Overcat Search Not Working In Add New Books

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Overcat Search Not Working In Add New Books

Jan 19, 7:57 pm

Overcat does not search when I try to Add New Book. Amazon.com, Library of Congress, seem to work. British Library does not. When I search in Overcat it says "No Results Found For..." I have tried several book titles including very common ones and nothing is being found.

Jan 19, 8:10 pm

Always, when reporting a bug, please start with:
1. The device you are using (computer, phone, whatever)
2. Operating system version
3. Browser version

Also, in this case, the books would be useful.

That said, I can confirm the problem. It is quite new -- I added a book via overcat less than an hour ago (around midnight GMT), and none of my tests find anything now.

MacOS 13.6.3
Firefox 121.0.1

Search terms tried:
Claude Simpson
Morgan Ring
Variorum Chaucer
pills to purge melancholy

We should all probably try again in a few hours. Sources DO fail, and it's usually at the other end, not LibraryThing's end.

Jan 19, 8:55 pm

Thanks for the info, its my first Bug Report.

Dell XPS 13 Plus Laptop
Windows 11
Firefox 121.0.1 64 bit

Towards Democracy
Edward Carpenter
Harry Potter

I'll try again in a few hours.

Editado: Jan 19, 9:49 pm

>3 GloriaMundi93:

Are you searching by title or ISBN?

I just did a search on Overcat by ISBN for The Annotated Dracula and it came right up, though using just the title did not work.

Jan 19, 9:48 pm

British Library isn't going to work for weeks if not months. They were hacked & it's going to take time for them to recover.

Jan 20, 2:25 am

Noting that OverCat is the one source that LT has control of.

Jan 20, 3:08 am

>1 GloriaMundi93: If I remember correctly OverCat only works if some other LT member entered the book from a library source before. So if people have entered them manually or from Amazon - no luck

Jan 20, 3:39 am

This may be a general problem with title searches, as Harry Potter is not working for several sources, both library and Amazon.

Jan 21, 9:05 am

I'm also finding this to be the case (can't find anything through overcat)

1. Desktop computer, custom
2. Win 11
3. Firefox 121.0.1 64 Bit

Jan 21, 9:44 am

>10 jakebornheimer: What are you searching for? Titles or ISBNs? Please include examples.

Editado: Jan 22, 9:41 am

Same here:

1. Laptop
2. Windows 10
3. Chrome version 120.0.6099.71

I searched for, a few examples:
In Memoriam
Black trillium
A day of fallen night

Eventually I added them from Amazon, but I hate doing that...

Jan 22, 9:46 am

>12 ScarletBea:

How did you search? In Memoriam comes up immediately in Overcat if you use the ISBN. Same with Black Trillium and A Day of Fallen Night.

Jan 22, 10:07 am

>12 ScarletBea: Yes, Overcat comes up with 7 results using your ISBN for Black Trillium.

There is obviously a bug here about how search is treating titles. Next time, you can try the ISBN rather than turning to Amazon right away.

Jan 22, 11:00 am

>14 MarthaJeanne: Next time, you can try the ISBN rather than turning to Amazon right away.

Only helpful if a book is new enough to have an ISBN, though. Two of my five sample searches were directed at books that are too old for that. :-/ So it really needs a fix.

Editado: Jan 22, 1:19 pm

Yes, I always start searching by ISBN - neither that nor title (second option) was working.

I found In Memoriam by using my ISBN (now), but not A Day of Fallen Night, ISBN 9781526619815.
And The last passenger, ISBN 9781529382822, doesn't appear on overcat - at least just now.

I'm also trying to add Murdle, my ISBN is 9781800818026, and it's not showing up, either searching for the ISBN or the title - which doesn't make sense because I can see the book when I just added the touchstone.

Jan 22, 1:58 pm

Overcat still not turning up Title and Author search results. Much of my collection is pre ISBN and I have entered items using Overcat before so this is a new bug. Much of what I have is not on Amazon or the particular early edition is not. Author name search is also not working, I tried Stephen King and Thomas Mann.

Dell XPS 13 Plus Laptop
Windows 11
Firefox 121.0.1 64 bit

Jan 25, 8:11 pm

Overcat is still not giving Title or Author search results. Must of our collection is science volumes that pre-date ISBN. This is a new bug as we have entered several hundred items perviously.

The current item is The Romance of the Heavens, Gerald Beavis, Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott, 1931.

I am using a 2019 MacBook Pro with a 2.3 GHz 8-core Intel Core i9 using macOS Sonoma 14.2.1 and Safari 17.2.1.

Editado: Fev 3, 9:48 pm

>18 nwaspace:

You won't get a result from Overcat when no one has catalogued the book from a library source.

Fev 3, 9:12 pm

>11 MarthaJeanne: For example, it returns no results for searches like:

"oxford dictionary of english etymology",
"wolf solent, penguin" (whereas the book's ISBN 0140021825 does bring up results)

As another user that values the ability to search for pre-ISBN titles without having to correct horrendously incorrect Amazon metadata, I'm hoping for an update to the situation.

Fev 4, 4:21 pm

I am experiencing the same issue. No search results coming up at all on Overcat for non ISBN search.

Fev 5, 9:29 am

Thanks for the reports, and for your extended patience! Waiting for ccatalfo to get back and I'll see if I can look at this with him. I'll report back.

Fev 5, 11:28 am

Okay, seems to be working now - please let me know if you're still seeing issues.

Editado: Fev 5, 8:58 pm

Looks like there is still an issue.
cf. https://www.librarything.com/topic/358071#8403064

To reproduce: search Overcat for "You can die, zanetti" versus "9781420154368"

Fev 6, 12:40 pm

Dell XPS 13 Plus Laptop
Windows 11
Firefox 121.0.1 64 bit

Overcat seems to be working for me now in both title and author searches. Thanks to whoever fixed it!