Anita's ( Figs) reading path in 2023 #8

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Anita's ( Figs) reading path in 2023 #8

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My rating system is as follows:

1 = Very Very bad. Either I could not finish the novel, or the plot was ill-conceived

2= Still bad. I managed to finish the book. It was probably boring, unoriginal or poorly written (D)

3= Solid. There was character development, the pace was probably slow or parts of the book were well thought out. Still had the ability to make me think or at the very least want to continue reading, however, something was missing or could have been further developed. Slightly better than average. (C+ or B- or B+)

Subdivided into: Shaky ( barely got there), loose ( average) and solid ( just not quite there for a 3.5 or 4) ( B+)

4= Excellent read. I probably couldn't put the book down till it was finished. The Pace was spot on, complex characters, made me think in a different way and so on ( A -)

5= Absolutely perfect!

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Books Read in January

The last beekeeper was a great read. A good debut novel and is still memorable from all the reads this month.

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Books Read In February

Favorites: Foster and ghost music. Honourable mention: The sisters of auschwitz.

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Books Read in March

Best 3 in no particular order: Kaykeyi, Half of a yellow sun, Hester

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Books Read in April

Favorite of the Month: The White Hare

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Books Read In May

Best: The Boy with a bird in his chest

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Books Read In June

Best: Camp Zero-I know it surprised me too considering my initial thoughts

Books Read In July

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Books Read In August

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Books Read In September

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Books Read In October

Books Read in November

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Books Read in December

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Favourite read from the Past

42. An Imperfect Offering: Humanitarian Action in the Twenty-first century: James Orbinski

James Orbinski recounts his experiences as an MSF doctor in the Congo, North Corea, Somalia, South America and Russia. Not an easy read, however, the reader is left with a better understanding of the plight of the innocent and how injustice, politics, and corruption hinder the MSF's ability to help those who are suffering.

Nov 11, 6:54 am

"To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold." Aristotle


Nov 11, 7:09 am

Happy new thread, Anita.

I will be interested to see who finishes up as the Canadian with the thread with the most posts. It is really nip and tuck between you and Meg at the moment.

Nov 11, 7:13 am

>15 PaulCranswick: Hi Paul! Thanks. I have been fairly consistent this year so I am guessing that won't change much.

Nov 11, 7:17 am

Interesting but as of right now both of you have 1,804 posts each!

Nov 11, 7:19 am

>17 PaulCranswick: Perhaps theres hope for me after all ;)

Nov 11, 7:21 am

Happy new thread. Love the quote in >14 figsfromthistle:.

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112. Kevin Chong: The Double Life of Benson Yu

Benson Yu is a comic book writer who ends up being slammed with unpleasant memories from his past when his karate teacher reaches out to him. Benson creates a new comic book character that deals with much of the same abuse he faced as a boy.

This was an interesting way the author chose to narrate. At times it was a little strange.

Disclaimer- There are memories of sexual abuse

Edited to add that this is on the Giller short list.

Nov 11, 7:27 am

>19 Kristelh: Thanks, Kristel :)

Nov 11, 7:31 am

Happy new one, Anita!

IS the top photo from this season or another year? Snow!

Nov 11, 7:34 am

>22 katiekrug: Hi Katie! Thankfully, the picture is from another year. We did have some snow and ice rain four days ago. Luckily it was short-lived.

Nov 11, 7:40 am

Happy new thread, Anita!

Nov 11, 7:41 am

Happy new thread, Anita!

I was about to ask if the topper was a recent picture, got my answer in >23 figsfromthistle:
We have mainly rain in the last weeks, and only short dry periods in between. Our rainsuits are well used these days.

Editado: Nov 11, 7:42 am

>24 bell7: Thanks, Mary!

>25 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita. It is quite wet here as well. This weekend is nice and sunny.

Nov 11, 7:45 am

Happy Weekend!

