Raven's (On Time) Attempt at 75 books in 2024! (Part 1)

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Raven's (On Time) Attempt at 75 books in 2024! (Part 1)

Jan 1, 2:43 pm

Howdy LibraryThingamabobs!
My name is Angela; I also answer to Raven (because I'm a former Goth and current Edgar Allan Poe Stan).

I work in a news station in a state known for its corrupt governors (Illinois) and take care of an adorable shadow masquerading as a cat; his name is Salem. I returned to reading in 2022 after an accidental hiatus of 3 years, and discovered that I love horror, mystery and fantasy. My joys are tea, chocolate, music and crochet.

Despite my desires to be a writer someday my grammer and spelling is occasionally FUBAR. Mea maxima culpa.

My Fur Baby Photo Gallery
My cat-son, Salem, keeping me company when I'm ill.

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Goals to Read This Year
- If not 75, to reach 50.
- To test my taste in horror by tackling the books on the "most disturbing" iceberg.
- Explore a new genre (romance)
- Catch Up On My Favorite Manga
- Shrink "To Read" pile of physical books.
- Shrink Comic Shelf

- Gods of Jade and Shadow
- Animal Farm
- Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? Big Questions From Tiny Mortals About Death
- Mimi's Tales Of Terror

- Nocturne
- Dead Until Dark

- Soichi
- Mexican Gothic

- Farenheit 451

Jan 1, 6:56 pm

Welcome back, Raven!

Jan 2, 4:46 am

Happy reading in 2024, Angela!

Jan 2, 9:05 am

Happy New Year, Angela!

Jan 2, 5:59 pm

Happy new year, Angela! Looking forward to keeping up with you in 2024!

Jan 3, 5:28 pm

Nice to see you back again, Angela. Looking forward to meeting up with all your adventures this year.

Jan 3, 10:10 pm

Happy new year, Angela.

Jan 4, 8:56 am

Oh, first real post of 2024. How exciting.

How's everyone doing so far, four days in? I'll go check the threads but I'm curious. I've got a little time before work to share.

New Year so far isn't so bad. It turns out my cold wasn't out of nowhere; there's a couple others at work who also got sick around the same time. They also tested negative so it looks like a nasty cold is just making the rounds. Could always say I'm starting the new year with some fresh antibodies?

Actually took a minor book-break these past few days and only listened to one of my audiobooks while finishing up a late project. Since I have a birthday coming up in a few weeks I also treated myself to an order on amazon. I'm a retro/vintage nerd and bought a cool looking CD Player/Radio with some blue-tooth function. As if vinyl weren't an expensive enough hobby (at least CDs are cheaper, lol).

Made progress to be little over halfway done with Gods of Jade and Shadow. There's a lot mythologically that's going over my head but the story itself is quite enjoyable. I will likely listen a bit more later on my lunch break.

Jan 4, 1:44 pm

Glad the cold isn't too bad! I've owned Gods of Jade and Shadow for years and really need to get to it at some point...

Jan 5, 10:39 pm

Happy New Year, Angela!

Jan 7, 1:45 am

Happy new year of reading Angela!

Jan 7, 5:45 am

Happy reading in 2024! I hope your cold has disappeared.

Jan 7, 9:07 am

Good luck with your 2024 reading!

Jan 9, 1:00 pm

Finished Books Of 2024: #1 - Gods of Jade and Shadow - Audiobook

A lifetime of cruelty by her rich family comes to an end for Casiopea Tun when she opens the mysterious box in her grandfather's room, and gets pulled into a quest to help a fallen Mayan god of death, and stop another God from plunging the jazz age into blood and darkness.

My Thoughts
Miss Moreno's writing style took some getting used to for me, but I eventually found it worked quite well for audiobook. And Yetta Gottesman did a fantastic read.
There is folklore here I am completely unfamiliar with (which added to the fantasy for me, I think) but the story itself is perfectly engaging. A fun read; I'll be looking into more of her work.

Jan 9, 1:04 pm

>10 curioussquared: Thanks Natalie! I'm finally feeling like my old self. The cold this season is quite nasty.
>11 ronincats: Hello, and thank you! If you were here last year and I don't remember, I'm sorry (my memory is awful) but I'll be following your thread this year!
>12 WhiteRaven.17: Hey Kro! Good to see you here, good luck!
>13 figsfromthistle: Hello! Thank you, I'm having a much better time now. I'll be sure to follow your thread too :)
>14 Tess_W: Thank you! Good luck to yours too. Just like the others, I'll be happy to follow your journey.

Editado: Jan 9, 1:16 pm

Howdy and Good Afternoon Library Thingamabobs :)

Tuesday today is my least favorite combo: wet, cold, and long. Full day of work while a winter weather system/artic blast goes through. Makes being a bus rider so much harder.
As you can see I have my first of what I will call "finished books" of 2024. I've decided this is a bit more accurate. This one was completely out of my normal wheelhouse but thoroughly enjoyable so I recommend it to everyone. Currently I still have the majority of what's on my Currently Reading list still on my plate, but decided to add a short re-read as an audiobook. I'm listening to Animal Farm, since I was in middle school the last time I read it and don't feel like I was in the right headspace to appreciate it.

- 2/3rds through Dead Until Dark
- Little over halfway done with Dracula
Lucy's dead, Her Mom's dead, kids are dead, MASS HYSTERIA!
-Crawled more through Murder On The Links which has taken me forever but I'm DETERMINED to read it.
- Yes, I'm still reading Pride and Prejudice. In small snippets in between projects at work.

Non-Reading Updates
- The coworker gifts are done. Forgot my hook or I would have worked on Dad's scarf while at the office. Pooh.
- Still watching True Blood. Still enjoying things.
- My buddy gifted me Baldur's Gate 3 for Christmas. Bye-Bye free time, won't see you for awhile (along with half my steam installs. This thing is HUGE).

Jan 9, 5:40 pm

>17 Ravenwoodwitch: I love your spoiler update for Dracula. I mean, you're not wrong...

