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Missing checkmark

Jan 17, 8:04 am

I combined my book - Gjenferdet av Alexander Wolf by Gajto Gazdanov
The Specter of Alexander Wolf by Gaito Gazdanov

The checkmark disappeared (in front of my book) - then I split it from the book group (The Specter of Alexander Wolf) now it is not listed among any of the Auther's books on his book page


Editado: Jan 17, 8:32 am

It is now on the book page.

I have now recombined the two works. Your name is on the member list. Please give it an hour or two to catch up with itself. Then let us know if the checkmark shows up. Part of the problem may be the numbers of different forms of the author's name that have to be considered.

Jan 17, 8:29 am

I see it on the author page. Combined some translations while there, but left yours uncombined just in case

Jan 17, 9:28 am

Thank you. The problem is now fixed.

Jan 17, 9:52 am

I suspect that it would have cleared up by itself if you had given it time.

All's well that ends well.