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Susan's Books for 2024 quondame #2

Mar 7, 9:14 pm

Recovering from a fever and cold at 75 isn't the fun experience of staying home from school or work I remember from the really bad old days. Even with a daughter and husband to take care of the dogs and other necessities of house care. And why have I convinced myself I'm 77. Where did that come from? Clearheadedness is unsurprisingly not a thing just now.

I have been reading, haven't been playing with fiber, even skipped an entire day and 1/2 of online activity. A couple of dolls have been ordered, a couple have arrived, some avgolemeno and some barley soup have been consumed, though I lost my appetite for longer than I stayed off the internet. That almost never happens and did not last past reading about food.

Mar 7, 9:15 pm

Women in F&SF - no progress at this time

Mar 7, 9:15 pm


I joined the Zoom meeting in Feb and was entirely overawed by the professional levels displayed. I didn't even pop my nose out to ask about the Renaissance hose that Carol James was demoing for a conference!

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The HotE Discord server I'm on is currently hosting 4 book club threads/voice chats, of which I am currently in 3:

The Goblin Emperor - Finished re-read March 17
All the Hidden Paths - Finished March 11.
Den of Wolves - Finished March 29
The Road - finished March 31 to complete Book Bingo Blackout

So I'm 1/2 through the first two, but the 3rd is a single meeting on the 5th Saturday, so I'm not going to start it for a bit.

I am also reading At the Feet of the Sun, not to mention numbers of fanfics based on Victoria Goddard's books, though I've branched out a little. (finished AtFotS 240320)

I've been adding words to my fanfic for 2 day, 1450 or so. Not sure if I'll want to keep any of them but the story is inching in a direction I want to take, so that makes me feel a bit better.

Book Club is The Way Spring Arrives and Other Stories by Yu Chen

Fanfic has been accumulating words - but I went sideways on April 5 and now have over 7K words about becoming a (Cirith) god on Zunidh. I hope I can chop it up and slip in bits between difficult (character dealing with painful issues) section of my main story as lighter relief. Of course my baby-god just got betrayed, so maybe not.

Editado: Mar 8, 1:28 am

40) The The Covenant of Water

A sprawling family saga set among the St. Thomas Christians of India's south west coast, in the mid 20th Century. At Parambil the family's history is profoundly shaped by the mysterious aversion to water and numerous drownings among it's members. Also entering the story is an illegitimate son of a Glasgow variety actress who wants to be a surgeon but must go to India because, somewhat ironically, he is essentially, in spite of his training, an untouchable to the British medical professionals. His crooked course does have important tangents with the genetically afflicted family at Parambil.

Meets March TIOLI Challenge #11: Read one of the Times Must-Read Books of 202

41) Tuyo

A tuyo is a young man left as a sacrifice to appease a victorious army and signal a commitment to end current hostilities.
This is an adventure featuring a 19 year old nomadic warrior. The book is also a deep delve into trust and the ethics of power, pitting two powerful sorcerers against each other. The protagonist is on the squeaky clean side, and I'm not a fan of the emphasis on giving/accepting physical blows as discipline and dispute settling, but that seems to fit the culture of the nomads. The world is definitely not quite fantasy standard geography, seemingly banded into north steppe, grading to middle savanna and a strange southern desert with jackal headed djinn like inhabitants. The moon and sun seem to have some agency in their movements.

Meets March TIOLI Challenge #5: Read a book where there is at least one embedded word of 3 letters or more in the author’s name

42) Traveller's Joy

Though it starts in aftermath of Jemis' stoning at Marrowlea this is a sweet story of friendship told from Hal's pov as he and Marcan take Jemis on a walking tour along a pilgrim path among late spring flowers.

Meets March TIOLI Challenge #13: Read a book written by a Canadian and published in the last 5 years

Mar 7, 9:22 pm

While I'm going to make an effort to sweep the TIOLI challenges this month, the issues, with my vision, migraines and general distraction have led me to give myself a break on all other challenges until further notice.

Mar 7, 9:37 pm

Happy new thread, Susan.

>6 quondame: I am so sorry to see that you are struggling this month - I have had bad headaches too in the last week or so which I put down to stress.

Mar 8, 12:22 am

Happy New Thread, Susan. I have The Covenant of Water in my TBR. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Sorry you are having trouble with migraines and vision problems. Take care.

Mar 8, 1:40 am

Happy new thread! Sorry to hear you've been having health issues and I hope they pass soon. I loved Verghese's Cutting for Stone and should really tackle The Covenant of Water at some point.

Mar 8, 4:51 am

Happy new thread, Susan!
Sorry you are not well, being ill is indeed an other experience as one ages :-(
I hope you can manage a next sweep!

Mar 8, 6:39 am

Hi Susan. Happy new thread.

>1 quondame: I’m so sorry you’ve been under the weather and hope you keep feeling better every day. I’m glad you’ve reversed time and are 75 and not 77. *smile*

I already tried and loved avgolemono soup. If I had barley in the house, I’d make a beef and barley soup, but I just found a recipe for beef and lentil soup that I may try today or tomorrow.

Mar 8, 7:07 am

Happy new thread!

>1 quondame: >6 quondame: Being ill really sucks and I hope that this month brings you better health!

Mar 8, 4:02 pm

Happy new thread!

Mar 8, 10:42 pm

>7 PaulCranswick: Thank you Paul

>8 vancouverdeb: Thank you Deborah. The Covenant of Water is long, but stays interesting and is altogether a worthwhile read.

>9 curioussquared: Thank you Natalie! See reply >8 vancouverdeb: above!

>10 FAMeulstee: Thank you Anita!

>11 karenmarie: Thank you Karen! I did have Mike pick up TJs Barley soup. It is great to have in the house when I'm ill.

>12 figsfromthistle: Thank you Anita!

>13 drneutron: Thank you Jim!

Mar 8, 10:44 pm

43) The Dark Lord's Daughter

Light but also not, a 14 year old girl is brought through a portal with her adoptive mother and brother. As the title declares she is the daughter of the last major Dark Lord. She is also his heir, and supposed to immediately take up the roll of Dark Lady, tacky outfits, murderous rampages and all. But Kayla is a good kid, though remembering my 14 year old self that is the least realistic portion of this fantasy. It is hilarious having the Dark Lady's mother ground her for leaving their rooms at night. I'm not quite the target for this mix.

