or, am I confusing you with someone else?

Our problem is that we have so much storage space – closets, dormers, behind closets, and an attic. Neither of us likes to let things go and we have lots of Jenna's stuff, but I have done a stellar job in the garage with Jenna’s help, if I do say so myself. It’s almost ready for the house-soon-to-be-garage refrigerator when we get the new one delivered April 1st.

A problem I’m having is that friend Louise is working like mad to get stuff thrown out, donated, or boxed for her move and I came home yesterday with 3 small antique bowls and a small pitcher plus a wedge pillow. I can donate the pillow if it doesn’t work for either Bill or me. The other day I got a bag of glass to take to the dump. She’s in a tizzy.

Wordle 1005 3/6* trope, login, lingo


Yesterday was productive. I got all the trash from the garage into the back of my SUV, got book boxes from UHaul, then took the trash to the dump. I then stopped off at Louise's houses and sold her 6 small UHaul boxes I had at the house. She simply will not let me pay her for anything. I'll be getting her mother's antique cedar chest sometime soon, too. Puttering, reading, and watching a replay of a Premier League soccer match, not Arsenal. I'm in Arsenal withdrawal. They don't play again until the 31st.

We are pretty much housebound because of the 2-day road repaving project. Today is limited ability to come and go as they prep the road, tomorrow we're not allowed on the road from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Not a hardship for us. Jenna's staying at her girlfriend's, and neither Bill nor I scheduled anything for Thursday.

I need to catch up my spreadsheets and Lightning Round word document, putter, and put stuff to donate into the back of the SUV for a run on Friday or Saturday.

Mar 20, 10:58 am

>87 karenmarie: Good thing no schedules were disrupted...that kind of surprise imprisonment can play havoc with a person's schedule.

Have fun puttering around with the books and stuff...and maybe just use Louise's payment to get yourself a book you want but didn't want to spend the money on...

Mar 20, 12:52 pm

All this talk of deaccessioning one's lifetime accumulation of stuff is physically and emotionally distressing. Hits home. The idea of renting a dumpster and just hauling stuff out of the house and into the dumpster has appeal. But...but...but. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

>64 karenmarie: Your look at my book catalog is interesting. Even as I type this message I am ignoring the Bethlehem book sale, which opened its doors 46 minutes ago. The thrill of discovering a book I didn't know existed, that I didn't know I NEEDED is diminished, fading. Now I want/need to get what I have organized.

Mar 20, 3:24 pm

>87 karenmarie: May all the rewards of getting it done be yours!

>89 weird_O: Contemplating parting can be wrenching misery and panic inducing. Many spoons melt on that hill.

Mar 20, 9:19 pm

>87 karenmarie: The first project is to take someone else's genealogy and input it online. I don't know how much more I will do when that's done! But it's been fun learning in the meantime. Good luck with the housebound days.

Editado: Mar 21, 5:40 am

Happy Thursday, Richard dear Karen!
I am sorry Louise will be moving to Florida. Probably good for her, but I know you will miss her.

We will be leaving tomorrow to walk the last part of the Pieterpad, so I probably won't visit any threads next week.

Editado: Mar 21, 6:05 am

>88 richardderus: ‘Morning the next day, RDear. We can last quite a while in here, actually. In fact, at this time, the only thing that would cause serious concern would be medications running out. Nothing would prevent us from getting out that long, though. Knock on wood. I puttered, I ordered Giza and the Pyramids: The Definitive History by Mark Lehner and Zahi Hawass from the University of Chicago Press, $81 as published, $58 on Amazon, for $17 (sale price) plus tax and shipping. Louise’s $10 will definitely be contributed to it. *smooch*

>89 weird_O: I’m sorry that all this talk is distressing to you, Bill. I know you’ve had so much on your emotional plate in the last several years. Don’t think about it. It’s not time for you to think about it yet. Ignoring the Bethlehem book sale is admirable IF organizing what you have is stronger than acquiring new. I personally have only acquired 33 books so far this year.

>90 quondame: Hello Susan. I’m feeling pretty chipper about getting things organized and cleared out. And right now I have a fair amount of energy, after the month-long battle against Covid and residual symptoms. The older I get the less panicked I get about getting rid of things. Jenna may want/need some things, but I think it’s time to clean out the linens upstairs before my surgery. Sigh.

>91 elorin: I’ve got a partial family tree on familysearch.org, easily available, and a partial family tree on Ancestry, not available because I’m too cheap to pay for a subscription right now. Have fun with your project. Thanks re the housebound days. I am an extremely sedentary person and a pretty introverted one, so being at home isn’t a burden to me. However, next week I might start going back to using the treadmill at the Senior Center as much as I can, masked of course, before my knee replacement surgery on May 2nd. I’ve been away from it since mid-February.

>92 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita! Have a wonderful time on the final part of the Pieterpad. Thank you re Louise.

Wordle 1006 4/6*trope, snide, suede, shade. Suede is not one of the 2,309 words, but I couldn't resist.


Lots of puttering and reading yesterday, along with individually packaging beef patties, b/s chicken thighs, and tenderloin pork chops and putting them in the freezer.

Reading and puttering will be had today, and quite possibly a nap since I have only gotten about 2.5 hours of sleep so far. I didn't turn out the light when I should have, losing the effect of NyQuil gel caps.

While on Richard's thread, reading his reply to my not taking a BB on a book, I wanted to see how many books I had tagged 'tbr'. I then checked out my 25 books tagged 'abandoned', and found one, Midnight Fires: A Mystery with Mary Wollstonecraft by Nancy Means Wright that I remembered writing a scathing review about. I received it as an Early Reviewer book, and am still pleased with my review:
It is not a good sign when I start dog-earing the pages that contain awful prose. It is also not a good sign when I start composing my review 61 pages into a book.

This book has no central voice. Page 63 has a very interesting line that applies to this book: “It was as if the whole house had suffered a nervous breakdown.” Substitute “this book” and you’ve hit the nail on the head.

My first intimation that this book was going to be a hardship to read was when Mary “was shoved like a sausage into a smelly post-chaise.” It is a poor simile.

Things went rapidly downhill. Here are some examples. I've kept it short - there are many others.

“Murder? Mary could hardly say the word to herself. Stabbed? In the neck? A Handsome neck at that – it seemed such a waste.

In the heart, too? She clapped a hand to her breast. She knew what it was to be stabbed in the heart.”

Well, no, actually – she hadn’t been stabbed in the heart. It irritated me.

“”Of course the fathers objected to Fiona’s troth to Sean – the vendetta, you know, betwixt the families,” irritated me too – the word vendetta is from about 1855, before this story, but it was jarring.

I’m not sure “rebel cells” used to describe revolutionary groups bound to overthrow the government would have been used. It sounds too contemporary.

“Eva planted herself before him, arms around her belly, which was breathing heavily.” How does a belly breathe heavily? Yes she’s pregnant, but this just doesn’t work.

My last and best example of things that just didn’t work for me is “Of course he didn’t know, he had not thought it all through. He loved the girl, that was all. She thought of Romeo and Juliet and how they ended up in graves because of their many adversaries. She thought of her sister Eliza who married for love – security perhaps – but found only abuse. When Mary had rushed her away through the streets in a hackney coach, the girl was so crazed she bit clean through her wedding ring. A gold ring – was it hollow? They had left the baby behind – whose fault was it that the baby died? And what if George got Oona pregnant?”


This book reminds me of the Christian romance I recently got as an ER book and disliked. Both try to say too much with too few words, both are awkward and disjointed. I found myself looking for awful things and not following the story closely. It just didn’t appeal to me and I won’t read any more of the proposed series.
I gave it 1* but should have given it 1/2 *. It's from 2010. I just looked it up on Amazon and has no ratings less than 3*. Outlier again.

Mar 21, 5:43 am

>92 FAMeulstee: Sorry to have mixed up names in my message, my mind must have been elsewhere ;-)
I did correct it.

>93 karenmarie: Thanks, Karen, I am sure we will.
I hope you can get some more sleep, 2.5 hours is not enough.

Mar 21, 7:52 am

Morning, Karen. Sweet Thursday. I got out with my birding buddies yesterday and will join a birding field trip this AM. Very chilly start to the day but it is nice to be out, looking for early migrants. Yesterday we had a golden-crowned kinglet- FOY. Super cute little guys.

Hooray for putting out the hummingbird feeder. Go Louise! I hope you get a couple of naps in.

Mar 21, 10:06 am

>93 karenmarie: *gaak* That is a horrifying mishegas of a read. Thank goodness it was so long ago! *smooch*

Mar 21, 8:34 pm

Karen, you are correct, our eldest son moved back home when he was 35, I think it was . He'll be 40 this December and he doesn't show any signs of moving out . I think besides the financial issues he was having / may still have , that he was lonely living on his own. He has a girl friend, but they only see each other once or twice a week and he has told us he never plans to marry or move in with someone. At times the 3 of us living in 1500 square feet can be crowded. but it's okay, and I am glad that Daniel is happier.

I have a partial family tree on Ancestry, but as you say, it is expensive. For now I just pay $4.99 to keep the trees I have in place, and when I have a bunch of time, I'll add to the family tree.

Mar 21, 10:09 pm

>87 karenmarie: Hello, Karen, I hope you got some naps in today. Wow, it sounds like Louise is in a big hurry to clear everything out. How soon does she plan to go?

When we were clearing out mom's house, my grandmother's cedar chest was there, and my sister wanted me to take it. But our house isn't big enough, and we don't have room for it, so she took it in the end.

Mar 21, 10:14 pm

Here's the next readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/359476

Mar 22, 9:37 am

>94 FAMeulstee: No worries, Anita. I noticed and noticed that you corrected it. 😊

>95 msf59: ‘Morning the next day, Mark! Happy Friday to you. I’m glad you’re getting your birding fix in. Yes, I got a nap in.

>96 richardderus: Hiya, RD! Yes, once I get angry at a book, I pull out all the stops. It hasn’t happened often, but I did let loose at book club in 2012 when we met to discuss Twelve by Twelve. I’ve written about my reaction to this book on LT before, but it was about my county, with some people I recognized, and I was FURIOUS. Here's the list of that year’s reads, just for the heck of it. It may or not may surprise you that I only completed 6 of them - #s 3,5,6,7,8,10.


>97 vancouverdeb: ‘Morning, Deborah! I’m sure it’s crowded with 3 people in 1500 square feet, but I’m also sure, with having Jenna at home, that there are benefits to have a child around. Having your son happier makes sacrifice worth it. Having Jenna happier makes it worth it too, although now she’s so happy with her girlfriend that I’m sure she’ll move in with her this year, probably sooner than later.

Do tell. $4.99 to have access to your family trees on Ancestry? I’ll try to check it out, too.

>98 atozgrl: Hi Irene. Yes, I did get a nap in yesterday, late in the afternoon. Good question re Louise. The new house closes on March 28th. She’ll put her house up here on the market next week, and given the nature of our real estate market right now, I’m sure it will sell quickly, although it takes a minimum of 45 days to close out here according to her realtor. So, what she told me about May probably still holds true.

I’m sorry you don’t have room for the cedar chest – hope chest. I’m almost, but not quite really, ashamed to admit that I have Bill’s Mama’s ~1949 hope chest, Louise’s ~1950 hope chest, and will now get her mother’s hope chest. Louise is a younger daughter, born in 1934, so perhaps ~1930? Jenna will eventually have to deal with our stuff, and I’m working on decluttering.

>99 SilverWolf28: Thanks, Silver!

Wordle 1007 4/6* trope, gleam, began, decay. Not enough coffee led me to use g again.


2.5 hours of sleep the night before does not make a productive day. I read, puttered, inventoried one shelf of books. I did clean out a drawer in the kitchen, so there's that. Unsuccessfully tried to take a nap at 10, then went upstairs at 3 and read/napped 'til 7:10.

Cleaning ladies are coming in an hour. The road is available again, so may go out this afternoon with stuff for the thrift shop to get the last bits out of the garage area for the refrigerator now coming on April 2nd. Ted, the appliance store guy, called back the other day to tell me that he didn't realize the store closed for Easter Monday. We agreed that we're not religious and would not have thought about that.

I got a good night's sleep, and have plans to reorganize the kitchen desk today and/or tomorrow. So, puttering, reading, and perhaps the kitchen desk.

Mar 22, 9:53 am

>100 karenmarie: Morning, Horrible. *smooch*

It takes a lot to make me angry at a book, but when it happens it is memorable. Mostly I get disgusted or impatient with the author and/or editor.

Mar 22, 11:43 am

>97 vancouverdeb:, >100 karenmarie: Re: Ancestry. They may have different plans/policies for Canadian users like Deborah, but I am currently able to access my tree for free. I had a subscription for a while, but cancelled it when I decided to take a break from working on my tree. Before cancelling I contacted support and they assured me my tree would remain and I would be able to access it. I can even add people to my tree if I want. What I can't do is view records such as census data. In my tree I can see that I have records attached to ancestors, but I can't pull them up and look at the details.

Mar 22, 1:41 pm

Happy Friday, Karen. Last day of Kids Kab. Next week is Spring Break. I get to goof off. Yah! I spent yesterday afternoon with Jackson. I will post some pics. I got a couple of hours of pickleball in today, so keeping busy.

I have not checked my feeders but I did fill them.

Mar 22, 2:29 pm

>102 lauralkeet: I am using WikiTree which is free. I had some bad luck with Ancestry.com in the past and I was super excited when I was introduced to WikiTree.

Mar 22, 8:12 pm

The 4.99 I pay currently just means they won’t delete what I already have on my family trees on Ancestry ca/com . I’m not sure if I can look at any info with that , or what .

Mar 22, 8:14 pm

>102 lauralkeet: Thanks Laura . I’ll have to contact Ancestry and see what I have access too . I was paying for Ancestry world wide , or something so I could see info in Europe etc for family info outside of Canada and North America.

Mar 23, 7:38 am

>101 richardderus: Hi RD! Happy Saturday to you. Funny, I don’t get angry at editors, just impatient at their obvious incompetence or lack of care. And with so many self-published books out there now, and the evils of spell/word/punctuation checking, words get left out, words get misspelled, and, the most recent example in my book although it’s deliberate to point out how OCD someone is, wait instead of weight. The most amusing recent example of not fixing an error is the use of bugle for bulge. *smooch*

>102 lauralkeet: Hi Laura, and thank you re Ancestry. I might get in touch with them to learn how to see my family tree.

>103 msf59: Hi Mark a day later. That seems to be my new mantra, and I’m sorry. I should really check back more during the day like I did until very recently. Yay for getting Spring Break, yay for your Jackson time, AND your new adventures in pickleball. I filled all my feeders yesterday. I need to critter-proof the hummingbird feeder – someone pulled the swivel pole over and emptied it. Time for oil in the reservoir to keep the ants out and two dryer sheets – one just as is and one saturated with cayenne pepper paste. No nore Ms. Nice Guy.

>104 elorin: Haven’t heard of WikiTree, Robyn, and will make a note to check it out. Thank you.

>105 vancouverdeb: and >106 vancouverdeb: It’s sad that Ancestry isn’t clear in what people can do when they stop spending money and when they spend a reduced amount, isn’t it, Deborah?

Wordle 1008 4/6* trope, miner, siren, risen


Cleaning ladies came and went and left me a clean house. Louise came over so I could print a legal document out for her. I also gave her a manila mailing envelope and taped the mailing label to it for her. Watched a bit of soccer in the evening, read a lot. Puttered some.

Jenna may come home today, but I think the writing's been written on the wall, because she's only coming home to get some more stuff. She may come home another week or two, but I'll be surprised if she does. I'll need her to stay the weekend of May 4-5, when I'm just home from knee replacement surgery, and she can take stuff and box the rest to put in the Media Room. It's been a good run and I'm grateful she's been here. Reading, puttering, spreadsheets, etc.

Mar 23, 8:13 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Saturday. I enjoyed my pickleball yesterday, but playing with more seasoned players, I have learned I have much more work to do, to advance my game.

We had snow yesterday, a couple of different times. Nothing much remains but it stays chilly. I plan on getting out for a solo walk.

Mar 23, 12:23 pm

'Morning, Mark! Wow. Snow. We had rain last night, and it's definitely spring and pollen out here.

Enjoy your walk.

Mar 23, 12:26 pm

>107 karenmarie: It's a good development for Jenna, and an adjustment for you. Becky is rethinking her move out plan in light of Nutmeg's intense reaction to being on her own for all of 1 hour. Of course French Bulldogs are delicate self destroying biological abominations, but watching one be all confident and cheerful, which has been Nutmeg most of the time, gives a very different impression.

Mar 24, 8:26 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Sunday. Despite the chill, I really enjoyed my solo walk yesterday, clocking in nearly 25 species, including 2 FOY birds. I was a happy camper. I plan on taking Juno for a walk in the woods today too.

My leucistic robin has still been hanging around out back, along with house finch and a junco or two.

Mar 24, 8:37 am

'Morning, Susan! Definitely good for Jenna, very sad for me.

I just checked out a few YouTube videos of French Bulldogs, and wow. Needy much? delicate self destroying biological abominations Are they just high strung, or are they overbred?

Of course, I'm one to talk - lately Zoe has paraded in front of me every morning, playing with things on the desk, showing me her rear end, and perching, like she's doing now, 6" from my left elbow, waiting for lap time.

However, kitties are very independent and after she gets her morning fix acts is more independent.

Wordle 1,009 2/6* *blinks* Wasn't expecting that. Hopeful, but not expectant. trope, towel


Jenna did come home, for all of half an hour. Got clothes, got her mail, said hi to various humans and kitties, and left.

Watched a soccer with Bill in the afternoon. It was a friendly between England and Brasil, so got to see Declan Rice from Arsenal, Jarrod Bowen from West Ham, etc., but they went down 1-0 late in the second half so stopped watching. Reading. I got some book boxes in the house so I can finally send Karen The Pulpit Commentary by H.D.M. Spence and Joseph F. Exell, all 23 volumes. I got these from a retired preacher here in Pittsboro for Karen last year. She's paid me AND paid for postage, and has been really patient.

Might actually box the books up today, will definitely read and work on budgeting and some of my reading spreadsheets and The Lightning Round.

Editado: Mar 24, 12:48 pm

I have been debating this recommendation. It's not all MM although it does have some of that in it, as well as MF and FF relationship dynamics. There's poly/triad dynamics too. It's has fantasy elements also. And BDSM elements.

If you are still interested, I am talking about A Lesson in Thorns by Sierra Simone and it's sequels. I really loved the series.

Mar 24, 12:58 pm

Hi Karen. I never got around to wish you a happy new thread and now I'd say it's a bit late. Still, happy new-ish thread. :-)

Nice job on today's Wordle! Two is always fun and often surprising.

A couple years ago I started to create an account with Ancestry and I quickly got uncomfortable with the level of personal family detail they wanted me to enter. I mean, I get it, that is the point, but I just don't trust the internet. I already feel so vulnerable with all the hackers out there. Still, it would be so interesting to learn more about my family tree.

We are in major clear-out mode as we plan for putting the house on the market sometime in the next couple months. No clear timeline but we need to get books, puzzles, etc., out of the house. We have rented a storage unit because, while I am happy to get rid of some of my books, there are hundreds I want to keep. They can go in boxes for a little while.

Mar 24, 1:25 pm

>112 karenmarie: Have a glorious week-aheads reads, Horrible my dear. *smooch*

Mar 24, 1:44 pm

Been away from my laptop which means away from LT so only sort of caught up:

>37 karenmarie: Thanks for your description of the romances. I don't read them but am thinking they might be fun for poolside this summer.

>59 karenmarie: I gave up Kindle Unlimited as I am trying very very hard to read only books I own. But then I discover that I have the fifth book in a series that is available KU and not my library. What *is* a girl to do?

