Deborah (vancouverdeb) reads in 2024 Thread 2

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Deborah (vancouverdeb) reads in 2024 Thread 2

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A recent jigsaw puzzle I did. Nine Streets, Amsterdam, by Pieces and Peace .

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I'm Deborah, 40 years happily married to Dave, who is retiring in March of 2024. We have two adult sons, Daniel, 39, and William, aged 33. William is married to Serenade, and they have blessed us with two grandchildren, Melissa, 5, and Miles, 3. Besides reading, I do love to do jigsaw puzzles, walk -with or without our dog, Poppy, likely a Poodle- Maltese mix . I've been here on LT for nearly 15 years, and I enjoy historical fiction and mysteries , as well as many other genres. I'm keen to read book prize contenders, lately mainly the Women's Prize for Fiction and the Booker Lists. Last year I read 41 books and I expect to read about the same number this year. In previous years I have managed to read 75 books, but my love of jigsaw puzzles has changed that.

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1) Drama Free: A Guide to Managing Unhealthy Relationships by Nedra Glover Tawwab American, F, 4 stars library
2) The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman, American, M, 3.5 stars off the shelf
3) Absolution by Alice McDermott , American, F, 3 stars library
4)The Little Book Of Icelanders by Alda Sigmundsdottir Icelandic, F, 3 stars New
5)Reykjavik by Ragnar Jonasson , Icelandic, M, 4 stars Library


6) Silas Marner by George Eliot , British, F, 3.5 stars , library book / audiobook
7) The Last List of Mabel Beaumont by Laura Pearson , British, F, 4 stars my book.
8) The Road from Belhaven by Margot Livesey, British, F, 4 stars, library.
9) The Fox Wife by Yangsze Choo American, F, library, 4 stars
10) The Book of Days by Francesca Kay, British, F, ebook, 4 stars

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books read 2

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Prize winners and nominees

Silas Marner by George Eliot 1001 books to read before you die

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Currently reading

The Book of Days by Francesca Kay

Fev 6, 3:49 am

Welcome to my thread! All welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

Fev 6, 5:42 am

Glad to be first to the thread of one of my best pals in the group!

>2 vancouverdeb: I love jigsaws like that!

Fev 6, 5:45 am

Happy new thread!

Fev 6, 7:18 am

Happy New Thread, Deb. I hope the week is off to a good start.

Fev 6, 9:41 am

Happy new one, Deb!

Fev 6, 9:58 am

>8 vancouverdeb: Never heard of that one so I will be curious to see your thoughts on it!

Happy new thread, Deborah!

Fev 6, 10:05 am

Happy new thread, Deborah. I love your topper.

Fev 6, 10:05 am

Hallo, how art thou today Deborah?

Fev 6, 10:21 am

>1 vancouverdeb: A dog with a great plan! New thread orisons, Deb.

Fev 6, 11:53 am

Hey! Welcome me back. Ha. I allowed your previous threads to race away from me, so I ducked into a lay-by until you flew past on a new thread. You did (yay!) and I've jumped aboard. Happy new one.

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Happy new thread, Deborah! I love the top picture! So cozy.

Fev 6, 12:40 pm

Happy new thread, Deborah. Puzzle on!! (and read on too of course).

Fev 6, 12:42 pm

Happy new thread, Deborah.

>2 vancouverdeb: Now doesn’t that picture look familiar!

Fev 6, 1:15 pm

Happy new thread, Deborah. Good to see from your previous thread that Dave is on the mend and you don't have to take Poppy for ALL the walks!

Yesterday I was at Lougheed Mall in Burnaby and found a game store so had to check out the jigsaw puzzles. They had some huge ones, 18000 pieces! I can't imagine how big a space that would take up. The rest of the puzzles were more like Disney scenes and stuff so I didn't buy anything. Right now I'm working on a 1000 piece puzzle with sky reflected in water so it's hard to tell which way is up.

Fev 6, 2:53 pm

Happy New thread!

Fev 6, 3:51 pm

Happy new 🧵!

Fev 6, 5:31 pm

Hello Deborah, sure hope you are getting this glorious sunshine where you are and that Poppy is loving it too! Happy new thread to you. The puzzles are such an accomplishment!

Fev 6, 7:00 pm

>10 PaulCranswick: Hi Paul! I love jigsaws like that too! Have you done a jigsaw lately ?

>11 figsfromthistle: Thanks Anita!

>12 msf59: Thanks Mark. Yes, I had a lovely walk out in the sun yesterday and then visited my mom and my sister for while. And Dave is feeling better, so a great start yes.

Fev 6, 7:02 pm

Hello, Deborah, how are you?

Fev 6, 7:05 pm

>13 katiekrug: Thanks , Katie!

>14 alcottacre: Hi Stasia. I am loving The Last List of Mabel Beaumont so far. I think it is going to be my best read so far of 2023, but I'm just a 1/3 of the way in. It's a very touching story about a lady, Mabel, who is in her 80's and becomes a widow. She looks back over her life with both regret and happiness. It's really touching. I think you will like it. It's was either Donna or Brenda who read it , and I caught the BB, so to speak.

>15 BLBera: Thanks Beth. We have a dog, and though she looks nothing like that, I like the thought of lounging by the fire, with Poppy and books.

Fev 6, 7:09 pm

>27 Owltherian:
>16 Owltherian: I am doing well today, Lily. Thanks for stopping by.

>17 richardderus: A great plan indeed, Richard. I'm having a lazy day too. Tuesday * smooch*

>18 weird_O: Hey, welcome aboard, O Weird one! Great that you are catching a ride on my new thread.
>19 atozgrl: Thanks Irene! It struck me as a nice, cozy image too.

Fev 6, 7:10 pm

>29 vancouverdeb: Thats good, and your welcome. I'm trying to get to everyone.