Meets March TIOLI Challenge #3: The “It’s My Birthday Challenge” - Read a book that has either the numbers 03, 14, or 62 (each in the respective order) in its ISBN number

Mar 9, 9:56 am

Happy new thread, Susan. I hope you are feeling better.

Mar 9, 10:59 pm

>16 BLBera: Thank you Beth!

Editado: Mar 15, 8:19 pm

44) Grimoire of the Lamb

A book draws Atticus back to Egypt where he is very much not welcome, and into a confrontation with followers of crocodile god Sobek in a secret lair. The ease with which everything is accomplished is thinly disguised by a "close" fight at the end. Now why did I read this?

Meets March TIOLI Challenge #5: Read a book where there is at least one embedded word of 3 letters or more in the author’s name

Mar 10, 12:03 am

I'm sorry that you've been unwell, Susan. I very much hope that you will be back to your good self before the weekend is out!
I figured that you would read ahead of me and finish *Covenant/Water*. I'm just about ¾ through, and I still like it a lot but don't love it as I did *Cutting/stone*. I am fascinated by the Malayam setting though. As far as I know my hometown has had one Malayli family. I worked with the college-aged son one summer at Waldenbooks - smart, funny, handsome, all-around fine young man!

Mar 10, 1:11 am

>19 LizzieD: Back in the 90s I worked with a young south Indian Christian, but was under the impression that his family were much later converts. He talked about family divisions over taking "reserved" positions in schools and government agencies - some being a job is a job and others holding that taking an "untouchables" job was a confirmation of their lower status. Once he got his visa normalized, which our boss did as a regular practice, he became quite well off and probably put up a Dubai mansion for his family. He also learned to play the violin, and my husband helped him find a teacher.

Mar 11, 4:46 pm

Happy new thread!

Mar 12, 12:55 am

>21 foggidawn: Thanks Foggi!

Editado: Mar 15, 8:19 pm

45) All the Hidden Paths

Cae and Vel go to town - the capital city and the court in particular. Someone tries to kill them on the way. And when they get there, someone tries to seduce them. They have lots of doubts and dark nights but the pace of events pulls them past the deep troughs of despair. Some people are on their side and some aren't and telling which and why is a game. Good, not great.

Meets March TIOLI Challenge #6: Saint Patrick's Day SHAMROCK rolling title challenge

Editado: Mar 15, 8:18 pm

46) Spear

A somewhat distractedly different take on Arthurian myth which introduces Pereture a self taught super strength young woman who slots into a Percival shaped opening of Arthur's companions. Lance fills the usual slot but there is also a Bedwyr, a name often used for Arthur's closest companion, but aside from coloring just a generic companion here. It's short and abrupt at points and holds the interest well enough to be worth reading.

Meets March TIOLI Challenge #9: Read a book about fire or with a picture of fire on the cover

Editado: Mar 13, 1:47 am

I'm mostly OK with the noise coming from the family room when Mike is watching TV or movies or listening to the stereo, but tonight he was listening to KPFC? anyway, classical music, and the announcer went on at length in a chirpy voice, and nope, I couldn't. Well, it's off now..... Marvel movies don't bug me as much and the can shake the walls.

Today we went and got our taxes filed. Pretty low stress as we've been going for over 35 years to the same woman. This year we got refunds from both state & fed.

We went to Brent's after and I am stuffed.

Tomorrow we'll go see Dune part 2 on the BIG screen. I expect to enjoy it.

I want to have a day of not being sick and not having to get anything done and not sleeping past 9AM. Everything has felt stuffed into too short days, with barely enough time to get all the online routine done before it's 11PM. If then.

Mar 13, 10:17 am

>23 quondame: Hmm. That seems like a book where the title is better than the story. I will pass on that.

HAppy Wednesday

Mar 13, 5:44 pm

>26 figsfromthistle: If, and only if, you enjoyed A Strange and Stubborn Endurance would I recommend All the Hidden Paths. ASaSE is worth reading if you enjoy MM romance adventure fantasy.

Mar 13, 11:51 pm

Dune part 2 was OK. Good but not great visuals. Nothing as daringly offensive as what was done with Dune, or as pretty or as impressive. The sandworms were masked by sand. A lot of monochrome and an effective but not all that effective B&W sequence. And we did go for the big screen. Stuff happened, one thing after another, blah. And Paul's super thinness just jarred.

Mar 13, 11:53 pm

I think that's how Timothee Chalomet actually looks though.

Mar 13, 11:57 pm

>29 reconditereader: That's fine, but it is such an insubstantial look silhouetted as it so often is in this movie, and insubstantial isn't a great look for a prophet. I was constantly feeling his draperies would sail him away.

Mar 14, 12:18 am

>1 quondame: I hope your recovery is going well.
>3 quondame: I took a couple of intro sprang zoom classes in 2020 and want to do more but haven't circled back.
>5 quondame: Tuyo looks interesting. Can't say anything else you've listed inspires me.

Take care!

Mar 14, 1:58 am

>31 justchris: Tuyo is a bit of a stand out. If The Covenant of Water isn't of interest and you haven't gotten into Victoria Goddard's Nine Worlds then yes, it's the one to pick.

Mar 14, 2:01 am

I've stocked the fridge with chocolate cream pie for 𝜋 day.

Mar 14, 2:21 am

>32 quondame: Your discussion of Victoria Goddard's writing in your previous thread interested me enough to look her up. I think I put one of her books on hold. Thanks for the encouraging response.

Mar 15, 7:58 pm

>34 justchris: I hope you enjoy it! The Hands of the Emperor is the one I recommend. I've purchased multiple e-copies as gifts for people I think might enjoy it.

Mar 15, 8:18 pm

47) Over Sea, Under Stone

It's possible I would have liked this in my pre-20s mad for anything Arthurian days. It's also possible that the plodding tale and the complete acceptance of her brothers' belittling her for being a girl might have made me less than enthusiastic. At one point, middle child Jane gets picked up and carried during a chase. Now the ever so 60s emphasis on good vs evil doesn't go over with me at all. Arthur was fighting for law and land, not for abstract good, though it's easy to frame it that way, just not really meaningful or interesting.

That last, the heavy handed good vs evil was in stark contrast to Spear in >24 quondame:, where those Arthur is fighting against are described as no different from his subjects, just having different art and customs that discomfort him.