Jan 10, 3:47 am

Found you, Raven!! Glad you are feeling better. : )

>18 scaifea: So true!! LOL

Editado: Jan 11, 9:34 am

Finished Books Of 2024: #2 - Animal Farm - Audiobook

A rebellion of the animals on a single farm starts as an attempt at a utopia and spirals into disaster resembling the Russian Revolution.
My Thoughts
Another entry on the "Most Disturbing Books" iceberg.
This is a re-read as I mentioned and I finished it in a day (Bus ride to and from work + dinner+ chores = about 4 hours.)
I believed I would better appreciate it now as an adult despite this being a story for "younger readers". As it happened, it disturbed me more now that I'm an adult and some parts even made me cry. I had a "this is for kids?!" moment during one scene. I knew Boxer's death was coming and I still welled up. I love animals, horses especially. And I know someone with a similar work ethic that I thought of right away. This book is short but worth a revisit anytime with this kind of writing.

Jan 10, 9:58 am

>19 Berly: Hey Kim! Glad you made it :) And thanks.
>18 scaifea: I'll wait a couple posts before I tell you about the Twinkie - er, I mean, Johnny's journal.
What's amusing me most about the book, actually, is how we somehow -pop culture wise - got from Dracula (walks like death, looks like death, breath that smells like death) to Dangerous Sex Symbol status in every other piece of vampire media.

Jan 10, 11:14 am

>21 Ravenwoodwitch: Johnny as a Twinkie - headcannon accepted.

Well, I mean, it's Dracula himself, using his powers of persuasion to make the world see him as a sexy sexy man. Clearly.

Jan 10, 2:27 pm

>20 Ravenwoodwitch: Such a great book! Yes, might be time for a re-read.

Jan 12, 8:21 pm

Good Friday evening everyone!

This week's weather has been absolute garbage; just switching between wet, cold, and wet and cold. But things have otherwise progressed well; no hiccups at work (beyond the lawsuit battle currently between our big state school and a basketball player I'm sure some of you have seen). I'm off Monday, which I'm grateful for, because temps are about to dip into the single digits and I'm a bus commuter. (No. Just no.)

I've continued my trend of always being behind on the cultural zeitgeist by starting my watch this week of Friends. I'm kinda glad though as I think it hits better now that I'm an adult in my 30s. Love it to itty-bitty pieces. My favorite character so far is Ross.

Made a lot of progress on the book Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs by the youtuber/author I adore who's also a mortician. But - and feel free to shame me, the librarians of my little circle here - I have my first overdue notice on one of my library books (YIKES) and will have to make a return tomorrow. Thank god they got rid of overdue fees. So, one less book will be in rotation for now. My hold for The City Of Brass came in so we'll also see how that goes.

Jan 13, 9:13 am

Oh, I'll be interested to see what you think of Friends as you go along. We recently rewatched the whole thing with Charlie, and I don't think it's aged very well. Lots of toxic relationship stuff passed off as humor, and tons of fat shaming, for example. I do adore Chandler, though.

(Absolutely no shame if you continue to love it, of course! There are parts of it (again, all things Chandler) that I still love, too.)

Jan 13, 12:15 pm

>24 Ravenwoodwitch: Meh, no shame from me on the overdue notice. I'll occasionally keep things a few extra days (and have colleagues who keep them much longer than that). If there's no (or only a couple) holds on it, it's no biggie generally. And really if you return it before we start writing it off as lost, all is well. 😊

I am fascinated to see if Ross stays your favourite Friends character.

Jan 13, 6:02 pm

>25 scaifea: That's fair. As a vintage/retro nerd I'm used to things that have aged like yogurt. But I'm having a good time at the moment.
So far, the opening theme is stuck in my head, I'm a little mad Joey may be to blame for the phrase "friend zone," and I'm slowly realizing that I'm likely the Phoebe of my friend group (S'not so bad, really).

>26 MickyFine: Ross is mostly my favorite for comedy purposes so far. I dunno, something about his delivery just makes me cackle.
Chandler a close second, may Mr. Perry rest in peace.

Jan 13, 6:11 pm

Hallelujah, we were not snowed in! Snow came early and has been thin and powdery. No, the real trouble is the wind. It was so bad the three flags by my favorite grocery store got ripped clean in half.

But, hello LibraryThing All, how are we this Saturday?

I am well and working to keep it that way. My poor roommate has the flu (we tested, no COVID), and didn't sleep too well last night. I'm letting her nap right now and I'm gonna start dinner here in a couple minutes for us both. Some garlic and ginger soup with rice noodles and bok choy should help her out.

The book was returned as needed; some of the chores are done. But, once dinner is done, I may shower and read/play Baldur's Gate for the rest of the evening.

Book Report
- Almost done with Caitlin's Book. Been a wild ride, this one.
- One of my holds came in with two people waiting. So, today we start the depressing bunny book instead of the fantasy book: Watership Down.
- Am still reading a handful of leftovers from last year, minus one that got returned today: The Dark Half, Dracula, Dead Until Dark, Exorcist and Pride and Prejudice.

Jan 14, 8:35 am

>27 Ravenwoodwitch: Oh, Phoebe is amazing! And yeah, it's things like the friend zone that are now just skeezy. One of my favorite things about rewatching was seeing all the random actors that pop in and out of the show, all of them looking so weirdly young. Well, except for Paul Rudd, who still looks the same, of course.

>28 Ravenwoodwitch: That soup sounds amazing! And perfect when you don't feel well!

Jan 15, 12:56 pm

I got an advance copy of Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs in 2019 and I, uh, still haven't read it. Whoops!

Jan 16, 11:56 am

>30 norabelle414: I do recomend it if you get the chance :) Caitlyn's sense of humor is like the perfect dry martini.

Jan 16, 12:06 pm

So...Call me Cassandra. Cause I predicted I would probably catch my roomate's flu. And...well...

Fever climbed to 102 yesterday, and then 100 today so far. Combined with it being only in the 2 to five degree range today just makes life an extra kind of sucky.

Extra reading time, I guess. While I shuffle to the kitchen, bundled up, I'll grab the books on my couch side table. I owe you guys a review as well. No time like the present.

Editado: Jan 16, 12:22 pm

Finished Books of 2024 #3 - Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs Big Questions from Tiny Mortals About Death?(AudioBook)

Will Pawcifer om-nom your eyes if you die? What about dogs? What happens if you die in space? Or swallow un-popped popcorn kernals and ask to be cremated? Caitlin answers questions sent to her from kids about death, ranging from the macabe, to innocent, to hilarious.

My Thoughts
The answers to the first two are very interesting. To hint: Cats are practical, Dogs are anxious.
But all of this was actually quite interesting and kept me entertained while I commutted to and from work. Only 4 hours so a very short read. I'm only sad I didn't get the ebook or physical copy since it has illustrations.

