Rachel thinks this is her last thread this year

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Rachel thinks this is her last thread this year

Out 5, 1:41 pm

Hi all! I'm Rachel, 44yo mom of IL4, and stepmom of D13 and M10. For a living, I am a caregiver for the disabled and elderly. For fun, I read a variety of books - both fiction and nonfiction. A lot of my books this year are early chapter books I read to IL4. I also write pen pal letters, to people all around Europe and the Americas. (So far, I haven't succeeded in ensnaring a pen pal from Asia or Africa, and my pals from Australia keep disappearing.) I also play D&D and cross-stitch.

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Books read in January
1. To Shape A Dragon's Breath, by Moniquill Blackgoose
2. Akata Witch, Nnedi Okorafor
3. A Mother's Reckoning, by Sue Klebold
4. Inspector Flytrap, by Tom Angleberger
5. Inspector Flytrap The President's Mane is Missing, by Tom Angleberger
6. Inspector Flytrap in the Goat Who Chewed Too Much, by Tom Angleberger
7. Simon and Chester Super Sleepover, by Cale Atkinson
8. Didi Dodo Recipe for Disaster, by Tom Angleberger & Jared Chapman
9. Two Headed Chicken, by Tom Angleberger

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Books read in February

10. When Stars are Scattered, by Victoria Jamieson
11. Didi Dodo Future Spy Robo-Dodo Rumble, by Tom Angleberger & Jared Chapman
12. Didi Dodo Double-O Dodo, by Tom Angleberger & Jared Chapman
13. Sixteen Scandals, by Sophie Jordan
14. Bad Kitty Gets a Bath, by Nick Bruel
15. The Chicken Squad, by Doreen Cronin

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Books read in March

16. Eva's Treetop Festival, by Rebecca Elliott
17. Zealot, by Reza Aslan
18. The Case of the Weird Blue Chicken, by Doreen Cronin
19. DJ Funkyfoot Butler for Hire, by Tom Angleberger
20. The Yeti Files: Meet the Bigfeet, by Kevin Sherry
21. The Yeti Files: Monsters on the Run, by Kevin Sherry
22. Eva Sees a Ghost, by Rebecca Elliot
23. The Yeti Files: Attack of the Kraken, by Kevin Sherry
24. Henry Heckelbeck Gets a Dragon, by Wanda Coven

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Books read in April
25. Simon and Chester Super Family!, By Cale Atkinson
26. Gallant, by VE Schwab
27. Simon and Chester Super Detectives!, By Cale Atkinson
28. Super fly the World's Smallest Superhero, by Todd H Doodler
29. The Adventures of Caveboy, by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
30. Game Over, Super Rabbit Boy, by Thomas Flintham
31. Super Rabbit Boy Powers Up!, By Thomas Flintham
32. Super Rabbit Racers!, by Thomas Flintham
33. super Rabbit Boy vs. Super Rabbit Boss, by Thomas Flintham
34. Owl Diaries: A Woodland Wedding, by Rebecca Elliott
35. Press Start: Super Rabbit Boy Blasts Off, by Thomas Flintham
36. Press Start: The Super Side Quest, by Thomas Flintham
37. Super Rabbit Boy's Time Jump, by Thomas Flintham
38. Super Cheat Codes and Secret Modes, by Thomas Flintham
39. Super Rabbit Boy's Team up Trouble, by Thomas Flintham

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Books read in May
40. Robo-Rabbit Boy Go, by Thomas Flintham
41. Game Over, Super Rabbit Boy, by Thomas Flintham
42. Super Rabbit Boy Powers Up, by Thomas Flintham
43. Revenge of the Roach, by Todd H Doodler
44. Super Rabbit Boy All-Stars, by Thomas Flintham
45. Super Rabbit Boy World, by Thomas Flintham
46. Super King Viking Land, by Thomas Flintham

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Books read in June
47. Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot, by Dav Pilkey
48. Society of Substitutes: The Great Escape, by Alan Katz
49. DJ Funkyfoot: Give Cheese a Chance, by Tom Angleberger
50.Gallant, by V E Schwab
51. No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, by Alexander McCall Smith
52. Battle of the Bad Breath Bats, by David Bowles
53. Democracy in Black, by Eddie S Glaude Jr
54. Reading Biblical Literature, (lectures), by Craig R Koester
55. Lunch Walks Among us, by Jim Benton
56. Eva and the New Owl, by Rebecca Elliott
57. Eva's Wildwood Bakery, by Rebecca Elliot
58. The Bad Guys, by Aaron Blabey
59. Homeland, by R A Salvatore
60. The Bad Guys in Mission Unpluckable, by Aaron Blabey
61. Billy and the Monsters: Monsters Go to the Hospital, by Zanna Davidson
62. The Bad Guys in the Furball Strikes Back, by Aaron Blabey
63. Into the Wild Another Misadventure, by Doreen Cronin
64. A Wizard's Guide to Defensive Baking, by T Kingfisher

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Books Read in July

65. Remote Control, by Nnedi Okorafor
66. Superfly vs. Furious Flea, by Todd H Doodler
67. Don't Turn Out the Lights, ed by Jonathan Mayberry
68. Babel, by R F Kuang
69. DJ Funkyfoot: The Show Must Go Oink!, By Tom Angleberger
70. Caveboy is a Hit, by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
71. Eva and the Lost Pony, by Rachel Elliot

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Books Read in August

72. Bad Guys in Attack of the Zittens, by Aaron Blabey
73. The Bad Guys in Intergalactic Gas, by Aaron Blabey
74. Henry Heckelbeck and the Haunted Hideout, by Wanda Coven
75. Flowers for Algernon, by Daniel Keyes
76. Stinky Cecil in Operation Pond Rescue, by Paige Braddock
77. The Fire-Breathing Ferret Fiasco, by David Bowles
78. Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt, by Ben Clanton
79. Death With Interruptions, by Jose Saramago
80. Throne of Glass, by Sarah J Maas
81. Cursed, by Marie O'Regan
82. Attack of the 50-ft Cupid, by Jim Benton

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Books Read in September

83. Happy Birthday Bad Kitty, by Nick Bruel
84. Merry Adventures of Robinhood, by Howard Pyle
85. Educated, by Tara Westover
86. Society of Substitutes Food Fight!, by Alan Katz
87. Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs the Mutant Mosquitos, by Dav Pilkey
88. The Princess in Black, by Shannon Hale & Dean Hale
89. Emperor of Nihon-Ja, by John Flanagan
90. Rise of the Evil Army, by Todd H Doodler

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Books Read in October
91. Monsters in the Dark, by Zanna Davidson
92. Poppy the Pirate Dog, by Liz Kessler
93. Henry Heckelbeck Spells Trouble, by Wanda Coven
94. Akata Warrior, by Nnedi Okorafor
95. Warm Hearts Day, by Rebecca Elliot
96. Dark Shadows: Yes, Another Misadventure, by Doreen Cronin
97. Dragons and Marshmallows, by Asia Citro
98. The Bad Guys in Alien vs Bad Guys, by Aaron Blabey
99. Clash of the Cackling Cougars, by David Bowles
100. Sydney and Taylor Explore the whole Wide World, by Jacqueline Davies
101. Invisible Fran, by Jim Benton

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Books Read in December

Out 5, 1:43 pm

Open for business!

Out 5, 2:06 pm

Happy new thread!

Out 5, 2:52 pm

Happy new thread, Rachel! Lots of fun and good reading to you this weekend!

Karen O.

Out 5, 3:02 pm

Happy new thread, Rachel.

Based upon your activity this year, I really don't see that this will be your last thread this year. x

Out 5, 3:32 pm

Thanks foggi, Karen, and Paul!

Out 5, 3:33 pm

Alexandria, Jane, and Sukie are bored of life. Then comes Daryl, who livens up their lives with a bit of magical seduction. However, things quickly turn dark. I’m not sure what to make of this movie. It was certainly quite strange. Pretty naughty. I bet the book would make more sense.

Out 5, 3:47 pm

A good deal of these jokes were pandemic-related.

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Billy is afraid of the dark. But then he finds out monsters are real. This was a cute story with great colorful pictures.

Out 5, 3:51 pm

When Poppy becomes a pirate dog, she really wants to find a boat that fits her new status. Cute, but nothing amazing.

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I liked the River Song plot, but was starting to get tired of the Ponds by the end of it. I liked them at first, but I guess they became too much.

Out 5, 3:54 pm

This movie is just as hilarious now as it was in the ’90s.

Out 5, 6:53 pm

Happy new one!

>24 The_Hibernator: Have you seen the second movie?

