The Innocent. Harlan Coben

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The Innocent. Harlan Coben

Jan 14, 4:45 am

9780752864747 the barcode from this book leads to a picture of the book but
The author and description is the innocent by magdalen mann
And a series. Can this be fixed please

Editado: Jan 14, 5:05 am

Closing. LT cannot 'fix' what data sources have. Try a different source. (Overcat works.)

However, your entry looks fine.

If you really think there is a bug here, you will need to reopen this, with a lot more information about what the problem is.

Editado: Jan 14, 6:27 am

BTW, I did find this entry

Which seems to be based on bad Amazon,UK data. I have separated it out of The Innocent by Magdalen Nabb. I find nothing in LT by Magdalen Mann.

BTW Even if this piece of ratty data is what you are referring to, it still cannot be fixed. Member data is sacred, and LT does not edit it.