Fev 6, 7:14 pm

>20 RebaRelishesReading: I am in the midst of another puzzle already , Reba - and book. The puzzle is a gift from my sister in law for my birthday last month. It is the World of Charles Dickens and a brand new to me. I'm enjoying it, and it's proving to be a bit of challenge so far, but quite doable too. Perfect, I think

>21 EllaTim: Thanks Ella! I have a special fondness for Amsterdam as my nephew, who is going to turn 34 this year has been living in Amsterdam for some 5 or more years now. I've never been there, and am flying phobic, but I love puzzles that feature Amsterdam. It's so cool that you recognize the image. So are the buildings actually that colour on 9 Streets ?

>23 Kristelh: Hi Kristel! Thanks for stopping by!

Fev 6, 7:15 pm

Happy new thread Deborah!

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>24Thanks Mary! I'm surprised to on my second thread so early in the year.

>25 mdoris: Hi Mary. Today I'm just lazing around the house, puzzling and reading, but yesterday I got out for a nice long walk and it was great . It is a beautiful sunny day though, yes. I do enjoy my puzzles, yes. I just started doing jigsaws about 5 years ago ? But it's fast become a bit of an obsession, as Dave would attest too.

>22 Familyhistorian: I missed you up there, Meg, for a second. Yes, I am RELIEVED that I d0 not have to take Poppy out for all the walks again. She is quite a walker, and I like to walk too, but not necessarily three times a day. I can't imagine doing an 18,000 piece puzzle either. There is 5000 piece puzzle that I covet, but I'm not going to buy it. I think 2000 pieces is my limit . I've watched videos on you tube where people put together big puzzles, even in apartments, and what they do is put them together in sections and then join the sections together on the floor at the end. They use while foam coreboard for the different sections. But I don't see that for myself.

Fev 6, 7:23 pm

Happy new thread Deborah!

Fev 6, 7:23 pm

>32 quondame: Thanks Susan! I'll be by your thread soon! Thanks for stopping by.

Fev 6, 9:31 pm

Speaking of puzzles, have you hear of Puzzle Lab? It's supposed to be in Victoria. I saw it on a travel show on PBS about 3 weeks ago, and the puzzles are beautiful, but quite expensive. They're made of wood.

Fev 6, 10:23 pm

Happy new thread, Deb. Your current read of The Last List of Mabel Beaumont sounds good and I see it is free through Kindle Unlimited. Definitely going on my wish list.

Fev 6, 11:35 pm

Happy new thread!

Fev 7, 1:03 am

Happy new one, Deborah!

>1 vancouverdeb: So sweet!

>2 vancouverdeb: Love it!

Your current read sounds lovely. I'll be looking for your thoughts when you finish.

Fev 7, 1:32 am

A new thread! Happy one, Deb.

I wanted to share that P and I started on the one puzzle we brought to Kaua'i with us. It's a 500-piece by Buffalo, Tiger and Crocodile. We don't have a perfect place to work on it but we're making the coffee table in our condo work. Katie told me that you refer to this kind/size puzzle as a "snack" and I love that! SO -- we are doing one snack puzzle while we're here.

Fev 7, 2:45 am

Happy new one Deborah.

Your puzzle reminded me of one that got quietly put away unfinished during lockdown: it was a photo of an Amsterdam canalside, and there was a lot of water-coloured pieces!

Fev 7, 7:06 am

Happy new thread, Deborah!

I did some puzzles in 2020 and 2021, to reduce stress in Covid times, and it sure reduced my reading time. I limited myself to 1,000 pieces, as I didn't want to claim the whole dining table ;-)

Fev 7, 2:13 pm

Happy new thread, Deborah!

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>31 vancouverdeb: Hi Deborah! I’m afraid the designer of the puzzle has been a bit creative. Houses are often rather darkly coloured here. But it’s so clearly Amsterdam, I recognized it anyway.

At the bottom of the pages there’s a number of pictures.

I’m sorry you’re flight phobic, having a nephew living here would have been a good reason to visit.

Fev 7, 11:23 pm

>34 Owltherian: Thanks, Lily.

>36 atozgrl: I had not heard of the Puzzle Lab in Victoria, Irene. I'll have to google it. I did just purchase two new puzzles from an online puzzle company in Canada, and I did notice they had about 3 puzzles from Puzzle Lab. I'll have to check into that.

> 37 Thanks Judy. I am really enjoying my read The Last List of Mabel Beaumont, and all the better if you can get it for free on kindle. I think you will enjoy it. I should finish it tomorrow, I think.

Fev 7, 11:23 pm

>45 vancouverdeb: Your so welcome!

Fev 7, 11:25 pm

>38 banjo123: Thanks, Rhonda.

>39 Copperskye: Thanks Joanne. I'm glad you like my thread toppers. I am loving my current read. I think you would enjoy it.

>40 EBT1002: Thanks Ellen. I checked out you and P's puzzle by googling it and it looks great! I'm glad you found a place for your "puzzle snack".

Fev 7, 11:30 pm

>41 charl08: Might you dig out that puzzle, Charlotte ? I know water coloured pieces can be quite hard and not very relaxing, so I understand it you leave it put away.

>42 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita! I'm glad you enjoyed doing some puzzles during the lockdown. I think a lot of people did that. They do take a fair bit of time and , yes, take time away from reading. I find them relaxing most of the time, but sometimes quite frustrating. I think I have packed up 3 puzzles over the years when they proved too difficult. My sister told me she through one of her frustrating puzzles in the garbage. I haven't done that yet.

>43 drneutron: Thanks , Jim and for all the work you do here with the 75's

Fev 7, 11:32 pm

I actually emailed someone! Yay for not being anxious! Now i have to find this person's room in the high school-

Fev 7, 11:35 pm

>44 EllaTim: I didn't think that the canal houses in Amsterdam were so brightly coloured, Ella, but they are still so gorgeous! Thanks for the fabulous link to the pictures. My nephew currently rents a studio in the " the Pipe' as I call it , area of Amsterdam, though his place is not right on a canal. He likes it a lot , but hopes to find a more modern studio flat soon. I would love to go there. I think if I were not flying phobic, I would be torn between Amsterdam, the UK and possibly Iceland, as my part of my background is Icelandic.