Read for March TIOLI Challenge #12: Read a book that is set or was published in the 1960s

Mar 17, 9:44 am

Hi there! Sorry you are under the weather, too. This past month has been rough! Unlike you, I didn't get younger though, I got older; but at least I had a great surprise party. : ) I have The Covenant of Water waiting for me and your review definitely pushed it up the the TBR pile -- thanks. Let me know if you have any leftover chocolate cream pie. ; )

Mar 18, 1:51 am

>37 Berly: As if. Becky finished of the Chocolate Cream Pie in short order.
We are all feeling much better now. Maybe it was the pie. Thank you.

Mar 18, 1:52 am

Hiya Susan! How are ya today?

Editado: Mar 18, 1:56 am

48) The Goblin Emperor

No one expected Maia, fourth and unwanted son of the Emperor by an unwanted wife, to become Emperor or even to take a place in court. Nor, when at the prompting of a harsh and hostile guardian he rushes to the capital and insists on a near immediate coronation, does anyone really welcome him there. In a crisp, unsentimental but not unhumorous telling we observe the young half-goblin find his own way into the duties and deal with the dangers of his new position. He deals with the cause of the airship crash that killed his father and older brothers, the search for an Empress, the problems of complete lack of privacy, along with the difficulties heading a government he by no means controls. And that's not counting those trying to use or depose him or his Goblin grandfather coming for a holiday visit. We learn watching him of a world and it's fairly subtle magics.

(Re-)Read for the Discord HotE Server 2nd book club for March.

Meets March TIOLI Challenge #1: Read a book with the common name of a fish or the word “fish” in the title or subtitle

Editado: Mar 19, 11:53 pm

49) An Exchange of Hostages

The "origin" story of a young man trained as a surgeon and heir to a noble house of an interstellar empire, compelled by custom to become a torturer, the primary duty of Fleet Inquisitor/Chief Medical Officier. The training course is a set 10 levels, starting at verbal abuse and quickly escalating to physical and potentially fatal violence. This is often ugly, but not ugly enough to entirely convince and while the pace and interest level pick up, there is a discouraging grim despair, not inappropriate, pervading the initial chapters, interleaved with a telling of the standard markers for "this character really isn't the typical dregs, this one is" that have become, though they may not have been in 1997? when it was first published. There is a twist in the character development which adds interest and tension, but is more buried under plot that satisfactorily addressed or developed, and huge hooks for future conflicts aside from the core one left bandaged over.

A contender for the truly awful cover category, but it does depict the contents, if not the characters. The original cover seemed to be generic space opera, which this is not at all.

Read for March TIOLI Challenge #10: Read a book where the author shares your first name or mine

Mar 19, 8:26 am

I still need to get to The Covenant of Water. Hopefully I can bookhorn it in this year. I really enjoyed Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid books, but never followed him after that.

Mar 19, 11:52 pm

>42 msf59: The Covenant of Water moves pretty well and the important characters are pleasant to read about though they do have some very real problems. It's not at all a chore.

Mar 19, 11:55 pm

50) The Stand-in

Romance which includes but lightly traverses issues of mental health, multi-racial identity and self-worth, the last being the one bearing the most weight. Fun and well paced with some satisfactory glam wardrobe moments.

Read for March TIOLI Challenge #8: Read a book connected to "the movies"

Mar 20, 3:27 pm

>43 quondame: I agree, Susan -- it's very long but not a chore

Editado: Mar 21, 1:30 am

>45 RebaRelishesReading: Hi Reba!

What a day. I mean usually I get up, read at breakfast, get on my computer and come to sometime mid afternoon, eat while reading, maybe read or more online time, eat, read, more computer, read until I sleep. Simple, yes?

Today was get up and straighten things up before the plumber came, start breakfast (coffee essential) drop Becky off at work, finish breakfast, continue as usual until 1:30PM when I support Mike in taking Gizmo to the vet. As we left Nutmeg made sounds of dismay that no one should ever have to hear. Gizmo was totally well behaved, not even a hint of mess or trouble.
Nutmeg seemed fine when we got back.
At 5:00 my Spang meetup started and about 50min in Mike comes in searching for Nutmeg and expects me to be able to hear him. I'm not amused. Nutmeg is found.
I pick up Becky and when she gets home it apparent that Nutmeg isn't fine. At a minimum she's traumatized and she may have hurt her leg somehow in trying to get through or around the barrier. I had to be brought in as Nutmeg nursemaid when Becky decided she wanted to eat.

Oh, and I got some fanfic writing in after over a month of having hardly anything to say. I still don't feel comfortable just starting at point 1.c.2 and heading to 2-4, but I've got a few more x.y.z's filled in on the path....

So now I'm mostly back on schedule except for having to put my 3/4 of the bedding on my 1/2 of the bed. Accommodating my collection of dings is high maintenance.

Editado: Mar 21, 4:39 pm

51) Dear Future Boyfriend

Poetry from the viewpoint of a teenage, very early 20s woman who spent more time writing about the relationships than relating. Most of the poems are of some interest and a few are brilliant. But inept runs at sexual connection do wear a bit, especially from 50-60+ years ahead.

My favorite bit:
"there is a science to loving someone, and I have failed that course every time I've signed up for it."

A BB from PaulCranswick

Meets March TIOLI Challenge #2: Read a book whose author has three names (or initials)

Mar 21, 1:20 am

Susan, You are reading some great books. I've added so many this month, but I will be back to add yours as well. I've been going to bed late every night, and sleeping during the day. Already it is 1:20. I want to break this habit, but it is so darn hard.

Mar 21, 1:32 am

>47 quondame: Some good, some OK, a couple I could have done without. Actually I'm re-reading lots of Victoria Goddard in between everything else just for the ease of it and in support of my fanfic writing which seems not only a bit overwhelming, but also must be done before I can pick up any of the smaller more me pieces I had planned.

Mar 21, 3:51 am

>46 quondame: Poor Nutmeg, sounds like a bad case of separation anxiety.
I hope today will be uneventful, Susan :-)

Editado: Mar 21, 11:59 am

Happy new(ish) thread, and glad you’re feeling better. Pie can do that.

I’m with you: I love The Goblin Emperor. It is one of my constant comfort reads.

Mar 21, 1:36 pm

>46 quondame: Oh my! That sounds like quite a day. Hope today is going better.

