Associated authors do not disambiguate

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Associated authors do not disambiguate

Jan 25, 5:33 am

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Look at "Associated Authors"

See Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, Tom Peters, American Academy Of Poetry listed.

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Look at "Associated Authors"

See Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, Tom Peters, American Academy Of Poetry listed.

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Look at "Associated Authors"

See Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, Tom Peters, American Academy Of Poetry listed.

And so on for all the authors listed at

I don't know which of the William Georges is meant to have them listed.

Jan 25, 5:58 am

Looks like the American Academy of Poetry is a glitch, as no separated author has the Annual Poetry anthology listed as a work on their page.

Jan 25, 8:21 am

Similar case at, where the "Associated authors" all belong to

Jan 25, 9:06 am

Wait. You JUST did the separation? So you've not waited 24 hours for the system to catch up and clear things out?

Editado: Jan 25, 1:40 pm

>5 gilroy: 1) Actually I noticed the bad combination after posting here.
2) It doesn't matter, the underlying error exists regardless, see my post at >4 DuncanHill:

Fev 4, 6:24 am

Am I on an "ignore list"?

Fev 4, 7:29 am

>7 DuncanHill: I don't think very many bugs have been fixed at all lately.

Fev 4, 5:43 pm

>8 gilroy: "I don't think very many bugs have been fixed at all lately"

Fixed? Acknowledged would be a start!

Fev 4, 6:34 pm

>9 DuncanHill: Fixed? Acknowledged would be a start!

You are, I think, right that a lot of bugs seem to be slipping through lately. But remember that a lot of people took time off at the holidays. Most are probably back by now, but there is a backlog. Bugs don't stop coming up just because people are away. :-(

I suspect that some things will get missed just because of the backlog.

Editado: Fev 4, 6:46 pm

>10 waltzmn: I must apologise, I am unfamiliar with American "The Holidays"
Which ones occur around the 25th January to 4th February? Is that Thanksgiving? Independence Day? Labor Day?


Sorry, that was a bit snarky. But there's a BIG difference between "you posted this on Christmas Eve, and it's only Boxing Day" and "you posted this on a random day in January and it's over a week later now".

Fev 4, 6:48 pm

>10 waltzmn:

This reminds me of another point that is perhaps too easy to forget.

How much are you paying for this service? Unless you're using TinyCat, you are paying... nothing.

And this is not Facebook. You see no ads, they do not sell your data, and they do not pass you inflammatory trash intended to keep you on the site while encouraging the rest of the world to burn. Or even, in the case of a certain service that no longer uses its original name, being used by its chief officer to lie and self-aggrandize. This service exists basically because Tim S. believes in it and wants us to have it.

That means that it runs with a small staff, because the income is limited. They deal with such problems as they can deal with.

Asking for more is reasonable. Complaining... well, remember how much you're paying.

Fev 4, 7:02 pm

>12 waltzmn: I actually pay a lot to use this - as do our other prolific contributors. I contribute several hours of skilled labour every day, correcting errors, adding data, merging, or separating as appropriate, and so on and so forth.

I - and many others - add a lot of value to this site. That's why this site can run with such a small paid staff.

Fev 4, 7:10 pm

>13 DuncanHill:

And I contribute, too, as one can see by my list of medals.

But you are not suffering monetary loss. And many people enjoy making contributions of that sort.

And it still does not change the fact that the staff is small, and must prioritize its time. Unless you want volunteers working on the code. Which I, for one, would not want unless they were carefully vetted.

And even the staff are mostly book-lovers, which is why they come here rather than somewhere else.

Fev 4, 7:21 pm

>14 waltzmn: I do enjoy making contributions - up to a point.

What I do not enjoy is being ignored when I point out problems. I do not enjoy being made to feel like there's no point trying to make things better. I particularly do not like being told that my time is valueless. Yours may be.

Fev 4, 7:54 pm

>15 DuncanHill:

Why are you so angry? No one has said your time is valueless. Which is not the same as saying what you do has a monetary equivalent.

It sounds as if you believe people on LibraryThing should get faster service based on how much work they do on the site. But imagine that that were so. The outcome would likely be that people would start doing easy-but-useless edits to move to the head of the line.

We already have people who make useless Common Knowledge contributions to (I would assume) earn medals. Assigning a value to contributions, even if the value is debuggers' time, runs a risk of leading to the collapse of the system.

I do not know how LT staff allocate their time. I do know that writing software is hard (and writing software without bugs is basically impossible), and that software developers often get less efficient when we make them upset. And I do not begrudge the LT staff their right to schedule as they wish.

Fev 4, 8:01 pm

>16 waltzmn: I would like to be acknowledged. I report a problem. I would like an acknowledgment. Something like "Thanks for reporting that. It'll take some time, but we will get to it". It takes only seconds to do. Not over a week.

I do not appreciate people like you who are not staff, and cannot add anything of value to help staff, having a go at people (like me) who report problems. So how about you either a) add something to help staff, or b) shut up. You don't seem to have anything constructive to say.

Fev 5, 8:53 am

This certainly took a turn.

>1 DuncanHill: I am acknowledging your bug report, but I apologize that I have simply not had time to review it yet. I am stacked with projects at the moment, and I have starred your report to come back to as soon as I can. I'm sorry in advance to any others that I have not had time to look at yet.

Fev 5, 8:51 pm

>18 kristilabrie: We appreciate all the hard work you do! I know the paid staff are QUITE few in number and the quantity of issues that must arise - especially after a major upgrade - must be daunting.
Hang in there, and know for every complaint there are scores of us who are quietly grateful for what you do.
To the developers in general: is it possible to permanently 'pin' the information you require for a bug report at the top of the bug report page? And when you say you need to know device and operating system, how specific does that need to be? Do you need the brand and model of a PC, for instance? That sort of thing.

Fev 5, 9:01 pm

>19 BookHavenAZ:

Let me second my appreciation to the staff of LT. I cuss at software developers too (notably the TurboTax people -- but I won't start on that :-), but the LT staff offers a wonderful service at a wonderful price and interact with the rest of us nut jobs much more than most developers.