>46 Owltherian: Thanks.

Fev 8, 6:54 am

Happy New Thread, Deborah! I see I've been off my game by not visiting more often. Miles and Melissa, on your previous thread are adorable!
I love your topper on this thread cause it looks like my house, except for the pup in his bed, I have 2 kitties sleeping by the fire instead.
Super nice puzzles! I've been working on some too and I have found audio-books (as long as non-fiction) are great company while doing so.

Fev 8, 9:17 am

Happy new thread!

Fev 8, 11:35 pm

>49 Owltherian: Glad you emailed someone, Lily .

>51 Carmenere: It's hard to get to all of the threads and also read and live life, isn't it, Lynda. Thanks! I think Miles and Melissa are adorable too. So you have two kitties! That's great. I'll have to check out your puzzles if you post them. To my surprise, I've been able to listen to fiction books as well as puzzle. I had no idea I could manage that. But it would have to be a fairly uncomplicated, fairly short book for me. I think, to be able to puzzle and listen.

>52 ChelleBearss: Thanks Chelle!

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The Last List of Mabel Beaumont by Laura Pearson 4 stars

Mabel Beaumont is an elderly woman of 86 years. Her husband, Arthur, passes away shortly after the story begins. Arthur has always made lists, and she soon finds a list that includes " Find D.". Initially she is not sure who " D" is, but later determines that it is an old, close friend of her and her husbands, named Dot. So, she begins a to seek out Dot, who she has not seen since before her marriage and is uncertain if Dot is still alive. This is a very touching and moving story , as Mabel grieves the loss of her husband, and reflects back the good and bad of her marriage, and their childlessness. Soon, several young people enter into her formerly closed life. Julie, a carer that her husband had arranged for in the event of his death, Erin, a teen aged girl who is a clerk at her local grocery store, as well as a neighbour with a young baby, who offers to walk Mabel's dog, Olly. Patricia is friend of Julie's, and soon becomes a friend of Mabel's as well. Each of these women are struggling with their own problems, and Mabel is happy to try and help each one.

A story of many complex relationships, friendship,grief , hope, and love.

A quote from page 22 by Mabel . " I didn't love him , at first, but I grew to . Not passionate love, not the kind of passionate love people talk about dying for, more a love built brick by brick. A love made of appreciation, and shared grief, and kindness. He was good man. Such a good man."

Highly recommended.

Fev 10, 7:42 am

>54 vancouverdeb:, That one sounds like one I would like, Deb.

Fev 10, 11:51 am

>54 vancouverdeb: Me, too, (for “The Last List”). I’ve got it requested, but I have a long wait ahead of me. Thanks for the reccie!

Karen O

Fev 10, 12:31 pm

>54 vancouverdeb: Adding that one to the BlackHole. Thanks for the recommendation, Deborah!

Fev 10, 1:54 pm

>54 vancouverdeb: Okay, not something I’d seek out on my own, but your review makes me want to read it!

Fev 10, 2:15 pm

>54 vancouverdeb: This does sound good, Deborah, and the cover is striking.

Fev 11, 2:00 am

>55 Kristelh: I hope you enjoy the book, Kristel. I certainly did.

>56 klobrien2: You so welcome, Karen. I hope you enjoy the book.

>57 alcottacre: Stasia, I think you well enjoy The Last List of Mabel Beaumont. Congratulations on trying to purchase fewer books this year. I hope to purchase just one book a month, but we'll see how that goes. :-)

Fev 11, 2:01 am

>58 Storeetllr: I know I got the BB from somewhere here in the 75's Mary, but I just not sure who it was. Had I heard of it, I would have sought it out though. Hope you enjoy it.

>59 BLBera: I really loved it Beth. I hope you enjoy it. The cover is lovely, yes.

Fev 11, 9:00 am

Happy Sunday, Deb. We enjoyed our time with Jack. We are going to New Orleans next weekend, with Bree and Sean, (their first trip without the boy) so we will not see him for a week and a half.

I finished The Bee Sting and reviewed it over on my thread. I wasn't as positive on it, as you but I still liked it and glad I read it.

Fev 12, 9:51 pm

>Sounds like fun, Mark. A trip to New Orleans with Bree and Sean. Will they leave Jack with his other grandparents? It's going to be hard for all of you to not see Jack for a week and half. I'll check out your review of the The Bee Sting. Yes, I was really keen on it, I think I gave it 5 stars.

Fev 12, 9:53 pm

>54 vancouverdeb: A a huge list maker myself I really ought to get to that one, Deb. xx

Fev 13, 9:26 am

Hi Deb! How's the puzzling going? All I see is books recently. Glad you have time for that! Sometimes time is tough on us.

Fev 13, 3:38 pm

Is it too late to wish you Happy New Thread?! : )

Fev 13, 5:25 pm

Happy new thread!

>5 vancouverdeb: >54 vancouverdeb: I LOVEd this book. I listened to it and was completely absorbed.

Fev 13, 7:09 pm

>64 PaulCranswick: It was a very moving read, Paul. I think you would like The Last List of Mabel Beaumont

>65 The_Hibernator: I always have a puzzle on the go, Rachel. I don't always post the finished pictures, but I will probably post a picture of my current puzzle, a picture of Charles Dickens World and Characters, a birthday gift from my sister in law. I have a couple of puzzles arriving on Thursday.

Fev 13, 7:10 pm

>66 Berly: Never too late to wish me a Happy New Thread, thanks Kim!

>67 witchyrichy: Thanks Karen! I wonder if I got the book bullet for The Last List of Mabel Beaumont from you ? I know it was someone on LT in the 75's - maybe it was you ? I loved it too.

Editado: Fev 13, 8:59 pm

The Road From Belhaven by Margot Livesey 4 stars

This was an excellent and compelling read. Young Lizzie Craig lives with her grandparents, Flora and Rab, having been orphaned as a baby. She lives with them on a farm, Belhaven, in late 19th century Scotland . She has the gift of the second sight, but she only sees things sporadically, and keeps this information to herself. In her teens, a young man named Louis comes to help on the farm, and Lizzie falls in love with him. Louis is apprenticed to a tailor in Glasgow, and Lizzie soon runs away from home to be with him .

