sallylou's missing thread

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sallylou's missing thread

Fev 12, 8:33 pm

Can anyone see my thread for this ROOT challenge?

I just returned from the hospital where I was for heart problems. While there, I tried to update my thread, but somehow appeared to delete it. I do not see it when I search the ROOT challenge threads.

However, when I click on my thread from my profile (when I made a link to it), I can see it. The editing is up to date and the number of roots read is correct on the ROOT tickers thread.

Editado: Fev 12, 8:53 pm

The last post i see names The Breach

Fev 12, 9:33 pm

<2 Many thanks. I get that one from my link from my profile page, but do not seem to able to find it here.

Fev 12, 11:21 pm

You are about 60 down from the top, currently. of course that changes. put a star by it.. You are between SAM'S and BookDoc

Fev 12, 11:23 pm

Also you could just "bump" or leave some tiny comment and then you go right back up to the top

Fev 14, 12:18 am

You may have accidentally ignored the topic. That happened to me a while back. I couldn't find it anywhere. Turns out I had ignored it by accident!