It is a sunny day here which is a great change from the last week. I am planning on attending a craft show and going out for lunch with a few friends. I am rarely off on the weekend so it will be great to do "weekend" things.

Nov 11, 8:01 am

Happy new thread, Anita. You have read so many great looking books so far!

Nov 11, 9:39 am

>28 jessibud2: Hi Shelley! I have been fortunate with so many good recommendations :)

Nov 11, 9:48 am

New 🧵 orisons, Anita!

Nov 11, 10:01 am

>30 richardderus: Thanks, Richard!

Nov 11, 10:27 am

Happy new thread, Anita. I do hate to see snow in the photo at the top. But it's coming...

Nov 11, 10:43 am

Happy new thread Anita!

Nov 11, 3:04 pm

Happy new thread, Anita! I finally made it back over to your thread after our long trip in October.

>3 figsfromthistle: I only just now noticed that you also read The Man Who Loved Books Too Much in January. That was my first book this year, shortly before I got back on LT after a long absence. Interesting coincidence!

Nov 11, 3:47 pm

Happy New Thread, Anita! 🧵

Nov 11, 4:34 pm

>32 BLBera: Hi Beth! Snow has it's own beauty but I do prefer not to have to drive in it.

>33 quondame: Thanks, Susan!

>34 atozgrl: Nice to see you. I have to head over to your thread and see how your trip went.

>35 vancouverdeb: Thanks, Deborah!

Nov 11, 9:11 pm

Happy new thread, Anita!

>15 PaulCranswick: That Paul, he's always trying to start a thread posting competition!

Nov 11, 11:51 pm

I forsee you and Meg coming to blows re the posting competition!!! :-) Just kidding! I'm sure you will enjoy The Lost Bookshop, and I finished One Puzzling Afternoon last night, another book I think you enjoy.

The Double Life of Benson Yu sounds interesting. Maybe December?

Nov 12, 7:19 am

>37 Familyhistorian: Hi Meg! Thanks! I am sure you will be at your usual 1st place spot :)

>38 vancouverdeb: I hope you enjoy the double life of Benson Yu. It was a bit strange but the more time passes since reading it the more it grows on me.

Nov 12, 7:56 am


A beautiful day here. I hope to get outside for a few hours and work in the yard. I really don't feel like doing indoor chores so I will get a few of those out of the way this morning.

I am almost finished reading Holly

Supper today will be a shepherds pie. My parents are coming over for dinner so I hope it turns out ok. It's been a while since I've made it.

Nov 12, 9:19 am

Hi Anita! Happy newest thread. Once again, I’m drawing a line in the sand.

Congrats on being 37 books past your 75-book goal.

>11 figsfromthistle: I see you’ve recently read a book about the 1972 Andes plane crash. I read Alive by Piers Paul Read in the 1970s, lost my copy and then acquired another copy in 2016. It’s a harrowing story for sure.

>27 figsfromthistle: I hope your craft show and lunch plans with friends was fun.

>40 figsfromthistle: I loved the Bill Hodges series and didn’t realize there was a book with Holly. I just bought it. *smile*

Nov 12, 10:10 am

>41 karenmarie: Hi Karen! It's always nice to see you.

The craft show and lunch was great. I found a few things for Christmas gifts. It was a relaxing day. I also went to the market after.

Nov 12, 12:22 pm

Happy new thread, Anita! I just took a closer look at what you read earlier this year... I was going to comment on how much I also loved The Last Beekeeper until I realized that the one I just finished was another The Last Beekeeper. 🤣 The Turabi one looks marvelous too!

May I ask where in Canada you live? We're flying to Calgary today for two nights to see Loreena McKennitt in concert - she's always been one of my favorites and I've never seen her; this is as close as she's getting to Seattle on this tour, so... to Calgary we go! It's supposed to be a bit colder there than here, but sunny - I'll take that!

Happy weekend to you!

Nov 12, 2:07 pm

>43 PlatinumWarlock: Thanks!