Lizzie makes many difficult , but often poor decisions , and finds herself pregnant out of wedlock. Louis' devotion to her is tested.

A fascinating and quick read, filled with interesting characters, I really enjoyed this story. The ending seemed a bit too quick , and I felt the conclusion was touching, but lacking in the closure that I would have preferred.

Nonetheless, a wonderful and recommended read.

Fev 14, 4:35 pm

Hi Deb my dear, a belated Happy New Thread my dear friend.

Fev 14, 11:59 pm

It's a bit nippy out there these days, Deborah. Does that shorten Poppy's walks?

Fev 15, 1:38 am

>71 johnsimpson: Great to see you, John! The reading is good so far!

>72 Familyhistorian: It would have to be quite cold to shorten Poppy's walks, Meg. When it snowed in January, we did shorten her walks yes. That is because her feet get very cold on the snow / ice / pavement and if we keep her out too long , she will even start to shiver after a 20 minutes or so, even though we put a jacket or a fleece or a sweater on her. But these temperatures are comfortable for her. For her evening walk tonight, Dave did put a fleece pull on jacket on Poppy, as 4 C is a bit nippy for her. But at 7 C or so , whatever it was a today, she is comfortable running and walking around for an hour plus.

Fev 15, 9:54 am

>69 vancouverdeb: Saw your comment on my thread as well. It may have been me as I did enjoy it. One of my last audio books. I will recommend The Lonely Hearts Book Club here, too, as others may enjoy it.

>73 vancouverdeb: I miss walking my dogs but our weather was never quite that bad. Hurray to you and Poppy!

Fev 15, 10:21 am

Hi Deborah! I'm returning your visit to my thread (though I admit I skimmed through because the Six Nations rugby is on, for some reason; we usually only watch the World Cup).

I like doing jigsaw puzzles too, especially with my two boys though it's rare that all three of us sit down together. Right now we're doing a wooden elephant one from a company called Quordle Puzzles (I'll see if I can post a picture on my thread) - and we discovered that it doesn't have straight edges. We each seem to have a different technique for puzzling and mine is to find the edges, make the frame and go from there, so I've had to rethink things.

Fev 15, 2:56 pm

>54 vancouverdeb: >70 vancouverdeb: I’m looking forward to both of these! Thanks again for bringing them to my attention!!

Fev 16, 1:24 am

>74 witchyrichy: I'm quite sure that it was you that liked The Last List of Mabel Beaumont, Karen. I've put The Lonely Hearts Book Club on my wishlist and I'll check if my library has it. Well, for Canada, I live in one of the warmest parts where we get snow about once a year for a few days. You must live somewhere quite warm.

>75 humouress: Oh, no straight edges on your Quordle puzzles. That sounds challenging. I tried to do a shaped puzzle that didn't have straight edges and after struggling with it for quite a while, I packed it up in the box in with the sections I'd put together intact and gave it to my sister. She eventually had success with it. I'll come and have a look on your thread shortly . I just got two new puzzles today! I have just a few pieces - maybe 50 to go and then I'll be finished it. I can't wait to start one of the new ones.

Fev 16, 1:26 am

>76 Copperskye: Great, Joanne. I hope you enjoy both The Road from Belhaven and The Last List of Mabel Beaumont when you get to them.

Fev 16, 1:30 am

Today we took Poppy in to have her teeth cleaned, and the vet gives her a general anesthesia for that. She had a gingivitis around one of her molars and that tooth had to pulled. She is still quite groggy this evening, and does not want to eat so far. The vet said she may not eat today. I dread giving her antibiotics and pain medication later this evening. Since she doesn't want to eat any of her favourite treats, she is not going to pleased with that. She's been a bit restless and pacing around, apparently that is fairly common in dogs after anesthesia. She has to stay of soft foods for 2 weeks. I bought a variety of canned foods , so hopefully she will find one she likes. She is not big on change in her food. A bit like a cat that way.

Fev 16, 1:36 am

It is always a worry when they are out of sorts. Poppy get feeling better soon! Loki sends god wishes.

Fev 16, 2:12 am

>80 mdoris: Thanks, Mary. Yes, it is a worry when our dogs are feeling not themselves. I think she is improving. She was moaning a bit earlier , but seems to better as time goes on. I don't think she is going to eat tonight, but the vet said she might not eat until tomorrow. Poppy thanks Loki for the good wishes!

Fev 16, 6:32 am

>79 vancouverdeb: Poor sweet Poppy! Our vet is very keen on routine dental care, and recommends it be done annually. We've had Alys' teeth cleaned two years in a row, but are waffling about it this year. It's an expensive procedure and the general anesthesia means she's not quite herself afterwards. Like Poppy, she's getting on in years which on the one hand makes the case for looking after her teeth but on the other hand ...

Anyway, I hope Poppy is feeling better this morning.

Fev 16, 7:54 am

Aw, poor Poppy. I hope she's feeling more herself this morning.

Fev 16, 10:19 am

>70 vancouverdeb: This sounds good, Deborah. I like Livesey, so I will look for this one.

Fev 16, 11:51 pm

>82 lauralkeet: I am happy to tell you that Poppy is back to herself today, Laura. I can understand you waffling on the dental care issue. It is expensive and the general anesthesia, though very safe carries a small risk. Our vet has never said anything to us one way or another about dental care, but we've only done it every other year, starting at around age 4, I think, whatever our vet recommended a to us when she was younger.

Poppy is feeling much better and I am happy that we found a canned food that she really loves and we are even able to give her antibiotics and pain medication disguised in the food.

>83 katiekrug: Thanks Katie! Yes, our sweet Poppy is feeling much better! It was nice to see her staring us tonight, begging for food. Back to normal.