Out 5, 10:01 pm

Happy New Thread!

Out 5, 10:01 pm

Out 6, 12:14 am

Happy New Thread, Rachel! I have dog named Poppy! Good choice.

Out 6, 12:28 am

Happy new thread Rachel!

Out 6, 7:46 am

Happy Friday, Rachel. Happy New Thread. I love the topper. I canceled the Iowa camping trip, for a couple of reasons. My wife is going to be going to MI with friends, so I would have been going solo. That should wrap up camping season for us. Now, we just have to winterize the camper.

Out 6, 11:29 am

Happy belated birthday, Rachel!

Out 6, 11:54 am

>25 figsfromthistle: No Anita, I haven't seen the second movie. I'm afraid it won't be as funny. Have you?

Out 6, 11:55 am

Thanks Silver, Deb, Nina, and Nora!

Out 6, 11:57 am

>30 msf59: Hi Mark! I had to cancel our last camping trip, too... don't know if I said that. It was the weekend IL4 got out of the hospital and we were exhausted.

Out 6, 11:59 am

Thursday was pretty relaxed. After work I went to my second job. And then I took D13 to her play rehearsal.

Akata Warrior, by Nnedi Okorafor
Great Mythologies of the World
How to Read the Bible, James Kugel

Out 6, 12:31 pm

Happy new thread, Rachel!

Out 6, 7:12 pm

Happy new one, Rachel!

Out 7, 9:16 am

Thanks Stasia and Jim!

Out 7, 9:20 am

Friday after speech therapy, I did what will apparently be one of many bowel cleanouts for IL4. I also watched "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" with D13 and M11.

Akata Warrior, by Nnedi Okorafor
How to Read the Bible, by James Kugel

Out 8, 2:55 am

Happy new thread, Rachel!

Out 8, 2:26 pm

Thanks Anita!

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Saturday was a fun day. After some errands in the morning, I played D&D for 4 hours (though it was all role-playing, no combat...poor Aaron). After that, Aaron and I went out for my birthday gift: Mexican food and a comedy club.

Warm Hearts Day, by Rebecca Elliot

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Sunday I worked, then we all went out to dinner.

Beloved, by Toni Morrison
Super Rabbit All Stars, by Thomas Flintham

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Monday I took D13 to her weekly appointment, and then took dad to his neurology appointment. The ER doctor had made it sound like they'd found something bad on his CT scan when he fell back in August. They told us to make a neurologist appointment ASAP. The first one wasn't available till October. But the neurologist poo-poohed the whole finding, using more words than necessary, and off we went.

Aaron spent the morning trimming willows near a lake for his work's service day.

I had a really proud moment for IL4 that evening. The family does "most and least heinous parts of the day" at dinner, and IL4 participated for the first time ever. Apparently "the tree" was the most heinous and school was the least heinous. I wonder what happened with a tree, though.
In the evening when I was reading to IL4, I told him what a nice bonding experience reading together was, and that I wished the older kids wanted me to read to them. They heard - and now I need to find time to read to the older kids. Not that I mind reading to them - that part is fun - but when?

Run, Hide, Repeat, by Pauline Dakin
Dark Shadows, by Doreen Cronin
Super Rabbit Boy's Time Jump, by Thomas Flintham

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Tuesday after work, I took a 3 hour walk with dad. I pushed him pretty hard, but he made it. Then I took D13 to an appointment. In the evening, my friend Liz came over and we watched a couple episodes of Doctor Who. Finally, I read to D13 and then to IL4. I was interrupted half-way through the book by a call from dad, who'd missed the last bus home. Luckily, he was only 10 minutes away, so I was able to hop in the car and fetch him before work started again.

Beloved, by Toni Morrison
Great courses: St Augustine's Confessions, by William R Cook and Ronald B Herzman
Exile, by Shannon Messenger

Out 12, 9:08 am

Wednesday after work, I went to my second job, then to have dinner with a former client. Afterwards, I read to M11 (D13 listened in, too).

Beloved, by Toni Morrison
Great Courses: St Augustine's Confessions, by William R Cook and Ronald B Herzman
Dragonwatch, by Brandon Mull

Out 12, 1:14 pm

Out 12, 1:19 pm

Henry is in trouble again when the school has a spelling bee. He gets out of trouble in his own magical way. This is a cute read and my son seemed to enjoy it.

Out 12, 1:21 pm

This is still a good show, but there were some really bad decisions (and unlike the characters) made in the last few episodes.

Out 12, 1:22 pm

Sunny is an albino free agent – a Nigerian witch who grew up with the lambs (non-magical people). She is convinced she must stop an oncoming apocalypse.

This is an excellent follow-up to Akata Witch. In fact, I liked it even more than the first book, because I’m a sucker for action.

Out 12, 1:23 pm

This is a 1991 movie about 5 kids who learn a valuable lesson when they try to make it on their own after their babysitter dies. It was hilarious to see pre-X-Files David Duchovny. The movie seriously lacked verisimilitude, but it was amusing.

Out 12, 10:23 pm

Out 13, 9:44 am

Thanks Silver!

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Thursday after working two jobs, I drove D13 to rehearsal (combat training started!) and watched Supernatural with Aaron.

Beloved, by Toni Morrison
Great Mythologies of the World
Dragons & Marshmallows, by Asia Citro
The Bad Guys in Alien vs Bad Guys, by Aaron Blabey

Out 14, 10:01 pm

You sure stay busy with the kids, your husband and dad, as well as working Rachel. I'm glad you can fit in tv and books in what little spare time you have.

Out 15, 9:39 am

>55 vancouverdeb: Thanks Deb! This is actually a really good time for me with books and tv...as well as writing my pen pal letters. Hopefully this period lasts a while.

Out 15, 9:43 am

Friday, I took IL4 to speech therapy. We had been going to have bacon and pancakes afterwards, but he fell asleep in the car on the way home, so I sat in the car with him for a couple of hours. Then, we went to feeding therapy.

M11 had rehearsal in the evening, and D13, IL4, Aaron and I watched some X-Files. When M11 came home, we all watched an episode of Umbrella Academy. Then I read to D13, then to IL4.

Clash of the Cackling Cougars, by David Bowles
Eye of the World, by Robert Jordon
Beloved, by Toni Morrison
Great Mythologies of the World

Out 15, 2:55 pm

Saturday was fun. After D13 got her COVID shot, we all went to a fall festival for the day. It was a lot more expensive than the last time we went, and I blew my entire fun budget on it. 😭 It'll take months to save up that much money again. Regardless, the kids had a blast. There was a gigantic potato sack slide, camel rides, a corn pit, a corn maze, a zipline, pumpkin cannons, and a bouncy house.

After all that, Aaron, dad, IL4 and I had dinner out.

Out 15, 4:01 pm

We saw Jason Banks at Rick Bronson House of Comedy. He was pretty good. He showed a Tiktok video at the end which was funnier than the rest, so I’m guessing he’s better at Tiktok than standup. But his stand-up was pretty good all the same.

Out 15, 4:03 pm

Eva celebrates Warm Heats Day with her city of owls and a few other animals. Cute.

Out 15, 4:05 pm

The feisty little chicks are at it again – this time while visiting family on a farm. When their jelly beans go missing, they are up for adventure. This may be my favorite one so far.

Out 15, 4:06 pm

Zoey discovers that magical creatures exist, and that she needs to help take care of them when they’re sick. Cute story. Didn’t read it to IL4 – it was a little too advanced for that. I’d say it was 3rd grade level.

Out 15, 4:07 pm

In this hilarious continuation, the Bad Guys are fighting a nasty alien who’s trying to take over the world. Very fun.

Out 15, 4:09 pm

Malia, Ivan, and Dante are out skiing when, once again, they are transported to 13th street. This time, they have to deal with cougars who tell dad jokes. This book was cute, like the first two. Its focus was to thicken the plot.

Editado: Out 16, 1:30 pm

Sunday after work I took IL4 and to a McDonald's Playplace for a playdate with his friend L4. M11 came along because he's grounded and he had been busy reading all day. He wanted a change of scenery.

I really like L4's mom. She isn't head of the PTO, cub scout master, girl scout leader, perfectly -clean-homed mom. She's real.

The playdate ended abruptly when IL4 pooped himself. And I had wipes and a change of shirts, but not pants and underwear because I'd used my spare on another day and forgot to replace them. So he went home commando in wet pants. 🤦‍♀️

That evening, I read to M11 and D13, and then I read to IL4.

