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Lynda (Carmenere) - 75 or bust!

Jan 2, 3:35 pm

I am Lynda, a Librarythinger for 15 years, I rarely actually achieve reading 75 books but this year is going to be different! I will read 75 books, if not more, I promise!

Below are my planned reads for January, 2024. Heavy on the Greek with a couple of local group discussion books. Each month will possibly have a theme with those group discussion books.

Good luck to all and Happy New Year!!

Jan 2, 3:36 pm

Enter and let me know you stopped by :0)

Jan 2, 3:43 pm

Happy reading in 2024, Lynda!

Jan 2, 9:16 pm

Welcome back, Lynda!

Jan 2, 9:22 pm

>4 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita!

Jan 2, 9:22 pm

>5 drneutron: Thanks, Jim!!

Jan 2, 9:24 pm

Happy new year! Hope you have a fantastic reading year!

Jan 2, 9:28 pm

Happy New Year, and Happy reading ahead, Lynda .

Jan 2, 9:47 pm

Hi Lynda. I like your idea of posting books you hope to read during a particular month. I look forward to learning what you are reading and learning about you and your son Will.

All good wishes for a wonderful 2024!

Jan 3, 9:38 am

>8 figsfromthistle: Thanks, Anita! I wish the same for you!!

Jan 3, 9:39 am

>9 vancouverdeb: Thanks, Deb! You too!!

Jan 3, 9:42 am

>10 Whisper1: Yes, The pic is a refererence so I will not forget my game plan.

Thank you, same to you, Linda!

Jan 3, 9:45 am

I’m calling today Jammie Day 2.0. I tested for the forth time and once again, no covid. Still I have bad cough, chills and headache. I guess the common cold has been overshadowed covid and its many strains.
I’ll run to the store for soup fixings and read the day away.

Jan 3, 10:58 am

Get well soon so you can enjoy the new year Lynda!

A star has been dropped around here somewhere..........

Jan 3, 8:48 pm

A Jammie day is prime time for reading, Lynda. I hope you feel better soon.

Jan 4, 7:48 pm

"Jammie day" sounds great to me. I spent yesterday in jogging pants and a jogging top, so it was close to jammies, but not quite.

Jan 5, 4:37 am

Hi Lynda! Hope 2024 is treating you well so far.

Your planned reads for January look interesting and I look forward to your thoughts on all the Greek lit - I have some vague plans to read some of that myself.

Jan 5, 11:52 am

Happy New Year, Lynda. I hope you feel better soon.

Jan 5, 6:38 pm

Hi Lynda and Happy New Year - sorry to read that you are feeling under the weather and hope that you are feeling better soon!

Jan 5, 6:46 pm

Happy New Year, Lynda. Hoping to see you around more in 2024. Have a safe & healthy one, my friend.

Jan 7, 9:12 am

Good luck with your 2024 reading!

Jan 8, 6:08 am

Hello Lynda, I wish you a great reading year.
I'm sorry to hear that you're ill. I wish you a speedy recovery.

Jan 8, 1:12 pm

>15 PaulCranswick: Hi Paul! I’m still recovering from this megascold that infiltrated my being. Ugh. I was put on antibiotics on Saturday and it’s beginning to work but jee wiz!

Jan 8, 1:13 pm

Late to the party, Lynda, but I wish you and yours a wonderful 2024!

I hope you get over the megacold soon!!

Jan 8, 1:13 pm

>16 Familyhistorian: Haha it’s become a Jammie kind of week, Meg. I have moments of nasal clarity and then it’s gone. Bla!

Jan 8, 1:55 pm

>17 thornton37814: Those days do a person a world of good! I hope it did the trick for you too, Lori!

Jan 8, 2:00 pm

>18 PawsforThought: Hey Anita, for me, it feels like 2024 has not yet begun. I haven’t done a thing around the house, decorations still not stored, prezzies still under the tree. I try, get exhausted and give up.
Now that my group read book is done, which, sadly I did not attend today because of nasty cough, I’m going to begin today and hopefully finish by tomorrow, Piranesi.
I hope your vague plans become a reality!

Jan 8, 2:01 pm

>19 BLBera: Hi Beth!! Thank you, so do I!

Jan 8, 2:03 pm

>20 DeltaQueen50: Thank you Judy!! I hope so too. This is becoming a tedious, pain in the butt cold.

Jan 8, 2:05 pm

>21 msf59: Happy New Year, Mark!! Thank you and same to you, bird buddy!