Mar 21, 4:11 pm

>50 FAMeulstee: Exactly. We've leave Nutmeg and Gizmo in the house alone regularly, but this was Nutmeg's only time all alone and she had to watch Gizmo going out the door in full walkies harness. We have her mildly tranked today and haven't left her alone for a minute though Becky had to leave to run the 3rd & final day of her franchisers class.

>51 Storeetllr: The Goblin Emperor is so appealing, or maybe Maia is so appealing as the Goblin Emperor.

>52 RebaRelishesReading: It was a bit more than I'd planned. Today is very calm. Tomorrow is an across town appointment with an opthomolgist who specializes in muscle imbalance issues. I certainly had eye imbalance issues in my 20s, and I think my "shattered" vision may have as much to do with whatever causes migraines as eye alignment. Though those may be related.

Mar 21, 4:39 pm

52) A Mirror Mended

Long terminally ill Zinnia has been fixing versions of her own tale, Sleeping Beauty, but things are getting askew when she is hijacked into Snow White by a nameless evil stepmother queen who wants out before being forced to dance in hot iron shoes. Maybe evil queens have as little agency as narcoleptic princesses and Zinnia needs to reevaluate her own actions when confronted by the consequences.

A BB from alcottacre

Read for March TIOLI Challenge #7: Read a book for the Zodiac challenge (Pisces - cover w/ two (2) or more fish OR a mirror image/reflection)

Mar 21, 8:25 pm

I'm so glad I don't have to think about getting a boyfriend or that sort of thing anymore, Susan. When I was in my teens I used to think about who might be my future husband. I'm glad those days are behind me. So I'll skip Dear Future Boyfriend . ;-)

Editado: Mar 21, 10:59 pm

Also read,
Petty Treasons
Aurelius, called Magnus
The Saint of the Bookstore
At the Feet of the Sun from the middle of chapter 53 to the end and from the beginning to the end of chapter 53. For those who've read AtFotS 53 includes the not thinking about kissing scene

Editado: Mar 21, 10:27 pm

>55 vancouverdeb: Isn't it great to not worry that whole area of life? When I hear about sex at retirement communities, I'm like why ever do the women bother? But I heard the venereal disease rate is quite high among community dwelling seniors.

Nutmeg is still showing PTSD symptoms. She didn't greet Becky when she came home and wouldn't settle in her arms, which is so unlike her usual behavior. Normally she's happy to be held so she can lick Becky's face or rest her head against Becky's shoulder, no matter what she was doing before being picked up.
At least she's moving somewhat better than yesterday evening.

Mar 21, 11:54 pm

I heard about Vernor Vinge's death today both on FB and here.
I last read through his books in 2009, and remember almost nothing - which is pretty much the same as how much I remembered after I first read them, except that I recalled the counting of time in seconds because it was an article mentioning that quirk that got me to re-read them in 2009.
I remembered a little bit more from the books of Joan D. Vinge, not much, but more.

Editado: Mar 22, 9:44 am

>58 quondame: I had True Names and Other Dangers on my bookshelves for lots of years, in part because an SCA friend of mine named herself after a character in one of the stories, and I found the social theory of "The Ungoverned" interesting. It was decades later that I read A Fire Upon the Deep as part of my Hugo read and was fascinated by the concept of pack sentience and the constraints on societal development created by fuzzy psychic boundaries between "individuals" requiring personal bubbles. A Deepness in the Sky also impressed me in terms of how biology defines society and culture and the impacts of transgression. I'm a huge biology SF geek, and these books really nerded me out. Did not love his more recent Hugo win, Rainbows End. Interesting concepts again but such an asshole protagonist who really was not redeemed, and not much biology-based SF.

In terms of Joan Vinge's writing, Catspaw is still one of my favorite books that blew me away and made me really upset in terms of illustrating privilege and oppression and bigotry as experienced by Cat, the biracial telepathic protagonist. And The Snow Queen and The Summer Queen were also standout Hugo reads for me. The worldbuilding and Moon's heroine's journey to save not just her own world and its mers being hunted to extinction but interstellar civilization as a result and lots more biology SF to nerd out on!

Mar 22, 11:37 am

>59 justchris: Your memory for what's in the books far exceeds mine. I remember enjoying Verner Vinge's books, but that's about it. I wouldn't have recognized Vernor's books from your descriptions, is how poorly I remember them. I also enjoy bio-SF, but it's characters, if anything, that make a book stick with me and great character development that pushes it into 4.5 & 5 territory.

I also remember loving Catspaw and wishing Joan Vinge would be well enough to continue the series. And I do recall the aspects of The Snow Queen and The Summer Queen that you mention.

Mar 22, 9:46 pm

Well, Nutmeg seems to be in a much better emotional state now she's had Becky to herself for an entire day. Her leg is still not 100% so we're keeping a close watch on her, but she now is back to delivering thorough face lickings instead of a single insipid lick, or worse, turning away.

Editado: Mar 23, 8:22 pm

53) Qualify

A competently told teen life&death competition story, with a 16yr old protagonist, 2 of 4 siblings all of whom are in the competition. She has the requisite two guys and is absurdly good in the crunches - she always has some solution and in her group no one else seems to. Recommended only to those who really love a Hunger Games type plot and don't care at all if there is any sense to it.

Selected for February TIOLI Challenge #1: Initial of userid

Read for March TIOLI Challenge #4: One word, many syllables: Read a book whose title has only one word, but the word is polysyllabic

Mar 24, 9:20 am

Hi Susan! Happy Sunday to you.

>25 quondame: Oh my goodness. KPFC. That was my NPR station once I figured out NPR and got away from KFI after Bruce Wayne died and Lohman and Barkley broke up. I’m a fan of quite a bit of baroque and classical music, always and forever excepting opera, and loved their format. Our format here in NC at WUNC was lots of classical music for a long time but that changed over time and then they got rid of Bob Edwards and I stopped listening as much as I used to.

>33 quondame: *whimper* Chocolate cream pie.

>44 quondame: As you may know, I’m mostly reading MM romances lately, and they, too, lightly traverse issues of mental health, multi-racial identify and self-worth, along with the issues relating to being gay in mostly hetero world.

>46 quondame: Having commented on French Bulldogs on my thread just now in response to what you wrote, I can totally believe As we left Nutmeg made sounds of dismay that no one should ever have to hear. Just reading about your day is traumatizing, although the fanfic writing is good.

