karenmarie's 17th year in the 75ers - part II

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karenmarie's 17th year in the 75ers - part II

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Welcome to my second thread of 2024

Five ways to describe me and books: bibliolater, bibliomaniac, bibliophile, lectiophiliac, bookworm.

The Good: Family, friends, kitties, books, in constantly-rotating order. Jenna being home is wonderful although I know living at home chaffs her and she’d rather have her own apartment and a kitty or two. She just got a job as a vet clinic receptionist/customer service rep and has been there 3 ½ weeks. She’s pumped – scrubs instead of business casual. Almost eleven months post left knee replacement surgery, and I’m happy with where I am with it. Right knee replacement surgery scheduled for February 29th. I’ve found a good hair stylist AND a good seamstress. Simple pleasures for simple minds.

The Bad and the Sad: Trump is not going gentle into that good night. Words fail me regarding that man. We’re heading back to the 1950s and heading towards becoming a third-world country. It’s getting scarier and scarier.

The Ugly: The Gang of Psychos is the ugliest thing going on in this country right now. Vicious, evil people in power with a pseudo-Christian agenda that does not come close to following Christianity.

Like everybody else who gets to 70, I think “How did I get to be old?”

I read and am a charter member of the Redbud and Beyond Book Club, started in 1997. Here’s the 2024 portion of the 2023-2024:
Feb 24 - Solito by Javier Zamora – ugh.
Mar 24 - The Scapegoat by Daphne DuMaurier
Apr 24 - The Last Ballad by Wiley Cash
May 24 - Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver
I happily turned over the reins of the Presidency of the Friends last summer and am Immediate Past President. I’ll stay on the Board for however long the next President serves, then completely leave the Board and just stay on the Book Sale Team. I currently volunteer for small duties to help various members of the Board. I’m a member of the Book Sale Team, which meets on Tuesdays to sort donations for spring and fall book sales, and I volunteer at the book sales in addition to acquiring many books.

I have been married to Bill for almost 33 years and am mother to Jenna, who turned 30 last August. The three of us live in our own little corner of paradise on 8 acres in central North Carolina USA.

Photos working again for me, so here's the pic of Bill's dad Dutch and stepmom Kay, Karen, Jenna, Bill at Dutch & Kay's house for Christmas, 1994.

Inara in her new favorite perch, Zoe in her new favorite perch, and Wash looking on. Bill took that photo and asked if I knew I was buying a new kitty tower when I bought the cabinet.

My goal last year was 75 books, based on what I thought would be a tough reading year because of my health. Ha. I read 393 books, mostly on my Kindle, mostly using Kindle Unlimited. They were, as my daughter calls them, smut, and my friend Karen in Montana calls them, porn. *shrugs* I still really, really enjoy reading this subgenre of contemporary fiction/romance and will continue until it no longer interests me. It’s getting more challenging to find books as I’ve refined my targeted trope(s), but I’ve become a great detective. This coming year’s goal is 150 based on still reading smut. I haven’t made the goal higher because of my knee replacement surgery, and as I recall from last year, the first month following surgery was not much reading. However, I’ve already read 47 books.

New Year’s Resolutions – 2024
Lose 10 pounds.
Work out for cardio health 3 times a week when appropriate given right knee surgery on February 29th.
Get right knee replacement surgery and assiduously follow through with all PT and other requirements.
Reduce red meat consumption and increase salmon and other healthy fish consumption. We did increase our salmon consumption last year, and will make sure to continue doing so this year. Red meat is difficult, frankly, but we might start eating “the other white meat”.
Continue low-sodium lifestyle and gradually work to reduce sugared items to 2-3 times a week.
Read 5% nonfiction this year.
Finish The Federalist Papers, and read all my RL book club books, even including Demon Copperhead. Sigh.

Express gratitude for what I have - family, friends, intangibles and tangibles - every day.
2024. I have high hopes for familial stability with Jenna continuing to live at home, although she’s started seeing a woman and might spend significant amounts of time not here – work AND visiting. The new normal for Covid will, I hope, be continued vigilance and an eventual regimen of yearly vaccines as we do with flu. With politics, who knows, but I hope the Democrats continue to keep the Gang of Psychos in check as much as possible and the world does not implode via Putin/nuclear/Ukraine, Kim Jung Un in North Korea ditto nuclear, and the nuclear threat in the Middle East with Israel and the Palestinians going at it AGAIN. Neither side is adhering to the precepts of their religions. I’m assiduously avoiding the news. Iran lurks in the background. Trump lurks in the foreground.

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read - 393 last year

1. Just a Bit Wrecked by Alessandra Hazard 12/31/23 1/1/24 205 pages Kindle Logan and Andrew Straight Guys 11 2020
2. Just a Bit Captivated by Alessandra Hazard 1/1/24 1/1/24 239 pages Kindle Aiden and Zain Straight Guys 14 2023
3. Tell No One by Barbara Elsborg 1/1/24 1/2/24 280 pages Kindle Tag and Delaney 2022
4. The Making of Jonty Bloom by Barbara Elsborg 1/2/24 1/3/24 383 pages Kindle Jonty and Devan Unfinished Business 1 2020
5. Reinventing Cato by Barbara Elsborg 1/3/24 1/4/24 327 pages Kindle Cato and Vigge Unfinished Business 3 2021
6. Waiting for Ru by Barbara Elsborg 1/4/24 1/5/24 352 pages Kindle Ru and Jasim Unfinished Business 4 2021
**abandoned Brave for You by Crystal Lacy** 166 pages
7. Fairy Tales for Angry Little Girls by Lela Lee 1/5/24 1/6/24 168 pages Hardcover
8. Falling by Barbara Elsborg 1/5/24 1/6/24 333 pages Kindle Malachi and Harper Fall and Break 1 2017
9. Breaking by Barbara Elsborg 1/6/24 1/7/24 333 pages Kindle Archer and Conrad Fall and Break 2 2017
10. He's the One by Barbara Elsborg 1/7/24 1/8/24 377 pages Kindle Col and Theo Fate We Make 1 2023
11. Hold On by Barbara Elsborg 1/8/24 1/9/24 322 pages Kindle Dominic and Ren Fate We Make 2 2023
12. This is Real by Barbara Elsborg 1/9/24 1/9/24 262 pages Kindle Murdo and Lukas 2022
13. Edge of Forever by Barbara Elsborg 1/10/24 1/11/24 348 pages Kindle Pasha and Levi 2018
14. Zeke's Wood by Barbara Elsborg 1/11/24 1/11/24 68 pages Kindle Zeke and Gideon 2017
15. With Or Without Him by Barbara Elsborg 1/11/24 1/12/24 306 pages Kindle Haris and Tyler 2017
16. Drawn In by Barbara Elsborg 1/12/24 1/13/24 335 pages Kindle Kell and Gethin 2016
17. Cowboys Down by Barbara Elsborg 1/13/24 1/14/24 287 pages Kindle Jasper and Calum 2017
18. Give Yourself Away by Barbara Elsborg 1/14/24 1/15/24 353 pages Kindle March and Caleb 2017
19. Every Move He Makes by Barbara Elsborg 1/15/24 1/16/24 277 pages Kindle Logan and Zak 2017
20. Dirty Games by Barbara Elsborg 1/16/24 1/17/24 346 pages Kindle Linton and Thorne 2017
21. Where Forever Started by Barbara Elsborg 1/17/24 1/18/24 Kindle Barney and Raf 2017
22. The Bastard and the Heir by Eden Finley and Saxon James 1/19/24 /1/19/24 337 pages Kindle Darcy and Wren 2024
**abandoned The Fake Boyfriends Debacle by Hayden Hall** 79 pages
**abandoned In The Gray by Christina Lee** 140 pages
23. A Wedding in a Week by Con Riley 1/19/24 1/20/24 292 pages Kindle Marc and Stef 2023
24. Assassins Are People Too by S. C. Wynne 1/20/24 1/21/24 133 pages Kindle Marc and Dillon Assassins in Love Series 1 2019
25. Assassins Love People Too by S. C. Wynne 1/21/24 1/21/24 131 pages Kindle Marc and Dillon Assassins in Love Series 2 2019
26. Assassins Save People Too by S. C. Wynne 1/21/24 1/21/24 122 pages Kindle Marc and Dillon Assassins in Love Series 3 2019
**abandoned Love Me Again by Max Walker** 70 pages
27. Crashing Upwards by S.C. Wynne 1/21/24 1/22/24 314 pages Kindle Harper and Sam 2018
28. His Death Bringer by Courtney W. Dixon 1/22/24 1/23/24 316 pages Kindle Luca and Dante The District 1 2023
29. Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen read by Arte Johnson 12/31/23 1/23/24 11.5 hours audiobook
30. Keeping It Casual by Jax Calder 1/23/24 1/23/24 140 pages Kindle Dustin and Jeremy 2023
31. The Anonymous Hookup 1/23/24 1/24/24 121 pages Kindle Lane and Sam 2022
**abandoned Love is Blind by S.C. Wynne** 30 pages
**abandoned Head Over Feels by Bix Barrow** 284 pages
32. The Mission by Barbara Elsborg 1/24/24 1/25/24 146 pages Kindle Conrad and Arlo 2023
33. A Spaceman Came Traveling by Barbara Elsborg 1/25/24 1/25/24 62 pages Kindle Seven and Cooper 2023
34. Trapped for the Holidays by Courtney W. Dixon 1/25/24 1/25/24 98 pages Kindle Rhett and Patrick 2023
**abandoned Return by Fire by Tracey Jerald** 34 pages
**abandoned Stix & Stones by Courtney W. Dixon** 191 pages
35. Anticipating Disaster by Silvia Violet 1/26/24 1/26/24 248 pages Kindle David and Oliver Anticipation 1 2019
36. His To Own by Leo Rivers 1/26/24 1/27/24 151 pages Kindle Rowan and Zane Heart of Thornes 1 2023
37. Mine to Claim by E.V. Olsen 1/27/24 1/27/24 Kindle Rex and Devon Wasteland Temptations 1 2023
38. Mine to Protect by E.V. Olsen 1/27/24 1/28/24 62 pages Kindle Rex and Devon Wasteland Temptations 2 2023
39. His to Break by E.V. Olsen 1/28/24 1/28/24 51 pages Kindle Mac and Cal Wasteland Temptations 3 2024
40. Nixon by Laura John 1/28/24 1/28/24 238 pages Kindle Dante and Nixon Hunter Security 1 2023
41. Kissing in the Snow by Laura John 1/29/24 1/29/24 101 pages Kindle Dane and Ryan related to Sentinel Protection Duology 1 2021
42. Damaged Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 1/29/24 1/29/24 399 pages Kindle Maximoff and Farrow Like Us 1 2017
43. The Plus-One Entanglement by Paulina Ian-Kane 1/29/24 1/30/24 127 pages Kindle Asher and Jordan Love After Forty 1 2023
**abandoned One by Paulina Ian-Kane** 197 pages
44. His Mafia Prince by Leo Rivers 1/30/24 1/31/24 133 pages Kindle Angelo and Sebastian Toscano Doms 1 2023
45. The Billionaire's Rival by Silvia Violet 1/31/24 1/31/24 276 pages Kindle Ford and Jay Bad Boy Billionaires 2 2023
46. True North by C.E. Kilgore 1/31/24 1/31/24 57 pages Kindle Chris and Joshua Hearts Compass 1 2015
47. Down South by C.E. Kilgore 1/31/24 1/31/24 61 pages Kindle Gabe and Liam Hearts Compass 3 2015
48. Back East by C.E. Kilgore 1/31/24 2/1/24 57 pages Kindle Eli and David Hearts Compass 2 2015
49. Out West by C.E. Kilgore 2/1/24 2/1/24 62 pages Kindle Alex and Mateo Hearts Compass 4 2015
50. Objectified by C.E. Kilgore 2/1/24 2/1/24 48 pages Kindle Zane and Tyler 2015
51. Shades by Jaime Reese 2/1/24 2/3/24 340 pages Kindle Killian and Nick 2018
52. Grayson Ryder: A Thief's Thrill by M.L. Giles 2/3/24 2/3/24 244 pages Kindle Grayson and Colson Grayson Ryder 1 2018
53. Just Friends by Tina Kove 2/4/24 2/4/24 159 pages Kindle Ben and Tarjei 2020
54. Love and Moonlight by Killian Ford 2/4/24 2/24 177 pages Kindle Jax and Victor 2023
55. The Escape: Soren's Saga by Nicky James 2/4/24 2/25/24 291 pages Kindle Soren and Remy Healing Hearts 3 2017
56. A Day Makes by Mary Calmes 2/5/24 2/6/24 236 pages Kindle Ceaton and Brin The Vault 1 2021
57. Not What It Seems by Nicky James 2/6/24 2/7/24 442 pages Kindle Cyrus and River 2021
58. Cravings of the Heart by Nicky James 2/7/24 2/7/24 298 pages Kindle Arden and Iggy Trials of Fear 6 2019
59. Accidentally August by E.M. Denning 2/7/24 2/7/24 191 Kindle August and Crispin Walking Disaster 1 2023
60. As Much As I Try by Erica Montrose 2/8/24 2/9/24 208 pages Kindle Edwin and Liam 2022
61. Oliver by E.M. Denning 2/9/24 2/10/24 195 pages Kindle Oliver and Jordan Walking Disaster 2 2023
62. Last First Kiss by E.M. Denning 2/10/24 2/10/24 201 pages pages Kindle Logan and Ezra 2021
**abandoned Murder Husbands by E.M. Denning** 96 pages
**abandoned Dario: Wicked Legacies by Victoria Sue** 146 pages
63. Mafia Target by Mila Finelli 2/12/24 2/13/24 301 pages Kindle Giulio and Alessio Kings of Italy 4 2023
64. Afogato by E.M. Lindsey 2/13/24 2/13/24 262 pages Kindle Caleb and Bodhi Brew Biz 1 2023
65. Most Of You by E.M. Lindsey 2/13/24 2/16/24 280 pages Kindle Emil and Renzo The Beginning of Always 2 2023
**The Kidnapping of Roan Sinclair by Ashlyn Drewek** 131 pages
66. The Dotted Line by Claire Cullen 2/16/24/ 2/16/24 121 pages Kindle Benn and Leo Tangled Gentry 1 2017
67. Branded by Roelle Denning 2/16/24 2/16/24 277 pages Kindle Declan and Remi Allies 1 2023
68. Stepbrother Dearest by Willow Dixon 2/17/24 2/17/24 314 pages Kindle Caleb and Gray Crimson Club 1 2023
69. Fakers With Benefits by Willow Dixon 2/17/24 2/18/24 330 pages Kindle Caleb and Gray Crimson Club 2 2023
70. Surviving the Break by C.P. Harris 2/18/24 2/19/24 289 pages Kindle Max and Ash Chadwick 2 2020
**abandoned Staking His Claim by Ki Brightly and M.D. Gregory** 135 pages
**abandoned The Former Assassin's Guide to Snagging a Reluctant Boyfriend by Alice Winters** 96 pages
71. Reindeer Games by N.R. Walker 2/20/23 2/20/23 157 pages Kindle Leif and Russ Ace's Wild 6 2019
72. Nuts by S.E. Jakes and Stephanie Tyler 2/20/24 2/20/24 90 pages Kindle Preston and Jagger Ace's Wild 2 2019
73. Reunion by Neve Wilder 2/20/24 2/20/24 132 pages Kindle Cole and Dane Ace's Wild 7 2019
74. The Good Liar by C.P. Harris 2/20/24 2/21/24 346 pages Kindle Cole and Jasper Infidelity 1 2023
75. The Boss's Boy by Aja Foxx 2/22/24 2/22/24 379 pages Kindle Dmitri and Eiji Mafia Mayhem 2 2023
76. Love Language by Jax Calder 2/22/24 2/22/24 59 pages Kindle Ash and Dominic 2024
77. The Fishermen by C.P. Harris 2/23/24 2/24/22 Kindle Leland and Franklin Infidelity 2 2023

Currently Reading:
The Geographer's Library by Jon Fasman 1/26/24 audio book 2005 15.5 hours
North Woods by Daniel Mason 1/6/24 Hardcover 372 pages 2023
Want You Still by C.E. Ricci and Marley Valentine 2/24/24 Kindle Will and Pierce 2024
An Immense World by Ed Yong 10/22/23 Hardcover 355 pages 2022
The Federalist edited by Jacob E. Cooke 5/28/22 656 pages hardcover 1961

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adds - 337 last year

1. Thrift Shop - How to Give Up Plastic by Will McCallum
2. Thrift Shop - Worth Dying For by Lee Child - hardcover upgrade for mass market paperback
3. Thrift Shop - Hieroglyphics by Jill McCorcle
4. Thrift Shop - The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell by Robert Dugoni
5. Thrift Shop - Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty
6. my catalog - readded so net 0 with cull, below: Foreigner by C.J. Cherryh
7. brought back into my catalog - The Complete Vampire Chronicles: The Tale of the Body Thief, the Queen of the Damned, the Vampire Lestat, Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice
8. Kindle - Where Forever Started by Barbara Elsborg
9. Amazon - Breath, Eyes, Memory by Edwidge Danticat because I had to have a book by someone with that name
10. Kindle - Assassins Are People Too by S.C. Wynne
11. Kindle - Assassins Love People Too by S.C. Wynne
12. Kindle - Assassins Save People Too by S.C. Wynne
13. Amazon - The Complete Tutankhamun by Nicholas Reeves
14. Kindle - Trapped for the Holidays by Courtney W. Dixon
15. McIntyre's - Sacred Altars by Anne Strand
16. McIntyre's - On Digital Advocacy by Katie Boue
17. McIntyre's - A Line in the Sand by Kevin Powers
18. McIntyre's - Son of the Old West by Nathan Ward
19. McIntyre's - Boundaries and Protection by Pixie Lighthorse
20. McIntyre's - The Plague by Albert Camus
21. McIntyre's - Transient and Strange by Nell Greenfieldboyce
22. McIntyre's - Building a Better Boomer by Neil Offen
23. McIntyre's - Please Unsubscribe, Thanks! by Julio Vincent Bambuto
24. McIntyre's - The Apple in the Dark by Clarice Lispector
25. McIntyre's - Nuts & Bolts by Roma Agrawal
26. McIntyre's - Longstreet by Elizabeth Varon
27. Kindle - Crashing Upwards by S.C. Wynne
28. Kindle - If I Met You First by A.B. Julian
29. Amazon - The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of the Whole World by Matt Kracht

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culls - 64 last year

1. Grant by Ron Chernow - CDs
2. How to Read and Understand Shakespeare by Professor Marc C. Conner - DVDs
3. The History of the Supreme Court by Professor Peter Irons - DVDs
4. Shakespeare's Tragedies by Professor Clare R. Kinney - DVDs
5. Terror of History by Professor Teofilo F. Ruiz - audio CDs
6. Great Artists of the Italian Renaissance by Professor William Kloss - DVDs
7. The History of Ancient Egypt by Professor Bob Brier DVDs
8. Dreams of My Father by Barack Obama - CDs
9. Fairy Tales for Angry Little Girls by Lela Lee
10. The God Dog Connection by Marti Healy dogs - ugh
11. Nothin' But Good Times Ahead by Molly Ivins - duplicate
12. The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters

***mass market paperbacks - small print, tanned, not interested in any more, etc.***
13. The Age of Innocence by Wharton, Edith
14. False Impression by Archer, Jeffrey
15. Deep Storm by Child, Lincoln
16. Cat O'Nine Tales: And Other Stories by Archer, Jeffrey
17. Atonement by Mcewan, Ian
18. Faithless by Slaughter, Karin
19. Fatal Burn by Jackson, Lisa
20. At The Stroke Of Madness by Kava, Alex
21. Eden Burning by Lowell, Elizabeth
22. Don't Scream by Staub, Wendy Corsi
23. The Rebel Angels by Davies, Robertson
24. Sphere by Crichton, Michael
25. The Making of the President 1960 by White, Theodore H.
26. Beauty and the Beast by Howell, Hannah
27. The Program by White, Stephen
28. Travels by Crichton, Michael
29. Foreigner by Cherryh, C. J.
30. World of Wonders by Davies, Robertson
31. I Know This Much Is True by Lamb, Wally
32. The Four Feathers by Mason, A.E.W.
33. The Next Accident by Gardner, Lisa
34. The Third Victim by Gardner, Lisa
35. The Survivors Club by Gardner, Lisa
36. The Key to Rebecca by Follett, Ken
37. Perdido Street Station by Mieville, China
38. The Broom of the System by Wallace, David Foster
39. Death's Door by Sawyer, Meryl
40. Why Aren't They Screaming? by Smith, Joan
41. Malice Domestic by Hardwick, Mollie
42. The Sculptress by Walters, Minette
43. Cold Allies by Anthony, Patricia
44. The Divide by Evans, Nicholas
45. A Knife to Remember by Churchill, Jill
46. Sullivan's Evidence by Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor
47. The Times We Had : Life with William Randolph Hearst by Davies, Marion
48. Beneath the Skin by French, Nicci
49. The Winter of Our Discontent by Steinbeck, John
50. Travels with Charley by Steinbeck, John
51. Blind Justice by Alexander, Bruce
52. The Daily Jane Austen: A Year of Quotes by Austen, Jane
53. A Regency Christmas 6 by Balogh, Mary
54. Someone Perfect by Balogh, Mary
55. The End of the Road by Barth, John
56. A Seer Out of Season: The Life Of Edgar Cayce by Bro, Harmon H.
57. After the Storm by Castillo, Linda
58. Among the Wicked by Castillo, Linda
59. Down a Dark Road by Castillo, Linda
60. Her Last Breath by Castillo, Linda
61. Shamed by Castillo, Linda
62. Victory by Conrad, Joseph
63. The Last Plantagenets by Costain, Thomas Bertram
64. The Manticore by Davies, Robertson
65. May We Borrow Your Husband?: And Other Comedies of the Sexual Life by Greene, Graham
66. Fever Season by Hambly, Barbara
67. Traveling with the Dead by Hambly, Barbara
68. To Die For by Howard, Linda
69. Mortal Fear by Iles, Greg
70. A Dangerous Man:: A Novel of William Wild Bill Longley by Johnstone, William W.
71. The Ritual Bath by Kellerman, Faye
72. A Grave Talent by King, Laurie R.
73. Night Work by King, Laurie R.
74. O Jerusalem by King, Laurie R.
75. The Miernik Dossier by McCarry, Charles
76. Tularosa by McGarrity, Michael
77. The President's Shadow by Meltzer, Brad
78. Ice Hunt by Rollins, James
79. Bury the Lead by Rosenfelt, David
80. First Degree by Rosenfelt, David
81. Open and Shut by Rosenfelt, David
82. Angle of Repose by Stegner, Wallace
83. Last Breath by Stewart, Mariah
84. The Hellfire Club by Straub, Peter
85. An Autobiography by Trollope, Anthony
86. He Knew He Was Right by Trollope, Anthony
87. Rachel Ray by Trollope, Anthony
88. Why Frau Frohmann Raised Her Prices and Other Stories by Trollope, Anthony
89. Kristin Lavransdatter I: The Bridal Wreath by Undset, Sigrid
90. Kristin Lavransdatter II: The Mistress of Husaby by Undset, Sigrid
91. Kristin Lavransdatter III: The Cross by Undset, Sigrid
92. The Ringer by Wallace, Edgar
93. Back Home by Mauldin, Bill

While looking for a book on shelf L46 to read for the tribute to Julia, I found Proust and Trollope and decided that I'm going to deaccession almost everything I have by each author. None of them are of the quality I want, and if I decide to read these authors, I'll acquire paper copoies or Kindle versions that are easier to read.

94. Barchester Towers & the Last Warden
95. The Last Chronicle of Barset by Anthony Trollope
96. The Vicar of Bullhampton
97. The American Senator
98. The Claverings

99. The Captive
100. Cities of the Plain
101. Within a Budding Grove
102. The Sweet Cheat Gone
103. The Past Recaptured
104. The Guermantes Way

105. The book of Unusual Knowledge by Publications International, LTD.
106. The Whistling Season by Ivan Doig
107. Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris
108. More Letters from Pemberley by Jane Dawkins
109. Five Victorian Ghost Novels edited by E.F. Bleiler
110. The Preacher by Camilla Lackberg
111. What's Bred in the Bone by Robertson Davies
112. Counterparts by Gonzalo Lira
113. Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden
114. These Three Remain by Pamela Aidan
115. The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant
116. Parting the Curtains Interviews by Dannye Romine Powell
117. Into Africa by Martin Dugard
118. Luka and the Fire of Life by Salman Rushdie
119. Back to Blood by Tom Wolfe
120. The Source by James Michener - copy bought, then decided to give to Irene. I have 2 or three others on my shelves

while looking for two by Alice Hoffman to deccession, I found these I don't want any more:

121. The Moor by Laurie R. King
122. Victorians at Home by Susan Lasdun
123. Here on Earth by Alice Hoffman
124. Thomas Jefferson: A Biography in His Own Words
125. Mr. Jefferson's Lost Cause by Roger G. Kennedy
126. The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman

and back to our regular programming, although with heightened awareness of what I want to not keep on my shelves
127. Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen - audio book
128. Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
129. Norwegian Night by Derek B. Miller
130. Fields for President by W.C. Fields
131. The Longevity Plan by Dr. John D. Day and Jane Ann Day
132. The Love-Girl and the Innocent: Victory Celebrations: Prisoners by Alexander Solzhenitsyn
133. Midnight Rising by Tony Horwitz - yellowed trade paperback - would read better condition copy
134. The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh - will never read
135. The Janissary Tree by Jason Goodwin - will never read
136. Julie & Julia by Julie Powell - will never read although I loved the movie
137. Are You Somebody by Nuala O'Faolain - will never read, don't know why i bought it
138. Blood, Tears, and Folly by Len Deighton - WWII history that I will never read
139. The Darkest Hour by Tony Scumacher - WWII fiction, not my cuppa
140. The Domino Men by Jonathan Barnes
141. Personal History by Katharine Graham
142. Everyman by Philip Roth
143. The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint by Brady Udall

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YTD Statistics through January

47 books read
2 of them on my shelves before 1/1/24 and not rereads
9 books abandoned, 1191 pages abandoned, 1 audiobook, .45 hours abandoned

11.5 audiobook hours

Avg pages read per day, YTD = 366
Avg pages read per book, YTD = 241

Book of the Month: The Mission by Barbara Elsborg

Books by Month
January - 46 e-books, 1 audio book, 1 Graphic Novel, and 9 books abandoned for 1711 pages

Male 3%
Female 86%
Undeclared * 11%
Non-Binary 0%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Living 100%
Dead 0%

US Born 19%
Foreign Born 15%
Undeclared * 66%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Hardcover 2%
Trade Pback 0%
Mass Market 0%
Audiobook 2%
e-Book 96%

My Library 15%
Library 0%
Kindle Unlimited 85%
Borrowed 0%

Re-read 0%
Series 89%

Fiction 100%
NonFiction 0%

Author Birth Country
Australia 6%
Canada 4%
England 0%
New Zealand 4%
UK 2%
Undeclared * 65%
US 19%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Original Decade Published

2010-2019 47%
2020-2029 53%

Contemporary Fiction 96%
Crime Fiction 2%
Informational Nonfiction 2%

Acquisition/Source Date
Kindle Unlimited 45
2014 1
2018 1

Average Rating
1.5 - Very Bad 0
2.0 - Bad 0
2.5 - Average 1
3.0 - Good 5
3.5 - Very Good 7
4.0 - Excellent 26
4.5 - Outstanding 8
5 - Masterpiece 0

Average Rating 3.87
Books acquired YTD 28
Books culled YTD 132

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January Lightning Round

Those in bold are NOT MM romances, few and far between as they are.

Just a Bit Wrecked by Alessandra Hazard 12/31/23 1/1/24 Kindle
Logan’s gay, Andrew’s a homophobe. Their plane crashes on a tropical island and they are the only survivors. Andrew’s wife dies and he’s absolutely wrecked. Over the ten months they are there, they form a physical bond, but Andrew will not acknowledge the emotional bond or label. After they are rescued, both of them feel incomplete without the other. Andrew returns to being ousted from his job with truly nowhere to live, and Logan return to NYC. Andrew is at his wit’s end and looks for Logan at one of the hotels Logan owns in Boston. The manager relays Andrew’s request that Logan get in touch with him, and Logan shows up. They fall back into the physical relationship, but cannot seem to acknowledge the emotional one. They eventually do, and the ending is very satisfactory. Caveat emptor re sex.

Just a Bit Captivated by Alessandra Hazard 1/1/24 1/1/24
Aiden is kidnapped by traffickers and sold to Zain, a sheikh, to keep his gay brother occupied. *eye roll* However, even though Aiden hates Zain, he’s captivated by him and they start a physical relationship even though they’re in a Muslim country and they’re basically only safe because they’re on Zain’s island. Zain’s not particularly religious, but has always thought he was straight, as did Aiden. Zain decides to release Aiden after 10 months, but while working out the logistics, Aiden is taken by his brother Jordan’s mafioso boyfriend. Aiden is another of this author’s intelligent and needy heroes – his physical and emotional dependency on Zain shocks even himself, but when he’s separated from him, he is almost in physical pain and completely unhappy. HEA, of course. Caveat emptor re sex.

Tell No One by Barbara Elsborg 1/1/24 1/2/24 Kindle
Tag is offered money to go to a party, where it’s implied that he’s there for sex. Delaney’s an undercover cop, part of an op to bring down some very nasty men. I really liked it, I promise, but there were some aspects of kink that I didn’t like. Tag and Delaney have serious sparkage of course, and we eventually get the HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

The Making of Jonty Bloom by Barbara Elsborg 1/2/24 1/3/24 Kindle
Jonty is the night manager at a small, family owned hotel on the radar of the company Devan works for. Devan want to make an offer to the owner, displace all the employees, and turn it into a resort for rich people. Devan is upset when he comes down there because he’s been betrayed by his fiancé and brother. Jonty can tell he’s sad, is his usually sunny and talkative self, and Devan’s hooked. There are ups and downs, of course, and Jonty’s backstory is a major part of the story. They bond when they’re nearly swept out to sea in a rip current. Devan has money, Jonty doesn’t. And etc. This book was sweet and funny and sassy, along with some serious topics of abandonment, betrayal, attempted murder, and etc. Caveat emptor re sex.

Reinventing Cato by Barbara Elsborg 1/3/24 1/4/24 Kindle
Even better than the first in the series, this third book has Devan’s younger brother Cato needing to get to London in the midst of a major snowstorm. No cars for rent, but he asks Vigge, returning to London with a car reservation, to take him. They have a hookup, and Vigge, who’s in the closet, is cold afterwards and Cato leaves, catching a ride with someone else. Cato’s interviewing for a job with NASA. Vigge is a Detective Inspector. Soon Cato’s being threatened to not take the job or a family member will get hurt, so he asks Vigge for his help. The sparkage is off the charts, yet Vigge keeps rejecting Cato. Cato keeps coming back. The threats against Cato escalate, and there are 3 murder cases that seem to be committed by the same person, and they are people who’d hooked up with Cato. The mystery is a challenge, their relationship is fun to read. There’s a tragedy in Vigge’s life from 18 years ago, and that gets brought up, too. The author writes characters brilliantly. More ups and downs, and we get the HEA. Cavet emptor re sex.

Waiting for Ru by Barbara Elsborg 1/4/24 1/5/24 Kindle
Ru is Jonty’s best friend’s lover’s brother. Ru, knickname for Ruari, is part of a Traveler family who settled down, was abducted by his aunt and uncle when he was 8 and forced to live isolated on a horse farm for 12 years. He escapes, has to come back up to Ireland to give a statement against his aunt and uncle, and goes to the auction where his two favorite horses, Cookie and Juni, are being sold. He is saying goodbye when Jasim, a rich polo player and member of Saudi royalty and closeted gay man, sees him with the horses and on a whim buys them. He gives Ru his business card, and when Ru is back in England near Jasim’s estate, he asks to see them. Jasim is smitten, Ru’s secretly smitten, not knowing whether he’s straight or gay but thinks he’s gay based on his thoughts/feelings for the last 5 or so years. Jasim hires him based on what he sees of how Ru is around horses. They secretly meet. Jasim can’t come out, Ru knows this, but Jasim wants to have a life with Ru. Things get exciting, there’s sweet sparkage, and they get their HEA. I really liked this one for the emotional content of Ru’s back story, his goal of becoming an equine nurse but never having gone to school past age 8, and Jasim’s willingness to face the wrath of his family for Ru. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Brave for You by Crystal Lacy**
I don’t know exactly what it says about me when I abandon a book because it’s too twee, but there’s no angst, conflict, tension. One protagonist had one sexual experience with a boy in high school and is now more than open to being gay with the second one, even though his wife abandoned him and his baby 5 months previously. One man’s parents accepted his bisexuality, the other man’s parents are severely disappointed that he’s gay and won’t talk with him about it. I find that I don’t really care.

Falling by Barbara Elsborg 1/5/24 1/6/24 Kindle
The problem with reading so many excellent books is that some are more excellent than others, and this is definitely one of those. First of the Fall and Break series. Malachi has left a controlling relationship and is living at his sister’s with no job, no bedroom even, and homophobic abuse from his brother-in-law. Harper’s newly released from 10 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, but the world still thinks he did. They see each other at a grocery store and exchange a look but nothing more. Then Malachi gets work with a contractor and is sent to the house Harper is coming home to in order to get it ready to sell for his father, who has early onset dementia. It sounds bizarre, but Elsborg’s writing style is fluid, strong, vivid, and I found myself immediately caring for Malachi and Harper. There are quite a few strands to this one – pressure from a contractor for Harper to sell, fear by Malachi that his former lover will find him, and local harassment because Harper’s supposed crime was rape. There are no shortcuts, which I appreciate. The story is given detail and depth and I was frantic to find out how things would turn out. The look becomes sparkage becomes more… and there’s a HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

Breaking by Barbara Elsborg 1/6/24 1/7/24 333 pages Kindle
Second in the Fall and Break series, the controller that Malachi left in the first book is now convalescent after a hit and run accident left him temporarily paralyzed and just barely able to walk. He’s convinced that he was deliberately targeted, but nobody else believes him. He’s gone away to a remote house on a remote beach and while sitting on the sand, contemplating where he went wrong with Malachi and what he’s going through now, he sees a surfer in distress, going under. He somehow gets into the water and gets them both holding onto the surfboard, gets them to the shore, and gets the surfer into his house. Sparkage. The surfer is Archer, an assassin who was shot at during his last hit and has escaped to a remote place to regroup and figure out what’s going on. While both are intrigued with each other and making quips about things of a sexual nature, there are attacks. Archer protects Conrad, they end up fleeing to Conrad’s father’s castle – yup, Conrad’s a Viscount and Archer starts calling him My Lord. More attacks, more trying to figure things out. During all of this, Conrad is slowly continuing to let go of Malachi’s ghost, Archer is trying to figure out if what he feels is only lust or something more, and we eventually get a wonderful, emotionally satisfying HEA. Caveat emptor re very steamy sex.

He's the One by Barbara Elsborg 1/7/24 1/8/24 Kindle
Fate We Make series, first book. Col’s back to living with his adoptive parents after learning that his boyfriend is married and has 2 children. Theo is the heir apparent at is family estate, called My Lord but treated as less than the lowliest employee by his father’s estate manager, ignored by his father and put down and verbally abused by his mother and grandmother. Col is a stonemason at the estate and rescues Theo when a stone accidentally falls. There’s interest on both sides, but Col is let go for other reasons and until they accidentally run into each other at a fete at the estate, they thought they’d never see each other again. There are so many subplots in this one – Col’s siblings are gone, Col’s brother is in prison and Col’s ex is stalking him and being abusive. The estate manager is cooking the books, and as things start going well for Col and Theo, things move along satisfactorily with all the subplots, too. Theo is a chatterbox, Col is calm and serene, strong where he was once submissive in the earlier relationship. Sparkage turns into caring and love, and we’ve got a serious HEA for both Col and Theo and two other surprising couples. Caveat emptor re sex.

Hold On by Barbara Elsborg 1/8/24 1/9/24 Kindle
Second and final book in the Fate We Make series has Col’s brother Dominic out of prison and staying with Col and Theo. In the meantime, the archaeological dig being run in one of the fields by Will has his brother Ren visiting after he was left for dead after an undercover operation gone awry. Ren accidentally clips Dominic with his motorcycle, and thus it begins. They are both damaged, Dominic mentally and Ren physically yet find in each other something that might possibly be quite wonderful. However, their pasts are attempting to get caught up with them and it’s only by Theo’s family helping to protect them both and quick thinking on both their parts along with a lot of luck, that we get a very sweet HEA. Dominic has never been in an airplane, and when Ren takes him out in a fixed wing two seater it reminded me of my first time in an airplane – a 6-seater. My boss in college was appalled that I’d never been in an airplane, and she and her husband took my roommate and me out over LA – all the way to Palos Verdes, into Orange County, up the coast to Malibu, east to the Inland Empire. It was magical, and my awe was reflected in the beautifully written scene of Dominic’s awe. Caveat emptor re sex.

This is Real by Barbara Elsborg 1/9/24 1/9/24 Kindle
Murdo, an Englishman and Harvard Math Professor, is a serious fan of Lukas, a movie star. Murdo’s friend Elodie asks him to do her a favor and drive Lukas up from the Boston airport to New Hampshire to shoot some scenes. Murdo’s going up there for skiing anyway. Lukas is a jerk, Murdo is distraught. Elodie gets Murdo in to see the day’s rushes, and he mentions to her that Lukas’s English accent is all wrong. Elodie gets them both to agree to have Murdo give him pointers on making his accent better. After they get over their anger and upset at being coerced into this, there is sparkage and privately, to Murdo only, Lukas comes out. He fears rejection by his family and a threat to his career as a straight romantic lead. They are having a wonderful time but Lukas’s family comes over with only a few minutes warning. Lukas tells Murdo to leave. It goes from there. I love this author’s writing style – a combination of humor, strong emotional writing, great plots even if there are some serious coincidences and unrealistic plot twists. HEA, of course. Caveat emptor re sex.

Edge of Forever by Barbara Elsborg 1/10/24 1/11/24
Levi is in Russia at a cattle ranch for 6 month to teach Russians how to be cowboys. Pasha has been sent to the cattle ranch for 6 months by his father, ostensibly to keep him away from a toxic boyfriend. Pasha is openly gay, Levi in the closet in Russia and at home except to his father/brother/SiL. Levi was forced into conversion therapy when he was 14 and the situation at home is very tense even though that was 12 years ago. Pasha is harassed, Levi is attracted, Pasha is attracted. There is a lot of info on cattle, calves, birthing, cleaning birthing stalls, horses, riding, and etc. All endlessly fascinating to me. Pasha is moved into Levi’s room to protect him from harassment, and the sparkage becomes sexy times. However, Levi does not want a relationship. Pasha is falling in love. Dramatic things, dangerous things, a satisfying HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

Zeke's Wood by Barbara Elsborg 1/11/24 1/11/24 Kindle
So is 68 pages a novella or a short story? Zeke lives at the edge of a wood and his save-the-wood group and the town have lost out to a developer. At the final meeting before bulldozing starts, the developer’s son Gideon is there and is smitten with Zeke. It’s truly love at first sight for both of them, but the developer wanted his son there to seduce Zeke although he doesn’t, and Zeke has a final act of defiance that could turn things sour but doesn’t. Very sweet and steamy. Caveat emptor re sex.

With Or Without Him by Barbara Elsborg 1/11/24 1/12/24 306 pages Kindle
Tyler is a college student who chooses to gets paid for sex in order to get his student debt down. Haris is a millionaire venture capitalist who sees Tyler at a college recital then sees him helpless at a sex party, sets off the fire alarm, and rescues Tyler. He’s so smitten with Tyler that he offers him $20K to live with him for 4 months. All sorts of things are wrong with this scenario, and each makes wrong assumptions about the other and their feelings grow but are hidden. Add a snarky butler/valet, a cute dog named Alcide, and it made for an amusing read. Oh, also throw in that Haris is half Saudi and had to flee because of his gayness, his malevolent brother, heartbroken/dying father, and etc. Caveat emptor re sex.