I live far from Calgary ( around 2000km south). I hope the concert is a good one and that the weather cooperates for you.

Both books with beekeeper in the title were good reads for me.

Have a safe flight and a fantastic time in Calgary!

Nov 12, 6:15 pm

Happy new thread!!! Maybe (?) I can keep up with this one. : )

Editado: Nov 12, 6:52 pm

I’m a little behind the curve - happy new one!

Nov 12, 8:01 pm

>45 Berly: >46 drneutron: Great to see you both here!

Nov 13, 4:57 am

Happy new thread, Anita.
>1 figsfromthistle: I love your topper and your quote in >14 figsfromthistle:!

Nov 13, 6:51 am

>48 SirThomas: Thanks, Thomas. Nice to see you here.

Nov 13, 7:02 am

It's Monday!

Yesterday was a productive day. I changed the bed linens and put on flannel sheets and changed the duvets to the heavier winter ones. I did two more loads of laundry and vacuumed and dusted the whole house.

Outdoors I raked a few leaves and walked around in the forest. I gathered the recycling and brought it down so I don't have to do it this morning. After that I felt lazy. I had my parents over for dinner and after cleaning up I decided to read. Later on, I played piano for an hour which was quite nice.

I finished Holly and have yet to decide what to read next.

Wordle 877 3/6


Nov 13, 11:46 am

Happy new thread!

Nov 13, 4:43 pm

>50 figsfromthistle:, Seems you had a right to feel "lazy". Sounds like a nice Sunday. Hope your Monday was good too.

Nov 13, 5:22 pm

>51 foggidawn: Thanks, Foggi!

>52 Kristelh: Monday was a good day! I spent a lot of it outside. The temperature is milder ( 10 C) and I want to enjoy it before the cold sets in. Hope you had a great start to the week.

Nov 13, 6:40 pm

Happy new-ish thread, Anita!

Nov 14, 12:57 am

10 C is a nice day at this time of year, especially where you live. It was the same temperature here today, and nice and sunny. I just wear a long sleeved cotton t shirt and a light jacket for walking Poppy in this weather. I'm so glad we had a day without rain today.

Nov 14, 5:50 am

>54 alcottacre: Thanks, Stasia!

>55 vancouverdeb: It is a perfect temperature for this time of the year. I am sure Poppy appreciated a dry day as well :)

Nov 14, 8:05 am

Hi Anita my dear, Happy New Thread.

Nov 14, 9:52 am

>57 johnsimpson: thanks John

Nov 14, 8:31 pm

113. Stephen King: Holly

Holly, a private detective is hired by Penny Dahl to investigate the disappearance of her daughter. While investigating, Holly finds other cases in the area that seem to be connected. What Holly finds is something quite shocking.

I had no clue that this is part of a series so I went in knowing little about Holly. For me the main storyline of the disappearances was well done. Getting to know each victim and the mind frame of the abductor was bone chilling. For me, Holly's narrative was a bit boring and over the map ( perhaps if I read the other books in the series I would have appreciated/understood her more).

Good read overall

Nov 15, 9:59 am

114. Tangerine: Christine Mangan

When Alice Shipley graduates from college she is swept up in romance and moves with her husband to Morocco. She leaves her best friend, and college roommate behind. Upon a few weeks of her arrival, things begin to change. She rarely leaves her flat and slowly looses herself. However, things change when her old roommate, Lucy shows up unannounced. Can their friendship be mended or will things spiral out of control?

This debut novel was written well. Great slow suspense of murder and revenge. It is not perfect and faults can be found with the way the author relies on unnecessary background commentary and stereotypes. However, if looking past all that and judging the main story, it was a great read.


Nov 15, 10:24 am

Happy Mid week!

Today I have a light day. Filling in as a TA in the afternoon. Morning is relaxed and trying to catch up with various paperwork things. Before work I will have to go and get an oil change for the car. It's a bit overdue......