Beloved, by Toni Morrison
Keeper of Night, by Kylie Lee Baker
Sydney and Taylor Explore the Whole Wide World, by Jacqueline Davies

Out 18, 4:29 pm

Monday morning I had to scrape the frost off the car windows. Yuck. I took D13 to her appointment, and then took IL4 to get a scan of his gut to check for anatomical abnormality. They said they didn't see anything obvious at a quick glance, but the final results were not immediately released. In the evening, I read to D13 and then to IL4.

Beloved, by Toni Morrison
How to Read the Bible, by James Kugel

Editado: Out 18, 8:50 pm

Tuesday was awful. I had to leave work an hour early to go to a 6 hour training. It was pure listening, with 2 5 minute breaks and no lunch break. In case you don't know, I have ADHD. By 3.5 hours in, I was literally shaking with the effort of listening. I had to take my highest dose of anxiety meds to try to alieve the shaking, but it didn't help.

By the time I got home, my brain was fried. But M11 was crying because of an unresolved argument about whose turn it was on the TV. I just needed a break, but IL4 wanted to bake a cake with 2 pieces of bread, an apple, some peanut butter, and the ketchup. He wouldn't take no for an answer, so I hid in the bathroom and tried not to cry while Aaron took over.

In the evening, I read to D13, and then started reading to IL4 before petering out and taking a nap before leaving for work at 9:30.

How to Read the Bible, by James Kugel

Out 18, 6:30 pm

Happy Wednesday, Rachel. I hope you had a much better day than yesterday. That sounds awful. I hope you found some comfort in your bible book. I loved Beloved but that is a novel that is not meant to ease your mind.

Out 18, 8:54 pm

>67 The_Hibernator: Sorry to hear about your stressful day. I hope the rest of the week goes better for you.

Out 19, 9:06 am

>69 figsfromthistle: Thanks Anita! I feel better today. Yesterday was a bit touch-and-go because I hadn't decompressed yet, but I got a massage yesterday. It hurt because I was tense, but I sure did sleep better last night.

Editado: Out 19, 9:13 am

Wednesday I went to Perkins with my dad, and then to the mall. He bought shoes and a Nook (the Barnes and Noble tablet). He wants to read books again, but his eyesight isn't good enough for normal print.

The results to IL4's scan came back. It said there were no anatomical abnormalities, but that his tortuous intestines explained the fecal loading, and that he had mild fecal loading at the time of the scan. So, I guess that at least suggests that the GI specialist isn't full of poop, even if IL4 is. (Both Aaron and I were seperately wondering whether the GI specialist didn't know what she was talking about, but I had already convinced myself that she probably did. Aaron needed some reassurance, though.)

Great Courses St Augustine's Confessions, by William R Cook and Ronald B Herzman
Eye of the World, by Robert Jordon
Run, Hide, Repeat, by Pauline Dakin
The Invisible Fran, Jim Benton

Out 19, 10:29 pm

Out 20, 8:46 am

Thanks Silver!

Out 20, 8:51 am

Thursday I took M11 to his dietician. She set his goal weight (he needs to gain 5 pounds). Then I just did my own thing for the rest of the day - and by that I mean I went through my to-do list to my heart's content, not being interrupted by other people wanting me to do stuff. It was glorious. I went out to lunch with Aaron, and dad took us out to dinner while D13 was at rehearsal.

Zombies vs Unicorns, by Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier
Eye of the World, by Robert Jordon
Beloved, by Toni Morrison
Great Courses: St Augustine's Confessions, by William R Cook and Ronald B Herzman
Great Mythologies of the World, by various professors

Out 21, 12:53 pm

Friday, I took M11 to Historic Fort Snelling. He really loved all the history. I hadn't known Dred Scott lived at Fort Snelling, so there were some things I learned too.

D13 went to see her mom in the evening. While M11 was at rehearsal, my nephew J19 came over. He is currently homeless, and is going to stay at our house a couple of days. We all had a lovely dinner once M11 was back.

Zombies vs Unicorns, by Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier
Beloved, by Toni Morrison

Out 21, 2:38 pm

Out 21, 2:39 pm

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Out 21, 2:41 pm

Out 21, 2:41 pm

Out 21, 2:43 pm

Sydney and Taylor decide to go on an expedition but find that it’s hard being out in the wild. This was a cute early chapter book with wonderful pictures.

Out 21, 2:44 pm

Franny wants badly for her friends to be mad scientists, too. But they aren’t cooperating. Definitely a cute addition to the series.

Out 23, 1:59 pm

On Saturday I worked for a while. Then I was supposed to go to Feed My Starving Children with M11, but I was super tired, and it turned out that M11 wanted to go with his dad anyway. I dealt with some slight jealosy that he didn't want to go with me, but mostly I was relieved.

After FMSC, M11, Aaron, and I watched a few episodes of Good Omens Season 2.

Beloved, by Toni Morrison
School of Fear, by Gitty Daneshvari

Out 23, 3:33 pm

Sunday started with taking my dad to Mass for the first time in a long time. J19 walked around looking for applications to jobs in the area - which kind of suggests he plans on staying longer than just the weekend. I'd rather he didn't stay longer, as he's already drunk half a bottle of our Fireball, forcing us to hide our alcohol in our room. Plus, IL4 will want to go in his room since all his toys are in there. But I also don't want to kick J19 out because he's been combo couch surfing and sleeping on the streets for over a year.

I decided to ask on the Facebook page for my suburb where was a good place to apply, and mentioned that he was walking around looking for one. Most people answered helpfully, but one said he was lying if he said he was walking around looking for applications because they're all online. I told her politely that he wasn't lying, he just didn't know what he was doing. A couple people came on and said the commenter should be nice. She came back and apologized if she was wrong about the paper applications. I answered that I wouldn't let her narrow and negative assumption cheapen his attempts at getting on his feet, but if she's sorry, she should be more cautious about what she says in the future. Then I got scolded for not accepting her apology, even though she didn't actually apologize for accusing him of lying. People on the internet!

Later, I took J19 to Urgent Care for a non-urgent matter. But he had been planning on walking 4 miles to a bus stop and taking a 2 hour bus ride to the ER downtown for this non-urgent matter.

Afterwards, D13, M11, IL4, Aaron and I carved pumpkins. J19 was excited to do so, too, but then wandered off and didn't carve his. His loss. 🤷‍♀️

We watched some Grey's Anatomy, and then I went to bed early because I'd had a headache all day.

Out 24, 9:40 am

Monday started with breakfast with IL4 and dad as well as a trip to the pet store. I got IL4 a cat toy to call his own since D13 has claimed the two cat toys Polyphemus came with and only lets IL4 play with them under her watchful eye.

After dropping IL4 off at school, I took M11 to the dentist to get his cavity filled. He says he'll brush his teeth from now on. That resolution probably didn't even last till that evening, but it was nice to hear.

After dropping D13 off at dress rehearsal, I took IL4 to his first swim lesson in the big pool. He was reluctant to get in the big pool - not sure why, since he'll get in a pool with me or Aaron - but maybe because he's with a few other students and one teacher?

School of Fear, by Gitty Daneshvari
Great Mythologies of the World, by various
Inspector Flytrap, by Tom Angleberger

Out 25, 9:26 am

Tuesday IL4 had an appointment with his GI specialist. Aaron joined me, because he (like me) was getting frustrated by mixed messages. The specialist said that the tortuous intestines weren't a permanent problem, that they'd hopefully clear up when he stopped withholding. So psychology was what we should focus on now (besides the regular cleanings, which will also hopefully be unnecessary when he stops withholding).

D13 also had an appointment later in the day. Then D13 and M11 had dress rehearsal in the evening.

School of Fear, by Gitty Daneshvari
Great Mythologies of the World, by various
How to Read the Bible, by James Kugel

Editado: Out 26, 9:05 am

Wednesday I got a bunch of cleaning done because an appointment was cancelled in the morning. In the afternoon, IL4 had feeding therapy. He was absolutely refusing to go in to the office - he threw a temper tantrum on the sidewalk outside - but I told him he didn't have to eat any of the food in the lunch box, and he grudgingly went in. He sure didn't eat anything from the lunch box.

I then took a nice walk and brought D13 to rehearsal. Aaron took M11 and IL4 to get their hair cut, and now they both look handsome and sophisticated.

School of Fear, by Gitty Daneshvari
Great Mythologies of the World, by various
Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe
The Candy Caper, by Tom Watson

Out 26, 10:27 pm

Out 27, 12:17 pm

Thanks Silver!

Out 27, 12:19 pm

Thursday I worked most if the day. In the evening D13 and M11 had rehearsal. It was the last rehearsal before the play. But D13's knee buckled and she fell and is now in pain.

Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Out 28, 10:21 pm

Friday after work I took IL4 to speech therapy while Aaron took D13 to urgent care for her knee. IL4 didn't want to go to speech therapy and threw a massive temper tantrum. I managed to pull the kicking and screaming child into the atrium between outside door and inside door. Is that a thing in warm places? Places have a heated atrium area so that cold air doesn't blow into the office whenever the outside door is open? Anyway, I got him in the atrium because neither of us was dressed for 35F degree weather. Then I tried to talk sense into him as he rushed me trying to get out the door. Finally, I let him exit.

He continued his temper tantrum outside, now running around in tight circles on the sidewalk. Finally, the receptionist walked out and asked if I wanted her to go get the therapist. She did, and Jill, the therapist, calmed him down by saying they could go to the OT gym.

D13's visit yielded more action than I expected, too. I figured she'd be glanced at and sent away with RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) instructions. Maybe an X-ray. Well, they did the X-ray, and decided there was some "fluid in the knee" (no, I wasn't there to ask what that means). So then they needed an MRI, but our insurance needed to pre-authorize that so it's not scheduled yet. She's proud of her crutches though.

In the late afternoon, IL4 had a trunk or treat at his daycare, which he really loved despite the cold. He loved handing out the candy just as much as getting it.

In the evening, D13 had her first performance. (M11 is "part time," so he's only in half the performances. His first is tomorrow afternoon.) They had to make some minor changes to her on-stage time so that she didn't have as much walking. She took not being in the combat scene pretty well. She had been really excited about the combat.

Editado: Out 29, 11:14 am

Saturday was stressful. It started out with having an attack of my sleeping disorder while on the weekly chat with my mother-in-law. I wasn't really able to participate, and then when it was over I rushed straight to bed. I tried to update Aaron about his mid-day duties in case I wasn't awake on time, but instead updated him about Sunday's mid-day duties because I wasn't awake.

So I was startled awake by a flurry of activity when D13 woke up late, and came hobbling upstairs as fast as her crutches could carry her. She needed a ride to the play, and was late. Because I was too tired to calculate, I told Aaron he needed to take IL4 because I needed to leave to watch the play before he got back to take over IL4 duty. IL4 doesn't handle transition well without forewarning, so he was uncooperative. But they made it out and everything was ok.

My friend Liz and I went to the play. While on the way there, J19 called to apologize about taking our alcohol - dad had confronted him.

Anyway, M11 and D13 did great in the play. Yay. Afterwards, Liz and I went to dinner with D13 before dropping her off for her second show. (M11 went home with his mom.)

On the way to dinner, my sister Colette called to tell me dad was in the hospital with COVID. (He had been visiting with her when he became sick.) Colette and I have a rocky relationship, so talking to her is always a stressful thing to me. But the conversation went quite well. I was getting my hopes up that we'd be able to handle this situation in an amiable manner.

Then I called my dad's siblings to tell them dad was in the hospital. That seemed warranted because if things took a turn for the worse, it would be an easier conversation for all involved. I wasn't trying to worry them. But Colette got very angry at me for calling them, so the conversation went downhill. She felt it was unnecessary to worry them. So I ended up feeling pretty crappy by the end of the day.

Then IL4 wouldn't go to sleep. We had forgotten to give him a med that morning, so he was jacked up. He was incredibly uncooperative. Finally, at midnight, I told him he could watch youtube on his phone while we slept. Starting about then to 2am, I received a bunch of dad's test results in MyChart...getting a ding on my phone every time. Finally, at 2am I called to see if he had gotten worse, because some of the results were way off normal range. He was fine, so I asked IL4 if he was tired, and he willingly went to sleep.

Out 29, 12:20 pm

Out 29, 12:22 pm

Out 29, 12:23 pm

Out 29, 12:24 pm

Out 29, 12:26 pm

Out 29, 12:27 pm

Out 29, 12:30 pm

Sethe and her daughter Denver live a lonely life, haunted by Sethe’s dead baby’s ghost. But then two people join their family. One is a fellow runaway slave, and the other is a mysterious woman named Beloved. This is a haunting story of recovery.

Out 29, 12:33 pm

Theo is afraid of dying. Lulu is afraid of confined spaces. Garrison is afraid of bodies of water. Madeline is afraid of bugs. They meet at the School of Fear, taught by an eccentric recluse. This book was both cute and funny. I loved it, though I found the basic idea (not the details) of the ending predictable.

Out 29, 12:35 pm

Some major shark jumping in this season, and it’s only season 2.

Out 29, 12:37 pm

When Mollie must find out the number of Skittles in Principal Shelton’s candy jar, her friends Simon and Rosie help her come up with a plan to help her count them. This is a cute little chapter book about embracing your differences and being you.

Out 30, 12:36 pm

>103 norabelle414: Thanks Nora!

Out 30, 12:37 pm

Sunday, I got up early and visited dad in the hospital for a few hours. Then I picked up M11 at his mom's house. Later in the afternoon, M11 and D13 had a play. I stayed with IL4 while Aaron attended the play. When they got home from the play, we watched a couple episodes of Grey's Anatomy and then went to bed.

Peanut Butter and Jelly, by Ben Clanton

Out 30, 5:19 pm

I LOVE all the pumpkin pics, Rachel. I sure hope your dad has a mild case of COVID but guess not if he's in the hospital. You have your hands full with three children and your job. Don't forget to take care of yourself.

Out 31, 4:07 pm

>106 Donna828: Hi Donna! Dad's covid was pretty bad on day one, but by day 2 he was almost fully recovered. He unfortunately had atrial fibrillation, which is new for him, so they held him for a couple of days.

Out 31, 4:09 pm

Monday I woke with a headache and thought "Oh no, I have COVID," but it was gone with a bit of Tylenol. Then I took IL4 and D13 to D13's appointment. J19 made IL4 a waffle when we got back (that was sweet of him). Then I dropped IL4 at school and ran some errands. Afterwards, I dropped by to see dad at the hospital while Aaron took IL4 to swim lessons. Dad was supposed to be released earlier that day because he's recovered, but he had atrial fibrillation so they held him another night.

I told J19 that he would need to be out of IL4's room by November 10 so we can start repainting and rearranging the room in hopes of enticing IL4 to sleep in his own bed. I'd like to replace the Venetian blinds with curtains, but I can't find ones that I like yet.

Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe - I quit this book. I hated how the slaves were portrayed.
Great Mythologies of the World, by various

Nov 1, 12:55 pm

So dad's last night in the hospital was awful. He had a heart monitor on, but was sleeping restlessly, so the wires kept coming detached. Then the nurse repeatedly woke him up to put the wires back on. The last time, she accused him of pulling them out on purpose. (I don't know what tone she used, but even jokingly saying that to a grumpy old man who keeps being awakened in the middle of the night is bad bedside manner.) So he peevishly knocked off the "trash" she dropped on his bed while trying to get his wires attached. She called him rude, and he got up and stomped up and down the hallway - which he can't do because of the covid. So they called the hospital cops on him. He went back to his room, but couldn't sleep after that.

I had been called off work that day, so I headed over to calm him down. I was there for 4 hours, and he seemed better when I left. He had an echocardiogram while I was there, and they determined that his heart isn't pumping enough volume, and they want to monitor it. The doctor said they wanted to make an appointment with the cardiologist.

I asked "Can I make the appointment so it fits in my schedule?" The doc answered: have the nurse call the social worker and she can make it with you in the room. So I told the nurse "Please call the social worker. I'd like them to be with me when they make the appointment because I need it to be in B-- and at a time I can take him. (We were currently much farther away from home in E-- because it was closer to my sister's house, which is where he was when he got sick.)

The nurse brought me the number to call myself, so I called the cardiologist, only to be told an appointment had just been made by the social worker. It was on an inconvenient day in E--. 🤦‍♀️

Anyway, good news is that dad was released! He has a heart monitor. We'll see how long that stays on him before he gets frustrated and takes it off. Colette took him back to her place, so he doesn't expose my kids. At least, that's the reason he gave. In reality, I think sometimes he needs a break from the noisiness of our house.

In the evening, we watched Episode 1 of Star Wars - half before trick-or-treating and half after. IL4 was a creeper from Minecraft. He had no peripheral vision and very little straight ahead vision. He fell over several times, and then finally gave up on the mask. M11 was Scorbunny from Pokemon. He couldn't fit a jacket on under his costume like IL4, so he was very cold. And D13 couldn't trick-or-treat on the ice with crutches. So she handed out candy. Regardless of all these obstacles, the all loved Halloween and were thrilled with the candy.

