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Profile page / "Books You Share"

Nov 20, 6:09 pm

An idle question, purely out of curiosity. When you click on another person's profile page, one of the sections generated is "Books You Share".

How are these books ordered? It clearly isn't by title (although the other person's multiple copies are usually gathered together), author (although titles by the same author are often but by no means always gathered together), LT ranking, original publication date, my input date or their input date.

The same could also be asked of the "Books To Borrow" list.

Nov 20, 6:22 pm

It has always seemed to me it goes from rarest to most common.

Nov 21, 5:06 am

>2 2wonderY: I think you're right. Our list of 'Books We Share' runs from:

Local Hero (film) by Bill Forsyth (117 members)
The History Boys (film) by Alan Bennett (129)
Death and What Comes Next by Terry Pratchett (133)
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett (34,004)
The adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (41,937)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (your second copy)
1984 (Nineteen Eighty-Four) by George Orwell (79,738)

The number of books we share probably differs depending on which end we're looking from. LT says we share 74 books, but I don't share your strength in depth in 'The Wind in the Willows'.

Nov 21, 5:43 am

>3 Cynfelyn: From my side, LT counts 64 books we share, but going to catalog view, it says 120. Never mind. I can see we’re kindred souls.

Yes, for several years I tried to do a complete survey of illustrators of The Wind in the Willows. It was wonderfully interesting:

Nov 21, 6:59 am

>3 Cynfelyn: It even used to say explicitly that the list is ordered from rarest to most common. Perhaps that clue has disappeared with a layout redesign?

Our top ten are:

Tove Jansson by Paul Gravett
The Welsh extremist by Ned Thomas
Y geiriadur newydd = The new Welsh dictionary by H. Meurig Evans
The poems of Taliesin by Ifor Williams
Take Jennings, for instance by Anthony Buckeridge
Y geiriadur mawr : the complete Welsh-English, English-Welsh dictionary by H. Meurig Evans
The owl and the nightingale / Cleanness / St Erkenwald
The observer's book of wild flowers by W. J. Stokoe
A mah jong handbook by Eleanor Noss Whitney
A Russian gentleman by Sergei Aksakov

Editado: Nov 21, 8:35 am

>5 anglemark: I was sitting here looking at our shared list. Oil for Dummies? Really? But when I looked at my copy it wasn't Öl as in Oil, but Öl as in Beer, and yes, I did borrow Beer for Dummies from the library once upon a time.

Other than that we seem to share a lot of 20th century authors: Noel Streatfeild, JRR Tolkien, Neville Shute, Gerald Durrell, ...

Nov 21, 8:43 am

Tolkien is a life-long "friend" of mine and my wife's, but the Durrells and the Shutes are all hers, two of her favourite authors. And yes, Swedish "Öl" is an entertaining "false friend" that many Swedish mistranslation jokes are based on.