My closet cleaning is finished and now I think I can focus on my library. Needs to be cleaned and I am still sorting through books. I have been unpacking boxes ( very slowly) that are in my storage room in the basement. Unbeknownst to my parents, I have been bringing books over when I visit and put it on their various library shelves around the home. Just books I am not ready to let go of or have not read yet. So far they have not noticed and hoping they won't for a while ;)

I have no clue what I am making for dinner today. I will check to see if there is a fresh looking salmon in the store. The last few times, it did not look great. If that pans out then it will be salmon with fried rice and a salad.

Nov 15, 10:35 am

>61 figsfromthistle: Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky! I expect they've cottoned on and just don't care.

Enjoy your dinner, which I hope will be the salmon because *yum*

Editado: Nov 15, 10:41 am

>62 richardderus: Hi Richard! I would know/ hear about it if they did. They are particular about space and such......but they have so much more of it that it will take them a while to catch on and then it will be too late :)

Nov 15, 1:01 pm

>61 figsfromthistle: Hahahahaha! I am highly amused at the mental image of you sneaking books onto your parents' shelves!

Nov 15, 7:28 pm

>64 foggidawn: Good thing there are no hidden cameras! I am sure it would make someone chuckle. I always take a reusable bag with me where I bring them dessert or other things and the books are tucked away in there until I see my opportunity and place the book on the nearest shelf.

Nov 15, 8:31 pm

I am glad we don't have a doorbell camera because my husband would catch me sneaking my book and puzzle purchases in the door when he is away! With a little luck they will enjoy the books.

Nov 16, 3:26 am

Pretty dusting of snow up at the top! I saw it's from a previous year but you've had some this year too. We're just getting inundated by rain. We are at about 1.5x the average amount of rainfall. Ugh.

Nov 16, 7:17 am

>66 vancouverdeb: I suspect that there are plenty of people in the 75ers group that have to sneak in new purchases. Are there any particular puzzles you like putting together?

>67 ursula: Hi Ursula! We did have a bit of snow but now we are enjoying the sun and rain. The rain is dreary but I rather see that than snow.

Nov 16, 7:27 am

HAppy Thursday!

The chord on my computer just stopped working. It lasted a long time but I am amazed that the brand name replacement is so expensive!

Yesterday I ended up finding fresh salmon and ate a good piece and froze the rest for another day. It was delicious! I have yet to determine what I will be eating tonight. Probably something light as I had poached eggs on toast for breakfast.

I started a few books but have not gotten into the rhythm of any of them. Oh well.

In the garden, the endive lettuce is doing quite well. It's growth is not as fast as it usually it because we had a lot of colder nights but it's 3/4 of the way there.

Nov 16, 10:19 am

>68 figsfromthistle: I'm the exact opposite. I'd rather have snow all the time and no rain. Dreary doesn't begin to describe my feelings about rain - but it's been raining here for weeks straight now.

Nov 16, 2:00 pm

>63 figsfromthistle: You devil you...colonizing their shelves like that. I'm so jealous that you *can* that I could spit fire.

Nov 16, 2:54 pm

Hi Anita, I am chuckling about you sneaking books onto your parents’ bookshelves. I wish I had a Book Elf around here.

I have heard good things about Mr. Mercedes but didn’t realize it is the first book in a series of 6. One of these days… I might actually read Tangerine in the near future. It’s on my Kindle where it has been easy to ignore. You’ve made both of your last two books sound like ones I would enjoy. I think I would have to read the first five books before Holly, though. Perhaps a project for 2024?

Nov 16, 6:45 pm

I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, Anita, mainly 1000 piece ones, but currently I am working on a 2000 piece puzzle by Ravensburger, which I have posted an image of on my thread. Glad you enjoyed your salmon dinner last night. I know what you mean about getting into a new book. Sometimes they " take ' right away , sometimes you have to try several til one seems right.