>55 vancouverdeb: Although it will mean that Jenna moves out and eventually away, I’m so glad that she’s got a girlfriend.

>57 quondame: When I hear about sex at retirement communities, I'm like why ever do the women bother? But I heard the venereal disease rate is quite high among community dwelling seniors. Ugh. Squicky.

Mar 25, 3:00 pm

Hi Susan my dear, Happy New Thread. I hope all is well with you and Mike and that the reading is going well. Sending love and hugs dear friend.

Editado: Mar 25, 4:49 pm

>63 karenmarie: Hi Karen! I kind of wish Becky would find someone special, but hey, it's not something I can do anything about and I did provide the example supporting other young women in not sticking with relationships they were substantially questioning - nothing on the order of mental or physical abuse, just dudes that settled so far into comfort zones they couldn't be dragged out for fun socialization. Though Becky might have settler into comfort zone sort tendencies - I sure do. But in my 70s, not my 30s, oh no!

Do check out >66 quondame: below if you can. M/M romance and smashing humor.

>64 johnsimpson: Hi John. Good to see you!

Mar 25, 4:48 pm

54) World Ain't Ready

Fanfic on AO3

You don't have to be a Les Misérables fan to like this story of love within the ABC club at a Midwestern high school.
You don't have to be a fan of M/M romance, though homophobia is probably a bar.
You can even have a strong distaste for fake dating narratives, because the Grantaire & Enjolras as juniors are such a delight to spend time with, and deal with so many deeply real problems, most of which are just our shit culture but some are pointedly self generated. And fortunately no one is actually shooting them on barricades.

Read for the hell of it, though I could stick it in March TIOLI #5: Read a book where there is at least one embedded word of 3 letters or more in the author’s name either for the AO3 user id or because I happen to know the author's first name begins "Jess"

Mar 28, 12:09 am

55) House of Open Wounds .75

This is sort of Mash by way of Perdido Street Station, or a dirty dozen of conscripts and criminals deal with what comes out of the grinders of war waged by the purifying army of Pall. Pocket Gods down to their last worshiper give service in the hospital tent of the Butcher in an army that consumes Gods to fuel the weapons and machines of its wars, deals with demons and herds ghosts. An army which has no place for a healed soldier who, according to the rules of the God who brought them back from the brink of death, can do nothing to harm another person without being immediately un-healed. It takes the length of a rather long book to work it's way through to a significant conclusion, but no reader can say it wasn't telegraphed.

Meets March TIOLI Challenge #5: Read a book where there is at least one embedded word of 3 letters or more in the author’s name

Mar 28, 10:35 pm

56) Ocean's Echo

Space opera in which the troublesome Tennalhin, rich boy nephew to the Legislator is caught and sent off not just to involuntary military service, but to a permanent roll as the synced reader (mind reader) to the young architect (mind writer) Lieutenant Surit Yeni, a stickler for rules. But Surit is such a stickler for rules that he and Tennal fake the sync because it is not voluntary. And then then things start to go very wrong.
The story is interesting, mostly well placed, the characters have appeal, but do not entirely convince. The backstory timeline of 20 years seems too short for the events it covers. And for a culture in which gender rolls seem to be entirely voluntary, they don't seem to mean anything and yet we are absolutely in a M/M romance. Since genitals are not mentioned and secondary sexual characteristics are not described, everything but events are up to the reader's imagination.

Meets March TIOLI Challenge #6: Saint Patrick's Day SHAMROCK rolling title challenge

Mar 29, 1:07 am

I can't find the exact messages where you mentioned them, but The Stand-In by Lily Chu and A Mirror Mended by Alix E. Harrow looked so interesting that I immediately put holds on them in Libby and read them when they came in. Enjoyed them both (though I started with A Spindle Splintered).

Mar 29, 2:08 am

Well, Susan, my eldest son Daniel is 39 and he has had the same girl friend for ??? 5 years or so. She is quite a bit younger at 26 , I think it is. But he says he never plans to marry nor live with anyone and he lives at home. I think as my brother recently said of his own 4 kids - they get older and you are just glad if they are happy. It's true. I think our son Daniel is happy to back living with us, not just for financial reasons, but I think he was lonely living alone.

Mar 29, 2:09 pm

>69 justchris: Hi Chris! I did read A Spindle Splintered last year, and thought it well done. I hope you enjoy the other two!

>70 vancouverdeb: I can understand my daughter's desire to move out - neither her father nor I are the easiest people, and while 2500sqft of house isn't small, the split level floor plan means all the spaces are at most a short hallway away from where someone else is doing their thing. Her bedroom is adjacent to her dad's office, and the sound from the family room directly below flows freely past the living room kitchen level and into the bedroom floor.

But who knows what will happen?

Editado: Mar 31, 5:48 pm

57) Den of Wolves .25

3rd and final book of the Blackthorn & Grim books.
Grim accepts a building job an hours ride from Blackthorn and Grim's cottage, It is conditional on keeping secrets and following the directions of a seeming madman who is despised. Meanwhile the daughter of the house, Cara is sent to the prince's household at Winterfalls for an unspecified length of time. Of course things are fishy. Only it gets worse, Blackthorn's nemesis attacks the prince's father-in-law, and strange warrior intercept her apprentice in the nearby woods.

Meets March TIOLI Challenge #3: The “It’s My Birthday Challenge” - Read a book that has either the numbers 03, 14, or 62 (each in the respective order) in its ISBN number

Mar 29, 11:58 pm

Congratulations on reading 57 books thus far this year!!!

Mar 31, 4:37 pm

>73 Whisper1: Thank you Linda!

Mar 31, 4:45 pm

58) The Road

A father and son walk through devastation with no hope of better and certain danger of worse. Lots of meaning, but what does anything mean when there is no future and mushrooms and men are all that's left, and not many mushrooms.

I read this for the Fantasy Book Bingo to get a blackout. It was my TBR.

Meets March TIOLI Challenge #8: Read a book connected to "the movies"

Mar 31, 7:31 pm

And I just submitted my Reddit Fantasy Bingo card!

Editado: Abr 1, 4:20 pm

Belated happy new thread Susan! Somehow I missed you starting a new one.

- Nina

Editado: Abr 2, 12:53 am

>77 humouress: Hi Nina! Good to see you!