Jan 16, 12:49 pm

Sorry you are sick!! I hope it passes quickly ☹️ excellent use of the Parks and Rec gif, though.

Jan 16, 4:23 pm

Oh no! I'm so sorry you're not feeling well! Here's hoping it sees its way out the door soon.

Jan 17, 2:47 pm

Boo to the flu but I agree that's a perfect gif. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Jan 17, 8:05 pm

>15 Ravenwoodwitch: I quite enjoy Moreno-Garcia's writing. I read Gods of Jade and Shadow and also enjoyed Mexican Gothic and the daughter of doctor Moreau. Hope you continue to seek out works by Garcia. I am sure she won't disappoint.

Hope you are feeling better!

Jan 20, 10:09 pm

Hope you are over the worst of it? Feel better soon!

>33 Ravenwoodwitch: That sounds like it could be informative and hilarious!!

Jan 21, 2:01 pm

Hi everybody! Just dropping an update to say I'm doing quite well. The fever's gone, the body aches are gone, and just dealing with a leftover runny nose. Seriously sucks how much sickness tends to linger when in the body; or maybe I'm just impatient. (Sick of being sick, YUCK).

Today is usually my meal prep and clean-up day, but my energy is not up to the usual snuff. So, now that I've gotten the groceries, cleaned up some trash, and made my breakfast muffins for the week, I think I've earned some time with a cup of coffee and Baldur's Gate 3 (which I have still enjoyed SO MUCH by the way, cannot recommend it enough).

Another update btw, I forgot to post on here Friday when it was my Birthday (I turned 31). I had to cancel and reschedule a lot since I was still kinda sick, but my roommate still made sure we had a good time. She got me one of the cool wooden bowls for crochet/knit that you can keep the yarn in, a portfolio for some of my bigger art pieces, and bought us some cheesecakes. I will likely polish off mine tonight, along with some leftover Chinese food (my comfort food of choice, by the way.)

Not too many updates on reading. Because I felt kinda crummy I didn't actually crack open books much, but I'll likely start up again now that I'm back to my old self.

Jan 21, 3:15 pm

Happy birthday!

Jan 21, 3:34 pm

Happy belated birthday Angela!!!

Jan 21, 3:35 pm

Happy belated birthday!! Sounds like you have a good friend in your roommate ☺️

Jan 21, 5:19 pm

Happiest of birthdays, Angela!! You deserve *all* the cheesecake!

Jan 21, 9:10 pm

>43 scaifea: It had an Oreo crust. Mmmmmmm. And thank you!
>42 curioussquared: Thanks Natalie! Oh I agree; she's my best friend from High School who remained my best friend into adulthood. And stuff like this is part of how we've still been friends after all these years.
>41 norabelle414: Thanks Nora!
>40 elorin: Thanks Robin!

Jan 22, 12:21 am

Happy belated birthday!!! Sorry you weren't feeling top notch for it, but yay for the roommate! Hope you are 100% soon.

Jan 22, 2:52 pm

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like your celebrations were solid even if you were under the weather.

I totally get not reading much while sick. I usually have minimal attention span so lounging on the couch watching TV/ movies is all I can manage.

Jan 26, 1:54 pm

Hello, howdy all.

Feeling better, FINALLY, and ready for my belated Girl's Night in celebration of my birthday. I've neglected this thread a bit because that ridiculous cold finally hit the midwest this week. The area outside my apartment complex and work were pure ice and I nearly ate the pavement five times. Its also been crazy foggy here (that was an unfun drive).
Work's been nuts. I have a large sum of projects due before the end of the month that I've gotta rush to finish, with minimal assistance. So, I'm aiming for being soft on myself this week and forgiving what I can or can't accomplish in the span of half a week. That also means easing up on the in-kitchen cooking to buy me more time to relax instead. This week I've lived off of meal-kits, uncrustables sandwitches and snackfoods (reminds me of my early college days).

I am, however, trying to get back to a regular exercise routine. Workouts fell to the wayside when I was sick, so I think we'll get the dumbbells out and work my arms and shoulders tonight (camera work requires good use of all those things).

Book Report
- Gave up on Watership down in audiobook at least because it just wasn't sparking much for me. Started Mexican Gothic and I'm intrigued.
- I am also biting the bullet and reading my first Chuck Palahniuk. Can't talk about the title; that's your hint ;)
- Still working on previous mentioned titles of Dracula and Pride and Prejudice.

Jan 28, 11:48 am

SURPRISE BOOK FROM LEFT FIELD - which is to say, Junji Ito has new books. So I dropped everything!

Finished Books of 2024 #4 - Mimi's Tales of Terror (Audiobook)

I've made the cover small because, in the background, you can see some of the more....disturbing drawings. And much like I keep my copies of his work turned away from my bedroom door (so my wonderful roommate doesn't get an unconsented eyeful of scary artwork) I am not thrusting his artwork on people that don't want to see it.

Anyway, follow University Student Mimi and her boyfriend Naoto as they experience nine chilling incidents. All are based on a collection of "True Life Horror Stories" (trademark) called Shin Mimibukuro, adapted into a manga by Japan's horror master.

My Thoughts
I saw this at the bookstore yesterday and, naturally, dropped everything to read it. The stories themselves range from strange (but not chilling) to unsettling. But Ito's beautiful/disturbing artwork complements it all and I was happy to finish it in a single night. Honestly? This may be the new loaner I use if people wanna try Ito on for size.

Jan 29, 6:46 am

>48 Ravenwoodwitch: Ooooh! I've only read his Uzumaki but I loved it. Also, one of my Tuesday Teens is a *huge* fan, so I'll have to tell them about this new one!

Editado: Fev 3, 5:55 pm

>49 scaifea: Oh, that's wonderful!
I remember he used to be much more niche and my bookstore would barely have any of his stuff. Now they have two whole shelves of his translated work and I see more people seeking him out.
If Toonami could just hurry up and finish that two-episode adaptation of Uzumaki, that would be the cherry on top.

Fev 14, 8:58 am

Well hello everyone, and happy Valentine's Day!

Been awhile, I know. I can blame the hole I fell into at work (behind a handful of big projects I had to focus on) but it was also another mental health slump that happened right alongside it. Not the best combo by anyone's definition though. But, since we're back in a good place at the mo, figured I'd poke my head back in.