Nov 16, 7:50 pm

>70 ursula: Yes, too many days of rain can be quite depressing. A whole week is a long time to go without sun. Hopefully it will come out soon!

>71 richardderus: Ha ha. As long as I don't find myself with a revolt on my hands.......

Nov 16, 7:53 pm

>72 Donna828: I would not mind it either. Someone who leaves books around and takes the ones I no longer need would be perfect!

As for the King book, I did not know it was part of a series until I finished reading. I think that starting from the first is best.

>73 vancouverdeb: Ahh so you like the really big ones! Do you put them on a puzzle mat so you can easily store the pieces? I will have to go over to your thread and check the puzzle out. My nephew really loves putting puzzles together but they are wood and 3D. They look quite cool.

Nov 17, 7:29 am

115. Girl A: Abigail Dean

Lexi is 15 years old when she manages to escape from her parents home and free the rest of her siblings from psychological and physical abuse doled out by her parents in the guise of God's will. Years later, Lexi receives a phone call from the prison telling her that her mother has died and that she is the executor of the will. The "family home" and money is left behind but every sibling must agree on what to do with it.

Each chapter focuses on a different sibling. Within that chapter the narration flips from the present where they are gathering for a wedding to the past when they lived in the "house of horrors". It is interesting as each sibling has a different way to deal with the abuse and experiences it differently.



Nov 17, 9:07 am

Happy Friday, Anita. Happy New Thread. I have Holly on my audio TBR. I have read the other books in the series and they were all very good.

Nov 17, 10:21 am

>76 figsfromthistle: This sounds interesting, Anita.

Nov 17, 10:54 am

>77 msf59: Good to know. I will put the first one on my list and perhaps I will start that series next year.

>78 BLBera: It was a good debut. I think it may be one that you would enjoy. It is not however a crime thriller as the book jacket describes.

Nov 17, 12:35 pm

I actually own Mr Mercedes so maybe I should get around to that one soon.

Nov 17, 1:37 pm

Hi Anita! I haven't stopped by this thread yet, so happy new one :) I, too, am loving the image of you sneaking books onto your parents' shelves.

Nov 17, 6:17 pm

>80 Kristelh: The faster you get to it, the faster you can make room for another :)

>81 curioussquared: Thanks, Natalie. Good to see you!

Nov 18, 11:13 pm

Also loving the sneaking book story! Hope you can find your books when you want them.

Nov 19, 5:46 am

>83 banjo123: I haven't thought it all the way through.....if I want to borrow a book, will I have to sneak it out as well? If I just make it obvious and take a book from their shelf they will be curious as to which book of theirs I want to read. Then they will most certainly catch on. Ah well :)

Nov 20, 9:42 pm

116. Waubgeshig Rice: Moon of the Turning Leaves

Ten years after the global blackout, the Anishinaabe tribe has been using traditional survival skills to hunt, preserve food, and grow vegetables. However, their resources are running low at their settlement. They decide to send a group south to see if their old territory is safe and can sustain them. The journey is long and challenging. Will they find a new home? And are there any others left?

This is the sequel to Moon of the Crusted Snow. The majority of the book focuses on the journey south. The writing has a great rhythm and pacing is spot on.

3.5/5 (A-)

Editado: Nov 21, 6:02 am

Happy Tuesday!

The last few days I have been quite busy and to make things more interesting, not feeling 100%. I feel better now so it's all good.

It has gotten really cold overnight and anything that was still alive is now frost bitten. I did cover the endive lettuce in the garden with leaves and it survived. I had some for dinner and it was good. The only problem covering the lettuce is that it takes longer to clean it.

I was able to clean up the majority of leaves yesterday. Now if it snows, the bulk of the work has been done.

It's my long day at work and I will be bringing leftovers with me. Roast beef with gravy, roasted butternut and mashed potato.

