DiscussãoBook Discussion : Blood Lines by Angela Marsons

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Editado: Fev 8, 8:18 pm

Has the opening section of the book hooked you in? Why?

Fev 9, 1:39 pm

Yes I am hooked as I need to see what Alexandra Thorne has planned for Kim

Fev 9, 3:04 pm

I really like this series and having Alexandra Thorne in the mix will make for an exciting read.

Fev 9, 4:17 pm

This already feels back to form and like the first books in the series. This has definitely intrigued me and want to see what Alexandra Thorne has lined up. I’m also worried for Dawson, why does it feel like something is going to happen to him? Got a premonition here.

Fev 10, 12:31 pm

As a first time reader i am definitely interested in the characters of Kim and Alexandra who are shaping up to be great antagonists, and not for the first time I understand.
There seems to be a good mix of police procedural and psychological thriller which is intriguing.

Fev 10, 1:18 pm

Good writing, a smooth read. I’m enjoying it.

Editado: Fev 12, 11:06 pm

Completely hooked! I’m curious to see how Alexandra manipulated the system yo get out of jail and to see what she intends to do to get revenge on Kim. + I’m intrigued by Deanna’s murder.
Both storylines have peaked my curiousity