How to Reorder Collections List

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How to Reorder Collections List

Maio 16, 7:28 pm

Is there a way to reorder my collections list? I can add, edit, and delete collections, but I’m not sure how to rearrange the order.

Editado: Maio 16, 7:39 pm

It is a drag and drop UI - so open the editor from the Library and just drag the collections around and drop them where you want them.

PS: Only available on the site I think (I saw you are using the app in your other question).

Jun 24, 6:00 pm

Be careful. On both of the browsers I use, dragging to/through the bottom of the list does not cause the list to scroll. Instead it either misplaces the collection you are trying to move, locks up the user interface, or both.

If you need to move beyond the visible area, you have to drag part way (within the visible area), then scroll the window, then drag again, perhaps several times.