December ClassicsCAT: Re-read a Classic

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December ClassicsCAT: Re-read a Classic

Nov 15, 12:38 pm

As the year comes to a close, settle down, relax and enjoy a re-read of a favorite classic. It can be a children's classic, a holiday classic, a classic poem, a classic you read in school, a classic you've read many, many times or a classic that you remember you loved years ago but the details are getting a bit hazy. The choice is up to you what you'd like to re-visit this month.

Here's hoping you have an enjoyable read the second (or third or fourth or ....) time around, and maybe get a few new insights this reading.

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Nov 15, 1:54 pm

>2 fuzzi: starred!

Nov 15, 2:41 pm

All year I've been re-reading Dickens in publication order. Right now I'm about half-way through David Copperfield and should finish up in December, and then move on to a re-read of Bleak House. Both of these I'm doing on audiobook. And even more Dickens, as I usually re-read A Christmas Carol in December.

I just finished a re-read of Anne of Green Gables which I read many years ago; and I must say on this re-read (as someone who is now older than Marilla), I had more sympathy for Marilla and the changes she goes through during the course of the book. I'll probably re-read Anne of Avonlea in December, too.

Nov 15, 2:52 pm

I've started A Passage to India by E. M. Forster. I remember the bare bones, but I was young when I read it and the times were different. I'm getting more out of it this time.

Nov 15, 5:24 pm

It being that time of year, I will probably re-read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Nov 15, 7:22 pm

I am finally going to reread Anne of Green Gables.

Nov 16, 2:22 am

Probably going to read two short ones, The Christmas Carol and Evangeline.

Nov 16, 9:42 pm

Nov 21, 9:18 am

I'll think about this. I'm not sure what I want to re-read yet. I do have one in mind I want to re-read, but I know that as busy as my life is right now that I can't possibly re-read it in a single month because of how huge it is and still get other reading I want to knock out done.