Jan 8, 2:07 pm

>22 Tess_W: Greetings, Tess and thank you!

Jan 8, 2:10 pm

>23 Ameise1: Hi there, Barbara!! I wish you a great reading year as well, and I know you will achieve it!
Thanks for the speedy recovery wishes!

Jan 8, 2:12 pm

>25 alcottacre: Happy Monday, Stasia! I wish the same for you as well. I have no doubt you’ll have another stellar reading year!
Thank you!

Jan 8, 2:14 pm

I hope I responded to all. Let me know if I missed you.

I’m going to make a pot of tea, put my techie stuff away and read Piranesi

But first……

Jan 8, 2:21 pm

#1 The Children’s Blizzard
Melanie Benjamin
Library book discussion group

Good story brought to light, well told and suspenseful.
A chilling (no pun intended) tale of an unexpected and deadly blizzard which took many on the prairie in 1888, off guard. Disastrous events take place leaving much loss and enough feelings of guilt to last a lifetime.

Jan 9, 10:59 am

Woke up to text messages from neighbors. High winds created power outages on my street. Thankfully Generac, which I’ve named Sparky is providing heat and illumination at my house. :0) Best investment, ever!!

Plan for today, while I have a spot of energy I’ll begin to take down the tree then read and puzzle.

Editado: Jan 9, 11:42 am

>36 Carmenere: I will have to check into that one. I have an older book, also called The Children's Blizzard but by David Laskin, that I have read a couple of times now. It is also nonfiction as opposed to Benjamin's fictional novel.

I hope your energy levels continue to rise!

Jan 9, 11:56 am

>28 Carmenere: Sorry to hear you’ve not been well and I hope you recover soon.

I read Piranesi last year and loved it - such a wonderful book. I hope you like it.

PS. I think you’re getting me mixed up with one of the Anita’s.

Jan 9, 3:36 pm

>38 alcottacre: ha, you know, i vaguely remember you reading that book. I assumed it was the same book. I believe there was sime accuracy in Benjamin's book. I guess i need to read Laskin's book and compare

Jan 9, 3:42 pm

>39 PawsforThought: i summoned up the strength to at least remove ornaments from tree but now I am exhausted. Now reading time which might turn into napping time.
I've fallen into Piranesi's spell. Im glad you enjoyed it.
Oh my goodness, that is exactly what I did. Im so sorry. I blaim it on brain fog. Pleasee accept my apology.

Jan 10, 3:05 pm

I’m coming around, still tire easily, stilll coughy but overall definitely on the upside.
Tree and decorations are down but will wait till tomorrow to return everything to Xmas closet downstairs.

Off to read more of Piranesi. What an unusual book!

Jan 10, 3:51 pm

>41 Carmenere: No problem, no offence taken. I get mistaken for my closest colleague now and then at work (to be fair, there is a resemblance and we share an office).

Sorry you’re tired, but yay! for more Piranesi. Susanna Clarke has quickly become a favourite author. If only there was more of hers to read.

Jan 11, 7:56 pm

Progress!! Some decorations down, enjoying Piranesi (Liked that one!), and slowly feeling better. You can do it!

Jan 13, 12:42 pm

>43 PawsforThought: Today was the first day in a week that i left the house. UPS store, grocery story and a coffee date with neighbors. Fun but it was an energy zapper.
In for the rest of the day, possibly the week. It’s going to be frigid outside. Brrr
I’m on the last chapter of Piranesi.

Jan 13, 12:44 pm

>44 Berly: Getting there, Kim. I can’t believe how sinusitis layed me low for so long.

Editado: Jan 13, 12:54 pm

#2 Pageboy
Elliot Page

He lays his journey down honestly and raw. A read that took me out of my comfort zone and I’m glad to have read it.

This wasn’t a planned read but I listened to the audio version as I puzzled.

Jan 13, 12:53 pm

Go Browns! Go Joe Flacco!

Jan 13, 1:02 pm

>37 Carmenere: Is the Generac a portable one?

If not, which model did you invest in?!

Thank you - we are looking for a good sale.

Editado: Jan 13, 1:12 pm

>49 m.belljackson: No, it is not portable. It rests on a pad beside our house and automatically turns on. I didn’t want to bring it up from the shed every time the power goes out. Which seems to happen quite often with the trees we have.
It’s whole house Generac Guardian. Good luck with your search.

Jan 13, 2:17 pm

Happy Saturday, Lynda. I also really enjoyed The Children’s Blizzard, which is a fitting title for our weather. We got our first big taste of winter and I am not a fan. Low single digit highs for the next few days. Ugh! Getting in lots of book time.