Nov 21, 6:59 am

Sorry that you have not been feeling well and now you have your long day at work. Your meal sounds great though. Happy Tuesday.

Nov 21, 8:26 am

>85 figsfromthistle: I didn't know there was a sequel, Anita! I liked the first one, so I will look for this.

Nov 21, 9:45 am

Hi Anita, Wanted to drop by because I missed most of your last thread. Ducked the BBs this time! I hope your reading mo-jo continues in fine form.

Nov 21, 11:11 am

>85 figsfromthistle: Oh, the sequel is out! I liked the original. I will look for this one, too.

Happy week-ahead's reads, Anita! *smooch*

Nov 21, 4:51 pm

>86 figsfromthistle: Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, but I hope you quickly get back to 100%. Brrr, I can't imagine snow yet, but I know it's in the forecast for the New England states in the US, so maybe you're in for it as well. The food sounds good!

Editado: Nov 21, 8:19 pm

>87 Kristelh: I am feeling much better so far and I made it through the day :)

>88 BLBera: I hope you enjoy it when you get to it.

>89 SandyAMcPherson: Nice to see you!

>90 richardderus: Hi Richard! I liked the original as well. * smooch*

>91 atozgrl: So far in the clear, snow wise. But it is quite cold, indeed.

Nov 22, 7:31 am

Happy Wednesday, Anita. I hope the week is going well. Moon of the Turning Leaves sounds interesting. I may try to seek the first one out.

Nov 22, 7:39 am

>93 msf59: Happy Mid week, Mark! It's a rainy one here but can't complain. I enjoyed the read. This is one where you really do need to read the first book to get the most out of the second.

Nov 23, 5:46 am

A very happy Thanksgiving to all those who are celebrating!

Nov 23, 7:51 am

Nov 23, 10:59 am

Thursday *smooch*

Nov 23, 6:56 pm

>96 witchyrichy: Love that path in the forest.

>97 richardderus: Hi Richard! *smooch*

Nov 23, 7:03 pm

I have a puzzle board that fits up to 1500 pieces, Anita, but for this 2000 pieces puzzle I am just doing it on a piece of white foam board on our dining room table. We don't often use our dining room table, but it we need it, I can move the puzzle.

I hope you are feeling better.

Nov 24, 5:43 am

>99 vancouverdeb: Oh cool! I have seen various things for puzzle storage and moving so I was just curious.

Yes, I am feeling better, thank you :)

Nov 24, 6:06 am


Those of you who are shopping-good luck! There are a lot of advertised deals for Canadians as well. I usually ignore this day and luckily I am working and won't have to tag along with any friends. I did find a few things I needed online though.

I finished reading Tin man and An anthropologist on Mars. I am 1/3 into The Running Grave I also had the football game on in the background when I was at home. Unfortunately I came home after the halftime show. I will have to look it up later. It must have been interesting and different to see Dolly Parton there....

Editado: Nov 24, 10:07 am

>95 figsfromthistle: Great comic, Anita!

And I am on your page, Black Friday shopping is anathema to us. The deals are not discounted very much in the things we might wish to buy.

Nov 24, 8:20 pm

>102 SandyAMcPherson: Yes, plenty of deals on things that I would like to have but not necessarily what I need.

Happy weekend reads :)

Nov 25, 10:49 am

I hope you are feeling better Anita.

Nov 25, 10:54 am

Happy weekend-ahead's reads, Anita! I'm still hiding from all the sales talk. *shudder*

Nov 26, 7:30 am

>104 Caroline_McElwee: I am feeling much better, thanks!

>105 richardderus: The stores seem to have a way of dragging out a one day sale into two weeks.

Nov 26, 7:51 am

117. Oliver Sacks: An Anthropologist on Mars

The author presents six neurological case studies that have altered each patients life in a dramatic way. How do they adapt and cope and how is their psychological well being affected?

I had this on my shelf for a long time. I enjoyed reading most of the chapters. Lots of medical terminology which was fine for me.