So, today I didn't get much reading done, but I wrote about 1400 words, including a letter home from someone who believes he will never go home. The Discord site has 15 minute writing sprints and I've tried them out yesterday and today for a total of 2900 words.
It seems to help get words/ideas out without pre-thinking too much and I react as I am writing to words rather than ideas.
For me there seems to be a big difference.

Abr 2, 8:01 pm

>76 quondame: Congrats on finishing your Reddit bingo :)

Editado: Abr 2, 8:20 pm

>79 Narilka: Thank you! I started over half way into it, but felt caught up pretty quickly from reads since March. This year my challenge is to do all new authors with as many LGBTQ+ & POC as possible.

Has there been a Green Dragon thread for Book Bingo?

April 2024 - March 2025
r/Fantasy Book Bingo

Recommendations Welcome!

Abr 3, 1:08 pm

>80 quondame: Ooh, I like that bingo card! Saving it for later.

Abr 3, 6:02 pm

>80 quondame: Ooh, I've never been one to turn my nose up at a bingo card...

Abr 3, 6:37 pm

>67 quondame: I will definitely pass on that one as I was not a big fan of Perdido Street Station.

>76 quondame: Congratulations! (at least I assume congratulations are in order since I have no familiarity with this at all, lol)

Abr 3, 9:21 pm

>81 foggidawn: >82 curioussquared: Enjoy!

>83 alcottacre: House of Open Wounds is certainly one I'd only recommend with caveats.

Thank you. Condolences also, due to some difficult going, but over all it was a good run.

Editado: Abr 3, 9:41 pm

59) The Saint of Bright Doors

Let's start from weird. This is dark, gritty, contains plenty of state sponsored violence and some individual violence. I think it is a discussion of the dangers of remaking the story of the past to suit the ambitions of present powers, as well as how unreliable our stories of the past are. And inaccurate, unreliable stories are very dangerous, as are people displaced in memory or disposed of in a past present.

I may use this for the 2024 r/fantasy Book Bingo as 5C, Eldritch Horrors. I got the title from Jo Walton and it is a 2024 Hugo Nominee.

Meets April TIOLI Challenge #1: Read a book by an author whose first name and last name ends in the same letter

Abr 4, 11:53 am

Good luck with your new bingo card, Susan. You have an ambitious month of reading planned!

Abr 4, 12:15 pm

>86 BLBera: Thanks Beth! That for April 2024 - March 2025, so I'm not going to go for all 25 in one glup! By 3/2025 I should have a good selection of 2024 books from which to choose!

Abr 4, 12:21 pm

>85 quondame: Hmm, this sounds intriguing. *scurries off to check the library for a copy*

Editado: Abr 4, 12:25 pm

60) The Magpie Lord

A raunchy M/M romantasy in 19th England when the dispossessed wastrel son of an earl returns from exile to take over a property not so much encumbered by debt as by malign magic and finds himself dependent on the son of a family his father and brother ruined. And likes it. Mostly. Except for the death magic parts. This pair spend a bit of time circling each other, then read signals and blast ahead.

I may use this for the 2024 r/fantasy Book Bingo as 2A, Entitled Animals or 2E, Romantasy.

Meets April TIOLI Challenge #2: Read a book for the Zodiac challenge (Aries - has a word on the first page from the ram-related list)

61) And What Can We Offer You Tonight

The brothel at the end of the world. In an endless city the beautiful resourceless are saved from culling to be courtesans, trapped in interminable debt to their owners and at the mercy of the clients, deadly in itself. One returns from death seeking revenge and the narrator's ambivalent connection to the returnee and to her own life is a tale not of a heart of gold, but of a heart, as stained and tattered as her world, but still beating. It is a bit softer really than it should be, this conclusion a bit less pitted than the body of the story.

Meets April TIOLI Challenge #13: Read a book with 150 pages or less

Abr 4, 7:27 pm

>80 quondame: I don't recall seeing a Green Dragon thread for bingo. I'm not sure anyone else participates.

Abr 4, 9:13 pm

>90 Narilka: I can't imagine that no one does, but then I only follow a couple of GD threads. I don't have much feel for it as a group.
I'm filling in a spread sheet from suggestions over on HOTE Discord.

Abr 4, 9:17 pm

62) Poor Deer

This is a strange confessional memoir of a very young woman who bears a burden of guilt from the death, when they were both 4, of her next-door friend. Had she alerted adults, her friend most likely would have survived, but at 4? Old enough to remember, too young for any perspective. Her mother's entanglement with the friend's mother, and her denial that her daughter had any culpability, are the start of an intense dis-association. Told in a scaled form where she has to backtrack, denying the last page or so, and restart "with what really happened" sometimes more than once.
There are moments of astounding beauty and offhanded cruelty.

I would not classify this as fantasy. It seems closer to magical realism, but all non-natural elements seem more probable attributed to delusion and retrofitted reality still, it

Meets April TIOLI Challenge #14: April Fooler: Read a book with magical realism, fantasy, alternate history or humor as a tag

Abr 4, 9:20 pm

And there. I've caught up a couple of books I'd half read, and some that were hanging on my Kindle, but past due at the library. I need to load some new books, so I'm feeling quite accomplished!

Abr 5, 3:45 pm

DNF We Have Always Been Here

A planetary exploration mystery. Almost every statement was either logically or emotionally at odds with every other statement from the start, and nothing was offered that either interested or involved me.

Abr 5, 6:20 pm

I've started The Warburgs and for the online book club I'm reading The Way Spring Arrives, discussions of which will be spread out over 4 voice chats. Neither of which I expect to read straight through, so I'll probably pick up one or more other titles before I complete them. I have a couple of overdue real-books, so maybe I'll go for the shorter of those before returning it.

Abr 5, 11:39 pm

>95 quondame: Not the book I was thinking of, which was a queer history in Wisconsin. I see it's a popular title for the histories or memoirs of different marginalized peoples. Makes sense. Your DNF doesn't sound so interesting.

Abr 5, 11:42 pm

>96 justchris: I also have We Have Always Been Here checked out.

Abr 6, 12:00 am

>97 quondame: That definitely sounds like the more interesting read.

Abr 6, 7:01 pm

>98 justchris: I hope to find it so. It would be hard to be worse.

Abr 6, 7:14 pm

63) What Feasts at Night

Sporadically creepy gothic stay in a remote hunting lodge. The humor is wry and dark and delightful, and the horror is biting. Alex Easton is a new favorite main character and I will have to backtrack to What Moves the Dead forthwith.

