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SantaThing 2023!

Editado: Nov 6, 10:52 am

It's that time of year again—this is our SEVENTEENTH annual SantaThing!

Important links
- SantaThing page
- SantaThing Help/FAQs
- Blog post
- Donations thread

You can edit your SantaThing entry at any time by going to the SantaThing page, and scrolling down a bit to "Your SantaThings." Each entry has an "(edit)" link to the far right of that line. Click on the member name next to a SantaThing profile to read about their preferences and leave suggestions!

Any questions? Post them in this thread, see the SantaThing Help page for FAQs, or email me directly at

Nov 6, 4:44 pm

It's that SantaThing time of year again! Yay!!

I've participated for myself for many years, but this year I'd like to include a request for my DIL who is USAF deployed abroad.

Do any of the Indy booksellers on this year's U.S. list ship to APO addresses?? If so, which one or ones do?? Thank you!!

Nov 6, 8:48 pm

I'd like to ask for a donation this year if at all possible. 🥹 Santathing is such a bright place every year. Thanks for always working so hard to bring it to us!

Nov 6, 9:31 pm

I'd like to ask for a donation. SantaThing is one of my favorite activities this time every year. Thank you.

Nov 6, 10:13 pm

YAY! I will sign up, I just need to think about how much I want to put towards it.

>3 litwitch: and >4 HuberK:, make sure you head over to the donations thread (if you haven't already) - link at >1 katemcangus:.

Nov 7, 1:08 am

I'm so excited for another amazing year.

Nov 7, 8:55 am

>2 mrsandersonut: Let me talk to our US bookstores and I'll get back to you on APO shipping.

Nov 7, 1:32 pm

>7 katemcangus: Thank you for checking. I'll very interested to hear your findings.

Editado: Nov 7, 2:35 pm

I have never really participated in SantaThing, and have no desire to do so. One year I made a few suggestions, and ever since I get spam on my profile every year. I have asked for years to get taken off the list, I even tried blocking the staff member whose name is on the spam, to no avail. Is there no way to get off the list?

I am ignoring this and every other SantaThing topic.

Nov 7, 4:26 pm

>9 MarthaJeanne: I'm so sorry to hear that you're still receiving SantaThing messages. I'll see what we can do to fix this.

Nov 7, 4:28 pm

>3 litwitch: >4 HuberK: Just repeating what LibraryCin said: if you want to be considered for a donation, you'll need to post in the Donation Thread.

Nov 8, 8:13 am

So the only stores for the US is the 3 Indy booksellers or Amazon Kindle, is that correct?

Nov 8, 8:35 am

>12 crazy4reading: That's correct!

Nov 8, 1:59 pm

I'm not sure I understand what exactly is Donations, in this context ? Is it to donate books without being a secret santa ?

Editado: Nov 8, 4:01 pm

>14 Morningkill: No, you pay for someone who cannot afford to pay for themselves.

The way the program works is that you register and you pay the sum you want for your Secret Santa to use. When you donate, you do it for someone else instead - so they get the money and they get to be Secret Santa for someone else. If you get a donation, you get a registration for free (for as much money as the donation was) - so you get books when the time comes and you get to pick for someone else as their Secret Santa.

Nov 8, 4:27 pm

>15 AnnieMod: correct.

>16 mellymel171328: I get the donation codes went to me and I hand them out in the order I get them and the order they are requested. :) if you have anymore questions please feel free to message me.

Nov 9, 10:14 am

Is it not possible for Blackwell's to be an option outside of the UK? They offer free worldwide shipping.

Nov 9, 12:34 pm

>17 Stevil2001: A good point, and one I should've picked up on beforehand. We think we will open up Blackwell's to everyone regardless of location, with the caveat that books might not make it to homes overseas by Christmas. Hold tight and the option to choose Blackwell's will appear by the end of the day.

Nov 9, 2:14 pm

>18 katemcangus: Great, thanks! I use Blackwell's a lot for cheap UK editions of books and find them pretty reliable and competitively priced.

Nov 10, 4:12 pm

>7 katemcangus: Hi Kate, Do we have any news about our booksellers shipping to APOs yet??

Nov 10, 9:56 pm

I’d like to understand how the book selection works. Would I be able to see the other persons book reviews and research what they like and what they’ve already read? Also, does library thing take care of shipping…or would my personal information (name & address) be given to someone else? Would I have their userID where I could thank them?

Nov 10, 10:51 pm

>1 katemcangus: To make sure I understand. Can I in the U.S. choose a Secret Santa connected with Blackwell's in Oxford or do I have to remain with a U.S. store? Thank you, Tonya

Nov 11, 6:32 am

>21 RaggedyMandy: librarything orders everything so only they see the addresses. Other members don't see it.