Nov 26, 8:01 am

118. Tin Man: Sarah Winman

This is a beautiful story about friendship, identity and love. The reader is able to dive into Ellis and Micheals memories and really feel their joys, grief and anguish. It is very well written and emotionally charged-so be aware.

4/5 (A)

Nov 26, 8:05 am

>108 figsfromthistle: - I also loved that one, Anita. I gifted a copy to my best friend and she was similarly moved by it. It's a little gem of a novel.

Nov 26, 8:11 am

>109 katiekrug: It really is! I had it on my shelf for a while and wish I read it sooner. I put my copy in a LFL for someone else to enjoy.

Nov 26, 2:11 pm

>107 figsfromthistle: I think this is one of the few of his I haven't read Anita. He is someone I would love to have met.

Nov 26, 10:17 pm

>111 Caroline_McElwee: I can only imagine the fascinating stories he would have to tell!

Ontem, 7:26 am

Happy Monday!

I finished reading The Running grave and am happy I can start something else. What a chunkster it was.

We had a light dusting of snow and a little bit of icy rain. Nothing drastic and definitely won't stick.

I have some errands to run this morning and then I am going to make my dinner. I have a pork roast marinating. I will probably have fried rice and salad with it.

I brought out the garbage and recycling. The person who picks it up is very inconsistent. Sometimes its gone by 6:30 AM other times it sits there until 8. I can't put it out a day in advance because the animals will tear it apart.

On a nice note, my place of employment held a raffle draw for a day off with pay. Every year I participated and my name was not picked. This year, I am the winner!

Ontem, 8:20 am

>113 figsfromthistle: - Congrats! That's a great raffle prize! Do you get to choose your day off?

When I put the feeder out early this morning, it was cold and wet (from rain last night) but no snow. I just looked out the window and it's coming down! Not hard but it is sticking. I hope it melts away later. I guess this means I have to get my boots out!

Ontem, 9:04 am

>113 figsfromthistle: Clapping. Congratulations Anita. What a winderful prize.

Ontem, 10:08 am

Congratulations Anita!

Ontem, 12:41 pm

Well, I am 60+ posts behind (again). *Sigh*

>113 figsfromthistle: Congratulations on finally winning the raffle! I hope you got something wonderful!

Ontem, 1:44 pm

>113 figsfromthistle:, Congratulations Anita. That’s a nice prize.

Ontem, 3:00 pm

>113 figsfromthistle: Finally a raffle with a prize worth winning! Congrats!

Ontem, 4:48 pm

>114 jessibud2: I did get to choose my day off. I made it coincide with some days off I already had which gives me 8 days off in a row next month :)

I have prepared my boots, snow shovel ( and hopefully not) the snowblower. It's supposed to get to 7C late in the week so whatever comes probably won't stick! I also bought suet for the birds.

>115 Caroline_McElwee: >116 SirThomas: Thanks! It really is a great prize.

>117 alcottacre: Nice to see you. Yes, it was a day off with pay.

>118 Kristelh: >119 ursula: Thanks, Kristel and Ursula. I am usually unlucky when it comes to winning things so it was a surprise to me as well.

Ontem, 11:05 pm

>113 figsfromthistle: Congratulations! That really is a great raffle prize, especially since you can choose your day off. I've never heard of a workplace doing anything like that--it's quite a nice thing for them to do for their workers!

Hoje, 5:44 am

>121 atozgrl: I chose a day where I already have two off in a row so it makes a great 3 day weekend. The choice of day was contingent upon finding a replacement. The raffle is done every year to provide incentive to get the mandatory flu shot by a specific date.

Hoje, 5:51 am

Happy Tuesday!

Nothing new and exciting here. My long day at work and thankfully, very little snow fell. I finished reading Confessions on the 7:45 which was a quick read.

My wordle has been like this the last 4 days. I really should try harder....

Wordle 892 4/6