missing books?

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missing books?

Jan 12, 10:52 am

I added a second copy of Listening to the Stars: Jocelyn Bell Burnell Discovers Pulsars last night. And I don't see it anymore. I think there should be other books that I added since Jan. 7, and the lastest book I see added to my collections is listed as Jan. 7. Help? I am pretty sure they were all there yesterday when I looked at "My books". I double checked that I am looking at all collections. In any case the second copy of the Jocelyn Bell book does seem to be missing. Any idea what might have happened?

Editado: Jan 12, 10:57 am

>1 al.vick:

I'm seeing Listening to the Stars in your catalog, but it shows as having been entered on August 31, 2023. Were you adding a second copy?

Oh, never mind. I should have read your post more carefully, because you say right there that it's a second copy. I guess I need a second cup of caffeine.

Jan 12, 11:16 am

>1 al.vick: Like you, I see nothing added since Jan 7.

Jan 12, 11:18 am

yes, I was adding a second copy. I added it through the phone app, and it seemed to work, and I have not had trouble with adding though the app. Maybe that addition just didn't work, and that is the only one "missing". It has been a crazy week for me.

Jan 12, 11:22 am

>4 al.vick: Are you sure that you were logged into your account in the app?

Jan 12, 12:11 pm


Jan 12, 12:13 pm

I can try adding it again through the app, but I didn't want to muddy the waters yet.

Jan 12, 12:17 pm

>4 al.vick: Hmm... "it seemed to work" - did you scan-to-add the book, or did you run a manual search and then add it? What confirmation did you get after adding it? What data source/s are you searching on the LT App (from the Home > Account page)? What type and version of the app do you have (iOS, version 1.2.3, etc.)? I can try and see if anything is awry.

Jan 12, 1:14 pm

I scanned it, and it did find the book finally, but I don't remember the actual confirmation. Used Amazon as a search, it's where I bought the book from anyway. I have a iPhone 12 mini, IOS 17.1.2. What version of the app? Not sure. It's up to date on my IOS as far as I know. I will try scanning it again...Seemed to work this time. I see it in the catalog now. Must have been some one-off problem in finding/adding the book last night.

Jan 12, 2:41 pm

>9 al.vick: Hmm, ok! Thanks for the note, it's definitely worth keeping an eye out if it crops up again. Glad you got your book added, finally!