Those aforementioned projects are all mostly done, minus two more that are less life and death in their lateness. The Super Bowl being over is a HUGE help in that fact (I work promotions for our News Station, so, you can imagine the big deal that was) and I'm working on a more sturdy bedtime/morning routine that seems to be improving my mood slowly. It's also helping to indulge again in my favorite hobbies, even if I'm not super-excited about them on the onset. I got two new cookbooks for my Birthday, including The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. Tried the recipes for Rock Cakes (those hard cakes Hagrid kept serving them with tea every time they visited his hut) and a recipe for Salmon in a Honey-Dill Sauce (inspired off the incorrigible Aunt Petunia) and they both turned out quite yummy.

Anyway, treating myself today with Sushi and some wine. All of you should do something fun today too! I'll be doing my best to catch up on everyone's threads, so, book updates later.

Fev 14, 12:29 pm

Sushi and wine.....sound great! What type of wine pairs well with Sushi?

Fev 14, 12:37 pm

Yum, sushi and wine!!

Fev 14, 2:38 pm

>52 figsfromthistle: Not sure; but I'm having a blackberry wine I got from Door Peninsula Winery. They've had two hits with me so far (this one and an apple white wine called HalloWine) so they get a tentative stamp of approval.
>53 curioussquared: Indeed.
I prefer sweet white wines but this blackberry one has been real good.

Fev 15, 11:15 am

Hello all, how are we today?
My energy today is "meh" so, naturally, I'm at work! (send help.)

Sushi yesterday was delicious and work projects are chugging along at a reasonable rate. It is, however, time for my yearly review; which always makes me nervous. I'm honest about my shortcomings but I'm also my own worst critic.

In the meantime, the house itself is in proper shape. I FINALLY got the Christmas Tree down last weekend (left it up late since we put it up mid-December and because procrastination), and the Christmas linens off the table. I meal planned yesterday so the grocery list will be my big chore today, along with more laundry.

Reading Updates, as promised...
- I had to add a sudden new book onto my Current Reads that has taken all my time because it is out of renewals and due the 20th. Nocturne is apparently a new book though I don't know if the author is new. I only know it's been an interesting ride. Review soon to come.

- Still listening to Mexican Gothic
- Put audiobook away for Watership Down and will see if print book hits me better.
- Did the same for City of Brass.
- still have a handful started early last year (and before) that I never finished and I have a mini-goal of fixing that.
- Oh lord, Dead Until Dark, oh mercy. Elvis. ELVIS. I don't even; I can't....

Fev 15, 12:39 pm

You make me want to reread Watership Down! I don't think I've read it since I was 12 or so and I'm pretty sure all the symbolism went over my head at that point 😂

YMMV, but City of Brass didn't work for me and I didn't continue with the series.

Fev 15, 8:01 pm

Finished Book of 2024 #5 - Nocturne - Physical Book

Death has always followed Grace Dragotta; from the shooting of her brother by the Mafia, to the death of her mother from sickness. But as long as she keeps dancing, she can outrun it. But what happens when a mysterious patron puts her at the position of Prima, with a series of demands that make her the caged beauty and him an enchanting beast?

My Thoughts
I'll get this off my chest now: I have qualms with this author's writing. When whatever point she wants to make isn't being belabored it's being stuffed over-full. She over-uses metaphors and similies. Often in the same paragraph.
It'll be like "Her writing is the cheap crystals from the dollar store; like fine gems they sparkle, but from a liar's plastic shell. Like a shine you know to be pretty, but unreal. Roses bushes that tangle on themselves to form a heaping, angry ball ready to rob you of blood for but a chance to be beautiful.".
That said, it is a take on Beauty and The Beast with a splash of Hades and Persephone, so, if you can get over the purple prose then this will be worth ypur read. I didn't care for the ending, but it was an interesting ride.

Fev 15, 8:02 pm

Hello Raven! My names Owl or Lily, its nice to meet you.

Fev 15, 8:05 pm

>58 Owltherian: Hello there! I saw you on some of the other forums and figured you joined during one of my off-times, lol.
I do answer to Raven or Angela and it's very nice to meet you, Lilly. Welcome to my favorite online space :)
I hope your day has gone well.

Fev 15, 8:06 pm

>56 curioussquared: That's how I felt about Animal Farm, lol.

And yeah, we'll see. I try to give books at least two chances cause I know sometimes they "read aloud" better.

Fev 15, 8:06 pm

>59 Ravenwoodwitch: My day has gone pretty well, although i didn't feel well earlier but I'm okay now. How is your day going?

Fev 15, 8:41 pm

>61 Owltherian: Just fine, all things considered. Made it home, had dinner, got my review done.

Fev 15, 8:42 pm

>62 Ravenwoodwitch: Thats nice, my parents left me home to go to a concert so i just had leftovers which is really hard due to everything having someones name that isn't mine on it.

Fev 15, 8:43 pm

Glad to see you back here, Angela. I think I'll skip Nocturne and the purple prose. But sushi and wine are both up there among my favorites!

Fev 16, 1:13 am

>51 Ravenwoodwitch: There you are! Glad the pressure is less and your mood has lifted and the Christmas tree is down. LOL. Good luck on the yearly review. And happy reading.

Fev 16, 9:14 am

Hello again, All, how are we today?
It's Friday and I'm doing pretty spiffy. Not fantastic as some projects at work are starting the stress train up again, but, what else is new? On top of that, we have snow flurries here. I was *just* getting used to the warmer weather, but it appears Punxsutawney Phil is once again a liar. Boo.

As you can see, last night I did manage to beat the race on the book that has to go back (will drop that off tomorrow) and in looking for its replacement, I realized one of the books I checked out and held on to until now is book three in a series. Maybe it's the neurodivergency but I can't stand jumping into a series midway so that one is going back and I will hunt down its technical first.

In the meantime,

Book Report
today I'm working more on Dracula.
The kids are being terrorized by the 'bloofer Lady' and Mina just learned why the old man with the pointy beard freaked her husband out. The mad ravings of brain sickness or something serious?
Hilariously, I've been listening to The Adventure Zone vs. Dracula alongside this. Makes for great fun.
Started The King Of Bone and Ash before bed. I have never read J. D Horn before so I'm going in blind.

Fev 18, 8:37 am

Morning, Angela!

I love following along with your Dracula reading. It's been forever since I've read it, but it's such a hoot.

Fev 18, 4:47 pm

>17 Ravenwoodwitch: LOL to your Dracula update!