Nov 11, 7:10 am

>22 TonyaJ: The person you are choosing for selects the store where they want their books to come from when they sign up for Secret Santa. So whatever store your designated Santee has chosen is the store you go to to look for their books.

Nov 11, 4:59 pm

>20 mrsandersonut: Yes, I'm so sorry for the delay! I can confirm that BookPeople and Powell's do deliver to APOs and I'm waiting for confirmation from Longfellow.

Nov 11, 4:59 pm

>22 TonyaJ: You may choose any of the US stores or Amazon Kindle or Blackwell's.

Editado: Nov 12, 1:44 pm

Is Book Depository not an option anymore for international orders? I'm in Canada.

ETA: I see this "Non-US members should choose Blackwell's (UK & International), Kenny's Bookshop (Ireland & International),". Are those coming from the UK and Ireland? That might take a while to Canada. And does that mean a portion of what I pay will be for shipping? Book Depository was nice that way. Thanks.

ETA2: I really should look closer/read further before asking. I see this:
"Kenny's Bookshop (Ireland & International): All orders outside of Ireland will have $6 USD less in their budget, to cover shipping.
Blackwell's (UK & International): All Santees will get exactly what they've paid in."
Guess I was just disappointed not to see the place I'm used to seeing!

Nov 12, 3:24 pm

>27 LibraryCin: I think Book Depository closed. I know, I'm in Canada too and I was wondering how it would work this year! I think Blackwell's is great!

Nov 12, 3:27 pm

Yes, Book Depository closed this summer.

Nov 12, 4:56 pm

>28 olegalCA: >29 Stevil2001: Oh no!!!! I hadn't realized.

Nov 12, 7:15 pm

Blackwell charges no postage even o the US.

Nov 12, 8:32 pm

We are looking for donations :) if anyone would like to donate please message me directly. :)

Nov 12, 9:09 pm

>32 mellymel171328: I messaged you on Friday.

Nov 13, 12:17 am

>33 dianeham: I just seen tonight! I'm so sorry that I didn't see it sooner. I messaged you back.

Nov 13, 12:18 am

>33 dianeham: this is the first year that I'm working and running the thread . I work 12 hours overnights so please have a little extra patience with me this year. :)

Nov 13, 12:35 am

Nov 13, 6:07 pm

Will there be a Holiday Card Exchange this year? I always like to sign up for that, as it is much more budget friendly way to participate in the LibraryThing Holidays.

Nov 13, 9:18 pm

>37 Literate.Ninja: They usually do that after the Santa Thing because Santa Thing takes so much time to organize and do, so I'm sure it will be coming! I also participate in it.

Nov 14, 12:33 am

>37 Literate.Ninja: Info about the card exchange is in this months State of the Thing. It says:

Holiday Card Exchange. LibraryThing’s tenth annual Holiday Card Exchange is just around the corner! Once it launches, you will buy or create your own holiday cards for your fellow LibraryThing members, and receive as many in return as you send out. How it works:

Mail a holiday card to a random LibraryThing member.
You can mail a handmade or store bought card. Add a note to personalize it.
You’ll get one from another member.
Sign-ups will open Tuesday, November 28th. Stay tuned for announcements on the LibraryThing site, and through our social media accounts.

Nov 14, 5:20 pm

>38 LibraryCin: and >39 dianeham:,

Thanks for the replies. I guess this shows that I only skim the SOTT, haha.

Nov 14, 6:35 pm

>25 katemcangus: Thank you so much for checking! I'm so happy to add my DIL to the fun!

Nov 14, 9:19 pm

>40 Literate.Ninja: And I haven't even read the most recent one yet!

Nov 15, 2:10 pm

>39 dianeham: I love the card exchange! But wish sign up was sooner than the end of November because some cards take 3 weeks or more to arrive.

Nov 16, 7:44 pm

If anyone wants to donate or needs a donation. Please go to or message me directly.

Nov 16, 9:06 pm

>43 clamato: I buy Christmas cards from the New York public library and they arrived today.

Nov 17, 5:54 am

I imported my Goodreads and it stuck my entire wishlist under both the wishlist tag AND the "books I own" tag even though I don't own them. Do I need to go through and change them each individually or do you think it'd be fine to just add a note in my santathing entry that if the book is on my wishlist they can ignore the "owned" tag? I hope I'm making sense. Lol Thanks in advance!

Nov 17, 12:51 pm

>45 dianeham: It's not about buying the cards. If you send cards abroad, they need more than a few days to arrive and the LT exchange is too late for that.

Nov 17, 1:43 pm

>47 Ennas: I was just saying I bought my cards. Sorry, just making conversation.

