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Red title

Maio 8, 5:46 am

Hi, I've seen book titles sometimes appear red after adding them. Would anyone know how to avoid it? Thank you

Maio 8, 5:51 am

We need more details in order to help.
When do you see it happen? Is it when you enter a duplicate? When you enter a book manually?

What browser and OS are you using?

Maio 8, 6:09 am

>2 gilroy: Thanks for your interest! That red title usually appears when adding a book. I am using Firefox on W10.

Editado: Maio 8, 6:59 am

Are you entering on the website or the app? Add book page or from the work page? What source? Giving the title/author/ISBN of an example would help. Without the details nobody can tell what's going on.

Maio 8, 7:28 am

>3 Svergara: That's still not enough details. What book? Does it tell you anything when it appears red?

Maio 8, 10:16 am

I add it from add book through the web searching in amazon. com books in the website, correcting the title or author. "Cuentos de la Taberna del Ciervo Blanco" by Arthur C. Clarke ISBN 842061687 is one of them

Maio 8, 10:22 am

And right now this "Cambio de piel" by Carlos Fuentes ISBN 843222135X when setting the default cover

Maio 8, 10:26 am

I thought the titles only came up red when there was a duplicate in your library already, but this is not a duplicate. Shoots down my theory and will have to ask others who might know more.

Maio 8, 10:37 am

Cuentos de la Taberna del Ciervo Blanco
Cambio de piel

^Do these titles show up in red for you here?

Editado: Maio 8, 10:41 am

Mensagem removida pelo autor.

Maio 8, 10:41 am

>8 gilroy: If you discover something I'll be happy to know ;)

Maio 8, 10:43 am

>9 norabelle414: they appear in red in the list of add book and in your books

Maio 8, 11:04 am

I do not see any red titles in your catalogue.

Maio 8, 11:07 am

If you click on the title of a different (non-red) book in "Your books," and then go back into "Your books," is the one you clicked on red now too?

Maio 8, 1:05 pm

>14 antqueen: Yeesssss! But...why??

Maio 8, 1:28 pm

oooh! You've clicked a link, so the title changes to show it's a followed link

Maio 8, 2:22 pm

> 16 In other words, this is a feature of your browser, not of LT.

Maio 8, 3:11 pm

Mine's purple rather than red, but yeah, a lot of links in LT will change color after you've visited them once. A lot of other web pages (for example google search results) act the same and will often have the same colors.

Maio 9, 5:10 am

Well thank you all very much. I can finally sleep peacefully :D