>84 BLBera: I really enjoyed The Flight of Gemma Hardy, so I was on the lookout for a new book by Margot Livesy. I also read The Boy in the Field. I see she has written other books, so I might be on the lookout for those too, Beth.

Fev 16, 11:54 pm

This is a jigsaw puzzle I just completed last night, Charles Dickens World, 1000 pieces. It was a birthday gift from my brother and his wife and though it was a bit challenging, I really loved the finished image.

Fev 17, 3:36 am

Poor Poppy! I'm glad she's back to normal. A dog that doesn't look at you like it hasn't been fed for three weeks if there's the slightest hint of food around is clearly not feeling itself.

>86 vancouverdeb: Nice! I assume that's Dickension London and the River Thames?

Fev 17, 5:55 am

>85 vancouverdeb: I am glad that Poppy is doing well after her teeth cleaning appointment and feeling more like herself.

>86 vancouverdeb: Oh wow! A busy puzzle indeed.

Hope you have a great long weekend

Fev 17, 7:03 am

Great news about Poppy! Hope she enjoys belly scritches and walks today.

Fev 17, 9:14 am

>86 vancouverdeb: - Gorgeous puzzle!

Editado: Fev 17, 11:00 am

>60 vancouverdeb: I am trying to be good, but I have already warned Kerry about May. . .

>70 vancouverdeb: Adding that one to the BlackHole. Thanks for the recommendation, Deborah!

>86 vancouverdeb: Nice!

Have a wonderful weekend! I hope Poppy continues to improve.

Fev 17, 11:42 am

Thanks for sharing the puzzle picture. It looks like it was challenging!

Fev 17, 11:44 am

Lovely puzzle, Deb. How long did it take you? Did you do it alone or does Dave help?

Good news about Poppy! If I ever manage to get Owen back to the vet, they will have to totally sedate him to do anything. The one and only time I got him there, that's what had to be done. Better for everyone involved: staff and Owen.

Editado: Fev 17, 12:16 pm

>93 jessibud2: Jasper loves going to the vets; he gets to meet people and other animals (even if he's so enthusiastic he scares the smaller ones and the elderly ones - and unfortunately there have never been any others).

My sister brushes her dog's teeth with a dog toothpaste; Lily is getting on a bit, too, so the less often she has to go under anaesthetic, the better. She has a meat-flavour toothpaste and recommended I try it for Jasper, first getting him used to the taste (Lily apparently loves it) and progress gradually to brushing his teeth. I did try brushing his teeth once, without the introductory process, but he pretty much decided it was too weird for him.

Fev 17, 12:26 pm

>86 vancouverdeb: "a bit challenging" -- holy cow, I should think so!!! Well done and a fun result.

Good to hear Poppy is back to normal.

Fev 17, 4:18 pm

>86 vancouverdeb: Gorgeous puzzle Deborah, well done and three cheers!

Fev 17, 4:40 pm

Glad to hear Poppy has bounced back from her dental!

That’s a gorgeous puzzle but it looks like a tough one!

Fev 17, 6:11 pm

>86 vancouverdeb: I am glad to hear that Poppy has recovered from the visit to the vet and is back to herself today.

I love that puzzle! Very interesting.

Fev 17, 8:58 pm

>87 humouress: It is most unusual for a dog to not want to eat everything in sight, true, Nina. I'm glad she back to herself, though we are still having to feed her in her kennel. I think that is my husband's fault because he is really catering the to her. The first or second feed, okay, but not now. Yes , the puzzle is of Dickensian London and yes the Thames.

>88 figsfromthistle: Thanks Anita! I prefer busy puzzles, - in fact I think that is all I do. It doesn't seem like a long weekend to me as Dave works on Monday. But I'll bet you are used to working holidays too . I'm quite used to it after all these years. Not too long until Dave is off work permanently l - he'll retire in late March. It will be great to have him home for Easter this year. He worked over Christmas this past year.

>89 lauralkeet: Thanks Laura! Yes, Poppy is enjoying her walks and tummy rubs and back massages. She is like her old self, just we are restricting her activity still, as per the vet. Tomorrow she can back to running around off leash etc.

Fev 17, 9:03 pm

>90 katiekrug: Thanks Katie! You do some beautiful puzzles too!

>91 alcottacre: I think the Women's Prize for Literature and Booker season are going to prove challenging for both of us, Stasia . I did really love The Road from Belhaven, but I did manage to snag it from the library. I'm am trying , Stasia! :-) I do love my puzzles too. Poppy is doing very well.

>92 Kristelh: Thanks Kristel! It was a lot of fun, but it was more challenging than some I have done. I've already started sorting a new puzzle. I always have one on the go.

Fev 17, 9:11 pm

>93 jessibud2: I think it took me about a week or 10 days, Shelley. I always have a puzzle, so I do it at my leisure and if some days I don't touch it, that's fine. Only I do the puzzles. If I'm really stuck, I'll ask Dave to have a look as he is really good at seeing shapes etc . He is better at visual spatial things than I am. Poppy is also a big challenge at the vet. Dave takes her and he has to muzzle her for the staff. It's not easy. I hear you.

>94 humouress: The idea of brushing our dogs teeth is a good one, Nina. We did that when she was a puppy and she was very good about it. The problem was she loved to bite us, so we thought brushing her teeth would further encourage her with that. I think we may try that again though. I was chatting with my sister today and she said they to brush their dog's teeth and he has had not dental problems . You are so lucky you dog enjoys the vets! Poppy likes the vet's after her exam/ procedure is over. Then she wants to explore. But not beforehand.

>95 RebaRelishesReading: It was fun puzzle to do, Reba. I always have a puzzle on the go, so it was fun. I have packed up 3 puzzles in the past because they were too challenging though. I'm glad Poppy is back to normal too , thanks!

Fev 17, 9:14 pm

>96 mdoris: Thanks Mary! The biggest element is doing a puzzle is patience , I think.

>97 Copperskye: Thanks Joanne! I'm glad too. I am thinking of you and Skye and I hope she will be doing well as she see the vet specialist and you decide on how best to proceed with her leukemia. I am hoping for the very best for you both.