Drawn In by Barbara Elsborg 1/12/24 1/13/24 Kindle
Very well done. Kell(an) is working undercover, Gethin is a PI. (Gethin is a Welsh name, had to look it up.) They meet outside of these roles, Kell at a posh birthday party for his best friend, Gethin filling in as a waiter for his landlord’s party company at this same party. There’s serious sparkage, each hiding what he is, but their cases collide, there’s danger, rescues, more sparkage, backstories, and a very satisfactory HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

Cowboys Down by Barbara Elsborg 1/13/24 1/24/24 Kindle
3 stars is generous. Mostly a disappointment, although the initial sparkage is quite well written. Jasper is a London stockbroker, Calum works on his father’s ranch in Wyoming. He’s not foreman as he should be, he’s a major disappointment to his father because he’s gay, and etc. Jasper comes to the dude ranch to overcome his fear of horses. And it goes downhill from there. Here’s what a reviewer on Amazon wrote:
Imagine a single book featuring a parent with Alzheimers, another who's had two heart attacks by the end of the book, yet another who committed suicide, a sister who's gorgeous, but intellectually challenged, a quadriplegic brother who died young, a gang rape of one of the men, an abduction and attempted murder, the obligatory time in the hospital, a neighbor who is trying to take over the ranch, multiple poisonings... I could go on and on. Unfortunately, the book does go on and on.

Although I love Ms. Elsborg's prose, this is that rare book that left me anxiously anticipating it ending. I normally love long books - the longer the better - but all of the incredibly dreadful things that happened took their toll until I started talking to myself: "oh damn, what's left to happen that hasn't happened already?" and "time for a HEA already!" (fortunately the reader does, eventually get one).

The sex scenes were sometimes hot, but often just ate up pages at an alarming rate. In more than one case, the reader is treated to an extended sex scene followed by a paragraph or two of development, followed by another interminable romp. One of the biggest cliffhangers in this book is "will he bottom, or won't he"?
Also throw in Calum’s amazing artistic abilities with clay, Jasper getting a gallery owner he knows to cast them in bronze making Calum hundreds of thousands of dollars… gag. There are some sweet romantic and steamy sexy scenes, but overall the rare miss by Elsborg. Caveat emptor re sex. And no, I won’t tell you if Calum bottoms. *smile*

Give Yourself Away by Barbara Elsborg 1/14/24 1/15/24 Kindle
Two damaged men, each devastated by an episode from their pasts. Caleb is surviving outside the system, March is hiding in plain sight. They meet and are attracted. If I say much more it will give away too much. The reason I didn’t give it a higher rating was the drama and major coincidence, although it is convincingly explained. It still bothered me. Very good understanding of a situation and explanation of how one survived and the other survived differently. Anyway, caveat emptor re sex.

Every Move He Makes by Barbara Elsborg 1/15/24 1/16/24 Kindle
Over the top and improbable, once I gave 3.5 stars to the one above, I realized that my original 3.5 stars for this one needed to be knocked down to 3. A very generous 3. Logan works for MI6 and is tasked with babysitting Zak while MI6 is trying to lure his father to the UK. It’s one of these hide out and see how fast things can go downhill with the bad guys finding the good guys. Honestly, I enjoyed it while I was reading it but barely remember anything except for a note that Zak writes when he thinks he’s going to die. Caveat emptor re sex.

Dirty Games by Barbara Elsborg 1/16/24 1/17/24 Kindle
Linton is living his good life, just returned from 3 months in NYC. He comes home to his brother trashing his place and kicks him out. Linton works for the brother of his best friend, but there are secrets there. The brother blackmails Linton into setting Thorne to be humiliated and dumped in public and Linton agrees in order to get money to send his brother to rehab. I liked this one for several reasons. Lindon’s life keeps getting worse and worse and he is still trying and working to make things better for his brother and Thorne. Thorne grows up, realizes what he wants, and it’s Linton. Caveat emptor re sex.

Where Forever Started by Barbara Elsborg 1/17/24 1/18/24 57 pages Kindle
Sweet short story with Barney struggling with two low-paying jobs. He sees a homeless man getting beaten up and rescues him by taking him into the company he does the cleaning for. He cares for his injuries, feeds him, and they have a lovely moment on the roof with snow falling and a sweet kiss. But Raf leaves at the stroke of midnight, asking Barney to meet him the next day. Raf isn’t what he seems, and although it’s just kisses, there’s a lot of romance and physical attraction and a HEA.

The Bastard and the Heir by Eden Finley and Saxon James 1/19/24 /1/19/24 Kindle
Wren is raised by his single mother and finds out when he's 16 that his father, Warren, is a rich and a powerful billionaire. Wren, whose legal name is Warren although his last name is different, completely rejects him. Fast forward to when Warren dies and Wren finds out that he has three brothers, Darcy, the heir by being born first, and his two younger brothers who look like Wren. Wren is in the will very prominently, but doesn’t want anything to do with them or the money. However, he agrees to work there for 3 months so that in the event that Darcy dies someone can take over the company since the younger brothers cannot or will not. (Wren has a bachelor’s in business but doesn’t use it.) There’s sparkage but half-brothers – ewww. Wren’s suspicious of the timing of their births and secretly gets Darcy’s DNA tested. They’re not related, and they start a secret affair. However, Darcy doesn’t feel he can be with Wren openly because the world thinks they are brothers and it would jeopardize the company, and they break up. Both are miserable until Wren comes up with an idea on h how to get what they want and keep the company safe. I loved this one, because of the yearning and some interesting side plots. HEA and caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned The Fake Boyfriends Debacle by Hayden Hall**
I don’t know why I start books with the protagonists in college – they’re way too young for me to read about and I always envision them breaking up after 10 years. Jacob’s the scholarship boy and Caleb’s the heir apparent to his father’s businesses and riches. Sparkage, caveat emptor re sex. I abandoned it after 79 pages.

**abandoned In The Gray by Christina Lee**
Lachlan is homeless after he breaks up with abusive boyfriend and is living in a tent with his belongings in a cart. Foster is a librarian and after adopting a dog, the dog makes a beeline for Lachlan on Foster’s way to get his morning coffee. They chat over the dog. Lachlan is reluctant to take anything from Foster, Foster wants to help in a way that respects Lachlan’s current situation. It just didn’t do it for me, and I’m not talking about the sexy times. *shrug* 140 pages were enough. Caveat emptor re sex.

A Wedding in a Week by Con Riley 1/19/24 1/20/24 Kindle
Pure poetry, all wrapped up in Cornwall. Stef runs the family farm after his and his brother Lukas’s father dies. Marc has come for summers since he was 8, and in that summer that their father dies, Marc tries to kiss Stef and more. But Stef is overwhelmed with his father’s death and isn’t sure he’s right for Marc. Three years later Stef’s been in a serious accident and Lukas and Marc come to the farm to help. This time Stef won’t make the same mistake of rejecting Marc, and Marc won’t take a rejection anyway. They’re fated. There are vivid secondary characters, threats to the farm, potential solutions to keep the farm afloat, and Marc’s younger brother needs their help and the strong and healing life on the farm. All together a very satisfying read. Caveat emptor re sex.

Assassins Are People Too by S. C. Wynne 1/20/24 1/21/24 133 pages Kindle
Assassins Love People Too by S. C. Wynne 1/21/24 1/21/24 131 pages Kindle
Assassins Save People Too by S. C. Wynne 1/21/24 1/21/24 122 pages Kindle
Assassins in the Love series. I know… 3 short books, 385 pages total. Marc is an assassin and lives in the same apartment complex as Dillon. They’ve never met before although Marc has seen Dillon and calls him Blondie in his mind. They ride up in the elevator one day, and it just happens to be the day that another assassin tries to take Marc out. Dillon whacks him with a potted plant. Sparkage, yet Marc keeps his distance, until they get involved, bad guys are after them both, and they flee. I loved the contrast in personalities, which is what most assassin novels are about. Dillon is snarky and Marc really tries to keep emotionally unentangled. There’s a lot of violence, a lot of sexy times, quite a bit of second guessing whether they’ll be able to make it work, yet we get our HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Love Me Again by Max Walker**
Austin returns to the town that has Charlie – his ex who he has no good feelings towards. Charlie has retrograde amnesia, losing 7 years of his life. Austin is miraculously interested in Charlie again, there’s a mystery about the accident that caused Charlie to fall. Not enough to interest me.

Crashing Upwards by S.C. Wynne 1/21/24 1/22/24 314 pages Kindle
Sam runs into bike courier Harper and takes care of him when he realizes Harper has no one. Harper is fiercely independent, but they bond and yes, amazingly, there’s sparkage. Throw in Sam’s politican father who won’t countenance Sam’s coming out, and the clash of economic classes, and it was interesting enough for me to enjoy it. Caveat emptor re sex.

His Death Bringer by Courtney W. Dixon 1/22/24 1/23/24 316 pages Kindle
There are assassin novels, then there are assassin novels. Dante is tasked with taking out one branch of the Russian mob. He’s so good that he goes in alone, to take out 21 people. Yeah, right. However, he does so and it’s almost credible. There’s someone else there, though – a young man who’s dressed as a young boy, mute, scared, and holding Rabbit. Dante can’t bring himself to kill him as he thinks he should, and takes him home. Luca calls him his Angel. Dante regrets saving Luca yet gets him clothes, shows him how to cope after being kept sexually enslaved for 11 years. Dante uses the resources of The District, the group he works for and the name of the (currently) 2-book series, to track down Luca’s parents and discover why they withdrew their missing child report. Lots of death, some torture, sweetness between Dante and Luca, and etc. I really liked this one because Luca is so pure even though he’s been so abused and traumatized, and Dante’s demons recede as he comes to care for and eventually love Luca. Caveat emptor re sex.

Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen read by Arte Johnson 12/31/23 1/23/24 audiobook
Yancey attacks the husband of the woman he’s having an affair with, getting kicked off the police force and put on restaurant inspections. A mangled arm turns up. There’s a bad monkey, naturally, Medicare fraud, a house being put up next to Yancy’s that’s 9 feet over code. Yancey employs devious methods to keep the seller from actually selling it. We learn an effective method to corral roaches for counting purposes, what a hive of bees will do, and etc. and etc. Typical Hiaasen, read beautifully by Arte Johnson.

The Anonymous Hookup by Jax Calder 1/24/24 1/24/24 Kindle
I read this last October, only remembering that I’d done so about page 30 or so of the 121 pages. Here’s what I wrote last year:
A longish novella that works at 121 pages. This is the sweet story of Lane, who always seems to pick the wrong guys. His BF persuades him to just hook up, and the hookup remains anonymous for weeks – no names – but play dates for the dogs (also being play dates for them), time spent at each other’s houses. Lane’s insecure that Sam’s more successful financially than he is and wonders how Sam can possibly want to be with a teacher, Sam admits that he’s falling in love with Lane then walks away because Lane keeps saying they’re hookups. There are several coincidences, but it truly seems like Fate’s involved, as they get their HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.
I still feel the same.

Keeping It Casual by Jax Calder 1/23/24 1/23/24 140 pages Kindle
I really liked this sweet romance of Dustin, who moved to a small town to get his son away from bad influences. Everybody wants him to get together with Jeremy, the only other out gay man in town, also a father, but of a young girl. Dustin’s not ready for a relationship, but they agree to a fake date to get everybody off their backs. The fake date goes well because there’s no real pressure, and then they keep meeting around town and since there’s sparkage, they become friends with benefits. And of course, there are feelings on both sides, and a very cute plot twist that was not easily discernable. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Love is Blind by S.C. Wynne**
Escort for a blind man, awful dialog, angst and anger within the first 30 pages. No thanks.

**abandoned Head Over Feels by Bix Barrow**
I abandoned this one after 284 pages, if you can believe it, because what started out nicely became lots of Feelings and Crying and explosions, revenge against Felix and a unicorn on a cast for Malcolm. I didn’t need any sweets yesterday because this became way too syrupy. Caveat emptor re sex.

The Mission by Barbara Elsborg 1/24/24 1/25/24 Kindle
Conrad breaks up with Marc for the 8th and final time when he finds Marc in bed with Ernesto. He goes to his office, his only safe space, thinks he’s alone there, sits at his desk, and cries. Arlo is the owner’s brother and they’re there while Rurik finishes up some work. Arlo wants to save everybody, but Rurik tells him to let Conrad have his privacy. Fast forward 3 months, and Arlo just happens to behind Conrad in line at the airport for a company-sponsored staff/customer ski trip, just happens to bump heads with him. Conrad gets upgraded to business class and just happens to be sitting next to Arlo, who’s an airline pilot. I know… but Arlo is so cute and Conrad is so hurt. Arlo’s family has a chalet in the town where the ski trip is being held, and if Arlo suggested to Rurik to influence Marc to choose that town, well. Arlo admits the stalkerish behavior, Conrad is confused and a bit nervous, but their first kiss is off the charts. Fast forward through Conrad visiting the family, Marc being a jerk, the family being entranced with Conrad, and Arlo and Conrd falling in love. I really liked this one because Marc gets his just deserts (no spoilers), and Conrad and Arlo get their HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

A Spaceman Came Traveling by Barbara Elsborg 1/25/24 1/25/24 Kindle
A very sweet short story. Seven works in the café attached to a gardening/etc. center, living in an abandoned house, barely scraping by. Cooper brings Ben in for hot chocolate and sweets, especially to get glimpses of Seven although Seven does not know that. Seven overhears Ben asking Santa Claus for a spacesuit for Christmas so he can go visit his mom in heaven, and gets things from a thrift shop and uses his art supplies to make a space suit. He wraps it and leaves it outside their house. Cooper figures out that it’s Seven, goes over to thank him, and invites him to spend Christmas with Ben and his parents. Sparkage. Seven has a secret, and it’s a doozy. HEA and caveat emptor re sex.

Trapped for the Holidays by Courtney W. Dixon 1/25/24 1/25/24 Kindle
A novella. Rhett’s the owner of the company Patrick works for, and Patrick’s fixing an IT problem late on Christmas Eve. Rhett’s also been working late, they take the elevator down, and shock! The elevator gets stuck. They’re there for several hours, Patrick pulls out the whiskey he was taking to a friend’s house, they’re attracted to each other, and Rhett invites him up to his condo to feed him and let him spend the night in his guest bedroom, it’s being Christmas Eve and snowing and all. Serious sparkage and sexy times, but Rhett tells Patrick it’s casual, so Patrick leaves early in the morning. It doesn’t sit well with Rhett, who finally figures out that it’s okay to date an employee and they get their HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Return by Fire by Tracey Jerald**
Too many characters introduced indiscriminately early on, although the author provides a cast of characters at the beginning. I’m not quite sure I want a cast of characters in an MM romance. Agatha Christie, yes. However, reading it on Kindle and not wanting to go back and forth and not really caring about any of the characters, I quickly abandoned it.

**abandoned Stix & Stones by Courtney W. Dixon**
Abandoned after 191 pages. It was too predictable without creating a truly good dynamic between them.

Anticipating Disaster by Silvia Violet 1/26/24 1/26/24 Kindle
Oliver is an introvert who freelances articles, living in a cottage on his grandmother’s property. The family is spending Christmas in a chalet in Wyoming, where Oliver wishes he didn’t have to go. He hated snow and most of his family. However, his grandmother prevails. Oliver can’t get his key card to work, David’s just passing by. David has a tourist business in town. They chat, and David pretends to go to a family event with him. David’s bi but hasn’t been serious about men since college, Oliver is flamboyantly gay. Hoewver, sparkage, sexy times, skiing and snowshoeing times, and at the end of the visit Oliver goes home. It feels wrong, feelings have developed on both sides. HEA. I finished it, but honestly, it brought out every trope, every standard homophobic character, and was predictable and not in a particularly edifying way. Caveat emptor re sex.

His To Own by Leo Rivers 1/26/24 1/27/24 Kindle
Zane takes Rowan, thinking he’s Caleb, someone his mafia competition wants. Rowan doesn’t give it up that he’s not Caleb. Sparkage, dubious consent, and a strange HEA where a formerly law-abiding man is now the lover of a mafia boss. Ugh. Caveat emptor re sex.

Mine to Claim by E.V. Olsen 1/27/24 1/27/24 Kindle
A very successful short story, first in Wasteland Temptations, wherein Rex is challenged for food by Devon in a post-apocalyptic virus-caused world. No infrastructure, few people. Devon offers sex for food. And it goes from there. Both characters are vividly drawn, POV is Rex’s. Caveat emptor re sex.

Mine to Protect by E.V. Olsen 1/27/24 1/28/24 Kindle
A very successful short story, second in Wasteland Temptations, told from Devon’s point of view, continuing on where Mine to Claim left off. Rex gets sick, Devon overcomes his skittishness, forages for food and supplies. Both characters are vividly drawn. Caveat emptor re sex.

His to Break by E.V. Olsen 1/28/24 1/28/24 Kindle
A very successful short story, third in Wasteland Temptations, telling the story of Mac and Cal. Mac is mentioned briefly in Mine to Protect, when Rex is delirious. Told from Mac’s point of view. Cal comes to Mac, desperate for food. Yup, food for sex. Mac’s intensity and harsh use of Cal has him leaving but coming back after two weeks, starving again. Mac takes him in, simply because Cal needs to be taken care of. The last nine sentences are wonderful. Caveat emptor re sex.

Nixon by Laura John 1/28/24 1/28/24 Kindle
Dante is a famous actor who is closeted. After a serious threat he is forced to have a bodyguard, and Nixon is the man. Nixon’s gay but not obvious about it. Threats, blackmail, Dante was rejected by his parents for being gay but they pretend it’s because he turned his back on their church. Pretty good, if very predictable. Caveat emptor re sex.

Kissing in the Snow by Laura John 1/29/24 1/29/24 Kindle
Ryan is driving in a blizzard to get to his cousin’s wedding when he goes off the road. Fortunately, Dane finds him on his way to his second home and takes him in. No wedding, no leaving for 3 days. It’s Christmas. Dane is a loner, wants nothing to do with Ryan until Ryan offers to cook dinner. Then decorations go up… sparkage, etc. The plot grinds audibly when Ryan, who has hated his job, quits, and on a whim puts in a resume to the small hospital near where Dane lives. The hospital hires him, and they get their HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

Damaged Like Us by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie 1/29/24 1/29/24 Kindle
Oh my. Vivid, eccentric, totally loveable characters. Maximoff is part of a billionaire family of 3 sisters, their husbands, and all the kids. The world is ensorcelled by them and stalk them all the time, so everybody has a bodyguard. Maximoff’s bodyguard Declan retires, and his mother’s bodyguard, Farrow, is assigned to him. Maximoff has had a secret crush on Farrow for 6 years, Farrow ditto, but of course bodyguards aren’t allowed to mess with their clients. Maximoff and Farrow break the rule. Kittens, crazy times teaching a cousin who swims, has won 5 events at the Olympics, and is retired from swimming because doing it once was enough how to safely drink, surrounded by loving cousins and bodyguards. Maximoff is a caregiver and loves beyond measure every single member of his family and tries to fix everything. He cannot, of course. He lives with his cousin Jane platonically, but after he rescues her in front of their house while only in his boxers, and one of the paparazzi takes a photo of him that shows love bites and it goes viral, the family thinks he and Jane are incestuously involved and his romance with Farrow comes out, but only within the family and the 3 intertwined security companies that provide bodyguards. I really, really liked this one for how Maximoff and Farrow suit each other, both strong alpha males but willing to give and take, both romantically and in other aspects of their lives. HFN. Caveat emptor re sex.

The Plus-One Entanglement by Paulina Ian-Kane 1/29/24 1/30/24 Kindle
Jordan, a second-grade teacher, was cheated on by his boyfriend and gets a wedding invitation for the wedding between his ex and the man he cheated with. After a bit of tequila, Jordan RSVPs with a plus-one, then panics about who to take. In the meantime, he gets caught in an ATM kiosk during a heavy rainstorm with Asher. Power goes out, they are locked in there for an hour, sparkage, a wonderful kiss. Jordan runs off, feeling ignored, when the ATM company’s rep shows up to let them out. Jordan sees Asher at his brother’s tattoo shop and learns that Asher works for the accounting company upstairs. After an accidental meeting at the grocery store, Jordan tells Asher that he needs a plus-one and Asher agrees. Asher is blowing hot and cold with Jordan, which confuses him. They go, they stand up to the ex, but then Asher ghosts him. Jordan’s brother comes to the rescue, Jordan finds out why Asher’s been blowing hot and cold, and they get their HEA. I really liked this one for the description of Asher’s full back tattoo. *smile* Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned One by Paulina Ian-Kane**
Nope. Just nope. Psychopaths are fine, coincidences are okay, but some of the kink isn’t. *shudder* Caveat emptor re sex.