Leech, by Hiron Ennes
Great Mythologies of the World, by various professors
How to Read the Bible, by James Kugel

Nov 1, 1:00 pm

>109 The_Hibernator: I'm glad your dad got released, and that your halloween was okay! I always felt very grown-up getting to hand out candy when I was 13.

Nov 2, 9:01 am

>110 norabelle414: Yeah, it was quite the delight to her to hand out candy. Were you allowed to trick-or-treat at 13, Nora?

Nov 2, 9:04 am

Wednesday, I took D13 in for her MRI on her knee. Admittedly, I hadn't thought anything was wrong other than being bruised or sprained from a fall. But it turns out her kneecap had popped out of socket, bruising the tissue and ripping a tiny piece of cartilage off. She's been assigned PT to help reduce the chance of it happening again.

In the evening, D13 and M11 had a refresher rehearsal before their final weekend.

Leech, Hiron Ennes
Great Mythologies of the World, by various professors

Nov 2, 10:44 pm

Nov 3, 8:53 am

Thanks Silver!

Nov 3, 8:55 am

Thursday I worked, so not much happened during the day. Dad came home. All three kids had parent-teacher conferences, and all three of them are doing great. The older kids have mostly A's. IL4 is making progress on his IEP goals.

Leech, by Hinron Ennes
Great Courses St Augustine's Confessions, by William R Cook and Ronald B Herzman

Nov 4, 1:03 pm

>111 The_Hibernator: My city allowed trick-or-treating until age 16, but my parents weren't around much when I was 13 and I didn't have any friends close by to go with, so I just stayed home and gave out candy.

Nov 4, 1:34 pm

>116 norabelle414: Ah. I don't understand laws to limit age of trick-or-treating. Why not embrace the fact that teenagers are ejoying innocent fun rather than drinking and tp'ing houses?

Nov 4, 1:39 pm

Friday, after taking IL4 to speech therapy, I took J19 to urgent care. While there, I popped by the orthopedic walk-in to talk to them about the fact that my tailbone still hurts a year after the car accident. The doctor said he didn't understand why my butt still hurt, nor how the car accident hurt it to begin with. He said physical therapy was unlikely to help, but that he wanted an MRI on Wednesday to see if there was "something else" going on. I had to cancel one appointment and reschedule another to get the MRI scheduled, but they were both easy to deal with - if it had been one of those specialist appointments that are hard to schedule, I wouldn't have done it.

In the evening, D13 had her play, and M11, Aaron, and I watched a few episodes of Good Omens.

Great Mythologies of the World, by various
Leech, Hiron Ennes

Nov 5, 9:27 am

Saturday I played D&D while dad and Aaron went to the afternoon production of the kids' play.

Nov 5, 1:57 pm

Nov 5, 1:58 pm

Nov 5, 1:59 pm

When Cecil is toadnapped by a classroom of kids, his friends must rescue him. Fun, cute graphic novel for younger kids.

Editado: Nov 5, 2:01 pm

Narwhal realizes peanut better is even better than waffles. Cut, funny, fun.

Editado: Nov 5, 2:04 pm

This is an adorable pop up book about feelings.

Nov 5, 2:04 pm

A book about what kindness is. Cute.

Nov 7, 9:48 am

Monday I either had an unexpected side effect from my anxiety med or I had a rather strong bout from my sleeping disorder. When I got up, I stumbled into a wall. When it came to driving D13 to her appointment, I seemed ok, so we went.

Then, while IL4 and I were sitting in the waiting room, I fell asleep. My mom brain eventually heard IL4 grabbing something from the coffee area. I looked up. He had a coffee cup and was holding a large container of sugar. I leapt up and almost face-planted in the vending machine. I backpedaled, and stumbled into the table. Then I sped forward and grabbed the sugar. His cup was half-full of sugar.

Figuring it didn't matter if he kept the sugar because we couldn't give it back, we went back to the table, and I lay my head back down on it. He then proceeded to suck soda from his McDonald's cup straw and spit it into the sugar cup one mouthful at a time. Finally, he had the most disgusting "soup" I'd ever let him make.

That's when I suddenly woke up. Like one minute I was letting him be gross because I was too tired, and the next minute I'm just fine. That's how my sleeping disorder works. So, at least I was fine to drive, because we would have been stuck at the doctor's office until I woke up otherwise.

In the evening, IL4 had swim lessons and M11 had Boy Scouts.

Society of Substitutes Super Fun World, by Alan Katz
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs the Voodoo Vultures from Venus, by Dav Pilkey
Great Mythologies of the World, by various

Nov 8, 9:11 am

D13 was sick on Tuesday morning, so I had to reschedule her orthodontist appointment and take her to a COVID test. Normally I wouldn't bother, but my dad had exposed her.

Then I took IL4 to his physical therapy intake for pooping. I hadn't been very optimistic about it going in, but I felt really good about it when I left. She seemed confident that she could help, and gave some useful tips.

After that, I voted for school board members.

Great Mythologies of the World, by various professors

Nov 9, 11:55 am

But that was a jump forward. Back to my time slightly after getting my MRI. I came home feeling relieved to be there for the first time all day. After about 15 minutes of chatting with the family, though, I got a call from a stranger saying dad had fallen down a hill (yes, same hill he broke 3 ribs on in late August) and thinks he broke his arm. He'd crawled up the hill with a broken arm, but didn't know where his phone was.

I briefly looked for the phone, but dad wanted to go to the ER. I called in to work, since I didn't know long it would take. But at least that gave me a break when I returned home at 8 for my first time to relax all day.

Billy and the Mini Monsters: Monsters at Christmas, by Zanna Davidson

Nov 9, 3:42 pm

I am not even trying to catch up, Rachel, but just stopping by to say "Hello!"

>128 The_Hibernator: Sorry to hear about your dad!

Nov 9, 9:50 pm

Nov 10, 9:29 am

>129 alcottacre: If I get behind, I just read the last few messages that the thread owner wrote.

Editado: Nov 10, 9:36 am

Thursday was another tough day. I hadn't slept well, so I was super tired, yet again. But I couldn't nap because I was watching IL4. I made 2 hours' worth of phone calls that had accumulated on my to-do list over the past few days.

Then dad, J19, and I went to the hill and found dad's phone, followed by lunch out.

Later, I took IL4 to the poop psychologist. She seemed helpful, but I didn't leave with new tips like from the poop PT on Tuesday. Mainly, she reinforced what PT said about sitting him on the toilet daily with his clothes on.

When I got home, dad wanted to go to urgent care because he was in "too much" pain. Dad has a very high pain tolerance, so that was worrisome. The receptionist at the urgent care pooh-poohed us, and dad got frustrated and we left.

We went out to dinner as a family, then I went straight to bed (I had called in to work the second night in a row due to dad's shoulder pain and my exhaustion).

Nov 10, 9:57 pm

Friday was stressful, too. Dad woke me up at 6am and told me to call an ambulance because he was in so much pain. He said he'd taken 4 Norco (his narcotic pain med) and it still hurt. I packed up some Diet Dew and drove him to the hospital. They weren't impressed by his use of the pain meds.

When we got into a room, they found that his oxygen was really low, and they tested him for all sorts of things to narrow down the reason. They kinda knew it was the 4 Norco, but they had to rule out other stuff. So we sat there as he was put through arm x-rays (found broken arm and potential cancer), chest x-ray (potential pneumonia or pulmonary edema as well as emphysema), CT scan (not pneumonia and no pulmonary embolism), and a bunch of blood tests (they blew out his veins twice getting this blood).

Finally, they admitted him so they could watch his oxygen. By this time, he was so confused, he didn't remember what we came into the hospital for, and when we reminded him that it was for pain, he asked where the pain was located.

The hospitalist called me after I got home, and suggested that he might put dad into transitional care and that he would be in physical and occupational therapy - I was a little startled by this outcome, so I didn't really ask any questions, but I assume he wants to help him not fall down and injure himself so frequently. Except, what would help with that is dad deciding not to traverse that stupid steep dirt path.

Nov 10, 10:58 pm

I am sorry that things are so stressful for you right now, Rachel, and hope they ease up for you soon!

Nov 12, 7:48 am

Dropping in to say hello! Phew! You certainly have a lot going on.

I hope your dad begins to feel better and that the PT therapy helps.

Nov 12, 2:14 pm

Thank you Stasia and Anita! Yes, the amount going on is to overwhelming levels now. But hopefully they'll calm fown soon.