RE: Facebook: I so rarely check and considered deleting it. But I do get messages and my various craft groups use FB groups.

RE: cats and vets. My cat gives the typical struggle to get in the carrier and complains the whole way there. But, get her in the examining room and she is everybody's friend, purring, head butting, rubbing. It is hysterical. I think she hope they won't hurt her is she is sweet.

>64 karenmarie: I am so sorry about Louise. When we moved to the farm, we lost touch with so many people despite not being that far away. Fortunately, things like FB and texting do exist now.

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday!

Editado: Mar 24, 2:51 pm

>112 karenmarie: Excellent Wordle today! I think I heard the shriek from here! Happy Sunday to you.

Karen O

Mar 24, 3:24 pm

>112 karenmarie: Over bred is pretty much the definition of French Bulldogs. Their snouts are so deformed that many require expensive surgery such as Nutmeg had to breath badly, and not excruciatingly badly. They have no tails to speak of (it was a real shock when I met Nutmeg) the breeding in of which seems to mess with the joints of their back legs, which don't half balance their heavyset fore-ends anyway. They cannot breed themselves and the bitches require cesareans to deliver. They cannot lick their own asses.
But the have great personalities! Nutmeg is the dearest dog we've ever owned.

Best luck with Jenna staying within lamb-chop defrosting distance!

Mar 25, 8:10 am

Morning, Karen. I slipped in here yesterday but we may have cross-posted. It was a fairly lazy day. I did get Juno out for a walk in the woods and we had a surprise visit from Jackson in the afternoon and he hung out for awhile.

Rain this AM, so no Trail Watch...again. I think I will play pickleball. 😁

Mar 25, 10:42 am

>111 msf59: Sorry, Mark! I open my thread, either get diverted or go down a rabbit hole, then take a while to post, missing new visitors. Thanks re Sunday. 25 species is impressive, especially 2 FOY birds. I hope your walk with Juno was good yesterday. I’m still thrilled with your Leucistic Robin. I’ve got Finches right now although the feeders are all full.

>113 elorin: I took a BB on this one, Robyn, and even spent $5.99 on it. Thanks for the recommendation. It sounds intriguing. All sorts of interesting tropes and genres.

>114 EBT1002: Hi Ellen. Thanks re my newish thread. *smile*

Thanks re Wordle. Two is always stunning. Today is four, as you can see below. Interesting about Ancestry. We have an account with stuff attached, but I haven’t been able to look at it for quite a while, although I may call them based on the discussions above. I use familysearch.org – the LDS databases and trees – and just plain duckduckgo.com, where I had a huge breakthrough several years ago when I found my paternal g-g-grandfather, which got me back to … wait for it… Eltweed Pomeroy… one of the first and largest groups of Pomeroys.

I was very surprised to hear that you and P were moving when I visited your thread. If P’s not happy, then of course you can’t be truly happy, so I hope the town you’ve picked out will be perfect for you both. And in the meantime, a storage unit for books, puzzles, and etc., makes sense. Other things, too, as you get closer. Heh. I’ve got almost 6,000 books and although I have been serious about culling this year, have only culled 154 so far. Most likely it will eventually become Jenna’s problem. I need to identify intrinsically valuable ones in the Private Comments for her, and/or make a spreadsheet. You know me and my spreadsheeets. Good luck with prep!

>115 richardderus: Hiya, RDear, and thank you. *smooch*

>116 witchyrichy: Hi Karen, nice to see you here. Light poolside reading is always good. I’ve never read on my Kindle by a pool or the beach, but I imagine I have a physical book or two that would work… KU is my savior right now as I still only want to read MM romances. I look over at the Currently Reading books on my desk, and shrug and return to the Kindle. I have no FB groups, but like I’ve written here or elsewhere, I occasionally get messages or updates about niece/wife/kids and a few other folks. Nice that your cat does the Jekyll/Hyde thing and tries to impress the vet and her/his staff.

Thanks re Louise. It’s sad for me, good-but-not-necessarily-fun-for-her, as she has a contentious relationship with her daughter. I imagine she’ll become one of those friends that I speak with less frequently. I’m not very good with long-distance relationships, except with family and here on LT.

>117 klobrien2: Yes, you did, Karen. Gave me lots of good energy for quite a while. Thanks re my Sunday – I hope yours was a good’un.

>118 quondame: Well, no French Bulldog for me. Gads. I’m glad Nutmeg is the dearest dog you’ve ever owned, knowing how much you’ve loved your other dogs. My mother had an exotic, who also had that smushy face and could hardly eat or drink water. Louise had Shia Tzus, also shockingly overbred.

I had two Dobies in ~1984-1987, Jet, who had dewclaws/tail/ears clipped and docked. Ruby had none of the above, and wiggled like a Lab or other endearing dog. I liked the way Jet pranced, but regretted it as he went through physical pain and we went through emotional pain.

>119 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark! Sorry – I answered your post above. Glad you had a walk with Juno and a visit from Jackson. Sorry about the rain. Oh – I didn’t realize pickleball was played inside, although it makes sense.

Wordle 1,010 4/6* trope, flown, villa, sally


I did box the books for Karen, 23 volumes of The Pulpit Commentary Hardcover – October 1, 1985 by H. D. M. Spence (Editor), Joseph S. Exell (Editor). Since I'm not a Christian, I snarkily refer to them as Spark Notes for preachers. I got them in 3 UHaul book boxes, didn't try to cram them into two boxes because of the weight for me, Jenna, the PO, and Karen.

I also inventoried another bookshelf. I use the LT Inventory system, which, although somewhat rudimentary for larger libraries, is useful.

I got up with the alarm today - 9:40 - and am only now eating breakfast and continuing to drink coffee. I need to go to the bank, the pharmacy, and probably a small run to the grocery store. I also need to a bit of adulting and make a phone call or two.

Mar 25, 12:06 pm

>120 karenmarie: Morning, Horrible! Have the Monday of your dreams.

Editado: Mar 25, 7:27 pm

>120 karenmarie: Well, Nutmeg is a good dog, smart and teachable and good natured. Seeing the abyss, learning that being alone is even possible, does seem to have been a real shock, but her behavior is returning to previous modes.

Gertie was not a good dog. But she was totally mine, and would spend hours curled on my lap, a pool of warm velvet. But a total wee bitch of a person.

Oh check out my review of World Ain't Ready a fanfic on AO3

Mar 25, 8:25 pm

>120 karenmarie: I look forward to seeing what you think of it!

Mar 26, 7:55 am

Morning, Karen. No worries. We all can be easily distracted. Another surprise visit from Jackson, around dinnertime. He cracks us up. More pickleball today. More rain too.

Mar 26, 9:01 am

Tuesday *smooch*

Mar 26, 9:41 am

‘Morning the next day, RD! I had a pretty good Monday, all things considered. *smooch*

>122 quondame: HI Susan. Perhaps you, Becky, and Mike can do some conditioning – letting her be alone for longer and longer times so that Becky doesn’t have to consider moving out. Gertie the wee bitch of a person sounds wonderful as a pool of warm velvet. I’ve opened your fan fic in another tab and will read it soon.

>123 elorin: Thanks, Robyn! It’s downloaded, ready to go.

>124 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark! Happy Tuesday to you. Surprise visits from your grandson put smiles on your face, right? Yay for pickleball. If the rain’s needed then good, if it’s too much, then boo hiss.

>125 richardderus: *smooch* back at’cha, RDear.

Wordle 1,011 3/6* trope, coral, mayor


I worked on a stack of papers yesterday and got a pile of things to shred plus a box of things to file. Other than that, SSDD.

Today is errands. Library to drop off a few bags of Friends donations, possibly treadmill, definitely bank, pharmacy, and grocery store.

Mar 26, 9:41 am

Peggy wanted me to let you all know that her dear mama died last night about 3:30. It was easy in the end.

I met her mother several times, and she was a dear, smart, sweet woman, just like our Peggy.

Please keep her and her DH in your thoughts and prayers.

Mar 26, 9:43 am

Thanks for letting us all know about Peggy's circumstances, Horrible. Sad for her, of course, but so so glad that it was not a terrible passing.

Mar 26, 9:45 am

May the goddess walk with her in this sad time

Mar 26, 11:35 am

>127 karenmarie: Thanks for letting us know, Karen.

Mar 26, 2:10 pm

Editado: Mar 26, 6:20 pm

>127 karenmarie: Thank you, Karen, for letting us know. I'm sad for Peggy, but her mama lived even longer than my MiL, who we lost in December, so we know she had a full life. I'll definitely be keeping Peggy in my thoughts and prayers.

Mar 27, 8:11 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Wednesday. Sorry to hear about Peggy's mother. Give her our best.

Jackson came over again yesterday and ended up spending the night. With Sue not working now, she is offering to take him, when needed. Sue does most of the work, so I really can't complain. 😁

Taking the truck in today for brake work, so nothing much else planned. Kind of enjoying my Spring Break.

Mar 27, 8:38 am

Howdy, Horrible! *smooch*

Mar 27, 9:48 am

Thank you, Richard, Jim, Laura, Susan, Irene, Mark for your thoughts and prayers for Peggy.

>133 msf59: Wow, another Jackson visit, and an overnight one, too. Yes, enjoy the time off from Kids Kabz (?), and hope the brake work is inexpensive with no rude surprises. Finches, Cardinals, a Carolina Chickadee, a White-Breasted Nuthatch, a male Red-Bellied Woodpecker on the Suet, and a Mourning Dove in the Crepe Myrtle. It seems to be second breakfast, lots of swooping and jockeying for position. *smile*

>134 richardderus: Howdy do, RDear. I’m still on my first cup of coffee. Jenna’s still staying at her girlfriend’s, going to and from work from there, although we talk every day. Bill’s still asleep.

Wordle 1,012 4/6* trope, latch, minty, stung


Took 4 (light) bags of books and AV to the Friends for the book sale, came home with The New York Times: Complete Civil War, 1861-1854 and The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue. $8 for both, will pay during the sale, when I'll pay for everything brought home since the last sale and my annual dues. Went to the bank's drive-through. I abandoned two books, one at 170 pages and one at 156 pages. Sometimes I just realize that I don't care about the characters, bizarre plot twists, or level of squicky.

I need to go to the pharmacy and grocery store today since I didn't go there yesterday. Sigh. Nothing like leaving your wallet at home and only realizing it after leaving the bank on the way to the pharmacy. Sheesh.

Mar 28, 8:07 am

Morning, Karen. Sweet Thursday. I bought a suit yesterday for an upcoming wedding. Probably the last one I will buy. I am happy with it. I had my first red-winged blackbird visit the platform feeder yesterday. A male. Doing Trail Watch today, since I couldn't get out Monday.

Enjoy your day.

Mar 28, 8:38 am

>135 karenmarie: Whoops on the walletless trip; hooray for Jenna's good news; brava for your ever-increasing willingness to abandon unsuccessful reads.

*smooch* from dank, achy Long Isand.

Mar 28, 10:00 am

>136 msf59: 'Morning, Mark! Sweet Thursday to you. I know - we're getting to some of the lasts in our lives. Amazing, isn't it? Yay for the first Red-Winged Blackbird, enjoy TW today.

>137 richardderus: Hiya, RDear. It's dank and achy here, too, although I haven't taken any pain meds yet this morning. I did use some CBD ointment on my knees, though, before I came downstairs, and that helps. *smooch*

Wordle 1,013 4/6* trope, penal, cheap, speak


Yesterday was a major clean out of paperwork, pharmacy, puttering, reading, soccer.

Bill's got doctor's appointments and lunch with a friend, so I've got the house to myself right now. Reading, puttering, probably a grocery store run later in the afternoon.

We had a major storm last night, and there was one bolt of lightning almost right over the house that set off the impact sensor in the utility room. Plus much rain.

Mar 28, 8:11 pm

Here's the Easter readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/359643

Mar 29, 1:07 am

Hi Karen--lots of changes going on in your house! Happy for Jenna, sorry on your behalf. : ( Keep the cleaning out going and wishing you happy reading this weekend!

Mar 29, 2:10 am

I'm sorry to read about the passing of Peggy's mom. Thanks for letting us know. I know she was so close to her mom and took such good care of her.

Mar 29, 8:29 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Friday. Trail Watch went well despite the chill. I got 2 FOY birds- an osprey and a tree swallow. Both spend the summers here. Playing pickleball this AM. Books in the PM.

Mar 29, 9:35 am

>139 SilverWolf28: Hi Silver, and thank you!

>140 Berly: Hi Kim. Yes. I keep taking deep breaths. Thank you.

>141 vancouverdeb: Hello Deborah. Yes, Peggy did everything in her power to take good care of her, especially during the worst of Covid when literally NOBODY but she and her DH came into her mother’s house and she didn’t go ANYWHERE.

>142 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and happy Friday to you. Glad TW went well and congrats on 2 FOY birds. Enjoy pickleball and the books.

Wordle 1,014 4/6* trope, diver, reach, realm


Yesterday was quiet although I did get some items we no longer want into the back of my SUV to donate. I need to get the two empty 5-gallon diesel cans into the storage shed in case our landscape guy wants them. Lots of reading, and even a short nap.

I might go grocery shopping or place an online order for pickup, may drop off the items to be donated, may finalize the garage cleanup in anticipation of putting our current refrigerator out there when we get the new one delivered on Tuesday. We're also getting the wall oven/microwave, slide-in propane range, and dishwasher on the same day. I

All those are maybes, but there will definitely be reading, spreadsheet updating, and bird feeder replenishment.

Mar 29, 3:10 pm

Happy Friday! I hope you have a lovely weekend and get some good chances to read in between all else.

Mar 29, 3:47 pm

>138 karenmarie: set off the impact sensor in the utility room That's a new one on me. What's an impact sensor? That is, what's its purpose?

I see you are grappling with at least one big project that I'm confronting: cleaning out the garage. It's just one more thing is get done before I pop off. That and shelving ALL the books. :-)

Mar 29, 4:37 pm

Have you read any Rebecca Cohen? Her name just hit my radar as a MM paranormal romance author (I have not read any of her work so I don't know if it's any good).

Mar 30, 8:28 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Saturday. Yesterday, I got some pickleball, birding and book time in, along with a couple of beers at the end. Life is good. I went out last night at dusk, in a light rain and found my FOY American woodcock. 😁

Mar 30, 8:52 am

Horrible! *smooch*

Mar 30, 9:48 am

>144 elorin: Hi Robyn, and thank you. I hope your Friday was a good one. I almost always get good chances to read. Yesterday was no exception.

>145 weird_O: Hiya, Bill. Impact sensors and glass breaking sensors are part of our ADT whole house security system. Sometimes, if I drop something in the Sunroom, the glass break sensors go off. When the system is disarmed, no harm no foul, but if it’s not, for some reason (like the cats knocking something down), the siren goes off and we have to disarm the system or the cops show up. That’s never happened yet, fortunately.

Our garage is really coming along. I’m proud of Jenna and myself. You’ll get all your books shelved. You can build shelves, for goodness’ sake. Slow and steady wins the race.

Our garage has taken us months, but the first thing we did was hire our landscape guy to have one of his guys come over with a huge panel truck. Jenna and I made snap decisions, moved stuff over for him to put in, or even had him get some of the heavier stuff in. He also got some stuff in the yard. Since then we’ve taken stuff to the dump, the swap shop, and put stuff to keep in the cleaned out garage closet. You’ll get there, too.

My next steps on the garage are to get the sheet rock repaired – the ADT guys had to punch a hole in the side for some piping/wiring. They put the punched-out piece back in, but you can see where they did it and also where they took out some of the old generator equipment and weren’t as gentle about it. Then, eventually, paint it again.

>146 elorin: Hi again! Paranormal/fantasy/historical MM romances are of less interest to me, but I just checked out Rebecca Cohen and see that she has the Modern Crofton series, and I got the first one, Saving Crofton Hall, via Kindle Unlimited. Thanks!

>147 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and happy Saturday to you. Your Friday sounds fun and productive. I’m envious of American Woodcocks, although I just checked the range maps and we have them here year-round. I’ll have to ask Louise if she’s seen any.

>148 richardderus: Hallo, RDear. *smooch*

Wordle 1,015 3/6* Not enough coffee. Shouldn't have used the t in the second word. trope, forte, force


Yesterday was getting the stuff for the dump's swap shop in the back of my SUV and cleaning off the work bench. Reading, inventorying books in the Sunroom, LTing a bit. Bill and I watched an early-season Champions League match up between Arsenal and Lens. Arsenal lost, but they got past group stage successfully, so I wasn't as amped up as I'll be on the 9th when they play Bayern in the qtr finals.

Today is loading trash/recyclables into Bill's SUV. Louise is coming over this afternoon for a while. She's got her house on the market, showings by appointment only. There are 8 today, one Monday. I think there might be a bidding war, which is great for her.

Reading, inventorying books, spreadsheets, some stuff in the garage perhaps.

All the appliances are being delivered/installed on Tuesday. My cleaning ladies will come Friday instead. Jenna's still staying at her girlfriend's. Onward and upward.

Mar 30, 10:28 am

>149 karenmarie: Yes i was proud of myself for getting today's Wordle in three, but that confounded Wordlebot smugly told me i should have been able to do it in two.

Mar 30, 12:10 pm

Thanks for the buck-up re: garage tidiness. Shelving books, too. I'm good at squeezing past schedules, agenda, all those feel-good imperatives.

A start-the-day ritual of mine is to read Heather Cox Richardson's e-mail to me. The topic of the day is the Russian disinformation war undermining western democracies. How to Win an Information War is surging toward the top of my reading list.

Mar 31, 8:05 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Sunday. The family is going to Bree's place for the holiday dinner. I wish the weather was a bit nicer. It might rain. I might slip out for a solo walk later this AM.

Enjoy your holiday.

Mar 31, 10:06 am

>150 magicians_nephew: Hi Jim! Wordlebot is too critical, isn’t it? I must admit that I gave up my NYT subscription. Two reasons, the primary one is that I’m in news-avoidance mode these days, and the second reason is to save money since all I’m using it for are Wordle and the mini-Crossword. Congrats on your three!

>151 weird_O: ‘Morning, Bill! I’ve read HCR before, but right now I simply don’t have the mental bandwidth for much of anything besides reading smut, puttering, and getting the kitchen and garage ready for 4 new appliances and the old refrigerator going into the garage. The time will become right to tidy the garage and shelve books. In the meantime, no guilt, take care of yourself.

>152 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark! Happy Sunday. Have a wonderful Easter Sunday with the fam. For us, Easter is a Candy Holiday, and my Peeps are slowly curing – I hate Raw Peeps, and wait ‘til they’re properly chewy.

Wordle 1,016 3/6* trope, tonal, taboo


Final straightening of the space in front of the garage closet so that the old refrigerator can go there on Tuesday, grocery shopping in person, masked, and watching an earlier Champions League match between Arsenal and Sevilla. Arsenal won, but we didn't know that already so it was quite exciting.

Louise was kicked out of her house yesterday for showings by appointment only, so we had a nice visit here in the Sunroom.

It's a gorgeous day. My feeders are busy waiting for visitors - black oil sunflower, wild bird seed, suet, and a hummingbird feeder for those migrating up north. Reading, and finally, the first Premier League Arsenal match in weeks - Arsenal v. Man City at 11:30.

As mentioned above, Easter is a Candy Holiday for us, so no plans at all. I might make some air fryer chicken tonight, might not. Reading, spreadsheet updating, inventorying books here in the Sunroom will take up my time.

Louise's house went on the market yesterday, viewing by appointment only, and her realtor is coming by in half an hour with FIVE offers.