His Mafia Prince by Leo Rivers 1/30/24 1/31/24 Kindle
Sigh. Every stereotype, every trope, every shortcut. It was short, thank goodness, so I finished it. Sebastian is a brand-new college professor, insecure and ineffective. One night on the way home he witnesses the murder of a mafioso. The murderer chases him but doesn’t catch him. Somehow Angelo, Mafia kingpin, tracks Sebastian down and kidnaps him to help him find out who betrayed him. And, of course, sparkage, and Sebastian gives up guiding principles of his life because of his attraction. Danger, betrayal, bullets flying, fisticuffs, and no more in this series for me. Cavet emptor re sex. I’m also done with this author.

The Billionaire's Rival by Silvia Violet 1/31/24 1/31/24 276 pages Kindle
Nominally straight Jay and clearly not straight Ford spar on the tennis court and in a legal battle between clients of theirs. Jay realizes his feelings for Ford are more than platonic, and they start exploring them when forces larger than just the legal battle heat up. Danger, rescue, love. Enjoyable but a tad long. Caveat emptor re sex.

True North by C.E. Kilgore 1/31/24 1/31/24 57 pages Kindle
One of four in the Hearts Compass series has the world shut down after a series of devastating solar flares take out all electronics in the world. Joshua leaves his apartment in the city, wanting to head north from Lincoln Nebraska. He wanders and ends up face down in a snowdrift, rescued by Chris. Chris has survived several months in by being isolated and having supplies and non-electronic heating, cooking, and etc. things on his farm in rural Kansas. Joshua is surprised that he’s only made it to Kansas… is secretly enamored of Chris, afraid to say he’s gay, assumes Chris is straight. Secrets come out and it’s only when Chris’s ex shows up to take back up with Chris that we get the HEA. At just 57 pages, the world crisis is well written, Joshua and Chris are vivid, well-formed characters, and the emotions and feelings ring true. Caveat emptor re sex.

Down South by C.E. Kilgore 1/31/24 1/31/24 61 pages Kindle
There are 4 in this series, and I went with my gut feeling of ‘North, South, East, West’, although as it turns out that’s not the way it’s presented on Amazon. The stories are completely separate and there’s no need to read them in order, IMO. Gabe owns a ranch in rural Texas, is deeply in the closet, and one day Liam, British and very much NOT in the closet, carrying camera cases and a rolling suitcase, shows up. He explains his car died and the ranch was closest. At the same time Gabe and his family/ranch hands realize nothing electronic works, cranks up the diesel generator and gets the old Ford pick’em up running. He and Liam head into town, where they hear the President’s message on an old hand-crank tube radio with everybody in town listening in, explaining the crisis. Gabe brings Liam back to the ranch, where they secretly meet up. At 61 pages we get a different view of the crisis, see how Gabe runs the ranch and finally figures out that Liam’s worth coming out for, regardless of how he thinks folks will react. Of course they knew all along, and their personal lives work out with a satisfying HEA within the scope of a world crisis and danger everywhere. Caveat emptor re sex.

The next two are in February’s Lightning Round, are well worth the read.

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393 books read

1 Masterpiece
51 Stunning
181 Excellent
48 Very Good
30 Good
9 Average
4 Bad

Best Fiction
Show Me Wonders by Riley Hart Review
The Ink Black Heart by Robert Galbraith Review
Honeytrap by Aster Glenn Ray Review
The Boy in the Field by Margot Livesey Review
Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus Review
*runner up The Last Remains by Elly Griffiths Review

Best (only) Nonfiction
1066: The Year That Changed Everything by Professsor Jennifer Paxton Review
Lost Christianities by Bart D. Ehrman Review
Introduction to Judaism by Professor (Rabbi) Shai Cherry Review

Top five overall for the LT Top Five Books of 2023 List
Show Me Wonders by Riley Hart Review
The Ink Black Heart by Robert Galbraith Review
Honeytrap by Aster Glenn Ray Review
Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus Review
Introduction to Judaism by Professor (Rabbi) Shai Cherry Review

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And, new in 2024, courtesy of Jackie_K and my husband:

Fev 2, 11:39 am

Honestly, a person who has been calling me a bunch of things just got banned for being 12 and under so i can somewhat live in peace again so that's great

Fev 2, 11:39 am


Fev 2, 11:40 am

Under 12? Gads. Sorry for that, and I've been getting harrassed on my last thread, too.

Fev 2, 11:42 am

Yep, they called me a lot of things.

Fev 2, 11:57 am

Happy new one, Karen!

Fev 2, 12:07 pm


Fev 2, 2:27 pm

Happy new thread Karen!

>6 karenmarie: Ah, this is the same list that was at the end of your previous thread - I start reading and get quickly overwhelmed by the profusion and all the HEA, which of course, but DEA is more my world view or maybe iCEA. (Difficult, it's Complicated)

Fev 2, 2:50 pm

Happy new thread, Karen!! : )

Fev 2, 4:12 pm

Happy new one, Karen!

Fev 2, 4:23 pm

Happy new thread, Karen!

Love the picture of Zoe and Wash! At first I thought there was missing a picture, as I saw only Wash. A closer look and I found Zoe.

Fev 2, 4:46 pm

WOW Karen, you certainly did a lot of reading in '23.

Fev 2, 5:28 pm

Happy new thread, Karen!

Bill asked if I knew I was buying a new kitty tower when I bought the cabinet.
Ha! I love it!

Editado: Fev 2, 6:52 pm

Happy new thread dear Karen

Fev 3, 12:51 am

Ah! A new thread, but I need to go back. Be happy here, (((((Karen)))))!

Fev 3, 2:48 am

I went back and re-read your thread. I'm glad that your knee replacement surgery is going well, and that you have another scheduled iin February. I understand how much it means to have a daughter in the same house. I quite enjoy Kayla (my grand daughter), though I know she experiences anxiety attacks, it is so very hard to watch her in that state.

I send lots of good wishes for a successful knee surgery.

Fev 3, 8:06 am

Happy Saturday, Karen. Happy New Thread. I am hoping to see sneak in a Jackson visit this weekend. Fingers crossed. Frosty start to the morning here but it is supposed to inch up into the 40s with sunshine. I plan on doing some solo birding again. Nice to be back on the trails.

Enjoy your day.

Fev 3, 9:23 am

>13 katiekrug: Thanks, Katie!

>14 richardderus: *smooch* back’atcha, RDear.

>15 quondame: Hi Susan and thank you. Hmmm. I can understand not wanting to slog through my Lightning Round. I just went back and put non-MM romance in bold, so anybody not interested in reading those can quickly see anything else I’ve read.

>16 Berly: Thank you, Kim.

>17 drneutron: Thanks, Jim, and as always, thank you for all you do for our group.

.18 Hi Anita, and thank you. Yes, it was a two-fer with the gingers. Bill took that photo, and I’ve gone back and edited the message to give him proper credit.

>19 Whisper1: Mostly MM romances, Linda. Smut as my daughter calls it, soft porn as my friend Karen in Montana calls it. I label it ‘contemporary fiction’, but might change that out in case I actually do read any non-MM romance contemporary fiction this year. I’ll have to think about that.

>20 atozgrl: Hi Irene, and thank you. That is Zoe’s absolute favorite new place. She is mostly there when I’m in the Living Room, but Bill said he saw her chase her tail up there the other day. I saw her grooming herself up there last night. She usually chases her tail in the hall, which cracks Jenna and me up.

>21 PaulCranswick: Thank you, Paul!

>22 LizzieD: There’s really much new on the old thread since you last visited there on the 31st. I am definitely happy here. (((((Peggy)))))

>23 Whisper1: Hi Linda, and thank you. Jenna has had panic attacks in the past, and one memorable time I talked her down via phone when she was in Wilmington, 2.5 hours away. I do not get them and can’t understand them viscerally, but appreciate that people get them and only feel sympathy and empathy for them. I’m sorry Kayla has them, and yes, it is heartbreaking to watch someone you love in such a bad way.

Thank you re my upcoming knee replacement surgery.

>24 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and thank you twice. I hope you’ll be able to see Jackson this weekend. 🤞 It’s 36F here now, going to a high of 53F.

Wordle 959 4/6* trope, roach, curio, micro


I watched a bit of non-Arsenal soccer with Bill yesterday, a very good match between Newcastle and Sheffield United that shouldn't have been as good as it was, given that Sheffield is 20th of 20 and Newcastle is 8th of 20.

I went to the Library to return Solito, a book for February's book club discussion that I won't read and am not planning on attending the meeting for, drop off some book donations (thank you, Irene!), and say hi to Rita the Librarian. Then it was the pharmacy, and then to the grocery store. The grocery store is finalizing the process of changing EVERYTHING up. They started in December, just before Christmas, of course, so everybody was confused, stressed, and unhappy on top of their holiday stress. My biggest complaint now? They've put in more self-check stations and changed the full service lines so that the belts are shorter, all to force people to use the self-check stations. But I hate using them, and will never use them when I'm spending $300+. And let's not forget that the new "full" service station #6 is right where people come into the store on the right side, so you have to maneuver your carts around each other. Grumble, grumble.

I'm going to have Jenna help me get the shelves into the cabinet. I tried yesterday and was wildly unsuccessful, not wanting to do any damage. We need to pull it out a bit and etc. Otherwise, reading and various and sundry.

Fev 3, 10:38 am

Good morning, Karen! A tower indeed!!!!! Happy shelving! I know that I would be tempted to move the Easton Press books there. Have fun!!!!!

Fev 3, 12:16 pm

>25 karenmarie: I use self checkout if I have just a couple items. The technology seems to have improved since the first ones I used several years ago, which were rife with scanning errors and "unexpected item in bagging area" (it speaks volumes that I still remember this error message!)

That said, I would never use self check for a full weekly shop. The full service checkout lanes at my local Harris Teeter have no belts at all. I was confused at first but now it feels normal. The checker unloads each item from the cart, scans it, and sets it on a sort of carousel for bagging. Sometimes there's a staff person to bag groceries, sometimes the checker does it. But I like doing my own bagging so if the checker is stuck with the job I usually offer to do it. I have *a system* ... I suspect you do too. 😃

Fev 3, 3:17 pm

>25 karenmarie: Good luck with getting your new cabinet online! It's so frustrating when something doesn't turn out to be as straightforwardly accomplished as it should. Your stuff needs its place!

Fev 3, 4:45 pm

Thanks, Susan. I just haven't asked Jenna for help today - she already helped with bringing in the non-perishable groceries. There are now two steps with the cabinet - Bill brought floor protectors 'cuz it has old, metal wheels, and then getting the shelves in. I'd rather do it right and wait another day. But yes, I've got books and bells that need homes!

Fev 4, 1:48 am

Happy New thread, Karen. I like the self check outs, myself but I wouldn't buy them for a big shop either. If I can avoid a line up, I am glad to do so. That's an amazing lightening round. I have to do my reviews the day after I finish a book, or am worried I may forget what went on in the book.

Fev 4, 8:34 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Sunday. I had quite an active day. I did some solo birding yesterday AM and then spent the afternoon and the evening with Jackson. Of course, I had to share him with many family members but having him in my proximity was the main thing. We also went on a very nice scenic hike. I hope to catch up on some reading today, along with some chores.

Why did you return Solito? It looks like a good memoir?

Editado: Fev 4, 9:31 am

Gads. I forgot to post to Peggy and Laura before posting to Susan. I miss my mind.

>26 LizzieD: Hi Peggy! There are too many Easton Press books for that cabinet, which is a nice problem to have. I have other books that I want to put in there, that are currently in a box in the Sunroom. It's the last box of books in the Sunroom, so at least that's something. Jenna's going to help me this morning with the cabinet before she leaves for her girlfriend's.First, though, I'm going to put my bells in, take a picture of them in it, take 'em out, and fill it with the books.

>27 lauralkeet: Hello Laura. I was totally clueless the first couple of times I tried self-check out, because I tried to move the bags away at the wrong time and my wrist was slapped, figuratively speaking. I don't like using it for weighing produce, and I almost always get weigh-able produce, so there's that, too. However, I have used it at Walmart and only asked for help every other time or so. *preens*


>30 vancouverdeb: Hi Deborah, and thank you. At our store there are always lines at full service, and more and more there are lines for self-serve. I guess getting more self-serve kiosks will alleviate that problem.

I write lightning round reviews within a day or so of finishing a book. I always know as soon as I finish a book if it's going to be a full review, and usually get to it right away. I've already got a Word document open for February Lightning Round reviews, and it's already got entries in it. *smile*

>31 msf59: 'Morning, Mark, and happy Sunday to you. I'm glad you got Jackson time yesterday after the solo birding. Yay for reading, boo hiss for chores.

Re Solito - I don't have the emotional bandwidth for it. I'm reading North Woods and my MM romances and haven't even touched The Federalist or An Immense World in weeks, although I love 'em both. I'll read #53 in The Federalist in a while, just to jump start my non-MM reading.

Wordle 960 6/6* trope, rifle, blare, surge, merge, verge


Air fryer chicken, rice, and gravy for dinner, otherwise puttering, a bit of adulting, and reading.

It's a big match today, with Arsenal playing Liverpool at 11:30. Arsenal is in a three-way tie for second place after Liverpool, but have played 22 games already and Man City's only played 21. Aston Villa's played 23, so if Arsenal wins, they'll only be 3 points behind Liverpool. Nail biting time, especially if Salah's back for Liverpool.

Otherwise, usual stuff.

Fev 4, 9:39 am

>32 karenmarie: Arsenal is in a three-way tie for second place after Liverpool, but have played 22 games already and Man City's only played 21. Aston Villa's played 23, so if Arsenal wins, they'll only be 3 points behind Liverpool. Nail biting time, especially if Salah's back for Liverpool.

...is this a coded cry for help, Horrible? Do I need to send in an extraction team? Or, perish forbid!, are you experiencing numbness on one side of your body and strange flashing lights?

I stand ready to call in the necessary intervention once establishing what the terrible issue is. *smooch*

Editado: Fev 4, 10:57 am

Nope. I did not signal SOS, did not whisper "Help me." Thank you for the offer, though.

Jenna and I got the floor protectors in under the cabinet's wheels and got the shelves in.

Bells later.


Fev 4, 2:56 pm

Fourth paragraph of The Federalist No 53, written by James Madison, in my copy of The Federalist, edited by Jacob E. Cooke.
February 9, 1788

To the People of the State of New York.

No man can be a competent legislator who does not add to an upright intention and a sound judgment, a certain degree of knowledge of the subjects on which he is to legislate. A part of this knowledge may be acquired by means of information which lie within the compass of men in private as well as public stations. Another part can only be attained, or at least thoroughly attained, by actual experience in the station which requires the use of it. The period of service ought therefore in all such cases to bear some proportion to the extent of practical knowledge, requisite to the due performance of the service. The period of legislative service established in most of the states for the more numerous branch is, as we have seen, one year. The question then may be put into this simple form; does the period of two years bear no greater proportion to the knowledge requisite for federal legislation, than one year does to the knowledge requisite for state legislation? The very statement of the question in this form, suggests the answer that ought to be given to it.
A discussion of and argument for 2-year terms for the Legislature.

Editado: Fev 4, 2:56 pm

duplicate again.

Fev 4, 3:07 pm

>36 karenmarie: Are you that excited by the Arsenal result, Horrible?

Fev 4, 4:02 pm

Oh. Arsenal beat Liverpool 3-1. Frankly, I wasn't expecting it. They were tied 1-1 at the half on an own goal by Gabriel. They then scored a second goal after the Liverpool goalie kicked the ball off the back of another defender and Martinelli pushed it in. The third goal was Trossard nutmegging it through the goalie's legs off a deflection. *happy dance*

And, here's a pic of the cabinet with my Christmas Bells. I'll leave them in there til tomorrow then replace them with books. And it will be books until next December. I need to find something wide and not too tall to put on the two hangers above the cabinet and something smallish for the nail on the right of the cabinet.

Fev 4, 5:30 pm

Hi Karen and happy new thread!

Today was a tough Wordle!

>38 karenmarie: That is a lovely cabinet.

Fev 4, 8:32 pm

>38 karenmarie: The cabinet is lovely! The bell, alas, look like white blobs so the must require a closer perspective.

Fev 4, 9:17 pm

Happy new thread!

Fev 4, 11:05 pm

>25 karenmarie: You are most welcome! (for the donations)

>32 karenmarie: Wordle took me 6 today too.

>38 karenmarie: The cabinet looks wonderful!

Fev 5, 12:54 am

Happy new thread, Karen. I don't like self checkouts either. Recently a number of stores in my area have changed over to all self checkouts (not grocery stores). I'm less inclined to shop in those stores and will go out of my way to find different stores with someone on the cash.

Fev 5, 7:40 am

Morning, Karen. With the weather improving and the snow and ice gone, I am resuming my Trail Watch duties today. Probably once a week. I will drop my kids off at school, stop by home to get my stuff and be off again. May hit the low 40s today. My feeders have been very quiet.

Nice cabinet!

Fev 5, 9:45 am

>39 EBT1002: Hi Ellen! Thanks re the cabinet. And yes, Wordle was tough and I barely avoided being skunked.

>40 quondame: Hi Susan, and thank you. Here’s a closeup. I never put them in year order but always put the most recent year out front.

>41 figsfromthistle: Hi Anita, and thank you.

>42 atozgrl: Hello Irene. I hope today’s Wordle was less of a challenge for you, and thanks re the cabinet.

>43 Familyhistorian: Hi Meg. Thank you. I don’t go anywhere else that uses self checkouts except Walmart, and unless my Walmart has changed in the last year, the belts are long enough for larger orders, and I don’t mind using their self checkouts. If any other place in my normal rotation started using self checkout, I’d probably stop going there AND tell them why. Vote with our pocketbooks, to use an old-fashioned phrase.

>44 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark. I’m glad you’re going to get out and about. Yay for the low 40s. Thanks re the cabinet. I’ve had all the usual suspects at my feeders. However, I have two Red-Bellied Woodpeckers in the Crepe Myrtle, and a White-Breasted Nuthatch was on the suet feeder a minute ago.

Wordle 961 4/6* trope, prude, ripen, repel


Bells, books, and, alas, no candles. I can make the trifecta today if I light the Wood Wick candle my niece and her wife gave me years ago - it 'crackles as it burns'.

Other than house stuff, I need to drop off release forms to the cardiologist and PCP for my surgery and at least try a bit of the treadmill. If it hurts I'll stop.Since I'm heading up to the Cardiologist, I might stop by Taco Bell on the way back. Crunchy tacos in the parking lot with my Kindle sounds wonderful.

I wish you could see Zoe - she's chasing her tail in the hallway. She goes in circles, then clatters away, sometimes crashing into the door jamb. The bell on her collar makes a distinctive noise, as does the sound of her paws on the hardwood floor.

Fev 5, 9:57 am

>37 richardderus: and >45 karenmarie: SO HANDSOME!!!!

When you come back, we'll have to go to my favorite El Zarape for their mixed grill taco - big enough for Mama and me to share, and it's very crunchy. Enjoy your break in an otherwise dutiful day!

I'm here early and want to get ahead, so I'm gone!

Fev 5, 10:05 am

>45 karenmarie: What a great collection, Horrible! Very impressive all displayed together like that.

I hope you can squeeze in the crunchy taco binge while doing the adulting crud. A good way to take the curse off the gross old grown-up junk. *smooch*

Fev 5, 10:51 am

>46 LizzieD: Hi Peggy! Thank you. I hope we can get together this summer after I'm able to drive again. It's going to be longer before I can drive because it's my right knee this time. Sigh. Yum to a mixed grill taco.

>47 richardderus: Thanks, RDear. I love my Christmas Bells. When I bought my first one in 1986, it was $35, which was a huge amount in my mind. Besides books, I've only ever collected Christmas Bells and a certain type of flour and powdered sugar sifter. My fav is the one in the lower left.