Fev 18, 5:08 pm

>67 scaifea:>68 Good Morning/Evening to you too, Amber, Tess.
I will say I appreciate Van Hellsing validating that his laughter in grief is probably not great but a normal reaction. I'm start borrwing the phrase "King Laughter" sometime." I also like the small nod to Stoker's actress friend about how this mystery woman must be an actress 'even better than she, the greatest of all!" It really humanizes this whole thing.

Fev 18, 5:24 pm

G'evening to you all!
Before I start dinner I figured I could drop an update. Not much has happened beyond relaxing, watching some TV, and getting the grocery shopping done.My roommate and I went out to eat Friday night at this upscale bar. I had a steak burger (with bacon) and a Moscato wine (cause I'm damn classy, that's why).

I also discovered this place in my area that lets you make custom Buddha bowls, grain salads, and anything of that sort. I was skeptical about paying for someone to make me something I could do at home but it came in clutch Saturday. I was exhausted from shopping, not feeling great from some heavy breakfast food, and this...just great. My bowl was egg, bacon, sourdough croutons, spinach, and feta on black rice with a maple dressing (yummy).

TV Guide
- Watching More Friends. Rachel learns that searching for a job is the most demoralizing task ever and Joey picks Phoebe's friendship over Ursula.
- eyeballing this Thursday when Avatar's live-action adaptation drops. I am still scarred from The Last Airbender movie and the reviews currently don't leave me optimistic.
-Murder, She Wrote is still an awesome show. And I had no idea Dick Butkus was on an episode.
(That is not a silly name, that is a real NFL star that's from Illinois so, yeah, a name that stuck out to me, lol).

Book Report
- Dracula continues.
Mina's Husband went through some serious shit, and a man is coming over to talk about it and it's connection to the passing of her good friend, Lucy. But, apparently, Mina still has time to play a joke on the old, immigrant doctor by handing him a diary, written in a language even English speakers may not know What a gal.
-I think most of you saw the spectacle of the Hugo Awards, yeah?
What kills me - besides the blatant censorship - is that the PR guy for them picked a Twitter Fight with Neil Gaiman. You know. The genius SCI-FI author with a MASSIVE social media presence?

Fev 19, 2:19 am

Hi Angela!

>66 Ravenwoodwitch: I am also someone who hates reading series out of order, even if it's not supposed to matter.

The Buddha bowl place sounds good. Sometimes it's nice to have someone else make something for you even if you could technically do it yourself :)

Ugh, I haven't seen any of the Avatar reviews yet but I did see something about how they made the decision to stop having Aang go on so many side quests which sort of shows a basic fundamental lack of understanding of Aang's character, which is concerning. I was so optimistic when the casting looked so good... I'll definitely still give it a try but I'm going to try to keep my expectations low. Maybe I should just rewatch the animated series instead, lol.

Fev 19, 8:12 am

Este utilizador foi removido como sendo spam.

Fev 19, 9:31 am

Good morning Raven! How are you?

Fev 20, 6:42 am

I need to get back to the Avatar animated show. For some reason, Charlie and I stopped just a few episodes in.

Fev 20, 10:06 am

>71 curioussquared:
Yeahhhh that smacks a little too strongly of the live action movie, don't it? How mant writers does it take to understand a 12 year old that really doesn't wanna be a hero, lol.
I'll try it on. Netflix did an impressive job with One Piece, so, I'll be fair.
>74 scaifea: I highly support you should :)
It is one of those rare stories that can easily hook adults and kids alike; and highly quotable. It's also got freakin' Rufio (Dante Basco) as a VA, what more could you want?

Fev 20, 10:07 am

>73 Owltherian: Good morning, Lilly!
I'm decent today; a bit stressed yesterday, hence my absence. Sorry I missed you and I hope you have a great day today!

Fev 20, 10:11 am

>76 Ravenwoodwitch: Its totally fine and my day has already went off on a rocky start bc i had a panic attack in my algebra class.

Fev 20, 10:14 am

Good morning everyone!

Doctor's appointment today (always anxiety-inducing) that means a later workday for me. I have a cold-call to make on behalf of the company later (*internal screaming*) and gotta get prepped for a shoot later this week. Methinks some Yoga later will be much needed.

In the meantime, someone earns a spot on my TBR list by being a queen during this Hugo controversy; and AI smears dirty fingers all over The Wheel Of Time franchise. This is me shuffling one of my favorite booktubers everyone's direction, along with me lamenting AI's relationship with art and literature right now. Thoughts? I rolled my eyes; because I don't hate AI, I hate lazy use of it in the guise of art. AI can be a great creativity tool and just gets used in the place of actual creative work far, far too often.

Book updates later today.

Fev 20, 10:14 am

>77 Owltherian: Oh dear, that sounds rough. I'm sorry; hope things improve.

Fev 20, 10:18 am

>79 Ravenwoodwitch: I hope so too, but they probably wont for a while.

Fev 24, 9:03 am

>78 Ravenwoodwitch: I agree with your assessment of AI and its potential for creativity and misuse. Hope the Dr visit and cold call went okay?

Fev 25, 7:45 pm

Hi Angela.

I don't really feel able to contribute too much on AI related issues as technology and me don't sit too well together.

Fev 26, 8:14 am

>81 Berly: hey Kim!
Doctor visit went fast, which always has me concerned something was missed. Why are dermatologists always eager to get you out of the office?

And the cold call was anxiety inducing but went successful. I got the location pinned down for that promotional shoot. And the shoot itself was a success!

Fev 26, 8:16 am

>82 PaulCranswick: hey Paul!

Totally fair. There are cases where I think people get too starry-eyed about using tech for simple tasks anyway.

Fev 26, 12:31 pm

Feels like things fly by sometimes. Bah.
Howdy, all! Hope Monday is treating you well. It's too early for me to tell just yet.

Cold call went all, as did the promotional shoot it was for. There were adorable sheep involved (which I don't have pictures for, sorry!) and we all had a good time. Course, that was Friday and Monday is now an editing day. So...hurrah for sitting all day at my desk?

Friday I also gave the Zipcar service a try; only to be frustrated by the car I tried, ending the ride early, and taking the bus anyway. Saturday became my chore day - in which I realized that mental health slump had made a small "nest" and I needed to start clearing clutter - and Sunday surprised me. A gent I'd been talking with on Bumble finally asked me out. We had coffee and he was a nice guy overall, but I just wasn't feeling that romantic connection. I wish him the best.

