DiscussãoBook Discussion : Blood Lines by Angela Marsons

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Fev 12, 3:57 pm

What did you think of Baldwin’s actions following Kim contacting him about the risk to Woodward and his family?

Fev 12, 10:27 pm

I think Baldwin had better quit now as when Woodward finds out that he did not believe Kim about his troubles at his campground, his days are numbered.

Fev 13, 10:01 am

Again, I’ve answered this prematurely, 😄.

At the very least, he’s playing with fire. How will he explain his actions if the killer has gone after Woody?

Fev 13, 10:32 am

This was a ridiculously stupid thing to do from a senior officer. Woodward will be after his blood! It put officers and Woodward at risk.

Fev 13, 4:13 pm

I can't believe any competent police supervisor would do something like that. I guess we'll have until the next book to see what the repercussions are.