Meets April TIOLI Challenge #5: The “Many Words, One Syllable Each” Challenge: Titles that have only 1 syllable words in them, but must have more than 1 word

Editado: Abr 6, 7:45 pm

I read What Moves The Dead, and, though it was lot less than a favorite from last year 2022, will look for the sequel. Perhaps I’ll save it for Spooktober.

Abr 7, 1:01 am

Good for you, Susan, challenging yourself to read as many POC and LGBTQ books as possible this year. I tend to challenge myself with Prize list books, like the Women's Prize for Fiction Longlist right now, and The Booker later in the years, and sometimes Canadian Lit prize lists.

Our place is even smaller at 1500 sq feet, but luckily Daniel has a bedroom downstairs, and we have upstairs living and two more bedroom upstairs. So he does get the privacy of being downstairs most of the time. We have our desktop computer downstairs, as well as our laundry room , a bathroom , a small family room.

Abr 8, 1:13 am

>101 Storeetllr: There are many books which I am happy to have read which fell short of becoming favorites of the year.

>103 quondame: Am I? I do read a fair number of BIPOC | LGBTQ+ authors, and all other things being equal (they never are) go for those who don't present as cis-men.

My bingo challenge this year is to go for authors I haven't read, with, only as a secondary goal, as many as possible are BIPOC & LGBTQ+ with extra points for women, afab or trans. So, western pacific rim and hyphenated-American lesbians are likely to show up a bit more on my bingo card than in the general population. Provided there are some I haven't read whose books I can get through.

We grew out of our 1500sq ft when Becky was 6. Yours sounds like a much better layout. All the bedrooms in the condo were upstairs and the downstairs layout made at least 20% fairly useless. Still it was better than the layouts with a split level downstairs though a bit higher ceilings would have been a plus.

Abr 8, 4:23 pm

Have fun with the Bingo card and your new authors and BIPOC and LGBTQ+ reads. I think you will be a busy woman! (What else is new? LOL) Happy reading.

Abr 9, 1:39 pm

FYI, I read The Bride of the Blue Wind and The Warrior of the Third Veil as my first foray into Victoria Goddard's writing. They were lovely!

Abr 9, 3:31 pm

>104 Berly: Thanks!

>105 justchris: Pali is something of a polarizing character.
Spoilers for The Hands of the Emperor, Redoubtable Pali Avramapul, The Return of Fitzroy Angursell I find that her difficulty being at peace with others, particularly Fitzroy, is part of her own internal unresolved issues. But reading the Pali books does give a more balanced weight when encountering her in HOTE and when she's giving Fitzroy grief in ROFA. And she's definitely got some tangle of feelings displaced in her hostility toward Kip.

Of course I'm living and breathing Lays of the Hearth-fire these days.

Abr 9, 10:06 pm

64) Finders

There are the recently, uncomfortably reunited trio of salvagers, two layers of Ancient space civilizations, the remnants of 2 dark times and a baddy who is after the same relicts as the good gang, but for civilization destroying purposes. Just over the edge of interesting enough except during the too frequent navigational sequences which are burdened with techno-garble.
Physically, the trade paperback that had been bound for library use with clear stiff covers was difficult to hold, sharp edged and pointy cornered.

Abr 9, 10:18 pm

>106 quondame: I liked the stories well enough to look up the chronology and place holds on additional books. So it will be interesting to see Pali in other contexts, and meet other characters and places.

Editado: Abr 11, 2:17 pm

>108 justchris: I hope you enjoy the others at least as much. The style and tone varies markedly among the sub-series.

Lens of the World by R. A. MacAvoy is available at discount today. It is stunning, imitated so frequently that its original impact may be blunted, but its style and verve remain.
It is the start of a trilogy, but stands alone.

Editado: Abr 11, 8:17 pm

I've been married 37 years today. In four months I'll have been married as long as I was unmarried.

I am pleased with my fanfic progress, see >4 quondame:. It turns out that I enjoy the writing sprints after joining one and having all sorts of weird words flow in 15 min bursts.

Abr 12, 1:14 am

Dinner was amazing. I chose a restaurant I remembered from when I was in my late teens and early twenties, though I think Mike and I also went there in the late 80s. Dan Tana's. I remembered the food as good but not superlative. Mike and Becky kept going on about how wonderful everything was and I just kept nibbling away and sipping my wine.

For dessert I ordered the cannoli and it was the first time at a restaurant that the filling was almost as rich as cheesecake but much smother, the shell was deepfried rolled sweet noodle-like dough, and the filling had been added just before serving so the shell crunched. The shells still weren't as good as the ones I rolled out for my mom, but the filling was better, so that evened out.

Abr 13, 1:25 am

65) What Moves the Dead

A retelling of The House of Usher, without the baroque language with a cast of characters rather than place holders and a mycologal motivator for the deceased sister. It gives a different set of worries to the original's horror, less of a family curse and more of a genus loci. And the sworn soldier with the Gallian proliferation of pronouns is picante.

This book jumped the queue because of >100 quondame: and because didn't have my Kindle with me when we went out for dinner last night (the book I'm reading is overdue) and I thought it would be a quick read. It would have been much more of one if I didn't stop and read Fall of the House of Usher 50% through it.

Meets April TIOLI Challenge #3: Read a book in honour of my dad in which you learn something

Abr 13, 5:12 am

>110 quondame: Belated Happy Anniversary. 37 years is an impressive number, Susan. Hani and I have just reached 28.

Abr 13, 8:30 am

>110 quondame: Happy anniversary to you and Mike, Susan!

(You made me stop and calculate. Next month will be 26 years for us, which will be two years short of my being unmarried as long as we'll have been married. Curses woman! Now I'm going to be paranoid about it.)

Abr 13, 12:17 pm

Happy Anniversary, Susan. My daughter's is today, but not quite as many years...

Abr 13, 4:54 pm

>113 PaulCranswick: >114 humouress: >115 BLBera: Thank you Paul, humouress, and Beth!

Victoria Goddard has released a new Nine Worlds story, Terec and the Wall(link, as the touchstone isn't live yet).

Abr 13, 5:05 pm


Congratulations on reading so many books thus far this year!

Abr 13, 8:25 pm

>117 Whisper1: Thank you Linda!

Abr 13, 8:41 pm

66) Terec and the Wall

It just came out today. I had no choice.

