Universal Import created duplicate tags

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Universal Import created duplicate tags

Editado: Dez 29, 2023, 5:01 am

I added a list of 66 ISBNs, one of which wasn't imported. I entered a tag to be added to all of them ("strips Thorgal"). After the import, I had three "copies" of the same tag. One which was attached to 63 items and two who were attached to a single item each. Might be interesting to have a look at, or might be too fleeting/unimportant to have a look at.

There don't seem to be any hidden characters. All three links lead to "https://www.librarything.com/catalog/ianreads?tag=strips%20Thorgal" and return the same 65 items. They only differ by "tid" (tag ID?): 35281007, 35281009 & 35281011 respectively.

If anyone takes a look, they are in my "Import" collection (for now).

Jan 2, 8:26 am

Interesting... how are they looking for you, now? Curious if they've cleared up at all. (Peeking myself, now.)

Jan 2, 8:28 am

Returning... I am still seeing the 3 duplicate/identical tags on your Tags page, clicking one highlights all of them purple.

I could dig and find this but... remind me, where'd you get the tid?

Editado: Jan 2, 8:32 am

Clearing your caches and reindexing did nothing to group the duplicate tags, by the way... going to attempt your import on a test account and see if I can reproduce the issue.

Editado: Jan 2, 8:52 am

Okay, tested the import on my test account ( https://www.librarything.com/catalog/kristi_test_02 ) and did not get the duplicate tag... I tested on my Mac/Chrome setup.

Just in case this crops up again: what browser and OS (operating system) are you using (e.g. Google Chrome, version 90 and Windows 7, etc.)? Will keep this in mind in case I need to test it again.

ETA: I'm deferring this, but I went ahead and combined your duplicate tags first. Let's hope it was a random event and doesn't happen again (fingers crossed).

Jan 3, 7:10 am

>3 kristilabrie: I looked at the page source; they were an attribute of the top-level div elements for each tag.

>5 kristilabrie: Thanks! I was using Firefox (probably v121) on Windows 10 at the time.

Jan 3, 10:20 am

>6 ianreads: Re: tid, ah, thanks! I'll try and remember that next time.