DiscussãoBook Discussion : Blood Lines by Angela Marsons

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Fev 12, 3:56 pm

Did Alex have anything to fear from Katie? Were you surprised at her bravado with Alex? Who had the most to lose?

Fev 12, 9:53 pm

I was surprised at Katie’s bravado with Alex. I think Alex has the most to lose from Katie. When the prisoners catch on to how Alex has manipulated them, they fight back pretty hard and won’t be caught up with his garbage again.

Fev 13, 9:03 am

Strangely enough, I answered this point in the previous question, 😊.

I agree with Eadie that Alex has most to lose from Katie and the inmates she’s manipulated. Tanya will not take much more from Alex, I’m sure.

I wasn’t totally surprised that Katie has metaphorically as well as literally slapped on the latex gloves. Bravo, Katie!

Fev 13, 10:28 am

Well done to Katie for fighting back, she however needs to go and see her bosses to reveal what happened so she takes the power away from Alex. I agree that Katie could now be Alex’s Achilles heel.

Fev 13, 4:08 pm

I think Katie bought back her dignity by getting the picture. It will be difficult for Katie to talk to her boss but it's the right thing to do.

Fev 14, 4:15 am

Kim deserves some credit here because her encouragement has helped Katie to take some action and perhaps Alex overplayed her hand in some of the dreadful things she said to Katie.