Jan 13, 2:26 pm

Feel better soon. And stay warm! It is cold outside. It looks like we are finally getting winter.

Jan 13, 2:53 pm

>51 msf59: Happy Saturday, Mark! Yes, winter had arrived here too. Super windy znd its ushering in the coldest temps of the year. Brrrr i am definitely not a fan and will not be leaving the house for a few days. But i do live getting cozy with my books

Jan 13, 2:55 pm

>52 BLBera: thanks Beth! . Starting winter in January is not so bad. It has been a very quite winter til now.

Jan 13, 6:42 pm

I can’t believe I am still saying Happy New Year! There are still many threads I haven’t gotten to yet. I’m sorry about your mega cold, Lynda. Drink hot liquids and enjoy the reading opportunities. I really liked the “weirdness” of Piranesi when I read it in 2022 while I was suffering from Covid. My book group chose it but I wasn’t able to attend.

I hope your ear improves after you get to feeling better.

Jan 13, 9:27 pm

>55 Donna828: Hey there, Donna! Happy New Year and thanks for dropping in.
I just finished Piranesi and I have to gather my thoughts and will post them tomorrow. I must say, it wasn’t what I expected, at all. I was hoping for more Greek mythology besides a labyrinthine edifice.

Editado: Jan 14, 3:04 pm

#3 Piranesi
I need to gather my thoughts on this one before I rate and comment.
Edited to add comments:

I’m going to generously give it 4.5 stars. It reads like a fantasy, which is my least favorite genre, but in actuality it is a story that could be taken from the front page of a newspaper.
The world building was so vivid, so well done that I felt I was in that world. As it revealed itself to me I became more and more intrigued by the mystery unfolding itself to me.
Very much recommend but don’t come with preconceived notions as to what the story is about because, like me, you may at first be disappointed. It changes when you let go of what you had hoped it would be and enjoy it for what it is.

Jan 13, 9:30 pm

Next up is The Life We Bury for a neighborhood group read.

Jan 14, 12:14 am

Hello Lynda, I'm sorry that you have such a bad cold. I hope you feel better soon.
I am very curious to see what you will write about Piranesi. My library would have a copy of it.

Jan 14, 2:56 pm

It is a very frigid day here in Northeast Ohio. The cover blew off my grill so I went out to put it back on. It was so frozen, I thought it might crack as I put it back on. Brrr. It’s like 8f now but wind chill brings it down to feeling like -10.

Snug as a bug with a delicious bowl of red lentil with carrots soup.

Feeling more like myself. Yesterday, when I was out for coffee, I stopped at the Verizon store to see if their internet could replace Spectrum. Salesperson said it should, give it a try. It works, it works! Now I can completely cut the cord!

Jan 14, 3:00 pm

Hi, Lynda!

Your soup sounds wonderful.

Jan 14, 3:04 pm

Ok, thoughts on Piranesi!

I’m going to generously give it 4.5 stars. It reads like a fantasy, which is my least favorite genre, but in actuality it is a story that could be taken from the front page of a newspaper.
The world building was so vivid, so well done that I felt I was in that world. As it revealed itself to me I became more and more intrigued by the mystery unfolding itself to me.
Very much recommend but don’t come with preconceived notions as to what the story is about because, like me, you may at first be disappointed. It changes when you let go of what you had hoped it would be and enjoy it for what it is.

Jan 14, 5:21 pm

Time to make cinnamon rolls and read.

Jan 15, 2:18 am

I agree that Puranesi isn’t what you think it’s going to be, even when you go into it without preconceived notions (I had no real expectations other than hoping it’s be even half as good as Jonathan Strange and zMr. Norrell). For a very long time I kept thinking “What on Earth is this? What is going on?” But I was still enjoying it the whole time, even though I don’t always like being “out of the loop”.

Jan 15, 12:03 pm

>64 PawsforThought: I’ve not read, Strange and Norrell, so I wasn’t familiar with Ms. Clarke’s writing style. Maybe now, I should.
Haha I have to tell you when I read the first line “When the Moon rose in the Third Northern Hall I went to the Ninth Vestibule to witness the joining of three Tides. This is something that happens only once every eight years.” I immediately put it down and said “uh huh, this is not for me!” None the less, I did not DNF it and glad I picked it up again.