>98 atozgrl: I do love puzzles, Irene. Thanks!

Fev 18, 4:59 am

>101 vancouverdeb: Jasper doesn't even seem to notice injections, fortunately, so I step away at that point so I don't pass on my phobia. It's a boon that he loves going to the vets, which I don't want to spoil (he also loves the car ride there and back - but he insists on walking all over the inside of the car and he sheds like crazy). And we should make another attempt at brushing his teeth and doing it regularly, too.

Fev 18, 12:33 pm

Hi Deb. Dropping in to thank you for visiting my thread, which is one of the quieter ones here in the 75 group. Well, maybe if I posted on it more regularly there would be more visitors. Do you prefer Deb or Deborah? I went all my life being called Debby (my mom called me "Deborah Ann" when she was mad at me). But when I went to law school, I decided that "Debby" wasn't a good name for a lawyer, so I started introducing myself as "Deborah." Now the only people who call me "Debby" are my mom, my brothers and sisters, and my husband. Even my best friends today call me Deborah.

Liked reading about Poppy. We all love our fur babies. We have a 3 year old Havanese named Dulci. I was looking at some dog pictures today. We used to have a Bouvier named Isabelle, and looking at the pictures I realized that our little Havanese greatly resembles a gigantic Bouvier, just shrunken about 90%.

Fev 18, 1:59 pm

Sunday orisons, Deb. Have a lovely slide into the new week. *smooch*

Fev 18, 6:59 pm

Hi Deborah. I'm glad Poppy is back to normal and has clean teeth. Penny is 6.5 and has pretty good teeth so far. It's her toenails that are too long. She won't let us trim them and the vet won't do it either. We will probably have to have her sedated but I'm waiting until her teeth need cleaning. I think her daily walks keep the toes in fairly decent shape but she would be more comfortable with a manicure. Aren't pets fun?

>86 vancouverdeb: Beautiful puzzle. It looks too hard for me. I just don't have much patience with jigsaw puzzles. If my granddaughters are in the mood, I'll join them, but they are so busy with after-school activities that our puzzle time will have to wait for summer vacation.

Fev 18, 7:52 pm

>103 humouress: Poppy is not bothered by injections, just the fact of going to the vet. I'm glad Jasper is happy to visit the vet , that makes things so much easier, Nina. If we are able to brush Poppy's teeth, I'll let you know.

>104 arubabookwoman: I am definitely Deborah and always have been " Deborah" and never Debbie, Deborah. Every one calls me Deborah, except here on LT, as I decided vanouverdeborah was a bit too long for a handle. Middle name is Anne, like yours, except my Ann has the e . Your Havenese, Dulci sounds very cute. I have seen quite a few Havenese when out walking Poppy and they are a cute bred. I have met fewer Bouvier's but they are lovely dogs too. I agree, we do love our fur babies.

Fev 18, 7:59 pm

>105 richardderus: Thanks Richard! Today is going fine. This week I can't avoid the tooth grinder, and am off to get a crown on Tuesday. Not looking forward to it. *smooch*

>106 Donna828: Hi Donna. Yes, I'm relieved that Poppy is back to normal too. I'm glad Penny's teeth are doing well so far and I hope that continues to be the case. Like you, we have trouble getting Poppy's nails trimmed - no surprise there, I guess. Poppy goes to a groomer and last time they called and said that they had been able to trim here nails, but not file them down so they were not sharp and she was too distressed for them to continue. So right now when she scratches herself ,she sometimes cries in pain. With the stress of the her dental stuff, we have not wanted to compound her troubles. Later this week we hope to get to that. Poppy is so light at 18 lbs, walking doesn't do enough for her nails to wear down. I'm glad that Penny's nails are mainly worn done by walking and I hope you can get her in for a manicure soon. Thanks re : the Puzzle. I really love them. It would be fun to do them with the grands and I have in past - but very simple one.

Fev 19, 12:44 am

Ah, the joys of pets. Good to see that Poppy has recovered from her dental treatment at the vet.

Nice puzzle, Deborah, but I think they took poetic license by making the Thames blue!

Fev 19, 12:57 am

>109 Familyhistorian: Ah, yes , the joys of pets, Meg! When are you going your cat or dog ? :-) Well, what colour would you suggest for the Thames!

Fev 19, 1:10 am

Hi Deborah, sounds like Poppy has been keeping you and Dave busy! Glad to hear she is on the mend.

Fev 21, 12:39 am

Hi Deb. Good to hear that Poppy has recovered from the trauma of the dental work!

Fev 21, 7:31 am

Happy Wednesday, Deb or should that be Deborah? 😁

How is everyone doing there? Have you been seeing the grandkids? I am missing Jackson.

Editado: Fev 21, 3:27 pm

>111 charl08: Poppy is doing well, thanks , Charlotte. She just needs her antibiotics now, no more pain meds.

>112 DeltaQueen50: Yes, Judy , she has recovered from the trauma of her dental work

>113 msf59: It's DEFINITELY Deborah, Mark! :-) It really is Deborah and not Deb. In real life, no one calls me Deb. it was just a way of shortening my screen name. But I will allow those on LT to address me as "Deb" as the mistake is understandable, Mark.

Fev 21, 3:30 pm

I had a temporary crown put in yesterday and it took forever, though not painful at all. By forever, I mean about 3.5 hours. I've never had a crown before , so this is new to me. I hope to not dislodge the temporary crown before next Tuesday when I get the permanent crown.

Finished The Fox Wife by Yangsze Choo and I really loved it. Review or comments to come later , when I get a chance.

Fev 21, 3:36 pm

Hello Deborah. You are doing well if 3.5 hrs. was not a big deal and yet you are right about "forever'! i had one done a few weeks ago and now have the permanent crown. The temporary one popped out but I put it back and it lasted until the new one could be placed.

Fev 21, 4:18 pm

Stopping by to get caught up: glad Poppy survived and is thriving. But sorry about your tooth. The puzzle is beautiful! I gave friend a similar one but based on Jane Austen.