Meets April TIOLI Challenge #13: Read a book with 150 pages or less

67) Stars, Hide Your Fires

About as deep as a dewdrop. Young thief plans a solo job heisting the jewelry at the most exclusive party every. The party at the palace which is a space station orbiting a planet where she's never been. But she gets their and through "co-incidence" is at the party with pockets full of lifted jewelry when the emperor's death is announced. And...
Nothing remotely probable happens, nothing anyone who hasn't read 5 YA LGBTQ+ books hasn't seen before. Unless you need some very silly W/W non-action in a space opera milieu, it's got nothing to offer.

Well, I know one person (not on LT) whose recommendations I will have to examine cautiously in future.

I would have DNF'd this, but was already over 50% and it

Meets April TIOLI Challenge #9: Read a book where there are at least two of the letter “s” in the title

Abr 14, 12:29 am

Congratulations on 37 years, Susan!Dinner sounds delicious! I got married when I was 22 , so at age 44 I thought, I've been married as long as I was unmarried.

Abr 15, 6:58 pm

>120 vancouverdeb: Thanks Deborah! There are all sorts of interesting calculations of marital endurance.

Today, or rather this afternoon, did not go as planned.
The plan was a mid-afternoon appointment at the special optometrist for adding prism to my glasses prescription.
We were on our way in thick traffic when I noticed a voice message - the appt. was canceled. So, turn back and discuss if we need to pick up anything on our way home. I needed coffee beans so we stopped at the Peet's a couple of miles from our house, and while I was in the shared parking lot, ordered a dim sum lunch. But. The car wouldn't start. I called texted Becky to pick me up while Mike called AAA. AAA got there first - Becky was in the one meeting she can't skip out on because she chairs it. But eventually she does pick me up.

Now we'll see how long it will be before the Car is working again.

Abr 15, 10:16 pm

68) The Warm Hands of Ghosts

A young Canadian nurse, wounded out of WWI service and orphaned by the explosion in Halifax harbor, relieves her brother's effects. Because two tags are returned and he is reported missing, she knows that information is being withheld. Her brother is experiencing the entire hell of war and then some, as we follow his viewpoint in tandem. The grim toll of war saturates this book, so it is the characters and their involvement that provide motive through the chapters of this Tam-Lin adjacent story. A new dark mythos for the dark age ushered in by mass warfare.

Meets April TIOLI Challenge #10: Read a book whose title includes one, and only one, adjective

Abr 16, 8:18 pm

68) The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet

A serviceable retelling of Pride and Prejudice, with some character deletion or re-arranging, but which include the standard P&P plot beats. With the exception of the central 'main characters (first) vblog is successful enough to base a business on" the modernization choices worked fairly well, though lack of Austen-like distance in the Lydia's resolution was not a strength.

As it happens, the title also
Meets April TIOLI Challenge #11: Read a book by an author whose first name is a nickname

Abr 17, 10:08 pm

69) High Times in the Low Parliament

A short foray into a very alt-Britain, in which fairies, repelled by wars have held Europe in peace for 250 years, subject to the Low Parliament. Which has stopped being able to reach decisions and which the fairies will drown Lena, newly seconded as a scribe for the Parliament, doesn't want her girl chasing ended by drowning and bestirs herself, as no one else seems to be doing, to understand and prevent this.
An unusual facet of the world building is that there are no men or male fairies.

Meets April TIOLI Challenge #14: April Fooler: Read a book with magical realism, fantasy, alternate history or humor as a tag

Abr 17, 11:12 pm

Last night I set a 6:15 AM alarm to give me a chance to attend a 7 AM Zoom meeting. I woke at 5:33. I did attend the meeting which was a bit thin on content. Sprang, but while I was the only non-participant as far as I could tell, the usual suspects all seemed to have been glaringly busy with other matters since last month. The meeting is scheduled anywhere from 9AM-7PM CDT, which is 7-5 for me. Mostly fine, except the 7.

After that I picked up some thyme at the SM Farmers' Market and joined a few writing sprints. 1265 words today, but rather dull ones. I think I have some shiny ideas, but the words aren't ready to wrap them up right for me.

Abr 18, 2:47 pm

>110 quondame: Belated happy anniversary, Susan!

In a few years I will be twice as long married as I was unmarried ;-)

Abr 18, 3:55 pm

>126 FAMeulstee: Congratulations! It is not a mark I am likely to reach, as I misspent a good deal of my youth. Not sure if I'd enjoy reaching 114 after watching my aunt and uncle past the 100 mark. Mike only has to reach 93 but that would still put me at an unlikely 101.

Editado: Abr 18, 5:13 pm

>127 quondame: I am sure you spent your youth well enough, marriage itself isn't that important, relationships are. I don't think I would want to get that old.
I couldn't help myself to count married and unmarried years as well. I only did the similar before with years spent with my parents and living somewhere else ;-)

Abr 18, 6:11 pm

>128 FAMeulstee: Oh I really did misspend! And enjoyed some of it, best as I can remember. Being married is about the relationship, of course, but it is also very much a social institution with sets of expectations to be managed, if not always met.

I left home to go to school at 18, spent 2 summers and one fall at home after that and then 8 years on my own and 6 years with various sorts of apartment sharers, a couple of whom were boyfriends, and once a mother and her two children at my landlady's request. The apartment had two bedrooms and an almost private 3rd room - folding double doors - as well as a largish living room area, so it was only a bit of a squeeze.

Abr 18, 6:52 pm

Happy Belated Anniversary, Susan. 37 years? Nice. We will hit 35 next month. Glad you enjoyed an "amazing" dinner.

Abr 18, 8:33 pm

Fanfic +1336 words today. I feel like I have to write my way through the landscape and events so I will know what to turn into or include in an actual story I want to tell. Nobody wants a day by day journey down a long road, but you can't tell stories about the journey until you've taken it.

Abr 19, 1:42 am

>131 quondame: Good philosophy :0)

Ontem, 11:12 pm

Alas, my indifference to domestic felines is seriously hampering my efforts on the 2024 TinyCat Birthday Hunt.

Not that every question is cat-lit, but I'm not much on cataloging knowledge either.....

Hoje, 12:07 am

>133 quondame: Ah oh! I think I have gotten 7 of the answers so far, and google is my friend. I like cats, but I don't read cat - lit either. Best of luck!