Just for the heck of it, here's the Zillow listing. In the aerial shots you can see my house and barns and the neighbor's stuff on the other side.

Louise's House

#s 21, 22, 23 my house/barns on the right. #s 24 and 25 my house/barns on the left.

Mar 31, 10:40 am

>153 karenmarie: FIVE offers! Good gracious, she's spoiled for choice. I hope you get decent neighbors without any red-hat nonsense. *smooch*

Mar 31, 12:04 pm

>153 karenmarie: Ooh, I love peeking at Zillow listings. That's a lovely house! Lucky Louise, looks like she will be able to complete the process quickly.

I came in from some gardening and thought of you, because Chris is watching the Arsenal match.

Enjoy your day!

Mar 31, 2:37 pm

>154 richardderus: Hi RD! Yes, five. One is $55K over list. She's got two showings tomorrow. I'm hoping for decent neighbors, too, and Louise is taking that into consideration, too, to a point. *smooch*

>155 lauralkeet: I love looking at listings, too, Laura, glad you like this one. I'll be surprised if an offer isn't accepted by Wednesday at the latest.

Nice that you thought of me and Arsenal - it was a wonderful match. I hope Chris liked it as much as I did. It would have been better had they won, but it ended up a 0-0 draw, which for Arsenal is good against Man City, especially at Man City. It was a high energy, deadly serious match.

Mar 31, 3:09 pm

>153 karenmarie: What a pretty house and yard! And 5 offers already! She obviously won't have any trouble selling. I'm with Richard, I hope you get great neighbors. I didn't realize your houses were that close.

Mar 31, 8:15 pm

>157 atozgrl: Hi Irene! Actually, we cannot see her house from our house except in the dead of winter and looking through one window or off the end of the back porch only. It is deceptive. We also cannot see the neighbor on the other side except in the dead of winter From the Sunroom or off the end of the front porch only.

Abr 1, 7:51 am

Morning, Karen. I hope you enjoyed your Candy Holiday. We had a good time with the family. Bree put on a spectacular spread. Stop by my thread to see my bird report. Off to pick up the "kids".

Abr 1, 8:29 am

>156 karenmarie: $55K OVER LIST?!


It's a nice house and the neighborhood is pleasant but that's housing-bubble territory. She is incredibly lucky to be selling now not in a few years... maybe even months.

Happy week-ahead's reads, smoochling.

Abr 1, 9:00 am

>159 msf59: 'Morning, Mark!

I was not raised in church. My dad was not a religious man AT ALL, and my mother was not strong enough to insist she and the three of us kids go to church. It's a foreign concept to me, actually, although I went to church for 3-4 months when I was 10. A neighbor took me to their church, a Lutheran Church. Both sides of my family were Presbyterian. The only two times I was ever in church with my parents was when my sister got married in 1975 and I got married in 1991.

I'm glad for the fam time and spectacular spread. i'll visit in a few.

>160 richardderus: Yes. Our market is very hot because of Chatham Park. It's north and east of Pittsboro, the town on my return address. We're south and west of Pittsboro, but are still benefiting from the Chatham Park amenities. Our medical services have expanded, there's another grocery store option, there are lots of stores and restaurants, and although it gives me the heebie-jeebies, Disney is going to build the Stepford Wives community of Asteria, the second in something called Storyliving by Disney. 4000 homes across 1500 acres, with development starting in 2027.

Wordle 1,017 3/6* trope, groan, frond


We had a relaxing day. We watched an old Champion's League match between Sevilla and Arsenal in the evening. Didn't do much more than read, inventory a shelf of books, and take a 20-minute power nap before heading upstairs around 8:30 p.m.

I'm going to start getting the kitchen prepped for tomorrow's appliances delivery/install - frozen stuff into the freezer in the garage, remove the cutting board and cast iron skillets from the island oven, find the extra racks for the ovens so they can go at the same time as the ovens. And etc.

I'll probably go over to Louise's this afternoon for a quick visit and assessment of her sofa and love seat - she'll give them to me if I want them. Ours are getting a bit seedy, and hers are from the same quality furniture company as ours, Hart Furniture. It's sad they went out of business about 10 years ago.

Abr 1, 9:58 am

>161 karenmarie: OMG
Those Disney "communities" make me feel existential dread. A world like that is my nightmare.

Appliances arriving is very exciting! Hoping all goes smoothly. *smooch*

Abr 1, 12:28 pm

>162 richardderus: Existential dread is right. I enjoyed Disneyland when I was young, went twice as an adult, once to Disneyworld with Jenna's Jazz Band in 2011, and have no need to do anything Disney ever again.

Thanks re tomorrow's appliances. *smooch*

Editado: Abr 1, 12:29 pm

YTD Statistics through March

124 books read
2 of them on my shelves before 1/1/24 and not rereads
24 books abandoned, 3148 pages abandoned, 1 audiobook, .45 hours abandoned

27 audiobook hours

Avg pages read per day, YTD = 384
Avg pages read per book, YTD = 282

Book of the Month: Alphas by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie

Books by Month
January - 46 e-books, 1 audio book, 1 Graphic Novel, and 9 books abandoned for 1711 pages
February - 37 e-books
March - 38 e-books, 1 audio book, and 7 books abandoned for 899 pages

Male 7%
Female 84%
Undeclared * 6%
Non-Binary 3%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Living 100%
Dead 0%

US Born 41%
Foreign Born 22%
Undeclared * 37%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Hardcover 1%
Trade Pback 0%
Mass Market 0%
Audiobook 2%
e-Book 97%

My Library 6%
Library 0%
Kindle Unlimited 94%
Borrowed 0%

Re-read 0%
Series 81%

Fiction 100%
NonFiction 0%

Author Birth Country
Australia 7%
Canada 10%
New Zealand 2%
Norway 1%
UK 2%
Undeclared * 37%
US 41%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Original Decade Published

2000-2009 1%
2010-2019 39%
2020-2029 60%

Contemporary Fiction 98%
Crime Fiction 1%
Informational Nonfiction 1%

Acquisition/Source Date
Kindle Unlimited 116
2024 4
culled after reading 4

Average Rating
1.5 - Very Bad 0
2.0 - Bad 0
2.5 - Average 5
3.0 - Good 9
3.5 - Very Good 18
4.0 - Excellent 65
4.5 - Outstanding 27
5 - Masterpiece 0

Average Rating 3.90
Books acquired YTD 39
Books culled YTD 168

Editado: Abr 1, 1:04 pm

March Lightning Round

Those in bold are NOT MM romances, few and far between as they are.

Alphas Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 2/29/24 3/1/24 Kindle
Oh my. Third in the Like Us series. Here’s the beginning of I wrote about the first, Damaged Like Us:
Vivid, eccentric, totally loveable characters. Maximoff is part of a billionaire family of 3 sisters, their husbands, and all the kids. The world is ensorcelled by them and stalk them all the time, so everybody has a bodyguard. Maximoff’s bodyguard Declan retires, and his mother’s bodyguard, Farrow, is assigned to him. Maximoff has had a secret crush on Farrow for 6 years, Farrow ditto, but of course bodyguards aren’t allowed to mess with their clients. Maximoff and Farrow break the rule.
In this book, Farrow and Maximoff continue to be strong in their relationship, go public with their romance, and Farrow decides to return to his interrupted doctor’s residency. It will only be three years. He resigns as Maximoff’s bodyguard. There are many family dramas in this one, all fascinating to me. Three families, linked by the three sisters. Hales have 4 children, Cobalts have 7 children, and Meadows have 2 children. Late to say it, but Maximoff is a Hale. Teenage drama, security team drama, too. There are thirteen books, and we’ll see how I do with MF romances, starting with book 4, Tangled Like Us. Caveat emptor re sex.

Tangled Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/1/24 3/1/24 Kindle
First, this is the 4th in the Like Us series. Second, This is the first MF romance I’ve read since August 2023, and THAT one was MMF. Jane is part of a billionaire family of 3 sisters, their husbands, and all the kids. The world is ensorcelled by them and stalk them all the time, so everybody has a bodyguard. Jane lives in the same townhome as her cousin Maximoff and his lover/bodyguard Farrow, Maximoff’s sister Luna, and their other cousin Sulli – female, Sullivan. Thatcher is Jane’s bodyguard. When a family member betrays Jane’s trust and places an add for a spouse for Jane, the crazies and money-hungry come out of the woodwork. The Security company decides Jane needs a fake boyfriend, and they choose Thatcher. *eye roll* Jane and Thatcher have been secretly attracted to one another, and after the fake boyfriend thing starts, become lovers behind closed doors. Mayhem, family drama, ANOTHER bodyguard sleeping with his client, and just so much fun and love and well-written characters and fun plot twists that I’m still enthralled. Caveat emptor re sex – straight sex. *blinks*

Sinful Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/1/24 3/2/24 Kindle
Maximoff and Farrow have become engaged, and some of the family secretly jet to Scotland to check out a castle as a wedding venue. It’s supposed to be a week, and with Thatcher’s identical twin going on the trip as bodyguard to HIS client and a smarmy bodyguard named Tony having been assigned as Jane’s bodyguard, the twins switch. Some of the family and bodyguards know, but others don’t, which should be fine for just a week, but a blizzard strikes before they can return and they end up being stuck in Scotland for 34 days. Hijinks, trying to keep those who don’t know that it’s Thatcher and not his twin there, danger and well-written dynamics and plot twists kept me compulsively reading all day. All 501 pages in one day. Caveat emptor re sex – more straight sex.

Headstrong Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/2/24 3/3/24 Kindle
Sixth in the Like Us series. Maximoff and Farrow have moved their wedding date up to the summer and Jane’s the wedding planner. There is the additional complication of a baby related to one of the bodyguards. Maximoff cannot NOT take the baby in with Farrow’s approval and blessing. The mother abandoned the baby at the hospital and the father is in jail. Maximoff and Farrow and the baby, Ripley, live in Maximoff’s room at his parents huge house. Jane and Thatcher and Maximoff’s sister Luna have moved back home after their townhome was destroyed in a fire two books ago. Complications from Maximoff’s maternal grandmother and the attempts to keep the wedding venue away from the paparazzi and Maximoff’s and Farrow’s loving being dads, even temporarily, lead up to a memorable wedding. Caveat emptor re sex.

Charming Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/3/24 3/4/24 Kindle
Seventh in the Like Us series has Oscar Oliviera, bodyguard to Charlie, one of the cousins, asking Jack, executive producer of a family docuseries, for a kiss. The words no gay person wants to hear: “I’m straight.” Fast forward to being back home after the wedding, and Charlie constantly puts Jack and Oscar together. Charlie is willing to have Jack do a separate docuseries of just him, too. This one was my least favorite, in that Jack is not only straight, he is also very attracted to Oscar. Oscar’s always been attracted to Jack. Other family drama, drunken weddings, etc. Caveat emptor re sex.

Wild Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/5/24 3/5/24 Kindle
Eighth in the Like Us series has Sulli, 21, retired Olympian, deciding that she wants to replicate her dad’s free-solo climbing when he was in his 20s by going to Yellowstone and free-soloing. Two of her bodyguards go with her, her long-time bodyguard Akara, and a floating bodyguard, Banks. Banks is the twin brother of Thatcher, who had his story with Jane, above. Both are secretly in love with Sulli, and after a cougar attack going back to their tent after Sulli does a free-soling equipment dry run, things get heated. Sulli wants both of them, they agree to sort of date her yet not go too far, with her decision on who she really wants to date coming after they return home for Thatcher and Jane’s wedding. I know… but it really works for me. They have to deal with some obnoxious climbers and get into a revenge war with them with dangerous/hilarious results, and barely make it home in time for the wedding reception, having actually missed the wedding. Steamy times become sexy times, and Sulli makes her choice. Caveat emptor re more straight sex.

Fearless Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/5/24 3/6/24 Kindle
Sulli chooses to be in a closed triad with Akara and Banks. It slowly leaks within the family, to some members only and some of the security team only. Sulli also decides to try to qualify for the Olympics again after retiring after the last Olympics. Family drama, Olympics drama, and lots of discussion of the inner workings of their triad, which includes all their backgrounds and character traits. I’m fascinated with how the Ritchie sisters write, and I devour every word, paragraph, chapter about every family member and every bodyguard. Caveat emptor re poly sex.

Infamous Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/6/24 3/7/24 Kindle
Sulli’s qualified for the Olympics, turns up pregnant just as the games start. This novel is a combination of getting into the mind of a competitive swimmer, feeling all over again the joy and absolute terror at turning up pregnant, and how Akara and Banks deal with the pregnancy and the craziness of living a public life. There’s danger, mending of fences with Banks’s brother Thatcher, and Akara’s trying to balance his security business, his relationship, and his gym ownership. The authors write with joy and fearlessness, insight and humor. Caveat emptor re poly sex.

Misfits Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/7/24 3/8/24 Kindle
Luna Hale is the sister of Maximoff, cousin of Jane, and cousin of Sulli, who all had their love stories in earlier books. Luna is eccentric, insecure, and secret writer of fanfic. Donnelly is her brother’s bodyguard. Two separate triple date scenarios are going on. Add in Luna’s current estrangement from her best friend Beckett, brother of Jane, Donnelly’s being on the outs with Luna’s father Loren because of giving her tats (she was legal at the time), and son of meth addicts and nephew/cousin of the Donelly family – all on the wrong side of the law. Donnelly and Luna’s father agree that they can’t date because she’ll become a target of his family. Another client/bodyguard romance, and the wonderful families with all the stories and dynamics. Luna and Donnelly have one of the sweetest romances, and I’m going to be sad when this series ends. Cavet emptor re straight sex.

Unlucky Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/8/24 3/9/24 588 pages Kindle
Donnelly moves into the 9000 sq foot penthouse because the security apartment 3 floor below is crowded. He’s now the roommate to Luna, Maximoff/Farrow/Ripley, Sulli/Akara/Banks, and Jane/Thatcher. Luna and Donelly are trying to hide their attraction and NOT date. Then, the world implodes when Luna and her mother are chased down and there’s violence. Coming back from those bad events, joy with family pregnancies (NOT Luna…), plans to permanently keep Luna safe, and the relationship between Donnelly and her parents kept me fascinated. Hugely satisfying. Caveat emptor re straight sex.

Nobody Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 3/9/24 3/10/24 Kindle
Last in an absolutely stunning series about the Hale, Cobalt, and Meadows families. Luna and Donnelly are officially dating, other family members have children, and people move but are still family. Epilogues give me what I craved – to see how Luna and Donnelly navigate their future relationship. Caveat emptor re straight sex.
The word that comes to mind about this series is Pure. Pure feelings, pure love, pure goodness and light.

And, I can’t find anything as engrossing, fun, and steamy while being intelligently written, so I’ve gone back and re-read the first two books in the series,

Damaged Like Us 3/11/24 3/11/24 Kindle **reread**
Here’s what I wrote in January:
Oh my. Vivid, eccentric, totally loveable characters. Maximoff is part of a billionaire family of 3 sisters, their husbands, and all the kids. The world is ensorcelled by them and stalk them all the time, so everybody has a bodyguard. Maximoff’s bodyguard Declan retires, and his mother’s bodyguard, Farrow, is assigned to him. Maximoff has had a secret crush on Farrow for 6 years, Farrow ditto, but of course bodyguards aren’t allowed to mess with their clients. Maximoff and Farrow break the rule. Kittens, crazy times teaching a cousin who swims, has won 5 events at the Olympics, and is retired from swimming because doing it once was enough how to safely drink, surrounded by loving cousins and bodyguards. Maximoff is a caregiver and loves beyond measure every single member of his family and tries to fix everything. He cannot, of course. He lives with his cousin Jane platonically, but after he rescues her in front of their house while only in his boxers, and one of the paparazzi takes a photo of him that shows love bites and it goes viral, the family thinks he and Jane are incestuously involved and his romance with Farrow comes out, but only within the family and the 3 intertwined security companies that provide bodyguards. I really, really liked this one for how Maximoff and Farrow suit each other, both strong alpha males but willing to give and take, both romantically and in other aspects of their lives. HFN. Caveat emptor re sex.
If anything, I like it more the second time. There’s attraction, romance, scandal with Jane and Maximoff, and Maximoff and Farrow exchange wonderful words.

A Bit of Rough by Laura Baumbach 3/13/24 3/13/24 Kindle
Sigh. Verbal and situational shortcuts, over-the-top size and power differentials, emotional shortcuts. Adequate and average, sadly. Bram hooks up with James in the alley behind a bar, where James has gone in reaction to a work disappointment. Bram is powerful, aggressive, and James is submissive and it works for them. Bram gives him his business card, telling him to call if he wants to go out on a date the next night. James does, thinking Bram works in construction based on what he’s wearing, the type of bar, and who he’s with. Heh. Turns out Bram owns the construction company. Sex, love declared within a week – not impossible, as I believe in love at first sight, but. Caveat emptor re sex.

Lovers Like Us 3/11/24 3/14/24 466 pages Kindle **reread**
Here’s what I wrote in February, when I continued with the second in the series:
Oh my. Second in the Like Us series. Here’s the beginning of I wrote about the first, Damaged Like Us:
Vivid, eccentric, totally loveable characters. Maximoff is part of a billionaire family of 3 sisters, their husbands, and all the kids. The world is ensorcelled by them and stalk them all the time, so everybody has a bodyguard. Maximoff’s bodyguard Declan retires, and his mother’s bodyguard, Farrow, is assigned to him. Maximoff has had a secret crush on Farrow for 6 years, Farrow ditto, but of course bodyguards aren’t allowed to mess with their clients. Maximoff and Farrow break the rule.
In this book, some of the children and their bodyguards go on a good-will/charity fundraising tour that is supposed to last 4 months. There is danger, a stalker, more info about various members of the family, and Maximoff and Farrow’s love grows stronger and deeper. HFN. These books make me feel good – yes, there’s money and excess. There’s also love, commitment, well-written emotions and plot twists. I’m immediately starting the third about Maximoff and Farrow: Alphas Like Us. There are thirteen books, and we’ll see how I do with MF romances, starting with book 4. Caveat emptor re sex.
It’s just as good as it was the first time. In this one the stalker ups his craziness, Farrow, as Maximoff’s bodyguard has to read all his sexual encounter NDAs. The bus tour ends abruptly. Maximoff realizes that he wants with Farrow what his parents have even though he knows Farrow will come into the spotlight and not in a good way. Very HFN, caveat emptor re sex.

Fire and Sand by Louise Collins 3/14/24 3/14/24 Kindle
3rd in the Adrenaline Jake series. The first was Jake’s take on how he and Maddox met, and the second was Maddox’s take on how he and Jake met. Suffice to say that Maddox is a crime boss and Jake is an adrenaline junky who gets off on stealing things. In this book, they’ve been together for a while, in an undefined … relationship?... GWB – guys with benefits? Maddox has someone after him and has his most trusted lieutenant take Jake to a desert island and leaves him there. Maddox comes for him eventually, and their amorphous dynamic becomes less amorphous but not much. Well written, with vivid characters. The dynamic between Jake and Maddox is fun to read. Caveat emptor re sex.

Guns and Shadows by Louise Collins 3/14/24 3/14/24 Kindle
Fourth in the series has them back in London, Maddox still being set up. Nobody knows about Maddox’s feelings for Jake, but Jake is unhappy with getting less of Maddox’s time as he is searching to find out who’s after him. Jake wants to learn to shoot so Maddox takes him to an old farmstead. Good shooting, good sex, but then someone sets them up. Caveat emptor re sex.