Nov 12, 2:16 pm

Saturday had some fun, some stressful stuff. Dad was told he was going to be released Sunday because of his wheezing. Then he started having chest pain, so they moved him to the ICU and said he'd either get a stress test or an angiogram on Monday. If they find problems, they may need to put in a stent, which would be one more night in the hospital after Monday. I'm hoping he's out by Thursday, because we have an appointment to get his MRI ordered.

In the evening, Aaron and I had a date. We went to a local tavern within walking distance from my house. We did exciting stuff like discuss whether to get a high or low deductible plan and as well as everyone's health issues.

Nov 12, 3:00 pm

Editado: Nov 12, 3:04 pm

When the Worthys have to take Noah the evil ferret along on their vacation, things go wrong. Another cute installment of this series.

Editado: Nov 12, 3:05 pm

Ricky is the only one not watching TV the night the Voodoo Vultures hypnotize all the mice in Squeakyville. Lovely, colorful pictures in this fun book.

Nov 12, 3:06 pm

Will the monsters ruin Christmas? Cute and colorful.

Nov 12, 6:19 pm

Wow, lots going on here. Glad you managed to squeeze in a date! Wishing you the best as you continue to navigate it all. And keep reading the fun books!

Nov 13, 10:29 am

I hope your dad improves soon, Rachel! And I hope he stays off that dang hill.

Nov 13, 1:52 pm

Thanks Kim and Nora!

Yes, the date was nice, Kim, even if it was mostly talking about stuff we should talk about while not on a date.

And yes, Nora, it would be great if he'd stay off the hill!

Nov 13, 1:54 pm

Sunday I popped by to visit dad in the morning, before work. The doctor said he didn't really belong in the ICU, which I agreed with. He said he figured dad may need some stents, but that we wouldn't know till the angiogram or stress test Monday.

After work, we played Ticket to Ride as a family. Even IL4 played - he drew and discarded cards, and occasionally blocked a path by placing a train. It really stressed out D13 who wants to play PRECISELY by the rules. I figured he was just adding an extra level of complexity to the game and enjoyed being part of the family activity.

Leech, by Hiron Ennes
Llama Destroys the World, by Jonathan Stutzman
Llama Unleashes the Alpacalypse, by Jonathan Stutzman

Nov 14, 1:14 pm

Monday was another busy day. After making croc pot stew for Aaron and my lunches, I sorted a month's worth of 5 people's laundry. Usually D13 does that once a week or so, but with her knee problem and being busy with every day rehearsal for the play (which is over now) laundry had accumulated. I still have to fold it and put it away, but it took me 1.5 hours to drag it all upstairs and sort it.

Dad's hospitalist called. They couldn't do a stress test or some other test that I can't remember the name of because of his arm. They couldn't do an angiogram because his hemoglobin was too low. They thought maybe he was losing blood, so they called ENT to see if it was his nose. That was in the works.

Orthopedic oncology called, too. Apparently my doctor who found my coccyx tumor by MRI decided to refer me without telling me. So that was a surprise. They triaged me to next day appointment, which stressed me out due to the apparent importance of getting me in quickly.

Then I took IL4 to school and went to the hospital to visit dad. In the evening, I decided not to take IL4 to swim because of a diaper rash that has been getting worse since a week ago. It even has blisters. He only wears diapers at night, so this is confusing. I took him to Urgent Care at the suggestion of the nurse line, and the doctor suggested that it was infected and gave us a cream. Insurance doesn't cover the cream, and they couldn't get it done that day because the pharmacist had to mix it.

Nov 15, 9:39 am

Tuesday I rushed directly from work to feeding therapy for IL4. Because we'd had no luck the last two feeding appointments, I tried really easy foods and rewarded him with a cookie at the end. He was a superstar during this appointment.

After that, we went to IL4's poop physical therapy. She's going to use biofeedback - she'll put stickers on him and make him do kegels. It's hooked up to a game on the computer. When he's clenched, the rocket takes off, and when he relaxes it docks. But we just did his biceps Tuesday, to demonstrate. Then we learned some exercises, where he stuck his belly out and hissed like a snake while sitting (which the therapist says helps you poop).

Then, I dropped IL4 off and picked up D13. I took her to her knee physical therapy intake. We learned she had hyper-mobile joints. He also told us to never sit on our feet because it'll give us arthritis. I do that all the time. Anyway, he gave her some exercises to help with the knee strength.

Pretty closely on the heels of that appointment, I had my orthopedic oncology appointment. He said that my tumor was probably just a cyst formed after the tailbone trauma of our car accident last year. That sounds about right to me. Why would cancer form because I'd injured my tailbone?

I had been going to visit dad after that appointment, but I'd reached my capacity that day (considering I needed to go to work that night). So my friend came over and we had pizza and gossiped.

Now that things are settling down, I'm going to start reading again. I haven't been able to so far this week.

Nov 16, 9:04 am

Dad was released from the hospital on Wednesday. We had instructions to pop by the equipment store and pick up an oxygen compressor, and get him appointments with ENT, cardiology, and his PCP. I also needed to get him an emergency dentist appointment (his fillings popped out), but had trouble finding a time at a place that takes medicare. So I made an appointment for Thursday for a check in (they don't have enough time to put in the fillings right away). I had to move his Thursday orthopedic appointment to Friday and cancel IL4's speech therapy that week.

Still no reading. I will try again today.

Nov 16, 9:01 pm

Nov 16, 9:18 pm

Glad to hear your father's home from the hospital!

Nov 17, 12:02 pm

Thanks Mary and Silver!

Nov 17, 12:03 pm

Thursday I took dad to the dentist. He claims that he hasn't been to a dentist since the 70's and that may be true. But some fillings fell out, and he needed to be seen. The dentist determined that he had to have his teeth pulled to get dentures. I understood that he was only getting the molars pulled, and he understood that he was getting them all pulled, so I need to call on Monday and find out. I also had a dentist appointment, but I'm keeping all my teeth. In the evening, we went to Red Lobster.

Great Mythologies of the World

Editado: Nov 19, 12:46 pm

Friday I was supposed to take dad to an appointment with the orthopedic doctor to follow up on dad's broken arm and get an MRI of the spot that could be cancer. But he wasn't feeling well, so we had to cancel.

The rest of the day felt like it had been cancelled too. I kept trying to check my to-do list and prioritize things, but dad kept interrupting with health needs, and J19's entertainment (he wanted to go to a concert and talked dad into buying the tickets, but then I had to make the purchase on Ticketmaster, which turned out to be more difficult than you'd expect). Then dad encouraged me to do Christmas and birthday shopping for him, which turned out to be experiences (shows) rather than physical gifts, for the most part. I still need Christmas and birthday for IL4.

Then M11 had to pack for Boy Scout camp, which took micromanaging on my part because he was reluctant to pack for some reason. He claimed he wanted to do homework.

By the time Aaron got home, I was gibbering about how I got nothing done, and felt so unaccomplished for the day. In reality, I got 20 items checked off my to-do list - they just weren't the ones I'd had planned.

Leech, by Hiron Ennes
Great Mythologies of the World

Nov 19, 12:59 pm

>153 The_Hibernator: Ticketmaster is the worst! I use it all the time and it still somehow always confuses me

Nov 19, 4:04 pm

>154 norabelle414: Yeah. The problem turned out to be something really stupid, but I'm glad I figured it out. Then I had to figure out how to get the tickets to my nephew because they were tied to my account.

Nov 19, 4:04 pm

Saturday was a lot of fun...a change-up from last week. I slept in till 9:30, played D&D, and had a date with Aaron. We spent some of it shopping for Thanksgiving, but we also spent a couple hours hanging out at our local tavern, gossiping.

No reading.

Nov 19, 6:26 pm

Nov 20, 8:04 am

Sunday after work D13, Aaron, and I watched some X-Files.

Leech, by Hiron Ennes
Run, Hide, Repeat, by Pauline Dakin
Eye of the World, by Robert Jordan

Nov 21, 8:46 am

Monday D13 had a morning appointment and an afternoon appointment, so I just decided to keep her home for the day. I managed to clean the kitchen (cleaning is always an amazing feat for me). An electrician came and changed out the outlets from two-prong to three-prong in dad's room because he was having difficulty plugging in his oxygen compressor. Then I took IL4 to swim. While M11 was at Boy Scouts finishing up his Signs and Signals merit badge, D13, IL4, Dad, and I went out for steak.

Great Mythologies of the World

Nov 21, 6:25 pm

Here's the Thanksgiving Readathon: https://www.librarything.com/topic/355348

Nov 22, 8:58 am

>160 SilverWolf28: Thanks Silver! I'll see if I can participate this week!