Jan 15, 12:10 pm

#4 The Great Schism
Charles River Editors

I stumbled upon this one on audio in the Libby App from my library.
So intriguing!
This is a great introduction to the separation of Western and Eastern Catholicism, something I was aware of but never fully took the time to understand.
I want to delve into this subject as I’ll be visiting both Rome and Constantinople/Istanbul later this year.

Jan 15, 12:13 pm

I’m making eggplant parm for lunch and enjoy it again later as I watch the frigid Buffalo Bills play, then the Iowa Caucuses, and finally Baker Mayfield and the Tampa Bay Bucks.

Jan 15, 6:47 pm

Hi Lynda. Stopping by to wish you a wonderful year of reading in 2024. We took our time taking down the holiday decorations this year (spread it our over a couple of days).

Jan 15, 10:51 pm

Lynda, I've found you! Did you know you were lost? 😁
Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, hope you're better soon.

Jan 16, 4:32 am

I'm sorry you aren't feeling better. I hope you can stay inside, out of the cold today and rest and read. Sorry you are starting the year with illness.

I'm starting the year with slow reading ability. Grand daughter Kayla moved back in and the house is a mess. We are slowly getting boxes folded and contents put away. She went through her closet and gave away five garbage bags filled with rather nice things that she no longer wants to wear. Fortunately, my neighbor and friend has two grand daughters were very happy to be the recipients of some rather nice items. It was good to get the things out of the house.

I'm trying to make a more simple lifestyle. Then, imagine my thoughts when all these items are back in the house. Now some are going out again. It is a constant battle.

Stinky the ferret is back and he is excited to be with his playmate Meow the cat. But, one pet became two again. Yikes. How can I keep a simple life?

All good wishes to you and Will.

Jan 16, 1:11 pm

>68 lkernagh: Hi Lori! Thank you, I wish you a wonderful year of reading too!
I do like spreading un-decorating over a few days. There’s just so much and if you want to pack it up properly and maybe shed a few items, it’s best to take your time.

Jan 16, 1:14 pm

>69 mstrust: Yay! And it only took you 16 days! No, I didn’t feel lost but in any case I’m glad you found me.
I am feeling better but I’m not chancing a relapse so I’m hunkered down in the house until the temps are above freezing. Brr

Jan 16, 1:18 pm

>70 Whisper1: I’m finally feeling like myself again. The past two weeks seem rather fuzzy to me.

Ooooo, slow reading ability doesn’t sound like you at all! It’s understandable considering the shake up in your household. It must be wonderful to have Kayla back! How fun and Stinky the ferret sounds like a real hoot!

Sending you cozy reading vibes to break your funk!

Jan 16, 1:19 pm

I’ve diddledadded for most of the morning so, grabbing my book and a cozy corner on the couch to read the rest of the day away.

Jan 18, 10:25 am

#5 Talking to Strangers What we should know about the people we don't know
Malcolm Gladwell

I must admit, I had no idea the title of this book would take me to places I really didn't want to go. I think I've been bamboozled. I was expecting and anticipating the thought of learning something new. A skill I could apply everyday.

Instead, what the reader gets is a rehash of several criminal cases, a few being somewhat well known, whereby Gladwell attempts to show that preconceived notions of acquaintances and especially strangers cast a bias on what we think about them.
Personally, I think it's a flimsy excuse to take quite a few stories and put them in the same basket. It just goes all over the place when perhaps a book dedicated to just a few instances where miscommunication went badly would be more instructive and enlightening.

Jan 22, 9:12 am

#6 The Life We Bury
Allen Eskens
Read for friends book club

What an immersive story of a college student attempting to clear the name of an accused rapist/murderer before the said convict dies of cancer.
Thru the story the reader finds each major character has buried something awful from their past and all feel guilt yet seek redemption.
I would have given this book 5 stars except the stupid decisions made by the college student and the big reveal twist was also ridiculous. Nonetheless, the story held my attention, a true suspenseful thriller.

Jan 24, 1:44 am

Well, glad #6 was better than #5!! And that you finally feel better. :)

Jan 24, 10:55 am

>77 Berly: So am I, Kim! In fact the whole book discussion group thought #6 was a very good and suspenseful read.

Seriously, this cold turned sinusitis was worse than covid. Where covid lasted a few days this infection went on for almost 4 weeks. Shew, I’m glad to be done with it.

