DiscussãoBook Discussion : Blood Lines by Angela Marsons

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Fev 12, 4:00 pm

Any thoughts of the scene Kim encountered on arriving home? Should Kim have let Leo die? What do you think will happen with Gemma?

Editado: Fev 12, 11:28 pm

She found Shane holding a knife to Gemma’s throat. Shane let go of Gemma and stabbed himself as Alex was too much for Shane to handle. Kim got a kitchen towel and pressed it against Shane’s wound but Shane told Kim that he just wanted peace and that he wanted to die so Kim removed her pressure and Shane died. Kim knew Shane’s pain and let him die. I’m hoping that Gemma recalls what Alex requested of her and learns not to listen to Alex in the future.

Fev 13, 10:39 am

It sounded as if Shane/Leo would die whatever decision Kim made. A shame about Gemma, she could have made a good addition to the series. Initially when she first appeared in the book I suspected her, but not by this stage. Another good twist in the book.

Editado: Fev 13, 12:12 pm

3rd page of chapter 99 middle of page says: He knew Gemma was supposed to kill me (Kim), and he couldn’t let it happen.

Chapter 99. Bottom of page one: Gemma had donned a blonde wig to visit Alex under the name of Alex’s sister, Sarah Lewis.

Fev 13, 12:51 pm

By this point I was just beginning to wonder about Gemma.
Poor Shane. Another of Alex’s victims. I don’t think Shane would ever have been free of Alex or his memories of his uncle’s abuse, so it was possibly an act of kindness in the end to let him die, even though it cost Kim a lot. Not a decision anyone would care to make.

As for Gemma, I have no feelings for her. She should be done for conspiracy to kill, but they’d never be able to prove anything.

Editado: Fev 13, 2:23 pm

>5 Sergeirocks: I always felt Shane was a bit schizophrenic, couldn’t decide whether he was Shane or Leo 😂

Fev 13, 4:28 pm

I felt like Shane was going to die, and Gemma was a surprise. Good twist though.

Fev 14, 9:31 am

Another excellent twist, but a pity about Gemma. I had some hopes of Kim being able to help her turn her life around.