Nov 22, 9:00 am

Tuesday we had dad's follow-up with his primary care provider, and we had a lot to talk about. But the main issue was that he is now feeling a lot of discomfort in his legs which his doctor says is nerve pain. He says the only solutions are injection or surgery, and he'd rather not do either at this time due to dad's other issues. He says luckily dad is already on pain meds for the arm, and that he hopes the leg pain will go away before the pain meds are used up.

Later, we had IL4's parent teacher conference at the daycare. His teacher there said that he was a joy to have, and that he was very smart - knowing his letters and his numbers. That's nice to hear, because I've told his special education teachers that I don't think he's cognitively behind, and they always nod as if they disagree and don't want to say. But maybe I'm being paranoid about the meaning of their nod, based on the fact that last year's teacher told me outright that IL4 was cognitively behind.

In the evening, J19 cooked everyone grilled cheese.

Great Mythologies of the World
How to Read the Bible, by James Kugel
Leech, by Hirin Ennes

Nov 22, 12:46 pm

Hi Rachel, just skimming through. Wow, you've had a lot going on. And done a lot of reading.

Nov 22, 8:03 pm

Dear Rachel,

Happy Thanksgiving from an appreciative non-celebrator.

Nov 22, 11:17 pm

>163 humouress: Hi Nina! Yes, the last couple of weeks have been crazy! But next week promises some "free" time.

>164 PaulCranswick: Thanks for stopping by Paul!

Nov 23, 9:39 am

Wednesday I was in a reasonably good mood all day, though was feeling mildly unmotivated. I hadn't slept well the night before because my brain was trying to process the onslaught of information about dad's medical needs. I guess it's finally hitting me how much there is to pay attention to at the moment.

M11 had a morning appointment with his eating disorder psychologist. He hasn't gained any weight since a month ago, but he's not lost any, nor has he grown taller - so at least we're not working with a moving target weight. He needs to gain 6 pounds.

I had a lovely lunch with Aaron, then took D13 to her physical therapy for her knee. They increased the number of exercises she was meant to do at home, much to her chagrin. But she was proud of herself for walking around all day without her crutches.

In the evening, I brined the turkey and then relaxed. The older two kids left with biomom to visit their grandpa.

Leech, by Hiron Ennes
Great Mythologies of the World
Run, Hide, Repeat

Nov 23, 7:14 pm

Happy Thanksgiving , Rachel! I hope you have a enjoyable, possibly relaxing day.

Nov 24, 8:50 am

Thanks Deb! It was pretty good!

Nov 24, 8:52 am

Thanksgiving was good. After returning from work, I threw the turkey into the oven and cooked the feast - turkey, corn casserole, garlic mashed potatoes, and stuffing. We also cleaned our bedroom so that the electrician could work on our outlets. IL4 actually joined us at the table for dinner (though he had Froot Loops). J19 and his girlfriend L joined us, as well, so it was a nice-sized feast.

Leech, by Hiron Ennes
Great Courses Saint Augustine's Confessions, by William R Cook & Ronald B Herzman
Great Mythologies of the World
Run, Hide, Repeat, by Pauline Dakin

Nov 25, 10:50 am

Friday was a good day. After work, dad and I went to buy the bookcase he's buying us for Christmas. He ended up getting a dresser for M11, too, since his dresser (which is going to IL4) is too small for the way he stuffs clothes in there.

I relaxed for most of the rest of the day, even while the electrician was finishing up changing outlets in a couple of rooms. Then in the evening, we took dad and IL4 out to a fancy steakhouse for dad's last steak before his teeth begin to be pulled for dentures.

Aaron and I finished up the day by watching the new Haunted Mansion movie.

Leech, by Hiron Ennes - 1 hour
Mahabharata - 20 minutes

Nov 26, 12:30 pm

I didn't do much on Saturday. We were going to clean out IL4's gut, but he had a fever and slept all day. When he awoke, he was covering his ears and complaining of throat pain, so we decided to take him to urgent care to get his ears and throat looked at. Aaron came to keep me company. 😊 IL4 had an ear infection in both ears - apparently a fairly bad one in the left. They gave us flavored liquid antibiotics, and we tried putting it in milk, but didn't succeed in getting the first dose down him.

No reading

Nov 26, 1:33 pm

The chicken squad decide to dig a shelter with amusing results.

Nov 26, 1:34 pm

When Princess Magnolia has a perfect birthday party, her ring alarm keeps going off. Will the princess guests discover her secret? Colorful and cute, with some humor.

Editado: Nov 26, 1:36 pm

When Ben is asked to photograph some ghosts in a haunted mansion, he is skeptical. But the ghosts aren’t skeptical of him. So he, a strange priest, and a mother-son duo create a team for the dehaunting of the mansion. This was a bit of juvenile fun for me and Aaron to watch. Funny, cute, but not deep with plot.

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Sunday I felt a little burned out. I worked, then tried to solve the puzzle of how to get IL4 to take his antibiotic. We finally settled on 1:1 ratio to chocolate syrup, as suggested by the nurse-line. It worked, though it's a slow process. It might not be feasible in the morning before school.

Great Mythologies of the World, by Various
Run, Hide, Repeat, by Pauline Dakin

Nov 28, 7:51 am

Monday morning started with dad's dentist appointment. They pulled 5 teeth, which only took a half hour because the teeth were already loose.

After the dentist, I tried giving IL4 his antibiotic in chocolate syrup again, and he hands-down refused it. So I'd gotten a total of 3 half-doses in him since Saturday night, and was out of options. I wanted to switch to a crushable pill, but the phone number to urgent care was out of service. I tried using their online urgent care option, but that was out of service too. I tried calling the main facility phone number, and told the computer answering service that I wanted to be connected to urgent care, and it answered that urgent care is walk-in only. I called again and asked to talk to a human, and the computer put me on a callback list which never called back. In the evening, I took him to urgent care, where (after 45 minutes in the waiting room despite my using the reserve-a-spot feature) the nurse was awesome and gave me a prescription right away without waiting for the doctor. But it was a prescription for a capsule, not a crushable pill. So we cut the tip off the capsule and poured the powder into his milk. That seemed to work. Yay!

We have at least one mouse in the house, and I put out a mouse trap behind the fridge a week ago. Monday I checked it and all the peanut butter was off the trap, but it hadn't sprung. Good news is that a cat got one. Hopefully the sole mouse. Fingers crossed.

I made the mistake of confidently drinking one of IL4's potions. I often confidently do so because I am not squeamish. This time, I knew he'd mixed water, chocolate syrup, and a dash of coke. What I didn't know is he'd surreptitiously added half a tin of black pepper, as well.

Dad took a bath and couldn't get out, so I called 911. The medics managed pretty well.

Great Mythologies of the World, by various
Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Run, Hide, Repeat, by Pauline Dakin

Nov 28, 9:10 am

>176 The_Hibernator: Great job, whichever cat caught the mouse!

Nov 29, 4:45 pm

>177 norabelle414: No kidding! And so far, we have no indication that there was more than one. The problem may be gone.

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Tuesday started out well enough but ended with a bang.

First, I took IL4 to his poop psychologist and they worked on relaxation techniques. Then after some errands, I took D13 to physical therapy. I did a little bit of housework, and relaxed a bit in the evening.

Then, I had an argument with J19. He had opened a window in his room and was letting our heat out into the 20 degree weather. We don't have money for that.

Next IL4 suddenly perked up, despite having already been through his entire bedtime routine. He really wanted to make a potion (though when I told him it wasn't potion-making time, he told me he wanted to make "juice"). There was a lot of kicking and screaming. Finally, we calmed him down. He even apologized to Aaron.

Then, I was on my way to work - ready to escape the madness at home - when I got text message paragraph from D13 about her mental health. The car's computerized voice read it out, vastly missing the raw emotion that was implied by the words. It would have been funny, but I wasn't in the mood to be amused. (It's a little amusing now, though.) Anyway, all I could say was: "I'm driving now, so I can't give that text the answer it deserves. Then I will be at work and unable to text for a while. Try to sleep."

I was glad to go to sleep.

Super Rabbit All-Stars, by Thomas Flintham
Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Nov 30, 8:54 am

Wednesday I took D13 to an appointment then took dad on a bunch of errands. One of them was to buy a needle that wouldn't break while trying to sew on Boy Scout patches. I literally stood there for several minutes trying to figure out what needle to choose. Then, in the check out lane, I discovered fabric glue! Seriously?! I can just GLUE them on? That made my day.