Fev 22, 1:14 am

>116 mdoris: It's a long time, but was not painful, Mary. I could hardly believe it could take so much time. Fingers crossed that my temporary crown stays put, but I'll be aware that it possible. The dentist did tell me if it came off, to save as much of it as possible and call her as soon as possible. Fingers crossed.

>117 witchyrichy: Thanks Karen. I'd say Poppy is about 100 % now, and is doing very well. She just has to stay on soft food for another week or so. However, she is loving this new food and only 1 bowel movement per day! I think we may consider leaving her on the food, or maybe mix it with her old kibble.

Editado: Fev 22, 4:26 am

The Fox Wife by Yangsze Choo 4 stars

Manchuria, 1908.
A courtesan is found frozen to death in the doorway of a restaurant. Who is she and how did she get there ? Bao, an older man, is a detective with an amazing ability to detect the truth when it is spoken, is on the job. Rumours swirl that perhaps this is work of some foxes, mythical creatures who can change from fox to human form and back. Elsewhere, a family who owns a Chinese medical shop , cannot escape the curse that the eldest son will die before his 24 th birthday. A new servant appears in the shop. She goes by the name Snow, and she serves the elderly mother of Bohai, Tagtaa. Snow has secrets, she is a fox in human form, in search of lost daughter . Hunting a murderer, she travels from Northern China, to Japan and back. A story of love, friendship, loyalty, guilt , sacrifice and secrets.

This wonderful tale was a captivating read. I loved it so much, I ordered the author's first novel. The Ghost Bride.

Highly recommended.

Fev 22, 5:51 am

>115 vancouverdeb: Wow thats a long time in a chair for something temporary. Glad that it was pain free. Good luck with the permanent one :)

>119 vancouverdeb: What an enchanting cover. Looks to be a fantastic read. BB for me.

Fev 22, 7:08 am

>119 vancouverdeb: - That sounds really interesting!

I can't believe your temporary crown took that long! I've had to get a couple myself and I think the longest it took was about 90 minutes. You're a trooper, Deborah (I learned from Mark's thread that you are *not* a Deb!).

Fev 22, 12:29 pm

I'm afraid I have been one of those calling you Deb - some days my memory is more holes than not, but I'll try to remember.

>86 vancouverdeb: Beautiful puzzle!

I'm glad that you and Poppy have both done well with your tooth procedures! It's something we share with our four footed family as we age.

Fev 22, 1:23 pm

>119 vancouverdeb: Hi Deborah. GREAT review! I now have it on reserve and coming to me soon. With thanks!

Fev 22, 2:01 pm

Not sure if this would work for dogs - with my cat, Victoria,
I ordered a sharp pet nail cutting tool and clipped nails one at a time over a few weeks -
while she was sleeping. Not perfect solution since she could be a light sleeper...

Fev 22, 8:45 pm

>119 vancouverdeb: Hi Deborah - Great comments. And the cover is stunning. I think I read The Ghost Bride, but it's been awhile.

I'm glad Poppy is well again.

Fev 22, 10:00 pm

>120 figsfromthistle: It was a long time in the chair yes, Anita, but it's now behind me and just an hour next Tuesday for the permanent crown. It is an enchanting cover and the story is enchanting too. I hope you enjoy it - I think you will

>121 katiekrug: Ihope you enjoy The Fox Wife if you get to it, Katie. Looking online , it seemed that a temporary crown should only take 90 minutes, but it took 3.5 hours. I'm not sure why entirely. My dentist is very careful and exacting, which I guess is good thing.

Fev 22, 10:04 pm

>122 streamsong: No worries about calling me Deb, Mary. I called myself " vancouverdeb " on LT , so it's to be expected, I suppose. I'd rather not tell you about my poor memory, so no worries. Yes, it sure felt like dental week /s for our family . Dave had a bridge repaired the day Poppy had her dental and the next week I was in getting my temporary crown. Age doesn't help dental procedures, be they human or dog or cat.

>123 mdoris: So kind of you to say it's great review,Mary. I did really enjoy the book and like you, I put a hold on at the library for it, I'm happy to say. I'm trying to the library and only purchase one book a month. Wish me luck.

Fev 22, 10:10 pm

>124 m.belljackson: Thanks for the idea, but I'm afraid it would not work, Marianne. Poppy is definitely a " let sleeping dog lie " kind of dog. Even a touch or pat while she is sleeping earns us a growl. I can't imagine if we tried to cut a nail while she was sleeping.

>125 BLBera: Thanks Beth. The cover is lovely yes. I think I must have read about it, and wanted to read something by Yangsze Choo, and Fox Wife was available the library, so I gave it a try and loved it. I did purchase The Ghost Bride, so I get to it in a while.

I've enjoyed somewhat similar stories, like Dragon Springs Road by Janie Chang and others by Janie Chang as well as Lisa See, so I thought it was fairly likely that I would enjoy this author as well, and I was happily correct.

Editado: Fev 22, 10:14 pm

Hi Deborah, Thank you for the well wishes and I'm glad to hear Poppy is back to her old self!

I picked up The Road From Belhaven from the library the other day and started it.

Fev 22, 10:29 pm

>129 Copperskye: Thanks Joanne, and yes, I'm glad to have Poppy back to herself. Thinking of you and Skye- all the best wishes!

I'm glad you have started The Road from Belhaven and I very much hope you enjoy it.

Fev 23, 8:15 am

Thanks for the Poppy update on my thread. I am glad she is back to her old self. Happy Friday!

Fev 23, 8:25 am

Happy Friday, Deborah! I am getting more Jackson time in today. He was a hoot yesterday. I hope you get to see the grandkids tomorrow. The Fox Wife sounds good.

Fev 23, 9:31 pm

>131 witchyrichy: Thanks Karen. Poppy is doing very well. I finished off a book today, so that is a good Friday.

>132 msf59: Thanks Mark! I'm glad you are having so much fun with Jackson . I just got a text from William and the grand kids are coming over tomorrow as planned, so I'm sure we will have fun. The Fox Wife was very good. I hope you enjoy it if you manage to bookhorn it in.