I've made a copy of each of the two medical release forms, just in case their offices lose them. I've also put them in manilla folders with info on the front. I'll head up to their offices soon 'cuz they are near each other, then it's tacos, then trying the treadmill. Adulting at its finest!!


One final pic of the cabinet, with Zoe and stuff.

Fev 5, 1:49 pm

>48 karenmarie: We have a cream colored hand sifter with a bright red stripe and handle - a treasure from my Grandma!

Editado: Fev 5, 9:18 pm

>45 karenmarie: Wordle was slightly less of a challenge today; it took me 5 this time. I had words with L in every possible position before I finally got the right word.

I recently heard a report that consumers were not happy with stores that had only self-checkout and were more likely to shop elsewhere. When we were in Mississippi, we needed to get something at the grocery fairly late in the evening (9:00) just before Christmas, and it turned out that only the self-checkout was open that late in the day (maybe because it was so close to Christmas?), and there was one staff person available to assist. There was a rather long line waiting to get to checkout. This was a Kroger. Since the Krogers in our area closed a few years back, I don't know if that was a local practice or something more widespread.

I went with my DH to his pre-op appointment this afternoon. We got a bunch of questions answered as well as an application for a temporary handicapped parking placard. He also got some pre-op PT sessions scheduled, to get some exercises to do before the surgery, as well as practice going up and down stairs with the walker. (I'm not sure how that's going to work.) They also gave us the walker.

I don't think I've ever seen a cat chase its tail. Dogs yes, but not a cat. It sounds like Zoe is quite a sight when she does that!

Fev 6, 7:21 am

Morning, Karen. We had a nice Trail Watch jaunt yesterday, picking up some stray trash and enjoying the quiet trails. Even managed to clock in 13 species and clearly heard a pileated woodpecker calling and drumming. Never really got eyes on it though. Not much planned for today, just taking care of the "kids".

Fev 6, 8:11 am

>49 m.belljackson: Hi Marianne. Definitely a treasure. I use mine all the time, I hope you use your grandma's, too.

>50 atozgrl: ‘Morning, Irene! Today was my turn for Wordle in 5.

Self-checkout simply puts more work back on the customer if you want to use it. The belts added one more step for everybody when they were introduced – 6 for everything purchased. (In cart, on belt, in cart, in vehicle, in house, in final place. Every once in a while, there will be a bagger, but that’s rare for me.)

I’m glad the pre-op appointment went well. Yay for questions answered. I need to ask my surgeon’s office for an application for a temporary handicapped parking placard when I go next Wednesday. I’m set up with the same PT I used last year. First session is 5 days after surgery. Surgery's on Thursday, I get home Friday, and go to the first session on Monday. I got my walker at the hospital before I came home – we’ll take that one again. My surgeon’s office uses mymobility app, which is great and I love having it on my cell phone. I’ve got 6 exercises I do twice a day every other day. I know you have concerns about him getting up and down stairs with the walker. As we discussed when we had lunch, you may want to keep him upstairs for a while. I didn’t go up and down stairs ‘til I was using a cane, but he may be stronger or more motivated.

Zoe’s a riot when she does that, especially since she’s belled so we get the paw sounds and the bell sounds. Plus she’s a maniac when she’s doing it. Right now she’s hunkered down here in the Sunroom on the window sill.

>51 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark! Happy Tuesday to you. Glad you had a good TW jaunt. Thirteen species, and I’m envious of the Pileated Woodpecker. I hope the kids are well. ¿Tu español ha mejorado? (I had to do a Google Translate on that one – Has your Spanish gotten better?

Wordle 962 5/6* trope, build, gaily, chick, which


I dropped off the medical forms to my cardiologist and PCP's offices. Got Taco Bell. *smile* Went to the grocery store because I needed blackberries, then went to try the treadmill. I was hesitant because of my left hip pain, but resting it all last week worked great. I worked out 30 minutes, although only at speed 2.1, not 2.4. And, I met a fellow LTer!! I've seen him at the Senior Center before, and we chatted when I had finished my workout. bobmcconnaughey has been on LT since December 2006, and we had a great chat about books and LT, and our local Library.

I put a few books on the top shelf of the cabinet.

Book sorting, Virlie's for tea only. The women I worked with for most of my time at Marelli in Sanford offered to come up to Pittsboro for lunch today - a first, EVER - and they'll meet me at ... Virlie's, where else? ... at 11:45. Then home for the ladies to clean, show them my broken cook top and work out a payment schedule with Esmerelda. I think $70 through the end of the year, but she may have other ideas. I'm open.

More puttering with books into the cabinet, I think, along with reading and etc.

Fev 6, 8:12 am

This member has been suspended from the site.

Fev 6, 8:24 am

I'm pretty much always using the self check-outs these days as I'm usually only buying a few bits and pieces. I pretty much always do my main grocery shop on line so don't have the check-outs to worry about then. But I did read that a smaller supermarket chain in the north of England was removing its self-check outs because of customer dislike.

Fev 6, 8:26 am

Tuesday orisons, Horrible. *smooch*

Fev 6, 9:46 am

I'm an outlier in preferring the self-checkout :) There is rarely a line to wait in, I scan and pack my groceries exactly how I want to, and, for some reason, I love inputting the produce codes. Weird, I know.

Fev 6, 9:50 am

Checking in on the new-ish thread before I lose track of you again. . .

>48 karenmarie: I love the cabinet! The cat on top is not bad either :)

Fev 7, 5:31 am

>54 SandDune: Hi Rhian. Interesting about the store removing self-check outs. If enough people complain, I guess they want to please their customers. This may actually improve their bottom line. I’m going to complain online today at my grocery store’s website. I have a lot of thoughts about what they’ve done that I don’t like. I’ve shopped there since 1992.

With my upcoming knee replacement surgery on the 29th, I envision on-line order placing for some months. Bill or Jenna probably for most of March, then I can take over the on-line ordering part and one of them can pick stuff up. It worked well last year. There is a fee, but it’s only $1.99 for any size order. I’ve learned to put in a comment for EVERY ITEM ORDERED – no substitution or if I allow a substitution, exactly what it can be. The pickers like that, too. It prevents them from having to make decisions.

>55 richardderus: Hiya next morning, RDear! I had a fun and very busy day.

>56 katiekrug: Katie, I can see you wanting to control every aspect of your grocery shopping. More power to you. I admit that I get irritated when the cashiers put frozen with fresh, or even (heaven forbid!) frozen or fresh with shelf stuff. I also put bags in the trunk in a particular order.

>57 alcottacre: Hi Stasia. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks re the cabinet. And, of course, we love our Gingers. We also love Senior Kitty, as we’ve taken to calling Inara. And Jenna started calling Wash Babs - short for babby, and now that's what I call him sometimes.

Wordle 963 3/6* trope, entry, after


I sorted and fondled books for an hour yesterday. We ended up having so many folks there that the time flew by. I sorted lots of interesting books and put a few aside for Eliza to evaluate for up pricing. I love it when I put something in there that she up prices - yesterday it was a book about origami in Japanese that she up priced.

I just had some hot tea at Virlie's in anticipation of my Marelli friends joining me for lunch at 11:45. They arrived on time and we stayed for 2 1/4 hours. It was wonderful.

When I got home, Esmerelda and Adela were cleaning, and Esmerelda said that Adela didn't break the cook top, but that she must have when she was mopping the kitchen floor - she knocked the metal grate with the mop handle and didn't notice that the grate broke the cook top. Riiiight. Or, whatever. Either way, she didn't take money for yesterday's cleaning and gave me $260 cash, so I anticipate her paying us no later than the end of March. She profusely apologized, as much for the stress I was going through as for the having to replace my stove. We ended up on very good terms, a continuation of what happened the first time I called her with the sad news.

Nap, watched an episode of Impossible Engineering, this one about the Independent, in Austin Tx. Previous ones we watched were about the Beipanjiang Bridge in China and the Lhasa Express Train. They're all fascinating.


Meeting friend Tamsie today for coffee and a cookie at The Belted Goat in Fearrington Village, meeting first at McIntyre's, the independent bookstore next door. Then I'll pick up a prescription and work out before heading back home.

Fev 7, 7:28 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Wednesday. I haven't been working on my español as much as I should be but I am trying to pick up a couple new words here and there. We are in for a lovely stretch of weather for the next few days, getting into the 50s which will feel marvelous.

Fev 7, 9:50 am

>58 karenmarie: Stinks about the insomnia, but a second day of book-fondling should deffo take off the curse of dragginess. Enjoy the time with Tamsie and report *HONESTLY* on what you come home with from the bookstore.

Fev 7, 10:14 am

Hm. I missed the context for your DH's surgery. Hope it goes well, whatever it is.

Fev 7, 4:01 pm

Looks like your cleaners are winners, Karen. I like it when people can own up to their mistakes. You are doing a lot of gallivanting around. Trying to fit everything in before you have less mobility?

Fev 7, 11:57 pm

Do your grocery stores still bag groceries, Karen? In Canada, or at least BC, you bag your own groceries, whether you self check out or use the check out clerk. They haven't had bagger's in a long time. I think it changed when plastic bags ( and straws etc ) were banned in my province. So, you bag your groceries no matter what.

Fev 8, 12:27 am

Book fondling and friends and tea!! Life sounds good. And nice to get some money for the stovetop. Wishing you a happy Thursday.

Fev 8, 3:14 am

Happy Thursday, Karen!

>58 karenmarie: Sorry about the insomnia.
I only had one bad night recently, and that was bad enough. I realy become a less nice person with lack of sleep.

Editado: Fev 9, 8:21 am

>59 msf59: ‘Morning, the next day, Mark! Did you ever take any foreign language in school? I’m almost, but not quite embarrassed, to admit that I took español from 6th through 12th grades. I can understand a fair amount if it’s spoken slowly enough, but of course just like English speakers, Spanish speakers do not normally speak slowly. Yay for lovely weather.

>60 richardderus: I fondled quite a few books at McIntyre’s. I talked Tamsie into buying North Woods, and she found a wonderful-sounding mystery for me, Everybody Knows by Jordan Harper. It takes place in LA, so it it’s definitely my jam. Just the one book, but with tax it ended up being $22.

>61 ffortsa: Hi Judy. Bill probably needed knee replacement surgery before I did, but given the fact that he’s managed diabetes and high blood pressure for years, I was and am still amazed that he didn't start doing anything for his knees until I … well… looks away for a bit … literally yelled at him to first, get cortisone shots, and second, to at least get PT. I got cortisone shots, and one ineffective round of hyaluronic acid shots (both knees), starting the year before my heart attack. I got my first knee done last year, and when he started making noises like he’d get his left knee done before I got my right knee done, that didn’t go over well. My left leg is 3/8” longer than my right leg because the surgeon corrected for my knock knee, making my left leg longer. This aggravated my lower back and right SI joint problems like you can hardly believe, so I just sorta selfishly went for my physical relief before his. Sigh. I go back and forth with the guilt.

>62 Familyhistorian: Hi Meg. Yes, they are. They do an amazing job, and after the initial conversation of Esmerelda trying to resist responsibility (for about 15 seconds, to be honest), it’s been fine. Do I want to get another stove? Do I want to deal with this stress now? No. But, to use my daughter’s and most people’s words, It is what it is.

Yes, there is a bit of gallivanting around before Immobility and Pain and PT time. But by the fall, and certainly by this time next year, I should be in pretty good shape knee, lower back, and even possibly SI joint-wise.

>63 vancouverdeb: Yes they do, Deborah. Apparently Aldi doesn’t, but I haven’t been there. I would be the most inefficient bagger EVER, although I do shop logically by putting like things in the cart together, and even put them on the belt together so they mostly get bagged together. I’d probably do a pretty good job of bagging them. *smile* Our grocery store still uses plastic bags, which I shamelessly hoard for the time they STOP using them. I use them for cat stuff. I have a few cloth and other bags I could use for shopping, and the grocery store even sells them.

>64 Berly: Hi Kim! Yes. Tea, book fondling, good company and conversation. It’s all good. Thank you re my Thursday, I hope yours goes well, too.

>65 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita, and thank you. Thanks re the insomnia. It’s awful, isn’t it? I try to keep my snarling to a low level after not getting enough sleep, because I can become a less nice person too.

Wordle 964 3/6* trope, pulse, place. I went alphabetically - plane would have been next if only the 4th letter was wrong.


Yesterday was the aforementioned coffee and cookie with Tamsie. She loves to walk, it's not something I can do well, but we slowly wandered around a couple of the shops at Fearrington Village. We even went into one that has jeans for $250 and etc. The woman tried like crazy to get us onto their mailing list for their trunk shows and sales, but we both resisted. I pay $25 for jeans, always waiting to get them on sale. I love them, they fit, and I have a total of 4 pair, back to the size I was wearing after I got back to normal after I had Jenna.

I also put 42 books in the top shelf of the cabinet and changed the location tags over to C01. Bill was fascinated.

I'll be leaving soon to take Dwain to his PT, OT, and speech therapy. I'll get back around 1 or 1:15. Then I need to do research on appliances so I'm smarter than your average bear for my visit to Garner Appliances tomorrow, figure out how we'll finance stuff (which card, actually), and possibly use the treadmill and get a prescription. It tires me out to just read what I've written.

In the meantime, brekkie, get everything I need to sit in a waiting room for ~3.5 hours, and get out the door at 9:05.

Fev 8, 8:04 am

Morning, Karen. Sweet Thursday. In answer to your question, I took a Spanish class in 7th or 8th grade. Funny, how much of that stuck with me over the years. Of course, the very basics. I took German in high school and didn't do very well with it. Once I was stationed in Germany, I started learning it a bit more. I am sure I forgot most of it, other than to ask for zwei bier!

Jackson Day for me. I will take him to his kid's class and maybe the park afterwards. It is supposed to be nice and warm today.

Good luck with your Dwain today. You are a good friend.

Fev 8, 8:10 am

I am sorry to hear about the insomnia, Karen. Believe me, I can relate.

I hope you have a great day!

Fev 8, 8:59 am

Sounds like you have a busy day ahead! Hope you get some down time to read later

Fev 8, 9:38 am

>66 karenmarie: Just one Neil Young album, then? At least that is whereyour touchstone directs me....

The appliance research sounds like it will be interesting, at the very least. The waiting room prep is wise, getting caught with an uncharged Kindle or phone can really make that time miserable. Only happened to me once, but it is memorable.

Enjoy your busyness. *smooch*

Fev 8, 10:25 am

I'm relieved that Esmerelda is a responsible human being . Very good!

Very sorry about the insomnia......... Caution you to leave your guilt behind about your surgery vs Bill's. For one thing, you are likely going to need to be 100% to be able to deal with him after his.

Glad that you can look after Dwain so well and glad that you can read some and also have time later for appliance research.

Off to the day!

Fev 8, 5:03 pm

Hello, busy woman! >66 karenmarie: It tires me out too! 😄

So both you and your husband will be recovering from surgery at sort of the same time? Or did I read it wrong?

I’m doing my pre-op PT too, though I just started. I hope not quite 2 weeks is long enough to help at least some.

I’m with you—hoping to be (mostly) pain free by the end of the summer and able to walk again. What a rush that thought is!

Fev 8, 8:33 pm

Here's the next readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/358237

Fev 9, 8:36 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Friday. I had a fantastic time with Jack. I will post pics on the thread, a bit later. It is Sue's turn this AM but she will bring him back here later. Yah!

Fev 9, 8:41 am

‘Morning, Mark, and late Sweet Thursday to you. Happy Friday also. Glad some of the Spanish has stuck with you. I took a conversational German class at the local community college sometime before 2016 (still working, took it after work), and although her teaching style didn’t match up with how I learn, I did learn a bit. I hope Jackson Day went well.

Thank you re Dwain.

>68 alcottacre: Hi Stasia. Thanks about the insomnia. I used to get panic stricken about it when I was working, but now I know I can take a nap if I need to. I had a good day yesterday and hope you did, too.

>69 ChelleBearss: Hi Chelle. It was busy, and I did get some reading time. I hope you're doing well.

>70 richardderus: Hiya, RDear! Drat. Both touchstones were wrong. I think I have Harvest upstairs, and of course he was on a CSN album or two. Or three. Or whatever.

I’m definitely meeting Jan today. I’m having a tough time with the gas vs. induction issue, because I need to understand how the venting would work since I have the stove in an island in the kitchen. Our current propane stove has downdraft. Oh well, it may take more than one visit and it may even happen after I come out of the mental/physical fog of surgery. I’m not going to rush a decision. I will, however, probably get a new wall oven/microwave and dishwasher.

The new Kindle is holding a charge quite well, as it should. My Pixel 7 holds a good charge, too, but I always charge ‘em before heading out. And, if I forget to do that, I can charge them in my Es-ka-pay.


>71 LizzieD: Hi Peggy. I am glad about Esmerelda, too.

The guilt is less than the rightness of my choice, which is fortunate for my peace of mind. Bill has already said that he realizes he can’t be home right away after surgery and would go to an in-patient rehab center for … 2 weeks? … or whatever.

Dwain, reading, and appliance research all went well, see below.

I hope you had a good day, my dear.

>72 Storeetllr: Hello, Mary! I think you’re normally busier than I am except for this lead-up to my surgery, Mary. We do have to pace ourselves, don’t we?

Bill says he’s going to see the surgeon sometime after I’m on the uptick, which, realistically, will be 12 weeks after my surgery. Depending on scheduling, that would make possible surgery for him some time after May 23rd. I won’t be able to drive as soon as when I had my left knee done because, of course, I use my right leg/foot for gas and brake control.

Yay for pre-op PT. Yay also, for knowing we’ll be doing better by the end of the summer. It is a heady thought, and by this time next year, we’ll both be doing really well.

>73 SilverWolf28: Hi Silver, and thank you!

Wordle 965 4/6* trope, blunt, stack, stiff


All went well with Dwain. His third appointment wasn't until 2 hours after his second one, so we had lunch at a local Italian restaurant. We both had their hamburgers and fries and unsweet iced tea. Dwain paid for mine, and I ate half for lunch and then had half for dinner. His sessions went well. After I got home I put my Christmas bells up and read. Then Bill and I watched a replay of the Chelsea - Wolves game, which was fun. One of the Wolves got a hat trick, which is always exciting. Wolves won 4-1, a huge upset any time that score happens.


I'll be leaving around 10 to go to Jan's. We'll have a quick visit at her house, lunch out, then go to the appliance store. I think she'll come with me, I hope she'll come with me. I'll be taking photos of my current appliances. Nothing absolutely has to be done today, but who knows?

Fev 9, 4:55 pm

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig.

I may have ended up with another downdraft gas stove, electric oven this time (again, actually, as the first stove had an electric oven), a new wall oven/microwave combo, dishwasher, and, in order to take advantage of a 'buy lots of appliances special', new refrigerator. Jan has cherry cabinets and stainless appliances and they look good, so I'm feeling pretty good about everything since they're all Jenn-Aire stainless appliances. Garner Appliance contracts with appliance repair shops that are certified to repair Jenn-Aire, so there's that, too.

A ventless hood for an induction stove is not very effective according to the appliance store guy, although he would have made as much or more selling that to me.

I spent tons of money, but oh well. Because of several factors, it's looking like mid-late March for everything to get done. And, we'll probably keep the old refrigerator since it's not broken, and put it in the garage rather than just let it be hauled away.

Fev 9, 5:38 pm

>76 karenmarie: Congratulations on the successful appliance shopping trip! Sounds like you should be set with everything for quite awhile, once they all get installed.

Wordle in 5 for me today. It was one of those days where there were multiple possible options, and I chose the wrong ones to go for first.

I hope the insomnia goes away and you get a good night's sleep tonight!

Fev 9, 6:02 pm

>76 karenmarie: Excellent, apart from delivery timing being so soon after surgery. Still it all needed doing, and gaining a good second fridge is soooo worth it. Yay for your successful trip!

Fev 9, 8:31 pm

Great news about your shiny new appliances, Karen! It sounds like Garner was a good choice. I bet it's a load off your mind, having it all sorted out.