Diamond in the Rough by Louise Collins 3/14/24 3/14/24 Kindle
Final in the Jake & Maddox series has Maddox in a high-security prison and Jake beside himself. More mayhem, more betrayal. There’s a clever break-Maddox-out scenario, bad guy chases of Jake, and a very satisfying HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

#20DaystoLA by Tanya Chris 3/14/24 3/15/24
Former stepbrothers Braxton and Craig are on a road trip from Connecticut to LA so that Braxton can start his new job. Braxton is gay but doesn’t realize that Craig knows this, Craig is bisexual but just hasn’t announced it to the world. They combine falling in love with Craig’s exuberance with life and Braxton’s cautious approach to life, compromising, nearly failing, yet ending up with a HEA. I especially liked how when they had conflicts, they worked them out, especially Craig’s willingness to do anything to make sure Braxton gets to LA in time to start his job. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Kept in the Dark by Charlie Cochet**
One night stand 2 years previously, before each lost their current life, one as a CIA field op and one as a black ops government op, make for hard feelings and a feeling of betrayal. However, the initial wanting to tear each other apart turns into steamy times and romance way too quickly for me, and the tears were just a bit much.

Stealing the Silver Fox by Daniel May 3/15/24 3/16/24 Kindle
Very dark book, by an author I read 2 previous books by but had to abandon the 3rd in that series. This book was a stunner, with 19-year old Tony, from a background of wealth and privilege, working as a mechanic. Ezra is all arrogance when he is getting his car repaired, and in a drunken texting session after his cousin alerts him as to Ezra’s kinks, feeds them and dominates him. Sexting turns into dominance yet caring, and after one particularly steamy scene in a club, things have a … HEA? Caveat emptor re kinky sex.

No Angel by Daniel May 3/16/24 3/16/24 Kindle
Deeply disturbing, Enzo is escaping from very bad men and breaks into an old house in a good district. Turns out that Hill is in the midst of a hallucinogenic state and thinks Enzo is an angel. He makes conditions for Enzo to stay safe. Very weird and kinky, almost sorry I read it except I was interested in some of the plot elements that actually didn’t get explained by the end. Caveat emptor re kinky sex. No more by Daniel May for a while.

Christmas With the Billionaire by Amber Ridge 3/16/24 3/16/24 Kindle
A short story that’s too sweet and with too many coincidences. The CEO of the company and Wyatt, a bakery delivery/setup guy, are caught with when there’s a power outage and he keep running into each other. Then the building is in complete lockdown with just the two of them and a conveniently absent maintenance guy. HEA, caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned My Chaos, His Calm by Romeo Alexander**
I occasionally like being preached at re mental and physical issues, but this book irritated me.

My Brother's Best Friend by Aiden Bates and Ali Lyda 3/16/24 3/17/24 Kindle
Legal intern Jamie is hired for the summer by his brother Saint and his partner Nico for their law firm. Jamie has had a crush on Nico for 16 years, but it’s always been hidden. Jamie is assigned to Nico because Jamie’s interested in Nico’s area of responsibility/interest, family law. Nico is startled that Jamie’s all grown up. Sparkage, but Saint’s family decree of no relationships between brothers and friends keeps both of them on hold until Saint revokes it. Then there’s a bit of drama when Jamie is confronted with Nico’s past conquests, but we get the HEA. Predictable but okay. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Touch and Go by Aiden Bates**
Derek is an ER doctor, Seb comes in with a sprained wrist. Derek’s attracted. Two days later, Seb comes in clinically dead, pulled out of the Potomac River. He’s revived, realizes he’s in trouble, and Derek opens his apartment to him. Derek has 7 foster brothers who live in the same repurposed warehouse. Not interested enough to continue, frankly because it’s very predictable and the chemistry’s just not there. And, the thing that really got to me at page 177 was when Seb put himself back in danger knowing Derek’s 7 other brothers would go with him. I do not really like characters acting stupid for the sake of the plot when their characters have been developed for them to make better choices. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Alphas Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie **
Sigh. I restarted the series and read the first two books about Maximoff and Farrow, but this one has a part that I can hardly bear to read again. And, from above, characters acting stupidly when their characters are not developed that way? Yup. Here, too. Caveat emptor re sex.

The Flirty Vet by Casey Cox 3/17/24 3/18/24 Kindle
I really adore books about Aussies, and this one has a very drunk Wilby singing horribly in an alley below Col’s hotel window. Col’s American, in Australia to help family ranches restructure or refinance in order to save the property/assets. Wilby and Col are immediately attracted. The conversions are funny, clever, and develop the characters nicely. Col’s backstory is immediately apparent, Wilby’s comes a bit later. In the meantime, they each realize that this could be the guy, but Wilby will never leave the family cattle ranch and Col’s American based in the US. Wilby’s family is wonderful, Col’s dad and his husband are wonderful, and the tortuous path for these two to get their HEA was believable, fun, and sexy. Caveat emptor re sex. There is a second book in the series about two of the secondary characters in this one, with a great teaser at the end of this one. It comes out in December, and I’m following the author because I really want to read it.

Runaway by Casey Cox 3/18/24 3/19/24 Kindle
Jedfire is a rich boy mess, traumatized by a family tragedy, bewildered by a strange financial quirk, who is at a gay resort, where he meets Conrad, who won a week’s stay there and also has a huge secret. There is immediate sparkage, with Jed trying to bulldoze Conrad into the sheets, but Conrad resists. They spend time together, secrets come out, there is a wildly irritating coincidence that leads to their HEA. I could see where it was going and wanted to quit, but about 2/3 of the way through I really had tears in my eyes. They dried, and I read to the end. Caveat emptor re sex.

Conversation Hearts by Avon Gale 3/19/24 3/19/24 Kindle
Very short story, beautifully done. Levi is an escort in a high-end hotel, waiting for his appointment. The escort service has a deal with the hotel, but the hotel’s records only indicate the room’s taken when the appointment shows up. Sinjin needs the room because he’s an assassin. It’s really quite funny and serious and steamy. I don’t want you to think the author doesn’t know that Sinjin is the pronunciation for St. John, so we learn that Sinjin’s real name is James St. John. Lots of talk, shared snacks and beverages, shared bed. There’s hope at the end, which makes it sweet and interesting and left me wondering where they took it. Caveat emptor re sex.

Learning to Feel by N.R. Walker 3/19/24 3/19/24 Kindle
This started off with an interesting premise – Nathan, an ER doctor in MA, has never had a satisfying sex life, has never really ever FELT anything. He works, he eats, he sleeps. He realizes he wants a change and takes a locum tenens physician position for one year in Maine. The house they give him for that time is being fixed up and Trent, the painter, and Nathan start something interesting. Things move along nicely, and then, when we get the HEA, the author pretty much beats it to death for the last 100 pages. I admit to skimming the ending. Caveat emptor re sex. Heck, I even skipped the last sex scene. 🙄

Old Acquaintance by Avon Gale 3/19/24 3/19/24 Kindle
Another sweet and steamy short story. Andrew is divorced from a woman, at a New Year’s Eve party near where he has his house on the oceanfront. Elias is a college student who is working the party as a server. Andrew is melancholy and sitting on the beach and Elias gets off work and comes over. They chat, Elias asks if he can give Andrew a peck on the cheek to ring in the New Year. Andrew turns into the kiss, and things get happily hectic from there. Andrew realizes he’s not really straight and probably has never been – but it works in the context of this very short story – and after a wonderful night, Andrew is looking forward to New Year’s Day with the still sleeping Elias. Caveat emptor re sex.

The Revenge Agenda by Saxon James 3/19/24 3/20/24 Kindle
This was a happy surprise – fun plot, interesting and well-written characters. Rush has a boyfriend and he visits him at Christmas dressed in an x-rated costume under his jacket. It’s the wrong night, and Ian is with his fiancé/parents. Rush leaves completely distraught. Hunter, the fiancé, comes outside to make sure Rush is warm and gets him an Uber to get him home. Next, it turns out that Hunter is Rush’s new boss. Things are interesting from there, with Rush and Hunter planning revenge on Ian. Rush lives with 7 roommates and their various lovers/spouses, every one beautifully and laugh-out-loud eccentric. Rush suffers from ADHD, and although I don’t know how it manifests from personal experience, it seems believable and contributes to Hunter’s attraction to Rush and his calming effect on Rush. There’s sparkage of course, and wonderful conversation. They get their HEA, their revenge, and caveat emptor re sex.

Alaskan Thunder by Nando Gray 3/20/24 3/21/24
Very good novella. Calvin is a pilot, hired to take Zayne, a social media influencer, from Skagway Alaska to Fort Huron Alaska in his admittedly ancient plane. Too much luggage, a bad storm, and all of a sudden, they’ve crashed. Each brings qualities to their survival, and they get a very sweet HEA. Caveat emptor re one sex scene.

Without You by Marley Valentine 3/21/24 3/21/24 Kindle
Deacon’s brother Rhett died young, leaving his devastated boyfriend, Julian, behind. Deacon had moved away from Montana because he never felt like he fit in, never felt like his brother was his, jealous of Julian, who moved next door with foster parents but became immediate friends with Rhett. Julian and Rhett fell in love, but there’s tragedy when Rhett dies. Not a spoiler, we learn this early on. Deacon becomes part of the family again, but on the first anniversary of his brother’s death, things change between him and Julian, and knowing it will devastate his family, they start seeing each other. There is guilt, but love, and although there are family troubles, they get their HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

In the Eye of the Beholder by Dianna Roman 3/21/24 Kindle
Stunning story of two damaged men, one because of his family, the other because he lost his wife to cancer 3 years earlier. Daniel is a bartender. He’s been serving a silver fox at the end of the bar once a week for 3 years, always his specialty – a Manhattan. That’s how he thinks of him, as ‘Manhattan’. Later we find out his name is Eric. Daniel’s friend broke up with a guy who’s back from prison. Dallas is threatening Daniel because he knows Daniel has a chunk of change saved to eventually open a club. Dallas has gotten in trouble with the Russian Bratva, and one night after working late Daniel is attacked in the parking garage. ‘Manhattan’ is coming out to go to his bodyguard driven car and is attacked after he diverts Dallas from Daniel. He rescues Daniel and takes him to his home in the country to keep Daniel from getting killed, giving him a job as PA. *eye roll* Daniel has a business degree, of course. Sparkage from Daniel’s side, but Eric is closed off romantically. That changes, of course, along with us learning about who Eric and Daniel really are, and how they get their HEA. I’m a sucker for stories with complex characters and stories where their backstories come out gradually. This is actually the second in a series that I didn’t want to read the first, Until I Saw You. The lovers in that book show up as strong secondary characters in this book. Caveat emptor re sex.

The Gentleman by Dianna Roman 3/22/24 3/23/24 Kindle
Pete is a product manager for the Fairway Companies, and Cameron, son of the owner, comes aboard as an HR clerk. He has been realizing that he needs to come out as a gay man, needs to understand what being a gay man is, and when he sees a rainbow-decorated pot/plant on Pete’s desk, assumes he’s gay. He needs someone experienced and discrete, a gentleman, so he asks Pete. Pete is straight, OCD, never successful with women. You can see where this going, and it gets there happily, if exaggeratedly. Exaggerated families, exaggerated and immediate feelings. However, it was good enough to finish and they got their HEA. And I now have a plant I want – lithops. Caveat emptor re sex.

You Again by Dianna Roman 3/23/24 3/24/25 Kindle
Johnny has moved back home to Wisconsin from SoCal after he was betrayed by his lover of 2 years. He’s damaged and emotionally cut off and only wants the occasional hook up. He’s part of a large Greek family. Aiden is bisexual, more experienced with women, but still. They meet at a carnival when a kid bumps into Johnny and gets mustard on his shirt. Aiden comes over and helps him clean up. Johnny has seen Aiden with a woman, so assumes he’s straight. He’s attracted, but no more straight men for Johnny. The next time they meet is through a gay dating app. Aiden is looking for a permanent relationship, Johnny to scratch an itch. They meet again at a speed dating event. Lots of fun stuff in this one – two men attracted to each other, listening to important things about each other. Johnny keeps pushing Aiden away, and at one point we think it’s permanent. Their feelings are realistically portrayed, the pace is good, the writing humorous and true. All’s well that ends well. Caveat emptor re sex. I had a serious from-Greece Greek boyfriend for 3 years while I lived in Connecticut, and the book eerily reflects lots of what I learned about Greeks in the US. Fun stuff.

A Minute More by Cora Rose 3/25/24 3/25/24 Kindle
Wesley is a college graduate but doesn’t know what he wants to do so he’s working a minimum wage at a coffee shop. Simon works there, too, doesn’t talk with anybody, but occasionally gives Wesley looks. I read it, I liked it as I was reading it, but almost more to find out the mystery of who Simon is than to understand this straight-to-gay story of Wesley being attracted to Simon. HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Say I Do by Brea Alepoú and Skyler Snow**
Mafia boss is forced to marry Yakuza daughter to cement relationship between families, but her twin brother is dragged, drugged and bound to the wedding instead. Honestly. Too much. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Blu, My Protector by RS McKenzie**
Psychopath and serial killer Blu is a psychologist. One of his patients is Alvin, who he immediately recognizes as a serial killer too, although he isn’t worried about it until he meets Alvin’s romantic interest, June, a young man who’s a barista. Instant obsession for Blu, and he kills Alvin when Alvin has lured June to his house in order to kill him. Blu’s there to save June and kill Alvin. Okay, it goes downhill from there. Caveat emptor re sex.

The Geographer's Library by Jon Fasman 1/26/24 3/27/24 audio book
Amazon’s description: "A brainy noir . . . a winningly cryptic tale . . . a cabinet of wonders written by a novelist whose surname and sensibility fit comfortably on the shelf between Umberto Eco and John Fowles." —Los Angeles Times

"One of the year’s most literate and absorbing entertainments." —Kirkus Reviews

Jon Fasman’s dizzyingly plotted intellectual thriller suggests a marriage between Dan Brown and Donna Tartt. When reporter Paul Tomm is assigned to investigate the mysterious death of a reclusive academic, he finds himself pursuing leads that date back to the twelfth century and the theft of alchemical instruments from the geographer of the Sicilian court. Now someone is trying to retrieve them. Interspersed with the present action are the stories of the men and women who came to possess those charmed—and sometimes cursed—artifacts, which have powers that go well beyond the transmutation of lead into gold. Deftly combining history, magic, suspense, and romance—and as handsomely illustrated as an ancient incunabulum—The Geographer’s Library is irresistible.
It took me two months to listen to this audio book, and I admit to losing track of some of the chapters about the alchemical instruments. The story of Paul Tomm and Hannah Rowe, however, is vivid and puzzling and kept me listening to find out what exactly happened to the death of the reclusive academic whose life intersected both of theirs. The ending is a shock, and I won’t say anything about it. The historical aspects seem authentic, written with vividness and apparent historical accuracy. Paul Tomm’s voice is jarring in that he is 24 at the time of his narration – young, unformed, curious without being disciplined. Very good without being stunning memorable, a good way to spend time listening to an audio book in the car.

Hot Mess by Misha Horne 3/26/24 3/27/24 Kindle
London is living a life of rudderless hiding, even from himself, the kink and sexual needs he has. Erik, a neighbor, finds some lace panties when he helps London fix a broken faucet spewing water everywhere, and it goes from there. Erik is a giver, willing to help London realize his needs and help London organize his life, which he desperately wants but has no clue how to make happen. The reason I really liked this one is that London is a product of his upbringing as an Army brat. He was jerked from base to base, away from friends and potential friends, searching for security and stability. Erik is also a product of his traumatic upbringing, but ended up with his grandfather and brother, giving him stability. Erik and London’s kinks work well together. Caveat emptor re kink and sex.

Little Demon in the Details by Nordika Night 3/27/24 3/29/24 Kindle
Over the top, in a wonderful way. The story of Mercer, abused since childhood, although rarely physically. Abandonment, and etc. Blake sees him outside a club and takes him home, simply because. They’re like oil and water, and Blake’s had a few MM experiences but only a few. Eventually the attraction grows to the point where they act upon it. In the meantime, there’s a mystery surrounding Mercer and his family as it relates to Blake and his family. Highly satisfactory, lots of fun dialog and well-written emotional content. Just when you think it’s over, you look down at the % read and number of pages read, calculate roughly how many pages are left, and buckle in again for more of the excellent ride. Caveat emptor re very steamy sex.

The Caretaker 3/29/24 3/29/24 Kindle
Noon was in a terrible accident and has lost the last two years of his memory. He finds a receipt and goes to the bar where he got it in a distant town. He takes photos, and sees someone he thinks he might know. Solace knows Noon. So much to unpack – spousal cheating and abandonment, romance and true love, loss of that love, finally a HEA. It went across three time periods, which was hard to follow, but their feelings for each other rang true. Caveat emptor re sex. I liked the first two of the series better.

Bad Boy by Emma Alcott 3/29/24 3/30/24 Kindle
Lost boy Colton, literally, gets caught in a snow storm in front of a cabin. The door’s open, he goes inside. He’s fearful of so many things in his life, but not Russ. Instant trust, instant sparkage, instant connection. Colton’s dad and the local sheriff are less than pleased that Colton is staying with a former petty criminal gone straight, a romance writer, and the man suspected by the sheriff in the disappearance of his boyfriend 10 years earlier. I really enjoyed this one because of Russ’s on-line gay-romance writer friends and their hilarious banter. I also wanted to find out what happened to the missing boyfriend. Colton grows a backbone and tells his old boyfriend off, Russ is a caregiver, and they get their HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Sweet Thing by Emma Alcott**
As good as Bad Boy was, Sweet Thing made my teeth hurt. Another gay romance writer, Aaron, has an assistant. He’s in love with Aaron but can’t find the right way to tell him about his feelings. He writes a romance about two men which is really about him and Aaron and gets it published. It becomes a best seller, 🙄, and at that point I just couldn’t take any more. Probably caveat emptor re sex, but I abandoned it before I got that far.

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>163 karenmarie: Chris and I were just having a similar conversation about Disney yesterday. We enjoyed taking our kids there when they were little, but we are not into the whole Disney "thing." Friends of ours recently went on a Disney Cruise, but only because of grandkids. I guess I could see ourselves doing Disney with grandkids someday, but I can't think of any other reason. Plus: Florida. Ugh.

That Disney community sounds pretty awful. I hope it doesn't encroach on you in any negative way.

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>164 karenmarie: Impressive stats, Karen!

Abr 2, 7:47 am

Morning, Karen. Wow! What a lightning round and I was bragging about my measly 15 titles. Looks like we are getting April showers, with snow a strong possibility tomorrow. Not out of the woods yet.

I did buy a new hummingbird feeder yesterday, along with thistle, which I haven't had in months. Picklebball this AM. Books in the PM. Sue will have Jack duties.

Abr 2, 8:57 am

>166 lauralkeet: Hi Laura! Interesting how Disney cropped up with you and Chris. Gads, a Disney Cruise. As I wrote about the last book abandoned in my lightning round, “… made my teeth hurt.”

We did a lot with Disney when Jenna was little – took her to Disneyland in SoCal with my sister/family, have dozens of Disney movies on VHS AND DVD. Last night I was rummaging through an upstairs closet and found some of the Commemorative Lithographs that came with the VHS tapes. You used to have to order the VHS tapes from a Disney store, and they only offered certain ones at certain times for a limited time.

The Disney Community, called Asteria, will be 4,000 single-family and multi-family homes on 1500 acres. It’s part of Chatham Park, which is north and east of Pittsboro, while we’re south and west.

I suppose folks love Florida, but I’m not one of them either. Louise is moving there only because that’s where her daughter moved to. She’s moving to North Port, and Bill has some step-cousins and our Aunt Ann, who moved there to be near her daughter/family. They live in Port Charlotte, a hop skip and jump from North Port. Weather, buts and alligators or crocodiles – can’t remember which – and disgusting politics.

>167 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita, and thank you.

