Separated works disappear from list of author's works

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Separated works disappear from list of author's works

Fev 16, 4:46 pm

Normally on the Combine Works page for an author, when I separate a work out from others it will reappear in the refreshed list. I just separated out some copies from "Little Sparta: The Garden of Ian Hamilton Finlay" in Jessie Sheeler's works. Now despite several refreshes, the separated-out works have totally disappeared from Sheeler's pages despite her remaining the primary author. The works do show up for co-author Robin Gillanders.

Fev 16, 4:50 pm

I hit recalculate title/author on separated work and it fixed it as far as I can see

Fev 16, 5:14 pm

Great! The work is showing up as it should now.

Is it still a bug though, that the separated version didn't reappear in Sheeler's works? It should have showed up even if as a secondary author? I'm so accustomed to having the separated items appear immediately for further combining, that it was a shock to see nothing there.

Fev 17, 2:04 pm

Ok, closing then.

It would have eventually settled where it belongs on its own, recalculate helps it happen immediately. Same for covers if they are stuck with the other separated group. Recalculate covers usually puts them in the right place right away, instead of waiting for system to catch up to new division