Fev 10, 8:26 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Saturday. Hooray for the new appliances. I am sure you are glad to tick that off your list. Sue brought Jack back here yesterday afternoon. He had a runny nose and was a bit cranky but came around later. Sue didn't want to risk an overnighter, so Bree and Sean picked him up last night. At least we got to visit with them and have a couple of beers.

I am going to do some solo birding this AM. Have a good day.

Fev 10, 9:22 am

>77 atozgrl: Hi Irene, and thank you. Ted, the appliance store guy, said that most appliances are only manufactured to last 7-10 years these days – mostly because they are more and more complicated with computer crap, which is what tends to go out. So, we’ll be good for … 7-10 years? Wordle in 5 is okay – I got it in 4 but was leery of it being a skunk day because there were so many options.

I slept better last night, thank you.

>78 richardderus: Yeah, RD, the timing sucks. I’m working hard to let that go, and to let go how much money we spent. Bill didn’t say a word about how much this all cost, just that we can put it on cards to get the process started then figure out how to pay off the cards. We’re meeting with our Morgan Stanley financial guy next week, and that’s one of the things we’ll ask. It’s only money, right? Thanks re my idea of keeping the extra fridge.

>79 lauralkeet: Thanks, Laura. It’s definitely a load off my mind. I hate things to be broken. Garner Appliances was a fantastic choice. Bill found them, then I thought it would be nice to see Jan’s house, have lunch, and have her go with if she wanted – she wanted. We picked up her granddaughter from HS on the way home, and Audrey and I talked about soccer the whole time. She’s trying out for the Senior and JV teams next week. She’s gorgeous – tall and slender and a typical teenager.

>80 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and happy Saturday to you. Yes, I love checking things off the list. Sorry Jackson was not feeling well. Good idea for him to home to mom and dad. Enjoy your solo birding. I’ve got finches and sparrows right now. I already need to fill the sunflower seed feeder. I also need to go to the feed store and get more sunflower and wild bird seed.

Wordle 966 4/6* trope, cruel, preen, fried


After the Great Appliance Campaign, I came home, relaxed, watch a replay of a soccer match with Bill.

Today is puttering, a few on-line adulting things, and reading. I might put another shelf of books in the cabinet since the bells are put up now.

Fev 10, 10:30 am

>81 karenmarie: Letting go of the grind is excellent...all this needed doing, through no negligence or faulty maintenance of your own, so now that it is accomplished the next steps are the ones that need your focus. Not the ones that got you here. *smooch*

Fev 10, 1:27 pm

WOW! WOW! WOW! I'm so happy that the Great Appliance Campaign has been a success so far. Now I wish you quick, efficient, smooth installation, and you may have a Roman Triumph if you like.

I'm happy that you and Jan had a fun day included in the buying.

Editado: Fev 10, 9:09 pm

>82 richardderus: The next step, unfortunately, is that Jenna has Covid. Tested positive when she came home today. Handed her a mask before she came into the house, had the test kit ready to go. She made the cup of tea that I had the stuff out for, grabbed something to eat - don't even know what - and she headed upstairs.

Bill and I've tested negative. I'll be sleeping in the Library. It's just effing always something. Now I'll have to go to my pre-op appointments alone, although we can put her on speaker phone. Gotta let the doctor's office and hospital know on Monday. *smooch*

>83 LizzieD: Thanks, Peggy. I'll come up for air at the end of March. We did have a fun day. Thanks.


Just, honestly.

Fev 11, 8:41 am

Wordle 967 5/6* trope, river, lever, fever, never


Arsenal plays West Ham at 9.

Jenna's just feverish with cold symptoms.

I may put more books in the cabinet today.

I may place a grocery order and pick it up.

Fev 11, 8:45 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Sunday. It is getting lighter out here in the AM- hallelujah but nothing happening at my feeders. I have checked twice. On my solo walk yesterday, I did see a trio of titmouse. Singing too. Like I mentioned before, they are in our area throughout the year but our very shy and stay out on the fringes.

Fev 11, 8:59 am

>84 karenmarie: Oh FFS! This is getting ridiculous. The goddesses need to direct more POSITIVE energy to your home tout de suite!

grumpy-on-your-behalf *smooch*

Fev 11, 9:14 am

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear Jenna has COVID and that you're having to deal with related disruption. I hope she recovers quickly and that you and Bill dodge it.

Fev 11, 10:13 am

>84 karenmarie: Oh that's not nice at all! I hope she gets better soon.

Fev 11, 10:21 am

Love to all of you, (((((Karen)))))! I'm sorry. I guess the timing could be worse but not by much. Y'all take care!

Fev 11, 12:26 pm

I echo Richard’s FFS and add that this is so not the time to be infected, not that anytime is right for that. I’m living in—not fear, exactly; more like anxiety—that I’ll get Covid just before my surgery date. Yes, I’m scrupulously masking up whenever I’m out but not when I’m home with the kids. Crossing fingers, toes, and eyes for both of us. Also hoping Jenna recovers quickly and completely.

Fev 11, 4:05 pm

>86 msf59: Good afternoon, Mark! Happy Sunday to you, too. Nice to see the trio.

>87 richardderus: Yes, FFS. Thank you – tell those goddesses to help me out here. *smooch*

>88 lauralkeet: Thanks, Laura. 🤞

>90 LizzieD: Thank you, Peggy. I definitely need the hugs. The timing does suck. Jenna’s upstairs after making herself something in the kitchen – us masked in different rooms, she gloved and masked.

>91 Storeetllr: Hi Mary. I do love FFS, although not when it pertains to my life. Thanks re Jenna, and I’m quarantined ‘til at least Thursday, and you know I’ll be masked for anything outside the house after then, for sure.

Had to cancel on Dwain for Monday. He understands, of course, but sheesh! I feel bad for letting him down.

And, on a happier note, I spent a while today finalizing what is in the cabinet and getting all the location tags updated in LT. And for anybody interested - I have 205 books in that cabinet. I was particularly happy to get all of my Georgette Heyers on shelf 3, so the location tag is C03.🤗 Those are the only books in the cabinet that are tagged 'read'. Everything else is to be read.

Fev 11, 5:17 pm

>92 karenmarie: That is so gorgeous! What a perfect Heyer shelf!

Fev 11, 6:34 pm

>87 richardderus: Getting co-grumpy-on-your-behalf with Richard

Fev 11, 9:28 pm

Wowie! Looks great. But I must be napping. What happened to the bells?

Fev 12, 7:38 am

>93 quondame: Thank you, Susan. Since I have all of her romances - Georgian, Regency, and other historical periods - I won't need to put any on other shelves. Of course, except for a few sentimental mass market paperbacks, I'd like to upgrade to all trade paperbacks.

>94 magicians_nephew: Thank you, Jim! I appreciate all the grumpy-on-my-behalf energy I can get.

>95 weird_O: Hiya, Bill. The Christmas Bells are just that - Christmas Bells, so they only ever came out and will only ever come out at Christmas. That means boxing 92 books for 2 months and putting the boxes in the Library - no need to schlep them upstairs to the Media Room. They are, however, why I bought the cabinet. I wanted to see my Christmas Bells during the season without worrying that Zoe Rose, ginger extraordinaire, would run across the hutch where I used to keep them and knock one or more down. The snowflakes were cut from computer paper by Jenna one year.

Wordle 968 3/6* trope, pasty, pasta


Yesterday was watching Arsenal decimate West Ham 6-0 then watching the replay of the Luton Town - Sheffield United match. My motto for Arsenal matches is "Score early, and score often." None of this competitive game stuff. *smile*

I prepared a thermos of tea for Jenna and left it and a box of Kleenex on the top of the stairs for her and made Bill myself hamburger patties and air fryer french fries for dinner. I also put books in the cabinet and updated each book's LT location tag and started to put the Sunroom and Library book shelves back together after taking from them randomly to fill the cabinet.

Today was supposed to be taking Dwain to his therapy sessions, but alas, Jenna's Covid has us all quarantined. So I'll putter and read, continue putting book shelves back together, and most likely place on on-line order for groceries and pick them up. Ah yes, back to Covid times.

Jenna hasn't gotten up yet, Bill had a rough night, and I slept surprisingly well for the 2nd night on the couch in the Library.

Editado: Fev 12, 7:47 am

Morning, Karen. Glad you had another good night sleep. Frosty start out there but it will get back into the 40s today with sunshine, so no complaints here. Even the red-wing blackbirds and sandhill cranes are starting an early migration. I saw and heard both yesterday, while I was walking Juno. Today- Kids Kab & Trail Watch.

LOVE the bookshelf cabinet!

Fev 12, 9:04 am

'Morning, Mark! Yes to good sleep, that's for sure. Nice that you'll be in the 40s today. I'm still and always envious about the Sandhill Cranes - we're just outside their migration path and the one time I had the opportunity to see masses of them in Montana in 2018, there was only one outlier juvenile. *sad face*

I hope you have a good day, and thanks re my cabinet.

Fev 12, 2:59 pm

>92 karenmarie: Gorgissimus! Sayers on the top and Heyer in the middle!!!!

Can that be a fantasy trilogy on the fourth shelf? I could swear that I see "sword" in the title of the first one. (I looked last night, but my high-powered glasses aren't by me here.) Do tell!
As always, I wish that I could read titles. *sigh*

I hope that Jenna's feeling better and that you and Bill are taking care of each other and yourselves!

Fev 12, 3:43 pm

>92 karenmarie: That cabinet is beautiful! You and it were clearly made for each other.

I hope that Jenna recovers soon and that you and Bill avoid covid. What crappy timing! Keeping everything crossed for you all.

Editado: Fev 12, 7:46 pm

>99 LizzieD: Hi Peggy,, and thank you. You do have good eyes - it's the Black Jewels Series by Anne Bishop. I've had the three books on my shelves since before I joined LT in 2007.

Jenna's feeling a tad better. I made Avgolemono Soup for dinner - Greek Lemon Chicken and Rice Soup. I've never made it before, and it came out really well. It was mentioned on Susan's thread. Thank you, Susan! We have leftovers, too.

I just tested negative again for Covid. I'll be able to go to my pre-op appointments on Wednesday as long as I continue to test negative and am symptom free.

>100 Jackie_K: Hi Jackie, and thank you. Oh yes - as soon as I saw it, I told Bob it was mine. Thanks for keeping everything crossed for us.

Fev 12, 9:47 pm

>101 karenmarie: It is such a comforting soup, and not bland at all.

Fev 12, 9:50 pm

>92 karenmarie: That looks classy but pretty stuffed!

>101 karenmarie: I must get Erni to make me that soup.

Fev 13, 7:54 am

Morning, Karen. Time got away from me this AM, so I am getting ready to head out. I plan on getting some solo birding in, after I drop off the kids. I did see a pair of pileated woodpeckers yesterday on Trail Watch. Always a highlight.

Fev 13, 9:20 am

>102 quondame: I put a fair amount of S&P in, and used 3 lemons instead of 2. I still used 2 large eggs, though. Thanks for the inspiration.

>103 PaulCranswick: Hi Paul. Thank you - it's stuffed to the gills although the books aren't crammed in. Ooh, yes, have Erni give it a go.

>104 msf59: 'Morning, Mark! Happy Tuesday to you. Yay for the Pileated Woodpeckers. I've got two finches on the wild bird seed feeder, and that's all. I need to replenish the sunflower and suet feeders today. Enjoy the kids and your solo birding.

Wordle 969 3/6* trope, shark, scram. Thank goodness for the list of words already used!


Normally I'd be at book sort today, but alas.

Today's some random adulting things and updating location tags for books in the Sunroom since I moved a bunch of them around Saturday and yesterday.

Jenna's still coughing and using a lot of Kleenex and still has a temperature. She's going to take another Covid test this morning, will probably still test positive, but I can be positive that it might be negative, right?

Fev 13, 11:43 am

>105 karenmarie: Can't you test positive for months after catching COVID? Or is that only for the PCR test. Doctors around here refuse to run a COVID test within two months of having COVID - this has come up a few times for us, because we have a lot of illness in our home. But I don't know if it's the same for an at-home test.

Fev 13, 8:12 pm

I'm sorry to hear that Jenna has covid, Karen! I hope both you and Bill avoid getting covid.I love your bookshelf! I just have 3 Ikea Billy book shelves, nothing fancy and then some other cheap shelves and then - piles! But I usually managed to find the book I'm looking for.

Fev 13, 11:02 pm

>92 karenmarie: I am so sorry to hear that Jenna has COVID. The timing really is bad. But I'm glad that you and Bill have avoided it so far, and hope that continues--and that Jenna feels better soon.

That cabinet is incredibly gorgeous! I'm so glad you were able to get it. It looks wonderful with all the books in it. And good to have it to keep your Christmas bells away from the cats.

That soup sounds fantastic. I need to go find the recipe.

Fev 13, 11:41 pm

>25 karenmarie: Karen, I read your experience regarding your daughter's anxiety when she was far away from you. Kayla lives with me, and sometimes her anxiety is a daily occurrence. What some would say is over reaction, I feel for her. She cannot find a middle ground. Last week she came home crying. She works as a teaching aid at a day care. She cried for awhile because she could not get a grip on the three year olds that day. She said "They hate me." Anything I tried to say to provide guidance wasn't working, so I really decided that all she needed was for me to listen. That seemed to help, at least a bit any way.

She will be 21 this week. I try to remember how I was at that age.

Fev 14, 12:17 am

I agree that the cabinet looks lovely! And the painting above it is perfect - so romantic looking.

Hooray for the new appliances. Mine are in the thirty year range, so I know I should think about replacing them soon. Discouraging though to know the next ones won't last anywhere near as lonv.

I hope Jenna is feeling better soon and that you and Bill continue to avoid it.

Fev 14, 7:48 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Wednesday. Kids Kab today and nothing much else planned, other than packing for our New Orleans weekend. We leave early tomorrow, (nearly the whole gang is on the same flight). That said, I won't be around much until next week. I hope everyone stays healthy there.

Oh yeah- I found my FOY nesting GHO yesterday. I did get photos. I plan on sharing them.

Fev 14, 9:16 am

>106 The_Hibernator: Hi Rachel. I have absolutely no idea. When Jenna had Covid in January of 2022, she was allowed to come back to work after she tested negative, which was 8 days after she tested positive. I just tested negative again.

>107 vancouverdeb: Thanks, Deborah. So far so good for me – Bill hasn’t taken a test since he took one on Saturday. He’ll take one before he goes out, but so far he has nothing planned on going out. Jenna’s still puny, but sounding some better. Thanks re my bookshelf. We got Jenna some Ikea Billy Book shelves, which are currently in storage, along with most of her books. Piles of books is … good? I’ve finally gotten the last box of books off the floor in the Sunroom. We won’t discuss the 7 boxes of books in the Media Room. *eye roll* As I’m sure you already know, I use location tags for my books, otherwise I’d be lost.

>108 atozgrl: Thanks, Irene, and yes, the timing absolutely sucks. But my surgeon’s office said that as long as I test negative with no symptoms I can come in. Jenna should be okay in 15 days. Thanks re my cabinet. I like my plan – Bells in at Christmas, books the rest of the year. And I only have to take 2 shelves of books out for the Bells then.

There are lots of good Avgolemono Soup recipes out there. Lots of them now seem to call for shredded rotisserie chicken, but I actually cleaned out the freezer of all the boneless/skinless chicken, defrosted and chopped it up, and threw it in.

>109 Whisper1: Linda, I’m so sorry Kayla suffers from anxiety. Jenna hasn’t had a panic attack that I know of in several years, and I talked her down from it. She also had meds for a while, but has weaned herself from them and has managed depression/anxiety without them. She seems to be doing well, and with a new girlfriend and a new job, and excepting for the Covid, she’s thriving.

My friend Karen and I have discussed types of listening several times recently. We disparagingly call it listening like a man and listening like a woman, but it’s really just listening to offer suggestions or support. Or, left-brain listening or right-brain listening, or etc. I usually ask Jenna and Karen how they want me to listen if there is something major going on, because I tend to listen and immediately want to offer suggestions. Like with Kayla, sometimes it just needs to be for support, sympathy, and empathy. Wow. 21. Wish her Happy Birthday for me.

>110 streamsong: Thanks, Janet. That painting used to hang over a coat rack in a hallway, and when I looked at it and the space above the cabinet, I saw a match made in heaven. I won’t put up anything over the coat rack again – we don’t have anything that would work. New appliances are apparently good for 7-10 years these days… Thanks re Jenna, Bill, and me.

‘Morning, Mark! Happy Wednesday to you. Wow. Another trip. Yay. And I’m glad for the FOY nesting GHO.

Wordle 970 3/6* trope, tonga, talon. A bit of cheating on the spreadsheets...


Yesterday was puttering and etc. Reading, of course. I found and made a recipe for low-sodium buttermilk biscuits. They were okay, but not really worth the effort. I need to find a recipe that uses Crisco instead of butter, too - they tasted oily to me.

I have the pre-op appointments today. 11 at the hospital, 2 at my surgeon's office. That leaves roughly 2 1/4 hours between appointments, so I'll find a place to have lunch, sit and read, and leave an extra large tip.

A very small grocery store run on the way home - masked and testing negative I won't feel bad going in.

Fev 14, 10:09 am

YAY that you get to go out! I'm glad to hear that Jenna is improving too. Recuperation can be so tedious.........

I'm off to investigate Anne Bishop. Thank you very much! AND Avgolemono Soup. I have frozen chicken and turkey!!!!!

Fev 14, 12:39 pm

>76 karenmarie: Glad you were able to find the appliances that you wanted. Sucks about the timing. I agree about the fridge. I kept my old fridge when I bought my appliances and it is in the garage. It's great all year round but especially in the summer when I can keep my beverages cool and not have to mess up the house when I am covered in garden stuff.

>82 richardderus: Sorry to hear that you have to go to your appointments alone. I hope Jenna recovers soon.

Fev 14, 3:31 pm

>106 The_Hibernator: The PCR restriction is what I remember being told by my doctor. Evidentally, the PCR reacts positively to fragments of the virus, too sensitive for the purpose. So if you use the standard home kit, a negative test is considered proof that you have weathered the virus.

Then again, i never did get that M.D. degree.

Fev 14, 4:44 pm

Hi Karen my dear, a belated Happy New Thread my dear friend.

Fev 14, 10:35 pm

>112 karenmarie: I'm glad to hear you could make your appointments today. I assume they all went well. My DH had to visit the surgery center where he will get his operation today, to be shown around and get an EKG.

Wordle in 2 for me today, which was really unexpected and very nice. Last week I was getting 4's and 5's.

I'll go look for some Avgolemono Soup recipes. Unlike Peggy, I don't think I've got any chicken left in the freezer. But it might make something good for my DH after his surgery.

Editado: Fev 14, 11:27 pm

Glad you are still testing negative and that you could make your pre-op appointments. Phew! Love your pictures of the new book cabinet and the Christmas bells. Happiness!

Hope Jenna feels better soon.

Fev 14, 11:26 pm

>92 karenmarie: Where did you find such an exquisite cabinet? (I'm sorry if you mentioned this previously and I missed the post.) I agree with Janet-- the painting above the cabinet is just right!!!! I hope Jenna's Covid episode is over soon. Everyone in my family, both living in Ohio and here in PA have had COVID, except for me. Somehow, I've missed this so far. But, I've had enough surgeries (13 in ten years) and hospital stays (too many to count) that are thiings I wish I never had to go through. Still, I'm feeling very fortunate regarding missing the COVID hit. With your support, I hope Jenna recovers soon.

>96 karenmarie: Another wonderful cabinet in your house. Plus, I very much like your wall paper. I love wall paper and miss the large house I had when I was married to my husband Michael. He was very talented and incredibly handy. He built a large dining room, and kitchen addition to our home. Both were stunningly beautiful. I spent a lot of time choosing wall paper. It was a lengthy and fun experience. He never balked at working with complicated patterns that I choose, including the wallpaper on the top, and a border separating the wall paper on the bottomfor the living room. He also built cabinets in both the dining room, and a triangular cabinet a kitchen wall. He then built a book case in the downstairs living room that took up an entire wall.

I very much liked the kitchen wallpaper as well. When we divorced, we had the house appraised and split the equity money accumulated. Leaving him and the house broke my heart. I met Will years later, after thinking I never would want another relationship. Will was great as an othomologist, and he was a loving, wonderful partner, but had zero talent regarding home improvements or additions.