>168 msf59: Hi Mark. You are active, have local family, and keep busy in different ways than I do. I’m mostly sedentary and have been reading voraciously again since April of 2022, when I got bit by the romance bug again with Bridgerton.

April showers great, snow, wow. I also bought a new hummingbird feeder. It got delivered on Sunday. I have two, so can rotate the clean one in. I haven’t seen a visitor yet, but it’s getting close to permanent resident time for Ruby-Throat Hummingbirds. Yay for pickleball and books. I’m sure Sue is loving Jack duties.

Wordle 1,018 3/6* trope, shear, serum. I swear, serum just popped into my head. I might be channeling the Wordle Powers That Be...


Lots of prep work yesterday for the new appliances today. Dishwasher, island stove, and wall oven/microwave arrive 11-1, refrigerator via a different crew 1-5.

More prep work this morning, but not much. Straightening, reading, and etc., then many strange men in the house and garage.

Abr 2, 9:10 am

>169 karenmarie: Enjoy the influx of strange men today. You never know, maybe one of them wrote one of your smut books! (More likely starred in one.)

Dank and grey here today. I'll be polishing my review of No Son of Mine: A Memoir for tomorrow. I shall have you to know, madam, that your lightning round riddled me with book-bullets. This is a dreadful abuse of friendship! You must swear to read more duds.


Editado: Abr 2, 11:32 am

>170 richardderus: Hiya, RDear! Happy Appliances-for-me and review-for-you Tuesday.

It's always very stressful for me to have plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, appliance guys, HVAC guys, generator guys, and etc. in the house. I don't fear for my safety, but can't relax for one minute. And you never know who writes smut, do you? *smile*

I can relax with my cleaning ladies here for some reason.

Nobody's here yet, but my SUV is on the grass, Bill will pull his SUV out to get the old refrigerator where it's supposed to go in the garage then pull back in. The floor in the kitchen is swept. I know - they'll make some kind of mess, but it's like when I always had my clothes pressed before I got in the car for my commute. They'd get wrinkled, but by God they started off pristine.

Ugh to your weather. It's hazy here, 75F going to a high of 86F. Ugh to our weather, too.

I have abandoned 24 duds for 3148 pages and abandoned one audio book, 3/4 hours abandoned.

That's 8 a month. And one of them is a wonderful book, Alphas Like Us, but I abandoned it in March because I remembered the stressful stuff and fortunately found something else I wanted to read.


Abr 2, 6:33 pm

>171 karenmarie: A respectable demonstration of care for your sanity, to abandon 8 books in a month. MY sanity OTOH needs you to abandon 25-30 a month...maybe more...or read only hetero ones which cause me no twinge of book-concupiscence. *sigh* I miss the Good Old Days of male privilege.


Hoping all went well with the installation/moving/business. *smooch*

Editado: Abr 3, 7:27 am

Well, RD, demanding much? I can easily find 25-30 a month to abandon - all I have to do is find specific tropes including but not limited to Daddy, hard-core BDSM, and straight to gay but not straight for you. However, that's a serious number of hours to find, download, read, abandon, and update message >2 karenmarie:, my 2024 books read spreadsheet, and my monthly lightning round word document in addition to reading books that I actually want to finish. *smile*

Wordle 1,019 3/6* trope, patch plait


Yesterday was long and busy, but ultimately all four appliances got successfully installed and the old refrigerator is in the garage and plugged into a working outlet.

We had a bit of bother when the 220 power in the island for the stove didn't go on after the breakers were all back on, and it took a while for Bill and Carl the installer to figure out that the 220 could be and actually was daisy-chained off the 220 power behind the wall oven/microwave. Carl had mentioned 3 wires not 2 and apparently didn't do the whatever-magic to get the power back to the island. He had to uninstall the wall oven/microwave, properly connect the 3rd wire, and everything then worked. He converted the burners from natural gas to LP, installed the dishwasher and ran a cycle - it was so quiet we couldn't hear it. Separately, Harry and Maurice delivered the refrigerator, putting the old one in the garage where I wanted it. Power didn't work to the outlet that I knew worked, so after resetting the GFCI outlet in the garage (push the button in, Karen!), the refrigerator was on.

The room looks much brighter. I keep looking over at the refrigerator and thinking it's open because the black refrigerator had to be open for there to be that much light over there. Plus, the new refrigerator is 5" less deep than the old one, so there's more room between the refrigerator and the end of the island.

Louise made a final decision on who to sell the house to and finished all the paperwork. The house closes on May 15th.


I've got manuals to read, warranty cards to fill out, a trim kit to order to go around the stove, and a place to put the extra things - air fryer basket and griddle for the stove, and specialty racks for the microwave. All nice problems to have. I also need to get the kitchen back under control. Pics later or even tomorrow.

Our landscape guy is coming over to figure out the spring cleanup list and get the mowing schedule established.

And, Arsenal plays Luton Town at 2:30, and we won't want to miss that.

Reading and puttering, too.

Abr 3, 7:53 am

Mark posted that April is poetry month. Many of you know that I don't like much poetry, especially non-rhyming poetry. However, I love e.e. cummings. So here are two of my favorite poems, one rhyming and the first poem by edward estlin that I ever read.

Abr 3, 9:38 am

lovely to be reminded of e.e.cummings a poet i love to read.

Abr 3, 11:51 am

I love e.e. cummings too. What a surprise!!!

I don't have time to catch up, but I'm thrilled that the appliances are in and working. Pictures please when you have time!!!

Congratulations to Louise! I'm off and away!

Abr 3, 1:43 pm

Oh myyyy, Louise is done already. Given the number of offers I am not surprised, but she decided on the winner fast. Do you know anything about the new neighbors yet?

The delivery sounds like it was extremely low-stress compared to the ones I've experienced, so all the YAY! Now you just need to get used to the quirks and crotchets the new ones will have. Enjoy the newness! *smooch*

Abr 4, 6:24 am

Happy Thursday, Karen!

>171 karenmarie: It's always very stressful to have workers in the house.
Same here. I have to be sure Frank is around, so I can retreat somewehere, if it gets to much.
Even if I could afford to have cleaners, I doubt I could handle that. Good you are good with the cleaning ladies around

>173 karenmarie: Glad to read it all went well. Enjoy your new equipment!

Abr 4, 8:02 am

Morning, Karen. Sweet Thursday. Thanks for sharing the poems. Funny, I have read very little of both of these poets. I guess I lean toward more contemporary work. That said, I did like both of these.

I am taking our Aunt to a doctor's appointment and then run a couple of errands for her this AM. Sue will tend to Jack. With the rain continuing, another day for more book time.

Abr 4, 9:29 am

>175 magicians_nephew: Hello Jim. I actually need to pull Complete Poems, 1913-1962 from the cabinet in the Living Room and just spend a few minutes every once in a while finding some of my favorites. My copy has a holographic poem I’d never heard of before - the boys I mean are not refined. It’s the only explicitly sexual poem of his I can think of offhand.

>176 LizzieD: Hi Peggy. Of all the talking we’ve done, PMing, and actual visits to you, I guess we still wouldn’t have had time to discuss e.e. cummings. I see that you also have Complete Poems, 1913-1962. Thanks re the appliances. So far I’ve boiled a bit of water to warm my thermos for my coffee. Bill’s admitted to turning on each burner, and I microwaved a potato last night. A crime, I know, but I didn’t decide to make air fryer chicken and potatoes ‘til it was too late to truly BAKE a potato.

Pictures later today. Thanks re Louise. Off and away! Please return!

>177 richardderus: Louise wanted it done, and with 6 offers and one counter offer from the neighbors on her other side, it was easy. Money’s not her top priority, although she originally said she wouldn’t go below list. Heh. She’s getting a minimum of 10% over list. The new neighbors are apparently a couple, possibly with a school-age child. I will probably find out more tomorrow.

I’m still enjoying the newness from afar. Bill ordered some stainless steel cleaner, so I’m waiting to get all the fingerprints/install stuff off before I actually use them. I also need to put Jet Dry in the dishwaher. Nice problems to have. *smooch*

>178 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita, and thank you. Since Bill’s mobility is severely limited, I had to do all the prep and on-the-fly stuff with the installers. I knew I’d have to do it, but my right knee is still feeling it!

I’m sorry you have strong anxiety with people in your house. I do not, just don’t particularly like having to keep track of them. Most of the time it’s people performing some kind of service for us, too, so I have to make sure to have tip money ready and appropriate.

I completely trust my cleaning ladies. They’re coming tomorrow.

>179 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and sweet Thursday to you, too. NP re the poems. I’m glad you liked them. I hope your aunt is doing better – I know you mentioned that she was having health problems, and I remember that she had back problems a while back. Rainy for errands, boo hiss. Yay for Jack. Yay for books.

Wordle 1,020 4/6* trope, cavil, clink, climb


Hmmm. What did I do yesterday? I puttered, looked at the microwave/wall oven manual. Bill sent the manuals to me in PDF format, so I have those, too. This new microwave has a baked potato option for 1-4 potatoes. Osmar, our landscape guy, came over. First we discussed soccer, and agreed that if Real Madrid faces Arsenal in the Champions League, he'll come over and watch with us. Then we agreed on spring cleanup work and the schedule and charge to come every two weeks during the growing season. He's also going to put down some crush-and-run-size rocks around the generator. I don't think we need a fence - if people see the generator and don't like seeing the generator, oh well. I might change my mind, but it would just be another thing to keep the weeds away from. We watched Arsenal beat Luton Town 2-0. It was relatively lackluster because Arteta held back the big guns because they play Aston Villa on Sunday then play Bayern Munich in the Champions League on Tuesday.

I've got a massage appointment at 11:15 today with a bit of grocery shopping after, so need to get going pretty soon. After I get back, I want to either look through the manuals or see if there are any YouTube videos.

Reading and updating spreadsheets, of course, too.

Abr 4, 10:14 am

Just checking in on you, Karen. I hope you enjoy your massage!

Abr 4, 10:14 am

Morning, wicked Horrible...our dankness and drippy skies have gone away at last! I am riding out the inevitable transition owwies with a glad heart. I think the world's evils and rottenness are much easier to bear when it's a pretty day.

Hoping it's a good massage, and the rocks do the job the unwanted fence would've done. Is Aston Villa a team or a hotel chain or both?


Abr 4, 11:24 am

We have SUN to start the day (after 3-4 days of heavy overcast and rain, filling creeks to the brim). Of course, now that I wrote that, clouds are moving in. Shucks, it was a nice beginning.

Yesterday, I had my eyeballs inspected and got away without new lenses. That follows getting away from the semi-annual tooth-and-gums review without any work beyond cleaning.

Read more about Keith Haring. He's been diagnosed as HIV positive. I think he's going to die. And soon, because I've only got about about 60 pages left. To buck myself up (???) I've started reading Shtum, by a British writer named Jem Lester. It's a novel about a family pulling together to help provide proper care for a profoundly autistic 10-year-old. O my.

Abr 4, 5:41 pm

>180 karenmarie: I'm glad the appliance installation went well overall, with only a couple of temporary snafus. Enjoy using them! And hurray for Louise getting her house sold so quickly. I hope your new neighbors turn out to be good ones. Another cheer for Arsenal winning. And a massage. Sounds like you are having a good day!

Abr 4, 7:21 pm

It's great you have your new appliances and they are working for you.

It does sound as if Louise is selling at a good time, and I hope it provides her with a comfortable cushion for her life in FL.

Abr 4, 10:40 pm

Here's the next readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/359825

Abr 5, 7:55 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Friday. We have 2 aunts that live nearby- sisters that live together. The youngest, 70ish, helps with Jack. The older, 87, is the one we help with various Dr appointments.

We are finally drying out but the rain returns on Sunday. Looking forward to warmer temps next week. Getting ready to pick up the "kids" and then I will play some pickleball.

Abr 5, 8:30 am

>181 alcottacre: Hi Stasia, thank you for checking in. I have been remiss in visiting your thread and most threads recently. I need to remedy that. Massage report below.

>182 richardderus: Hello my dearest RichardDerus. Yay for better weather. I am glad you’re coming out of the owwies with a glad heart. It’s a gorgeous day here – spring has sprung, the skies are clear and blue.

The rocks will provide ease of moving around the generator in case it needs servicing.

Aston Villa is a team in the Premier League, currently in 4th place. Bayern Munich is a team in the Bundesliga (first level German league), currently in 2nd place. Arsenal is playing Bayern Munich in the Champions League. More than you really wanted to know, right? *smooch*

>183 weird_O: Hiya Bill! Yay sun, hope it came back and is here this morning. You’re 2 for 2 with your eye exam and your tooth-and-gums exam. Congrats.

Ignorant me – I have never heard of Keith Haring. I just looked at his art, and there are several pieces I wish he’d drawn in my house. And, reading about a profoundly autistic 10-year old – you’re really into the cheery stuff right now, aren’t you?

>184 atozgrl: Hey Irene. It did go well, overall, thank you. So far I’ve boiled water and ‘cooked’ some frozen vegetables for my dinner last night. I hope the neighbors are good, too – as I mentioned above, I only see Louise’s house from one window and our back porch (which faces the road). Her back field abuts our pastures, so I hope they don’t do too much developing of what is currently open, mowed field. We’re happy for Arsenal, sad that Liverpool won yesterday are on top again. Arsenal’s second. Yesterday was pretty good.

>185 quondame: Hi Susan. Yes, it only took 7 ½ weeks from purchase to installation, mostly because of my now-rescheduled surgery and my first ever bout of Covid/rebound Covid.

Louise bought her house in Florida outright, so will have the cushion of the sale of THIS house, which she also owned outright to tide her over and provide an inheritance for her daughter.

>186 SilverWolf28: Hello Silver, and thank you!

Wordle 1,021 4/6* trope, grunt, craft, wrist


The massage was just what I needed. Lynne always asks me what I need, and I always ask for between medium and hard pressure. She uses essential oils on my back after she works on it, then a very warm wet cloth. Such knots in my back! After she worked on my feet, she wrapped them up in very warm wet cloths, too. Heaven. Low lighting, relaxing-not-jarring background music, and sometimes we chatted and sometimes she just worked on me. I've scheduled an appointment for June 20th. I should be mobile by then, and I also hope to be driving by then since it will be my right knee, which controls the gas and brake pedals.

Bill bought me some Weiman's Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish and I cleaned up all my new appliances. Fortunately, we have lots of microfiber cloths. We watched the Liverpool - Sheffield United game and it was exciting for a while when Sheffield tied it at 1-1, but at the 78th minute Liverpool went ahead and actually won it 3-1. That put them in first place again, Arsenal second.

My cleaning ladies are coming this morning. Puttering and reading.

Abr 5, 8:41 am

>187 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark! You snuck in, but I found you! Happy Friday to you, too. Thanks for clearing up the aunts situation. Enjoy the kids and pickle ball today.

Editado: Abr 5, 10:07 am

Refrigerator, downdraft dual fuel stove, dishwasher, microwave/oven. I am really loving the stainless steel - I was a bit nervous thinking about stainless, but after I saw them with cherry cabinets in my friend Jan's house, I realized that they'd look good. The kitchen is much lighter, too.

Abr 5, 10:23 am

>190 karenmarie: The new white goods look lurvely, Horrible! They gleam with newness but also that lovely mellow silveriness that looks so inviting with the cherry wood surfaces.

Have a good time with the hotel team playing the aspirin team, as I assume that will be exciting for you. You seem to have enjoyed the cutlery team's antics, too. ::side-eye::

Abr 5, 11:18 am

>190 karenmarie: Oh WOW! WOW WOW WOW!!!!! That is a gorgeous kitchen, and you will live up to it!

Happy day, (((((Karen)))))!

Abr 5, 12:29 pm

Ooh la la! The new appliances look fantastic, Karen!

Abr 5, 4:17 pm

>190 karenmarie: Oh wow! That's some kitchen! And shiny! It looks 2x the size of my kitchen + breakfast room and much, much better laid out and well appointed. Great pot chandelier.

Abr 5, 5:17 pm

>8 karenmarie: "Is that smut?...you have been judged"
That is hilarious :)

Congrats on the new kitchen items! Currently I am avoiding 2 bench-tops of dirty dishes that need to be washed. *groan*

Abr 5, 6:01 pm

>190 karenmarie: Very, very nice! It looks great! You do have a nice kitchen, as >194 quondame: said. You'll get lots of enjoyment out of the new appliances.

Abr 6, 7:50 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Saturday. The kitchen looks absolutely beautiful. Great job.

I am meeting my birding buddies this AM. I have been itching to get out. I just spotted 2 juncos under the feeders. They will be heading back north any day now.

Abr 6, 10:17 am

>191 richardderus: Thank you, RDear. I myownself am surprised at how happy I am with stainless/cherry. It only made sense to me when I saw the combo at friend Jan’s house. I am a visual learner.

You’re a riot. The cutlery team is bottom of the table, Arsenal plays the aspirin team on Tuesday, and the hotel team plays the 15th-in-table team in a while. Arsenal plays a beach team, Brighton, at 12:30.

>192 LizzieD: Glad you like my kitchen, my dear. I did have a happy day yesterday, I hope you did, too. (((((Peggy)))))

>193 lauralkeet: Thanks, Laura. Fancy schmancy indeed.

>194 quondame: It’s definitely shiny now, Susan. I love my kitchen. When we built this house in 1997-1998 and then moved in on July 5, 1998, we took a basic house plan and had some architectural work done before we even broke ground. One of the biggest things that we made different was the kitchen. We switched the sink and stove because I like looking outside from the sink so we put it where the stove was supposed to go, built a window through to the Sun Porch, we made a usable walk-in pantry instead of the small one on the plan, and added the Sun Porch, Utility Room, half bath, small closet, and Bill’s Home Office, leading to a large attached garage with Bill’s Media Room upstairs. The SunPorch became the Sunroom, the sliding doors in the hall became a window, and the Utility Room was renovated to incorporate the original utility room, small closet, and half bath. The original pot rack made way for the one you see now many years ago. It’s convenient and I the only thing I have to store in a cabinet are the lids. A few lids and other pots/pans are in the pantry and the huge baking pan is in the Utility Room.

>195 LovingLit: Hi Megan. Nice to see you, especially since I have been more than remiss in visiting threads recently. Jackie, in the ROOTS group, knows of my mission to read all the MM romances except for certain tropes (which I might list somewhere but not here now), saw this bookmark, and couldn’t resist sending it to me. She lives in Scotland, so it was a rather big deal, IMO.

I am sorry about 2 counters worth of dirty dishes. Since there are 5 of you, I can see that it wouldn’t take long to get there. ☹

>196 atozgrl: Thanks, Irene. I do love my kitchen.

>198 karenmarie: ‘Morning, Mark! Happy Saturday to you, too. Thanks re the kitchen. Lots of thought, lots of decision-making, a fair amount of money, and a very busy Tuesday. I still have frozen stuff in the freezer in the garage that needs to come in.

Yay for a BBA – birding buddy adventure. I just looked at the range map for juncos and see that we’re in the same boat – non-breeding where we are then they migrate to Canada to breed.

Wordle 1,022 4/6* trope, blink, dingy, finch


My cleaning ladies came and did a good job yesterday. Esmerelda finished paying me the money that would have been needed to replace the cracked/chipped stove countertop yesterday, so were back on our regular payment schedule. Since I had polished the new appliances, I told them to do the rest of the kitchen only.

She showed me pictures of her family - she's one of 5 girls and 2 boys, has 3 of her own. I'm envious of the large family. Mine is small and shrinking, Bill's is non-existent except for steps.

As mentioned above, Arsenal plays a beach team today at 12:30. Bill will make a dump run then bring us back lunch from the local pizza/things I'll eat place. There are two things on the menu I'll eat - grilled chicken salad or plain hamburger with fries, which I 'spend' valuable sodium mgs on with ketchup. *smile*

Other than that, puttering, reading, getting a few things organized.