Nov 17, 2:08 pm

>46 litwitch: The LT staff definitely checks to ensure that the books chosen by your Santa aren't already owned/read by you, but I think it would be a good idea to at least leave a note in your ST entry about it.

Nov 17, 2:30 pm

>46 litwitch: You can use the power edit option in the catalog to remove the "books I own" tag from the items that have the "wishlist" tag.

Nov 18, 12:47 am

>50 knerd.knitter: THank you! I wasn't aware of that option!

Editado: Nov 20, 1:45 pm

Seems like it is working this today!

Is anybody else having issues with getting the PayPal page to open to the PayPal Merchant page? I keep getting a Page not Found, and than it returns me to the Paypal front page.

Nov 20, 8:06 pm

>5 LibraryCin: Thank you.

Nov 21, 6:50 am

Hi, I'm in Australia and hoping to participate in the Santa exchange for Christmas cards. Given I'm in Australia, I'd love to have as much time as possible to allow for postage to reach an international recipient. Hoping to see an announcement soon.

Nov 21, 8:56 am

>54 Carpe_Librum: Forget it. :( They'll wait until after SantaThing, which means your christmas cards will arrive in february. That makes the card exchange basically US-only.

Nov 21, 10:14 am

>54 Carpe_Librum: >55 Ennas: Yes, sorry. We must wait until after SantaThing signups have closed before opening the Card Exchange signups. That means our Holiday Card Exchange signups will open on Tuesday, November 28, so please stay tuned. The other option is to cancel the event altogether, but we'd rather hold the event and be happy sending cards out, even if they arrive late, than not doing the event at all. Hopefully this will not spoil the fun that this is intended to hold! We appreciate your patience.

Nov 21, 2:08 pm

>54 Carpe_Librum: I love the card exchange. I usually travel during the holidays so I don't see the majority of my cards until after Christmas anyway. It's fun to receive them--no matter when.

Nov 22, 5:30 pm

We still need at least two donations please reach out to me if you can donate. :)

Nov 22, 9:13 pm

Weird question, but will the books be brand new or second-hand?

Nov 22, 10:00 pm

>59 humouress: New. The program instructions do not allow for secondhand books because they are chosen days and weeks before they are ordered - which causes issues with availability at the time of ordering by LT.

Nov 22, 10:09 pm

Nov 22, 11:42 pm

>54 Carpe_Librum: >55 Ennas: >56 kristilabrie: >57 thornton37814: A Christmas card from overseas can sure warm a cold February day. :)

Nov 25, 2:20 pm

Apologies if I missed it, but I signed up and didn’t receive a confirmation other than I see my preference post. Does the assigning, paying and picking part start after the 27th or do I need to do something now.

Nov 25, 3:05 pm

Just keep checking the SantaThing page. When Santas are picked, the one for whom you are assigned to pick will show up.

Nov 25, 4:55 pm

I'm participating this year, but I had problems with the Early Reviewer scheme (they asked for my ID number. I sent it to them but they have not shipped the book). How will LibraryThing manage IDs?

Nov 25, 5:18 pm

>65 JALCAM: I'm sorry I don't understand what you mean by ID number? When you pick out a book for santathing you save it. Then LT orders all the books so we can't see each other addressss.

Ontem, 12:41 am

Ontem, 10:05 am

>66 mellymel171328: ID is a document number that may be used to prove a person's identity (like the US SSN). I was asked for my ID number in order to send me a book (which I have not received so far). It seems to me that the participating SantaThing bookstores are not fraudsters, but I would like to know how they plan to handle that information.

Ontem, 5:02 pm

>68 JALCAM: IDs are not required for SantaThing participation.

Ontem, 11:00 pm

Since the Santa Thing sign up was extended another day does that mean the card exchange sign up is being pushed back until the 29th instead of the 28th?

Hoje, 9:00 am

>70 ILuvBookplates: No, I think we're still working on opening the Card Exchange signups today! Just after the SantaThing signups close. Stay tuned today. :)

Hoje, 1:24 pm

Update: registration is closed and matches are running. Keep an eye on your LT messages for more info on who you'll be picking for!

Hoje, 4:45 pm

If you need help with your picks or want to help others with theirs, that Talk thread is now live:

Hoje, 5:24 pm

I've been assigned a recipient using Blackwell's, but I can't get to their website. I've tried multiple search engines (and the LT link) on multiple devices, but I get an error message everytime. Is Blackwell's available from the US?

Hoje, 5:33 pm

My Santee doesn't appear to have a shop listed in their profile so not sure where to pick their books from or how much shipping I need to deduct. Can anyone advise?