I also watched two episodes of the new show Avatar on Netflix. And...I can easily pick nits about the changes they've made story wise. I'm not happy with them having Aang's disappearance be a freak accident instead of him running away INTO a freak accident. It makes all this talk of 'running away from your responsibilities' not make sense.. But I'm also in love with the look of the bending effects, and several of the actors (Iroh and Zuko are very well cast). I recommend people at least try one or two episodes. Just be aware it's up in rating for a reason.

Book updates to come.

Fev 27, 8:14 am

Book Report
- We're at the last 3rd of Dracula.
Alas, poor Lucy. I knew she was undead. I could have done without Can Hellsing's diatribe beforehand. TLDR of of it is "shut up and pretend I'm not crazy for just one night."

- Reached the midpoint of Mexican Gothic and....meh so far. I'm not as impressed. Maybe the 2nd half will pick up?

- I'm testing some other audio books too.

- almost done with the first Sookie Stackhouse novel.
knew Sam was the dog. And also not happy he gawked at Sookie while he was a dog. Ew, dude.

Mar 2, 12:30 pm

Finished Book of 2024 #6 - Dead Until Dark

Vampires have come into the public eye, thanks to the creation of a synthetic blood substitute. Mixed results plenty, from people who are understandably untrusting of the creatures that used to hunt them and kill them for food. Not so true for small-town waitress Sookie Stackhouse, who gets her wish to finally meet a real Vampire when the handsome, and dangerous, Bill Compton comes to her town to "mainstream". Bad timing though; cause that's also when a series of vampire-fangirls wind up dead.

My Thoughts
This one took what...a year and a half? Ah, Neurodivergent Brain is so much fun (lol).
So this book was quite fun. Once you turn off your analytical brain, and just ingest it for giggles and spiciness, the book becomes more entertaining. Sookie annoyed me at first but slowly grew on me (I was like her when I was 20) and I'm all over Mr. Compton. The writing itself can be confusing occasionally but I found the story overall fun.

Editado: Mar 19, 1:39 pm

Howdy y'all, and happy Tuesday!

Work has been a bir hectic again (primaries are creeping up on us, amongst other big events happening simultaniously) so I've been zonking out after work. Nothing like turning my brain off after squeezing every drop of creativity out of it.

I did, however, get a couple days in to playing a late birthday gift: Cyberpunk 2077. Yes, that one. With all the flaws on early release. I recommend you play it now if given the chance, cause the story is crazy. I'm very unfamiliar with the Cyberpunk tabletop game and still managing fine if anyone is worried.

In recent news, I decided on impulse to try StitchFix and, honestly? I'm about halfway impressed. Service was prompt and the pieces I got were quite nice; fit my style profile just fine. But the price on the actual clothes? Hollymolly they're high. I love what I kept, but buyer beware you will be paying out the nose.
That said, I love the new cardigan (soft sweater material, my weakness); the shirt is my new favorite top; and the dress pants are ridiculously comfy.

Book Report

- Started Mothman Prophecies on ebook. Cryptids and UFOs aren't my usual forte with books (I am in fact one of those killjoy skeptics) but I do watch videos on the stories behind these things occasionally and this one was on the Disturbing Books list so I'm gonna give it a shot. Though, so far, Mr.Keel is triggering my single raised eyebrow.

- Still working on Mexican Gothic
- Dracula continues.
"okay, everyone up to date about the terrible old Romanian man who killed Lucy and Made Johnny go bonkers? Good. Time to plan his demise!

Mar 19, 1:50 pm

Hello hello everyone.

It is Tuesday and my state is in full-swing for the primary elections. As you can imagine, that means work is in full speed as well which can be mighty stressful. The past couple of weeks have been just that; stressful. And my own head was the worst place for me to be during all of it.

But I'm making strides, and out of my slump well enough to poke my head back in. I'll be catching up on everyone's threads, but I'm looking forward to see what everyone's been up to.

Updates next.

Mar 19, 1:55 pm

Book Reports
- Still chipping away at the silly book about the flying cryptid, Mothman Prophecies.
Though Mr. Keel has still be very obsessed with aliens so far. Its getting dull.
- Still on Mexican Gothic, about 65% of the way done.

- Got Cyberpunk 2077 for my Birthday and have just finished chapter one.
- Stardew Valley dropped the new patch today!

Mar 21, 10:31 am

Good Morning, Library Thing.
It's early; its Thursday. I have a shoot in the afternoon, along with several other people today. We have to shuffle equipment, meaning what I need may or may not be there.
In short, I'm stressed.

On the more happy front, the 1.6 patch for Stardew Valley dropped recently. Game hasn't been "remade" necessarily but there are some cool new things to explore: new major festival, new crops, new farm starter, etc. It's made starting up a new game so exciting (and since I find that game relaxing, the timing is perfect). This weekend will be dedicated, however, to more Cyberpunk 2077, as it appears I've only scratched the surface of the story.

Otherwise, since I made dinner yesterday, my plan today when work is over is to eat, bake some banana bread for dessert, and melt into my bed like a dead slime monster.

Book Report
- Still plugging away on Mothman Prophecies.
Finally! some mention of the stupid....bat thing? Witnesses said it had leathery wings, where did the "Moth" come from?
- 65% done with Mexican Gothic. And I'm just as confused as our protagonist.

Mar 22, 1:22 pm

Hi Angela! Hope things at the work shoot went well.

I play Stardew on Switch so have to wait for the update :( :( :( Oh well, I have plenty to read before then!

Mar 23, 10:33 am

>92 curioussquared: Hey Natalie!
The shoot went surprisingly well; but I was dead exhausted after Profesional lights and higher end cameras are BEASTS. You build some muscles working in TV, lol.
And yeah, it sucks the switch has to get the update later. I hope it comes soon cause I think it's definitely worth the wait so far!

Editado: Mar 23, 10:48 am

holy cow, I forgot to post one of my reviews from March!
I promise I read this, lol.

Finished Books of 2024 #7 - Soichi

A collection of short stories about the goofy and spooky disappointment that is Soichi, who's skill with old school curses and necromancy is outmatched by his wimpy, unlikable nature.

My Thoughts
For the unawares, Soichi is Ito's comedy series. The little punk on the cover gets into shenanigans with his family, who are equal parts creeped out as they are annoyed by his use of his powers. Picture a bratty 12-year-old with real voodoo powers that he uses for stupid stuff for comparison. It was very entertaining, and the artwork, as always, unsettling.

Mar 23, 11:02 am

And the one finished last night...

