Titles Are Not Sorting In Order

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Titles Are Not Sorting In Order

Maio 11, 7:05 pm


I've recently added the first bunch of my books to my library here and I have noticed that I cannot get it to display some titles in order. For the most part it is in alphabetical order - but then some titles are scattered throughout in random areas. I've done everything I can think of - from editing and re-editing, taking screen snips of similar books and using that data to line up with the out of sort books, played around with my sorting options multiple times. I'm fresh out of ideas. My Bridgerton Books are 3 in one area, and one down separately, for some reason my Nancy Drew books are all at the bottom of my list, Chronicles of Narnia are all over the place... I don't know what to do.

Any help would be appreciated.

Maio 11, 8:02 pm

Your books that start with Nancy Drew: seem to be sorting under N. Where do you think they should sort?

Maio 11, 8:12 pm

The Bridgerton books seem to be where they should be too. Are you sorting by title. One thing that might help is that on the edit page next to the title there's an unlabeled box that can be blank or contain a number. If it's blank or 1 then when sorting by title it starts at the first character. Otherwise it starts sorting at the character indicated by the number. So a title that starts with The will usually have it's sort number set to 5 so that it will be sorted based on the 2nd word in the title

Editado: Maio 12, 2:09 am

When I sort your books by title, the only ones that someone might consider out of order are the 'the' books. As explained above (>3 jjwilson61:) that can be changed. Specifically, the Bridgerton and Nancy Drew books are where they belong. The Horse and his Boy is not sorting with the other Narnia books because you are using that as the title. It sorts as H and the others as C, as expected.