Nov 30, 9:53 pm

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Thursday I went directly from one job to another. I was happy to do so because I haven't been able to work as much with all the appointments kids & dad have, and that cuts into income.

After work, I had planned on going on a massive shopping trip with dad, but he was feeling fatigued, and went into his room to take a nap. So I got into the bathtub for a nice hot bath. As soon as I was settled, I hear dad scream "Rachel!" I yelled "What?" But to no avail, he'd gone back into his room. So I got out to check on him.

He was gasping for breath, pale, sweaty, and complaining of chest pain. I called 911 and gave him a nitroglycerin. The paramedics came and took him away.

We found out very little in the ER - they were thinking either pneumonia (there was an "unimpressive," but present fog that might be pneumonia in his X-ray. But he also had "unimpressive," but present increases in troponin, which is a sign of heart damage.

They checked him in and I went to work.

Great Mythologies of the World, by various
Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Friday after work, I took IL4 to speech therapy, from there to the hospital, and from there to feeding therapy. He actually behaved quite well in the hospital. When Bobby got out of bed into the chair, IL4 got to take a ride in the bed and press every button except the red one (the nurse call button). He obeyed!

The doctor said dad did not have pneumonia, but that he seemed to have had a heart attack, albeit, a very minor one. They were going to treat him for that, and release him when he can walk around, which dad says he could do now. Of course, it'll be a new doctor starting Saturday, so who knows when he'll be released.

In the evening D14 and I went out to A Stocking Full of Awesome, by The Danger Committee, which is a knife-throwing/juggling show. They are also comedians, so it was a pretty good show. It was D14's first time seeing them, and she loved it. It was her birthday! She's 14 now!

No reading

Dez 2, 7:41 am

Hi, Rachel. Just checking in. You sure seem to have your hands full these days. Best luck to you, my friend. Keep us updated on your Dad. I hope he will be okay. I sure love the photos of your kids. Good looking bunch. I also hope you can squeeze in some reading now and then.

Dez 2, 7:50 am

>184 msf59: Hi Mark! Last week wasn't a good reading week because I was functioning on burnout mode. I may be kind to myself this coming week, too, but that doesn't necessarily mean I won't read. I may read more. We'll just have to see.

Dez 2, 10:14 am

>183 The_Hibernator: Happy birthday, D!

Dez 3, 6:10 pm

Saturday I was exhausted. I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep. I couldn't do my weekly crock pot lunches for Aaron and me because my shopping trip time was Thursday evening, when dad had his heart attack.

After a Skype call with my mother-in-law, I took IL4 to visit my dad in the hospital. He was a little less well-behaved than Friday, but we survived. Then D14, Aaron, and I watched an episode of X-Files, during which I fell asleep. I also slept through part of dinner with Aaron and my friend Liz, and part of the play "It's an Honerable Life," (performed in the Klingon language).

I was sleeping fine when my rude nephew J19 woke me at 2am with a call, asking me to order him an Uber home. It took a couple hours to fall back to sleep.

No reading

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Sunday morning my voice was going in and out and I had a minor cough and sore throat. I know my client doesn't want to get sick, so I texted him, and he said not to come in. Which was disappointing, since we need the money, but at least I was available to pick dad up from the hospital. He's home again.

In the evening the family watched "Spirited Away" and then decorated the Christmas tree.

Hide and Go Beak, by Nancy Krulik

Dez 4, 9:36 am

>186 norabelle414: Thanks Nora!

Dez 4, 3:51 pm

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When a literary scholar goes to Istanbul for a conference, she finds a djinn’s bottle. As the story unfolds, they begin to understand each other. Interesting twist on the jennie in a bottle story.

Dez 4, 4:00 pm

I’m really confused as to what this book was about. It was probably supposed to be post-apocalyptic, but unlike most post-apocalyptic stories it didn’t write in some way for the reader to get her bearings. It just burst in with the story as if bearings had already been found. This was obviously a stylistic approach rather than a mistake. I almost gave the book 3.5 stars because I was so confused, but it kept me coming back for more – interested about how the story would unfold. I caution only complex readers to approach this book.

Dez 4, 4:00 pm

Weight Loss

X – 43 lbs

Dez 5, 9:05 am

Monday I was very productive. I made Gumbo for Aaron and my work lunches. I did some housework, and did a virtual doctor appointment for IL4. Then I took him to school, and I ran a bunch of errands and made several phone calls.

In the late afternoon, the orthopedic oncologist I spoke to a few weeks ago called me. He said he'd discussed my case with some colleagues, and they suggested that he should give me a CT scan of my tailbone, and if the tumor was, indeed, attached to the bone (as opposed to being a nerve tumor) he wanted to remove and biopsy it. Ugh. That sounds painful. And like I won't be able to get stuff done for a while.

In the evening, IL4 had swim lessons and M11 had Boy Scouts.

Run, Hide, Repeat, by Pauline Dakin
Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Great Mythologies of the World

Dez 5, 9:33 am

Happy 14th birthday D!

Dez 6, 9:07 am

>201 humouress: Thanks Nina!

Dez 6, 9:08 am

Tuesday was busy. I went almost directly from work to pick up D13 for her appointment. But I'd double-booked myself, so when I dropped her off, I took dad to the dentist to get his top teeth pulled. I left him there, and went back to D13's appointment to take part in the last 20 minutes. Afterwards, I picked up dad and dropped D13 off at school.

After making phone calls and running errands, I took dad to his physical therapy appointment for his shoulder. During his appointment, I was able to run one more errand and make more phone calls.

In the evening, IL4 was rewarded with extra TV time after his bedtime routine started because he pooped in the toilet!!!

No reading - doing badly at reading this week

Dez 7, 9:16 am

Wednesday was extremely frustrating. I had a nasty cold which made thinking and staying awake really hard. I was supposed to get an oil change immediately after work, but D14 texted about this horrible sore throat where even breathing was horrible. So I had to cancel the oil change to take her to urgent care. Even though I did the "save my spot" function to reduce the waiting room time, we ended up waiting an hour after being roomed.

Then I took dad to his cardiac MRI - only to realize he wasn't supposed to take caffeine within 12 hours. I had been told that by one person, and then told 1 hour by another, and for some reason I believed the second person, even though she really wasn't an expert on the subject. So we needed to reschedule for January. They were depending on that cardiac MRI to determine why he had a heart attack, so I'm really feeling like a failure. I keep reminding myself that I have a lot on my plate right now, and I'm bound to drop a ball, but this was an important ball.

I had been going to take M11's trombone to the music shop because he dropped a pen cap down the slide of his trombone. The music shop is almost a half hour away, and is on the way to the location with the MRI, but M11 took it to school. So now I'll have to make a special trip.

By the end of the day, my throat hurt, by eyes were bloodshot and stinging, I had a headache, and my brain was foggy. That was on top of feeling like a failure.

Didn't even think about reading

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>204 The_Hibernator: Don't beat yourself up about it. We all have those days; Wednesday was a bit like that for me but I spent it with my son and my mum (even if it was in hospital waiting rooms) so it's good. And someone seems to have dropped my saxophone (though no-one is admitting it and I'd know if I had done it) so it's dented badly enough in a couple of places that I can't get a couple of notes out - which reminds me, I need to find time to collect it from servicing.

Hope it's not covid for you - it is for my husband and, now, for my eldest. They've self-isolated in the attic.

Dez 7, 8:56 pm

Ontem, 9:39 am

>205 humouress: oh no! I hope you can get your saxophone fixed! And sorry you had "one of those days" too! We all have them, as you said.

I checked for covid, and it's not that, but I'm hoping I'm not developing an ear infection. I may have to pop by urgent care on Saturday.

Ontem, 9:39 am

>206 SilverWolf28: thanks, silver!

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Thursday I awoke with the cold symptoms again. Yuck. D14 had a video appointment, then dad had a PCP appointment. Dad's doctor made me feel better about messing up the cardiac MRI instructions by saying that they were only doing it because they can't run the other tests right now. That the MRI would give them an indication, but they really needed to run the other tests.

By the time I got home from dad's appointment, I was almost convinced I had an ear infection. I asked Aaron to come home early and get IL5 off the bus, and signed up on save-my-spot on urgent care. But by the time I should be leaving for urgent care, my ear felt a little better, and I decided not to waste my time at urgent care.

It was IL5's birthday, so we opened presents and had a cake for D14 and IL5. I don't usually combine their birthdays, but there was a lot going on this year. D14 understood, and I think IL5 really liked blowing out candles at the same time as D14. The cake had a dinocorn on it.

Again, no reading. I think I've given up on this week.