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Facebook - review share

Fev 19, 10:57 pm

in my FB posts, for some but not all reviews, next to the cover picture, under librarything.com and "froxgirl's review of book title, there's just "" marks, no first lines of my review. I'm trying to show you this but I can't paste my screenshot into the message. This has happened for the last two weeks but not with every FB review share. For two reviews posted to FB tonight, one did this and one was fine.

Fev 20, 4:29 am

To paste an image from your computer to a message, it first has to be available to LT online. Upload it ti your junk drawer.

Fev 20, 5:58 am

That's Home / Profile / Add picture / Choose junk drawer rather than member gallery.

Fev 21, 9:56 am

It's uploaded now.

Fev 21, 12:40 pm

Thanks! (This image: https://www.librarything.com/pic/8317787)

Can you try using a different browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox and let me know if you're still seeing the same issue?

Fev 23, 11:04 am

I'll try and let you know results. I use Safari but can try one of the others.

Fev 27, 8:37 am

Times out for facebook sharing.

Mar 2, 4:59 pm

Another bad FB review post today, photo shared in junk drawer.