Michael kept the house and he remains there, living alone.

Fev 15, 4:36 am

Happy Thursday, Karen!
Sorry to read Jenna got Covid, and glad you found the needed kitchen appliances.

I skimmed through, as at the moment I have not enough energy to keep up with the threads.
Thinking of you and the upcoming surgery.

Fev 15, 6:40 am

Morning, Karen. Sweet Thursday. Our taxi will be here shortly. Have a good weekend.

Fev 15, 9:36 am

Well. Interesting times. I got all the pre-op appointments taken care of. After dinner I had a tickle in my throat, then my temp went from 98.6 to 101.5 in 3 hours starting about 9. Off to the ER all by myself, because Jenna's sick and Bill isn't mobile. Hospital's 10 miles away and I didn't feel as horrible as I do now.

2.5 hours later, Covid. Paxlovid. Home. I slept 'til 9:15.

I'm going to be offline for a bit - Jenna's on the road to recovery and can help when she needs to. We have enough rooms and bathrooms to not be using the same ones.

What a CF.

I've been told that I won't be infectious on the 5th day if you count yesterday as day 0, so theoretically I could still get the surgery. We'll have to see how I feel later on today or tomorrow to let the surgeon's office and hospital know.

Hot tea with sugar and a cold bottle of water call. Food, blech.

Fev 15, 9:47 am

Life is full for you! Your cabinet full of bells and books is beautiful!

Sending lots of healing energies to Jenna. I think we have gotten complacent.

As for the news you mentioned avoiding, I am right there with you. I have a ten-minute AM podcast from NPR that has even gotten to be too much.

Fev 15, 9:50 am

>122 karenmarie: OMG

Not this too! Horripilation!

Rest well, I will lead the pack in crossing everything that the surgery will still take place as scheduled.

Fev 15, 10:07 am

I'm relieved that you have started Paxlovid, but I just want to scream. Take very good care of your precious self! (((((((((((((((Karen)))))))))))))))

Fev 15, 11:40 am

>122 karenmarie: Worst. Timing. Ever. So, so sorry. Take care of yourself. Many hugs.

Fev 15, 11:43 am

Oh Karen, I've been following this saga and hoping you would be spared. I am so sorry. Rest up and hopefully you'll be able to have surgery as scheduled.

Fev 15, 12:38 pm

>119 Whisper1: Linda - would Michael let you take photographs of his work?!

Fev 15, 2:22 pm

>122 karenmarie: Oh no! May your symptoms be mild, and the virus disappear quickly!

Fev 15, 4:37 pm

>122 karenmarie: Oh, no! A CF indeed! I hope your recovery is fast so you can still have the surgery. Crossing my fingers, toes, legs and eyes that it works out for you. At least you caught it early.

I’m avoiding people as much as possible, and masking up whenever I’m out, but I still have to watch the kids tomorrow. 😬

Fev 15, 5:30 pm

>122 karenmarie: Oh, no! I had hoped since you had gotten this far that you had avoided getting COVID. What terrible news! Get all the rest you can, and I hope that the surgery can still go forward as planned.

Fev 15, 9:32 pm

Here's the next readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/358508

Fev 16, 1:30 am

>122 karenmarie: Oh no!! Dang it. I thought you might have escaped the plague. Sending best wishes for quick healing. Fingers crossed for the surgery, but don't push it.

Fev 16, 3:57 am

>122 karenmarie: OMG, Karen, that is very bad just now.
I hope you recover soon, so surgery can proceed.

Fev 16, 5:10 am

Oh , no Karen . I’ll be hoping for a quick recovery for you . Glad you have the paxlovid .

Fev 16, 7:52 am

Boo to COVID! Hope you'll be on the mend soonest.

Fev 16, 8:18 am

I hope you are feeling better today. Negative next-result *whammy*


Fev 16, 10:06 am

That's a good Richard-whammy. I'll add a boost to it: >>>>>Karen

Editado: Fev 16, 11:11 am


>113 LizzieD: I hope you did something wonderful for yourself with the Anne Bishop books. If you make avgolemono soup, let me know how it comes out. Well, going out was good, but thank goodness I was wearing a mask since I was actually contagious with Covid!

>114 figsfromthistle: I Anita, and thanks re the appliances. Going to the appointments alone was okay – nothing was new or had changed.

>115 ffortsa: Hi Judy! I had assumed the home kits were good if within expiration date **or** modified expiration date – Bill found a place where manfacturers can list their test kit lot numbers and you can see if the expiration date has been extended. What, no Dr. Judy?

>116 johnsimpson: Hi John, and thank you for visiting. Sending love and hugs to you and Karen and kitty skritches for Felix.

>117 atozgrl: Hi Irene! Yay for the hospital visit. I needed an EKG, too, and my PCP had scheduled one for the 21st, but the hospital did one on the 14th. I passed… *smile* Wordle in 2. My my. Congratulations. More avgolemono soup love.

>118 Berly: Hi Kim! I was testing negative, darn it, but from Tuedsay a.m. to Tuesday p.m. Covid struck. Well, it was already there, but became strong enough to register. Thanks re the cabinet and bells.

>119 Whisper1: Hi Linda. Thank you, and I’m glad you like it. We have an antique store about 2 miles from the house. We know the owners from when they sold us a horse for Jenna, and Bill’s been FB friends ever since. The week before I ended up getting it Bob had posted a photo of it on FB, Bill showed it to me, and that’s when I immediately went over, saw it, and bought it.

Thanks re the other cabinet – we call it a hutch. It’s part of cherry wood dining room set – table and 6 chairs. Your husband Michael sounds like someone to have around for house stuff for sure. I loved picking out the wall papers we have here – we did have to hire someone to actually first calculate how many rolls based on the pattern repetition, the do all the work. My sister’s good at wallpapering, but I didn’t get that gene…

I’m sorry you left him and the house. I had a boyfriend that I bought a house – we split the profit when we sold it. I’m glad you found Will when that type of relationship was not something you were looking for, and being a wonderful partner is better than being a handyman.

Sorry about Michael still living there alone.

>120 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita. Thanks re Jenna. I’m pleased with my appliance choices. Thanks too re the surgery coming up.

>121 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark! Sweet yesterday to you. Enjoy your trip, and safe travels.

>123 witchyrichy: Hi Karen. Thanks re the cabinet and healing energies to Jenna. We have definitely gotten complacent, since I ended up getting the Covid she brought home. She was infectious at least the Wedneday and Thursday before she tested positive on Saturday, meaning I tried to avoid it but it was already percolating in my blood stream. Oh well.

Avoiding the news is my new normal.

>124 richardderus: Hiya, RD. Sucks, doesn’t it. Surgery news, good, below.

>125 LizzieD: Hi Peggy. I need and love the hugs, and am trying to drink all the fluids you say I should to help avoid kidney damage from the Paxlovid. So far 12 oz of hot tea and 12 oz of water.

>126 streamsong: Hi Janet, and yes. But not all is lot re the surgery. See below.

>127 lauralkeet: Hello Laura and thanks. I’m actually mobile today, although I think it will only extend to my answering my own thread and figuring out another MM romance to read on my Kindle… See below re surgery.

>128 m.belljackson: Hi Marianne.

>129 Jackie_K: Hi Jackie, and thank you. I must admit that I’m not a happy camper – my chest is tight, cough is tight, temp of 100.9F this a.m. Right now I’m not feeling terrible, so came here to get caught up.

>130 Storeetllr: Thanks, Mary. Yes, caught it almost as soon as possible, and I had a dose of Paxlovid at 3 a.m. then Bill filled the prescription and I had another dose by 4 – a bit late, but a dose every 12 hours. Yes, vigilance is definitely needed for both of us.

>131 atozgrl: I feel like I failed a test, Irene. Honestly, I go four effing years without it, then Jenna gets it at work, brings it home and we’re not aware of it until I’ve spent 2 days around her. We’re each in different rooms and bathroom, and share the kitchen with Jenna and me wearing masks and gloves any time we’re in a common area or Jenna brings me food.

>132 SilverWolf28: Hi Silver, and thank you!

>133 Berly: Hi Kim. Me, too, thank you for your wishes. I really want/ need this surgery, and since I hope to be officially over it a week and 2 days before surgery, will only back out if I’m super weak or have symptoms.

>134 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita, and thank you.

>135 vancouverdeb: Hi dEborah, and thank you. Yes, I’m glad I got Paxlovid.

>136 katiekrug: I know, Katie – I remember when you and TW tested positive for it when Jenna had it. I’m feeling lots better today, but will need to crash soon.

>137 richardderus: I am feeling better, RD. If I cough it feels like my throat’s being torn apart, and my chest is really tight. Temp, tired, and etc.

>138 LizzieD: Thank you, Peggy! I need all the help I can get!

Wordle 971 3/6*


Wordle 972 4/6*


Yesterday was interesting - besides feeling awful, I was following up on the prescription for Paxlovid that the ER sent to my pharmacy. When I called them ~9:30 a.m., a message said they were closed due to an emergency and forwarded me to a CS rep - somewhere in their system, did not know where. He sent me off to the Walgreens in Carrboro, about 45 minutes away. I was so sick I didn't even remember that there was a Walgreens in Siler City, only about 20 minutes away, but karma isn't always a bitch.

Matt, the pharmacist in Carrboro, said it was going to be $502. I went Yipes, and he said to go to a website/app called paxcess and see if I qualified for a reduced copay. He said the pharmacists used to be able to do it for customers, but Pfizer changed it so the customers have to. I am proud of myself - did it on my phone, and was approved. After a bit of dithering with actually getting the email with the 4 codes I needed for the prescription, I called Matt back, gave them to him, and it turned the copay of $502 into $0. And, the Paxlovid wasn't in stock but was coming in at 1 p.m. and he'd fill my order first. So Bill got there 2-ish and by the time he got home and I ate the 2 Taco Bell crispy tacos he got for me and figured out how to get into the darned box (covid brain) open and etc., it was around 4 of so.

I felt awful yesterday - spiking fevers, coughing. My eyes hurt, my head hurt, my teeth hurt. And etc. I got some good sleep last night.

Amazingly, I am chipper enough to be here but not chipper enough to visit threads or do anything else except find a new book to read and head back to bed. Probably to nap... Temp was 100.9F earlier.

Thank you all for your love and concern. It really means a lot to me.

Fev 16, 2:01 pm

Sending lots of positive vibes for quick healing!

Fev 16, 2:45 pm

So sorry to hear about the Covid, Karen.

Fev 16, 7:38 pm

>122 karenmarie: Yes, CF indeed! Oh, I do hope you get unclustered and are ready for your surgery. May all the fluids float COVID away...

Fev 16, 10:15 pm

I'm glad to hear you are some better and the fever is down from what it was. I'm sending lots of healing thoughts your way.

Fev 16, 11:14 pm

Wishing you good health and a quick recovery from this unfair Covid! I hope you’re feeling better, soon.

Karen O

Fev 17, 8:22 am

Yikes! Hope the paxlovid helps, and glad you could get it for free.

Fev 17, 9:43 am

>140 streamsong: Hi Janet, and thank you.

>141 SandDune: Hello Rhian. Thank you.

>142 quondame: Hi Susan, and unless something else Very Strange happens between now and February 27th - go/no go day re surgery, I should be getting a new knee on the 29th. Lots and lots of fluids indeed. Today's the first day of coffee since Tuesday, and it tastes good. I'll still drink some strong tea with sugar later, in addition to lots of water and perhaps even a Cherry Bubly.

>143 atozgrl: Thank you, Irene. Temp was 99.3F this morning. Getting there.

>144 klobrien2: Hello Karen, and thank you. In the relative scheme of things I'm lucky that I didn't get it in 2020 or 2021, I went to the ER within 6 hours of symptoms, and was able to get Paxlovid. I'm very lucky and very grateful.

>145 drneutron: Hi Jim. The Paxlovid is miraculous - and right now I just feel like I have a very bad cold. Getting it for free was a bonus. I was willing to pay the $502. The retail price of $1,668.99, perhaps not.

Wordle 973 4/6* trope, spunk, palsy, psalm


Yesterday was my new Covid normal - sleep, eat, read, drink liquids, rinse and repeat. I texted a few more folks who I thought should know. I might call Aunt Ann in Florida today to find out about her newest grandbaby and tell her about my Covid. Strangely, I haven't wanted to let the Friends know, but did let Rita the Librarian know. I should also let our local cousins know.

Arsenal plays Burnley at 10. I'll be here in the Sunroom watching it on my laptop since Bill's in the Living Room. Other than that, read, sleep, eat, drink liquids. Jenna's taking another Covid test this morning. 🤞 for neg.

Fev 17, 10:18 am

Good news! GOOD NEWS!!!! If Jenna tests negative this morning, that will be the icing on everybody's cake.

Good luck to Arsenal! I'm doing a happy dance that Paxlovid is a miracle and that you're on the receiving end. (((((Karen)))))

Fev 17, 10:58 am

Hi Peggy! Yup, coming along. Jenna just tested negative, and is now washing all her bed linens and blankets from the Retreat.

Arsenal are up 2-0 against Burnley at the half. Not a bad start to the morning. Thank you for the hugs and happy dance. I'm grateful for the Paxlovid, grateful that it would have only cost $502, but even more grateful that I got it for $0.

I think I have enough energy to update my LT spreadsheets/lightning round before heading back to the Library after the Arsenal game finishes.

Fev 17, 11:40 am

>148 karenmarie: So good to read of Family's improvement and healing!

Fev 17, 12:14 pm

I'm so glad everyone is on the mend, Karen, and that your surgery is still on. What a relief that must be.

Fev 17, 12:49 pm

>149 m.belljackson: Thank you, Marianne!

>150 lauralkeet: Thanks, Laura. I'm especially pleased that so far my surgery's still on. Lots of relief over here.

Icing on the cake. Arsenal beat Burnley 5-0, which is great for goal differential and keeps them in the hunt to win the league title.

Fev 17, 5:54 pm

Hurray for Arsenal, hurray for Jenna testing negative, and double hurray for free Paxlovid! I'm so glad the news is good today.

Fev 18, 1:07 am

>152 atozgrl: Exactly!!!!

Fev 18, 1:35 am

>151 karenmarie: I thought of you when I saw the Arsenal result, Karen.
So glad you are on the mend, and Jenna tested negative!

Fev 18, 8:26 am

>151 karenmarie: I hope that it is Arsenal's year, Karen. They rather bottled it last year but they are in tremendous form at the moment.

My own team Leeds United are thriving in the second tier "Championship" - they have won all 8 league matches in 2024 scoring 19 goals and conceding just 1 goal in those 8 games.

Have a lovely Sunday.

Fev 18, 8:47 am

Happy to hear that the meds are working. May Jenna have the urgently-desired negative test today...and super-whammy for good news all around on the 27th.


Fev 18, 10:14 am

Good morning, Karen! I hope it's the beginning of a better day all around. Again, I'm relieved that Jenna is testing negative and hope to hear that you have done the same very soon!!!!!

Fev 18, 11:03 am

>152 atozgrl: Hi Irene, and thank you times three. The news was definitely good.

>153 LizzieD: (((((Peggy)))))

>154 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita, and thank you for thinking of me re the Arsenal result. We enjoyed watching the game – Bill in the Living Room, me in the Library. Thanks re Jenna and me.

>155 PaulCranswick: Hi Paul, and I hope so, too. Man City and Chelsea tied yesterday, which was good for Arsenal, too. I’m glad Leeds United are doing well and hope that they are brought back to the Premier League next year. I hope your Sunday is going well.

>156 richardderus: Hi, RD! I sound even better today, RD, with less coughing and etc. Coming along!

Jenna tested negative yesterday, and I just need to NOT be out in public as much as possible before my surgery. I was planning on that already, and this just brought up the timeline. *smooch*

>157 LizzieD: Hi Peggy! I’ve been assured I’ll be negative the Paxlovid, but will take an at home test on Tuesday.

Wordle 974 3/6* trope, share, ridge


Nothing much else exciting yesterday except we got an order of Kleenex from Amazon... major excitement, right?

Grocery store order, Jenna bringing them home. Resting, reading, and etc.

Fev 19, 8:15 am

Wordle 975 2/6* trope, price


Grocery run successful, I ordered on line and Jenna picked them up.


Fev 19, 8:34 am

>159 karenmarie: ...as it needs to be, Horrible me lurve, while you get shed of this COVID awfulness. Rest and recover. *smooch*

Fev 19, 8:44 am

Hiya, RDear.

I was actually busy yesterday ordering food online and putting together a small shoe rack for the Utility Room, where Jenna and I keep our shoes. Senior Kitty peed on Jenna's shoes two weeks ago because she couldn't make it to the box, and I thought "No more shoes on the floor." It took me a while to actually build the rack. It's okay, only cost $20, and holds the shoes we need there with room to spare.

Jenna was finally able to see her sweetie for a couple of hours yesterday, and she took over her Valentine's Day presents and wore the outfit that she was supposed to wear to their date night on Valentine's Day. I hate that she was sick on their first Valentine's Day together.

I'll take a COVID test tomorrow night. Last dose of Paxlovid is tomorrow morning.

Fev 19, 10:30 am


Must run to Mama!

Fev 19, 11:19 am

I'm glad you are feeling a little better! The shoe rack sounds like a good and very tidy way to solve the problem!

Fev 19, 12:28 pm

I am soooo glad you’re feeling better Karen!!

Fev 19, 6:44 pm

>162 LizzieD: ((((((((((Peggy)))))))))

>163 streamsong: Thanks, Janet. It's functional and solves the problem.

>164 lauralkeet: Me, too, Laura. Thank you.

I stayed up all day (no naps, in other words) - reading, puttering, straightening the Sunroom. Just took my 2nd to last dose of Paxlovid. Every once in a while my mouth has a strange taste, but nothing for an extended period. So far, that is.

Fev 20, 7:23 am

Wordle 976 5/6* trope, glint, stuck, butch, match. Drat. Used U in 4th word when I shouldn't have.


Took my last dose of Paxlovid a while ago. I'll use a test kit later today.

Today's Bill's 68th birthday. Ordering from Amazon is easy on your phone, so I did that last Friday. Card from Jenna, me, and the kitties and various and sundry are out on the coffee table waiting for him to come out.

Dinner will be just the two of us although he doesn't know that yet - Jenna assumed since I was just getting over COVID, that I wouldn't celebrate Bill's birthday today and made plans to be with her girlfriend all week after work and probably most of tomorrow, her day off. I've got the ingredients for cheesecake out getting to room temp, and I'll make Death By Salt Chicken for Bill (first and last time since my heart attack - a.k.a. Beau Monde Chicken), air fryer chicken and a baked potato for me. Plus the cheesecake, of course.

Our cleaning ladies are coming over today, willing to wear masks and use lots of bleach and bleach wipes. I want to stay on our regular schedule.

Fev 20, 7:35 am

Morning, Karen. I hope everyone is healthy again. Thanks for keeping my thread warm, while we were galivanting in NOLA. Speaking of warmth, we are returning to some very mild weather, which I have no problem with. I have some catching up to do on LT and it is going to take awhile.

Happy Birthday, Bill!

Fev 20, 8:28 am

Beau Monde chicken! Blast from the past indeed!

Enjoy Bill's special feast with him, and here's hoping the next COVID test is negative. *smooch*

Fev 21, 8:00 am

>167 msf59: 'Morning the next day, Mark. Happy Wednesday to you. Yes, we're all healthy again, although both Jenna and I have kennel cough and sinus drainage. Covid test results below. Thanks re Bill's birthday.

Glad you've got mild weather, and I can relate to having to catch up on LT. I'm so far behind I'm going to have to resort to using this on threads:

>168 richardderus: Hiya, RDear. Below's the update on yesterday. *smooch*

Wordle 977 3/6* trope, shank, build. Glad I tried the ui combo. It couldn't be guild, already used, so it had to be build for the combo, and it turns out that it was for the win, too.


Well, to back into yesterday, last night I slept straight from 11 p.m. - 6 a.m., which should indicate how tired I was.

Had a card from Jenna, me, and the kitties, along with 2 of Bill's favorite things - candy and short-sleeved pocket T-shirts - out ready for him to see when he came out.