Jenna and I are going to the book sale set up tomorrow - she as a set up volunteer and me to say a (masked) hi to the book sale team and actually do a bit of shopping. Rhoda said I could, and I will. I'll go back next Saturday, when Jenna's also scheduled for take down after the sale ends.

Abr 6, 6:33 pm

>198 karenmarie: I'm glad to hear the cleaning ladies did their usual good job yesterday, and the cost for the cracked stovetop is paid off.

As for the juncos, I always thought the ones we see here retreated to the Appalachian mountains in the summer, not all the way into Canada. My DH has seen them on hikes in the mountains.

Abr 6, 7:01 pm

That looks like a lovely kitchen with all the new appliances. Hope you have a good reading weekend.

Abr 6, 9:18 pm

That is the kitchen of my dreams!

Abr 7, 6:29 am

Oh your kitchen looks fabulous! I'd be scared to cook in it, in case I messed it up :D

Abr 7, 8:00 am

>198 karenmarie: Arsenal playing Bournemouth or Blackpool or whichever beach town's team must've been exciting, since you clearly fell asleep and forgot about us afterward. ::chinwobble:: It's okay, I get the appeal of athletic young men cavorting around in their underpants.

Have a great time at the book sale today! Early access is absolutely fair for you to have given how much work you've put into the Friends organization.


Abr 7, 8:15 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Sunday. We had a nice bird walk yesterday, although we added nothing new. Great blue herons are beginning to arrive. I have a Costco run to do, otherwise it will be a chill day with the books.

Abr 7, 8:29 am

>199 atozgrl: Hi Irene! I love my cleaning ladies, always excepting for the glass cook top fiasco. However, I got the new appliances I needed out of it, got the push I needed to get them before more of them broke (one was 26 years old, the other 10+ years), and got money to boot.

Do you ever use the CornellLab All About Birds website? It has range maps, which show that NC is a migration path, except for part of the far west where they are year-round. I use the website all the time.

>200 elorin: Thanks, Robyn!

>201 drneutron: Hi Jim. I’m glad it works for you.

>202 Jackie_K: Hello Jackie. So far I haven’t done any ‘real’ cooking because it looks so pretty, but may make soup tonight.

>203 richardderus: Brighton, RD. It will happen again, abandoning you ALL DAY, but here’s the blanket apology: I’m sorry I didn’t get back to LT later in the day for you. I apologize with my whole heart. 💓🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🤍🖤

I love looking at the athletic young men cavorting around in their underpants covered by their kit shorts. 😏

I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter for the first time since March 17th, seeing my book sort team friends, and getting a book fix. *smooch*

Wordle 1,023 5/6* trope, clout, loamy, zonal, voila


Arsenal beat Brighton 3-0 and are currently top of the table. The best result of Man City - Liverpool is a draw, which would leave Arsenal in first place by goal differential. We can only hope.

Lots of reading, a bit of napping, and a reply of a previous Premier League match in the evening.

Book sale setup, Jenna coming home to get more of her stuff - the moving in with her girlfriend is occurring sooner than I had actually anticipated, but visa acquisition and Covid have played their part. Sigh.

Abr 7, 10:45 am

Beautiful kitchen! The new applainces are wonderful!

Abr 7, 11:23 am

Hi Janet, and thank you!

Just got back from the book sale set up - saw my kid and she's coming home in a while to do oversized blankets that can't be done in the stackables at her girlfriend's, stay a while to visit, then go back to her girlfriend's.

I found two books that interest Karen and me, but I'm going to be selfish and keep them both:

The Essential Kabbalah by Daniel C. Matt
Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography by John Dominic Crossan

Plus, after we said hi and etc., friend Steph said she set aside this book for me:

Just Because They've Left Doesn't Mean They're Gone by Stephen A. Bly

So, 3 new books and kid coming home for a while.

Abr 7, 1:29 pm

>207 karenmarie: The kit shorts are really just colorful underpants, aren't they? I mean they leave little to the imagination...*happy sigh*

Nice little haul there! I'm sure MTKaren will forgive your bibliocupidity. Jenna visiting is a lovely bonus indeed! Will she be bringing the missus with her on a holiday visit to come?

Abr 7, 5:46 pm

>205 karenmarie: I have looked at range maps, though not specifically the Cornell website. Of course, I know about Cornell's All About Birds. But the range map I saw showed juncos being year round in West Virginia. My DH had a story about hiking in the NC mountains one summer (before I knew him) with a friend who nearly stepped on a junco. I do know that parts of the NC mountains are said to have a Canadian climate, which is why we have some trees and wildlife that are usually found in Canada. So I had always assumed the juncos we saw here during the winter came down out of the Appalachians and then returned there when the weather warmed back up here. Canada is so far when there is closer appropriate climate. Especially when the year-round range map I saw had them living in West Virginia (and maybe a little further south in the Appalachians) and then all the way north up the Appalachians into all of Pennsylvania, New York, and New England. No need to go all the way into Canada according to that map.

Well, I'm sorry to hear that Jenna is already moving out, although I'm glad she's found a good relationship. But that's part of being a parent I guess, seeing them head out on their own eventually. I hope you will still get to see her often.

Wishing you a great week!

Abr 7, 8:19 pm

Good night, Karen. I'm thinking you had a lovely day. GOOD for you!!!

As to juncos in Se NC, we call them snow birds because we see them only then. We haven't seen snow fall in the daytime since Obama's first inauguration; that's a long, long time ago.

Abr 8, 8:00 am

Morning, Karen. Once again, I think we cross-posted yesterday. No biggie. I am skipping Trail Watch once again but this time to help with Jackson, which is good since I haven't seen him in over a week. I will drop my other "kids" off and then head over there. A beautiful day here in Chicagoland.

Editado: Abr 8, 10:31 am

>204 msf59: Sorry I missed you up here, Mark. Yay for a nice bird walk. We have Great Blue Herons year-round, and I occasionally see them at what I call the Kingfisher Pond – a pond on the way into town. I’ve also seen other herons and egrets there, and an occasional Bald Eagle. One memorable time I saw TWO Bald Eagles there. No more Kingfishers there since the first two years or so that we lived out here.

Costco and books are two nice things, I think.

>208 richardderus: Okay, RDear, so here’s the colorful underpants story what with me being cishet and all: I love seeing young, fit men run around in their colorful underpants. Some of them also wear undershorts that are like bicycle shorts – tight fitting. I particularly like it when players like Ben White roll up one side of the underpants – I guess it has to do with feeling they can be more accurate in their passing or something, but I like seeing their thighs. I also like SOME tattoos, but don’t like too many neck tattoos – thinking of Richarlson’s in particular. Also, some of the full sleeves are very unattractive to me. But, *happy sigh* for me, too.

I love it – bibliocupidity. Jenna’s missus is extremely introverted and so far there’s nothing on taps. *shrug*

>209 atozgrl: Wow, your DH nearly stepping on a Junco. I’m sorry Jenna’s already moving out, but like I told her, I’m sad for me, happy for her. Having the baby birds leave the nest is the ultimate goal, at least for me. Thanks re my week, I hope yours is good, too.

>210 LizzieD: Hi Peggy, and thank you. I’ve heard them called that here. I’ve also heard northerners who flock to Florida in the winter called snow birds, too. I think we’re just enough north of you that we’ve had daytime snowfall since 2009.

>211 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark! I’m glad you’re getting Jackson time today. Enjoy the gorgeous day. Backyard and/or park in your immediate future?

Wordle 1,024 3/6* Trope, cream, breed


Jenna and I were at the book sale set up for a while. I said hi to a few folks, wasn't particularly feeling the book love although I did find two and Steph gave me one she thought I'd like/need, see >207 karenmarie:. Jenna came back to the house and grabbed critical stuff - her PS5/games, more clothes, and whatever else she had in her backpack. I filled my feeders and have happy birds again this morning.

Bill and I watched the Man United - Liverpool game yesterday and Liverpool losing would have been better, but a tie kept Arsenal at the top of the table. I've never seen Klopp, the Liverpool manager in his final season, so unhappily animated before.

I have a cardiologist appointment this afternoon - regular checkup - and other than that puttering and reading.

Abr 8, 11:50 am

Good day to you, Good (((((Karen))))). I've delayed getting on with it way too long and am now off to the bank to get info for the lawyer whom I hope to meet later this week. Book club tomorrow though - first time in 4+ years!

Abr 8, 6:15 pm

>190 karenmarie: Looks fantastic! And I am glad it is over and done with a great outcome.

>207 karenmarie: I see your friend found a good one for you -- Just Because They've Left Doesn't Mean They're Gone! xoxo

Abr 8, 6:26 pm

>212 karenmarie: I'm sure your cardio report will be fine. No one who can still appreciate the splendors of athletic young manhood cavorting about while scantily clad has *that* bad a heart problem. *smooch*

Editado: Abr 9, 6:53 am

>213 LizzieD: Hi Peggy. Once again I didn’t come back to LT. I had a good day. I’m glad you’re taking care of some of the necessary things lawyer-wise. It’s not easy, I know. I was POA and executor of my mother’s will/estate and given some married-into-the-family unwanted advice, became extremely stressful. You don’t have that problem, at least. Yay for book club!!! I hope you enjoyed yourself.

>214 Berly: Hi Kim. Thank you. I’m going to open Just Because They’ve Left Doesn’t Meran They’ve Gone in a while. Steph is a good friend – I’ve known her for more than 20 years. She’s in my RL book club, on the book sort/sale team, and on the Friends Board, too.

>215 richardderus: Thanks for the support, RD. It’s not misplaced, see under Wordle. Heh. Watching athletic young manhood cavorting is good for my heart, for sure.

Wordle 1,025 4/6* trope, curve, dirge, merge


I organized the manuals I got with the appliances, called JennAir re the trim kit I need, had a good chat with my sister, and watched some Premier League replays.

The appointment with my cardiologist went well. She was pleased with the most recent bloodwork, pleased with all my vitals, and we agreed that I don't need to see her for another year barring problems. I also don't need another echocardiogram 'til next early next year.

I stopped in at the Library to look at books - hey, I'm entitled and have permission - and took two away,

The Holy Bible Containing the Old Testament in the Confraternity - Douay Texts and the entire New Testament in the Confraternity Translation, published in 1959. It's HUGE. I'm was smitten and couldn't resist, although many of you know that I'm not Christian. I'm a Liberal Theist and have many Bibles on my shelves.

Tenth of December by George Saunders. Lincoln in the Bardo is polarizing, I know, but I absolutely love it, so saw this misfiled in Classics and Oldies, *eye roll*, and grabbed it.

Two books, $8, which will be paid at the end of the sale... can't resist. I now owe $126.50, plus it's time to renew my membership. Sigh.

I need to do a bit of adulting today, alas, then will get to watch Arsenal - Bayern Munich this afternoon in the quarterfinals.

Abr 9, 7:45 am

Morning, Karen. I loved Tenth of December. My first Saunders. I hung out yesterday in the backyard with Jackson. He rode his electric John Deere until he got bored and then we went back inside. I will hang with him for awhile today too. Probably go to the park. Another lovely day here.

I did get some quick looks at the eclipse yesterday, during different stages. I am not an eclipse fanatic but it is pretty cool.

Abr 9, 9:09 am

'Morning, Mark! Happy Tuesday. Good to know about Tenth of December. Glad Jackson time yesterday was good, and nice that you get another fix today.

I am strange - I was not interested in the eclipse. It would have been a problem anyway, since I was at my cardiologist's appointment at the time. Bill took a few pics.

There's a male Red-Bellied Woodpecker on the suet feeder.

Editado: Abr 9, 9:12 am

Our book sale team's fearless leader took this panorama shot and sent it out this morning. It's from the back corner and doesn't include the art/music/architecture, CDs/DVDs/records/audiobooks, science fiction/fantasy/GN and Childrens. It's actually deceptive, because there are probably 15K items in the pic. The book sale is from Thursday - Saturday.

Abr 9, 11:17 am

>219 karenmarie: Very, very happy your cardiology report was so good! I'm not surprised. You've been a very compliant patient. If anyone was going to get through this phase transition of life habits, it's you.

Gorgeous photo! Thanks for sharing it! *smooch*

Abr 9, 12:47 pm

>219 karenmarie: Wow! Look at all that work! Beautiful! And the books you've found are wonderful.

The eclipse was a bust here. It was mostly cloudy, but I thought I might see some darkening of the landscape, even though we only had a 30%. Nada, although I didn't have the glasses so I couldn't check out the sun.

Hooray for the cardiology report!

Abr 9, 2:02 pm

GREAT to have such a good cardio report!!! I was sure you were good because you've been so good. We all thank you and applaud your hard work.

I'm drooling at the sight of that sale. *sigh*

Abr 9, 2:59 pm

>219 karenmarie: Wow. That's a massive booksale. Looks dangerous.

Abr 9, 3:53 pm

>219 karenmarie: So the picture doesn't include at least half the stuff!! LOL. Nice work and good luck on the sale.

>216 karenmarie: Soooo glad the cardio came back stellar! Phew. And I know it's because you have been a dedicated patient following all the doctor's recommendations and making significant changes in your life. Kudos and thank you. : )

Abr 10, 7:33 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Wednesday. I love the book sale pic. Wow.

While hanging out with Jackson yesterday, I saw 2 FOY birds- Caspian terns and cormorants. Both can be found here through the summer. I also saw an osprey and a kingfisher. We were at the quarries near where Bree lives.

I have kids duty and then pickleball today. I just saw 2 robins and a male cardinal around the feeders.

Abr 10, 9:48 am

That book sale looks VERY dangerous. Good thing I'm not in the area, and have no more room on the shelves.

And I've had Tenth of December on my shelf for a long time. Someone here gave it a bad review and I didn't rush to read it. Now I might move it more into my line of sight.

Abr 10, 10:23 am

>190 karenmarie: Nice! I quite like the wall ovens. Quite handy. the stainless steel looks great with the cherry cabinets.

>219 karenmarie: OMG! What a great book sale!I wonder what treasures you will find.

Happy Wednesday

Abr 10, 10:57 am

>220 richardderus: Thanks, RDear! I have been a compliant patient for the most part. Let’s say 95%. Recently the treadmill work has not been as as good – COVID - but I’m going to try to go today for a bit, masked of course. You’re welcome re the photo.

>221 streamsong: Hi Janet. I’m usually one of the permanent team of volunteers that go every Tuesday to select from donations and store for the next sale, and there are, of course, many dozens of volunteers at the sale across three days.

Sorry about nothing for the eclipse. I saw a map on YouTube that showed the AirBNB occupancy rate for eclipse day. Here’s the link to it: Airbnb occupancy along the eclipse path

Thanks re the cardio report.

>222 LizzieD: Thank you for the kind words, Peggy. The sale is drool worthy for sure.

>223 The_Hibernator: Hi Rachel. It is massive, and it’s always been dangerous for me, especially when I was Treasurer and had to be there all the time all three days. When I wasn’t Treaurer-ing, I was finding books.

>224 Berly: Hello Kim. Yes, lots of stuff is either in other rooms or in the area where we have The Counting House. And what, you ask, is The Counting House? It’s where people drop off bags/boxes of books to be priced and kept ‘til they’re finished shopping. Dealers have been known to have 75-100 bags/boxes of books. The other end of that corridor has SF/Fantasy/GN & AV. Thanks for the kind and encouraging words re the cardio.

>225 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and Happy Wednesday to you, too. I hope your kids and pickle ball day are wonderful. Yes to the book sale pic. I was happy when I first saw it, thought I’d share so people could drool and see lots and lots of books.

Congrats on two FOYs and the Osprey and Kingfisher. My big bird news is that last night, around five, I saw my first Ruby-Throat Hummingbird, a male of course, at around 5 p.m. at the feeder.

>226 ffortsa: Hi Judy. It IS Dangerous. We have dozens of categories, thousands of materials – books, AV, sheet music, records, DVDs, CDs, audio books. I’m not usually a fan of short stories, but I couldn’t resist Tenth of December.

Wordle 1,026 2/6* trope, broth. Lucky.


Yesterday afternoon was Arsenal v. Bayern at Arsenal's stadium in London. It was a nail biter for sure. It was a tie. They play again in Germany, the aggregate winner going to the semi-finals.

Other than that, reading, puttering, etc.

I'm might go into town today to possibly use the treadmill, masked, of course, with my Clorox wipes in hand. I also might go to the grocery store for 2 and theoretically only 2 things. I also might just stay home.

Abr 10, 11:46 am

Woo Hoo for Wordle in Two!!!!

Editado: Abr 10, 11:48 am

>219 karenmarie: That IS a great sale layout. Does everything have to be hauled away to storage after the sale concludes? Those shelves appear to me to be on casters. Is that the case? And light, natural light.

Got my hair cut and my face mowed yesterday. Followed by shopping for screws for my next project and, serendipitously, a proper scrub brush on a stick to clean the garage floor, oddments from Tar-shay, disappointment at B&N. As my eyes rolled back, I bailed on a couple of other stops, drove straight home and took a nap.

I did finish The Singing Sands, Josephine Tey's last mystery novel. To Love and Be Wise, the 4th in Tey's Inspector Grant series, is the only one I haven't read, and I don't have a copy. O the horror! Want to now finish Shtum and Keith Haring (an immense book displaying the artist's work, alongside excerpts from his journal.

Have a good day.

Abr 10, 1:45 pm

>229 LizzieD: Woo hoo for sure. Luck and spreadsheets, Peggy, luck and spreadsheets.

>230 weird_O: Hi Bill! All the tall racks are rolling racks. All the stuff not sold still on tables has to go on those rolling racks, so that everything not sold is on rolling racks. Those rolling racks go down to the end of the hall near the back entrance to the Library. Depending on scheduling, the Thrift Shop either sends a truck Saturday 2-ish or early the next week to take EVERYTHING AWAY. We occasionally keep Childrens and/or AV, but everything else goes so that we can sift through another ~22K worth of items to get it to the ~16-18K that we sell in 6 months.

Yes, natural light in addition to the overhead lighting is Very Nice.

A haircut and face mowing sounds good. Screw shopping and scrub brush shopping, other stuff shopping, and home again sounds like a good day to me.

I love Tey and have all her Grant series and a few standalones.

I hope you have a good day, too.

Abr 10, 6:05 pm

You Wicked, Horrible book siren you: Because *I* at least do not carry grudges and therefore seek revenge when I am tormented by book-bullets, I am very thoughtfully not going to mention an Australian title, The Last Of The Bonegilla Girls by Victoria Purman, that is 99¢ on Kindle now. Nor will I discuss the fact that my Goodreads friends who've read it have *averaged* a four-star rating of it for its really fascinating look at the European influx after WWII.

You're welcome.

Abr 10, 6:30 pm

>216 karenmarie: Hi, Karen, I'm back online after having no Internet for most of the day yesterday. Glad to hear about the great cardiology report! I was planning to go to the Friends booksale tomorrow, but given the weather report, I'm probably going to have to wait until Friday. I will probably miss some treasures that way, but I don't want to drive 1/2 hour in pouring rain or thunderstorms. I also remember how far I had to park from the door when I went to the last sale.

>212 karenmarie: It was actually my DH's friend who nearly stepped on the junco. But it seems to have left a strong memory, as he has mentioned it several times over the years.

Abr 11, 4:30 am

Happy Thursday, Karen!

>190 karenmarie: Wow! Thatis a great kitchen. I love your shiny new appliances.

>216 karenmarie: Glad all was good at the cardiologist!

