February SFFKIT: Critters and creatures

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February SFFKIT: Critters and creatures

Jan 10, 11:19 pm

Critters and creatures of all sorts abound in science fiction and fantasy.

They may be 'real' animals in a SFF setting:
- Aslan, Reepicheep and others in The Chronicles of Narnia
- Redwall series
- The Bees

Author imagined creatures
- the sandworms in Dune
- the castle in Howl's Moving Castle (is it a creature or a house?!)

Creatures that have existed in myth and legend for eons
- dragons, unicorns, gnomes, elves, witches, mermaids, banshees, selkies . . . too many to even make a book list!

Alien creatures from other planets or galaxies
- The War of the Worlds, Contact, Semiosis, Project Hail Mary

Genetically modified or human made creatures
- Jurassic Park, Murderbot series, The Island of Doctor Moreau, The Windup Girl, Borne, Children of Time

Lots to choose from for this topic - looking forward to lots of BBs!

Don't forget to add your reads to the wiki here. https://wiki.librarything.com/index.php/2024_SFF_KIT#2024_SFFKIT%20

Jan 10, 11:20 pm

I have posted a little early as we are heading away for a week and I'm not sure of internet availability.

Jan 11, 12:23 am

Planning to read John Kessel's Pride and Prometheus, a mashup of Jane Austen and Mary Shelley.

Editado: Jan 11, 1:56 pm

If my Tolkien read goes as planned, I will read The Hobbit in February, and it fits as it has several creatures: Dwarves, elves, Beorn the skin-changer, Gollum, goblins, giants, trolls and a dragon. And hobbits, of course!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's choices!

Jan 11, 2:19 pm

I am going to read Devolution by Max Brooks, a novel which features the Sasquatch.

Jan 12, 8:01 pm

>5 DeltaQueen50: I was going to read Devolution, too! But my hold on the ebook in Libby was poorly timed, so I had to return it and probably won’t see it again before the end February.

Instead, I’m planning on reading either Mrs. Caliban or Little Eyes, which don’t seem to be as much in demand.

Jan 13, 12:24 am

>6 Charon07: Is Mrs Caliban the book that the movie The Shape of Water is based on?

Jan 13, 5:29 am

>6 Charon07: Mrs Caliban sounds intriguing. I might read it as well.

Jan 13, 2:49 pm

>6 Charon07: Oh dear, I have Mrs. Caliban as well and it does sound intriguing. But for now I think I will stick with Devolution as I've had it for quite some time.

Jan 13, 7:44 pm

>7 JayneCM: Apparently not. I don’t think the film was based on a novel, though there was a novelization of it (The Shape of Water).

But this review,


says, “It would be fair to call the book [Mrs. Caliban] a complex, funhouse-mirror version of The Shape of Water.

Jan 15, 5:07 am

>10 Charon07: Ah, interesting. I wasn't sure which came first, the book or the movie.

Jan 15, 7:27 am

I have CJ Cherryh's Visitor waiting in the queue for February. I'm still catching up on her Foreigner series.

Jan 16, 3:31 pm

I'm planning on reading the second book in James Rollins' Moon Fall series. The first book featured huge bats and other creatures that were incredibly important to the storyline, so I'm assuming this second installment will be no different!

Fev 1, 2:41 pm

Finished Bookshops and bonedust by Travis Baldree which featured a number of creatures and critters. Orcs and elves, rattkin and feys - and a gryphet.
It is very like Legends and latte, and too like it for my taste. A pale echo, with a very pompous and self important tone which fortunately relaxes into a more wry and pleasant atmosphere.

Fev 2, 4:19 pm

Jayne's ideas have inspired me to read The Windup Girl, which also fits the AwardCAT as a Nebula award winner.

Fev 5, 5:34 am

Finished The Wind in the Willows which I never actually read when younger. I found it sweet (but suspect I'd have appreciated it more if I had read it when younger so the nostalgia factor came into play)

Fev 6, 2:06 pm

I just finished Kiss of the Spindle by Nancy Campbell Allen, which features several characters who are shapeshifters.

Fev 7, 12:30 am

I finished Eagle Drums, a middle grade retelling of an Iñupiaq legend where the protagonist lives with eagle shapeshifter gods for most of the story.

Fev 7, 2:10 pm

I read James Morrow's Shambling Towards Hiroshima, a comic alternate history which imagines that the US military attempted to get the Japanese to surrender at the end of WWII by threatening to deploy its newly-created army of giant fire-breathing lizards (an actual thing in this fictional universe, not just a hypothetical threat).

Fev 8, 2:21 pm

Currently reading Bored Gay Werewolf by Tony Santorella

Fev 9, 3:29 am

Would The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry count here, or have I got hold of the wrong end of the stick?

Fev 9, 1:40 pm

I finished Mrs. Caliban. I have to say that, other than both having a woman who becomes romantically involved with a sea monster who has been held at a research facility, the film The Shape of Water and this novel have very little in common. (I know it sounds like a lot in common, but it’s really not.) Mrs. Caliban I wouldn’t even classify as science fiction any more than, say, Animal Farm is. It’s really more a social satire or a domestic fable. I enjoyed it, and it’s probably a more “substantive” work, but I liked The Shape of Water better.

Fev 9, 3:29 pm

I finished Starling House which had monsters galore

Fev 9, 10:10 pm

>21 Robertgreaves: I say it counts - certainly the townspeople believe it is real and it influences behavior.

Fev 10, 7:28 am

>21 Robertgreaves: I just finished that and yeah, I counted it.

Fev 10, 5:21 pm

I read The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune, which has a variety of creatures including what has to be the world's most adorable wyvern.

I hadn't realized it would, but Wendy Webb's Daughters of the Lake would qualify too, as a water creature (god? spirit? not sure what to call him) plays a key role.

Fev 11, 1:20 pm

I have completed Devolution by Max Brooks and it was a nail biter. I don't believe in Sasquatch but as scary monsters they made for a frightening read.

Fev 12, 10:18 pm

>26 antqueen: I have owned this book since it came out and still haven't read it! But an adorable wyvern is right up my alley!

Fev 14, 2:54 pm

Fev 15, 5:52 pm

I read Mislaid in Parts Half-Known by Seanan McGuire which features dinosaurs and magpies.