Fev 24, 12:05 am

Oddly, after all the discussion here about brushing dogs' teeth and oral care for dogs, our local TV station had a story today about how important that is for their overall health. Apparently it's Pet Dental Health Month, or something like that. They were encouraging people to brush their pet's teeth regularly, on a schedule, and using something like 'brush the pet's teeth when you brush your own' as a way to remember to do it every day (or even twice a day).

I'm sorry to hear that you were stuck at the dentist so long, but glad it wasn't painful. I hope everything goes well getting your permanent crown.

Fev 24, 12:20 am

>22 Familyhistorian: An 1,800 piece puzzle would be way too daunting for me. Most recently, sadly after working on a 1,000 piece puzzle where all the colors melted together, I had to quit and put it in the box to give away. I like a challenge, but not to the point of frustration.

It is nice to know others here in the group enjoy puzzles as well as I do. I began to collect them like I collect books -- too many!! I have five or six large plastic boxes in the basement that are filled with various puzzles either I received as gifts or purchased on sale. Barnes and Noble previously had a large selection, but they've cut back on the ones offerred. Last year my friend's church had a tricky tray wherein you paid for tickets and placed the one you might hope to win in the container by the item. I won a very large basket filled with 1,000 piece puzzles. I was in heaven!!!

Fev 24, 4:14 am

>134 atozgrl: Thanks for the Pet Dental information, Irene. February here in Canada , I think is also Pet Dental Health month, and we took advantage of that , and got !0 % off Poppy's dental cleaning / extraction. I think we'll try brushing Poppy's teeth after her extraction is fully healed. I talked to my sister and she they brush their dog's teeth and he is 6 or 7 years old and the vet has said that their dog has no need of a vet dental cleaning, so it is a good idea. Yes, well, at least that 3.5 hours is behind me, and fingers crossed , my temporary crown stays on and this coming Tuesday I get the permanent crown.

>135 Whisper1: Hi Linda, and thanks for stopping by. Like you, an 18,000 piece puzzle would be far to daunting - scary even, for me to attempt. I too have put away a couple of 1000 piece puzzles when they became to difficult and no fun. So that is totally okay I think, though my husband shakes his head and says - too hard eh ? Oh, that gets me! :-) I have far too many puzzles, well, I don't think so, but my husband does. I just love doing them. How wonderful that you won a large basket filled with 1000 piece puzzles! I'd be thrilled too!

Editado: Fev 24, 12:09 pm

The Book of Days by Francesca Kay 4 stars

The Book of Days is fabulous historical fiction. The start of the book is quite slow, and reading on my kindle, I did not become fully engaged with the novel until about the 50 % mark. But once I did, I could not put the book down.

In a village, north of Oxford, England , 1546 , the tale begins to unfold. Alice is a young woman , married to a much older man, Richard, who is very ill and is dying. Alice would very much like to have a child. Richard's first wife died, and left behind a now teen aged daughter, Agnes. Richard is obsessed with building a chapel where he plans to be buried, and prayers said for his soul. Alice has already lost a 3 day old baby, and mourns her loss.

Though not specifically mentioned, the Protestant Reformation has begun. The Catholic Chapel where Squire Richard and his family and the town worship, is threatened. A commissioner arrives, and the chapel is to dismantle all things Catholic. Meanwhile, daughter Agnes grows restive, and becomes interested in a man named Henry Martyn. When Richard dies, his manor and fortune will go to Agnes, unless a male heir is born. Alice wonders what will become of her when her husband dies.

Many of the townspeople begin to follow a firebrand Protestant preacher, and turmoil and tragedy result.

A fascinating tale from a very personal perspective, but one that has made me seek out more information on the Protestant Reformation, and the reign of King Henry V111

A couple of quotes :

48% " I have been a man's possession since the day I was born" - Alice.
55% " was it right to liberate a church from Rome to enslave it to another throne ? "

Fev 24, 10:56 am

>137 vancouverdeb: This sounds like another winner, Deborah. You are on a streak.

Fev 24, 11:55 am

>137 vancouverdeb: Yangze Choo and Francesca Kay enter my TBR thanks to YOU wicked book-Delilah! Nonetheless, happy weekend. *smooch*

Fev 24, 12:05 pm

>137 vancouverdeb: “Book of Days” is on my TBR now—thanks!

Karen O

Editado: Fev 24, 2:28 pm

>138 BLBera: I must say, Beth, I do feel fortunate with my reads lately. Most of them have been very good.

>139 richardderus: Well, Richard, I've been called worse things that a book temptress - Delilah. I hope you enjoy them when you get to them. Weekend * smooch*

>140 klobrien2: I hope you enjoy The Book of Days, Karen. I could not find it at my library so , I read it in Ebook format on my kindle.

Fev 24, 2:25 pm

>137 vancouverdeb: That sounds really good...but there have been so many books added to Mt. TBR and my wish list lately...have to think about it

Fev 24, 4:34 pm

>119 vancouverdeb: My local library has a copy of that one. Hopefully I will be able to get to it soon. Thanks for the review and recommendation, Deborah.

>137 vancouverdeb: Not as lucky with that one. Into the BlackHole it goes!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Fev 24, 4:46 pm

The Book of Days looks like a good one, Deborah. You have me curious about what becomes of Agnus. I guess I’ll just have to read the book myself.

Fev 24, 4:49 pm

>119 vancouverdeb: That sounds good!

Fev 24, 7:24 pm

Happy Saturday, Deborah! I'm glad to hear that The Fox Wife is good. I've got it on hold at the library, but I've suspended my holds 'til I can finish a few books and have a hope of getting everything back before the due date. Still, I should be reading it in a month or two :)

Ontem, 9:34 am

Happy Sunday, Deborah! How did your visit go with Melissa & Miles? We sure had a good time with Jack and he was able to spend the night on Friday. He cried a bit but he finally settled. Sue is perfect at soothing him.

Ontem, 3:29 pm