Jan 24, 11:06 am

#7 Paris
Paris Hilton
Audiobook narrated by author

I always give memoirs 5/5 but I particularly liked Ms. Hilton telling me her story in her own words.
She’s not the somewhat ditzy character she portrays. Although a party girl and lover of after hours shenanigans, her ADHD is sort of to blame. The extremes her parents went to in order to straighten her out, although thought to be helpful was rather cultish and nothing short of child abuse.
Without even a high school diploma, she’s equipped with a business mind and knows how best to sell her brand.
Highly Recommend

Editado: Jan 24, 4:06 pm

Jan 27, 7:52 pm

#8 Crying in H Mart
Michelle Zauner

A beautifully written memoir read by the author.
It exemplifies the bond if mother and daughter and the connection that binds them is not only through blood but the memory of Korean food and ritual.
For anyone who has lost a loved one and has come to the realization that there is nothing like a mother's love and no one has known you or followed your growth like mom.

Jan 28, 10:39 am

Football today, reading of course and I’m really enjoying Will’s Christmas gift to me. A record player! I am so enjoying listening to albums I purchased in the 70’s and 80’s as if it were for the first time. What a great idea!

The gray weather here is driving me insane! I like the idea of hunkering down but this has gone on way too long!

Jan 28, 11:12 am

Enjoy that record player!
Our days have been cold, gray mornings, an hour of two of sun, then cold nights. Well, things have been broken up by rain this past week, but we're on the desert, so it's a little thrill.

Jan 28, 9:26 pm

Hi Lynda. I'm just now finding your thread and leaving my star so I can follow along for 2024. I hope this new year (not so new anymore, but still) is a good one for you!

Jan 28, 9:27 pm

>82 Carmenere: A couple weeks ago I was lamenting that I gave up all my old vinyl LPs many moons ago. I had a couple milk crates full of them and it would be fun to get a new record player and listen to them again. Enjoy!!

Jan 31, 4:44 pm

>83 mstrust: Oh I am! It was such a thoughtful gift! We brought all my albums up to the living room from the basement so they are in a better environment and I'm a happy camper.

Ugh. It seems like the entire country/world is in weather turmoil. Thank goodness we've finally reached the end of January, hopefully an improvement is on the horizon.

Jan 31, 4:45 pm

>84 EBT1002: Thanks, Ellen. I've basically been hibernating. All's good.

Jan 31, 4:49 pm

>85 EBT1002: I have to admit, Ellen, I have weeded out a lot of things but I would never, ever part with my albums. I have my mom's from the '50's & 60's but there mostly instrumentals. Still they're historical so I'll hang on to those too. All of them take me to a different time and mine especially, puts me right back to the days I first heard them.

Jan 31, 4:58 pm

#9 The Woman in Me
Britney Spears

I see a similarity between Britney's book and Paris Hilton's. It seems to me, when their parents couldn't deal with their behaviour they had them put away for others to sort out. Britney was in her parents conservatorship for 13 years! What a huge portion of her life, taken away from her. Paris, although in the control of a cult like institution for less than two years the experience was strange and harsh. Hopefully, it now seems both are living their lives to the best they're able.

Editado: Fev 1, 5:24 pm

February line up with a few carryovers from January.

Two of the upright books are for book club reads in February and the third book is a Christmas gift from Will's GF A Rome of one's own. It sounds really good.

Fev 1, 5:29 pm

#10 Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors
Tom Bower

Interesting, to say the least.

Fev 7, 8:54 pm

#11 Enough
Cassidy Hutchinson

Kudos to this 24 yo to have the courage to call out the President of the United States for his part in the January 6 fiasco.

Fev 7, 8:56 pm

Hello Lynda, my names Owl (or Lily). How are you?

Fev 7, 11:47 pm

Why have I not been by sooner, Lynda. I'm sorry to read that you have been feeling unwell, but glad you are feeling better. I have felt badly for Britney Spears too. But I don't know what to think of all her semi clad dances / poses that she puts on Instagram. Something not quite right about that, though certainly not grounds for a conservatorship.

Fev 8, 6:28 am

>93 Owltherian: Hi Lily, thanks for stopping by! I'm just fine, the books are keeping me busy and spring is on the doorstep.

Fev 8, 6:38 am

>94 vancouverdeb: Hi Deb! Glad you found me! In the book, she tells us she enjoys taking and having pictures of her in the nude or semi-nude poses. I guess she's an exhibitionist at heart but as a mom and a forty-something, one has to wonder about her judgement. But then again, as Madonna as a role model, not surprising. IMO, Both can sing and entertain just as well without semi-clad dances.

Editado: Fev 8, 6:45 am

Almost done with The Odyssey. It's really is quite an easy read. I don't know why it intimidated me.
Into Someone Else's Shoes which I need read by the 12th for book discussion.

