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The next CP book...

Nov 20, 4:58 pm

Publishers (we are one) usually have several works in the pipeline in order to keep the time between books to a minimum.

Sinuhe is well along in its course (it is at the printer's awaiting his attention) and we need to consider how soon to begin the selection process for the next CP volume.

Be advised, however, that we will need to re-structure CP, as several of our volunteers who have so ably shepherded along the first book from the press wish to step down. This will need to be done before we actually start the process of selecting the second book.

After the results of the poll below are in, the question of structure will be taken up in greater detail at a time commensurate with the results of the poll. At that time, our options will be thoroughly examined and all members will have the chance to put in their two bits. But first, the poll.

The question before the members therefore is: Do we wish to re-structure, then begin selection process for volume no. 2 BEFORE Sinuhe ships? The alternative is to wait until AFTER it ships. The poll below asks for a Yes/No on the question as stated here.


Votar: Do we wish to re-structure, then begin selection process for volume no. 2 BEFORE Sinuhe ships?

Resultado atual: Sim 24, Não 14, Indeciso 1

Editado: Nov 20, 5:07 pm

Are you able to clarify how major or minor this restructuring would be? Something like turnover in advisory board members is to be expected, but if we were losing the support of Griffin / No Reply for example, I’d imagine a lot of infrastructure would need to be built up to even reach a preorder.

Editado: Nov 20, 6:14 pm

>2 NathanOv: Griffin is not going away, but I will let him address that himself. As to the degree of re-structuring, it is more a matter of form. We didn't want to get into the details in this thread, but as things are now, it is rather amorphous and we need to have a specific structure. If the members wish to proceed now, then we will discuss the re-structuring in detail in a separate thread.

Griffin will give you his thoughts on the matter in that thread, but for the moment, what we need to decide is whether or not we wish to proceed now or later bearing in mind that the longer we wait, the longer it will be before the second book is published. It's really just a matter of how long you are willing to wait.

Nov 20, 9:38 pm

>3 Glacierman: Ah, I misunderstood that it is a matter of restructuring AND proceeding with the current book, rather than simply going ahead with the restructuring early.

I hope with the relatively close vote that this gets circulated by email as well.

Nov 20, 10:06 pm

A few thoughts:

1. Sinuhe has set sail and very little can go wrong at this point. I'd say there's a 95 percent it fulfills without any major issues. How long that takes isn't certain. Six months maybe?

2. While we wait, there are quite a few who have expressed that they'd like to start the process on CP's second edition.

3. Before proceeding with a second edition, CP needs a bit of organizational restructuring and perhaps should register a non-profit. This deserves its own discussion.

There's nothing particularly controversial here. The question is whether there's an appetite to start this process now rather than waiting for Sinuhe.

Nov 20, 11:12 pm

I'm in favor of getting started on the next title, if only to help maintain the "vitality" of the press and keep people interested. I can understand waiting to see a finished product before starting another, but given the logistics I think it's a good time to start, seeing how long the full process is likely to take.

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