Finished Books of 2024 #8 - Mexican Gothic- Audiobook

Socialite Noemí Taboada finds herself on a rescue mission after her newlywed cousin sends the family a raving, half-mad letter begging for help. But High Place, a decrepit English mansion in the Mexican countryside, isn't just holding a haunting family history. And the inhabitants are not to be trusted.

My Thoughts
I saw a blurb saying this book was "Lovecraft meets the Brontes in Mexico" or something to that effect. I have to disagree; only because I think they got Lovecraft confused with Eddie Poe.
Unless the fungus is an otherworldy entity of no origin whose very existence is beyond our comprehension to the point of madness... and I just missed the memo. But I don't think so.
Not that that makes it lesser at all or a bad book. After all, I love Poe's work, and I adore a good re-telling of Usher Mansion Falling. I thought the beginning was quite slow, but once the twist dropped I got hooked and finished everything last night. Maybe the narrator I had wasn't selling it for me in the beginning, or maybe I was just impatient, but if you can push through the first half you won't regret this one.

Mar 23, 6:31 pm

Howdy howdy.

Woke up with a minor headache that has morphed into a full-on migraine. But, hey, work had me stressed this week so I have taken this as my sign from above to really take it easy today. I got my new french press and some fresh coffee before things got extra hurty, then I went to the couch to drink some tea, take some tylenol, and watched another episode of Avatar along with the first John Wick.

The latter I really liked and now I wanna see the rest. The former... strange choices were made.
Who's bright idea was it to combine the Spirit World episode with the need to go see Avatar Roku? That was a dumb writing decision and you should feel bad..

Current plans are to enjoy some Chinese takeout, and then play more Stardew Valley while listening to Puppet History/Mystery Files on the youtube channel Watcher.

Mar 23, 6:36 pm

Book Report
- Started another Joe Hill book - NOS4A2
- I've also been listening to a nonfiction book, Men, Women, and Chain Saws (look at the Touchstone only if you have a strong stomach) which discusses gender roles in modern horror (and by modern it looks to be around the late 90s, early 2000s.)
- Gonna work on some that have been on my ist for a smidge too long: Dark Half, Dracula, and Pride and Predjudice.

Mar 23, 9:55 pm

I hope the migraine departed quickly and you're having a thoroughly relaxing weekend.

Abr 3, 8:41 am

>98 MickyFine: Thank you, Mickey :) I know it's been a bit but I did manage to recover and have a good time.

Abr 3, 11:09 am

Happy Hump Day everybody :)

Had another moody stretch of time; not helped by work being its stressful self. We had a big live show event yesterday for Women's month (yes, March. Don't ask) and I all but crashed last night. Weirdly woke up at 6am today wide awake so it must have been a deep sleep.

Work won't be slowing down just yet; we're doing coverage of the eclipse next week. But, at least things will slow down once April is over.

Easter on Sunday went quite well. I lost my mind and decided to bring a homemade carrot cake to the dinner (two layers and frosted; I'm a stubborn kind of crazy.) Turned out good and I will have a photo later. I was grateful for Leftovers this week, oh boy.

Gonna try and take it easy today and get to bed early.

Abr 3, 12:08 pm

Book Report
- Dracula is at its ending stages.
The non-funny version is they are breaking into Dracula's house near Johnny's place. But can I just say how hilarious it is that when Van Helsing told everyone about the nature of vampires, it was the American who was all "sounds weird, but I trust ya" while the English got all huffy.
- Still working my way through a couple others: Fight Club, Pride and Prejudice, Mothman, NOS4A2....
- A surprise re-read, to be announced when finished.

Abr 3, 2:47 pm

Good luck taking it easy!

Abr 3, 5:22 pm

Sending all the well wishes for making it through the next intense bit of work.

Are you in a full eclipse zone? Where I am we get only 10% coverage so it's barely an eclipse at all here. 😝

Abr 3, 5:57 pm

Hi Angela! Hope work isn't too bad the next few weeks.

Abr 4, 10:20 am

>103 MickyFine: hey!
In my area we are expecting partial totality but almost up to 97%. But our news team is heading down to the actual totality.

>104 curioussquared: HI Natalie :)
That's sweet, thank you. So far nothing but the usual annoyances, which I hope stays that way.

Abr 5, 11:08 am

>95 Ravenwoodwitch: I gave up on that one! Appears I should have stuck with it!

Abr 6, 4:38 pm

>106 Tess_W: I don't blame you; like I said it's quite slow and it took awhile for me to read it. But the ending is at least interesting.

Abr 6, 4:43 pm

The carrot cake picture as promised, with it's TooMuch frosting of cream cheese. Recpepe for frosting and cake from Rosana Pansino's book Baking All Year Round.
Forgive my messy counter; small apartment woes.

Abr 6, 4:50 pm

Happy Saturday!
I dodged having to go to the solar eclipse for work; but the universe balances itself out. Yesterday, after I left work, I got an email about a promo with incorrect info and had to come back and fix it. Boss is grateful (brownie points do come in handy) but it left me tired. When I got home permanently, it occurred to me that I hadn't dipped into my pool of paid vacations. Your girl, later this month, is heading on a nature retreat to relax before the Summer Shinanigans start up at work. We do these big events in towns that our viewers voted on every summer, so, it's gonna be busy. Best bet that peace and tranquility to recharge before then.

The rest of my day has been fun: Had soup and sandwiches at a local joint with my mom as we caught up; Went to the craft store to get more yarn to finish my dad's scarf along with some new housewears; and managed a grocery run. Since my roommate is back from visiting her dad, we're gonna celebrate tonight someplace of her choosing. In the meantime, I'm working on getting a couple of chores done around the apartment.

Book Report
- Five chapters in on Fight Club.
- Surprise Re-Read is going swimmingly; part one is almost done.
- I like NOS4A2 so far. But it does involve some pretty disturbing stuff, so, be careful if you pick it up.

Abr 6, 5:54 pm

>108 Ravenwoodwitch: Wowzers, that's some cake!

>109 Ravenwoodwitch: Yay for planning a vacation! How long are you taking off?

Abr 7, 12:19 pm

>110 MickyFine: Why thank you :)
A week; I get three paid weeks of vacation now that I've passed a certain time marker at work. But only a chunk of that will be at the nature retreat. The rest will be recovering back at the house and then prepping for Memorial Day (which will be off thanks to the company, so, make that 8 days).