It's springy here on the shores of Lake Erie so I'll be out and about today

Fev 12, 7:34 pm

Oh my gosh, I could barely fine my own thread.

#12 Someone Else’s Shoes
Jo Jo Moyes
Library discussion group

Truth be told I began reading this book last Monday. It was a rather slow go so I, luckily, downloaded the book from my library. Thank goodness it was available. Well, let me tell you, what a game changer! The narrator added some much needed spark to the story and her superb narrative was amazing. She slipped evertlessly from American English accent to British English accent and it added so much to the story.
My one downer is the men, ok most men, were downright, selfish, anti-feminist and uncommunicative to name a few.
The redeeming factor was how the story became laugh out loud funny when keystone cops started to take over the story.
Well done, but I’m not sure I’ll be running to read another by this author any time soon.

Fev 12, 9:46 pm

Nice to see you back posting, Lynda.

Fev 13, 5:21 pm

>99 PaulCranswick: Thank you, Paul. I really ought to visit more but the days seem to fly by. I’ll try to be more social. xx

Fev 13, 5:44 pm

#13 Astrophysics for people in a hurry
Neil deGrasse Tyson

Honestly, NdGT could read the phone book to me and I would be enthralled.
His matter of fact voice and wit make an otherwise boring and overmyhead subject into the realm of sorta kinda understanding.
He discusses planets and energy and humanity just to name a few. I wish I could retain all the information he shares with the reader but sadly, I will not, but I’d happily listen to this book again and again.

Fev 13, 6:07 pm

>101 Carmenere: Ooh! I haven't read a book by him in quite a while and I like him on audio. I enjoyed that one. I hope he comes out with a new one soon.

Editado: Fev 13, 9:10 pm

>102 Berly: Oh I hope so too, Kim. In the meantime i'll check his catalog for past audios.

Fev 17, 6:12 pm

>100 Carmenere: I haven't the energy I used to have to get around the threads as much as before, either Lynda. I have actually starred threads this year which is something I haven't done in a while as I just used to visit pretty much everybody before!

Have a lovely weekend.

Fev 17, 6:16 pm

#14 Feel Good Productivity
Ali Abdaal

I’m not usually big on self help books but I have to admit I rather enjoyed this one.
Abdaal, a doctor by trade, is now an author as well, hopes to help readers enjoy their work, reduce stress and thus enjoy life to the fullest.
Techniques like the 5 Why’s, Time Blocking and the 10 10 10 rule offer ideas to put in your bag of personal growth.

Fev 18, 2:05 pm

>101 Carmenere: This sounds good. I will see if my library has it as an audiobook.

Fev 18, 2:19 pm

>106 BLBera: Hi Beth! The audio was fantastic but that kind of stuff is my jam. I hope you can get your hands on the audio to see if it's yours too.

Fev 21, 11:03 am

#15 The Odyssey

Haha, who am I to rate Homer?! So funny!
In my opinion, Homer's work is a beautiful love story, Shakespearean before there was a Shakespeare.
My beef is the tediousness of Odysseus' trials and tribulations but that's just a matter of opinion. In the 21st century, we desire expedience but something has to be said about the titillating slowness of 750 BC.
The Greek gods, popping in and out, are amusing and entertaining. Humans, mere mortals, are puppet-like to their will. Hmm, but are they really?
Odysseus's journey somewhat mirrors our own. In that way, the novel/poem is adaptable to every age and thus makes it a classic for the ages.

Fev 21, 11:04 am

>108 Carmenere: Omg i am reading that book in class right now!!!!

Fev 21, 11:06 am

>109 Owltherian: That's great! I can't wait to see what you think of it!!

Fev 21, 11:09 am

>110 Carmenere: We are learning about Homer so we will be reading that right now

Fev 21, 2:05 pm

>111 Owltherian: I'm following up The Odyssey, while it is still fresh in my memory, with Why Homer Matters. I hope it will offer further insight.

Fev 21, 2:09 pm

>112 Carmenere: Yeah, i hope its good.

Fev 21, 5:24 pm

#16 Friends, Lovers, and the Terrible Thing
Matthew Perry

A most tragic story.
Matthew's goal when writing this book was to somehow sway people away from alcohol, pills, and drugs. He wanted his life to have meant something beyond "Friends". Perhaps his struggles will not have been for naught.

Fev 23, 3:01 pm

>108 Carmenere: My classicist eye is twitching...

Ontem, 7:36 pm

>114 Carmenere: From Epic to modern and Matthew Perry's story is a sad one isn't it?