Abr 11, 8:46 am

Morning, Karen. Sweet Thursday. Hooray for the first hummer sighting. Always something to look forward to. I will put up my feeder soon.

Sue is off to help with Jack. I am taking our aunt to a Dr appt, and then hanging out with Juno and the books. Rain here for most of the day.

Editado: Abr 11, 1:32 pm

>232 richardderus: ‘Morning, RDear. Or, rather, closer to good afternoon. Slept ‘til 9:30 and have only had half a cup of coffee. I shall take your NOT recommendation under consideration. Thank you. I think.

>233 atozgrl: Hi Irene. Sorry about no internet yesterday – it is such an integral part of our lives now that it’s losing a utility, not a luxury. You will miss some good books, but there are ALWAYS good books, even at 1:30 on Saturday, which is when I’ll be there for $5/bag day. Jenna will be there 2-3 volunteering for the take down, too. BTW, there are always volunteers to help you get books to your car, even if it’s only a bag. Just ask at a cashier station or at the Bag Park-Counting House. Nearly stepping on a bird would be a strong memory for me, too.

>234 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita, and thank you. Thanks re the appliances AND my cardiologist visit.

>235 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark! Sweet Thursday to you, too. I haven’t seen one since, but I know they’re around. An errand, books, and Juno w/rain sound like a good plan.

Wordle 1,027 3/6* trope, boule, louse


I cleaned out a cabinet under a drawer in the Utility Room yesterday. It included all my cake decorating supplies, which are all now in a bag to go upstairs in the Media Room. I had to get rid of all the icing colors, but everything else is good to go for either me or someone else.

Bill and I watched the Champions League quarter-final first-leg match between Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona. What a match. Lots of excitement.

I was supposed to go to lunch with Rita the Librarian today, but she had to cancel. I'm a bit melancholy - it's the first day of book sale and I'm not there. Sigh. I actually might go over ~5:30 or so after the 5 p.m. end of sale to shop. The book sale team won't mind, and probably only the Treasurer and person in charge of the cash boxes will be there. Then again, I might not. Sigh.

I might find another cabinet to clean out. And read. And putter.

edited to add:

Playing around with a WiFi repeater we had upstairs for Jenna has given me 512.74 Mbps download and 23.11 Mbps upload with VPN turned off. I'll only turn VPN on for banking and other activities requiring an additional level of security. *happy dance*

Abr 11, 1:46 pm

>236 karenmarie: Letting go is hard to do. It's never only the responsibilities.

Abr 11, 11:15 pm

Here's the next readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/359999

Abr 12, 8:26 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Friday. We have a busy weekend ahead. Our friend's daughter gets married later today. The reception will be tomorrow and since it is nearly an hour away, a bunch of us are staying the night, Sat & Sun. It should be a blast, since many of these folks are part of the camping group.

I just spotted 2 juncos, so they are still hanging around. A couple of robins too.

Abr 12, 9:13 am

>237 quondame: You’re absolutely right, Susan. Sigh.

>238 SilverWolf28: Hi Silver, and thank you.

>239 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and happy Friday to you, too. Sounds like a fun, busy weekend. Yay for Juncos. I’ve got the usual suspects, plus a female Downy is on the suet feeder.

Wordle 1,028 4/6* trope, claim, suing, whiny


Yesterday we watched the two quarterfinals of the Champions League that we hadn't watched and so are all caught up. Had a lot of rain and wind last night and the power flickered a couple of times but didn't go out.

Errands and visiting with Louise. I might make vegetable beef soup for dinner. Reading, puttering, and etc.

Abr 13, 12:41 am

See your reading shows little sign of slowing up, Karen. Way to go!

Abr 13, 8:57 am

Hi Paul, and thank you. Nothing serious, nothing deep, just reading candy, but at least for me, reading isn't supposed to be homework.

Wordle 1,029 3/6* trope, cleat, steel


I didn't go out yesterday but had a pleasant day regardless. Reading, puttering, and I made a pot of vegetable beef soup.

I'll get to the Library about 1:30 for the last half hour of bag day and to see Jenna, who's volunteered to help with take down from 2-3. We have a homeowners association meeting at 4 p.m. that I might attend. It's at the top of our driveway in the cul-de-sac.

Editado: Abr 13, 9:17 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Saturday. The wedding we attended was beautiful. We also had a nice dinner afterwards, with our camping buddies. We will head to the reception, in the early afternoon. It should a big party day. Matt is staying here to watch Juno until Monday.

My feeders are quiet at the moment. A couple of robins and house finch.

Have a good time bagging today.

Abr 13, 9:44 am

>242 karenmarie: I also feel reading isn't supposed to be homework. Snacks and candy all the way.

Abr 13, 10:40 am

Saturday orisons, Horrible me lurve. *smooch*

Abr 13, 11:04 am


As for reading homework, I want to know so much and have so many blank spaces to fill with information that I do my homework as I can. I mostly enjoy learning more about what interests me, so self-assigned is good. On the other hand, you see that my Books Read are mostly cotton candy and peanuts (OK maybe chocolate-covered cashews and coffee - or Malbec).

Abr 13, 4:20 pm

>243 msf59: Hi Mark! Happy Saturday to you. I’m glad the wedding was beautiful, along with a nice dinner and reception today. I had another hummingbird this afternoon.

>244 elorin: Hi Robyn. I do read nonfiction and am still working my way through The Federalist. I’m going to abandon An Immense World, I think.

>245 richardderus: Hallo, RichardDear. Happy Saturday to you, too. *smooch*

>246 LizzieD: Thank you, Peggy. I am always curious about things, too, but official homework not so much for me recently. Most likely my current addiction to MM romance. Oh well…

Yum to chocolate covered nuts and coffee, Malbec, too.

So I headed over to the book sale’s $5/bag, got there about 1:20 or so, masked, of course. Said hi to everybody and I found one bag’s worth and am pleased. I paid for books I'd taken from last sale 'til early February, today's books, and my membership renewal.

They had set aside the 1952 edition of The Encyclopedia Britannica’s Great Books of the Western World for me – only 43 of the 54, but I bought them for $1/each. Missing are volumes 4,5,6,28,29,30,31,33,36,48, and 49. They are gorgeous. I might try to find the missing volumes, but not any time soon.

The bag books are:

Androgynous Judaism: Masculine and Feminine in the Dual Torah by Jacob Neusner
Unlucky for Some by Jill McGown
Acid Row by Minette Walters
What’s a Christian To Do With Harry Potter? By Connie Neal
Citizens of London: The Americans who Stood with Britain in Its Darkest, Finest Hour by Lynne Olson
Sanctuary by William Faulkner – 1958 Random House Edition replaces 1997 BOMC edition
Light in August by William Faulkner
Roman Britain: Outpost of the Empire by H.H. Scullard
The United States: A Modern History. Slip cased two-volume set. I’m a sucker for slip cases.
  1. The United States to 1865 by Michael Kraus
  2. The United States Since 1865 by Foster Rhea Dulles
Took 4 bags of recyclable glass to the dump, stopped off at the grocery store, then met Jenna back at the house - she grabbed a few things and changed a lightbulb for me - she would have killed me if she knew I'd tried to get on the ladder to change it.

Abr 14, 10:05 am

Wordle 1,030 3/6* trope, plain, blimp


Arsenal plays Aston Villa at 11:30. it's a gorgeous day. There are bird feeders to replenish, books to add to my catalog, books to read, and puttering to be done.

Abr 14, 2:11 pm

Oh dear. So sorry, my dear Horrible. *smooch*

Abr 14, 10:42 pm

>247 karenmarie: Heavens, Karen! YOU are the one reading and digesting The Federalist Papers. I can't think of many things more homeworkish...
>249 richardderus: Did Arsenal lose? I'm sorry too.

I'm also off to bed, having taken the day off after church and taken two naps. Sleep well yourself!

Abr 15, 8:27 am

Morning, Karen. We decided to come back last night but we had a terrific time hanging with our friends over the weekend. I even got some birding in yesterday. I saw 2 bald eagles but the big treat was getting good looks at a singing Carolina wren. 22 species in all. I am doing Trail Watch today, after not being able to it, in the past couple of weeks. Gorgeous here.

Editado: Abr 15, 11:49 am

>249 richardderus: Yes, they lost 2-0. Thank you. They didn't play well at all and deserved to lose. *smooch*

>250 LizzieD: Ah well, yes, The Federalist Papers. I'm nothing if not stubborn. The problem right now is that I haven't read any in so long that I'm out of practice reading 1780s King's English as manifested in the colonies. #54 today, I hope. Thanks, Peggy. Yes, Arsenal lost. Grumble. Yay for church and TWO naps.

>251 msf59: 'Morning, Mark. Glad you had such a good time. Wow for the two Bald Eagles AND the Carolina Wren. Enjoy Trail Watch. It's gorgeous here, too.

Wordle 1,031 3/6* trope, cheap, equip


Besides Arsenal losing I tried to get my pension 1099R - we're convinced our accountant lost 4 documents, 1 for Bill, 2 for me, and 1 for Jenna. Bill got his online, I got one of two online, and just got the info to create an online presence and got my 1099R. Jenna will get her tax document at lunch today, but it will probably be mailed to her. I just texted her to see if they'll email the document and/or give her the info over the phone. Grrrr.

I've an errand in town using the drive-through or parking-lot pickup at the pharmacy. Other than that, reading, cataloging books, and one phone call. I'm also going to drop some UHaul boxes off at Louise's and visit if she's up for a visit.

Abr 15, 8:43 pm



Abr 16, 12:21 am

I dropped in here this morning but had to take a call-back from somebody that I had waited on hold for. I'm sorry that you had to deal with faulty finance doings. It never even slows down, does it? I spent an exhausting day doing things or mostly half-doing things. Got home at 5:30 for lunch and then had a long, long nap. I am now ready for bed, so I'm going! No reading at all.
Hope you got to visit with Louise. Here's to a less frustrating April 16th!

Abr 16, 8:18 am

Morning, Karen. We had a great 2 hour walk on Trail Watch yesterday and I clocked in 23 species. Highlights were a kestrel and a red-headed woodpecker.

A pickleball day. Rain moving in later. The hummingbird feeder is up.

Editado: Abr 17, 9:48 am

>253 richardderus: Hiya, RDear. Happy Tuesday to you. Poetry month, poems, and etc. I did catalog The Great Books of the Western World: The Poems of Virgil yesterday and searching my catalog for 'poetry' in all fields came up with 185 books. Some are biographies of authors of poems, like e.e. cummings, but still. For someone who's not enamoured of the form, I have quite a few books re poetry. *smooch*

>254 LizzieD: Such a busy day, with no reading. Sorry there's so much you have to do when you deserve to just do a whole lot of nothing. (((((Peggy)))))

>255 msf59: 'Morning, Mark, and happy Tuesday to you. 23 species is impressive. yay for the kestrel and woodpecker. Glad the hummingbird feeder's up, and enjoy the pickle ball.

Wordle 1,032 3/6* trope, slain, shank


I visited with Louise yesterday and came away with another Squirrel Proof feeder, 2 ant moats, a thistle feeder, and another half bottle of lamp oil. 2 errands in town, reading, cataloging books, soccer, and etc.

My cleaning ladies are coming at noon, and Champions League semifinals quarterfinals are at 3. PSG plays Barcelona and Dortmund plays Atlético de Madrid. Arsenal plays Bayern and Man City plays Real Madrid tomorrow.

I'm halfway through my first cup of coffee, slowly waking up.

edited to add: Hummingbird sighting, in the Crepe Myrtle.

Abr 16, 10:41 am

>256 karenmarie: What's an "ant moat" when it's at home?

Enjoy the cataloging. I've been sandboxing a review index for my blog...I have posted over 2000 reviews there and more than 1000 remain only here, or only on Goodreads, or in both those places but not on my blog.

That is a lot of writing.

A. Lot.

And still I roll along, reading and writing and being utterly ignored ::chinwobble:: by Horrible biblio-AR15-wielding vile temptresses.


Editado: Abr 16, 12:55 pm

>257 richardderus: Hi RD. An ant moat is a plastic device that ants drop into and can't get out of on their way to the nirvana of sugar water. I'll take a pic of what I put out in a bit. Cataloging is fun, perhaps more today. Wow for 2000+ reviews.

Here's the ant moat with fresh feeder/food. The moat has a thin film of oil then is filled with water.

Ignored? YOU? By me? It is only days that I have heart attacks or surgeries or whatnot or have a brain fart and think I've posted when I haven't - nay, RD, this vile temptress LOVES you unreservedly even if I wield a biblio-AR15. Do not sob. Rejoice in our spiritual bond.


Editado: Abr 16, 11:31 am

Three parts of The Federalist No 54, written by James Madison, in my copy of The Federalist, edited by Jacob E. Cooke.
February 12, 1788

To the People of the State of New York.

We subscribe to the doctrine, might one of our southern brethren observe, that representation relates more immediately to persons, and taxation more immediately to property, and we join in the application of this distinction to the case of our slaves. But we must deny the fact that slaves are considered merely as property, and in no respect whatever as persons. The true state of the case is, that they partake of both these qualities; being considered by our laws, in some respects, as persons, and in other respects, as property. In being compelled to labor not for himself, but for a master; in being vendible by one master to another master; and in being subject at all times to be restrained in his liberty, and chastised in his body, by the capricious will of another, the slave may appear to be degraded from the human rank, and classed with those irrational animals, which fall under the legal denomination of property. In being protected on the other hand in his life & in his limbs, against the violence of all others, even the master of his labor and his liberty; and in being punishable himself for all violence committed against others; the slave is no less evidently regarded by the law as a member of the society; not as a part of the irrational creation; as a moral person, not as a mere article of property. The Fœderal Constitution therefore, decides with great propriety on the case of our slaves, when it views them in the mixt character of persons and of property. This is in fact their true character. It is the character bestowed on them by the laws under which they live; and it will not be denied that these are the proper criterion; because it is only under the pretext that the laws have transformed the negroes into subjects of property, that a place is disputed them in the computation of numbers; and it is admitted that if the laws were to restore the rights which have been taken away, the negroes could no longer be refused an equal share of representation with the other inhabitants.

Let the compromising expedient of the Constitution be mutually adopted, which regards them as inhabitants, but as debased by servitude below the equal level of free inhabitants, which regards the slave as divested of two fifths of the man.

Such is the reasoning which an advocate for the southern interests might employ on this subject: And although it may appear to be a little strained in some points, yet on the whole, I must confess, that it fully reconciles me to the scale of representation, which the Convention have established.

And thus slavery is justified and the three fifths rule explained.

This paper was very disturbing to read, obviously.

Abr 16, 12:04 pm

HI Karen.

I'm sorry to be out of touch. I haven't visited for awhile. My reading in April is slow. The sun is shining today and grass and trees are such a pretty shade of green. I threw some older apples up on the hill in back of my house where there are a lot of deer. One deer actually came near and allowed me to watch it gobble the apples. I was such a lovely interaction.

Years ago, Will went to th farm bureau and purchased a large bage of corn. He threw a lot in the yard. This resulted in about 20 deer fighting over the corn. His idea of corn for the deer was not welcomed by the neighbors. Are yards are connected and deer were roaming in nearby areas. What seems like a good idea to him, was not a welcome experience for others.

On the 19th it will be five years since his passing. I've been trying to concentrate on happy or funny things expereinced during our 2o plus years together. The deer/corn incident was one that now brings laughter.

>259 karenmarie: I agree, the federalist paper was indeed difficult to read.

"Let the compromising expedient of the Constitution be mutually adopted, which regards them as inhabitants, but as debased by servitude below the equal level of free inhabitants, which regards the slave as divested of two fifths of the man." What the heck?????

Abr 16, 2:16 pm

Hi Karen! Sorry about the ongoing tax drama.

I finished mine online (!) with TurboTax and then spent a frustrating two days trying to submit my payment for the MT state taxes. I tried to call and the recording said there were so many calls, they were not taking new calls (!) I emailed them and actually got a helpful email back with instructions to use a back door to get into the payment option. So we'll see whether my payment gets credited in the right place, since I was unable to log into my account. I should have realized there was a problem with my account (for some odd reason it is deactivated) when I was unable to pay my livestock taxes online earlier this year.

>258 karenmarie: "even if I wield a biblio-AR15" LOVE that phrase! Oh if we could only do that in real life! Can't you see a high school shooter with one of those guns that shoots t-shirts and stuff at games except shooting books!

Abr 16, 3:37 pm

>259 karenmarie: *gaaak*

Casuistry as naked as a battlefield corpse.

>258 karenmarie: 3,166 reviews to date, since 2006. Not too bad.

*sniff* I am gruntled. *smooch*

Abr 16, 11:37 pm

>247 karenmarie: I inherited a set of Encyclopedia Britannica’s Great Books of the Western World from my parents (along with the bookshelf that came with the set). It's among my uncataloged books--someday I will have to remedy that. I didn't take the set of Encyclopedia Britannica itself because I didn't have room for it. I would have loved to keep it, but I guess a lot of it will continue to get out of date as time goes by. It still was a nice set.

>252 karenmarie: I hope you were able to get all the tax paperwork resolved. How annoying that there was a problem at the last minute.

>258 karenmarie: I need an ant moat. I've just been using the little water well on the feeder itself, but it looks like that would work better.

>259 karenmarie: Yikes! I guess they have to justify in their own minds their decision to handle enslaved people this way, but it certainly is painful to see from our viewpoint.

Abr 17, 7:21 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Wednesday. Thanks for sharing your hummingbird feeder and seeing another hummer. Sweet!

Sue brought Jack back here yesterday, so he hung out with us for the afternoon. Adorable, as usual. "Kids" duty this AM, along with pickleball again. More rain expected.

Abr 17, 9:50 am

>260 Whisper1: Hi Linda. No worries – I’m barely visiting the three threads I visit every day, much less others. Nature can definitely soothe us, can’t it? Lovely about the deer and the old apples.

I can see the neighbors being unhappy, especially if the deer were munching on more than corn. Deer have decimated azaleas and parts of my vegetable garden before Bill fenced it.

I’m so sorry about Will’s passing, and I know it was not an easy one. Happy and funny things are the better way to go although I know there will be sad moments for you, too.

Madison had a Southern plantation that used slaves and did not free them during his lifetime or in his will. Hamilton married into the Schuyler family of New York, which owned slaves, and there are references and even cash journal entries of Hamilton’s that show he purchased slaves. Here’s a fascinating article that I just found: Hamilton as slave owner – NY Times

>261 streamsong: Hi Janet. Interesting about a back door to get to the payment option on the MT website. Our tax returns will be available in May or June, most likely, but the extensions were filed for all of us on the 15th. We don’t owe money – first time in a very long time.

>262 richardderus: I know – and anybody who knows about the 3/5ths rule intuitively has to know that it was written about and discussed and voted upon. Keeping the Southern States in the confederacy and then the United States outweighed their not being a part of the new nation in their minds, and knowing how bloody the fight over slavery and states rights became 70 years later, it was seen then and maybe even seen now as the lesser of two evils, given the good things that came out of and still come out of the United States. Just sayin’…

Gruntlement. Yay. *smooch*

>263 atozgrl: Hi Irene. The GBWW set, 1952, complete, is impressive. I’m slowly going to get the missing volumes. We have Bill’s Encyclopaedia Britannica from … 1962?... and several of the yearbooks that go with it. They are uncatalogued and upstairs in the Parlour. Taxes to the point where we don’t have to worry about them for a while, and then only to pick up our completeted forms, pay the accountant, and get our refunds.

Ant moats are available on Amazon.

It is painful to see it written out. Northerners compromised, Southerners compromised, and everything blew up by 1860. It’s still blowing up, for that matter.