Both Bill and I tested negative for Covid yesterday, and Jenna had tested negative on Saturday AND Sunday.

Got the egg and cream cheese out to get to room temp, did various and sundry in here and around the house to get ready for the cleaning ladies. Practically speaking that meant washing the linens from where I used the couch in the Library, getting some trash and recyclables organized, and cleaning out not one, but two cat boxes, although neither was disgusting, just well used, and etc.

Made the cheesecake just before the cleaning ladies got here at 11:30 and before they started spraying crap in the kitchen got the warm-but-not-still-hot cheesecake into the refrigerator. I love the smell of bleach, and they came masked and armed with bleach and disinfecting wipes in addition to all the usual stuff. I had half an hour's respite then had to start dinner - Beau Monde ("Death by Salt") Chicken for Bill, and air fryer chicken/baked potato for me. We watched the replay of a soccer match from the weekend, then had cheesecake. I put up the leftovers, left everything else, then staggered upstairs. Jenna came home around 9:45 after going directly to her girlfriend's after work. She was whupped and I was whupped. She'd left by the time I got up this morning.

In prep for surgery next week I have started isolating (although I got hammered because Jenna brought it home from work and we didn't realize she had it before we started avoidance/masks/gloves), so cancelled today's massage and tomorrow's chiropractic appointments. Sadness, but necessary for my peace of mind. I will go to the drive-through at the pharmacy and place a small on-line order to be picked up from the parking lot of the grocery store late morning/early afternoon. And then, Arsenal plays FC Porto for Championship League at 3 p.m.

I'll also update my reading spreadsheets and Lightning Round, read, and putter. I need to do a bit more updating of location tags here in the Sunroom, which is always fun.

Zoe Rose is needing some attention - she's literally 6" from my left arm as I'm typing this, purring, and waiting for me to give her lap time. I'll visit threads in a bit - girl kitty is too cute to ignore any longer.

Fev 21, 8:29 am

YAY for negative tests all around! Yum for cheesecake, and your death-by-salt birthday dinner for that stripling husband of yours. Isolate well, and enjoy the preparatory puttering. *smooch*

Fev 21, 9:58 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Wednesday. Since Sue is not working, Bree will drop off Jack this AM and he will hang out here. I can't wait to see him. A beautiful day here, so we will be heading to the park.

Glad to hear everyone is healthy there.

Fev 21, 10:37 am

That was a lot of work yesterday for a thoroughly well person. Hooray for negativity!!!!!

That Wordle! How on earth?????? I was put off because they have used the past part. form of that word as verb. I'm glad I tried it. You too!!!!!

Rest today! (((((Karen)))))

Fev 21, 11:16 am

I am so glad that you are feeling better! Hooray for testing negative and having the energy to bake a cheesecake and dinner and a cheesecake and a cheesecake . :) Huh, I am just generally impressed by that sort of baking.

Wordle in three for me today, too, although with my two beginning words that I always use, I had only one letter to come up with. Do you suscribe to the NYT? I'm tempted just so I can get my daily Wordle analysis.

I also do NYT Connections and sometimes Word Bee.

Fev 21, 12:49 pm

Mmmm ... cheesecake. I hope you all enjoyed the birthday celebration. Hurray for negative tests all around, too.

Nice Wordling.

Fev 21, 6:33 pm

>169 karenmarie: Very glad to hear that you are all testing negative now, and mostly feeling better. It sounds like you had quite the busy day yesterday, in spite of not being fully recovered! I'm sending belated happy birthday wishes to Bill. I hope you had a good day of isolating that was mostly quiet after all of the activity yesterday.

Fev 21, 11:29 pm

I'm glad to hear the COVID tide has ebbed. I hope you're feeling quite fit in a day or so!

Fev 22, 6:01 am

Glad that you all tested negative for Covid. The cheesecake sounds delicious!

Fev 22, 7:40 am

Morning, Karen. Sweet Thursday. Jack never made it by yesterday. I guess he was being such a good boy at home, that Bree just kept him there. I will be going over there around noon today, for 2 hours and then my usual shift tomorrow. Looking forward to my Jackson time.

Fev 22, 9:39 am

>170 richardderus: Yay indeed. It’s all good. Stripling… yeah, right. I ended up talking with 4 people yesterday, but either from my car window 6+ feet away, pharmacy drive-through, or 15 feet away face-to-face. *smooch*

>171 msf59: Hi Mark! Happy Wednesday on Thursday, and sweet Thursday to you. I saw your later post and am sorry Jackson didn’t visit yesterday. Thanks re being healthy.

>172 LizzieD: I did work too hard on Tuesday, Peggy, and did a bit too much yesterday, too. Today will be Reading.and.Puttering.Only. We’re positive about the negativity.

The Wordle Masters are tricksy, no two ways about it.

>173 streamsong: Hi Janet, and thank you. I did too much on Tuesday, but honestly – it was Bill’s actual birthday, he is extraordinarily sensitive to that, and although he said that we could NOT do his birthday on his birthday, I’m happy it’s behind me. This is the simplest cheesecake in the world. It was on a Knudsen sour cream container and my mother tried it in the early 1960s. Here ‘tis in case you’re wanting some yummy, creamy, sweetness. Richard is familiar with this recipe, aren’t you, RD?
My Mother’s Cheese Cake
Knudsen Sour Cream Container Cheesecake Recipe, 1960s

13 graham crackers, approx 1 ¾ cup crumbs*
¼ lb butter (1 stick), melted**
16 ounces cream cheese, softened
2/3 cup sugar
1 egg

8 ounces sour cream
1 t vanilla
2 t sugar

Preheat oven to 325F. Grind graham crackers to fine crumbs.*** Add melted butter, press into pie pan. Beat cream cheese and sugar by hand until smooth, add egg and beat until smooth. Put in pie crust, bake 18-20 minutes. While pie is cooling (20 minutes), combine sour cream, sugar, and vanilla. Add topping to cheese cake, bake 10 minutes more. Chill thoroughly.

*It used to be that one sleeve of graham crackers worked, but as they keep giving you less for the same $ or more, I figured out 13 one year when the graham cracker crumbs + stick of melted butter were too greasy and didn't fill the pan properly. YMMV on the # of crackers to use. It's currently 9 per sleeve, don't know how many it used to be.

**for low-sodium users, 1 stick unsalted butter + ¼ t salt works well. I melt the butter (plus salt if unsalted butter) in a 4-cup Pyrex measure in the microwave, then dump in the graham crackers crumbs and stir with a fork. Saves dishes.

***I put the graham crackers into a gallon-sized baggie, then use my marble rolling pin to grind them. They do not have to be pulverized. A few larger crumbs are actually desirable, IMO.

I use a 9” Pyrex pie pan.
I do subscribe to the NY Times, but am seriously considering dropping the subscription because I am almost completely avoiding news. I used to do Word Bee but got out of the habit and tried Connections a couple of times, but my brain isn’t wired that way so failed more frequently than succeeded.

>174 lauralkeet: Thanks all around, Laura.

>175 atozgrl: Hi Irene, and thank you. Tuesday was too busy. Yesterday was a bit too much but okay, today will be purely self-indulgent.

>176 quondame: Hi Susan, and thank you. My expectations are to feel better in a day or two because recovery time has expanded as I've gotten older. I'm still coughing, had a slight temp yesterday, and my eyes feel gritty right now. All this equates to doing nothing today. We’ll see if that actually happens…

>177 figsfromthistle: Hi Anita, and thank you. I just had Breakfast Cheesecake with my first cup of coffee.

>178 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and sorry Jackson never visited yesterday. Glad you’ll get a fix in today and have him more tomorrow.

Wordle 978 5/6* trope, bevel, vegan, weave, heavy


Did a bit of straightening in the kitchen, wrote two checks. Mailed one, and dropped one off at a mailbox that's on the Treasurer's property. She was coming out of her garage when I was dropping the check off, so chatted from about 15' apart for a few minutes. They're prepping the private road of our little 15-house subdivision for paving early in March, so said hi to two of the men doing that work. Went to the pharmacy, through the drive-through. Watched Arsenal lose to FC Porto in the 4th minute of second half stoppage time, 1-0. Sadness.

Read, worked on location tags, watched half a recorded soccer match from the weekend, etc.

As mentioned above, today will be Reading.And.Puttering. We'll see how long I can withstand the jitters about needing to Do Things.

Jenna and I will definitely spend 10 minutes confirming that we want to move the sleeper sofa in the Library so that it faces the windows. If she's not too cranky, what with this being her day off and all, we might actually do it. This will make it easier to get into and out of bed after my surgery - left leg in first, then right either on pillows outside the covers, or in last. I was practicing in my mind how it would work, and don't think I'll be happy with leaving it the way it is - there's not enough room to go around to effect right-in-first, and left-in-first stresses me to think about. Plus, Polar Care machine.

Fev 22, 10:19 am

Heavens, Karen! You have already been out this morning????

I hope you get your sofa moved and that otherwise you can read and putter to your heart and body's content. I wish I could teach you how to put aside the need to DO THINGS!

Fev 22, 10:29 am

'Morning, Peggy!

I've been out of the bedroom, traveled through the kitchen and hallway, and have landed in the Sunroom. No visits outside the house, much less in a vehicle.


Puttering includes Doing.Things, but today's puttering will be limited to eating, drinking water/coffee/Bubly, reading, updating spreadsheets, visiting some on LT, and perhaps even napping in addition to the Library visit with Jenna to make a decision about the sleeper sofa.

DOING THINGS is just another way to say adulting, and I'm heartily sick of it at the moment.

Editado: Fev 22, 12:22 pm

I'm so glad you are feeling better. It sounds like you have some home projects that you accomplished, but you are not rushing to do a lot. Congratulations.

Fev 22, 11:40 am

Hi Linda! Thank you. There are always home projects, of course, but yes, several things have gotten done this week that needed doing.

I've updated my books read message and updated the smut and 2024 books read spreadsheets and the February Lightning Round word document. Plus, I took recyclables to the garage and put some into Bill's SUV (I know... it was bothering me so thought the effort was justified by the reduction in stress. The bags are light. Took me all of 10 minutes, and I didn't exert myself physically.)

Fev 22, 11:44 am

>173 streamsong: Must say I have learned a lot and I think become a better Wordle-er from reading the WordleBot analysis every day.

Fev 22, 12:19 pm

>179 karenmarie: Timing is everything when scheduling these tasks....


Fev 22, 1:10 pm

Checking in on you, Karen! Glad to hear that the COVID has come and (mostly) gone!

Fev 22, 6:12 pm

Happy Thursday, Karen!

Belated happy birthday to Bill!
I hope all goes smooth preparing for your surgery next week.

Fev 22, 8:50 pm

Here's the next readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/358715

Fev 23, 8:17 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Friday. Enjoyed my Jackson time yesterday and will be more in today. Not as warm today but 52F ain't shabby either. Absolutely nothing happening at my feeders. The quietest it has been in months.

Fev 23, 9:40 am

>184 magicians_nephew: Hi Jim. I occasionally use WordleBot, but not every day.

>185 richardderus: Hiya, RDear! Yes, indeed. *smooch*

>186 alcottacre: Hi Stasia. Yes, the Covid is not in the house any more – in addition to us all testing negative, my cleaning ladies wore masks on Tuesday and bleached or disinfectant wiped as many things as they could do that to.

>187 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita. I hope your Thursday was a good one, and I hope your Friday is even a better one. Thanks re Bill and my surgery prep.

>188 SilverWolf28: Hi Silver, and thank you.

>189 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, happy Friday. I’m glad you got Jackson time yesterday, hope you enjoy the boy again today.

My feeders need attention, but I do have some House Finches eating wild bird seed. A female Cardinal just swooped in, too. I wonder why yours are so quiet? Maybe the weather swings/not so much winter?

Wordle 979 2/6* trope, apart. *blinks* All I wanted to do was see if there was an A in it.


I spent a lot of time puttering in the Library after Jenna and I moved the sleeper sofa - vacuuming, cleaning the chair rail and window sills that don't usually get attention. I'm deliberately leaving this photo oversized so those who like you-know-whats can see Senior Kitty. Inara is in the blanket on the left and the red blanket is available in case she wants a change. Jenna made sure the blankets were there for Senior Kitty yesterday.

Today is another day of Reading.And.Puttering. The puttering will be Library Edition, the reading ... well... smut, of course. Perhaps a Federalist...

Fev 23, 10:30 am

Hi Karen - Ms Senior Kitty (is that Anara?) looks like the scene of ET hiding in the closet full of stuffed toys - can you spot the one that is different?

Love your library. That looks like a very pleasant place to recuperate. Are the books TBR, Read, or a combination of the two?

Fev 23, 10:39 am

Happy Day, Karen! WORDLE IN TWO!!!!!! That's magic and lights up this outside grimness, I hope. Well done!

I get lazier and lazier. I surely hope I can read some - need to finish Resurgence!

Fev 23, 11:26 am

>190 karenmarie: Oh my, apart from one of Them that is a lovely view indeed. Great place to do your recovery.

*smooch* Oh...I have a new thread up.

Fev 23, 12:06 pm

>191 streamsong: Hi Janet. I love it – Inara hiding in the stuffed toys like ET. The books are a combination of read, tbr, and ssh – shelf space honor. And, of course, I had to go down that rabbit hole: 1,887 books in the Library.

read 216
ssh 459
tbr 1212

>192 LizzieD: I know! Amazing, isn’t it Peggy? I was thrilled and surprised. You, my dear, are NOT lazy. Not in any version of the universe I know of, at any rate. And, you are, seemingly, in a comfort-read mode, which makes me happy that you have comfort books to be read/reread.

>193 richardderus: Hiya, RD! Yes, I know about senior THEM. But you can pretend that the blanket is just patterned loveliness. I love the Library, but am usually in the Sunroom because of the computer and the TV being on in the Living Room. I am NOT looking forward to having to hear the TV more than I already do since I’ll be a captive audience post surgery. Yay for a new thread. I shall meander my way soonest.

Fev 24, 4:32 am

Your library is fabulous, Karen. I'm so glad you are all covid free and I wish you the very best with your knee surgery.

Fev 24, 8:20 am

I LOVE The Library! A true-blue book lover resides here. ❤️

Fev 24, 8:23 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Saturday. We went from 63F on Thursday to snow and temps in the 20s today. It won't stick around long. Back in the 50s tomorrow.

We are having a good time with Jack. He cried a couple of times last night but Sue soothed him and he managed to sleep through the night. They are still sleeping.

Fev 24, 8:43 am

>194 karenmarie: I am so sorry about the TV, sweetness. May I suggest some noise-cancelling headphones like mine:
They are currently 20% off. They are also the reason my roommate is still alive. *smooch*

Fev 24, 9:55 am

'Morning, all.

I didn't sleep well and just got up and had my first sip of coffee. I will eat breakfast, take my meds, then come visit in a while.

Fev 24, 10:29 am

Good morning, (((((Karen))))). I wish you may have time to nap and still get a better night's rest tonight. Meanwhile, enjoy your day.
(Did I say that I love your library? I love your library.)

Wordle in 6 and relieved to get it.

Fev 24, 11:28 am


Thanks re my Library. I love it, too. I spent some more time yesterday getting things under control, but all prep may be for naught. I just tested positive for COVID again - sneezing/coughing/drainage last night, additional symptoms of sinus headache, temperature, and eyes gritty this morning. I guess Paxlovid rebound is actually a thing.

I'll call the surgeon's office on Monday, but will be surprised if they say c'mon on down for Thursday surgery. It's probably not meant to be right now.

On the upside,

Wordle 980 3/6* trope, peril, piper


on the downside, COVID.

I'm going to find another MM romance - aka smut - and escape the world for a while.

Fev 24, 11:35 am

>201 karenmarie: NOOOOOO! I'm so sorry Karen, that just sucks.

Fev 24, 11:50 am

>201 karenmarie: - I'm so sorry, Karen. I hope the surgery can be rescheduled in short order.

Fev 24, 12:08 pm

Oh, I’m so sorry, Karen . Such a disappointment. I hope you are feeling better soon . ( hugs)

Fev 24, 1:29 pm

>201 karenmarie: I’m so sorry that Covid is back with you! I hope that you quickly get better and can start planning again for your surgery. Best wishes to you now and always!

Karen O

Fev 24, 4:05 pm

>201 karenmarie: So sorry COVID did strike back, Karen :-(

Fev 24, 10:12 pm

>201 karenmarie: Oh, no, what terrible news! I still want to hold out some hope that things can proceed, but what do I know? Sending you many {{{hugs}}}

Fev 24, 10:17 pm

So sorry you tested positive for COVID. Drat!

Ontem, 9:27 am

Morning, Karen. Sorry to hear about the Covid comeback! Take care and keep us updated.

Ontem, 9:41 am

>201 karenmarie: Craptastic news, Horrible. So so sorry this happened.

Ontem, 10:16 am

(((((((((((((((Karen))))))))))))))) I hope that you're clearly on the mend this morning. Be very good to yourself.

Ontem, 10:45 am

Well darn- hope it passes quickly!

Ontem, 10:54 am

>195 vancouverdeb: Thanks, Deborah, re my Library. Not so much, re the Covid, alas.

>196 msf59: Hi Mark, and thank you. Oh yes, from >1 karenmarie:: Five ways to describe me and books: bibliolater, bibliomaniac, bibliophile, lectiophiliac, bookworm.

>197 msf59: Hi Mark, from yesterday. I hope you had a good Saturday. Wow. Huge temp swing. Glad Jackson slept through the night.

>198 richardderus: I just looked at the headphones, RD. OS owes his life to headphones. *smile*

>200 LizzieD: Thanks re my Library, Peggy. Wordle in 6 is always a relief. I got it in 5 today, with a little help from my spreadsheets.

>202 lauralkeet: It does suck, Laura, but they DID say no symptoms on Tuesday, so I might not call them on Monday and give myself the extra 24 hours. I feel a lot better this morning, although I have a pesky low-grade temp. Realistically? I’ll still have symptoms on Tuesday. Ideally? No symptoms.

>203 katiekrug: Hi Katie, and thank you. I’m still holding out for no symptoms on Tuesday = surgery on Thursday.

>204 vancouverdeb: Thanks, Deborah. I’d like to feel better soon for all sorts of reasons. Thanks for the hugs.

>205 klobrien2: Hi Karen, thank you.

>206 FAMeulstee: Thank you, Anita. Hugs always appreciated, too.

>207 atozgrl: Thanks for the hugs, Irene. It is terrible news, and the timing would be really tight on not having any symptoms on Tuesday. There IS still some hope, but it depends on how today goes, mostly.

>208 Whisper1: Thanks, Linda. I still feel like I have a bad cold.

>210 richardderus: Yes, craptastic news indeed. Thank you, RD.

>211 LizzieD: I’ll take all the hugs I can get, so thank you, Peggy. I am somewhat on the mend, but still have symptoms and a fever. I’ll try to be very good to myself – do nothing but read and possibly nap. No puttering. The birds will have to wait for feeder replenishment.

Wordle 981 5/6* trope, stalk, shunt, sixth, smith


Yesterday went as expected - depressed, sad, and etc. Although we did watch Arsenal beat Newcastle 4-1. Bill watched in the Living Room, I watched on my laptop here in the Sunroom.

Reading. No puttering. I have placed a grocery store order to go - mostly just stuff for me - and Bill will pick that up when he picks up prescriptions and Dayquil/Nyquil from the pharmacy for me. Jenna has stayed away since Friday night, which is good for her, sad for me. I don't anticipate her coming home today, either. Also good for her, sad for me.

Thank goodness for smut!

Ontem, 12:25 pm

"No symptoms on Tuesday" seems like the right approach to me, Karen. The odds might not be great, but there's no reason not to wait and see.

Ontem, 6:38 pm

>201 karenmarie: Nooooo! This is reality going beyond all polite bounds. You did all the right stuff and still!!!

Ontem, 7:50 pm

Can't say I like the ending here. Makes me leery; do I face a reckoning? I don't think you are at all deserving of this. Good grief.

Hey, I'm reading Cormoran Strike: Lethal White. That's the fourth one, correct? I responded to Jeff's chunkster challenge, promising to read four of them this year. I'm on page 121, so I've barely scratched the surface. I wish Jo-Bob would get on with it. I mean, I got other stuff to read too.