Abr 7, 12:29 pm

Good Sunday everybody!
I'm all sneezing today so Spring must be in full swing. I love seeing everything in bloom but hate the pollen. Or, I guess, the pollen hates me.
Plans so far are the usual for Sunday: Meal prep lunches, make dinner for the next several days and just get the apartment to a cleaner state than whence it started. Sounds like a good time for some audiobooks.

I experimented today and tried some cooking for breakfast while my roommate was asleep and she never woke up. That'll be great for food this week; I love eggs in the morning, and now get up at the Godly/Ungodly hours of the day for my work commute. It just makes me happy to have found a way to make it work.

No real updates on the books as I didn't read much last night. But, before we went out for drinks, I did do some baking. An attempt at Banana Bars that feel and taste more like chunks of banana bread. I was suspicious about the recipe anyway and my worst fears happened. 5 bananas + 350 temperature + only 22 minute bake time = a very gooey center. To be fair, I had the wrong pan, but I still don't think it would have worked even with the correct pan.

I ended up baking them for an extra 22 minutes and they turned out okay.

Pictured: our table, with my display case and my roommate's coasters.

Abr 7, 12:31 pm

>112 Ravenwoodwitch: Heh, i have had a cold/fever for three days now i think- although the fever is gone thankfully so i probably have a sinus headache due to the weather or spring idk.

Abr 7, 3:41 pm

I am not a carrot cake or banana person but both look lovely! And hooray for planning a vacay.

Abr 8, 10:13 am

>109 Ravenwoodwitch: A nature retreat sounds lovely, I hope you enjoy it!

Abr 8, 4:54 pm

Glad you are going to get some time off!! Sorry about the pollen, and I know exactly what you are talking about. Achoo! Love your baking efforts and the display case -- they look good even if they didn't turn out perfectly. ; )

Abr 8, 7:48 pm

Happy Monday, for once!

Thank my local library for having a host event. This was my first...ever viewing, and we had 99% totality. The world got dim. Not dark; dim. And that alone is such a strange sight. It's creepy (and I love it).

But it made me less focused at work, I admit. I was the only one lucky enough to not have to get up at the crack of dawn and head out to our live event (me and one other coworker) and so I did a lot of busywork. But I'm glad I spent my lunch out on the library lawn, watching a once-in-a-lifetime event.

It's gonna make tomorrow real boring though, innit?

Book Report
- Not much honestly. Meant to listen to the audiobooks yesterday and got distracted by music instead. But I'm listening to my mystery re-read now and plan to do some more later tonight of my current pile of books.

Abr 8, 7:50 pm

Hurray for 99% totality and being able to see the world dim (in a cool way)!!

Abr 8, 7:52 pm

Hi Kim!
>116 Berly: Why thank you :)
Display case is an Amazon buy if curious. Bamboo and glass, complete with a small bowl to use it as a veggie tray/charcuterie board.
>118 Berly: I know, right? It's such an odd sight but I'm so happy I got to see it.

Editado: Abr 13, 10:59 pm

Good Evening everyone; Happy Saturday/Sunday when you will likely see this.
It's the end of the day and I don't have to be up early, so I'm trying some peach wine. (Verdict: drinkable, but a bit bitter. I like my wines sweet). It's been a good but tiring Saturday. I had a productive meeting with my therapist before the roommate and I went to a local cafe/bakery. I had a delicious breakfast sandwich and some espresso (I don't make either often so this is my weekly treat). Then we went to a sale the local pottery club was having, where I got my new favorite mug (red with strawberries painted on. So cute!) We also browsed the thrift store where I found a bag of someone's scrap yarn. I shall be turning it into a knitted scarf.

Once home, I attempted a bacon jam that didn't quite solidify; I think I need to noodle with the ration of bacon grease-to-onion-to liquids. But they still taste delicious and will make a fine addition to my toasts. I've been feeling a bit more of my cooking mojo again lately and have been aiming to eat more things that came from my own kitchen. Tomorrow's meal prep day so we'll see how it goes.

The last remarkable thing about today, though, was a hard one. I got my order in today for a shadow box. I'm using it as a memorial for the cat I lost to cancer. And just the act of moving the clay paw-print and the collar to the box brought up...well, a lot of emotions. Five years has only made it easier, not easy, to think about my sweet little baby girl.

In the spirit of honoring her memory, here is Miss Prissy (named her when I was a kid; she used to 'prance' when she walked):

Book Report
- Almost done with the surprise re-read.
- Made progress is Nos4@2

Abr 14, 12:35 pm

>120 Ravenwoodwitch: Miss Prissy was gorgeous. I feel you about those mementos -- we got a paw and nose print along with Skelly's ashes and couldn't even look at them. They've been in a closet ever since. Not sure we'll ever really be able to face them.

Abr 14, 3:58 pm

>121 curioussquared: Thank you. And I don't blame you at all. I don't know if I would have even done this had my therapist not suggested it.
Here's hoping this will be as good for me as she thinks.

Abr 14, 4:13 pm

Happy Sunday everyone :)

Hit up the bookstore today because I thought my favorite author had a new release. I am incorrect, but I did find two new books to add to the To Read pile. Ah well, next paycheck.

I secured the rental vehicle for the trip and brought some needed groceries to my mom. She's sick with a headcold and I didn't want her heading our. I'm ready to mealprep but that will involve the oven (and its already 80 outside). I've switched the heat off (we're not gonna get below 54 for awhile anyway) and I'm waiting before we switch to AC before I start baking. I'm making some banana,blueberry baked oatmeal for work lunches and a medditerianian shrimp sheet tray dinner.

Should also probably finish the laundry I forgot about yesterday. Whoops.

Book Report
-Mystery ReRead is finished and will be posted shortly.

-Still tackling fight club. And I'm gonna look at some others that have been on my 'current' reads list a bit too long.

Abr 14, 4:49 pm

Finished Book of 2024 #9 - Farenheit 451 (audiobook/re-read)

I like this cover much better. It's my personal copy's cover.
In a world where media and pop culture drown out all thought, Firemen are tasked with burning the biggest threat to everyone's "happiness": Books. One such Fireman, Guy Montag, starts questioning this new world he lives in and sets off a life-changing string of events.

My thoughts (again)
God, I still love this book.
Not my best summary of it but everything that rang a bell inside of me the first time around rang even louder the second time. And, once again, it's enough to make me wanna slow down and just listen to the birds outside, lay in the sun, and hold my favorite stories close to my chest. Had a great audiobook reader this time, too.