DiscussãoBook Discussion : Blood Lines by Angela Marsons

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Fev 12, 4:01 pm

Any thoughts on the eventual killer, or on the ending with Alex? Will we see Alex again?

Fev 12, 11:31 pm

I hope Alex knows that Kim is unbeatable. Alex will be back and will try to get to Kim again, I’m sure!

Fev 13, 7:18 am

>2 EadieB: You imagine she will be back. I thought she might be killed by someone in prison at the end of the book but she escaped that ending.

As for Anna all fits very neatly and thought it had to be a member of his family, and a mother was always most likely. But Anna as the mother never occurred to me.

Editado: Fev 13, 7:57 am

>3 Andrew-theQM: Never occurred to me either! Great surprise!

Fev 13, 12:57 pm

I, too, had hoped for Alex’s final demise in prison, but obviously not meant to be. And it leaves it open for Marsons to use her again. One can only hope she rots in prison and gets eaten away by madness… (Alex, that is, not Angela Marsons, 🤣.)

Loved the ending; everything tied up neatly, and the surprise reveal. Good stuff.

Fev 13, 2:21 pm

>5 Sergeirocks: 😂😂😂

Fev 13, 4:31 pm

Great ending. Everything tied up in a believable way. As much as I hate Alex, she is the best villain and a match for Kim. I hope we see her again, but not too soon.

Fev 14, 9:33 am

>7 Olivermagnus: I agree with all of these comments. Alex is a great villain and it seems quite likely that we will see her again.