Added books are not showing covers

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Added books are not showing covers

Editado: Fev 13, 3:31 am

Over the last couple of days I've been posting reviews of the books I've been reading and adding library books (via the Add Books page using ISBNs) but they're all coming up with no covers.

ETA: I borrow books on Overdrive and use the ISBN codes listed there, so they are all e-books (including audiobooks), if that makes a difference.

When I get the list of books to choose which one to add, none of them have cover photos showing and when I pick one to add to my library, it only shows my default cover. This includes popular books like Fourth Wing so it's not as if there are too few copies. I thought they might switch on after a couple of days but they're still not showing cover photos. I can go through and choose covers but it's unusual to have to do so.

Is there some issue with covers?

iMac Ventura 13.6.3 / Safari

Fev 13, 6:59 am

Ebooks you often have to assign a cover manually. Amazon's kindle covers are assigned by ASIN since they do not have ISBN, so for ebooks with ISBN there's no default cover until one is assigned for the first time.

Fev 13, 8:55 am

>2 SandraArdnas: Okay, thanks.

But I read a lot of Overdrive books and this hasn’t happened before; definitely not in such numbers.

Fev 13, 11:43 am

>3 humouress: Probably someone picked some cover for that ISBN already and the LT now has something outside of Amazon to stick as default for that ISBN. Either way, it has to come from LT since Amazon does not have those ISBNs. It's kindle editions do not come with any ISBN and they don't sell ebooks in other formats

Fev 15, 2:38 pm

Closing as I don't think this is a bug, but if you're still really unsure if this is a problem or not, give a few ISBNs you've searched to add, and tell me which data source/s you're searching, and I can take a closer look? Thanks.

Editado: Fev 17, 3:04 am

>5 kristilabrie: Fair enough. It was just unusual that it happened so often, suddenly.

I usually start with Overcat and Library of Congress when I add books and then go on to the various libraries. If I get fed up, I look at Amazon (.co. and all media) which I try to only do as a last resort.

One Dark Window: OverDrive ISBN 9780316312585
Fourth Wing: audiobook Overdrive ISBN 9781705085042
Nora Goes off Script: audiobook Overdrive ISBN 9780593589816
Legends and Lattes: OverDrive ISBN 9781761264382

all currently show my default cover. I think Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death/ Vicious Vet also initially may have shown the default cover but I chose a cover and did some recombining on that work.

Fev 23, 3:56 am

I just added The Screaming Staircase and the cover is showing, so it seems to be working properly.

Ontem, 9:18 am

But now I've added The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue and it got my generic cover. 🤗