>264 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and happy Wednesday to you. You’re welcome re the photo of the hummingbird feeder. No feeder visitors at all right now. Enjoy Jack, the kids, and pickle ball. We’ve got rain coming, but not today. It will be 80F here today.

Wordle 1,033 4/6* trope, tense, title, tithe


Soccer, books, cleaning ladies, puttering. I also set up the hummingbird feeder with the ant moat, and it took a while to find a metal ring that fit over the hook. But now I'm set for the season.

Soccer this afternoon. Arsenal plays Bayern at 3, and Man City plays Real Madrid, also at 3. We'll watch Arsenal, obviously, but watch yesterday's Dortmund - Atlético de Madrid and Man City - Real Madrid games in the next several days.

Other than that, reading, puttering, cataloging books, and etc.

Abr 17, 10:11 am

Ah, taxes. For some reason, my tax accountant, partner of the one just retired, made a weird mistake on my taxes and has to file an amended return now. I was so accustomed to absolute trust in his former partner that I didn't review the material he sent me. That won't happen again. I only caught the problem when the 'wrong' amount was deducted from my checking account, and I received a modest tax return from the state. Sigh. I've been spoiled.

Abr 17, 10:19 am

>265 karenmarie: One of Dortmund's Big Names used to follow me on Twitter...never failed to weird me out when he'd drop a like on a review. Like, you're GERMAN and you've read my English-language review of an untranslated book? ::side-eye:: Can't recall who he was because I never thought it would matter, but he was deffo not from another country or something.

Have a lovely. Since The Ladies are coming, I know it'll end up lovely.

Abr 17, 10:20 am

Happy Wednesday!

An ant moat? I have not heard of that before. Quite cool.

>247 karenmarie: Looks like you had a great haul!

Abr 17, 12:20 pm

My morning time has now flown, and yet I am still here. Hi, Karen!!!!!

I wish you a good day, and while I'm interested to see you reading the Federalists again, I'm sorry to read that particular piece. It is always hard to see that our "union" was built on a fault. That's true personally too. My ancestors owned slaves. To my horror, I learned that my gg-grandfather was a slave trader. I don't know that I'll ever find peace with that except to say that I am not those people. I've done my best to live responsibly and respectfully.

Well! On a happier note I got a 193something set of E. Britannica at a library sale in the 70s. I can't get to it right this moment, but I loved it and sort of looked at it as the last gasp of what was classical education. On the other hand, I remember my HS Latin teacher saying that when her class read Caesar in the early 20s, they had a new text that did not include the details of Caesar's first bridge across the Rhine. Her teacher deplored the then-current laxity.

Enjoy your day and your clean house!!!

Abr 18, 4:09 am

Happy Thursday, Karen!

Tried to read through a week of posting.
Sadly my brain isn't able to process it all, so nothing relevant to say. Wishing you a good week.

Abr 18, 7:42 am

Morning, Karen. Sweet Thursday. I am leading a bird walk this AM. There are just 6 of us. Things are cooling off for the next few days. Only in the 50s. Books and Juno in the PM.

Editado: Abr 19, 10:53 am

>266 ffortsa: So sorry, Judy, that you had this problem. Hard to trust him now, but I guess checking everything means you might give him another chance next year.

>267 richardderus: Weird. A Dortmund soccer player followed you on Twitter. I did have a lovely. The ladies came Tuesday, and yesterday was clean house with a few things I should have done but didn’t and soccer. Arsenal lost. Boo, hiss.

>268 figsfromthistle: Hi Anita. Yes, isn’t that the coolest? And yes, the book haul was good. Still haven’t cataloged everything, but that’s okay.

>269 LizzieD: Wow, a slave trader. Bill’s got ancestors who owned slave here in NC out in Iredell County. I’ve never believed in owning our ancestors’ lives/times/mistakes. It’s a sad thing to have to know about your ancestor for sure. Yay for E. Britannica.

>270 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita. Yup, a lot of posting and I completely understand not replying to any of it. I’m just glad you are visiting. Happy Thursday to you, too, and happy week ahead.

>271 msf59: Hi Mark, and sweet Thursday to you. Yay for a bird walk this a.m. with books and Juno in the p.m.

Wordle 1,034 5/6* trope, steam, eaten, cadet, facet


Yesterday was soccer, reading, puttering, and not much else.

I'm meeting friend Jan for lunch, other than that reading, possibly cataloging books, and puttering.

Abr 18, 2:56 pm

Thursday *smooch*

Abr 18, 7:49 pm

Happy Thursday!

Abr 18, 10:45 pm

Abr 19, 7:42 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Friday. A very nice bird walk yesterday. Details over on my thread. Tending to the "kids" today and then pickleball, (yep, I am hooked). My feeders were extremely quiet yesterday. Not sure why. The robins must be busy building nests. I have not seen any back there in almost a week.

Abr 19, 9:57 am

>273 richardderus: Call your *smooch*, raise you a *smooch*

>274 elorin: Hi Robyn! Thank you. I hope your Thursday was a good one.

>275 SilverWolf28: Thanks, Silver!

>276 msf59: 'Morning, Mark, and happy Friday to you. Glad your Thursday was a good one. My feeders are pretty quiet, too. i'm assuming a lot of natural food. I did just see a male Red-Bellied Woodpecker on the suet feeder. When I was at Louise's the other day, there were so many Goldfinches! Male and female - I love the bright splash of yellow of the males.

Wordle 1,035 3/6* trope, share, raise


I had a good lunch with Jan, enjoyed the drive to-and-from, 1 1/2 hours total. Stopped off at the grocery store on the way back for a couple of things, and etc.

Nothing scheduled for today except perhaps Louise coming by for a quick visit after her realtor comes to her house. She'll be bringing some books back that I'd loaned to her. Other than that, a phone call to the pharmacy - i forgot that this early in the year a couple of my prescriptions are Very Expensive and got sticker shock yesterday when I saw what a 3-month supply is, even with good insurance, so am going to call and ask them to fill one month for me now and etc.

Reading, updating spreadsheets, cataloging books, too.

Abr 19, 10:51 am

>277 karenmarie: Mister Rogers is such a great man to fall asleep to. Soothing, smart, sweet.

That is all.

Abr 19, 11:58 am

Good morning, Karen. I'm happy to have sneaked that in at the 11th+ hour!

My pharma problem is the exact opposite. My daily drugs aren't so expensive, and I like to be 3 months ahead in case of more breaking of the supply chain. I finally have everything fixed post-pandemic except one nasal spray. I think it must be hard to get although I don't see why it would be - generic for Astepro. We just got the one bottle yesterday although the doc's minion assured me that she had ordered a 3-month supply. I won't be following that up right now. My plan for the afternoon is to get the one insurance form in the mail and HUNT FOR THE KEY!!!!!

I need to cook too. I'm just about out of the frozen bits and pieces. I also need to do the sweet pickle hack so I'll have them for my chicken salad and coleslaw. No more real pickle-making ever again for me although I miss cucumber sticklets made with celery seed only.

Enjoy your day!

Abr 19, 6:27 pm

Sometimes I treat my reading like homework, like when I am reading a book I feel I " must read" , like a book I don't like for a prize, or book I feel is a " must - read" . I just force myself to read 50 pages a day, minimum, and tell myself - pretend you are back in school. But that is certainly not the majority of books I read. I think I'll do our taxes on Monday. Sigh. Dave has been busy on the computer doing retirement related things, like his retirement medical and dental package from work as a retiree, and it they are in the midst of changing providers,so it has been a bit of a task. Then we decided to cancel his life insurance, also done online and somewhat tedious, and then Dave applied for both of two Canadian Government pensions, and one is taking a long time to get " processed" so that has meant a fair bit of time for Dave on the phone and the computer. We are fine financially, but it seems that one pension takes some doing to get it processed.

Abr 20, 7:35 am

>278 richardderus: Ah, ear worm time. I loved his Neighborhood. *smooch*

>279 LizzieD: Hi Peggy! Yes, it’s morning here in central NC, just the next day’s morning. A tad early, but I’ve got coffee, quiet, the kitties have been fed, and the kitty door is open. I never had a problem with my drugs during the worst of Covid. I’ve got 3 that are expensive, 6 that are generic. Ridiculous, I know. 9 medications. They get reviewed regularly, and I always ask if there are any I can stop taking/be weaned from.

I hope you got the insurance form mailed and find the key. Stuck down a cushion? Taped behind a picture? Dropped into a decorative vase/old thermos/etc?

The only pickles I eat any more are a few dill pickle chips when I get the chicken salad plate at Virlie’s – chicken salad on a bed of lettuce with sliced tomatoes and dill pickle chips, and Captain’s Wafers. I miss all forms of pickles and olives – I also only get a few sliced olives on a grilled chicken salad from Elizabeth’s about every 3rd weekend or so. I used to make pickles too – two kinds of sweet pickles and watermelon pickle. I gave away all my canning jars/lids last summer. I’ve never had cucumber sticklets with celery seed. Sigh.

>280 vancouverdeb: Hi Deborah. Homework books are occasionally fun, I admit, and I admire your persevering with 50 pages a day on ones you’d rather not be reading. The only thing I’m reading that I consider homework is The Federalist. STILL. I’ve finished 54 of the 86. Good luck with getting all Dave’s paperwork and pensions finalized. TWO pensions. Well. I guess I’ve also got two, if I count Social Security in addition to the pension I got from Marelli. I came in on the end of their pension plan, earning 9 years of ‘credit’ before they froze pensions. It’s made a huge difference, for sure.

Our life insurance will pay for one of us to pay off the house, whoever’s the survivor. That’s another whole ball of wax, although at least we have whole life, not term.

Wordle 1,036 4/6* trope, blind, livid, lucid


I cataloged more of The Great Books of the Western World yesterday and started rearranging two shelves in the Library to take them. Culled two books and am giving another to friend Karen in Montana, Sunday Mercury: Writing and Fighting the Civil War edited by William B. Styple. Watched a bit of soccer on replay, and etc.

Arsenal plays the Wolves today at 2:30. Reading, puttering, cataloging, finding other homes on my shelves for the books on tag L24.

Abr 20, 8:16 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Saturday. Only 34F out there at the moment but with plenty of sunshine. I think I will still slip out for a solo bird walk. I just saw a couple of cardinals, a robin and some housefinch. It looks like the birds have returned.

Abr 20, 12:18 pm

>281 karenmarie: *smoochiesmoochsmooch*

Abr 20, 6:47 pm

>282 msf59: Hi Mark! Happy what's left of Saturday to you. Brrr. I hope you were able to get out for your solo bird walk. Yay for the birds.

>283 richardderus: *smoochiesmoochsmooch* back at'cha, RD.

Editado: Abr 21, 12:31 am

Whole life is a good idea, Karen. We just cancelled our term insurance as it becomes so expensive as you age. But our place has been paid off for 5 or so years, so we are okay there. I think our two government pensions probably equals your Social Security Pension. Here, we have CPP, or the Canadian Pension Plan, and it is based on how long you worked and how much you were paid - and you pay into it via taxes. I think only people who have worked in Canada qualify for that. Then we have OAS, which is Old Age Security, also from the Canadian government. You don't have to have every been employed to get that one. It too is based on the age you start it, and how long you've lived in Canada. Then he has his work pension as well. Yes, we are fortunate to be older , and get a defined benefit pension from Dave's workplace, rather than today's " Defined Contribution" pension from one's workplace . I'm not sure how those work.

Abr 21, 8:27 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Sunday. Only 31F here at the moment. Chilly weekend. Back to normal temps next week. I enjoyed my solo bird walk yesterday, adding 3 more FOY birds, including several field sparrows, which are so darn cute:


Abr 21, 10:45 am

>285 vancouverdeb: Hi Decorah. Wow. Canadian senior benefits 101. Thanks for the info. My sister had term insurance for 3 decades, then, just like for you and Dave, it got too expensive. When I married Bill, he already had whole life policies with Northwestern Mutual Life. We got a policy for me when we married and got a policy for Jenna, soon after she was born.

Sounds like you’re in a good place with CPP, OAS, and Dave’s pension.

>286 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark. Brrr. It’s 52F here now, dropping to an afternoon high of 49F. Yay for SBWs and FOYs. Very cute sparrow, for sure.

Wordle 1,037 6/6* Whew. trope, bound, vocal, folio, holly, jolly. I almost went with golly, but decided to execute Richard's Reverse Alphabetical Strategy.


I was a busy beaver yesterday. Finally got all the Great Books of the Western World books cataloged, then got them on two shelves in the Library. The books on those shelves had to be moved, and so some went to other shelves in the Library, some came in the Sunroom. And of course putting those books in the Sunroom meant that books had to get rearranged here, too. I love doing this stuff.

Arsenal beat the Wolves 2-0, so yay for that.

Louise is coming over today to return the last batch of books I loaned to her and giving me an African Violet. I'm not good with plants any more as a rule - I've currently got a Sansevieria and an Aloe Vera, both pretty forgiving. Haven't had an African Violet in a while, but think I can keep it alive. *smile*

Might watch some of the Fulham-Liverpool game, might not. Reading, updating spreadsheets, puttering, possibly making dinner.

Abr 21, 12:58 pm

>287 karenmarie: Af'ican varlets is what I called them as a toddler and ever after that was how Mama referred to them.

Enjoy your time in the hampool. *smooch*

Editado: Abr 22, 7:20 am

Hiya, RDear. Happy Monday to you.

Turns out it wasn't an Af'ican varlet, it was a Christmas Cactus. Which I also love. It's gonna be a while before it blooms, because it's not even close to being pot bound yet.

Unfortunately, Liverpool won, which has them knocking at Arsenal's door for top of the table.


Wordle 1,038 X/6* trope, weird, queer, cyber, lever, lager. Laser. Darn.


Louise did visit, brought back the books I'd loaned to her. Watched the first half of the game, blah blah. Read, puttered.

I'm leaving in 45 minutes to go to my pre-op appointments, which are unfortunately at 9:40 and 1:30, so I have to stay in Raleigh between them. I'll find somewhere to hang out between, but it will be a long day.

Abr 22, 7:37 am

Morning, Karen. Sounds like you are busy bee. I have "kids" duty, then Trail Watch. It looks like Jack will come over later this afternoon for an overnight visit. We are also getting prepared for our FOY camping trip this weekend. 😁

Abr 22, 8:00 am

>289 karenmarie: Best of luck with the appointments today! I hope your energy holds out well. *smooch*

Abr 22, 11:02 am

Good luck with the appointments!

5 for me with Wordle today. I got stuck in the alphabet soup with the middle letter -

Abr 23, 3:47 am

I did my Wordle at half-past midnight last night and then regretted it when I woke up and was disappointed I didn't have one to complete!

I love my morning routine :)

Abr 23, 9:35 am

‘Morning the next morning, Mark! Happy Tuesday to you. Yes, I was busy yesterday, but it was a productive busy. Your day was busy, too, but most of you days are busy because that’s what you like. 😁 Happy preparations.

>291 richardderus: Thanks, RD. Energy levels were good. Thank you. *smoch*

>292 streamsong: Thank you, Janet. Alphabet soup got me today, and today was a 5, definitely better than the skunk.

>293 LovingLit: Hi Megan. I know, it’s a ritual for me too in the morning. Mine’s feeding the kitties, making coffee, then pouring that first cup and Wordle-ing.

Wordle 1,039 5/6* Ugh. So many choices. I played the odds with available words that hadn't been used and there were 3 middle letter v words, so went with the first of the two that hadn't been used, then the other. trope, decor, lower, mover, rover


Yesterday's first pre-op appointment at the surgeon's office went well. Since I had already had one in February for the cancelled surgery, it went a bit quicker than it might have gone otherwise. New folder with all the stuff. When I told her before 10:30 that it was 1:30 for the hospital pre-op appointment, she said I might go over there and see if they could 'sneak' me in. Sometimes it worked. So I got there before 11, checked in, and prepared to wait. Read a bit, then friend Karen in Montana called. We chatted for about an hour, then as soon as we got off, about 12:30, they called me back. Done by 1. No EKG this time, only one vial of blood, everything else rapid-fire but thorough. On the way home I 'rewarded' myself with Taco Bell, 2 tacos and a large unsweet tea, reading in the parking lot. Tacos do not do well driving 9 miles home, and I hate soggy crispy shell tacos.

Arsenal plays Chelsea at 3 p.m., other than that, a bit of adulting, reading, updating spreadsheets, and etc. Might place a grocery store order online. Really, REALLY don't want to get sick right now, so no grocery store.

Editado: Abr 23, 12:00 pm

>294 karenmarie: Hi Karen, I'm glad your appointments went so well yesterday, and you were able to get out earlier than expected. I know what you mean about soggy crispy taco shells. When we were in Mississippi the last time, a big group of us went to a Mexican restaurant, and I ordered the crispy tacos. It was a meal with rice and beans. My meal came on two plates--the tacos got their own plate, which meant they didn't get soggy. I had never seen that before, but after seeing it, I wondered why no other restaurants have ever done that.

Stay well!

Abr 23, 12:31 pm

I'm glad to hear that the appointments were good and that you got out sooner than expected. Hooray for tacos!!! When you come (*sigh*) we'll maybe go to El Zarape, my favorite local Mexican restaurant. Mama and I loved sharing their mixed grill taco salad. By the time we got to the bottom, we didn't care that the taco was soggy.

The Wordle Skunk got me today. I am Katy Scarlett again.

Abr 23, 2:43 pm

Hi, Karen. Just spent 3 hours playing pickleball. My stamina is improving, plus I think this will be the last time I play until next week. Lots of camping preparations to deal with. Boo about the soggy tacos.

Abr 23, 3:41 pm

>294 karenmarie: Tacos'n'tea...normally I'd be shuddering, grateful that at least I didn't have to eat that as my lunch...but *I* had matzoh, egg salad, and flavorless salt water...do pardon, mixed veggie soup. *SHUDDER*

I hate eating a Bronze-Age religious nut's idea of a meal of atonement for "sins" I don't believe exist.

Ontem, 6:09 am

>295 atozgrl: Hi Irene! Thanks. I was anxious, not because there's be any medical surprises or reasons to NOT have the surgery, but because of the 45 miles each way and wait between appointments. Another thing checked off the list. Plus, tacos! Separate plate works, but what I like are taco racks.

>296 LizzieD: Thanks, Peggy. I hope to be able to visit you by late summer. Or, you could come up here once things settle down, and visit Bobbie AND me. Taco salads are wonderful, and you’re right, soggy taco bits don’t matter with such a bowl of yumminess.

Well darn, Katy Scarlett. Here’s hoping for today’s Wordle.

>297 msf59: Hi Mark! Happy Wednesday. Wow. 3 hours. Impressive, glad your stamina’s improving. Enjoy the prep.

>298 richardderus: Ugh, RD. Just, ugh. Karen and I have discussed keeping kosher. Some interpret it as health laws that actually don’t really apply any more although they seem arbitrary to non-Jews. However, she’s the first person to ever mention to me that keeping kosher is simply because it is the will of God. Not her idea, never a ‘secret’, simply something I’d never heard of or thought of.

Wordle 1,040 2/6* Hot damn. trope, overt


Arsenal beat Chelsea 5-0. That's huge for two reasons - it keeps Arsenal at the top of the table AND it increases the goal differential, important if two teams have the same number of points. Goal differential is the next thing used to determine standing.

Read, ordered and got groceries. Did some straightening in the Sunroom.

Our landscaping guy is coming over today to finalize spring cleanup tasks and costs and we'll arrange the day to get Louise's sofa and loveseat and her mother's hope chest. She implied that she's filled it with things for me, so I guess it's really a treasure chest. Probably next week, no later than Wednesday of course.

Otherwise, all the usual stuff.

Ontem, 6:38 am

... and off to make a new thread. Give me a few to start setting it up.
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